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PERLEMOEN­JAAGTOG EINDIG IN BOTSING: Twee mans (33 en 37) is in hegtenis geneem en beslag is gelê op per­ lemoen ter waarde van R3 miljoen toe polisie vroeg Sater­ dagoggend twee BMW’s wat verdag voorgekom het vanaf Stanford agterna gesit het. Die een BMW het op die R43 by die CTM­verkeerslig in Hermanus teen twee polisievoertuie vasgejaag. Volgens luitenant Fadila September is die Her­ manus­polisie tydens die jaagtog ingelig om die pad by die CTM­verkeersligte te blok. Terwyl polisie­beamptes besig was om twee polisievoertuie dwarsoor die pad te parkeer, het die eerste BMW daarin geslaag om langs die kant van die pad verby te glip. Die tweede BMW het egter nie ge­ noeg spasie gehad nie en het deur die polisievoertuie pro­ beer bars, waarna hy bo­oor die verkeerslig gery en tot stilstand gekom het. ’n Saak van die besit van perlemoen en roekelose en nalatige be­ stuur is teen die twee ver­ dagtes geopen. Hulle het Maandag in die Hermanus­ landdroshof verskyn. “Ons weet wie die mense in die ander BMW was en hoop om so spoedig moontlik nog inhegtenisnemings te doen,” sê September. FOTO’S: JAN­

Vrou in rolstoel ná aanranding 2

Tattoo shop ruffles feathers 3 90­year­old helps to catch burglar 4


Draft Budget – a work in progress COMPILED BY CILENE BEKKER AND KERRY VAN RENSBURG A 15% increase in property rates and the abolition of the baboon monitoring system are among the measures that can be expected if the 2014/15 Draft Budget, to be tabled in council on 26 March, is approved. A preview of the proposed 2014/15 Draft Budget and the 2013/2014 Adjustment Budget were presented by Mayor Nicolette Botha-Guthrie and Cllr Ben Solomon at the Overstrand Municipal Advisory Forum (OMAF) meeting on Wednesday 19 February. Cllr Solomon, chairperson of the finance portfolio, says this is the

first time the council has provided insight into the budget process a month before the Draft Budget serves before council. The mayor referred to the effects of the worst global recession in 70 years, and said council is “mindful of the affordability and subsequently the ability of consumers to pay for services”. Certain challenging aspects of the budget was highlighted. Unfunded/underfunded mandates This means the municipality uses its own revenue sources to provide services on behalf of other spheres of government without compensation. To ensure proper service delivery, these unfunded mandates amount to R35,7 M on the Operational Budget.

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from the sale of land. This must compete with acquiring new vehicles and minor assets. It is a principle in township establishment that expenditure for the provision of services (water, electricity, sewage, storm water systems and streets) must be charged to the cost of the erven to be alienated and then developed. This has not happened throughout the Overstrand, and there are now demands for the provision of new storm water drainage systems and tarred roads in certain areas. These demands have the effect that ratepayers throughout the Overstrand now need to shoulder the burden for the provision of such infrastructure. See page 2 for special rating areas and proposed cuts.

eVeRy day*

60 60 80 7


save R7,75 M on salaries by not filling vacancies not directly linked to the delivery of services. Asset renewals This remains a challenge as repairs and maintenance are required to ensure continued services. Borrowing policy The use of external loans should be limited to financing infrastructure where a return can be realised from tariffs, or major infrastructure exceeding R10 M for a single project with long-term benefits. Non-income generating infrastructure This includes new tarred roads and new storm water systems. Such infrastructure should only be provided by using grants, accumulated surpluses or the proceeds

- R3,1 M for libraries - R12,5 M for fire brigade services - R8,7 M for housing administration and development - R3,8 M for tourism (not defined as a core function of a municipality) - R7,7 M for environmental services (also not defined as a core function of a municipality) Non-core spending Special attention was paid to controlling unnecessary spending on: - human resources capacity - sponsorship of festivals - donations that are not made in terms of council’s indigent policy - utilisation of consultants - payment of overtime Employee-related costs The municipal manager and directors pledged their support to

15 12 R13



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Hermanus Times

Nuus News

27 February, 2014

Burglary at Pep Stores A suspect was arrested after stealing goods to the value of R50 000 on Friday from Pep Stores in the Main Road. When the manager of Pep opened the shop on Friday at around 07:45, she noticed that the shop had been broken into. Hermanus Police arrived soon thereafter and a suspect was arrested while they were patrolling the area. The suspect was found in possession of the stolen goods. According to Lieutenant Fadila September, spokesperson for the Hermanus Police, the suspect gained entry through the roof and stole clothes and shoes in the storeroom. The police are investigating the case and the suspect will appear in the Hermanus Magistrate’s Court soon.

Vrou in rolstoel ná aanranding JANINE VAN DER RIET ’n Vyf-en-twintigjarige vrou van Mount Pleasant is Vrydag uit die provinsiale hospitaal ontslaan, vasgekluister aan ’n rolstoel, ná ’n wrede aanval. Sy is voorverlede Sondag in die vroeë oggendure aangeval en vir die dood in ’n sloot agtergelaat. Die vrou se naam is bekend aan die Hermanus Times, maar word weerhou om haar identiteit te beskerm. Sy het na bewering op 15 Februarie saam met vriende in White City in Zwelihle gaan kuier en nooit teruggekeer huis toe waar sy saam met haar oupa in Mount Pleasant bly nie. Omstanders het haar die volgende dag ongeveer 07:00 in ’n sloot naby die parkie in Mount Pleasant gekry. Haar stiefpa sê hy was op pad werk toe, toe hy klomp mense sien hardloop na die sloot.Hy het daar aangekom en sy stiefdogter, halfnaak met net ’n toppie aan en halfbewusteloos, gesien. “Sy was baie deurmekaar met

groot wonde aan haar kop en haar lyf, en die polisie en ambulans is onmiddellik ontbied.” Sy is vyf dae later uit die provinsiale hospitaal ontslaan, maar dele van haar liggaam is in so ’n mate verlam dat sy afhanklik is van ’n rolstoel. Haar stiefpa sê sy is steeds baie deurmekaar en voel die polisie het nie genoeg gedoen nie. “Die polisie het nog nie met ons kom praat nie.” Volgens gerugte is die vrou deur verskeie mans verkrag, maar niemand, insluitend die polisie, kon dit bevestig nie. Haar stiefpa is ook nog nie seker wat aangaan nie, maar sê net ’n saak van aanranding met die doel om ernstig te beseer word ondersoek. En hy voel dit is nie genoeg nie. “Die polisie moet die saak deeglik ondersoek en met die mense gesels wat saam met haar uit was en op haar afgekom het,” het haar stiefpa gesê. Volgens luitenant Fadila September, woordvoerder van die Hermanus-polisie, word ’n saak van aanranding met die doel om ernstig te beseer deur die polisie ondersoek.

Four burglaries reported at retirement villages GATVOL Vir skuld, Garnishees, Skuldeisers? Kan nie bekostig om hulle te betaal nie. Praat met ons oor hoe ons jou kan help, sonder om enige kostes aan te gaan. Hoe? Bel Ons. Ons gee ook kontant lenings. Arno 072 067 0917 Ons is geregistreerd by die NCR.

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) Four cases of theft and burglary were reported in the last month by retired people living in retirement villages in Onrus. Stolen items included jewellery and antiques. Of the four cases, only one house had signs of forced entry, but according to these residents, the houses were all locked and secured.

All the incidents happened during the day when the residents were not at home. No arrests have been made and police warn the elderly to be careful, even though they live in secure retirement villages. “People must still make sure all their windows and doors are locked at all times,” lieutenant Fadila September, spokesperson for the Hermanus Police said.

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2014/15 Draft Budget ­ a work in progress Special rating areas/improvement districts: In her Draft Budget speech presented to OMAF on 19 February, Mayor Nicolette Botha-Guthrie said the answer to the dilemma of providing new tarred roads and new storm water systems, possibly lies in what is known as special rating areas. The mayor referred to section 22 of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, No 6 of 2004. In principle council can, in addition to the standard rates imposed on a property, impose an additional rate on all properties within a circumscribed area to improve or upgrade that area. This is at variance with the general rule that the revenue raised by rates is used for the municipality as a whole. But council may determine by resolution an area as a special rating area. The council must consult with the local community about both the proposed boundaries of the area, and the proposed improvement of the area. Proposed cuts: - R278 378 to be provided for Grants-in-Aid - saving R200 000 on the original budgeted amount. - R300 000 donations to festivals - saving

R320 000. - R400 000 per ward to be provided for wardspecific projects - saving R650 000. - the baboon monitoring system (as an unfunded mandate) to be abolished as from July 2014 - saving R1 356 400. - the office of the Local Labour Promotion Projects to be closed and such projects, if any, to be dealt with by the respective departments - saving R104 000. These cutbacks amount to R2 630 400, and are part of other saving measures to be instituted. ) The Draft Budget will be tabled in Council on 26 March for consideration and adoption, subject to a due public participation process to be followed, towards the end of May 2014, inclusive of an opportunity for written comments until 30 April 2014. ) For a further insight into the thinking behind the proposed budget, see the Hermanus Times website: for Mayor Nicolette BothaGuthrie’s full speech on the 2014/15 Draft Budget as well as Cllr Ben Solomon’s full Draft Budget speech. These were delivered at the OMAF meeting on 19 February.

Hermanus Times

Nuus News

27 February, 2014

R44­padwerke dalk klaar voor Paasfees JANINE VAN DER RIET Die padwerke op die R44 tussen Kleinmond en Rooi Els vorder fluks en as alles goed verloop, sonder onvoorsiene probleme wat buite die kontrakteurs se beheer is, sal die projek vroeg teen Junie, of dalk nog voor Paasnaweek, voltooi wees. So verduidelik Sarel Grobbelaar, resident-ingenieur op die kontrak en in diens van EFG Engineers. Die projek is deur die departement van vervoer en openbare werke van stapel gestuur. Die kontrakteur, Roadmac Surfacing Cape (PTY) Ltd, het begin Oktober verlede jaar reeds met die kleiner werke afgeskop. Hulle het begin met, onder meer, die opgradering van die R43/ R44-aansluiting en die bou van ’n regsdraai-baan by die piekniekarea langs die Palmietrivier. Behalwe vir die regmaak van die pad, word die landelike seksies van die pad herstel met ’n redelike fyn klip wat wielgeraas baie sal demp, verduidelik Grobbelaar. “Die tydige herseël verleng ook die verwagte leeftyd van die pad. Rooi Els, die hele Bettysbaai en Kleinmond, sowel as ’n 250 m seksie verby die Arabella-ingang, kry 30 mm asfalt, die tipe teer wat die wielgeraas die heel beste demp.” Tans is die kontrakteurs besig met die Bettys-

baai-gedeelte en behoort teen middel Maart klaar te wees, afhangende van die weer en ander faktore. Rooi Els se gedeelte is reeds voltooi. Daarna is dit Kleinmond se hoofstraat. “Hier sal ons halwe wydtes vir sowat 1 000 m daagliks toemaak, maar kan nie tweerigting-verkeer verseker as mense op parkering aandring nie, sê Grobbelaar. Na Kleinmond sal Arabella heel laaste gedoen word. ’n Belangrike feit, sê Grobbelaar, is dat daar net een masjien op die kontrak beskikbaar is wat hierdie spesifieke werk kan doen. Dus kan net een area op ’n slag gedoen word. Die uitmerk van die nuwe padmerke word van Maart beplan vir die paaie wat reeds voltooi is. Die ander paaie se padmerke en kat-ogies sal ’n paar weke later volg. Grobbelaar sê die voltooiingsdatum is 6 Junie, maar hy vertrou dat hulle reeds voor Paasnaweek van die pad af sal wees. “Behalwe natuurlik dinge soos pad-reserwe (heinings), terugsit van parkeerplekke (verfwerk) en skramrelings. “Ons doen alles moontlik om so min ontwrigting as moontlik te veroorsaak. Omdat verkeersprobleme in die nag minimaal sal wees, het ons selfs ernstig oorweeg om snags in Kleinmond te werk, maar voorsien dat die geraas ’n selfs groter steurnis sal wees.”

Leap Day for Frogs Leap Day for Frogs is on Friday 28 February when everyone is invited to join Whale Coast Conservation in leaping for frogs in Stanford from 18:00, alongside the evening market. There may even be an opportunity for kissing one, although no princes are guaranteed. Frogs are very good biological indicators of the health of wetlands and other watery habitats. The day is focused on taking a leap of action toward frog conservation, raising awareness about frogs and celebrating the incredible diversity of South African frogs. On Leap Day the focus of Whale Coast Conservation’s citizen-science frog project will be on the Western Leopard Toad, which is highly endangered, but is found in Stanford. The Western Leopard Toad volunteer group from Noordhoek, Toadnuts, will also be there. Susan Wishart, a volunteer from Kermit, the Kirstenhof-Muizenberg group, will speak about their conservation efforts. Naas Terblanche will describe the purpose of the Stanford Frog Group and the Western Leopard Toad project that he has initiated in Stanford.

Tattoo shop on holy ground ruffles a few feathers HEDDA MITTNER AND KERRY VAN RENSBURG Tattoo artist Jacques Roberts, also known as the Maori, has been running his Tattoo Studio in the Hermanus CBD for nearly five years. It was only when he relocated his business to a shop premises situated on the St Peter’s Church property at the beginning of February, that some eyebrows were raised. Brian Johnson wrote a letter to the Hermanus Times when the tattoo shop opened in what had at one time been a Christian bookshop, known as The Beacon. This shop has been closed for years and the premises was being utilised as a storeroom. Johnson, who titled his letter ‘Beacon of Light or Instigator of Urban Blight?’, is a town planning specialist. Although not a member of St Peter’s, he says: “My connections within the Anglican church are extensive, especially Holy Trinity Brompton and All Souls, both of which are answerable to the Bishop of London.” Before Johnson sent in his letter with a number of questions he wanted answers to, he and Reverend Adrian Knight, the minister at St Peter’s Church, had a run in. Knight says: “He came to the shop a few weeks ago and confronted me in the car park, making liberal use of quotations from the Bible. Fortunately I know my Bible well, but I won’t go into the details of this theo-

logical debate about the supposed sinfulness of tattoos. I just thought it was the height of arrogance to tell me how to run my church.” Knight says although some pressure concerning the tattoo shop has been applied through channels in the church, the response from the community at large has been positive and his “radical move” has been well received. When Roberts approached him looking for new premises, Knight says he agreed, provided Jacques paid six months’ rent upfront and renovated the shop himself. Roberts says: “When I was in Warrington Place, no one batted an eyelid. I offer a professional body modification service. I am an artist. I just happen to have a different media.” Below are some of Johnson’s questions and Rev Knight’s responses: Who authorised this change of land use? “I don’t think there has been a change – it was a shop before and it is still a shop.” Has this use been sanctioned by the church council? “Yes, it has. The council was not unanimous and concerns were raised, but we agreed to give it six months and then reassess. The bishop and the Diocese are aware of the agreement. The lease contract was sent to the trust board, in whose name church buildings are registered.” Has this been sanctioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury? “He is not our boss and has nothing to do with us.”

Is this commercial activity in conformity with the zoning scheme and LUPO pertaining to Hermanus CBD? “I haven’t a clue. If not, would this mean the bookshop was illegal all those years? Besides, other people rent our hall and run their businesses from there.” Has the local authority issued the necessary health clearances and approved the trading licence? “This is not required. Jacques conforms to the bio-waste disposal regulations and he is a registered professional.” Do the residents and businesses of Hermanus realise this type of land use has in the past caused the tone of an area to drop, which is followed by urban blight which leads to investor flight? “I don’t believe the CBD is about to collapse because of Jacques’ tattoo shop.” Is such behaviour the new face of Anglicanism? “We live in a time when we have to look at new expressions of church. If the people will not come to the church, we have to take the church to the people – for young people especially the church is more accessible when the Rev is seen to be non-judgmental and all embracing.”

