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HAPPY ENDINGS [I]t’s been one year since I brought Peppermint home from The Hermitage. Every day of this past year, she has been a joy in my life. Our very special time together comes every night when I go to bed. She crawls into my arms, tucks into me as close as she can, kisses my face, gently strokes my cheek with her paw and begins to purr. I softly stroke her fur and whisper to her how blessed I am to have her in my life, my sweet, sweet little girl. She and 3-year-old Sam love to chase each other through the apartment, sunbathe together, and fixate on the mourning doves eating bird seed just off the patio. This little sweetheart has brought such happiness to me and Sam. I am grateful to The Hermitage for her. Thank you! I am blessed! Marilyn

I just wanted to thank you again for remembering us and allowing us to adopt Venice. She immediately came out of the box and onto my lap and when my daughter got home she immediately cuddled up with her. She’s a purr machine that absolutely loves being petted and has no hesitation pressing her face to yours. So to wrap it up, our hearts are overflowing and the first night went really well. Thank you so much! I’ve only ever adopted kittens (6 weeks) but man... thankfully this sweet little kitty chose my daughter and changed my thoughts about adopting older than a baby. You can tell all she wants is love and security and has so much love and trust to give back! Heather

I first met Walter on a visit to The Hermitage with my Veterinary Assisting class from Pima Medical Institute. I have always had a soft spot for orange tabbies and when I saw a feisty looking orange kitty hanging out on the catwalk, I had to play with him. [I] could not stop laughing because Walter was being so silly. [I] immediately understood he was a “spicy” boy and loved him all the more. Two of my fellow instructors told me Walter was not doing well in the General Population Room because he was becoming so easily over-stimulated. I decided to bring my husband in to meet Walter. We knew at that point that Walter would be coming home to live with us. Walter now lives a great life with us and his four canine brothers. Walter can be himself without the stress of being over-stimulated. Walter is a wonderful addition to our family. I cannot imagine my day without Walter greeting me with his chirps and rubbing his nose across my hand. Many people are scared of cats that are considered “bad” because they don’t understand them. If you take the time to understand them, you will be amazed at the love these cats can show. Natalie

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We are thrilled to announce that The Hermitage was selected by Tucson Metro Chamber as one of the 2019 Outstanding Charitable Nonprofit Businesses at the Copper Cactus Award Ceremony on Friday, September 13, 2019! We are so grateful for this award & thankful to everyone who is committed to supporting our organization & the cats in our care! Thank you TEP Energy for sponsoring the nonprofit category!

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Just a few of our adoptable kitties (top to botttom): Loti, Parvati, Rapscallion, Finley, Camelot, & Ashton


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TRIBUTES & MEMORIALS Tom Abrams in memory of Dr. Thomas Abrams Barbara Allen in memory of Lydia Elisabetta Antichi in memory of Beverly Peter Askew in loving memory of beautiful Jasper, my devoted friend Dureen Berg in honor of Beth Griffin & Sari Gersten Christine Berry in memory of Beverly Stephen Bianchi Happy Birthday to my B John Birkinbine III for Linnea Chambers-Daniell Bonny Brady in honor of my father, Marion Brady for Father's Day John Brown on behalf of Myriam Velarde Soto and her birthday Eleanor Bulmer in memory of "Callie" from "Lovey" Lisa Campbell Eleanor Cannan in honor of my 2 cats from The Hermitage: Navi & Novia Jenny Chang in memory of Mrs. Webster Eric Clarkson in honor of Angela Duillo Emily Clymer in honor of Rod & Betsy Boorse's 50th Anniversary Patricia Clymer in honor of Rod & Betsy Boorse's 50th Anniversary Lee Colletti in honor of Rod and Betsy Boorse Natalie Comerford Dadey in honor of John Dadey Sharon Crescent in honor of my Mom’s birthday because she is a cat lover Neva Crogan-Pomilla in honor of my fur babies Samuri and Zoe Elizabeth Cunningham Happy B-day, Bonnie Douglas Curran in memory of Linda Cargill Sandee Curry in memory of Beverly Jennifer Davenport in memory of Patricia Wilson Sharon Davis in memory of Oliver "Ollie" Angelopoulos, beloved cat, family member & friend Eleanor Diers in memory of Lovey Eleanor Diers in memory of Annie Bonnie Dombrowski in honor of Beth Griffin's Birthday Bonnie Dombrowski in honor of Sari Gersten's Birthday John Donoghue Mothers Day Gift for Ann Marie Donoghue Jan Dowling in honor of The Petersons Phyllis Dugger in memory of Dr. Thomas Abrams Martha Dunn in honor of my cousin Maggie Gilmer Zuber for her birthday Mary Durham-Pflibsen in honor of Rodney and Betsy Boorse on their 50th Anniversary Deborah Edwards on behalf of my only child, Rachael C. Edwards, for all the support, compassion & love you provide the cats & kittens in Tucson Karen Ellis Happy Birthday Pat Corbett Maggie Evancho in memory of Beverly

