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Soshanguve name change on the cards By Thabiso Mosima


Endangered - This road sign is amongst many signs that carries the name Soshanguve, if the City of Tshwane’s name changing proposal is successful this will be the last you see of it’s kind



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he Executive Mayor for the City of Tshwane has announced the city’s intension to change the name of one of its northern township; Soshanguve. Speaking to the media at the official opening of Giant Stadium in Soshanguve recently, Ramokgopa said that the name which dates back to 1974, was inappropriate in the 20 years of South Africa’s democracy as it promoted tribalism. Ramokgopa further said that city would conduct public debate where the residents would be given the opportunity to state their opinion regarding the proposed name change. “We will first hear what the community says about the matter and if they agree we will start rolling out the plan but should they refuse, the city of Tshwane shall respect the people’s wishes�. Sosh Times took to the streets to interview some of the residents and stakeholders about the possible name change. Story continued on page 2

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Nyaope Officially listed in the Drugs Act ‘Tshwane shall respect the By Basetsana Legodi pendence producing substances. people’s wishes’ - Ramokgopa Designer drug refers to drugs

MR. MORRIS MSIZA, who is the Marketing Manager for Soshanguve Community Radio, said that the name change would not be relevant given the history that Soshanguve carries. “The name Soshanguve represents the people living in this area and we will be losing identity if we part ways with this name as it is our identity. Ms Evelyn Masemola, a pensioner, said; “I agree with the city’s bid to change Pretoria to Tshwane but when it comes to changing Soshanguve, I am totally against that. This name may be born out of evil intensions by certain people but we the people of this township are a living reflection of unity. Mr. Isaac Maleka also had misgivings and was against the proposed name changed and said it would cost the municipality a FACT FILE • Soshanguve which is 25km North of Pretoria Central Business District (CBD) was established in 1974 under the Bantustan system which segregated black people according to their tribe. • Intially it was dubbed Mabopane East but it was incorporated into what was then called Northern Transvaal in 1987 after Mabopane West became known only as Mabopane falling under the Bophuthatswana homeland. • Soshanguve has produced prominent activist such as Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa who served in the first democratic government alongside the late President Nelson Mandela and also home to Mr. Benjamin Moloisane, Mr. Tamati Matlala, Mr Thabo Makola, and Mr. Mpho Makola who were killed during the 1985/6 struggle period. • Celebrities to come out of Soshanguve includes, Brian Themba, Uhuru, Black Motion, Daniel Hadebe (Former Scandal actor), Phuti Kgomo, The late Joyous Celebration member Sk, Crazy Entertainers to name just but a few.

lot of money. “ The money that is going to be used in changing the name can be better used in building recreational facilities like multipurpose centers, more health institutes, schools and houses for the poor as I really don’t see anything wrong with this name”. Ms Mapula Raborifi, Public Relations Officer for the Soshanguve Taxi Owners Association (SOTOA), said the name change would help their taxi association reach the goal of forming one taxi board instead of the many taxi association in one area as Soshanguve currently has. “We can form a united taxi association that will work together to ensure we give a quality service to all our communities and every resident of this township”.

THE DEPARTMENT of Justice and Constitutional Development (DJ&CD) has officially illegalised the use of Nyaope. In a Media Statement issued by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Development, Advocate Mthunzi Mhaga, said that the fight against drug abuse in the country has intensified through the amendment of the Drugs and Trafficking Act, 1992. The amendments include, chemically related substances that incorporates a structural fragment into their structures that is similar to the structure of a listed substance and exhibit pharmacodynamic properties that are similar to substances listed in parts 1,2 and 3 of schedule 2 of the said act. The amendments also include designer cannabinoids, as well as other substances in schedule 2 as undesirable de-

that are created by modifying a substance’s chemical structure to varying degrees or finding chemicals with entirely different chemical structures that produce similar effects. Any substance similar to the already listed substances in schedule 2 will therefore be included in the schedule based on similarity in chemical composition as well as their effect on a person. Heroin and dagga are both the key narcotic ingredients of Nyaope and they are both included in part 3 of schedule 2 of the drugs act as, undesirable dependence-producing substances. The use and possession of an undesirable dependence -producing substance is prohibited in terms of section 4(b) and dealing in an undesirable dependenceproducing substance is prohibited in terms of section5(b). The use or possession of


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vMI versatile media institute

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Mthunzi Mhaga and dealing with Nyaope, is sufficiently covered in the drugs act. It is punishable with a fine the court may deem to impose or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 15 years according to the Media Statement. Police Spokesperson, Warrant Officer, Lolo Mangena of the Rietgat Police station said that with the amendments in place, police can now arrest the Nyaope distributers or and users. “We had problems in court when we arrested Nyaope users now that it is officially illegal we can arrest them.”



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ntentions to change the name, Soshanguve, a township in north Pretoria which claims its existence way back to 1974 will certainly be received with mix feelings and rejection from some of the residents of the area. However, for once the Executive Mayor for the City of Tshwane, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, must be commended for suggesting that the residents will be consulted first and that there will be debate around the intended name change. “We will first hear what the community says about the matter and if they agree we will start rolling out the plan but should they refuse-the city of Tshwane shall respect the people’s wishes” as Ramokgopa is reported in the media. Changing names of places wily nily like someone is changing baby diapers is bound to be met with rejection from many quarters of our society because some of these places are a part of this country’s history and as some people would point out, history cannot be wiped off. In most cases some of the suggested new names do not make any sense at all, like already some people have drunkenly suggested lumping together all the townships in north of Pretoria and naming them Noweto like the townships near Johannesburg, Soweto. Townships like Ga-Rankuwa have a rich history of the sufferings of forced removals by the apartheid regime and therefore changing this township’s name it would be like there has never been any forced removal of the Black masses. The sprawling slum that is Winterveldt also has its fair share of history under the past white minority regime, the erstwhile Bophuthatswana Bantustan as well as the current democratic dispensation and therefore wiping off the name of this area, famous for its squalid living conditions and rampant crime it is like suggesting that the world never had in its midst the Berlin wall or lunatics such as Adolf Hitler. We cannot agree more with a resident of Soshanguve, Ms Evelyn Masemola, who did not mince her words in her objection to the intended name change of the area. She appreciates the fact that the name of her township came about from evil intentions of the apartheid government but again the people of this area have proved the white minority government intentions wrong beyond reasonable doubt because the residents of Soshanguve are “living reflection of unity”, people of different ethical backgrounds living together in harmony like they are one. Soshanguve can be used as a text book for Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu’s rainbow nation where people live in harmony simply because they have embraced their diversity

Giant Stadium

NOW THAT the thin veil that surrounded the controversial Giant Stadium in Soshanguve has been finally removed, there is no doubt that the city fathers expect the residents to sing hallelujah. Work on the project started in 2006 in preparation for the facility to be used as a match practice venue for some countries which were to take part in the soccer World Cup but alas this was not to be. Work was controversially brought to a halt under a cloud of secrecy as officials played a dug and dive game because of unaccounted expenditures on the venue. Years after the place had been left in waste like a jungle in Saigon, perhaps Tshwane Mayor, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, did the honourable thing this month by unveiling the first phase of the stadium and assuring residents that work is expected to be completed in 2015-16 financial year of Tshwane Metro.