In front of the tattoo shop which has moved from War­ rington Place to a premises at St Peter’s Church, are from left: Melissa Verster (ap­ prentice tattoo artist), Rev Adrian Knight, Dirk Swanepoel (cli­ ent), and Jacques Roberts, owner of the Tattoo Studio.



cell: 071 567 4179


Hermanus Times

Nuus News

27 February, 2014

90­year­old helps to catch burglar

Ongeluk, skade in Onrus Inwoners van Onrus het Maandagaand ongeveer 19:30 eers skreeuende bande en toe die onmiskenbare geluid van ’n botsing gehoor. Die ongeluk het in Hoofstraat skuins oorkant die Total-motorhawe gebeur. Volgens ’n ooggetuie, Christopher Seekoei, het ’n donkerrooi Ford Mondeo van Hermanus se rigting teen ’n hoë spoed en aan die verkeerde kant van die pad gery. ’n Bejaarde vrou in ’n geel VW Golf moes uitswaai om ’n botsing te vermy. Die bestuurder van die Mondeor het ook uitgeswenk en remme aangeslaan, maar het beheer oor die motor verloor en teen die grensheining en staalhek van die Whale-Med-sentrum gebots. Dr. Wendy Cooke sê sy kon haar oë nie glo toe sy die verwoesting aan haar en dr. Lee-Ann Gillion se praktyk aanskou nie.

JANINE VAN DER RIET Reddingspersoneel sien om na die man wat in Onrus beheer oor sy motor verloor het. Die polisie en ambulanspersoneel was gou op die toneel. Die beseerde bestuurder is na die Hermanus-hospitaal geneem waar hy behandel en later ontslaan is. Hildige Beer, eienaar van die beskadigde gebou, vra dat die bestuurder van die VW Golf haar bel by 072 297 7905.

A man was arrested after he first attempted to steal goods at a house in Albertyn Street in Northcliff and then moved on to steal goods in the area where he was caught red handed by members of the police and security companies. The arrest was made after the owner of the house in Albertyn Street gave officials a good description of the man that entered their home at around 17:00 on Sunday. Sandra Rieger says she and her 90-year-old tenant were in the house while the intruder entered the lounge from an unlocked sliding door. “At about 17:00, while I was sewing in my back room, the man entered the lounge. The door opens out to an inner courtyard about one metre away from my tenant's door, who was also present at that time. Her door was also open as she sat on a chair close to her door.” The man proceeded to dismantle the video recorder and DStv box and wiring into a shopping bag. Rieger says the suspect must have been disturbed becuase he left without the goods and at the courtyard gate confronted Rieger’s surprised tenant.

She asked him what he wanted, to which he replied “work”. Then he asked the tenant who lives in the house if she would call the owner for him. When she refused, he left. “Then she called me and quickly recounted the story. Passing through the lounge, I noticed the goods on the floor bagged up and quickly went to the gate to see where he was. I recognised him in his green shirt from the day before when he came asking for money. Then we both contacted security, police and HPP, who responded promptly.” From their description, the man was caught just minutes later with other stolen items in his possession. According to Lieutenant Fadila September, spokesperson for the Hermanus police, the suspect was apprehended and detained by the security company and handed over to SAPS. The police are investigating a case of theft.

A suspect (in the green shirt) was caught with several stolen goods and arrested by the Her­ manus police.

BELONING: ’n In­ woner van Westde­ ne in Hermanus bied ’n beloning van R1 000 aan vir die opspoor van sy Amerikaanse veg­ hond (pitbull) wat Sondag uit hul erf gesteel is. Dit is die tweede keer dat ie­ mand een van hul honde steel. Die hond se naam is Bakkies en hy is se­ we maande oud. Bel Herman by 071 248 3338.

Hermanus Times

Nuus News

27 February, 2014

Dassiesklip the ‘perfect place for a wind farm’


Alan Winde, MEC of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism and Chris Punt, mayor of Theewaterskloof Municipality, at the official opening of the Dassiesklip wind energy facility near Caledon. PHOTOS: ANNETTE THERON

ANNETTE THERON “This is the perfect place to have built a wind farm,” said Ludwig van Aarde, technical director and project manager for Biotherm, the company that developed the first wind farm facility in the Overberg just outside Caledon. He made the remark just after the howling wind blew the tent away, shortly before the official opening of the Dassiesklip wind energy facility on Tuesday 18 February. The executive mayor of Theewaterskloof, Chris Punt, concurred with Van Aarde and expressed the wish that the whole of the Theewaterskloof region

should be covered with wind turbines. He said the naysayers’ complaints about the impact of the wind turbines on bird life, and negative publicity received by the local media, seem unfounded. Van Aarde says Dassiesklip first started to export power to the Eskom grid on 19 December last year, when the first turbine entered the performance testing phase. “Since then all the turbines were brought on line and the wind farm is exporting power from all nine turbines.” He said the wind farm will export a full 27 mW to the Eskom grid at wind speeds over 46 km per hour. “At a daily average consumption of 20 kWh per day, the

The nine­turbine Dassiesklip wind energy facility outside Caledon. wind farm will be able to supply more than 11 000 homes. A large house will consume up to 48 kW per day, in which case the wind farm will supply in the order of 5 000 houses.” All wind farm projects come with a regulated community development programme included in the contract with government. “The identification of new projects will be an ongoing initiative and the community will benefit from these programmes for the duration of our Power Purchase Agreement, which is 20 years,” said Van Aarde. He said their focus with these pro-

grammes will be on the areas of education and health care. MEC Alan Winde said South Africa needs more investments of this nature and the province will play a major role in renewable energy, as they believe it has the potential to create thousands of jobs in the future. Together with the Biotherm proposal, two more proposals are known to be on the table for the Overberg area. Caledon Wind will erect 31 turbines across three farms and the Langhoogte project will see a total of 44 turbines erected in Bot River, if approved. Mich Nieuwoudt, director of Sagit, the developers of the proposed Langhoogte wind farm, said the next round is scheduled for August 2014.

Adjustments to current Budget approved The two heavy downpours of rain in the Overstrand had a two-pronged effect. On the positive side the dams were filled, but from the financial side it had affected council’s finances pretty badly. During an ordinary meeting on Tuesday 25 February, council approved the second adjustment budget of 2013/14. Discussing these adjustments at the preceding OMAF (Overstrand Municipality Advisory Committee) meeting on 19 February, Councillor Ben Solomon, chairperson of the finance portfolio, said the rain and resulting flood damage to infrastructure amounted to R4,5 M while other repair work required after the rains also meant that money on the operational budget had to be used for unplanned maintenance. “Furthermore it affected our income from water negatively – at this stage it seems that the income can be R5,5 M below budget. The net effect of the additional expenses and possible reduced income amounts to a re-

budget, in this year’s adjusted budget own generated income will increase from R609,4 M to R675,4 M (by 10,8 % which is slightly more than the increase in rates and tariffs). Expenses will grow from R586,3 M to R647 M (10,4%). Solomon alExcessive flooding after two heavy downpours so mentioned some caused havoc and damage, and dented council’s fi­ of the items that nancial coffers. This part of the wall around the have exceeded the Mount Pleasant sport complex was destroyed, and 10,8% growth in inhas since been rebuilt. come: . Chemicals - 18,7% (new upgrade duction of R5 459 283 in our budgeted cash surplus, leaving us with only a of purification plants) . Fuel - 13,4% surplus of R1,6 M.” . Maintenance - 17,3% (eg. replaceOne of the measures that was taken to ensure a budgeted surplus was to ment of water meters, unblocking of freeze the filling of certain senior va- sewer lines and increase of waste cant positions for the remaining por- management services costs) . Contracted services - 38,9% (metion of the year after it became vater readings, mun. accounts, life savcant. Compared to last year’s actual ers, TCS, Enviroserve).


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Hermanus Times

Algemeen General

27 February, 2014

Limited edition bronze for Opportunity Art 3 Hermanus sculptor Willie Botha decided two years ago to stop producing the commissioned art for which he has become known over Southern Africa and much further abroad. He wanted to be free to focus on the art that he really believes in. He has just made one of his latest limited edition bronzes available for Opportunity Art 3, the art sale and auction to be hosted by Overstrand Hospice in Hermanus at the end of March. The sculpture, a 60 cm tall bronze that has been created using 3 000-year-old methods, is called Bound in Matter. It portrays a human figure that had been bound with ropes. In explaining the philosophy behind the work, Botha says: “With this sculpture I try to convey the message that we

should realise that each one of us has great potential. We should not think that we are somehow limited. “The lines of the ropes that bound the figure are still visible, but the ropes are gone. “We live in a material world. Our challenge is to master matter and not allow matter to master us.” He quotes Albert Einstein, regarded as the most influential physicist of the twentieth century: “The development of science and of the creative activities of the spirit requires a freedom that consists in the independence of thought from the restrictions of authoritarian and social prejudice.” Botha’s latest limited edition bronzes were displayed at the Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town and the Crystal Room in The Lost City Hotel.

Bound in Matter, limited edition bronze, and its crea­ tor, Hermanus sculptor Willie Botha.

Nuutgestigte dramagroep volstoom besig met produksies Sedert die dae van Perlemoenstories en meer is die dramagroep van Hawston ná 10 jaar nog steeds besig met toneelspel. Die Hawston Drama-vereniging bestaan egter nie meer nie. Die groep staan nou bekend as Oorskulp Produksies. Hulle werk tans aan ’n hele klomp produksies, sê oudlede Sherman Pharo en Nelmari Jooste, met skrywerstalent verskaf deur Cas van Rensburg en Charles Fourie. Van die akteurs was te sien in die stuk Die Duif in hoë bome (regie/teks deur Van Rensburg) gedurende laas jaar se Kalfiefees.

Die groep het ook destyds die ouditorium ingewy met ’n Charles Fourie-drama. Die groep gee tans nuwe lewe aan Albert Maritz se drama, Lewensdraad, wat handel oor MIV en oorspronklik spesiaal vir dié groep toegewyde akteurs geskryf is. Ander produksies in die vooruitsig sluit in komedies, poësie, sang, ’n skoleprogram en nog dramas (Perlemoen my ghoen). Die groep is ook beskikbaar om by geldinsamelings- en ander geleenthede op te tree. Vir meer inligting, kontak vir Cas (082 577 9111), Sherman (076 853 5821) of Nelmari (082 267 1725).

St Peter’s needs pipe organist The sound of music is alive and well in St Peter’s Church, Hermanus. Well, that is, if at least one more organist can be found to play the pipe organ at St Peter’s church in Main Road on a regular basis. St Peter’s has become a fine venue for organ recitals and many residents and visitors to Hermanus have taken the opportunity of attending Evensong or one of the sung Eucharists on the first Sunday of the month to listen to the enhanced sounds an organ gives to traditional church music.

The director of music is having a difficult time arranging suitable music for the choir to sing, especially at Evensong on the third Sunday evening of the month, without the help of an organist. People who apply for the position must be prepared to attend choir practice on Wednesday evenings from 17:30 and the Eucharist service on Sundays at 09:30, as well as playing for some weddings and funerals. Call St Peter’s office on 028 312 1325 on weekday mornings between 08:30 and 12:00 for further details.

Calling all musicians By popular request Songs of Praise is back on the programme for FynArts 2014 and so is the excellent choir, this time with a couple of soloists. And, of course, so is the fabulous orchestra made up almost entirely of local Overberg musicians. Last year, players had great fun and are all back in the fold. If you play an orchestral instrument and have recently moved into the area or got to hear about Hermanus FynArts (6 – 16 June 2014) and Songs of Praise, you are more than welcome to join in. Sheet music will be sent to you closer to the time, and there will be two rehearsals with the whole orchestra – one on Saturday 7 June and a second on the morning of Sunday 8 June, the day of Songs of Praise. If you would like to be a part of FynArts and join this heartwarming concert, please send an e-mail to Mary Faure on




Try our Flat Whites. Like Cappuccino, but different.

Checkers Centre for special offers

Algemeen General

Stephen Davison passed away suddenly last week.

Beloved chef and lecturer dies KEVIN WARWICK Stephen Paul Davison, who had been a lecturer at Warwick’s Chef School for a decade and was fondly known to his students as Mr D, passed away on Wednesday evening 19 February after a heart attack at the age of 62. Born in England, Davison completed his professional cooking apprenticeship in Yorkshire, England before gaining further experience at Hotel George VI in Paris, France. He then worked in South Africa, holding down sous chef and executive chef positions in prominent 4 and 5 star hotels before joining the Cape Technicon Hotel School in Granger Bay as chef lecturer. After five years, he moved to Hermanus where he lectured at the Warwick’s Chef School for 10 years. Steve’s love for the art of teaching, cooking and working with students got him involved in the Overstrand Training Institute’s (OTI) cookery programs. He was a member of the South African Chefs Association (Saca) for many years and served on the association’s Cape Committee. He will be sadly missed by his best friend Glenda, his son Christopher, family, friends, colleagues and students. A memorial service will take place on Monday 10 March at 14:00 at the United Church, 13 Royal Street, Hermanus. All who knew this wonderful, kind and loving man are invited to come and celebrate a life lived to the full.

) Aan alle oud­Lusitania­werkers: Ons beoog

om die naweek van 12 September 2014 ’n reü­ nie te hou. Almal wat belangstel om deel te neem aan dié dag moet vir Cesil, werksaam by Coke in Hermanus, bel by 072 657 6365. Sien julle daar, Viskoppies! ) Sandbaaibasaar vind plaas op 1 Maart van 09:00 af by die Sandbaaisaal. Kom geniet pan­ nekoek, boereworsrolle, braaivleis, potjiekos, kerrie en rys, brood en beskuit, klein en groot koeke en nog baie ander goeters soos wit olifante en Diana se teetuin. ) Swartberg Sekondêr se 1994­matrieks hou

hul 20­jaar­reünie op 26 April. Alle oud­onder­ wysers en oud­leerders word genooi om die dag by die skool te Bergsig, Caledon, by te woon. Verrigtinge begin om 10:00 die oggend. Vir ver­ dere besonderhede, bel Nigel Floors by 083 995 5106.

Hermanus Times 27 February, 2014


8 Hermanus Times L2L practice walk joined by many

Algemeen General

27 February, 2014

The Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse ladies had an exceptionally good practice walk in aid of Kids Can, an after-school care centre based in Kleinmond. On Saturday 22 February 75 people – not only Lighthouse ladies – participated in the walk from Kleinmond beach to Meerensee, a distance of 16 km along a very difficult sloping beach. Men were encouraged to join the L2L ladies for moral support and a bit of exercise. Kids Can volunteers were out in force to ensure that the children, who also participated in the walk, had a wonderful time on the beach as they walked part of the distance. The L2L ladies hope to raise ap-

proximately R20 000 through their practice walk for this worthwhile cause. The final amount will be handed to Kids Can at a special awards evening after the main walk has been completed. The main 2014 L2L walk will take place from 20 to 23 March, from Cape Agulhas Lighthouse to Danger Point Lighthouse, a distance of about 100 km along pristine beaches. The ladies are aiming to beat the amount of R277 777 which they raised for their charity of choice last year. Residents are welcome to sponsor any of the 60 ladies signed


up to participate in this year’s walk. For further details contact Sheila Lyle on 028 314 1390 or 073 778 2777.

NEW WEDDING VENUE: Bosko Ministeries International launched their new function venue on 16 February. The open­air chapel, with stone wall and reed ceiling, is set among old pine trees, which is why it is called La Pineta (meaning “pine grove”). After the mayor had cut the ribbon, an al fresco lunch was served. From left are Celeste Marchio, Mayor Nicolette Botha­Guthrie, Karen Wurbach of Best Days event planning and coordination, and Pastor Mario Marchio, who wishes to thank the organisers, as well as Di­ eter Lauff from Function Hire and Anli van Vuuren of the Hermanus Golf Club for the catering. PHOTO: HEDDA MITTNER

Baie moeite is gedoen om gestalte te gee aan die Golf Jol @The Diner­tema. Ilze Peters, een van die organiseerders, bedank al die spelers en vrywilligers vir hul moeite, sowel as die besighede in en om Hermanus wat bygedra het.