Amita Fadia to celebrate Addison's Birthday from Riya Amber Foster-Allen in honor of Bonnie Kay Sari Gersten in honor of Beth Griffin's Birthday Paula Golembiewski in memory of Cruiser Druke Kathryn Gordhamer in honor of Claire Stfin Gordon in honor of Bob Griffin's Birthday Beth Griffin Happy Birthday Sari Gersten Beth Griffin for Sophie Julie Horner-Wilson Beth Griffin Happy Birthday Beth Steve Griffin in honor of Beth’s birthday Pam Grissom in honor of Bonnie Kay's Birthday David Halla for Kayla Halla, adopted Oct ‘99, died Jun ‘19 Mary Beth Harris in honor of Jan Sturges on her birthday Asher Havenhill in honor of Mary Havenhill Richard Hill in memory of Dorian "Chunky" who died on 4/15/19 Illene Hurley in memory of our sweet beloved BB cat who went to kitty heaven on this day last year Lisa Jablonski Clark in honor of Jay Jablonski's Birthday Michelle Jensen in memory of Kristen M Bankemper Susan Kaplan in memory of Potter Weasley, the bunny Kylie Kopp in memory of sweet Mena Victoria Levine in honor of Beth Griffin and Sari Gersten's birthdays Karina Levine in honor of Beth Griffin's Birthday Karina Levine in honor of Bob Griffin's Birthday Victoria Levine in honor of Bob Griffin's Birthday Celia Levine in honor of Bob Griffin's Birthday Steven Long for Jigsaw Lilia Lopez on behalf of Winnie Wendy Loskot in memory of Jax Rebecca Love in memory of Sandi Sonya Manes in honor of Emily on her Birthday Shelley Meighan in honor of my wonderful mom, Ann Moore, Happy Mother’s Day Shelley Meighan in honor of my mom Ann Moore’s 79th birthday Kristine Metcalf in honor of our sister, Kathy C, and Little Bit, her rescue kitty Lindsay Miller in memory of Beverly Em Millwe in memory of Beverly Elizabeth Moore in memory of Helen Sparks Jennifer Mullins in honor of Beth Griffin Erin Murphy for Linnea Chambers-Daniell’s Birthday John Murphy in memory of Steven and Irene Jacobson Jun Yan Ni in memory of Beverly

Mike Noble in honor of Teri Bambauer Ronald O’Connor in memory of Lanie Workman, Lanie Loved Cats! Sharon Ogle in honor of Beth Griffin and Sari Gersten birthdays Mitchell Parker for Helen Sparks Denise Parkhurst in memory of my daughter, Hannah Parkhurst Tina Payne on behalf of Kelsey Gaare Sarah Perkins in honor of Addison's 12th Birthday Jennifer Plummer in honor of the memory of Pepe Wilson, a kitten adopted from the Hermitage 13 years ago Cecilia Preciado Happy Birthday, Bonnie Robert Putman in honor of Aunt Mary Louise’s 90th Birthday! Cecelia Putman in honor of Rod and Betsy Boorse's 50th Anniversary Dave and Loreen Rado in honor of Rod and Betsy Boorse’s 50th Anniversary Alisa Reed donation made by Caitlin in honor of Linnea's birthday Jeffrey Rens in honor of Bob Griffin's B-day Joyce Rosenfeld in memory of Henry Kimberly Schulz in memory of Maureen Corr Joan Schwartz in honor of Robert Hersch's Birthday Judith Seibert in honor of Sallie Cochren's birthday Jennifer Shopland in honor of Helen, Arya and Gabe Robbins Stephanie Sklar in honor of Bonnie Kay Megan Smith in honor of Melissa Miller's Anniversary Ruth Stone in memory of Linda Cargill Lynette Swedeen in loving memory of Ponce and Magellan, beloved Conquistagatos. It was an honor share your adventure Kristin Thompson in honor of Bonnie Kay's Birthday Tiempo Tucson in memory of Marian Abram Zachary Trissell for Matthew Michael Truong for Helen Sparks Olga Ulanova in memory of my cat Skyler we got her from Hermitage 17 years ago and she passed away in January Pamela Jo Valeski in honor of Bonnie Kay Dianna Vasicek in honor of Jeff and Cindy Vatale's cat Ralphie who died on June 13 Carmen Vega-Cruz for Kitty “Lima” Edward Whitcher in memory of Elin Parks Diana Whitman in honor of Bonnie Kay Jill Williams in honor of Richard H, Taylor's Birthday Susan Wilson Happy Birthday, Zoe Brosanders Colleen and Steve Yinger in memory of Barbara Hopper Lucian Ziolczyk for our love, Tulla Ziolczyk, we miss you Harvey Zuckman and Philip Oxman in memory of Melvin and Sharon Zuckman (tributes and gifts reflect donations received from 01/01/19 thru 09/03/19)

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