First Language Acquisition part 1 By Basetsana Legodi and Mamikie Masoga


ave you ever wondered how we learn to speak? Why children are able to formulate words that are not used within their immediate households or environments? The answer to both these questions lies in our brains. Our ability to speak is natural as human beings,we all have a basic pattern (Blueprint) that allows us to acquire a language naturally. This process is called “LANGUAGE ACQUISITION.” Language Acquisition also known as Language Learning is a process by which human’s learn language.Language Acquisition in this particular context, refers to first language acquisition. First language acquisition refers to the learning of ones native language or the language

commonly used at home or within their environment. The process of acquiring first language usually happens between 8 months (infants) to 6 years. We do not usually remember how we learn to speak, when we first learn how to speak a language, we learn it without studying. In the case of a child, he/she acquires a language from it being spoken around them all the time but never receives instructions about what would constitute as an incorrect sentence, all they hear are correctly formed sentences. What this means is, children utilise the words and sentences that they commonly hear. As a child one cannot differentiate between correct and incorrect grammar, because they are still learning. Children acquire language skills even though adults do not consistently correct their syntax (sentence

construction). For instance, when a child says “Billy hitted me”, adults do not use words like “hitted” this means they are formulated by children. Hence this proves that children not only learn a language from hearing people speak but they too have natural language acquiring abilities that allow them to formulate such words even if they are incorrect. We learn Receptive language before Expressive Language, we learn to understand a language faster than we can speak it. Receptive language, is the ability to understand the language. Expressive Language is the ability to speak the language. For instance, when a mother tells her one year old baby to put toys away, the baby might do as he/she is told, even though he/she cannot repeat what is being said. Children also acquire a

language through associating sounds with objects, the sound “miaau” with the cat(object/ animal). Language acquisition is highly influenced by the environment in which you are placed, because of not only the language spoken within that environment but how it is spoken. These are concepts such as dialect and accent. For instance, a child who speaks IsiZulu he/she acquired in Pretoria will not speak the same kind of Isi Zulu as a child who acquired it in KwaZulu Natal. The regional difference will influence the accent. However it is still the same language and both children from the different areas will still be able to comprehend one another.

No relocation for Soutpan residents By Thapelo Masilela RESIDENTS OF the informal settlement area of Soutpan, near Soshanguve, can now sigh with relief that they will not be relocated as they had been ordered through the Gauteng North High Court by the Gauteng Department of Human Settlement. The department and residents had been embroiled in a bitter legal battle over the invasion of land on the area and Judge N.A. Tuchten of the Gauteng North High Court had ordered that the residents could only be relocated after the department had provided alternative accommodation for them. Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) in charge of Housing in the City of Tshwane, Mr. Joshua Ngwenyama, has confirmed that resident will not be relocated as had been sought by the department because of the exorbitant costs that would have been incurred through the exercise. Ngwenyama said a forensic audit would be done to determine the rightful

MMC Joshua Ngwenyama people who qualify to be provided with houses. We are worried about relocating them. It will be expensive. We do not need to go to court. We were supposed to have built 4000 houses right now, if it were not for this illegal land invasion. We do not want a conflict now; we are worried about the people. If we are going into conflict, the innocent will suffer, because we will be chucking them

out into the streets. We are a caring government,” added Ngwenyama. “The residents, who qualify for houses to be built for them, are going to stay where their shacks are right now. While they are waiting for their houses, we will allocate those stands legally and provide them with services. We will also provide them with title deeds,” said Ngwenyama. When asked about the people who would not qualify, Ngwenyama said; “This would not be my problem but it will be for the Department of Home Affairs to deal with the matter.” He went further to say that; “Those who are South Africans and do not qualify because they have houses somewhere, will be asked to buy the sites.” Asking how he was going to deal with the present administrators of Soutpan, who are the Amandebele ba Lebelo/Moletlane Tribal Authority, he said; “It is wrong for them to do so, it is not their land. It is our land. A forensic audit will deal with all these

matters. We hear that there are people who sell land which is not theirs. For now it is just an allegation. If the forensic audit says lay criminal charges, we will gladly do so. After the elections we will call public meetings and deal with the matter effectively,” said Ngwenyama. Mr Mafosha Kekana, official land claimant of Soutpan and administrator of the area said; “The City of Tshwane is stalling progress in transferring the land to the tribe. It also delays in compensating other repossessed land.” He could not elaborate on his claims. He however produced a letter dated the 13th March 2014, copy of which is in the possession of Sosh Times addressed to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, threatening; “A legal peaceful protest action and mass visit to the Dept of RD&LR’s offices in the near future” if their demands are not met.Councillor Khala Phahlane for Ward 13 was not available for comment at the time of going to press.

SAVF Career Expo opens eyes By Basetsana Legodi

THE SUID-AFRIKAANSE Vrouefederasie (SAVF) recently held their annual career expo, at the K.T Matubatse Hall in Soshanguve Extention 6. The SAVF is an organization that deals with social services within communities, it renders wellfare and well-fare related services. The Career Expo

was aimed at providing the forster care youth and the community with relevant information regarding higher education after matric and motivating them into choosing careers while they are still in school. In an interview with Sosh Times, Ms Hazel Matlala, SAVF Social Worker, said that the organisation has been working in Soshanguve for the past three years and that

Marketing Team Acting Marketing Manager Mapula Chiloane

they hoped the community will get more involved. “This is our third year hosting the Career Expo in Soshanguve Extention 6, and we hope to include the community at large” added Matlala. A parent who was accompanied by her children said that she found the event to be highly enlightening. “This was a good event, the children were motivated and hopefully what they learned

here today will keep them away from committing crime” said Ms Jeminah Sello. Emily Mochabang, a high school leaner, said that she realised the importance of a good education and she feels she can even become a soldier. “This expo opened my eyes to the different careers that are out there. I do not feel limited and I can even choose to be a police woman or a soldier”, said Mochabang.

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How To: Become a savvy shopper!