JHB 45336

SENIORS GOLF JOL: 14 Februarie was Golf Jol @ The Diner! – die jaarlikse gholfdag ten bate van Hermanus Senior Sen­ trum. Van die Diner­girls (en boy) is Annarie Nel, Yolanda Fuchs, Ds Corné Kemp, Diana Lambrechts en Lana Wynmaalen.

Friends, family and a group of chil­ dren joined the Lighthouse to Light­ house ladies for their practice walk on 22 February.




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Hermanus Times

Algemeen General

27 February, 2014

Reverend Ivat Gxokhe and president Matata Patric Belani of the Ap­ ostolic church could not believe their eyes after vandals destroyed their church. Every piece of building material and furniture was removed, leaving only an open piece of land.

Church destroyed The reverend and president of a church in Zwelihle are very upset after their church was completely destroyed. Only the empty ground where the church was built on can be seen. President Patric Belani and Reverend Ivat Gxokjwe of the Apostolic Church, said 170 adults and 130 youth members of Zwelihle lost their place of worship on 18 January when ill-willed people vandalised the church in such a manner that not even a brick or the wood and iron structure were left behind. “It is now only an empty plot with nothing on it. Everything was bro-

ken off and removed from the premises,” Gxokjwe says. The reverend and president of the church were out of town when the incident happened. Besides the building, their furniture and belongings inside the church were also stolen. “The people want to rebuild the church, but need materials to do so. We would like to appeal to the residents of the community for help to enable us to rebuild the church. Anyone willing to donate materials or their time, contact Belani on 073 855 8609 or Gxokhwe on 083 368 4728 or email

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Opportunity to become a fireman or law enforcer Chrysalis Academy in Tokai is offering a three month empowerment training course as part of the SAPS initiative with the Western Cape Department of Community Safety. The department will pay your accommodation and fees for this training and when you finish you will be placed to serve your community in places like Child Welfare, law enforcement, SAPS and the fire department. Conditions before applying: Are you unemployed?

Do you have Grade 9 - 12? Do you have a clean criminal record? Are you prepared to serve your community? Are you between 17 and 25 years old? Are you physically and mentally fit? If your answer is yes to all questions above, you can apply. Topics that will be worked through include: ) Orientation Phase: personal development, goal setting, conflict management, basic health and nu-


trition, HIV/ Aids, first aid level one and fire fighting level one. ) Outdoor Phase: develop team work, climbing and hiking. ) Skills Phase: tourism, hair dressing, welding, carpentry and basic business administration. ) Community Phase: sports coaching, care worker and marshaling at events. For more information visit Hermanus SAPS, ask for Constable Mazuthu, Social Crime Prevention Official or call 028 313 5336.

Important meetings for residents coming up The Hermanus Ratepayers Association (HRA) will be having its AGM at the Overstrand Auditorium on Tuesday 4 March at 17:00 for 17:30. HRA chairperson Grant McLachlan appeals to all Hermanus residents to attend. “In order to be relevant we need numbers and I want to encourage membership.” Items on the agenda include the chairman’s report, the financial report, the appointment of auditors and the election of executive committee members.

95 R3999 . Lawn Star petrol

grassnyer Pro 48 190cc


The guest speakers will be Doug Parker, who will talk about the future of retail in Hermanus, while Bob Stanway will talk on the proposed Bypass Road and Andrienette Fourie on the Hermanus Sports Club. The HRA office recently moved into the Whale Festival building at the corner of Main Road and Patterson Street. A copy of the constitution is available from the office or on the website Proxy voting forms must

be obtained from the office 48 hours prior to the meeting, and written nominations and acceptance forms must be lodged with the secretary Lee Fullex 10 days prior to the meeting. Contact the HRA office on 028 313 0928. ) Another important meeting, on the R320 Hemel-en-Aarde Road upgrade, will take place on Tuesday 4 March at the Wine Village at 16:00. The Provincial Minister, Robin Carlisle, will also be at the meeting.


Hermanus Times

Briewe Letters

27 February, 2014

Mall should be part of long­term strategy EDITORIAL COMMENT No budget surprises A sneak preview of the thinking behind the 2014/15 Draft Budget has been presented by the mayor and chairperson of the Overstrand Municipality’s financial portfolio. While it still needs to be finalised, this Draft Budget, in its early stages, gives residents and homeowners an idea of the municipality’s cost saving measures and increases. The thinking behind showing their cards earlier, rather than later, is to prevent surprises when the Draft Budget is tabled at the end of March. Councillor Ben Solomon says in order to present a budget that will provide a small surplus which can be used to replace vehicles or act as a buffer in case of another major fire or flood, it is necessary to increase the property rates by 15%. He says the effect of a higher rate on property rates and a lower rate on service charges, rather than a uniform increase of 8,5%, will result in a slightly higher increase for owners of houses with a higher value than owners of homes with a lower value. The municipality has to cut its coat according to its cloth. Have a look at the complete speeches delivered by the Overstrand Mayor, and Cllr Solomon at the recent OMAF meeting, on our website: and share your comments.

I have read and listened with interest over the past weeks to the swathes of opinion concerning the proposed building of a shopping mall in or around Hermanus, most recently commentated upon by the always erudite and eloquent Piet louw (Letters 13/2/14). Whilst it is hard to argue with most of the content of his letter, it is apparent that the discussion remains focused on a single aspect of what should be a broader discussion surrounding the regeneration of the area. The shopping mall in isolation will do little for the local economy and any benefits will be at the cost of businesses elsewhere, with the danger of further degeneration of the town. In short, shopping malls are a positive addition to the local economic environment but only when part of a broader and strictly administered policy of regeneration. Visitors are not attracted by malls, but they will certainly take advantage of them if they were attracted to the town. Whilst no two seaside towns are identical there are certain characteristics which most, including Hermanus, adhere to. Hermanus has not been able to meaningfully and sustainably create a new economic purpose, and is still over-reliant on the unpredictable tourist trade and other low-wage, low-skills and sometimes seasonal sectors. Jobs in public administration, education and health are also overrepresented. The low numbers of jobs in the sectors which have suffered from the immediate impacts of the banking crisis may have protected seaside towns in the short term, but their reliance on publicsector jobs and investment make them vulnerable to the tightening of public-sector spending over the medium term. The demographics of Hermanus are also a contributing factor with a high level of inhabitants of pensionable age combined with our migration of younger families and the proliferation of care facilities. This has added to the problem of the local housing market, which has become increasingly polarised. Those homes attractive to “outside money” become inflated to a level unaffordable to individuals and families working in the local sector, the remaining housing stock deemed unattractive to those who the town may wish to attract to take part in any regeneration. The availability of cheap, privately rented accommodation remains a hurdle to economic growth, as do the high rental lev-

els of commercial property, both more in keeping with a larger city but without the buoyant labour market. Like many seaside towns Hermanus is also a victim of its own geography. The solution to these problems is a structured and tailored policy by local government in coordination with its private sector partners. There must be a clear vision for the future in which a new purpose for the area is created. The strategy adopted must take a broader view of the challenges facing the area with action to re-balance the housing market, taking action to limit the over-supply of cheap, sub-standard housing and encouraging its replacement with more attractive housing alternatives, which will not have a drag on house prices and subsequently economic growth. A move away from over-reliance on the tourism sector, including incentivising business growth through subsidies for new business, the easing of commercial levies and additional help for those offering training schemes or apprenticeships and a cohesive policy regarding local transport networks, allowing business to tap into sub regional labour markets and housing stock, along with the opportunity to tap into other local industries. Tourism will always constitute a vital part of the local economy; it needs more hands-on control. Specific programmes to regenerate and beautify the area, a clean sweep policy along with improved local facilities such as lighting, green spaces and public amenities; more pedestrian friendly areas in the town; a more regimented grading system of local establishments; and encouragement and opportunity for local and cultural development combined with improvements in food and drink offerings along with retail facilities, and that may well include the building of a new mall. All these will help encourage investment into the area. Economic solutions will not work in isolation however, stabilisation of the poorest areas and greater cohesion between the different communities is essential. As part of a coordinated long-term policy of joined-up thinking, the proposed mall would add value to the local economy and its inhabitants. As an isolated act it will not, and may well lead to further degeneration of the town centre, rendering it less attractive to prospective visitors.


Resident’s view on mall We have seen a number of letters written to your newspaper which represent the views of business owners, and these largely reflect the feeling that the approval of the proposed mall would result in the demise of the present main CBD area. That a further new shopping complex is neither necessary, nor environmentally the best use of this prime property which has been purchased. I would like to add the other side of the story, which represents the views of the customers. We have been living in Berghof, Onrus for the past seven years, and very much look forward to a modern new complex which will be considerably closer to our home. It will save fuel, which seems to go up in price monthly. The mall will offer a wider variety and quality than what is available from some of our older CBD supermarkets, which seem to have decided to concentrate on the lower/middle segment of the market. Regarding the demise of the present CBD, this need not happen if the shop owners concentrate on the real needs of the potential customers, which could be divided into: - tourists: banks, cell phone outlets, restaurants, photo agencies, tour bookings, boutiques, tea/coffee venues, tourist mementoes, open air markets, flower sellers etc. - young people: movie houses, clubs, ice rink, fast food outlets, internet cafés etc.


ROB parks bypass issue After much deliberation and a number of meetings of the ROB (Ratepayers Opposed to Bypass) working group as well as meetings with the engineering consultant, the municipality and the Hermanus Ratepayers Association, the working group has concluded that we should park the issue of the bypass road along our mountain range. In our last note to ROB members on 5 February 2014, we covered recent developments up to the public address in the Sandbaai Hall by Western Cape Transport Minister Robin Carlisle. In the course of a busy presentation he announced that he would be retiring from his post. He also stated clearly and distinctly that there would not be a bypass road along the mountain within Fernkloof Nature Reserve, not while he was there and also not under his successor. He also referred to a traffic study which showed extremely light traffic leaving Hermanus towards Stanford and Gansbaai which, apart from the enormous cost, did not justify a mountain bypass. He said that other alternatives are being de-

Chasing baboons is a waste of time The Town Council is asked to take this criticism from whence it comes for it comes from a Laevelder who loves animals. The chasing of the baboons in Voëlklip, pesky as they can be sometimes, irks me because it is an exercise in futility. Like all animals in South Africa they need their ‘space’ and they must not be fed by humans, full stop. To chase them from one street to the next, like a game of ‘hide and seek’ with cars driven at excessive speeds, pop-guns at the ready, every weekday, Saturdays and Sundays, when required, costing the ratepayers money with little or nothing achieved, needs to be considered. Council obviously has the interest of residents in mind, and wants to be seen to be doing something, which is commendable but I am afraid, in my opinion, there is no argument for this waste of staff time. Warn the residents of the consequences of leaving doors open and leaving food around – this not only encourages baboons but also burglars – and just let nature take its way. Just recently we had a leopard in the property across the road in Phalaborwa and that caused some excitement, but they did not call out the army.


Trauma unit nurse is grateful for own healing For all who know me, and those that don’t, I am the big male registered nurse who works at the Trauma Unit at the Provincial Hospital. Due to a severe illness a month ago, I was admitted to Hermanus Mediclinic for 17 days during the month of January. I would like to convey my thanks and appreciation to the following who stood by me. Firstly praise the Lord as He healed me. Many thanks too to all the doctors in attendance: Dr Tredoux, Dr Adams, Dr Du Plessis, Dr M Coetzee, Dr Wium, Dr Middlemost and the brave and so supportive physiotherapist Hein Attwood. To the dedicated ICU, so well run by Sr A Louw – I appreciate you all. I can’t remember all your names, sorry. And thanks to all of you working in Ward B. Matron N Bouwer, Sr Kuun and Sr Klem from Provincial Hospital, many thanks too. It is really mind-boggling how concerned everyone was. For all the well wishes, too many to name, thank you. I am now at home, slowly getting stronger each day. Hermanus, you are the BEST place to live in, as you have so many wonderful inhabitants all living here. Wow!


veloped. We have subsequently been informed that following the completion of the transport study, Province is preparing to have three public presentations in the Overberg (one in Hermanus) to inform residents of the findings. Implementation of these would then follow the necessary stages, including public participation. We believe with a high degree of certainty that a bypass road would not be included and that, although its members will remain vigilant, it is no longer necessary for the ROB working group to remain active. After numerous discussions with persons in and out of government, the working group has decided to recommend that the issue of a bypass road now be parked in a “keep the file but stop the campaign” mode. It would also bring about the disbandment of the working group. Thank you for your support and patience. We encourage you to be aware of and, if necessary, involved in any alternative proposals concerning transportation in or through Hermanus.


Birding for beginners Although I cannot shed any light on why the two ‘pheasants’ fell from the sky (HT 20 Feb Fowl play or nature’s way), I have to point out that the birds are actually Cape spurfowl, which used to be called Cape francolin and in Afrikaans Kaapse fisant, which was obviously directly translated to pheasant. There are no wild pheasants in South Africa.


Fowl play With reference to the Fowl play or nature’s way article: I have had the same thing happen. In my case, it was due to the birds flying into the window on the first floor, and presumably breaking their necks. That would have been what the thud was. I have had a few bird strikes, sometimes fatal, but not always. Sometimes they just need a bit of a rest to recover, and then fly off again.


Hermanus Times

Briewe Letters

27 February, 2014

Yes for the planned new mall

) Hermanus, asseblief, ’n mall vir ons

dorp sal werk. Hou op negatief wees oor alles. Die CBD is vir oulike winkel­ tjies. En ’n mall vir ons permanente in­ woners is dit nie. Dit is 2014 en Herma­ nus is nie meer klein nie. ) Untenable dog barking and howling indicate neglect, boredom, lack of exer­ cise, stimulation, training, and loving discipline. The clueless, inconsiderate owners should be impounded, not the dogs. – LOVE MY DOG ) ’n Honde­eienaar in Pelicanstraat se hond blaf dag en nag vir niks nie. Dis baie irriterend. Gaan loop ’n bietjie met jou hond. – HOFFMAN, ONRUS ) Could the powers that be please look into the upkeep of our beautiful cliff path. The section in front of the Beach Club is in total disrepair. The path needs to be looked at from a wheelchair point of view. It’s just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. – SJP ) Please put us in touch with the cliff path management team, as we would like to offer our help. Thank you. – GRATEFUL VOËLKLIP RESIDENT ) Ek stem saam met die beneukte inwo­ ners van Sandbaai. Dit is nie net die besoekers nie, maar die inwoners self. Ek het dit nou al twee keer beleef dat daar langs my huis stilgehou word en sakke in die bosse gegooi word. Dit is duidelik hulle weet nie wat ’n vuilgoed­ blik is nie. – ESTELLE, KUSWEG ) Kan ons asseblief ’n teater in Herma­ nus kry? Al vermaak hier is: gaan see toe of gaan restaurant toe. Die see is altyd pragtig, maar nie almal kan ’n ete van R100 tot R200 per persoon bekos­ tig of wil die geld uitgee nie. Daar is sulke mooi flieks wat wys. Ons het ’n behoefte aan musiekprente, gesins­

flieks en komedies. Daar is soveel pro­ bleme en daarom kan ’n teater goeie ontvlugting bied. Nou moet ’n mens oor die berg ry om daar te gaan fliek en met die brandstof wat blykbaar teen die einde van die jaar R20 per liter gaan wees, is dit ’n duur uitstappie. Die inwo­ ners en besoekers gaan liewer vir ’n dag Somerset­Wes toe om te gaan fliek. Hul­ le loop in die mall rond met die baie winkels en gaan eet daarna in ’n restau­ rant, en dit alles ter wille van ’n fliek. So, Hermanus verloor die geld. ) For months I have thought of what to do about my problem. My property and bedroom window border the guest­ house where a gym opened last year. Since then I have been woken every morning by loud music and talking women. If only the owner contacted me after I had left a message, this SMS would not have been necessary. – MARETTA LYCHOU, SANDBAAI ) As daar iemand is wat sy huis gaan verfraai met mooi nuwe sitkamermeu­ bels, dink tog asseblief aan my. Ek sal die oues by u oorneem, wat my huis dalk kan verfraai. Skakel asseblief 076 115 7382. ) I think we do have a stylish and friendly mayor. Well done. ) Time is running out, so please do get your unwanted and donated art to the Overstrand Hospice Shop as soon as possible. ) Overstrand Hospice sê baie dankie aan Kidbrooke vir die gebruik van hul braaidromme vir ons vrywilligers se braai. Sonder die dromme sou ons dit nie kon aanbied nie. Baie dankie vir al jul bydraes en ondersteuning die afge­ lope jare. Ons by die Overstrand Hospi­ ce waardeer elke gebaar.

