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BOARD PRESIDENT’S PURRR-SPECTIVE I have always loved The Hermitage! What is not to love about a cage-free cat sanctuary, adoption center and so much more. In 2018, we had over 640 adoptions. AMAZING!!! In August 2018, I learned that The Hermitage had a cash problem. Yes, there was a new, million dollar facility which included a full medical center and had no debt. It appeared that things were fine, but they were not. I volunteered to be on the Board and shortly thereafter, stepped up to be President and lead The Hermitage to a place where it would be sustainable for another 50 years. Some hard choices needed to be made in order to spend less and bring in more funds without compromising cat care. Staff hours and overtime were cut. Administrative expenses were reduced. Rescuing cats with expensive medical needs from municipal shelters had to be curtailed. We continued accepting cats from the public—-including the kittens and cats left in boxes at our door. We notified our donors and supporters explaining the situation and asking for support. We had a generous and heartwarming response. In addition to the direct outreach, we raised funds through our first on-line auction, nationwide Giving Tuesday and our annual event, Lights of Love. Clearly, I am not the only one who loves The Hermitage!!! Our financial situation has improved, but we have a long way to go. We do have some things that money cannot buy. We have our Executive Director, Karen Baden, who is capable, compassionate and dedicated. We have a staff committed to The Hermitage and the kitties. We have a board of directors with important skills to lead The Hermitage to a sustainable plan. We have wonderful volunteers. We have a medical center where we are able to handle most of our medical “in house.” The Hermitage was started over 50 years ago by Sister Seraphim who had a “call to compassion” to become a “voice for the voiceless.” We will continue her mission and expand it though our programs. We have our Kid’s Club and Cat Camp programs where children learn kindness and responsibly to animals. Our programs, Meows for the Military and Snuggles for Seniors, promote benefits of the human-animal bond. Food for People’s Pets provides donated pet food for individuals in need allowing pets to remain in their homes. Our Trap/Neuter/Return program educates our community about how to trap & manage feral colonies which reduces uncontrolled breeding. We collaborate extensively with other organizations to improve the cat situation in the entire community. We are so much more than just a cat shelter. Help us help our community and the cats. Thank you for all your support.

Bonnie Kay, President, Board of Directors

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THE HERMITAGE STAFF Karen T. Baden, MBA, MSL, Executive Director Dr. Beth Neuman, DVM, Shelter Veterinarian Amber Nix, Executive Director Assistant Karina Levine, Volunteer Coordinator Julianne Gathers, Adoptions Coordinator Emma Crawford, Donor Relations & Program Coordinator Rachel Broderick, Creative Marketing Specialist Ashley Davis, Community Outreach & Foster Coordinator Joshua Desmarais, Cat and Facility Sanitation Holly Simon, Cat and Facility Sanitation Lauren Brooks, CVT, Veterinary Technician Shannon Racadio, CVT, Veterinary Technician Desteny Flores, Veterinary Assistant Rebekah Heaton, Veterinary Assistant Nabeh Mixton, Veterinary Assistant

THE HERMITAGE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bonnie Kay, President Robert Michael Hersch, Vice President Cathy Peterson, Treasurer Maggie Gilmer, Secretary Dr. Lindsey McCrady, Director Clare Yarborough, Director Mary Davis, Director The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter & Sanctuary TAX ID #86-0213263 1

AGAINST ALL ODDS... Tonee’s Brave Story As Told By His Rescuer and New BFF, Rebekah (Hermitage vet assistant) When Tonee was first surrendered to The Hermitage, he weighed over 18 pounds. He was very shy and scared, which caused him to stop eating. We tried different types of food, but he refused to eat. He was losing a significant amount of weight and started to look yellow. I took him home for a couple of nights, while we looked for a good foster home. The Hermitage’s veterinarian, Dr. Neuman, prescribed several different meds to help him eat. Tonee was placed in foster care; however, when they brought Tonee back to the shelter, he was very yellow. Tonee was diagnosed with Hepatic Lipdosis, and immediately taken to Dr. Neuman’s veterinary practice where a feeding tube was inserted into his neck. Knowing that Tonee would have a long road to recovery ahead, I made the decision to become his official foster. Quickly, Tonee demonstrated his fighting spirit by beginning to eat on his own again. During this time, Tonee became part of my family. It was an easy decision to make the relationship official and adopt him. Officially adopting him also gave me peace of mind, knowing he would not repeat the difficulty he had adjusting to a shelter environment again. Now in high spirits, Tonee tips the scales at a much healthier 14 pounds. Tonee 2