By Basetsana Legodi


hopping can be a great way to obtain everything you require within your household, or it can be a waste of money if you are not capable of identifying the following: What you need to buy and what you want to buy, the difference between where you want to buy it and where it would be best to buy it and lastly, being in the loop about sales and discounts and their duration time. Here are a few tips to help you get everything you desire without losing too much of your money! • Consider buying nothing, particularly if you do not need anything. We spent money on

products we want because we see them not because there is a definite need for it. Not buying definitely saves you money. • Consider all of your options,You do not need to buy something if you can get it fixed for a lesser price. • Know exactly what you want, be specific. Have a list if the items you want to purchase are more than two, your list should include all the items and the estimated prices so you are sure on how much you are willing to spend. • Familiarize yourself with store prices, take the time to research the different item prices in stores, to get more value for your money.

Education MEC opens five schools

• Distinguish between needs and wants, those items that you cannot do without, those are your needs which include soap, food, water, etc. And the additional items, which you buy because you crave or because you have extra money left, are wants. • More value for less, Be in the loop when it comes to sales and discounts because you get to buy more items without spending as much as you would have originally. Make sure you know where and when there are, and how long they will last because the likely-hood is everyone else is rushing to that same area and goods will run out much quicker than usually. • Learn to recognise a sales pitch and resist it! I am certain we have all been duped by sales representatives into buying too much stuff or buying something we did not intend to buy in the first place. Know when to say no. • Stick to the list, The list helps you buy everything you need, extra items are only included if all that is on the list has been bought and there is extra money left. • Pay cash, this way you see where your money goes. • The art of Negotiation, it doesn’t hurt to try to scale the price of the item down a little, if you could end up spending less.

THE NORTH West MEC for education, Ms Maphefo Wendy Matsemela, has opened five new schools worth over R195, 2 million. Matsemela handed over Refethuto Primary School to the community in Sannieshof in Maquassie Hills, Laba Primary School in Deelpan, Oskraal Primary School at Oskraal village near Brits, Sunrise View Primary in Paardekraal Township near Rustenburg and Blydeville Primary School near Lichtenburg. According to department spokesperson, Mr Brian Setswambung, the projects are part of government’s initiative programme to eradicate mud and dilapidated schools and address overcrowding.

Maphefo Wendy Matsemela The new buildings comprises classrooms, a computer and science laboratories, ablutions, nutrion centres, Grade R blocks, library, combi-courts, multipurpose hall remedial and administration blocks. “Construction of some new schools in the province is still underway and is expected to be ready by 2014/15 financial year,” said Setswambung. –

School registration for 2015 kicks off PUBLIC SCHOOLS across Gauteng have opened their doors for the registration of learners for the 2015 academic year. Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy launched the Public School Admissions Campaign at the Johannesburg Park Station. The launch involved the distribution of pamphlets encouraging parents to apply now to avoid the last minute rush in 2015. “There is high demand for space in Gauteng schools. We have over 2 000 public ordinary schools that accommodate 1.9 million learners. Apply early so that we can accommodate you. “For us, it means we will


be able to plan for the number of children who are coming into our system. For parents, it means they will be able to get a school that is closer to their place of work or residence,” said the MEC. The department processed over 20 000 late applications for the 2014 academic year, an increase from 15 000 in the previous year. Applying late reduces the chances of parents getting the school of their first choice where they meet the criteria. This also means that learners will be placed at a school where there is space available, and this might not be close to where their parents work or reside. –

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Health wellness for the aged By MamikieMasoga TebogoModiba



as Outreach Wellness Programme for the Aged(ROWPA) in partnership with Odi Hospital hosteda TB and wellness campaign that was designed to reach out to elderly people both in the community and elder institution with health issues in Mabopane Indoor Sports Centre recently. The programme was set specially for the elders to promote wellness and healthy living. Guests such as, social workers from “Age in Action and Black Like Me, RAS and

Members of Ras Outreach Wellness programme with elders during the TB and HIV Screening Campaign ROWPA board members, Odi Mabopane Forum and their 8 Hospital nurses and Bopanang clubs for the elderly along with

the community took part in the event. Ms. Shoki Tlhoaele, health promoter of Ras Outreach Wellness programme stated that ROWPA is a Non-Profit Organisation that has 22 volunteers, in partnership wih Odi Hospital, it managed to render services like Eye testing, TB and HIV screening and testing, Blood Pressure monitoring, diabetic foot care screening and Pap-smear on that day for the elders. “The organisation has 22 volunteers and it is not yet funded, so we work hand in hand with Odi hospital. We humbly request donations on

medical equipment to help us render quality care services for the aged,” said Ms. Tlhoaele. Ms. Kegomoditse Ndlovu, programme manager said that the event aimed to bring health wellness for the aged in Mabopane and surrounding areas; hence ROWPA saw a need to bring health wellness and services to the community. “We have other health programmes lined up this year to raise awareness and to deal effectively the health care awareness of elderly people,” said Ndlovu.

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HIV prevalence is shocking By Mamikie Masoga

THE HIV/AIDS prevalence in South Africa is a prominent health concern; more people are infected than any other country as a result to the increasing HIV new infections and higher patient survival rate. Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng provinces still remain high in HIV statistics. The Human Science Research Council (HSRC) released the 2012 South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence and Behaviour Survey that found the condom usage has dropped and more people risk HIV infections

due to multiple sexual partners. It is reported that the overall scale of knowledge about HIV/ AIDS is low and declining, especially people living in rural settlements. The use of condoms has also decreased, and the number of people having multiple sexual partners has increased excessively. “It is also identified, a worrying-trend- the increase in multiple sexual partners, decreased condoms use and decreased knowledge about transmission,” said Dr Aaron Motsoaledi. The survey found the use

of condoms in 2012 have gone down from 85.2 percentage in 2008 to 67.5 percentage, among both young women and men between the ages of 15 and 24. The less use of condoms is the reason for increasing HIV infections. Although boys start to have sex earlier than girls, but women are more vulnerable to be at most high risk of contracting the virus at the early age of 15 years. The HIV prevalence states that women between the ages of 15 to 24 have the highest rate of HIV infections, five times of their male peers.

According to CEO of HSRC, Dr Olive Shisana, people used to buy condoms instead of getting them for free from the government. It is further added that condoms are imperative for preventing sexual transmission of HIV. Health Minister, Dr Motsoaledi said the department suspected that young people regard the government condoms “Choice” as boring; the department is to launch “new type of condoms that would be flavoured and coloured” that will be appealing to the youth. These condoms are to be distributed at

universities and higher education trainings as from next month. The report also shows continued declines in new HIV cases among young people as well as in new infections among women in particular. The 12.2 percentage of 2012 South Africa’s HIV positive people is an excessive increase by 1.4 percentage from the 2008 survey. It is estimated that 6.4 million of South Africans were HIV positive.

