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Comfortable solutions. Improving quality of life with therapeutic cushions and specialty sleep pillows.

Hermell Products, Inc. In 1969, Dr. Herman Pollack worked at home to invent a new soft bandage for his podiatry patients. Ever since, Hermell Products Inc. has continued to grow our product line to comfort your customers wherever it hurts. Our mission is to improve quality of life at every stage of life. At Hermell, comfort matters.


Hermell Products, Inc. Mission Comfort matters – we create healthy solutions for a life of wellness. Vision Hermell will lead the way to the future of soft goods by designing Innovative, stylish products focused on wellness and quality of life. We aim to exceed expectations through continuous improvement of product, service and delivery.


Why do business with Hermell Products? •

We love to collaborate with our customers to develop new products

As the manufacturer, not the middleman, we have the flexibility to meet your needs and customize solutions

The majority of our products are still made and assembled in our Bloomfield, Connecticut plant

We offer comfortable solutions for: Allergies Sleep Apnea Neck Pain Lower Back

Back Pain Sleep Relaxation Mobility Accessories 4

solutions for comfort Natural

Dove Grey

Deluxe Bed Lounger

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 27” x 21” x 21” Weight: 7 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in the USA

New Color Ice Blue

Features a height-adjustable neck support, engineered foam frame, softly padded back pillow, and cushioned armrests. Ideal for reading in bed, watching TV, or gaming. Available in 6 colors.

Coral Rose

New Color Green Leaf

Sunflower Yellow

Item # DL7025 series



solutions for comfort Oversize Bolsters Incredibly plush cushion adds a fun, luxurious accent with generous support. Add personality and comfort to the bed or floor for reading, watching TV or studying. Cover zips off.

New for 2017!





Item # BP12 series

• • •

Product Details: Size: 25” x 12” Diameter Weight: 4 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in the USA


Faux Shearling 6

solutions for comfort Lumbar Throw Pillow with Removable Cover A soft, decorative option for back support in your favorite comfy chair or sofa. This wide, plush pillow adds comfort to bed or chair. An affordable option for personalized decor, fits same size pillow covers from high-end decor brands. Perfect accent for those downsizing their home, or to enhance your existing furniture. • • • •

Product Details: Size: 24” x 12” Weight: 1.5 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in the USA

New for 2017!






solutions for comfort Gusseted Lumbar Throw Pillow with Removable Cover A luxe, decorative option for back support in your favorite comfy chair or sofa. This thick, plush pillow adds comfort to bed or chair, features a twoinch gusset. An affordable option for personalized decor, fits same size pillow covers from high-end decor brands. Perfect accent for those downsizing their home, or to enhance your existing furniture. Our cotton • • • •

Product Details: Size: 24” x 12” x 2” Weight: 2 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in the USA

New for 2017!






solutions for comfort

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 75” x 25” x 3” (open) Weight: 9 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in the USA

Tri-Fold Bed Mattress topper folds into three layers with carrying handle for compact, convenient storage, or for lounge seating. Available in 3 colors (Navy, Coral Rose or Dove Grey) Item # BP2575 series 9

solutions for comfort New for 2017! Quilted Mattress Toppers Make any bed, EZ Bed or sleep sofa more inviting with this plush topper. Elastic corner straps keeps it in its place. Cover: 100% cotton; Fill: 100% polyester Available in various sizes Item#BT10 Series Product Details: •

• •

Size: • Cot: 76” x 32” x 5” • Full: 75” x 54” x 5” • Queen: 80”x 60” x 5” • Twin EZ: 78” x 39” x 5” • Queen EZ: 78”x 60” x 5” • King EZ: 74” x 82” x 5” Made in China Standard Bed Sizes Also Available 10

solutions for comfort New for 2017!

Mattress Wedges Wedge fills the gap between mattress and headboard so you can sleep more comfortably. Bumper cushion extends across the head of the mattress from edge to edge, with detachable pockets for remotes and other small necessities. Lightweight, easy to move for housekeeping. Cover zips off to machine wash. Twin has one pocket. Queen and King have two (one each side). MW1010MO – Twin Size MW1020MO – Queen Size MW1030MO – King Size

(39” x 8.5” x 6”) (60” x 8.5” x 6”) (76” x 8.5” x 6”)


solutions for comfort Convoluted Mattress Pad This "egg crate" mattress topper adds a more comfortable layer to any sleeping or lounge surface. Distributes weight and pressure to make home health patients more comfortable. Durable polyurethane foam does not off-gas, is latex-free. Item #