A FIGHTING SPIRIT PREVAILS has become the boss of my other cats and me, but we have a learned to adapt. Despite what he went through, Tonee remained a love bug. Tonee makes periodic appearances in The Hermitage medical suite saying hello to all his old friends that helped nurse him back to health. He is on The Hermitage’s Lease fo Life program which helps with his special needs costs and includes a vet exam every six months. Tonee is such a playful cutie, and I love him very much. Written by Rebekah Heaton


“[A] frequently diagnosed ailment called hepatic lipidosis can severely impair the health and proper functioning of a cat’s liver and, if not promptly reversed, can be fatal. This condition—also known as fatty liver syndrome—occurs when triglycerides accumulate within the liver cells and obstruct the organ’s function.” www.vet.cornell.edu


VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT MEET KAITLYN MARTIN WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO VOLUNTEER AT THE HERMITAGE? I, like a lot of the cats, had some socialization issues I needed to work through. I didn't always have the best experience with people in my life, so I grew up thinking that the world, and most of the people in it, were bad. Animals have always been my safety zone, and I figured if anything was going to help pull me out of my shell, it was going to be something that felt the same way. The kitties at The Hermitage just seemed perfect, and man, are they.   WHAT DO YOU ENJOY ABOUT VOLUNTEERING AT THE HERMITAGE? The kitties are obviously a joy, well most of the time anyway, but I think my favorite thing is The Hermitage is almost like a little family of people who all have the same goal of helping the kitties find their permanent families. It's a nice supportive stepping stone in life for both the cats and the people who want to use it that way; and for some, it's their permanent home and that's just a super cozy feeling.   WHAT TYPE OF VOLUNTEERING DO YOU DO FOR THE HERMITAGE AND WHY DID YOU CHOOSE IT? I do mostly medical volunteering, but also help out at events and do shelter cleaning when the help is needed. I am also currently a foster parent. I actually started volunteering by cleaning the main shelter, but I am in a veterinary assistant program and have always thought of doing shelter medicine. When I was asked if I wanted to help back in medical, it was a pretty easy yes. Honestly, I love it. The one-on-one attention I get to spend with the kitties that aren't feeling well is just the best feeling.    WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE KITTY AT THE HERMITAGE AND WHY? Mr. Winston. Hands down. No debate. I obviously had other cats that I connected with, but Mr. Winston and I TreatWe Time! actually came to the shelter the same week. both got to help each other adjust to shelter life, and there is just something really special about that to me. Plus, he is just a goof and super funny. He’s just a great little cat to spend time with, and he taught me all I really need to know about FeLV+ cats. They are all fantastic kitties who honestly have better personalities than some of the regular kitties. They just tend to get overlooked because they have a scary label attached to them.    DO YOU HAVE A FUNNY VOLUNTEER STORY YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? All the cats do something ridiculous at some point or another, but one of the cats that comes to mind is Rupert. When I first started in medical, Rupert ate special food due to health reasons. I remember cleaning out another cat’s enclosure above Rupert and setting the cat’s food down on a carrier a little too close to Rupert’s cage. When I walked away to get something, I started to hear banging. I walked back around, and Rupert was completely pressed against the bars of his cage, arm fully stretched out, shoveling the other cat’s food in his mouth like he hadn't eaten in a week. I think the reason that was so funny to me is I had just gotten done watching him eat an entire can of wet food. Interviewed by Karina Levine