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Although many people believe it’s better to circumcise in winter, the truth is that medical circumcision is equally safe and hygienic in summer. Free medical circumcisions are available at these clinics: Odi Hospital Tlamelong Clinic

Klipgat Road, Mabopane 2734 Block B, Mabopane

Tuesday & Wednesday Every 2nd Saturday

Phedisong 4 CHC George Mukhari Hospital Ga-Rankuwa View Clinic

5938 Zone 4, Ga-Rankuwa 311 Setlogelo Street, Ga-Rankuwa 819 Kgaka Street, Zone 15, Ga-Rankuwa

Saturday Tuesday – Friday Every 2nd Saturday

Shoshanguve 3 KT Motubatse Clinic Maria Ranto Clinic

Block B, 1834 Shoshanguve Street, Shoshanguve 20941 Ext 14, Shoshanguve 3180 Block L, Shoshanguve

Monday – Friday Monday – Saturday Saturday

Kgabo Clinic

1526 Sefatsa Stand, Winterveld

Thursday & Friday

Suurman Clinic Kekana Gardens Clinic

Stand 91, Suurman, Hammanskraal 1078 Pfenanani, Hammanskraal

Monday & Saturday Saturday

Laudium CHC

Corner 27th Avenue & Bengal Street, Laudium

Monday, Thursday, Friday


2138 Umhlume Street, Ext 15, Olievenhoutbosch

Wednesday – Friday

Tshwane District Hospital Sediba Hope

Dr Savage Road, Pretoria Wednesday & Thursday 1st Floor Sediba House, corner Bosman & Madiba Str, Pretoria Monday – Friday

Nkenke Healthcare

Block B Equestria Gateway Centre, corner Simon Vermoten and Furrow Roads, Equestria (Willows)

Monday – Saturday

Find out more. Visit Send a “Please call me” to 06 06 800 800

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CBE&T Business Academy

with B.A.M. Lehari n Friday 04 April 2014 Centre For Business Education & Training went on the road show to show case the activities of its subsidiary- Lerato Kiddies Computer Club at Pick & Payin Soshanguve. We help set up a solid foundation for these children starting from 4years up to Grade 12. They learn how to use Commonsense, Mind Power, English, Maths, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Boitumelo Nambo talking to shoppers about Lerato’s Kiddies Calculations,Geography and Computer Club many more knowledge adding subjects.Their pass rate from one level to the next level of knowlegde is 100%. All children who a members of the club are more advanced than their peers at their day to day schools.Most of our members have won various school awards. Lehari believes that many people are struggling through life because they were not taught to use their common sense to their benefit and to Students from Lerato’s Kiddies Computer Club promoting their the benefit of their country. club


Ms Qubu handing out CBE&T’s brouchers to shoppers They were not given a solid educational background as a result most students are failing grade 12. It is disgraceful to tell a hopeless failure that he passed at 30%.Whatever you do with your child today that determines the future of that child. We call upon serious parents who care to invest in the future of their children register their children as members of the Lerato Kiddies Computer Club and realise the difference. We have programmes that schools do not have to give better foundation. Lehari maintains that it is what we positively do today in our communities and country that is going to determine our future. A better future does not come by empty and shallow promises pronounced daily to please people but by honesty practically dedicating all efforts to implementation. If anybody does not do anything positive about his/her life today I can rest assure you there will never be a better future tomorrow. Today many people are what they are because yesterday they did nothing positive about their lives.Lehari’s mission is

to create Leaders who will also create other Leaders. Nonhlanhla MagagulaComputer Tutor and Soshanguve Branch Leader and Boitumelo Nambo- Computer Tutor and Hammanskraal Branch Leader. Should you have interest to understand more for your own betterment then PHONE /VISIT US AT 2249 Block F Industrial Site Soshanguve Tel:012 799 2842 or BEEO COMPLEX HAMMANSKRAAL TEL:0729822449 or 012 711-2139 FOR MORE INFORMATION. LISTEN TO OUR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SLOTS ON RADIO MORETELE 106.6 EVERY MONDAY AT 19.3020.30HRS or www.moretele. listen2my or MAMS FM 91.9 EVERY THURSDAY AT 19-20HRS. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOUR CHILD!!! B.A.M.LEHARI (Business Advisor, Mentor, Trainer, Preacher, Tax Practitioner & Motivator)


“Kasi” Business Talk with Mr Sello Mahlangu M17 Glass House Tshwane’s king of auto The importance of discipline as a business person glass

By Thabiso Mosima

THE AUTO glass fitment or replacement business is very rare in townships. Just a mere mention of venturing into the auto glass business would send chills down the spine of many business people. Some would not venture into the auto glass fitting business mainly for fear of failure to sustain it. However that was not the case with Mr. Winston Sadiki of Block TT Soshanguve. After years of working for major auto glass fitment centers, Sadiki gave up his comfortable reliable job and started his own auto glass fitment business in the community he lives in. M17 Glass house sells and replaces all auto glass requirements such as windscreens, windows and maintaining damaged ones. It was initiated in 2008 by Sadiki. At that time he operated the business from the back of his bakkie due to him not affording to lease an office or workshop space. The business boasts a total of three vehicles used for mobile

fitting, as they supply and service various clients countrywide. “When I started this business I only had one windscreen glass and troublesome old bakkie and no offices or workshop at my disposal but I fought hard to make it what it is today. This business put bread on the tables of many families as I have employed a number of people in and around my community. Some are still with us while others left to pursue other employment opportunities, if not to open their own businesses,” said Sadiki. “Initially sustaining this type of business in the community we operate in has proved to be a bit challenging as many

people failed to believe that a small black owned business like this one which operates in a township would provide a good enough service. We pride ourselves for being the best at what we are doing as I have used my years of experience in this type of work and passed on the skills to the people I work with. Not only has this benefitted us but we also contribute to local non- government organizations,” said Sadiki. Do you think your business should be featured in our Play my part Segment? Then feel free to Contact us on 012 797 2397 or email us on and state (Play my Part)

Mr. Sello Mahlangu BEING DISCIPLINED as an individual or as a business person is very important if you are to grow and position yourself or your brand. Small things such as waking up in the morning in order to be punctual in office or any other business for that matter may look as non essential but believe you me it counts in a long run. Being your own boss may be a thrill especially when you make that first big pay check, but remember that it comes with lot of responsibilities and like everything that tastes sweet, it comes with a

high price to pay. In order to surpass all this, one has to keep in mind why one chose to be a business person. Remember, none of us are in business by default so it is up to you to religiously keep reminding yourself why you opted to be where you are and that will no doubt keep you focused to be goal orientated. Ill-discipline will take all your hard work and energy, not mentioning the risks you took to make your business a brand. All you have achieved will fade before your eyes if you do not put a leash on everything that will derail you from the Promised Land. I am not saying that you should not enjoy the spoils of your hard work but do it responsibly as often I have witnessed many fall victim to the “ I am the master of my kingdom syndrome” Symptoms for the syndrome are commonly (1) Laziness (2) Disrespect (Your staff and clients) (3) Poor time

management (4) Not being reliable (5) Mismanagement of cash flow This however can be avoided by a simple adjustment to the way one behaves and disciplines him/ herself especially when it comes to business matters. For example when your staff gives 99, 9% you need to give 100%. Yes you will have sleepless nights and face times where throwing the towel seems like the only way out, but the passion in you will push you to soldier on and believe you me the end justifies the means. The motivating factor is that we serve God’s purpose by rendering a much needed service, to a different market as well as creating a solution to their problems. The experience that one acquires along the way, whether bad or good serves also as a reminder we are bringing in people’s lives. Mr Mahlangu is founder and owner of Royal Funerals and Tombstones.