50” x 72” x 4”


56” x 72” x 4”


50” x 72” x 2”


56” x 72” x 2”


72” x 72” x 2”


33” x 72” x 1 ¾”


33” x 72” x 3”


33” x 72” x 4” 12

Buckwheat hulls are a healthy alternative for people with allergies to down feathers. Recommended by chiropractors to help relieve muscle tension, headaches, neck and back pain, the shifting hulls mold to the body's natural contours for exceptional comfort. This natural material allows fresh air to circulate, keeping your head and neck cool while you sleep. Buckwheat is a sustainable crop that can be cultivated without pesticides or herbicides.

solutions for allergies

Buckwheat Sleep Pillow Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with our Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow, designed to provide Product Details: customized support for your head and neck. • Size: 20” x 16” Diameter Item #MJ1620MO • Weight: 4 lbs. • Spot Clean Only • Made in the USA 13

solutions for allergies

• • • •

Buckwheat Neck Crescent The special design of this crescent pillow gently supports the head to relieve stress on the neck. Molds to the contour of the body for customized support. Also available in Natural. Item#MJ1635NVMO

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 11” x10” x 4” Weight: 2 lbs. Spot Clean Made in the USA

Product Details: Size: 14” x 6” Diameter Weight: 2.4 lbs. Spot Clean Made in the USA

Buckwheat Bolster Cushion Our Buckwheat Bolster comfortably supports your neck to keep your spine properly aligned. Features super soft polyester fleece cover. Also available in Navy. Item # MJ1640BEMO 14

Studies show sleep deficiency harms your driving ability as much as, or more than, being drunk. It’s estimated that driver sleepiness is a factor in about 100,000 car accidents each year, resulting in about 1,500 deaths

solutions for sleep Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. • Lack of quality sleep contributes to: • increased risk of heart disease, kidney • disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. • risk of obesity • higher than normal blood sugar level • trouble fighting common infections • reduced efficiency and productivity, errors, and accidents at work.


solutions for sleep

Size: 52” x 16”

Body Pillow and Total Body U-shaped Pillows Fits your body's contours to provide comfortable support from head to toe. Ideal for those who suffer from chronic neck and back pain. Side sleepers will find a better night sleep. Three sizes available. Item # BP70 series

Total Body Pillows Two sizes available: 66” x 43” x 6” 51” x 43” x 6” 16

solutions for sleep Convoluted Contour Pillow Designed to follow the natural contours of your head and neck for total sleeping comfort. Special egg crate surface provides even support for your head and neck. Ideal for back sleepers. Item #NC3930MO

Orthopedic Pillow No more back aches! Unique design with a raised outer edge fills the gap between head and neck to support the spine. Ideal for back sleeping. Also available with Allergy-Free ticking fabric. Item #NC6810MO

• • •

Product Details: Size: 25” x 19” Weight: 3 lbs. Spot clean only

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 22” x 18” Diameter Weight: 1.6 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made China 17

solutions for sleep

Butterfly Pillow This unique design makes an ideal sleep pillow for side or back sleepers. Contoured shape supports neck and shoulder, releasing muscle tension, and preventing aches and pains. Item #NC3920MO Product Details: • Size: 22” x 19” • Weight: 2 lbs. • Removable cove machine wash cold; tumble dry low • Made in China

Sound Sleeper Pillow Ergonomically designed pillow ensures that you sleep better and wake up more refreshed. Cutaways make this the ideal pillow for side-sleepers. Subtle floral print white-on-white, or blue cover. Item #NC0202MO

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 19” x 17” Diameter Weight: 2.2 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble low Made in China


Both hypertension and diabetes increase the risk for heart disease, and the likelihood of being diagnosed with one of these illnesses increases as a result of having sleep apnea. Approximately 50% of those with sleep apnea have hypertension.