HOME AT LAST! SEE HOW SOME HERMITAGE CATS ARE NOW LIVING THE GOOD LIFE HAWK "I met Hawk when he was only a few weeks old and I was volunteering in Medical. He was part of an especially challenging kitten season when there were a lot of dumped kittens. He was brought in with a litter and a mother cat. All the kittens in that litter were named after birds, but he was the only raptor. From the moment I saw him, I felt a connection to him and his unique name. I would talk to him every time I was in Medical. One day I noticed he wasn't doing well and reported it to the vet. He was diagnosed with a serious medical problem and was extremely sick. My husband and I fostered him at home without very much hope for a recovery. Throughout his ordeal he was sweet and loving, and even playful. His courage truly suited his name. With medical intervention, Hawk started to get better. He finally grew big and strong enough to be neutered and we were allowed to officially adopt him. That was a little over two years ago. Hawk is 100% healthy and the perfect companion for us. He is smart and fun and funny and very social - everyone who meets him loves him (who can blame them?) I will always be grateful to The Hermitage for taking him in and giving us the opportunity to meet him and be adopted by him! Tucson is extremely lucky to have a place like the Hermitage. We will be supporters forever." JULIE, ADOPTER

OLLIE “Ollie (formerly Kiddo) is a very playful, curious cat with a ton of personality. Since bringing him home in July [2018], I've learned that he needs a lot of attention and play time! He follows me around and is always trying to be included in everything I do. One time he even followed me into the shower and he didn't seem bothered by the water! When he's not playing, he's purring and loves to be pet. I knew it was meant to be when he came over to me at the shelter and sneezed on me -that was him claiming me! Thank you for allowing me to bring this sweet boy into my life!� NATALIE, ADOPTER

TELL US YOUR STORY! Visit our website at: www.hermitagecatshelter.org/adoption-story/ 5


Do you want to make a HUGE impact in an easy way? Join a special group of people that are committed to help The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter provide shelter, protection and loving care to hundreds of forsaken felines every year by setting up a monthly recurring donation. There are many benefits of monthly sustained giving and the effects are substantial. The impact of your monthly gift is extremely powerful to The Hermitage and the cats that we provide refuge. It is the most efficient way to safeguard the funding needed to achieve our mission of ending needless euthanasia of at-risk felines through protection, adoption and sanctuary. It is a lifeline for the hundreds of cats that are in our care and for whom we find homes for every year. Giving monthly provides support and stability to our non-profit. It is a simple and amazingly effective way to ensure sustainability to our shelter. Growing our monthly support is crucial to the expansion of our rescue efforts and the progression of our community outreach. Monthly gifts ensure we can make a long-lasting difference to the cats in our care that are looking for their forever homes. Your consistent recurring donation will mean that together we can speak for those with no voice. Recurring donations made online save on staff time, postage and printing costs for the organization. Monthly donations are gifts that The Hermitage can rely on month in and month out. The NonProfit Times reports that the annual retention rate for donors who give monthly is 75%-80% versus a retention rate of only 47% for periodic donors. Donation amounts and dates are defined by the donor, so giving to The Hermitage can work with any budget. Making a one-time donation of $300 may not be feasible for some. By spreading the payment out into $25 a month gifts, your commitment to The Hermitage becomes more affordable. You have the impact of a large donation with the ease of smaller, more manageable contributions. Please consider starting a monthly donation today. The impact of a $50 a month, $25 a month, or even just $15 a month gift, over the course of the year is significant for the care of the cats. Please help us strengthen our commitment to help our feline friends have the best care, until they find their new, loving families. Written by Amber Nix


NOW! 7

HOW TO ROLLOVER YOUR IRA AND OTHER GREAT ADVICE! SAVE ON YOUR TAXES AND HELP THE HERMITAGE TOO! REQUIRED MINIMUM DISTRIBUTIONS FROM YOUR IRA There are many ways to make charitable contributions to support The Hermitage. If you are required under federal tax law to take a distribution from your IRA, you can save money on your taxes by using those IRA funds as a charitable contribution and at the same time make a huge difference in the lives of The Hermitage cats. Instead of paying taxes on that required IRA withdrawal, you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly to a non-profit charity like The Hermitage! Of course, it’s important to check with your professional tax advisor for your particular situation. While many types of IRAs are eligible for QCDs—Traditional, Rollover, Inherited, SEP (inactive plans only), and SIMPLE (inactive plans only)—there are some requirements: • • • • •