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A fly that spends 17 years sleeping A By Thato Rachoene

frican cicada fly is famous for sleeping for 17 years, then wakes up for two weeks, mates and dies.”Cicada” comes from the Latin “tree cricket”. The noise you hear from cicadas is male singing to attract females. He makes the sound

by vibrating membranes on the side of his body, undernearth his wings. The song of just one cicada is very loud that can be heard from metres away. If you are standing right next to him, it would sound as loud as a moving tractor. Female cicadas lay eggs about a week after they emerge. After 6 weeks, the eggs will hatch and the

babies, called nymphs will drop to the ground, where they will get into the soil for another 17 years. While cicadas are often referred to as a kind of locust, they do not form part of locust family. There are some 3 000 species of cicada worldwide. There are annual cicadas, as the name entails, appear once every year. Periodical

cicadas,which are found only in eastern North America appear in 13- and- 17 year life cycles. According to, the population density of periodical cicadas could range from tens of thousands to as high as 1.5 million insects per acre this year (or about 3.7 million per hectare). Cicadas are herbivores. They

feed on fluids of living trees. Their predators include birds, spiders, ants among others. Cicadas don’t hurt people or pets. You can keep several in a box for a day or two, then let them go. Make sure the environment is moist so they don’t dry out. Cicadas are edible. They taste like popcorn.

Modiba's beat on the environment with Tebogo Modiba


Traditional and organic farming Methods

raditional farming is the original type of agriculture, and has been practiced for thousands of years. Forest gardening, a traditional food production system which dates from prehistoric times, is thought to be the world’s oldest and most resilient agroecosystem. Artificial fertilizers had been created during the 18th century, initially with superphosphates and then ammonia. In gardening many products are called organic matter. Animal manures leaves, straws, newspaper, kitchen scraps and green manures and garden waste all forms of organic matter that can be incorporated directly into the soil. These early fertilizers were cheap, powerful, and easy to transport in bulk. Similar

advances occurred in chemical pesticides in the 1940s, leading to the decade being referred to as the ‘pesticide era. But these new agricultural techniques, while beneficial in the short term, had serious long term side effects such as soil compaction, erosion, and declines in overall soil fertility, along with health concerns about toxic chemicals entering the food supply. Organic farming methods combine scientific knowledge of ecology and modern technology with traditional farming practices based on naturally occurring biological processes. Organic farming methods are studied in the field of agroecology. While conventional agriculture uses synthetic pesticides and watersoluble synthetically purified fertilizers, organic farmers are restricted by regulations to using natural pesticides and fertilizers. The principal methods of organic farming include crop rotation, green manures and


Quality service is our pride!

compost, biological pest control, and mechanical cultivation. These measures use the natural environment to enhance agricultural productivity: legumes are planted to fix nitrogen into the soil, natural insect predators are encouraged, crops are rotated to confuse pests and renew soil, and natural materials such as potassium bicarbonate and mulches are used to control diseases and weeds. Hardier plants are generated through plant breeding rather than genetic engineering. Around the world, farming and consumer groups began seriously pressuring for government regulation of organic production. Since then the retail market for organic farming in developed economies has been growing annually due to increasing consumer demand. Concern for the quality and safety of food, and the potential for environmental damage from conventional agriculture, are

apparently responsible for this trend. While organic is fundamentally different from conventional because of the use of carbon based fertilizers compared with highly soluble synthetic based fertilizers and biological pest control instead of synthetic pesticides, organic farming and large-scale conventional farming are not entirely mutually exclusive. Many of the methods developed for organic agriculture

have been borrowed by more conventional agriculture. Increasing environmental awareness in the general population in modern times has transformed the originally supply-driven organic movement to a demand-driven one. , Many producers farm according to traditional methods which are comparable to organic farming but are not certified and may or may not include the latest scientific advancements in organic agriculture.


082 255 5209 or 083 476 7479 24hr emergency numbers

For queries:

PLAN A PLAN D PLAN B Coffin, Hearse, family Car, R170.00 per month, Radius of 100 Coffin, hearse, family Car, kilometres, 6 months waiting period, Tent, 50 chairs, 2 tables, 2 Pots tent, 50 chairs, 2 tables, 2 Pots, 11 members , Extra charges for Funeral programs & toilet Monthly premium: R60.00 extended coffin Monthly premium: R100.00 PLAN E PENSIONERS PLAN PLAN C Coffin, hearse, Family car, Tent, Coffin, Hearse, Family Car, Tent, R185.00 per month 50 chairs, 2 tables, 2 pots, 70 chairs, 2 tables, 2 pots, gas stove, 6 months waiting period, Vegetables &Groceries toilet, bus, funeral programs, No kilos charged (This applies only flowers Monthly premium: R165.00 Monthly Premium: R150.00 within South Africa and not beyond) 13 members Catering is optional extra for only R175 per month Joining fee for plan A, B, C, D and E is only R150

Royal Funerals is an authorised financial service provider FSP No. 15781
















KWA - NDEBELE Stand No. 2 Buhlebesizwe Vlaklaagte No. 2 Kwa - Ndebele


 Pine Coffin  Fresh Flower  Mortuary  Hearse  Family Car  1 Bus

 1 Table  Tent  1 Toilet  50 chairs  Funeral Programs X 120  Refreshments

Also included are Groceries, Vegetables and Meat

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Meet Sosh FM new “Love Doctor” S By Thabiso Mosima

oshanguve based Mr. Sbusiso Kenneth Faku (32) is the recent addition to the ever growing number of talent that is frequenting the Soshanguve Community Radio 93.0 airwaves corridors. Presenting smoothly in his native language, IsiNdebele, Faku joined Soshanguve Communinty radio almost a year ago. Initially Faku presented the daytime hourly sports bulletins but was later moved to the studio where he presented a series of shows such as the National Top 30, Sunday Jazz show and of late he presents an evening music show dubbed

“Botho ba Motho Mobathong” or “The BMB Show” as it is widely known by the station’s listeners. Faku’s rise to fame didn’t come as easy as it reads, in fact it took this father of two almost a decade to realise his dream of being a radio presenter. His attempts to make a breakthrough in this industry always drew a blank. “Arriving to where I am today was an uphill battle as my demo tapes and applications were rejected by radio stations. It was the love I had for radio which kept me sane as my failed attempts to get into the industry, which stretched to almost a decade, almost drove me insane. Without passion I

would have given up years back,” said Faku. “My luck changed the day I met the former Soshanguve Radio Station Manager, the late Mr. L e b e l o Maleka, w h o inspired a n d advised me to go back to school and upgrade my matric results as he said that is the reason why I failed to get into the industry.