Cooler weather is on its way, with light rain on Friday evening. On Sunday afternoon the weekend will conclude with more rain, which is expected to continue through the night. For the rest of next week it will be warm and sunny – almost perfect autumn weather.

I have had the privilege of living in Hermanus for the last 35 years and during that period I have been involved extensively in community activities. I, together with other business people in town, established the “sakekamer” in the early 1980s, I was a member of the Rotary Club, I was involved with the rate payers association and served on the municipal council for five years. Therefore I regard myself as amply qualified to speak on a topic like the Retail Africa development. Over the years I have seen this town grow from a total population of approximately 20 000 to where we are now approaching 100 000 people – almost five times the size when I arrived here. During this time the dynamics of development have changed dramatically and at a number of stages critical decisions had to be taken to keep up with the growth and the demands which that expansion created. The very recent development of the bypass road through the CBD has been a major success, but it was a critical decision to be made at the time. We are now again at a point where

a very critical decision has to be taken as to whether we are going to support the Retail Africa development on the R43 or not. In coming to such a decision there are two approaches – the negative and the positive. The negative one usually comes with a lot of emotion and mostly with arguments which don’t always make sense. A positive approach tends to meet the challenges and find solutions. In looking at this new challenge there are a few very important issues to consider, namely: 1. We must accept that the developers of this project have done their homework very thoroughly and would not be prepared to make such a big investment in our community if that were not the case. 2. As mentioned above, with the growth of population which will continue to take place, we need to create jobs and business opportunities which this development will definitely do. 3. Communities like Fisherhaven, Hawston, Vermont, Onrus, Sandbaai, Mount Pleasant and Zwelihle will definitely welcome this development. 4. We are experiencing traffic con-


gestion on the R43 and have noticed the difference with the road just recently upgraded, but with the growth of population this problem will always be there. A development like this can greatly alleviate this problem. 5. We all know that economic development and job creation contribute to a decrease in the crime rate. Having considered all this I personally think the business people of Hermanus are facing a huge challenge, but at the same time an opportunity to change the CBD into a world-class shopping mall, to provide extra impetus to the tourist trade. I therefore strongly support the Retail Africa development. The upgrading of Swallow Park and the taxi terminus are in dire need of attention and could form part of this whole new approach. This to me will be a much more positive stand and will contribute to creating Hermanus as a major tourist attraction. It could even be considered to approach Retail Africa for a financial contribution for the upgrading of the CBD.


Thank you to Hermanus provincial hospital for good care The purpose of my writing is that people are so quick to complain when it comes to our government hospitals, but never do they compliment. I would really like to thank and compliment the staff of Hermanus provincial hospital for the great service and thorough care given to my seven-year-old son when he had

his tonsils removed. Then, when my husband fell off a roof at work, which resulted in him being taken to the Mediclinic Hermanus and not receiving sufficient treatment for his injuries. I phoned the ambulance service to please take him to the Hermanus Hospital, where he received such good care from all the staff and doctors.

We as a family are truly grateful and appreciative of the care that was given. You do so much for so little, and have to put up with so much. Finally, when I as a wife and mother was under so much stress, you reassured me and made me trust that all will be well – and it was.


Herfsweer is op pad Ons het Woensdagoggend die eerste tekens van ’n koeler weer aan’t kom op die horison suidwes van Walkerbaai gesien. Maar die wolkies was slegs van ’n flouerige front wat aand se kant so 200 km suidwes van die land opgebreek het. Die geheelpatroon vertel meer van koeler weer wat op pad is want die warm 20 °C oostewind het teen die aand se kant suid-oos geswaai en die wolkies het dikker geword. Die vraag was toe seker op almal se lippe; wat gaan die weer die naweek met sulke wolke maak? Die maan moet betrek word. Die sekelmaan is aan die uitkom en daar is min lugverplasing, wat teen die aand se kant (Donderdag) toelaat dat die temperature na 27 °C verhoog. En die wolkies groei met die bietjie aanmoediging van konveksie uit die see, wes van ons. En siedaar, die stadiger windjie oral, word ideaal vir die flou frontjie om die bietjie wat hy het, te behou en op te bou vir ’n bietjie nattigheid wat hy terug kan stuur aarde toe. Daar sak dan ook vroegaand so ’n halwe mm uit en as ons Saterdagoggend wek en strek en oor die tuintjies uitkyk, glimlag Moeder Natuur saam met ons oor die buitjie wat deur die nag uitgesak het. Maar dis nie veel meer as ’n ligte bui van so rondom 2 mm nie. Die flou front bou egter nog woema op vanuit die suidweste en in die namiddag (Sondag) val nog ’n halwe millimeter. Die naweek is vir die meeste besoekers en sakemanne dan verby en

niemand sal kla oor nog so 2 mm wat deur die nag uitsak nie. Die res van die week wat voorlê is heel sonnig en geniet ons byna perfekte herfsweer. Weerhaan het die afgelope week ’n vraag van ’n bejaarde leser gekry wat vra waarom sy buurt se honde saans so te kere gaan wanneer die weer sleg is. Het hulle skerper sintuie wat hulle teen iets waarsku? Die antwoord is nee, en gedeeltelik te vind in die wakker 89-jarige Ansie van Wyk wat in slegte weer nie deur ongewone geluide geflous is nie. Sy’t geweet as die wind sterk is soos die afgelope dae oor die Overstrand, maak inbrekers gebruik daarvan om die geluid van glas of hout wat breek te verbloem. Vir mense se ore is dit vaag en soms verbloem, maar honde laat hulle nie bluf nie en blaf. Honde wat in slegte weer blaf moet “ondersoek” word.


Hermanus Times

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27 February, 2014

THE NATURAL HEALTH CENTRE: Official stockists of KelSlim, 100% pure kelp capsules and a powerful antioxidant that increases metabolic rate, enhances weight loss, in­ creases energy levels, promotes hair growth, healthy skin and nails, aids digestion and builds the immune system.

CONTINENTAL HAIR: We are introducing kids themed pamper parties at our salon. Various themes available. Pic­ tured here is our Pampered Princess party theme.

072 401 5913 or sugarplumpartyfun@ Dirkie Uys Str. Hermanus.

Chefs * Accountants, Bookkeepers * Data Capturers Mechanical Fitters * PRO

Please contact me!!

*Address—Cnr Royal & Dirkie Uys Str. Hermanus * * E-mail— whalecoast@ * * Cel # - 0834634457*

Pay half price Special 27/2/2014 - 26/4/2014

The Emporium Poubelle Antique Dirkie Uys Street, Hermanus 028 312 2395 072 510 9515

e si gn E


Specialised children's section for haircuts, First Hair Cut Certificates & Pamper Parties Vast experience with Wedding and Matric. Telephone: 028 3122 060 16 Dirkie Uys Street Cell: 072 7175 782 Hermanus Opposite Standard Bank

urniture • Vintage C F e lot qu hi nti


Continental Hair Mom, treat yourself and the kiddies

THE EMPORIUM: Owner Lana de Jager says: “With regard to anything – being beautiful on the surface is no guarantee of quality and character. At The Em­ porium I strive for just that.”

xteri ors • Vertical &

den s

MATCHBOX: A tiny colourful shop filled with retro and second­hand goods. Stocks are mainly sourced from Cape Town with new goods arriving on a weekly basis, so pop in and see what you can find.


WHALE COAST PERSONNEL: Met Martie de Wet aan die stuur, is hulle na ses jaar nog volstoom tot u diens.

r Ga e l Edib

Le regard du Jardinier a la Façon biologique

Hermanus Times

Briewe Letters

27 February, 2014

More letters


Mall – redesign CBD to offer tourists more We were able to attend the public meeting in the Whale Coast Hotel some weeks back, and have been astounded to see that almost all the letters published since then have been against the proposed mall development – despite the fact that there was considerable support for the development, in numbers, at the meeting, if not from the speakers addressing the meeting. We are home owners of German origin and as such are looking forward to the mall, as an opportunity to be able to purchase, locally, items that are just not available to us in Hermanus at present. This necessitates very costly trips over Sir Lowry’s Pass on a regular basis to purchase them in Somerset West. We also feel that tourists arriving from Europe et al, need something more to do than just have dinner in the evenings and then go off to bed. Hermanus dies after 21:30 which is not what European tourists are used to back home – and is what is required if they are to be persuaded to come back again to spend their money. This is what the CBD should be re-designed to offer.

eVeRy e VeRy day* Buy aLL FoR

PnP onions 3kg Carry Bag, Potatoes 3kg Carry Bag, Butternut 3kg Carry Bag, Carrots 3kg Bulk Pack and Gem Squash 3kg Carry Bag



Bulk Stewing Beef B Bone in B Per kg P


A heart­warming episode of a lost wallet

SaVe R4





Spekko Parboiled Rice 2kg




crown Blended Cooking oil 2 Litre



PnP White Sugar 2.5kg

Buy any 2 FoR

PnP Cake Wheat Flour 2.5kg






Nestlé Country Fresh ice Cream Assorted 2 Litre each

69 R50

PnP 2 Ply Toilet Tissue 18s

SaVe 21.90

Buy any 3 FoR


R Buy Skip intelligent Washing Powder 2kg or Concentrated Liquid 750ml each and Get Skip 400ml Worth 42.99 FRee

SaVe R13 Sa

flora Light or medium Fat Spread 1kg Tub each

inflation Buster

400ml FRee





Buy any 2 Nature’s Garden Country mix or Garden mix1kg and Get PnP NO NaMeTM Frozen Farmstyle mixed Vegetables 1kg Worth 19.90 FRee


SaVe R15

90 9

Nescafé Gold 200g Jar

PnP moonball Grapes 1.5kg

SaVe R3

We would like to thank the kind people who responded to a notice in the HT 6/2/2014 and who helped us with donations of computers and peripherals to our Zwelihle “old student matric programme”. We were able to put together two workstations as well as a printer. We are now ready to load them with the Mindset Xtra Learn modules from the internet. Thank you Gillian Moore, Martin Mathews, Bill Trollip, Sue Raven and Alda du Plooy – bless you for having made a huge thing happen in the lives of these young people.


Frozen Hake Petit Fillets Per kg

SaVe R11


SaVe 3.50

Thank you for heeding our call for computers

When one sees the cruelty sometimes experienced by animals, what a pleasure and joy to see a young fellow walking three Yorkshire terriers past our house on the way to Onrus beach. He picks up the dogs and carries them on his shoulders when they are tired, kissing them and talking to them all the time. These dogs absolutely adore him. He calls them all by name and they respond to him. This is what I call good news, and something to enjoy, as opposed to news about corruption, strikes etc. I quote Gandhi: “A nation should be judged on the way it treats its animals.”



PnP Whole Fresh Chicken in Tray Per kg



Kindness to animals is good news

and decor Garnish an d de not included include ed



At about 16:00 on Tuesday 18 February, we refuelled at Hermanus Auto before leaving for Somerset West. I stupidly drove off with my wallet on the car roof. The catastrophe was only realised when we arrived in Somerset West, whereupon I desperately tried to resolve the situation. I phoned the Hermanus Police, without much hope, but was delighted by their polite response and the news that my wallet had been handed in. It was completely intact. Hermanus Auto had, in the mean time, kindly reviewed their CCTV footage which revealed two youngsters picking up the wallet. They were Sinethemba Magqirha and Asiphe Debeza, both learners at Qhayiya Senior Secondary school in Zwelihle. In an age when we tend to view others as corrupt and inefficient, it was heart-warming to encounter such honesty and caring.




fatti’s & Moni’s Spaghetti or macaroni 1kg Value Pack each

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information.

PRiceS Valid 25 febRuaRy - 2 MaRch 2014 aT PiCk n Pay SuPeRmaRkeTS and HyPeRS in WeSTeRn CaPe onLy

Excluding Beaufort West, George, Jeffreys Bay, Knysna, Mossel Bay, Oudtshoorn, Plettenberg Bay, Namibia, Express, Daily and Local stores. smart shopper points will still apply in Express, Daily and Local stores. customer care 0800 11 22 88. Toll free landline only. cellphone rates apply. Shop in store or online at

Pick n Pay endeavours to meet the demand for these promotional items, but stocks are limited. Some stores may not stock some of these products. Please check availability. We strive to ensure all printed information is correct, but will not be liable for any print errors that may occur. Advertised prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable. We reserve the right to limit quantities. smart shopper terms and conditions apply. Certain products are excluded from the smart shopper programme, please see in store or go online for more details.

Simba Potato Chips Assorted 125g

equates to 7.50 Per unit



SaVe R10

Valid until 2 March 2014


28 million points. days 2 winners every day.



Hermanus Times

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27 February, 2014

Main Road: Business as usual All businesses on Main Road in the CBD are trading as usual after the road was re-opened two weeks ahead of schedule on Friday 14 February following the resurfacing of the road. After road works started on 15 January the road was scheduled to be finished at the end of February, but due to excellent planning and co-ordination together with the weather playing along nicely, Mayor Nicolette Botha-Guthrie could declare Main Road open two weeks early. Main Road now has three pedestrian crossings, plus a drop & go zone

for tourist buses. Manager at KFC, Malwande Mondile, says they are very happy with the upgrade. “There is really a big difference and I’m glad that business is back to normal again, especially two weeks ahead of schedule.” Jaco van der Merwe, manager at Seeff Properties, says it’s amazing to experience the difference. “We are extremely happy that everything is running smoothly again. Also well done to the municipality, because I don’t know of many munici-

palities that could have done the same in this time frame.” An employee at Walker Bay Art Gallery, Alison Dunsdon, also feels that the re-opening two weeks early was a big bonus for business owners. “People can park their cars again and they don’t have to walk long distances to visit the shops.” In Main you will find everything from restaurants, clothing stores, galleries, property companies, jewellery stores and much more. So visit Main Road in the Hermanus CBD and feel the difference.

A drop & go parking zone for tourist buses.



Terms and Conditions: Only valid at KFC Hermanus, Royal Centre, Main Road, Hermanus. Only one Soft Twirl (no flake) per original newspaper coupon. No copies accepted. Coupon expires on 7 March 2014.

KFC Hermanus, Royal Centre, Main Road - 028 313 0257

Hermanus Times

Promosies Promotions

27 February, 2014


It’s business as usual on Main Road.


HERMANUS APTEEK Kliniek ook nou beskikbaar Hoofweg 145 TEL: 028 312 4039 FAX: 028 312 2681 We would like to thank all our customers for their loyal support during the upgrade of the Main road!!

20% discount on all French Fragrances Special ends 8/03/2014

Main Road now has three pedestrian crossings.

Put the BUZZ back into your business, advertise with me!!!

Michelle van Zyl Sales Representative 028 312 3717 076 845 5001 michelle.vanzyl@

TEAM ACTIVE Agents: Jane 084 792 1548 &

Deni 084 436 2527

Bachelor – Central - R275 000 One Bed – Central - R415 000 Two Bed – Spacious – R560 000 Two Bed – Holiday – R580 000 One Bed – Holiday – R890 000 One Bed – Luxurious – R1.5m One Bed – Central – R1.65m Two Bed – For Golfers – R2.2m Two Bed – Superior – R2.5m Two Bed – Voelklip – R1.5m Two Bed – Voelklip – R995 000 Three Bed – Voelklip – R1.95m Two Bed – Spectacular – R6.6m Three Bed – Private Seller – R5m Two Bed – With Extra’s – R7.9m Two Bed – Seafront – R6.5m Four Bed – Very Rare – R6.9m New Development – coming soon!

VOËLKLIP - R2 795 000

HERMANUS PRIME SEAFRONT Choice of two seafront penthouses with spectacular sea views..