Sleep apnea is considered a serious medical condition, most commonly caused by relaxation of the muscles in the back of the throat, obstructing the airway (OSA: obstructive sleep apnea). Untreated sleep apnea increases the risk of serious health complications: • High blood pressure or heart problems including heart attack, arrhythmias, or stroke • Obesity or Type II diabetes • Daytime fatigue, increasing the risk of work related or driving accidents • Liver problems 19

Mini Travel CPAP Pillow This travel-sized pillow provides comfort for CPAP users on the go. The kidneybean shape leaves CPAP hose free to move as you do. Item #NC2205MO

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 13” x 9” Weight: 1 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in China


No-Snore Pillow Designed to help reduce snoring and promote a restful night’s sleep. Helps maintain beneficial sleeping posture and keep airway open. Item #NC3910MO

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 19” x 15” Diameter Weight: 2 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in USA

Breatheasy CPAP Pillow The BreathEasy Pillow has notches cut out on the sides for side sleepers, and leaves breathing mask hose free to move as you turn. Item #NC2200MO

• • • •

Product Details: Size: 28” x 19” Diameter Weight: 3.6 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in USA


solutions for acid reflux

Elevating the head of the bed by five to nine inches, or using a bed wedge to raise the body from the waist up , can alleviate reflux.

Quilted Foam Wedge 5" rise helps relieve acid reflux, snoring, sleep apnea, and indigestion. Gentle slope and wide base can easily support a standard pillow. Can be used to prop feet to promote blood circulation to lower extremities. Quilted polycotton cover.

• • • •

Item #FW4060MO

Product Details: Size: 32” x 26” x 5 ½” Weight: 2 lbs. Removable cover machine wash cold; tumble dry low Made in USA 22

solutions for acid reflux

Bed Wedges Acid reflux sufferers will find relief with this bed wedge. Allows individuals suffering from respiratory problems or lower limb discomfort to relax. Can also be used to support your back while sitting upright in bed. Available in multiple sizes. Item# MJ17series Three Sizes Available: 7 ½”-10”-12”

MJ1795MO Dual Position Bed Wedge Use vertically or horizontally: designed to support the torso when seated; or use as a bed wedge to elevate the head, and allows for easier breathing. 23

solutions for back & neck pain According to the National Institutes for Heath, back problems are one of the United States’ 15 most expensive medical conditions, contributing an estimated $100-200 billion in decreased wages and lost productivity.

Common conditions that may cause back pain include: • Muscle or ligament strain • Bulging or ruptured disks • Arthritis • Skeletal irregularities, such as scoliosis • Osteoporosis Most back pain can be treated at home with rest, over the counter pain relievers, and light activity. Physical therapy treatments can relieve pain, and regularly engaging in specific exercises can prevent future pain or injury. 24

solutions for back & neck pain

Sciatica Saddle Cushion Bicycle seat-shaped cushion is engineered to help eliminate the sharp, radiating pain of sciatica. Contoured design relieves pressure on thighs and rear, avoiding compression of the sciatic nerve. Convenient carry handle for travel. Item# MJ1417MO

Elevating Leg Rest Improve circulation while you enjoy relief from swollen ankles and lower back pain. Helps keep your spine properly aligned. Available in two sizes. (23” x 15.5” x 7.5”) or (26” x 20” x 8”) Item # MJ4020MO / FW4020MO 25

solutions for back & neck pain

Between-the-Knee Cushion Contoured memory foam cushion helps relieve pain and pressure on your lower back, hips and knees. Place between the knees while sleeping or recuperating. Available in Polyurethane foam or memory foam Item# MJ5037 or MJ5039


solutions for back & neck pain

Relax-in-Bed Pillow Adds the ultimate soft support for reading or watching TV in bed. Wedge shaped base supports the lower back while the attached bolster cushions the neck. Cover is machine washable. Item# MO2025


solutions for back & neck pain

Therapeutic Roll This bolster cushion is designed to cradle your neck and relax your back muscles. The outer layer of convoluted foam distributes pressure while the inner core provides firm support. Available in Satin (3 colors) or Faux Shearling. Item# MJ7601

Bone Pillow Ideal for home use or for extra support in the car. Elastic strap helps keep pillow in place. Available in Satin (3 colors) or Faux Shearling. Item# MJ2020 28

solutions for back & neck pain Thera Cushion The Thera Cushion is orthopedically designed to cradle the neck and relax tense muscles. Promotes good neck posture and aligns vertebrae in the “rest� position to hep restore normal neck contour. Available in White, Navy, Sherpa or Allergy Free cover With or without piping around the edges. NC6000 series


solutions for back & neck pain Neck Rest Special shape for relief of neck or shoulder muscles. Can be used while relaxing in bed, chair or car. NC4200 Size: 6” x 6” x 14”