“ I took Maleka’s advice like gold and upon successfully upgrading my matric results I took off to work for a year in Australia. When I came back to the country I rushed back to Sosh FM and met our present Station Manager, Ms. Nolulama Sithole, who welcomed me with open arms,” added Faku. Faku’s current show “The BMB

Show “is an evening show which playlists romantic ballads and focusing on day to day family and relationship matters. “I invite people to call in and speak out their problems or share the love if they are without problems. I interact directly with my listeners and try to give them advice wherever I can. Whilst playing the best of romantic music all through the show. I am not married but I have been around the block ones or twice. I try to give out advice on issues that I have experience on. I never shy away to ask for the listeners point of view on issues I am not an expert,” said Faku.

Steve Group music goes gold TSHWANE BASED house music band Steve Group debut album dubbed Come Down has sold over 25 thousand copies in just a few weeks of its release. Founded and lead by businessman, Mr. Steve Sitsha, the group released their album under Kalawa Jazmee Records. It consists of 23 club banging house tunes that cause mayhem on various dance floors around the country. Come Down was produced by a variety of prominent producers from the Kalawa Jazmee stable such as Mono T of Bashanyana fame, Baardman

Styles and Uhuru who brought hit tracks such as Mafikizolo’s Khona and Happiness. Uhuru also worked on ‘Our Father’ album which dishes out super tracks such as Ytjukutja, Our Father just to name a few. To ensure that the album remains on the top of every music lover’s playlist, Steve Group featured some of the country’s top notch musicians such as Mckenzie, Thabz le Madonga, Tiro, Lando, Lady X, Mono T, Picat, Nozi, Spirit, Tsalanang and Tsika of Mawaza and Majaha Social Club. Brothers and Sisters is on heavy rotation at various radio stations across the country.


Local Municipality

“The album is doing better than we expected, given the fact that it is our first offering and we were somehow considered as underdogs,” said Sitsha Speaking during a recent concert in celebrations of their album’s gold status Sitsha thanked everyone who cared enough to buy or listened to their album. He said that it was the love that they receive from music lovers around the country and abroad, that they

Generations star is coming to Klipgat By Thabiso Mosima

PO Box 106 BRITS 0250 Tel:012 318 9100 Fax: 012 318 9203 e-mail:




REGISTRATION OF INDIGENT NOTICE Members of the public within the jurisdiction of Madibeng local municipality are hereby invited to register and/or re-register as indigent. To register applicants are advice to have the following documents in their possession: • Municipal Statement of account • Electricity receipts/ Electricity meter number • Certified identity copy • Proof of employment • Total household income • Bank statement • Grant pay slip • Affidavit proving your indigent status • And any other document that substantiate your status





5- 14 MAY 2014



15 -16 MAY 2014



19 MAY- 30 MAY



2-20 JUNE 2014



23- 24 JUNE 2014



Yours faithfully  

Municipal Manager

POPULAR TELEVISION actor Mr. Anga Makubalo who plays the character of MJ Memela on SABC 1 favourite daily soapie Generations, is coming to Klipgat, North West this coming May 3rd 2014. Makubalo who doubles as a musician will be part of a star studded line up of entertainers booked to entertain well wishers coming to celebrate the 29th birthday celebration of one of Tshwane North celebrated

radio personality, TUT FM’s DJ Machuchu, christened Mr. Isaac Bokaba. Machuchu’s birthday celebration which is scheduled to take place at his Pub dubbed Machuchu’s Lounge(Formely known as losbar) in Klipgat will see Makubalo (Naak Music ) sharing the stage with Kalawa Jazzmee artist Speedy. Also onstage will be local talent Kheriboi Tailer, Master Shobi aswell as Dj Kslay, Da1, Small just to name but a few.



29 APRIL 2014

Anga Makubalo (Naak Music)

Registration will take place as follows:


stand as one of the biggest music groups to come out of Pretoria.

“We are humbled and hope the Lord Almighty grants us the more power to continue producing more music. We are currently working on shooting out more music videos and take the brand Steve Group name nationally and international as we believe we have more to offer the world. We appeal to music lovers who have not bought themselves a copy of our double disc to go to music stores and get a copy as they will not be disappointed. This has not been an easy road and would like to motivate other entertainers not to give up and work towards achieving their dreams and ambitions,” added Sitsha.

Consider adoption as an option.


South Africa is a country with 11 official languages, hundreds of cultural groups and numerous recognised religions. Every day, families everywhere are mixing up these ingredients to create this multi-wonderful nation that we know and love. If you are thinking of adoption, have you considered adopting a child from a different race or culture? Children are just children, no matter their biological background, and all children need a loving home.

0800 864 658

Start your journey today by learning the facts with Add-option, South Africa’s first national adoption resource centre. “There is a big difference between the idea of cross-cultural adoption, and actually taking a little boy or girl into your home. We didn’t adopt an idea, we adopted Jenna! And from the first moment she has been the love of our lives, exactly the same as a proud mom and dad would reach out for their biological baby at the hospital. The only difference is that she wasn’t born from our womb, but from our hearts.” Renier and Lise-Marie Keyser – contented adoptive parents

Lesoba 14859

By Thabiso Mosima

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Stinkwater drowns Army-Joe Romans By Tshegofatso Mokone


tinkwater FC came to Soshanguve with a mission to stop Romans from reigning and they performed according to that latter as they splashed Army-Joe Romans with a 5-2 throbbing at Soshanguve Mini Stadium recently. Army-Joe were hit right from the start with a long range effort that the keeper fisted out of the cross bar. The Stinkwater front 3 players rotated and confused the Roman defenders from the early stages. Donning jersey number fifteen for Stinkwater, “Bra Jeff” marshalled the middle of the park and became an outlet of attack which got the opening

goal to put the Stinkwater outfit in the lead with a stellar run from Zuma who beat the Roman offside trap. The Army-Joe keeper was the busiest in the first period but “Small” the Stinkwater fullback fizzed forward with devastating run and converted to give Stinkwater a cushion of two goals mid first half. Romans got a chance to get forward and benefited from a goal keeping error to put themselves back in contention. A first half substitute for Stinkwater did not waste time getting on the score sheet. He tucked home with his first touch of the match and made it 3-1 at the break. As if the score was goalless,