Sole Mandates

from R6.5m

Newly renovated – One of it's kind! Neat and modern finishes. Ideal home to earn an extra income/enjoy your retirement years by the sea. House Size: 250 sqm Plot size: 495 sqm Contact Erika Scholtz 0844332477 Web ref: 316958

TEAM ACTIVE : agents

Jane 084 792 1548 Deni 084 436 2526


Elize Horne

Hermanus Times

Promosies Promotions

27 February, 2014

Nickey Louw

ONRUS APTEEK: Agter: Marius de Kock en Theo Agen­ bag. Tweede ry: Co­ leen Ingerisch, Stefa­ nie du Plessis, Anne­ lie de Jager, Margie Lewis, Anneke Agen­ bag, Sandara Rie­ gers en Annelien Re­ tief. Voorste ry: Ka­ rin van Tonder, Riana Greyvenstein en Mo­ nique Lotter.

WHALE­MED CENTRE: Drs Lee­Ann Gillion and Wendy Cooke (back left and centre) opened their practice on 5 December 2011, after work­ ing in the Provincial Hospital for some time. They are de­ lighted to offer health care to the community with an added interest in occupa­ tional medicine and hospice care. Consulting hours are 09:00 to 16:30 Monday to Friday, and 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays. With them are Lorraine Maree (right) and Julia Hendricks(front). VAN VUUREN FISIOTERAPEUTE: Die Onrus­ tak is ‘n satelliet van die hoofpraktyk in Her­ manus, wat oor uitgebreide rehabilitasie­ en hidroterapie­fasiliteite beskik. Albei praktyke is rolstoelvriendelik. Skakel ons gerus by 028 316 1577 (Onrus) of 028 312 1981/41 (Hermanus). Van Vuuren Fisioterapeute is vol­ tyds in Onrus beskikbaar. Van links is Anne­ ke Engelbrecht, Antoinette van Vuuren en Megan Oliver. ONRUS HIRE CENTRE: Die Hire Centre in Onrus se sukses die afge­ lope twee jaar is gebou op die sterk fondasie van uitstekende diens­ lewering aan kliënte. Die span is (van links): Tobi Wessels, Melanie Wessels, Jackson Mncekeleli, Hennie de Wet, Innocent Siyeka, Frans Wessels en Nelson Xhinti. (Eben Engelbrecht was nie beskikbaar vir die foto nie.)

LEAN ON ME: Elna Caravias, owner of Lean on Me, is a qualified cosmetic laser therapist and nutrition consultant. Lean on Me relocated from Hermanus to Onrus a year ago to provide a more peaceful experi­ ence for their clients. The salon focusses on giving the client the ultimate pampering experience by providing compli­ mentary head and foot massages during treatments. ONRUS GARAGE: “Onrust” Garage is in 1944 deur mnr. LL Leeuw­ ner gebou. Dié motorhawe het oor die jare verskeie soorte brandstof verkoop en is nou al meer as 40 jaar by Total. Die eienaars, WJ Hamman en PC Hamman, het Onrus Garage in 1998 van mnr. Ingle gekoop. Hulle is van die kleiner motorhawens op Hermanus, maar glo daarin om net die beste diens te lewer. Agter van links: Cillie Hamman (bestuurder/mede­eienaar), Christopher Seekoei en Chris Al­ berts. Middel van links: Letitia Hansen, Elsabe Alberts, Juline Meyer en Raylene Daars. Voor van links: Olivia Hansen, Chandre Page en Sheral Hendricks.

ONRUS VETERINARY CLINIC: Onrus Veterinary Clinic opened in January 2006 and has been under the owner­ ship of Dr. Reneé Perold since April 2008. The team is passionate about providing professional, quality veteri­ nary services and comfort to its pa­ tients. The clinic is well­equipped and carries a full stock of healthcare prod­ ucts, general maintenance and veteri­ nary prescription diets as well as pet accessories. Since August 2013 they have been operating from their own, improved facility right next to Rheez­ icht Supermarket. In front are their two canine blood donors, Whillo Kleinhans and Lollie Perold. Behind the canines are receptionist Rose­ maree Wasserfall, who joined the practice in November 2010, and veterinarian and practise owner, Perold. Standing are Elvina Abrahams (cleaning and clinical assistant), holding Mary, the practice cat and fe­ line blood donor, and Denise Kleinhans (practice manager and theatre assistant).

15 Main Road, ONRUSRIVER, Hermanus 7201 Tel : 028 3163043 / Fax : 086 569 0406 Email :

Dr L.Gillion

Dr W.A.Cooke

Oop 7 dae per week

Ons het alles om u troeteldier te vermaak, gesond en gelukkig te hou.

Internet Café Now Open New Additional services include: • Printing/Copying • Scanning, Send & receiving of faxes • Typing • New wireless subscription options from 1 August 2013 Established, licensed Internet service provider operating since 2004 Excellent service and competitive pricing Visit us at our new office in 13 Van Blommenstein Street, Onrus River Contact us at 0283164270 / /

Ma - Vry: 9am - 7pm Sat: 9am - 3pm Son: 9am - 1pm

Oorkant Total petrol stasie

Hermanus Times

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27 February, 2014

THE FRAMERY: Marlene Oberholz­ er (left) started The Framery in 1998 in Fish Hoek. In 2004 she moved to Onrus and has been operating from 36 Main Road ever since. The Fram­ ery does all types of picture fram­ ing including box and block mount­ ing as well as stretching of canvass­ es. Oberholzer and Wandile (Chris) Juzo’s motto is: Fast, efficient and friendly service.

EG KERK, ONRUS: Die gemeente van die Evangelies­Gereformeerde Kerk gebruik die afgelope nege jaar die De Wetsaal vir hul byeenkomste. “Ons beskou die Bybel as God se onfeilbare Woord en glo dat dit ge­ noegsaam is om ons te lei om ons skep­ pingsdoel uit te leef en om God te vereer en geniet bo alles,” sê ds. Martyn Beets, hier saam met Magda Beets voor die De Wetsaal. Dienste word elke Sondag om 10:00 in die saal gehou. WARWICK’S CHEF SCHOOL: The Warwick’s Chef School was founded in 1991 and has been one of the forerunners for culinary training in the Western Cape over the last two decades. Kevin War­ wick, supported by his full­time and part­time lecturers accepts up to 24 students for the intensive six month full­time City & Guilds­ac­ credited diploma course. The school is situated in the Hemel­en­ Aarde Village of Hermanus and also owns The Class Room Restau­ rant & Function Venue.

ONRUS LIQUORS: Onrus Liquors was in De­ sember 2013 alreeds 15 jaar oud. Besoek hulle gerus vir vriendelike diens van Robert Visser, Erlmine Benjamin, en heel regs, die eienaar Cassie Carstens.

RHEEZICHT SUPER­ MARKET: The one­stop destination in Onrus for your shopping needs. BDC WIRELESS SOLU­ TIONS: Owner Ryno van den Berg (left) and techni­ cian Morné Oosthuizen in front of their premises in Van Blommestein Street. BDC Wireless Solutions is a wireless internet service provider. They have been operating since 2004 and recently expanded their services by opening an in­ ternet café. Visit their website, www.whale­, for more infor­ mation or contact them for a free quotation.

ONRUS BUTCHERY: The home of top quality meat, biltong and droëwors. Onrus Butchery was started in November 2000 by Bruce and Amanda Streaton. They sold the business in November 2011 and re­established in Novem­ ber 2013. In front are Amanda Streaton, Bruce Streaton and Lulu Martins. At the back: Rubi Streaton and Richard Martins.


Supermark Supermarket

Trading hours : 06h00 tot 20h00 Tel: 028 316 2292 17 Main Road Onrus River

EXCELLENT Cleaning Services / Skoonmaakdienste “Professionele, Betroubare Skoonmakers onder streng toesig”

083 231 5282



Hermanus Times

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27 February, 2014

Top 10 tips for managing your finances 1. Keep track of your monthly spending: Many people do not know how much they spend each month on food, clothing, housing, or entertain­ ment. Whether you are paying with cash, a debit card or credit card, total your expenditures at the end of the month to gain a better picture of how you’re spending your income. 2. Develop a household budget you can follow: Using the data you’ve compiled by tracking your monthly expenses, develop a realistic budget so that it’s easier to live with. Track how well you follow it each month – that means continuing to track your monthly expenses. 3. Be sure to budget for savings: Your savings are a Rainy Day Fund, which is impor­ tant when unforeseen expenses or emergencies arise. Be sure to budget apart of your monthly salary for a deposit into a savings account – ideally at least 10% of each salary. If you find or earn extra money, put that away in a savings account, too. 4. Pay your monthly bills on time and avoid late charges: Take inventory of your regular monthly bills and make reminders for yourself on when each bill is due. That way you can avoid costly late fees, which can also damage your credit record. The best ap­ proach is to pay bills as soon as they arrive. 5. Stay away from loans: Loans are the same as credit cards. They might seem like a good idea at first, but when you get the bill you gasp at how little money you’re going to have left once you’re done paying off the balance. The only productive loans are for cars and homes. 6. Purchase needs rather than wants: Retail giants are experts at convincing us we need a material possession we could go the rest of our lives without. A need is an item that’s essential to

someonestayingalive,suchasfood,waterandshel­ ter. iPhones and iPods are cool, but you’re not going to die if you leave the newest model sitting at the store. Limiting the amount of times you purchase wants is essential to financial success. A lot of people go under as a result of their massive amounts of retail debt. 7. Eliminate credit card debt: Credit cards can make it easy to pile on debt. If your debt is adding up faster than you can pay it off, you’re likely living beyond your means. Stop using the credit cards and pay off existing balances – the sooner you do, the less you’ll pay in interest. Remember: not all debt is bad; taking on loans for higher education or to buy a home is really an invest­ ment in your future. 8. Take advantage of free money: If your employer offers a contribution for retirement savings or health savings accounts, be sure that you’re contributing enough to obtain the maximum amount. Otherwise, you’re missing an opportunity for free money. Maximizing your contributions can lower your taxable income. 9. Assess your insurance policies: Insurance is an important tool for protecting against financial hardships, and the premiums you pay can be one of your top household expenses. Talk with your provider to be sure you have the appropriate level of protection – that way you’re not paying too much for coverage 10. Look forward to retirement: This is a journey you and your partner are going to take together. Once you have that vision, you can map out the strategies that are going to help you get there. The key is to start early. The earlier you start, the more comfortable you will retire. And to ensure your loved ones are looked after, make sure your will is up to date.

RICHARD JOUBERT 9 MITCHELL STRAAT, HERMANUS With 18 years experience in the financial services industry and access to products of all the major role players, Richard Joubert is well established to give excellent service to his clients. He offers a full range of services from Short & Long Term Insurance, PPS to Investments & Estate Planning. Richard Joubert het al oor die afgelope 18 jaar diens van hoogstaande gehalte gelewer aan kliënte in die groter Hermanus area. Skakel hom i.v.m dienste met betrekking tot elke aspek rakende die finansiele bedryf.

WHO WE ARE Derek van Zyl is a result-orientated, highly independent and strong personality type. He prides himself in always putting his clients’ needs first, is reachable at his 083 231 0224, Monday to Sunday, 24/7, because claims and damages don’t only occur during normal working hours. Derek started in the insurance industry in June 1987 as an insurance clerk in the farming community of Grabouw, working for and trained by Sentraboer. A strong leader and active person Derek has managed to create a company which he says is “dedicated, highly motivated and eager to face any challenge the business may provide”. He believes that to succeed in business financially is to strive to provide his clients with much-needed product development. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Richard Joubert BLC Tel: 028-312 Faks: 028-313 086 549 2139 2462 028-313 3785 1118 •• Faks: E-pos: 9 Mitchell Street, Hermanus 7200

We offer the following financial services: • Short Term Insurance • Healthcare • Cap & Co-payment Cover • FMI Income Protector • Life Assurance Cover • Investment Broking

We treat our clients with respect and dignity which they intitled to.

Hermanus Times

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27 February, 2014


ALBERTYN AP­ TEEK: Agter van links: Vicky Bena­ de, Ina van Zyl, Danver Cronje. Voor: Karlien Ven­ ter, Madelein Mus­ so en Jenny Preto­ rius. DIE BLOUBAKKIE KLEINMOND: Van links is Kobus Olivier, Corrie van Rooyen en Johan Olivier. Indien julle vars groente van enige soort soek, kom soek dit by Die Bloubakkie.

DURR EIENDOMME KLEINMOND: Van links is Nols Geldenhuys, Ronél Geldenhuys en T.J Basson.

DIE BLOUBAKKIE KLEINMOND: Die Bloubakkie se geluk­ bringer­woefie ge­ naamd Soekie. Sy is ook deel van Die Bloubakkie­span.

LU­DAL INTERIORS KLEINMOND: Die voor­ aansig van Lu­Dal Interiors. Kom besoek hulle gerus vir alles wat mooi is.

BUILD IT: Build It Kleinmond se vriendelike perso­ neel.


Making home building simple Cnr of Main/Botriver Road Spar Centre Kleinmond

Tel: 028 271 3477 Fax: 028 271 3118




R1 720 000

PRYS DRASTIES AANGEPAS 1STE LAAN WONING met 5 Slaapkamers, 3 Badkamers (2 en suites). Baie groot oopplan kombuis, eet- en familiekamer met ingeboude braai. Prag uitsig vanaf 2ste vloer balkon. Nols 082 461 2779 C/o Main Road & Bot River Road Kleinmond

Spar Centre, Shop 23 Botrivierweg; Kleinmond 028-271 4001 -MAIL ORDER SERVICE-


Hermanus Times

Algemeen General

27 February, 2014

Enhance your walking pleasure Hermanus is a walker’s paradise. The scenic beauty is incomparable and there are dozens of walks, both casual and spontaneous to more challenging and organised, to choose from. The Cliff Path Management Group has produced a new brochure about the famous Hermanus cliff path. It describes the superb experience of walking the 10,7 km distance from the New Harbour in the west to the Scout Camp gate in the east. In order to plan one’s walk, it provides a detailed map with distances between points and cumulative distances from the start. It also lists the mammals and birds that can be spotted on the walk. Wheelchair and pushchair sections are highlighted, such as the entire Westcliff area, the village seafront sections and the section between Kraal Rock and Kwaaiwater. There is a section on whales and how to get the most out of watching them in the brochure and a short history of Hermanus and the cliff path lends further interest. Information is also included about Hoy’s Koppie, which, like the cliff path, is part of the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. The walk

This useful brochure on the Her­ manus cliff path will enhance the enjoyment of your walk along this famous scenic route. to the top of the hill provides spectacular views over central Hermanus. This brochure is available free at various venues, including the tourism offices, book shops and accommodation establishments.

PRIVATE SCHOOL SPORTS DAY: The learners of Hermanus Private Pre & Primary School came to school dressed in the colours of their respective houses – red, green or blue – for a day of inter­house sports fun on Friday 7 February. Athletics took place in the morning and included sprinting, relay races, high jump, long jump and shot put. In the late afternoon par­ ents joined in to picnic on the school grounds and watch their children take part in a variety of fun events involving all learners from 18 months to 12 years. There were mini hur­ dles, a sack race, egg and spoon race, tunnel race, bean­bag race, three­legged race, wheelbarrow race and filling buckets with leaking tins. “The day was a great success and the learners showed good team spirit,” says Molly Venter, princi­ pal of the school.