Crescent Pillow Designed to relieve cervical strain while comfortably cradling the head and neck. Several variations available


solutions for back & neck pain

Back side

Front side

MO2265MO Sacro Saver The Sacro Saver design features a firmly filled lumbar area to encourage proper posture and all over back support. Can be used in any type chair or in bed. Made with a breathable soft synthetic imitation sheepskin on one side and a navy polycotton on the other for reversible comfort. Size: 22� x 18� Item# MO2265MO 31

solutions for back & neck pain

Cooling Gel Lumbar Cushion This unique gel technology will keep you cool and comfortable while supporting your back at home, in office, or in the car. Item# LC2296MO

Softeze All-Purpose Support Temperature sensitive memory foam gently molds to the contours of your body providing the perfect balance between softness and support. LC8520MO 32

solutions for lower body

Adjustable Leg Rest Contoured memory foam layer cushions your legs so you can sleep comfortably on your back. Removable inserts allows you to customize the support angle for your comfort. Item# MJ4027MO

Knee Rest Designed to the same specs used by physical therapists, our Knee Rest helps maintain “pelvic tilt� to take pressure off the spine and lower back muscles. Removable cover; machine wash. Item# FW4010MO 33

Coccyx Cushions

solutions for lower body

Designed to relieve pressure while providing firm support. Special cut out section helps relieve back pain by reducing pressure on the spine and tailbone.

Available in: Plaid, Black, Navy and Sherpa removable and washable covers. Item# WC44 series Also available in Flotation Gel Coccyx

Sizes Available: 18” x 16” x 3” 15” x 13” x 3” 18” x 16” x 2” 18” x 16” x 3”


solutions for lower body HelpMeUp Chair Cushion Specially designed cushion features over 75 super strong honeycombed foam cells to help raise from a sitting position and also adds extra support. Available in: Plaid, Black, and Navy removable and washable covers. Sizes Available: 18” x 16” x 4” 18” x 18” x 4” Item# WC5440

Coccyx Wedge Cushions These specially designed seat cushions helps relieve back pain by reducing pressure on your spine and coccyx. The cut out section eliminates painful pressure on your tailbone, and the gently sloping wedge shape helps to correctly align your spine. Ideal for home, office, or travel. Comes with navy zippered cover. Item# WC4406


solutions for lower body Foam Cushions For use at home, in the office, or car will add extra comfort and support. Improves seating safety by preventing slipping Helps maintain an upright sitting position Available in: Plaid, Black, Navy, and Rip-Stop removable and washable covers. Item# WC4420A,WC4430

Size Available: 16”x 16” x 2” 18”x 16” x 2” 16”x 16” x 3” 18”x 16” x 3” 16”x 16” x 4” 18”x 16” x 4” 36

solutions for lower body Convoluted Cushions Designed for those who sit for long periods of time. Lines entire seat or wheelchair. Available with or without cover. Available covers: Plaid, Black, Navy, removable and washable covers. Item# CP44 series

Size Available: 18”x 16” x 3” 18”x 16” x 4”


solutions for lower body

WC4491SHP Flotation Gel Seat Cushion High-density foam cushion surrounds a sealed gel layer that distributes weight and equalizes pressure. Faux shearling cover circulates air, reverses to rip-stop nylon. Available in several sizes. 17” x 17” x 3” Item# WC4491SHP 17” x 17” x 2” Item# WC4594SHP

Dual Comfort Chair Cushion Designed for especially for long term users of wheelchairs and also provides comfort for an entire seat with soft comfortable convoluted foam and ties to secure to the chair. Helps promote good posture while cushioning the body, preventing sores and offering a slip-free seat. Size: 16” x 18” x 4” seat; 16” x 18” x 3” back, Item# CP1618


solutions for lower body Total Comfort Chair Cushion Transforms any chair into the most comfortable seat in the home. Adds comfort and support of this pressure reducing pillow, which enables to sit comfortably for long periods of time. Cushion is reversible. Size: 17� x 17� seat area Item# WC4495


solutions for lower body Heel Pillow Heel Pillow is specially designed to relieve pressure on feet, heels and ankles whether in bed or in a wheelchair. Useful for preventing tissue breakdown Made of thick, quilted polyester fill for comfort and protection

Adjustable hook and loop closure One size fits most Packaged in pairs Item# HP8250 40

solutions for lower body Donut Heel Elevator and Heel Protector Donut Heel Elevator helps to elevate the leg and eliminates pressure on the legs and feet. Allows proper air circulation. Heel Protector is designed to protect the heel from decubitus ulcers caused by bed covers. One size fits most Heel Protector is packaged in pairs Item# HP82 series


solutions for lower body Comfort Rings Specially designed foam ring relieves pressure on sensitive areas. Enhances the comfort of any seating surface. Relieves uncomfortable pressure from hemorrhoid sufferers and new mothers. Available in Convoluted Foam or Compressed Polyurethane Foam. Removable machine washable cover.


solutions for lower body Decubitus Pad

Hospital Sheets and Pillow Case

Designed to help circulate air and help heal decubitus ulcers. Available in imitation sheepskin or polyester.