Stinkwater came out like an arsenal and got a goal in the early minutes of the first half and gave the Romans a mountain to climb. Army-Joe Romans were awarded a lifeline with a penalty which they took and made it a consolation late second half. But it was not enough because Stinkwater got an effort cleared on the line and got a goal to seal the matter at stoppage time. Sammy Nkanyane said that the opponents were nowhere to be found, “There was no fighting spirit in that team, and we could have scored more if we had taken all our chances. It was a good game for us none the less.” he said

Army-Joe Romans player in command of the ball against Stinkwater FC

K. Sporting hurts Happy Swallows By Tshegofatso Mokone SUPER LEAGUE fourth placed outfit, K.Sporting ruined Swallows’ happy mood by thumping them 4-2 in their gruesome encounter at Soshanguve Mini Stadium. Happy Swallows FC enjoyed the most ball possession in the opening stages of the match, applying pressure against a high line Sporting defence. Their attack waves yielded a set piece which could not be converted as the Block GG troops couldn’t break Sporting’s offside trap. K. Sporting was awarded

a spot kick after a Swallows defender handled the ball in the box. Skipper Tshepiso ‘Doso’ Bodila tucked in away and gave the Block K lads the lead. The goal gave Sporting the limelight and their crispy passing became alive. Tuelo “Watchdog” Motshabi displaying top class runs and passes that left the crowd applauding every touch he took. His slick movement gave him a goal which gave Sporting a cushion going into the break. Happy Swallows came out in the second period to make a statement; getting two successive

Did you know? By Basetsana Legodi

• Apple is more effective at

keeping you awake than coffee, apples do not have caffeine but one of the reasons they can keep you up is because of the 13 grams of sugar. The vitamins within the apple are released throughout the body making you feel more awake.[http://]

• Shoe tossing or Shoefiti, is the practice of throwing a pair of shoes onto telephone wires, power lines or other raised wires. Legend has it that in most areas this is an indication that there might be a place where drugs are sold nearby. [http://en.m.wikipedia. org/wiki/shoe_tossing]

• Didaskaleinophobia is a very common fear of going to school.

People who have Didaskaleinophobia feel intense, persistent anxiety when faced with the idea of attending classes each day. This phobia, is experienced by children due to being bullied mostly. Symptoms of Didaskaleinophobia include; experience of uncontrollable anxiety when you think of going to school, a feeling of doing all you can to avoid going to school and, inability to function normally because of the anxiety. [ symptoms/]

goals that brought matters level within ten minutes in the second half. Happy Swallows looked to be the team to score a third with their ball possession but Sporting centre forward had other ideas, Mbokane scored with a towering header and restored the lead for Sporting mid second half. Happy Swallows tank had run empty and looked leggy in the latter stages and K. Sporting put the icing on the cake and sealed the victory with another header from their striker Moemise Taobatse. “I have nothing to say, we lost,” said Daniel Malope, head coach of Happy Swallows FC. The sporting management claimed that there was very little competition between the two teams. “We just fell asleep in the opening minutes of the second half and they came back, other than that it was a good game for us and we didn’t play our best but we won,” said Belture Boshielo coach of K. Sporting.

K. Sporting player Tuelo Motshabi in command of the ball against Happy Swallows

Advertorial AdvertorialAdvertorial Letlhabile Mall e bulwa se mmuso Ka Letlhogonolo Mosete BOTLHOKATIRO JWA baagi bo iteile sefolletse, seo se tla morago ga pulo se mmuso ya Letlhabile Mall gaufi le Brits kwa porofenseng ya Bokone Bophirima malobanyana. Le fa mo matsatsing a a fetileng kago e ne ya kgoreletswa le go emisiwa ka ntlha ya fa baagi ba ne ba gwantela kwa mabenkele kago ao, maikaelelo e le go gapeletsa balaodi ba mabenkele go thapa baagi ba selegae Baagi ba ne ba batla go pateletsa bathapi go thapa badiri ba ka nna diphesente dile Somamarataro (60) go tswa mo Ward 9 fa kago e leng teng, mme diphesente dile Somamane (40)go tswa mo di Wardeng tse ding, le mafelo ao pata patileng Letlhabile. Seo fela ga sa kgorereletsa thologelo ya baagi go tla go paka pulo se mmuso ya kago jaaka go ne go solofetswe di tshupetso go tswa go baaging bao ba nang le dingongorego. Mabenkele kago a mantŠha

Director of Vukile Property Fund, Mr Sedise Mosineke cutting a ribbon to mark Letlhabile Mall official opening ao a tekanyo ya 17,000m mme a na le mabenkele a go feta Somamatlhano (50) jaaka Shoprite, Mr Price, Truworths, Barnetts, Ellerines, Ackermans le di bank tsa go farologana. Gape bareki ba tla itumella go itsi gore ka fa gare ga mabenkele kago go nale le

mafelo a dinamelo. Moagi wa mabenkele Rre Tobie De Flamingh o rile “Ee ke kago ya mathomo ya mofuta o o jaana mo Letlhabile, mme ke wa baagi. Maikaelelo ke go thapa baagi le go lwantsha lehuma.”

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Soshanguve Cricket Club prepares for the school league By Tshegofatso Mokone


ith the Northern Cricket League bowled out. Soshanguve Cricket Club prepares the Under- 9’s and 15’s as curtain raiser for the next season, the School League cricket competition which local primary schools belonging to District 3 will take part in. The competition is set to start

after the first term holidays,the juniors have daily practices at Soshanguve Oval at Block DD with coaches. “We’re trying to develop the kids from six years olds for them to be familiar with rules of the game and of the league so they grow within the sport and become professional players,” said Thabo Seloana, the junior team coach. Parents are also encouraged to

come and support the initiative. “We lack parent support on our match days and they should get the children all the equipment they need to play this great sport,” Seloana concluded. The cricket club aims to get more children involved in the sport and get them off the streets. “I practise because I want to be good at cricket and play for a big team like the Titans,” said eight year old ItebogengMagopa from Padisago Primary School.

Soshanguve Cricket Club players batting

S.A Open Inline Speed skating championship: Huge success in order to get exposure and for was very high and Roller Sport developmental purposes. Skaters South Africa is delighted that the from sixteen home based clubs skaters are improving so much,” participated in the beginner said Wendy Gila, President of section of the championship. Roller Skating South Africa. “The standard of skating The overall winners in the Sandrine Tas – Belgium – Open ladies Tanner Worley – USA – Junior Men Karabo Molepo – South Africa – Senior Men

championship for the junior and senior sections.