Hermanus Times

Algemeen General

27 February, 2014

Dames­oggend teen geweld ’n Groepie jong ma’s van Hermanus is besig om ’n inspirerende damesoggend te reël onder die vaandel van Projek Hoop, waarmee hulle graag ’n verskil in die gemeenskap wil maak. Dié klompie vriendinne se harte is aangeraak deur die voorkoms van geslagsgeweld, en met Projek Hoop beoog hulle om geweld teen vroue en kinders in die Overberg te beveg. Die dames-oggend, Fees van Hoop, is ’n fondsinsameling wat plaasvind op Vrydag 21 Maart by Madré’s Kitchen op die Sir Robert Stanford-landgoed buite Stanford. Dis ’n “feel good” oggend met lekker kos, mooi musiek deur Helene Bester, nuwe modes en ’n praatjie deur Elsabé Aldrich. Die geleentheid kos R150 per persoon en begin 08:30. Kry nou ’n kaartjie by Savannah restaurant in Hermanus, Madré’s Kitchen of NG Kerk Hermanus, en help om die Overberg vrou- en kindervriendelik te maak. Bel 072 244 0233 vir meer inligting. Op 16 Maart om 15:00 is daar ook ’n gratis vrouebyeenkoms by die Moffatsaal in Mount Pleasant. Die doel van die geleentheid is om te begin fokus op die berading van slagoffers van geweld. Indien jy ’n donasie wil maak of betrokke wil raak, besoek hulle blog by of hul facebook-blad

Vier leerders van Laerskool Hermanus het elk ’n geskenkpakkie met CD’s en DVD’s van Anna Emm (skrywer van kinderboeke) gewen in die Projek Hoop­kunskompetisie. Van links is Cara van Vuuren, Cara­Maria Bellingan, Kirsten Sutherland, Cuan Scott en Cornelia van der Merwe (kunsonderwyser). FOTO: JAN­HENDRIK COETZER

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Hermanus Times

Algemeen General

27 February, 2014

RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS: The 94.5 Kfm Ground Patrol team visited Hermanus Pri­ mary School on Wednesday 19 February and presented Primedia Broadcasting’s national Lead SA campaign. The team told the Gr 4 to 7 learners how they can get involved in the Lead SA campaign and also went through the Bill of Responsibilities with them (placing the bill of rights in context). They handed out Lead SA badges and pocket­size booklets of The Bill of Responsibilities. With some of the Hermanus Primary learners on stage is Terence Mentor from the Kfm Ground Patrol team.

Wees kaalkop en kleurvol vir Kansa

AANSOEKE OM HULPTOEKENNINGS IN 2014/15 BOEKJAAR Hiermee word geleentheid aan organisasies en ander instansies gebied om aansoeke vir finansiële hulptoekennings ter ondersteuning van gemeenskapsprojekte gedurende die 2014/15 boekjaar in die munisipale gebied van Munisipaliteit Overstrand in te dien. Sodanige aansoeke sal kragtens die bepalings van die Munisipaliteit se Hulptoekenningsbeleid oorweeg word. Dié beleid tesame met die voorgeskrewe aansoekvorm is op die munisipale webtuiste,, beskikbaar of kan aangevra word. Projekte wat vir hulptoekennings oorweeg sal word, moet die Munisipaliteit Overstrand se doelstellings, oogmerke, programme en aksies aanvul. Die doel is om eksterne organisasies te ondersteun met gemeenskapsprojekte wat binne die Munisipaliteit se area van verantwoordelikheid val, om gemeenskap ontwikkeling te bevorder. Kategorieë waarvoor hulptoekennings oorweeg kan word, sluit in gesondheid, omgewing, vaste afval (reiniging), welsyn en maatskaplike ontwikkeling asook sport en ontspanning. Verwys asseblief na die Hulptoekenningsbeleid vir meer besonderhede. Aansoeke moet ons teen sakesluiting, naamlik 16h00, op Vrydag 28 Maart 2014 bereik. Adresseer asseblief geposte aansoeke aan die Direkteur: Bestuursdienste by een van onderstaande adresse en dui duidelik aan dat dit nAansoek vir n Hulptoekenning is. Geen laat, onvolledig of onvoldoende aansoeke sal oorweeg word nie. Die Munisipaliteit hou die reg voor om nie 'n hulptoekenning te maak aan enige of alle organisasies wat om toekenning aansoek doen nie. Navrae / versoeke vir aansoekvorms: Riana Steenekamp: Tel: 028 313 8004; e-pos: Gerhard Smit: Tel: 028 313 8035; e-pos: MUNISIPALE BESTUURDER Kennisgewing 11/2014 27 Februarie 2013 IZICELO ZEMALI YESIBONELELO SIKARHULUMENTE SONYAKA-MALI WAMA-2014/15 Kunikwa eli thuba iintlangano namanye amaziko ukuba afake izicelo zemali yesibonelelo sikarhulumente kuMasipala waseOverstrand ngenjongo yokuxhasa ngemali iiprojekthi zoluntu kummandla walo masipala ngonyaka-mali wama-2014/15. Ezo zicelo ziya kunikwa ingqwalasela phantsi koMgaqo-Nkqubo WeSibonelelo SeMali KaRhulumente kamasipala. Lo mgaqonkqubo kunye nefomu efanelekileyo yesicelo uyafumaneka kwijelo likamasipala elileli okanye unokucelwa kwi-Ofisi kaSodolophu okanye eyoMphathi wezoNxibelelwano. Iiprojekthi eziya kunikwa ingqwalasela yokufumana le mali yesibonelelo sikarhulumente kufuneka zihambisane nezinto ajolise kuzo, iinjongo, iinkqubo kunye nemisebenzi kaMasipala wase-Overstrand. Iinjongo zethu kukuxhasa iintlangano zangaphandle ekuhambiseni iinkonzo ezinokuthanani noxanduva analo umasipala kuluntu, nokufaka isandla kuphuhliso loluntu kwanokuyila amaqhina obudlelwane obuhlala buhleli ukuze sikwazi ukuphumeza iinjongo zesiCwangciso SikaMasipala SezoShishino njengoko sandlalwe kwi-IDP. Lo mgaqo-nkqubo ukwavula amathuba okubonelelwa ngemali kwamaphulo adibeneyo kunye nee-arhente zangaphandle ngelokuhlangabezana neenjongo zophuhliso kurhulumente wezekhaya. Imiba eya kunikwa ingqwalasela yokufumana isibonelelo semali sikarhulumente iya kuquka ezempilo, ezendalo esingqongileyo, ezenkunkuma (ukucoca), uphuhliso lwentlalo yoluntu kwanezemidlalo nolonwabo, nceda ujonge incwadi yenkqubo “policy” yesicelo semali yesibonelelo “Grant-in-Aid” ukuba ufuna inkcazelo ethe vetshe. Ezi zicelo zifanele zifike kuthi engadlulanga uLwesihlanu umhla woku-28 kuMatshi wama-2014, ekupheleni komsebenzi, ngentsimbi yesi-16h00. Ncede uthumele imbalelwano ziye kuMongameli: Wenkonzo zabasebenzi nakweyiphi idilesi kwezikhankanyiweyo ngezantsi ze ubhale ngokucacileyo ukuba sisicelo semali yesibonelelo. “Grant-in-AidApplication” Izicelo ezifike imvakwexesha, nezingaqgitywanga ukugcwaliswa kunye nezingathobeli ngokwesicelo azisayi kunikwa ngqalelo. Umasipala unelungelo lokunganikezeli ngemali yesibonelelo kuyo nayiphi na okanye kuzo zonke iintlangano ezifaka izicelo zemali yesibonelelo. Imibuzo/nesicelo sefomu yesicelo nxibelelena no: Riana Steenekamp : kulenombolo: 028 313 8004, imeyili: no Gerhard Smit: kulenombolo: 028 313 8035, imeyili: UMPHATHI KAMASIPALA Isaziso 11/2014 Umhla wesi-27 kuFebhuwari wama-2014 APPLICATIONS FOR GRANTS-IN-AID DURING THE 2014/15 FINANCIAL YEAR Herewith the opportunity is presented to organisations and other institutions to submit applications to Overstrand Municipality for grants-in-aid for the purpose of supporting community projects in the municipal area financially in the course of the 2014/15 financial year. Such applications will be considered in terms of the municipality’s Grant-in-Aid Policy. This policy and the relevant application form are available on the Municipality’s website or can be requested. Projects that will be considered for a grant-in-aid should complement Overstrand Municipality’s goals, objectives, programmes and actions. The objectives are to support external organisations in delivering services to communities which fall within the municipality’s area of responsibility, to contribute towards community development. Categories which will be considered for a grant-in-aid include health, environment, solid waste (cleansing), social development and sport and recreation, please refer to the Grant-in-Aid policy for more detail. Applications should reach us by no later than Friday, 28 March 2014, at close of business, viz 16h00. Please address mailed applications to the Director: Management Services on any of the addresses below and clearly indicate that it is a Grant-in-Aid Application.

Physical Address: Overstrand Municipality, Corporate Head Office 1 Magnolia Street, Hermanus, 7200

Postal Address: PO Box 20, Hermanus 7200

No late, incomplete or non-compliant applications will be considered. The Municipality reserves the right not to allocate a grantin-aid to any or all organisations applying for grants. Enquiries / requests for application forms: Riana Steenekamp: Tel: 028 313 8004; Gerhard Smit: Tel: 028 313 8035; MUNICIPAL MANAGER Notice 11/2014 27 February 2014

Die Kankervereniging van Suid-Afrika (Kansa) vier 83 jaar van diens en is steeds volstoom aan die gang. Alles is gereed vir die elfde jaarlikse Shavathon, wat op 1 Maart in meer as 200 winkelsentrums landwyd gaan plaasvind. Om jou hare te verloor is ’n algemene newe-effek van kankerterapie; daarom is die skeer van hare ’n simboliese gebaar van ondersteuning aan kankeroorwinnaars. Om jou hare te kleurspuit is ’n alternatiewe opsie. Jy kan so enigiemand wat ooit deur kanker geraak is, ondersteun. Die koste beloop R50 vir volwassenes en R25 vir kinders onder 12 jaar. Die Shavathon vind van 09:00 tot 14:00 plaas by: Kleinmond - Spar; Hermanus Eastcliff Spar en Checkers-sentrum; Stanford - Spar; en Gansbaai - Spar. Besoek faq/ of skakel 028 316 3678 vir meer inligting oor hoe om deel te neem.

BEELD HOLI­ DAY SHOW 2014: The Cape Whale Coast was represented at the popu­ lar Beeld Holiday Show 2014, which was held at the Gallagher Estate, Jo­ hannesburg from 14–16 February. The show is one of the largest holiday and leisure shows in Africa with over 400 partici­ pating exhibitors. The Cape Whale Coast offered several prizes to visitors, and here Celeste Scheepers (Tourism Manager: Hangklip­Kleinmond) con­ gratulates one of the lucky draw prize winners, Kobus Blignaut, at the Cape Whale Coast stand.

Hermanus Times

Algemeen General

Concert against abuse, violence In defiance of the dangers that a single woman faces on the open road, singer/ songwriter Natalie Chapman is traveling alone for 90 days to 90 towns to perform 90 gigs nationwide. She embarked on her journey on 30 January, and will be performing at Creation Wines on the Hemel-enAarde Ridge on Saturday 1 March, in the tasting room at 17:00. Chapman is doing this in association with Kwanele- Enuf is Enuf and the Epic Foundation. “As a South African woman I am constantly reminded of the dangers that I face in a violent society, where mutual respect seems to have disappeared amongst our fellow citizens. “As a musician I can contribute my voice to the pursuit of a South Africa where women, men and children can pursue their dreams without the threat of violence. Where perpetrators are brought to justice and victims are treated with kindness and support. I will spread my message through music!” Says Carolyn Martin, co-owner and marketing director of Creation wines: “We are proud to be involved in this worthwhile campaign. The Creation team have all pledged to donate both their time and money in support of Natalie.” To book: contact Salome on 072 593 2917 or

27 February, 2014


QUOTATION NO. SC 1445/2014

KWOTASIE NR. SC 1445/2014


Quotations are hereby invited for: Supply, Delivery & Installation of A: Stage Curtains Moffat Hall, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus and B: Stage Curtains Zwelihle Community Hall, Hermanus. Quotations documents, in English, are obtainable from Friday, 28 February 2014, at the offices of the Supply Chain Management Unit, Overstrand Municipality, Magnolia Avenue, Hermanus, Tel. 028 313 8064 from Ms. Rita Neethling between 08h30 and 15h30. Alternatively the documents may be downloaded from the website: Sealed Quotations with “Quotation No. SC 1445/2014: Supply, Delivery & Installation of A: Stage Curtains Moffat Hall, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus and B: Stage Curtains Zwelihle Community Hall, Hermanus.” clearly endorsed on the envelope must be deposited in Tender Box No. 6 at the offices of the Overstrand Municipality, Magnolia Avenue, Hermanus. Bids may only be submitted on the bid documentation provided by the Municipality. The closing date and time of the Quotation is on Thursday, 20 March 2014 at 12h00 and will be opened in public immediately thereafter in the SCM Committee Room, HermanusAdministration. A compulsory information session will be held at 14H00 on 10 March 2014 at the Moffat Hall, Dahlia Street, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus & 15H00, on the same day at Zwelihle Community Hall, Lusiba Street, Zwelihle, Hermanus. Quotations must be valid for 60 days after the closing date. Quotations shall be evaluated in terms of the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2011 and bidders may claim preference points in terms of their B-BBEE status level of contribution. The Overstrand Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any Quotation and reserves the right to accept any Quotation, as it may deem expedient. Quotations are subject to the General Conditions of Contract and the Supply Chain Management Policy of the Overstrand Municipality. Please refer enquiries to Ms. Buli Plaatjies at telephone number: 028 313 8921.

Kwotasies word hiermee ingewag vir: Voorsiening, Aflewering en Installering van A:Verhooggordyne Moffatsaal, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus en B: Verhooggordyne Zwelihle Gemeenskapsaal, Hermanus. Kwotasiedokumente, in Engels, is verkrygbaar vanaf Vrydag, 28 Februarie 2014, by die Voorsieningskanaalbestuurseenheid, Overstrand Munisipaliteit, Magnolialaan, Hermanus, Tel. 028 313 8064 vanaf Me. Rita Neethling tussen 08h30 en 15h30. Alternatiewelik mag die dokumente afgelaai word vanaf die webblad: Verseëlde Kwotasies duidelik gemerk “Kwotasie Nr. SC1445/2014: Voorsiening, Aflewering en Installering van A:Verhooggordyne Moffatsaal, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus en B: Verhooggordyne Zwelihle Gemeenskapsaal, Hermanus.”op die koevert, moet geplaas word in Tender Bus Nr. 6 by die kantore van die Overstrand Munisipaliteit, Magnolialaan, Hermanus. Kwotasies mag slegs ingedien word op die kwotasiedokumentasie deur die Munisipaliteit verskaf. Die sluitingsdatum en - tyd van die Kwotasie is Donderdag, 20 Maart 2014 om 12h00 en Kwotasies sal onmiddellik daarna in die openbaar oopgemaak word in die VKB Komiteekamer, HermanusAdministrasie. n Verpligte inligtingsessie sal gehou word om 14H00 op 10 Maart 2014 by die Moffatsaal, Dahliastraat Mount Pleasant, Hermanus, en 15H00 op dieselfde dag by die Zwelihle Gemeenskapsaal, Lusibastraat, Hermanus. Kwotasies moet geldig wees vir 60 dae na die sluitingsdatum. Kwotasies sal evalueer word in terme van die Voorkeurverkrygings Regulasies, 2011 en tenderaars mag voorkeurpunte eis in terme van hul B-BSEB status vlak van bydrae. Die Munisipaliteit Overstrand is nie verplig om die laagste of enige Kwotasie wat ingedien word te aanvaar nie. Kwotasies is onderhewig aan die Algemene Kontrakvoorwaardes en die Voorsieningskanaal Bestuursbeleid van Overstrand Munisipaliteit. Navrae kan gerig word aan Me. Buli Plaatjies by telefoonnommer 028 313 8921.