High quality sheets designed specifically for the hospital bed measuring 36” x 80”. White. Flat, Fitted, Standard Pillow Case

Sizes Available: 16” x 18” 24” x 30” 30” x 40”

30” x 60” 36” x 80”

Available separately or as a set


solutions for mobility accessories Imitation Sheepskin Crutch Covers and Hand Grips Soft imitation sheepskin slips on over the rubber armrest and hand grips of the crutch. Protects against pressure on the nerves under the armpit and hands.

Sold in pairs Machine washable Item # MJ5017


solutions for mobility accessories Imitation Sheepskin Hand Grips The Imitation Sheepskin Hand Grips allow for a firm grip which cushions the hands and eliminates discomfort from rubber grips. Easily attach to any type of walker with hook and loop closure. Sold in pairs Machine washable Item # MJ5010


solutions for mobility accessories 2 in 1 Wheelchair/Walker Arm Caddy Can be used with wheelchair or walker. Generous storage pockets (one with Velcro closure and one without). Allows to keep personal belongings safely within easy reach. Imitation sheepskin protects arms from soreness and skin irritation. 14� wide by 10� long Item # MO5050


solutions for mobility accessories Imitation Sheepskin Arm Cozies Padded imitation sheepskin cozies feature hook and loop closure for easy use. Two layers thick make the cozies reversible for extended use and extra cushioning. 10� long Sold as a pair Machine washable Item # MO5020


solutions for mobility accessories Foot Friend Assists with relaxing the feet in comfort while sitting in a wheelchair. This padded foot rest supports both the feet and calves for added comfort. Easily attaches with hook and loop straps. 18” x 8” x 11” Machine washable Item # WC2218


solutions for mobility accessories Ostomy Drainage Bag Holder Durable and discrete tote conceals ostomy drainage bag and attaches to your mobility device. Nylon webbing loops. Latex-free. Easily attaches with hook and loop straps.

11�x 11� Machine washable


solutions for independence Napkleen Peel and Stick Clothing Protectors No strings attached, simply peel strip and adhere to clothes. Instantly absorbent with leak-proof liner and a fold-out crumb catcher. Perfect for home care, variety of medical and living facilities. Easy clean up which reduces clothing needed to be laundered

13�x 18� Disposible


solutions for safety

Fall Pads Bed Rail Pads

Creates a padded barrier between the patient and metal bed rails. Helps minimize bruising and abrasions. Does not interfere with operation of the side rails. Hook-and-loop tape makes installation and removal easy; folds for storage. Item #



56” x 18” x 1”


30” x 18” x 1”

This economical fall mat helps reduce risk of injury from a fall from the bed. Made of high-density, latex-free foam. Durable, easy-to-clean cover. Folds for storage.

Item #



70” x 35” x 4”


80” x 35” x 2”


Bandages Finger & Toe Bandage Soft, breathable foam specially lined with seamless tubular 100% cotton fabric. Provides soft, cool protection for fingers and toes. Relieves irritation caused by friction, pressure or blisters. 36” roll – just cut and fit Three sizes: Small (5/8”), Medium (3/4”), and Large (1”) Item#: FB3 series


Bandages Bunion Cushion Makes walking much more comfortable. These cushions are made of soft breathable foam and 100% cotton lining. Protects bunions from shoe pressure and friction. Generous cushion for bottom of foot relieves pressure on sensitive bones. One size fits both left and right toes. Packaged in pairs. Item# FB620


Self Adhering Pressure Pad


Use anywhere the shoes pinch or irritate or can be applied to the hands to prevent painful blisters. Made of soft breathable foam with adhesive backing Ideal for corns or calluses

Box of 24 individual pads Item# FB500


For product details, pricing, and sales:

Hermell Products, Inc. 1-800-233-2342

9 Britton Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002


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Hermell Products, Inc 2018 Full Catalog