You must be 70 & a half or older to be eligible to make a QCD. After an IRA owner's death, a beneficiary of an inherited IRA who has attained age 70 & a half can make a QCD. QCDs are limited to the amount that would otherwise be taxed as ordinary income. The maximum annual amount that can qualify is $100,000. This applies to the sum of QCDs made to one or more charities in a calendar year. (If, however, you file taxes jointly, your spouse can also make a QCD from his or her own IRA within the same tax year for up to $100,000.) For a QCD to count towards your current year's RMD, the funds must come out of your IRA by your RMD deadline, generally December 31 so a gift made by December 31, 2019 will be applicable to your 2019 tax filing.

Also, QCDs don't require that you itemize, which due to the recent tax law changes, means you may decide to take advantage of the higher standard deduction, but still use a QCD for charitable giving. DONATIONS OF STOCKS, MUTUAL FUNDS OR REAL ESTATE You can also get a tax break for donating shares of appreciated stock, mutual funds and real estate to The Hermitage. As long as you’ve held the investment for longer than a year, you’ll avoid capital gains taxes on the profits while still claiming the charitable deduction. Again, please check with your professional tax advisor. We welcome any questions you may have. Please call our Executive Director Karen Baden at 520.589.2733 to learn more about this wonderful “win-win” opportunity. Written by Robert Michael Hersch


STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY TIES: MEOWS FOR MILITARY We strongly believe in creating ties with our community outside the walls of the shelter. In order for The Hermitage to continue to grow and thrive, it is vitally important we extend our reach to partner with individuals, organizations and businesses to improve the quality of life for everyone. Our Meows for Military program is one way we are developing those relationships. Meows for Military is a program held weekly for United States military veterans, at the Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System in the Community Living Center (CLC). The CLC is an extended care facility that provides medical, nursing, rehabilitation, and other supportive services to veterans. Each week a calm, adoptable cat visits with veterans hoping their purrs will help with healing.


Research has shown that animal therapy can help people recover from and cope with health problems (https://www. uclahealth.org/pac/animal-assisted-therapy). Spending time with a friendly therapy pet has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, and release endorphins that can have a calming effect. In addition, these cats keep the veterans company during their often extended stays away from home.

A VA hospice staff member mentioned to our Outreach Coordinator that Mr. H. had not been himself lately. He had stopped talking to other patients, or even interacting with his nurses. When Mr. H. saw Tenzin, a Hermitage cat ambassador, his eyes lit up. Tenzin hopped onto Mr. H.’s lap, where he curled up and purred. Mr. H. began to tell stories of his favorite cat, who looked an awful lot like Tenzin. He spoke to our Outreach Coordinator for almost an hour. VA staff reported after the visit, that Mr. H. began interacting with others again. Tenzin visited Mr. H. a few more times before another veteran, a Navy retiree, adopted Tenzin as an emotional support animal. Hermitage ambassador cats also benefit from their time with veterans. Haboob came to The Hermitage with only three legs, after having one amputated due to injury. He was having trouble adjusting with the quadrupeds at the shelter, and he was a little down. Mr. M., a veteran and amputee, comforted Haboob. Mr. M. petted Haboob and assured him he was doing a great job. He complimented Haboob on ability to help others, despite having only three legs. He told Haboob that he had a purpose and was there comforting others. Haboob’s newly found confidence in his tripod gait helped him find a forever home.