Kucelwa Isiniki-xabiso: Sokuzisa nokufaka A: Umkhusane weQonga eMoffat Hall, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus kunye B: Nomkhusane weQonga eZwelihle Community Hall, Hermanus. Amaxwebhu, abhalwe ngesiNgesi, ayafumaneka ukusukela ngoLwesihlanu, 28 Februwari 2014, kwi-ofisi yecandelo yoLawulo loKubonelela, kuMasipala we-Overstrand, eMagnolia Avenue, eHermanus tsalela u 028 313 8064 ku Nkosazana u Rita Neethling phakathi kweye-08h30 neye-15h30. Kungenjalo Amaxhwebhu ayafumaneka mahala kwi-webhu sayiti ethi: . Isiniki-xabiso esitywiniweyo kwabhalwa, “Isiniki-Xabiso No. SC 1445/2014: Sokuzisa nokufaka A: Umkhusane weQonga eMoffat Hall, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus kunye B: Nomkhusane weQonga eZwelihle Community Hall, Hermanus.” sibhalwe ngokucacileyo kwimvulophu, mayifakwe kwi Bhokisi yeZiniki-maxabiso no. 6 Kwii-ofisi zikaMasipala wase-Overstrand, Magnolia Avenue, Hermanus. Amaxhwebhu Oniko xabiso anikezwa ngu masipala maka buyiswe ngohlobo abhalwe ngalo. Umhla nosuku lokuvala ngu mhla we 20 Matshi 2014 ngentsimbi ye 12h00 kwaye emva koko ziya kuvulwa ngokukhawuleza kwigumbi lekomiti, kuLawulo lwase Hermanus. Umjikelo onyanzelekileyo wokubonisana uyakubanjwa ngomhla we 10 Matshi 2014 ngentsimbi yesibini 14h00, eMoffat Hall, Dahlia Street, Mount Pleasant, Hermanus. Ngentsimbi yesithathu 15h00 kwangolusuku lunye eZwelihle Community Hall, Lusiba Street, Zwelihle, Hermanus. Ithenda mazibesemthethweni kangangentsuku ezingamashumi anesthandathu 60 emva komhla wokuvala. Ithenda zizakuhluzwa ngokomgangatho womiselo oKhethekileyo wokuFumana ka-2011 kwaye abanini bethenda banga funa amanqaku okhetheko ngokomgangatho abanawo kwi B-BBEE. UMasipala we-Overstrand akazibopheleli ekwamkeleni ixabiso elilelona liphantsi okanye nasiphi isiniki-xabiso kwaye unelungelo lokwamkela nasiphi na isiniki-xabiso, njengoko ebona kufanelekile. Iziniki-maxabiso ziphantsi koMgangatho woLawulo lweZiniki-maxabiso neNkqubo yoLawulo lweTyathanga loKubonelela kaMasipala we-Overstrand. Nceda nxibelelana no Nkosazana u Buli Plaatjies kule nombolo ilandelayo 028 313 8921 ngazo naziphi iinkcukacha ezingacacanga ozifunayo




PUBLIC NOTICE: Proposed Amendment of Contract SC 1405/2013: Stanford Sewer Reticulation Upgrade Phase 6 and the Installation of a Sewer Rising Main in Pearly Beach (Eluxolweni) The Overstrand Local Municipality, in terms of the provisions of Section 116(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, No. 56 of 2003, hereby makes known that it intends amending Contract SC 1405/2013 with Burmar Civils (Pty) Ltd for the Stanford Sewer Reticulation Upgrade Phase 6, to facilitate the construction of 950m of additional sewer pipelines, over a period of thirteen (13) weeks, as well as the installation of a sewer rising main in Pearly Beach (Eluxolweni), over a period of eight (8) weeks. The proposed contract and an information statement summarising the Municipality’s obligations in terms of the proposed contract can be inspected at the Municipality’s head and satellite offices and libraries during the official hours of operation of these offices and libraries. The proposed contract and information statement can also be viewed on the Municipality’s official website Members of the local community and other interested persons are invited to submit to the Municipality their comments or representations in respect of the proposed amendment of contract before 12:00 on 14 March 2014, in a sealed envelope clearly endorsed “SC 1405/2013: Comments on notice of amendment of Contract No.SC1405/2013: Stanford Sewer Reticulation Upgrade Phase 6 and the installation of a sewer rising main in Pearly Beach, entered into with Messrs. Burmar Civils (Pty) Ltd.” to be deposited in Tender box no. 1. All submissions must be addressed to: The Municipal Manager Municipality Overstrand Magnolia Avenue Hermanus,7200 Tender Box No.1 Enquiries can be directed to Mr Hanré Blignaut, Tel: 028-313 5047 and email: and Mr Dennis Hendriks, Tel: 028-316 3724 and e-mail . Persons who are physically disabled or who cannot read or write will be assisted by the Director: Infrastructure and Planning or a person designated by him at the Overstrand Civic Centre, Magnolia Avenue, Hermanus. Coenie Groenewald Municipal Manager

PUBLIEKE KENNISGEWING: Voorgenome uitbreiding van Kontrak SC 1405/2013: Opgradering van die Stanford Rioolnetwerk Fase 6 en die Installering van ‘n Rioolstyglyn in Pearly Beach (Eluxolweni) Ooreenkomstig die bepalings van Artikel 116(3) van die Wet op Plaaslike Regering: Munisipale Finansiële Bestuur, Nr 56 van 2003, gee die Munisipaliteit Overstrand hiermee kennis dat dit van voorneme is om Kontrak SC 1405/2013 met Burmar Civils (Edms) Bpk vir die Opgradering van die Stanford Rioolnetwerk Fase 6 uit te brei, ten einde 950m addisionele riool-pyplyne te lê, oor ‘n tydperk van dertien (13) weke, asook die installering van ‘n rioolstyglyn in Pearly Beach (Eluxolweni) , oor ‘n tydperk van agt (8) weke. Die voorgenome uitbreiding van die kontrak en die inligtingstuk wat die Munisipaliteit se verpligtinge ten opsigte van die voorgenome kontrak vervat kan by die Munisipaliteit se hoof en satelliet kantore en biblioteke gedurende amptelike kantoorure van hierdie kantore en biblioteke geinspekteer word.Die voorgenome uitbreiding van die kontrak en inligtingstuk is ook verkrygbaar op die amptelike webblad van die Munisipaliteit by Lede van die plaaslike gemeenskap en ander geinteresseerde persone word uitgenooi om hul kommentaar of voorleggings ten opsigte van die voorgenome kontrak voor 12:00 op 14 Maart 2014 in ‘n verseëlde koevert in tenderbus nr. 1, duidelik gemerk “SC 1405/2013: Kommentaar op kennisgewing van wysiging van Kontrak Nr. SC1405/2013 aangegaan en gesluit met Mnre. Burmar Civils (Edms) Bpk ” geplaas word. Alle voorleggings moet geadresseer word aan: Die Munisipale Bestuurder Munisipaliteit Overstrand Magnolialaan Hermanus 7200 Tenderbus Nr.1 Navrae kan gerig word aan Mnr Hanré Blignaut Tel: 028-313 5047 en epos: en Mnr Dennis Hendriks Tel: 028-316 3724 en e-pos: . Fisiese gestremde persone of persone wie nie kan lees of skryf nie kan hulpverlening kry vanaf die Direkteur: Infrastruktuur en Beplanning of ‘n persoon soos deur hom aangewys by die Munisipale Burgersentrum, Magnolialaan, Hermanus. Coenie Groenewald Munisipale Bestuurder

ISAZISO SOLUNTU: IsiVumelwano esiPhakanyiswayo sokuba kwandiswe isivumelwano SC1405/2013: Stanford Sewer Reticulation Upgrade Phase 6 and the Installation of a Sewer Rising Main in Pearly Beach (Eluxolweni) UMasipala weNgingqi yase-Overstrand, wazisa ukuba unqwenela ukwandisa isivumelwano no mniki nkonzo u-Burmar Civils(Pty)Ltd oko kusenziwa ngokwemimiselo yamacandelo-116(3) omthetho iLocal Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, No.56 wango-2003. Lomnqweno ubekwayo ngowokuba kwandiswe isivumelwano esikhoyo kuze kuqhubekeke inkonzo ezihlangene nokufakelwa kwemibhobho eyi- 950m kwiveki ezingamashumi anesithathu (13), kwanye nofakelo kwe-sewer rising main ePearly Beach (Eluxolweni), oko kuyakwenziwa phakathi kweveki ezisibhozo (8). Esi suvumelwano sokusebenza kunye nenkcukacha ezishwankathela imimiselo kaMasipala ngokwesi sivumelwano siphakanyiswayo sokusebenza ekulindeleke ukuba sihlolwe yintloko kaMasipala nakwiiofisi ezingamasetyena kwakunye namathala eencwadi ngeeyure zokusebenza zezi ofisi nala mathala eencwadi. Esi sivumelwano siphakanyiswayo kunye neenkcukacha siyafumaneka kwiwebsite esemthethweni yakwaMasipala kofuna ukusiqwalasela. Abantu abasuka ekuhlaleni nabanye abantu abanomdla bayamenywa ukuba bathumele izimvo zabo okanye izinto abazibhalileyo kuMasipala ngokumayela nesi sivumelwano siphakanyiswayo, oko kwenziwa phambi ko 12:00, 14 Matshi 2014.Ziibhalwe ngokucacileyo kwimvulophu etywiniweyo ebhalwe “SC1405/2013: Izimvo kwi Saziso sokwandisa Isivumelwano SC1405/2013: Stanford Sewer Reticulation Upgrade Phase 6 and the Installation of a Sewer Rising Main in Pearly Beach (Eluxolweni) no Mniki Nkonzo u -Burmar Civils (Pty) Ltd.” mayifakwe kwi bhokisi yeZiniki-maxabiso no. 1 . Zonke izibhalo zithunyelwe kwi: Manejala kaMasipala UMasipala weNgingqi yase-Overstrand Magnolia Avenue Hermanus,7200 iBhokisi yeZiniki-maxabiso No. 1 Imibuzo ingathunyelwa kuMnu Hanré e Blignaut,Umnxeba: 028-313 5047 neimeyili: naku-Mnu Dennis Hendriks,Umnxeba: 028-316 3724 . Abantu abakhubazekileyo kunye nabantu abangakwaziyo ukubhala okanye ukufunda,kodwa bayanqwenela ukuthatha inxaxheba kulomba,bayakuncedwa nguMlawuli wezoLwakhiwo noCwangciso okanye ngumntu omiselwe nguye kwiZiko loLuntu iOverstrand, Civic Centre,Magnolia eHermanus. Coenie Groenewald UManejala kaMasipala



Hermanus Times

Algemeen General

27 February, 2014

) Hermanus Country Market from 09:00 – 13:00 at the cricket grounds. ) Garden Market 09:00 – 14:00 at Hemel­en­ Aarde Village.

OAK VALLEY WINES JOB OPPORTUNITY FOR FULL-TIME CELLAR DOOR MANAGER Oak Valley Wines, located in Elgin/Grabouw, is seeking a full-time Cellar Door Manager to manage the tasting room & perform administrative functions. Ideally looking for a young, energetic candidate with a tertiary qualification and prior experience in a tasting room. Job requirements include: • Administrative functions • Cellar door sales • Extensive wine knowledge • -Mailing list management • Public relations • Weekday & weekend shifts *Market related package excluding accommodation. Candidate should have their own vehicle. Contact Christopher Rawbone-Viljoen, Kindly attach your CV to the email. Applications close on 15th March 2014.

THURSDAY 27 FEBRUARY ) Hermanus Rotary Club meets at 18:30 at Mol­ lergren Retirement Village. Call Frank Matthee: 0 082 870 1187. FRIDAY 28 FEBRUARY ) Hermanus Hacking group meets at 06:30 above the sports field near Old Boys Club for two hours. All volunteers welcome. Call Charlyn Vosloo: 0 082 558 8731. ) Tea, coffee and crafts at the Bhuki Café. Join Friends of the Library between 09:00 and 11:30. ) Geniet koek en tee/koffie by die Kolwyntjie teetuin by die Dienssentrum van die NG gemeente Onrusrivier, vanaf 09:30 tot 11:30. Slegs R20. ) The U3A presents: WW I ­ Killers of the Sea, at 10:00 in the Catholic Church hall. Call Letitia Sny­ man: 0 028 316 5170. SATURDAY 1 MARCH ) Sonja Heroldt musiek en motiveringsprogram by Hoërskool Hermanus om 09:30. Kaartjies te koop teen R120 by die deur. Om teleurstelling te voorkom bel Roelof: 0 072 311 3308. ) Hermanuspietersfontein se kos­en­wynmark 09:00 – 13:00.

MONDAY 3 MARCH ) Duplicate bridge at 13:00 at Fernkloof. Call: 0 028 314 0662 or 072 230 9179. ) U3A Letterkunde: Om relevant te bly ­ ’n ge­ sprek oor Afrikaanse teater deur Deon Opper­ man, in die Katolieke kerk om 10:00. Barbara Pretorius: 0 028 312 1438. ) Hermanus Pro Musica Choir practises in the Grobbelaar Hall from 18:00 – 20:00. ) Support Group for Mental Health meets in the Blue Room, Fynbospark Retirement Village, Church Street at 15:30 for a hobby afternoon. Even if it’s reading ­ bring a book. Call Nonnie: 0 028 316 2461; Phil: 0 083 456 5017; or Esje: 0 071 853 7102; or 2 sj@her­ ) The Walker Bay Stamp Club meets at the Her­ manus Bowling Club at 17:30. ) Touching Hearts meets at 18:45 in Onrus. Call Martin: 0 082 438 6008. TUESDAY 4 MARCH ) U3A presents SA Mining: Quo Vadis, by Peter Leon in the Catholic Church hall at 10:00. Contact Graham Palmer: 0 028 314 1167. WEDNESDAY 5 MARCH ) Egskeidingsondersteuningsgroep (mans en


PRAKTISYN IN KLEINKINDONTWIKKELING Flower Valley Early Learning Centre (Voorskool), wat op Flower Valley Plaas buite Gansbaai geleë is, benodig 'n praktisyn wat die posisie so gou as moontlik kan vul vir die onderig van kinders 2-4 jaar oud. Verantwoordelikhede sluit in: daaglikse onderig en implementering van 'n geregistreerde leerprogam waarin omgewingsopvoeding geintegreer word; opstel van 'n jaarplan en maandelikse verslae vir die bestuur; begrotingbestuur in samewerking met skool se beheerliggaam; daaglikse administrasie verbonde aan die bestuur van die skool; fondsinsamelingsprojekte in samewerking met die beheerliggaam. Vereistes: Liefdevolle en gemotiveerde persoon wat met kinders van 2-4 jaar kan werk; 'n minimum NQFvlak 4 kwalifikasie in kleinkindontwikkeling (ECD); 'n minimum van 2 jaar toepaslike ondervinding; tweetalig in Afrikaans en Engels; rekenaarvaardig; Kode 8 bestuurslisensie. Salarisskaal: Onderhandelbaar afhangend van kwalifikasies en ondervinding. Stuur asseblief 'n dekbrief saam met u CV wat minstens 3 verwysings met kontakbesonderhede insluit, aan: of faks aan 028 425 2855. Sluitingsdatum: 14 Maart 2014.