Wits defeat Chiefs to lift SAFA National U17 title Khoza

Female roller skaters at the Inline Speed Championships in Hammankraal By Tshegofatso Mokone as far as from Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State, North SOUTH AFRICA’S roller West, KZN, Mpumalanga and skating community converged Gauteng to skate against visitors at Mandela Sports Complex in from Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Hammanskraal recently to take Germany, Denmark, Italy, part in the annual Inline Speed Portugal and USA. Championships, racing against The much anticipated the best the world has to offer in championships entertained the professional roller skating sport. huge crowd of enthusiastic An estimated 180 skaters supporters who attended the from all over the country event. participated in the weekend long The juniors were also given a event. Roller skaters travelled platform to shine at a world stage

GOALS FROM ThatoTsibolane, Peter Frosler and second half substitute, KhuzulwandileVilakazi, saw Bidvest Wits beat Kaizer Chiefs 3-0 to win the SAFAU17 National Championships title at the Nike Football Training Centre. Wits coach Charles Yohane said he is excited about the title and overall, he thinks his side played better soccer and were very consistent. “Such tournaments are good for the country as they provide a solid foundation for future great teams. I have really enjoyed this tournament and would like to take this opportunity to thank SAFA and Grand Parade Investment for providing our youngsters with such an opportunity,” said Yohane. His vanquished Chiefs

counterpart, Arthur Zwane said while he was disappointed by the outcome, his charges had gained invaluable experience. “We can only get better by exposing ourselves to such competitions. I would like to take my hat off to SAFA and the sponsors for investing in our future stars”. SAFA junior coach and National Selectors Coordinator, Shakes Mashaba said he was thrilled with the standard of football exhibited by provincial sides. “We saw exciting soccer throughout the week. I would however, want to advise provincial coaches to interact more with some of these established academies to learn a thing or two in order to be on par,” he added.

Sports Talk With Mashilo Mojela

1. Welcome to sports talk. Who are we talking to? -Thanks. This is shihan Simon Matjiane(44) from Soshanguve. 2. What sport do you do and could you give us a brief background about your journey? -I’m a aghihara karate player and I joined Doromiake karate club way back in 1982 during my primary school years in Atteridgeville, under sensei Sehlogo who trained us Shotokan style. After a short-break due to the apartheid laws of the time, shihan Anderson took over and introduced us to funakoshi karate style. In 1986 I was the youngest player at the age of 16yrs to receive a black belt. In 1987 we relocated to Soshanguve and I formed my own club called Funakoshi karate club. Five years later, in 1992 I met kanhoHoosnarke who

taught me agshiharakarate. In 1997 I won my third(3rd) den,2000 my fourth(4th) black belt and in 2013 I won my last one(5th)den. 3. What makes aghihara karate different from the other karate styles? -It is different from Shotokan(semi-contact) karate style in that it is full-contact, nondisqualification fight and is fought in a circle with relaxed movement hence the name sabaki meaning circle fight. 4. Do you ever experience problems in your sport? -A lot and these range from sponsorship, facilities and equipments. More often than not we are forced to improvise which comes with risks. 5.Are there any particular fights that stand out for you to be the highlight of your career? -Fighting all my aghihara championships without

a single loss. Competing in most African countries including Botwana, Congo, Mozambique, Zambia, I obtained position 1 in all the kancho or seminars. 6. What are your immediate future plans? -Competing in the world championships to be hosted in Russia in September and my other wish is to run the world kyokushin self-defence federation currently under kanchoSobhiBerri in Lebanon. 7. Any worst memories that you can’t forget any time soon? -Winning the aghihara championships hosted in Cape Town in 1997, only to be told about my father’s passing when I was presented with my trophy. 8. To what would you attribute your success and achievements thus far?

-I cannot imagine how I could have made it without the love and support of my mother. She has been the pillar of my strength and the wind beneath my wings. Other than that, it takes a lot of self-discipline and passion to make it this far. 9. How would you want to be remembered when you are no longer active in this sport? -As someone who has broken barriers and changed stereotypes about karate in our townships. I think I will die a happy man if I could see karate receiving equal amount of attention and recognition that other codes get both from national sports departments to local sports councils. 10. Any particular individual who once gave you the best fight ever? -Without a doubt, it must be sensei Sphiwe


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Shongwe. The man noticed my weak-points and capitalised on it in all my fights with him. 11. Who, according to you, is the best karate fighter of all times? -I have got two of those, namely, shihan Isaac Mashinini and the late Mazibuko Ndlelendle. 12. Why is it so difficult to secure sponsorship for this sport, more especially in the township? -People sometimes want to invest in something that gives them instant profit.

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Giant stadium comes of age

Scores of ZCC members attending the opening of Giant Stadium recently By Tshepo Marutha


esidents of Tshwane North who are starved of top flight sporting action in their area will have to wait for the 2015/16 Tshwane Metro financial year, for the second phase of Giant Stadium in Soshanguve to be completed. This was confirmed by the Executive Mayor of Tshwane Kgosientsho Ramokgopa during the official opening of the multimillion rand first phase of the facility.

The region is a stark construct to a hub of activities it used to play during the heydays of Odi Stadium in Mabopane. The first phase of the project began in April 2012, six years after work on the stadium was controversially brought to a halt under a thick cloud of secrecy as a result of unaccounted expenditure. The state of the art 18 000 sitter main pavilion boost an extra 1200-suits capacity for events, conference and workshop centre. Initially the stadium was

earmarked as a training facility for the 2010 FIFA World Cup but work was abandoned long before completion. As a result of the mishaps Tshwane North missed out on the opportunity to benefit from the World Cup gravy train. To date over R 300 million has been spent on the facility. Ramokgopa did not go into details about the second phase of the stadium despite indicating that they will start to place the lawn on the eastern, southern and northern part of the stadium.


“Now what we are going to do is the greening on the side of the stadium. The second phase will start during the 2015/16 financial year,” said Ramokgopa. Upon completion the facility will be the biggest multi-purpose sports complex in the region brandishing basketball, netball court, two extra training fields and a cricket oval. Shortly after the opening of the stadium Mamelodi Sundowns Alex Shakoane whisked off the venue and avoided a barrage of

questions from reporters. The region has in the past been a favourable hunting ground for his team. They won their last league championships while using Odi Stadium in Mabopane as their home ground. The stadium has since then been relegated to a “White Elephant.” The mayor took the opportunity to hand over 50 title deeds to different churches in the area.

Early april 2014  

Local community publication with vital information and many other articles that will interest your reading..... read on

Early april 2014  

Local community publication with vital information and many other articles that will interest your reading..... read on