Five of our cat ambassadors have been adopted by the patients and staff at the VA. Several others, like Tenzin, have been adopted as special emotional support animals. Hermitage cats have helped raise the spirits of dozens of VA patients and assisted in the healing process. Wrtten by Ashley Davis 10






TRIBUTES & MEMORIALS IN HONOR OF Janine Bennette's birthday Jennifer Columbus

IN HONOR OF (cont’d) Merry Christmas, Karina Levine Beth & Bob Griffin

Merry Christmas, Stephen Bianchi Beth & Bob Griffin

Karina & Valerie's birthdays - Happy Birthday from Jeff Jeffrey Rens

Sarah Boyle's dedication Linda deGraffenried Our good friend, Rachel Broderick, for her birthday Denine Gorniak Birthday gift to honor Jame Carney Jane Berger Dawn Carrico & Ruth Russell Anne Maynard Happy Birthday, Charlotte Sharon Anderson Merry Christmas, Donna Clark Anne Frondorf Whitney Clark from Apple Annie's Anne Holcomb My cat-loving friend, Jennifer Columbus Jamie Fry

IN MEMORY OF (cont’d) Barbara Hoag Ellen Nelson Jill Tondreau Junior, the best horse there ever was Daniel & Susan Rak

Celia Levine's 92nd Birthday Jeffrey Rens

My beloved cat, Lily Cathryn Wilson

Karina Levine's Birthday Jim Wolf

Ruben Mendivil Juliet Mendivil

On behalf of your dedicated volunteer Cheryl Mason! Merry Christmas! Brian Mason

In my son's name, Brandon Roberts, in memory of our little Milo who recently passed Christine Roberts

Shannon Racadio's Birthday Beth & Bob Griffin

Monster and Shiloh Nancy Jacques

Ann Racy Michal Glines

My sister, Coleen Olson Leandra Olson

Jolie Sibert's Birthday, from Jennifer & Deron Jennifer Columbus

Darlene Peterson from the Children's Clinics Shannon Grimes

Our beloved, Sophie Deborah Vincent

Michael Schneider Bradford Trojan

Chris Stratton's Birthday Shannon Alonso

Dawn Elaine Scott, long-time Tucson resident and cat lover Kay Sedberry

Christmas gift for Lyle Street Jeff Yarborough

Eric Severyn Mary Bennett

Carol Garr's Birthday Ashleen O'Gaea

Jan Sturges, Cat Lover Extraordinaire, on her birthday! Mary Beth Harris

Olivia Garza Carrie & Peter Vaught

Kristen Vann's Birthday! Pamela Bridgmon

Happy Holidays, Sari H. Gersten Beth & Bob Griffin

Carol Widenhofer Patricia Wiedhopf

Irene Golembiewski's 90th Birthday Karen DiCarlo

IN MEMORY OF Cindy Vitale's dog Annie, who crossed the rainbow bridge on 9/26 Dianna Alvin Vasicek

Sue Stibbe Deanna & Robert Bates Barry & Judith Bleiweis Sandra Brantley Donna D Groover Alice Mingus Judith More Jeanne Sierka Marian Svenheim TMC Volunteer Services & Donna Morton

Terry DeCarolis - Merry Chirstmas Lynn Best Happy Birthday, Tom Demerly and Mia! Jan Mack

Meow Christmakah, Love Mitzi & Marvin Gaye in honor of Beth & Bob Griffin Sari H. Gersten Merry Christmas, Bob Griffin Beth & Bob Griffin Birthday gift to honor Hannah Jane Berger Mary Havenhill Asher Havenhill Sally Hendrix's Birthday Beth & Bob Griffin On behalf of Tenley Husar's 2nd Birthday Lisa C Kelch My granddaughter, Allyson Israel Anonymous Birthday gift to Sherrie Krulic David Swain Valerie Levine's 60th Birthday Beth & Bob Griffin

Blaze Sussman Jennifer Shopland

Jennifer Bain Howard & Dolores Bain

Tippi and Tutti - we lost both within 2 months of each other Dennis & Coleen Hixon

Kirsten Michelle Bankemper Christopher Orcutt

Liz's cat Wally who died of cancer at 18 Marlene Smith

Sam Beeve and his cat Prince William Matei Tarail Sharon Blouch Jeffrey Rens Daffy and Carmel Teresa Loy Ruth Edgar Jodi Rodack Hannah’s cat, Elton Rayne & Deen Harvest

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