Belmont Cash & Carry op Gansbaai benodig die dienste van ‘n bestuurder om so spoedig as moontlik diens te aanvaar. Die suksesvolle kandidaat sal verantwoordelik wees vir personeelbestuur en alle bedryfsaspekte soos sekuriteit,begrotings, koste en voorraadbeheer. Vereistes: • Matriek • Minstens vyf jaar ondervinding van bestuur in die Kleinhandel • Moet werknemers kan motiveer en dissiplineer • Moet beskik oor goeie kommunikasie en onderhandelingsvaardighede • Uitstekende kliëntediens lewer • In spanverband kan werk • Rekenaarvaardig wees • Beskik oor goeie administratiewe vermoëns Diensaanvaarding: So spoedig as moontlik

Rig u aansoeke voor 12 Maart 2014 aan:

Indien u nie binne 10dae na sluiting van aansoeke van ons gehoor het nie, was u aansoek onsuksesvol.

vroue) elke tweede en vierde Woensdag, 18:00 in gebedskamer by die NG gemeente Onrusrivier. Erika Oosthuysen: 0 072 322 0998. ) Die Christelike Afhanklikheidsbeweging kom byeen 18:00 – 19:00 by die Grobbelaarsaal. Bel Nick Kruger: 0 074 890 2250. ) Almal is uitgenooi na die VLV Hermanus­verga­ derings elke tweede Woensdag in die maand. By NG Kerk, Hermanus. Maart vergadering word net vir die maand aangeskuif na die 5de Maart. Elna Botha: 0 072 640 6822. THURSDAY 6 MARCH ) The Hermanus Bird Club will be birding along the Vermont coast and Salt Pan. Meet at Jan Rabie Pool at 07:30. Call Barbara: 0 083 659 3303. EVENTS ) Hermanus Bird Club presents Basic Bird Identifi­ cation for Beginners by Mike Ford, at the Fernkloof Hall on 11 & 12 March starting at 09:00. The cost is R170 pp. To enrol contact Barbara: barbar­; 0 028 314 1167. ) Friends of Hermanus Hospital (FHH) AGM on 13 March at 17:00 in the United Church hall. The topic: FHH ­ Is there a future? Contact Angela Heslop: 0 028 312 1663 / 072 609 8655. ) Hermanus Leeskring se maandelikse byeen­ koms vind plaas op Dinsdag 25 Maart om 14:45 by Fynbospark. Karin Brynard se boek On­ se Vaders word deur Anita Sutherland bespreek. Almal is welkom. Vir inligting, skakel Maryna: 0 028 316 4283. MUSICAL DUO: Genova and Dim­ itrov, Bulgarian­Greek descended pi­ anists, return to Overstrand by popu­ lar demand and will play the follow­ ing programme, Four Hands on One Piano, in an OAK (Overstrand Arts/ Kunste) concert on Saturday evening 8 March in the Overstrand Auditori­ um: 16 Walzer op. 39 by Brahms; Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, op. 46 by Grieg; Six Epigraphes Antiques by Debussy; Sonata 1916 by Poulenc and Rapsodie Espagnole by Ravel. The concert will start at 19:00. Tickets are R100 (R50 for students). Book at Bellini Gallery, Village Square, or call 028 312 4988. For enquiries call René du Plooy on 082 940 4238. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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Hermanus Times 27 February, 2014



Hermanus Times

Motors Motoring

27 February, 2014

Amelda Lotter (accountant), Sean Smith (man­ aging director) and Antoinette Abrahams (F & I consultant). Stuart King (sales executive), Francois Basson (sales executive), Carla King (service advisor), Bule­ lani Dondolo (general assistant), Antoinette Abrahams (F & I con­ sultant), Vincent Duffy (driver), Amelda Lotter (accountant), Jo­ hann Kotzee (technician), Pauline Smith (new & used car sales manager) and Sean Smith (man­ aging director).

Stuart King (sales executive), Francois Basson (sales executive), Pauline Smith (new & used car sales manager) and Sean Smith (managing director).

Johann Kotzee (technician), Carla King (serv­ ice advisor), Vincent Duffy (driver) and Bule­ lani Dondolo (general assistant).


Top honours for Kia Motors Hermanus KIA Motors Hermanus proudly received top honours in CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) amongst 68 other competing KIA dealers in the country at Kia Motors South Africa’s annual awards evening in Cape Town on 12 February. Yes, that’s right – first in the country! Customers who purchased and/ or serviced their KIA motor vehicles at KIA Motors in Hermanus had the opportunity to rate their service experience at the local dealership and their combined ratings throughout 2013 culminated in

three highly acclaimed awards for the local KIA dealership. 1) KIA Motors Hermanus was ranked 1st in South Africa in Sales CSI for 2013 and took the award for Sales CSI Dealer of the Year, Cat 3. 2) KIA Motors Hermanus’s service advisor Carla King excelled in her CSI performance and amongst all KIA dealerships throughout South Africa, she won Service Advisor of the Year. 3) Due to these two highly ranked 1st place achievements the KIA Motors Hermanus team was awarded the most sought after and prestigious dealer award of them all, the

Overall CSI Dealer of the Year, 2013. The KIA Motors Hermanus team has certainly made the Overberg area proud and has shown that right here in Hermanus you can receive customer service worthy of being ranked number one in South Africa. It seems all you need to do is join the ever growing KIA Motors Hermanus list of delighted and satisfied customers. The managing director of KIA Motors Hermanus, Sean Smith, had the following to say: “Thank you to all our family members (customers). We are extremely proud of you for

believing in us and commending our ability to look after you. We will continue to strive to be the best we possibly can in all aspects of our business. “If you are a KIA owner or you are thinking of purchasing a new or used car you can rest assured that you will be welcomed and treated like family – it is the only way we know how! “We are very fortunate to be associated with such a great quality product with fresh modern looks (thanks to our German designer, Peter Schreyer), excellent re-sale value, a comprehensive standard list of

features and benefits all warranted for five years or 150 000 km and, very importantly, at a very competitive price. “I am extremely proud of our team for focusing on our goals and believing in themselves and most importantly, for taking care of you. “We knew if taking care of you was done with passion this would culminate in success. “We do have the best of the best working at KIA Motors Hermanus and I really enjoy seeing our team members delight each and every family member (customer) they interact with.”

From R309 995. Book a test drive now. At KIA Motors Hermanus.

Tel: 028 313 1722 | Fax: 028 313 1139 | Unit 1, Uitkyk, 3 Adam Road, Hermanus, 7200 | SALES - Stuart: 082 902 6991 | Francois: 072 539 2753 Vehicle Specification shown in the picture may differ to specification available. High spec model depicted.


New 2014 Sportage. More surprising than ever.

Brutal Power coming Knysna’s way this May QUICKPIC The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb is once again earmarked to be the highlight of the year for Garden Route motoring enthusiasts – and prove yet again a powerful magnet in May for motor sport competitors and fans throughout South Africa. So popular was the event in the past that Jaguar announced that it would be headline sponsor of the event for the next three years. The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb extravaganza takes place on the challenging hill up to Simola Golf and Country Estate from 16-18 May and will again comprise the popular Classic Car Friday, followed by Saturday’s practice and qualifying runs for the eagerly anticipated King of the Hill feature event on Sunday. Cars eligible for the Classic Car Friday event will fall into six classes, which will ensure there is a place for everything. Pre War cars will strut their stuff in class H1, with H2 and H3 being for pre 1966 and pre 1975 road cars respectively. Pukka racing machinery

split into the same cut-offs will be in classes H4 and H5. Re-created cars, often mistakenly called ‘replicas’, will fill class H6. The cars competing here conform to the original silhouette, but have modern running gear, which makes them as fast as modern racing machinery. Spectators and drivers attending Classic Car Friday are encouraged to wear period dress to help create a true historic race meeting atmosphere. The organisers are offering prizes for the best-dressed male and female spectator on the day, which are definitely worth dressing up for. The modern big guns will get their first taste of the course on Saturday with practice for The King of the Hill contenders. In order to keep the event manageable, only 50 entries will be accepted for Classic Car Friday and 80 cars will be accommodated for the feature King of the Hill event. Entries close on 31 March and an on-line entry facility can be found at For more information: or Facebook at KnysnaSpeedFestival

The brutal Jaguar XK­R S flies up the hill at Simola golf course.



Hermanus Times 27 February, 2014

BOLAND Auto Sold

Hermanus Times

BOLAND Auto Sold

27 February, 2014

KTM steals the show at round 1 national motocross championship QUICKPIC Saturday 8 February saw the South African national motocross championship get underway just outside Johannesburg at Terratopia Motocross Park. Hundred-and-fifteen riders lined up on the starting gates during the day showing how healthy MSA motocross is. KTM riders filled the podiums in all the heats with the Austrian manufacturer gaining a total of seven overall victories from the total of nine on offer. This fact bode well for registered riders of the KTM Pro Race Orange contingency who will all walk away with some great vouchers and prize money in the senior classes. The 50 juniors was a small class and was combined with the 50 pro class which saw Nate McLellan taking the overall win due to his consistent 2 for 2 performance. Nate was followed by Blake Young and Daaiyaan Manuel in second and third respectively, all on KTMs. The 65 cc class was one of the biggest on the day and probably one of the most exciting too. Camden McLellan was fast but couldn’t keep Jonathan Mlimi at bay and had to settle for second overall behind the

effervescent Brother to Joshua Mlimi. Third place home was another second generation motocrosser in the form of Ethan Segal, again a KTM whitewash on the podium. The 85 cc junior class was a smaller field but the action was by no means any less entertaining. Dalton Venter took the overall spoils followed by Cameron Durow who each shared a heat win. Cayle Dormehl brought it home in third overall, all three on KTMs. The pro-mini class saw another KTM pilot on the top step in the form of Marco DeVrye who won both heats. Dalton Venter showed his talent by bringing his KTM 85 home in third for both heats securing the last step on the podium. The ever popular 125 High School class was one of the biggest on the day. Nicholas Adams took both wins in convincing fashion taking the overall for the day with the next KTM rider, Joshua Mlimi, in fourth overall after a third and fourth in the heat races. The MX2 race was a BIG class with over 22 riders lining up at the gate and one third of them orange bikes. Team Fuchs KTM’s Kerim Fitzgerald had a great day in the saddle taking a heat win and a second in heat two behind the blisteringly fast Bradley Fenton also on a KTM. Un-


Kerim Fitzgerald had a great day in the saddle with a win and a second place in the prelimi­ nary heats. PHO­ TO: QUICKPIC

fortunately Fenton scored a zero in heat one hurting his overall result, but proved that he is a man to watch in 2014. Ross Branch, now a full-time Brother KTM pilot brought the 111 machine home in third overall for the day showing that his off-season preparation had paid off with fast

consistent lap times. The MX3 class saw Greg Aspinal ride well for his new KTM team and he clinched second in the Masters class, masking his title intentions known for this year. The MX1 class was stacked with talent and Kerim Fitzgerald had a

mixed day taking a win in heat one and a fourth in heat two securing him second overall for the day. Ross Branch closed the day off with a fifth overall in the premier class. The next round of National Championship by MSA will be held on the 5th of April in KZN.


Hermanus Times 27 February, 2014

BOLAND Auto Sold

BOLAND Auto Sold

Hermanus Times 27 February, 2014



Hermanus Times

BOLAND Auto Sold

27 February, 2014

Your car’s aircon is no fuel guzzler Ever heard the common myth that having your aircon turned on uses more fuel than opening the window? At most speeds, if the car window is open, the coefficient drag is enough to make your car work harder, thus using more fuel. In fact, it uses about the same amount of fuel as having your aircon turned on.

021 841 4287

021 870 4601

021 887 2840

021 312 3717

BOLAND Auto Sold

Hermanus Times 27 February, 2014



Hermanus Times 27 February, 2014

BOLAND Auto Sold

Hermanus Times

Geklassifiseerd Classifieds


27 February, 2014











ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS/ Al Anon. Hermanus group meetings. Tuesday 19:30 United Church Hall. Phone 028-313 2789/083 412 6856/ 082 757 0291 or e-mail: CHRISTELIKE AFHANKLIKHEIDSBEWEGING Anoniem. Woensdae 18:00 - 19:00. Grobbelaarsaal. Ondersteuningsgroep. Skakel Nick 074 890 2250/084 548 5871.

TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY. Help with releasing stress, depression, anger, addictions, weight issues, fears etc. through relaxation & access of the unconscious mind. Call Joe Hein 079 680 2600.


PRIVATE TUTOR: JP Teacher with remedial experience offering tutoring for young learners Gr R- GR 5 in Maths, English, Reading & Comprehension, Spelling & Phonics. Anne Dale 072 071 4289. FOR SALE

LOANS 1445


1st FOR FUNCTIONS. Tables, Chairs, Cutlery, Linen, Co-ordinating of any event. Birthdays, Weddings, or any celebration. Call 028-313 2792 or 083 236 3608.

COMPUTER SUPPORT, mobile devices. Onsite support and tutoring. Sales, repairs and maintenance. Call Andrea 079 707 2997. FURNITURE 1635

HERMANUS HIRING will fill all your function needs - Tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery, linen, etc. At good prices. Call 028-312 4291 or Ken on 082 420 0060. FUNCTIONS & CONFERENCES




CHRISTIE, My man, jy is so skielik op 5 Januarie van ons weggeneem. Vrydag die 28ste Februarie sal jou 1ste verjaarsdag in die hemel wees. Ons wens jou rus, vrede en baie liefde toe. Trudie Stander.

MANIE GELDENHUYS. 3 hartseer jare is verby. Ons klou aan die mooi herrinneringe vas wat jy vir ons agtergelaat het en in ons harte leef jy voort. Van Coreen, Marita, Lorian, Tommie, Flippie, Theresa & Jacques.

DEATH WITH DIGNITY A discussion group to be started in Hermanus. Interested? E-mail

HERMANUS DIABETIC SUPPORT GROUP. Meetings on first Tuesday of the month. Contact Liezl Jordaan at 028 313 0643.


CONGRATULATIONS NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS. Hermanus group 1030 meetings. Are drugs a problem? Mondays 19:30 UniFRICK - Charl en Chanted Church Hall. Phone 079 telle. Baie geluk met die 697 6555/082 492 4285. geboorte van Christiaan Evert Frick op 25/02/2014 ONDERSTEUNINGSvan oupa Stoffel Frick en GROEP vir GeestesgeHermanus Gas personeel. sondheid(depressie, skisofrenie, angs, bipolĂŞre versteuring ens). Bloukamer by Fynbospark, Kerkstraat. Elke eerste Maandag van die maand, 3:30nm. Almalwelkom - ook familielede.Navrae Nonnie 028316 2461, Phil 083 456 5017, Elsje 028-313 2031/071 853 2106. E-pos

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY Kayleen from your neighbours at 26 Sonneblom Street.


MUSIC. Wanna learn Psy Trance production? Local legend and international DJ Xatrik is now offering courses in Hermanus. Email: for further info. THE HOSPICE SHOP would be very grateful for any unwanted clothing, linen, bric-a-brac, furniture, sporting goods or books. We can collect goods every Tues & Thu. Call 028-313 1884.


DISCOVERY VITALITY LADIES. Join Curves and earn 300 points per workout this month. Tel 028 316 2211.

OVERSTRAND HOSPICE -Care for the terminally ill and their families. Phone Mon to Fri 028-312 4679.

QUALITY CHICKEN MANURE for your lawn & garden. Delivered. R55.00 for 40 kg. Call Oliver 072 176 2657. WANTED: Antiques, furniture, paintings, bronzes, silver, porcelain, jewellery, watches, clocks. Cash payments for unwanted goods. Call 082 833 2567. BUILDING MATERIAL 1610


CONVERSATIONAL XHOSA Macro needs and mini skills. Groups and inhouse. Call 082 840 6552 renee.language@gmail. com.

ROOFSHEETING/ WENDY HOUSE. Large qty ferrocement dig 6 R40/m discount for qty. Wendy house 3 x 4 meters R4000 or nearest offer. Call Lance 076 810 1196. ELECTRICAL & DIGITAL 1625


MNR & MEV HENDRICKS. 27/02/2014. Geluk met jul 12de huweliks herdenking & mammie se verjaarsdag vandag. Geniet die dag. Van jul kinders.

WHIRLPOOL TOPLOADER 13 Kg wasmasjien R2800. F4 Elna overlocker R1000. Alles in goeie toestand. Skakel 071 292 BARGAIN SHOP. We offer best prices for all 6238. your unwanted furniture and appliances. PETS Call Joe 072 345 8442 or 1660 028-312 3508. MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT 1650

FOR SALE. Milling machine used for light engineering or model making. Includes stand and cutters. What offers? Call 072 180 0162. MISCELLANEOUS 1655

ATTENTION B&B's AND GUESTHOUSES: Full set of white linen & towels for single and double beds available. Used only once. Contact Jason 072 199 4735.


ELEKTRONIESE SIGARETTE is nou hier beskikbaar as alternatief vir die rook van skadelike tabakrook. Kontak: Ben 082 726 8771/ 028 316 4217.



FREE WELLNESS PROOOGBRIL Opgetel Sondag FILE. Inner body scan: op Grotto Strand. Skakel Fat %, muscle mass, water 071 540 8967. %, bone mass, metabolic rate, BMI, protein factor. Contact Tanya 082 796 5741 to book an appointment.

ENGELS EN WISKUNDE ONDERRIG. Maths and English tuition. Grades 1 to 12. Call 028313 0209 today for a free assessment.

HERBALIFE. Summer is here! Lose weight and keep it off! Professional follow up. Free delivery. Call 076 155 9648.

AFFORDABLE ONSITE Computer Support. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with ten years corporate experience to assist you at home or office with all computer, network, internet and email problems. Call Jacques 084 402 0500.

MASSAGE THERAPIST. Raymond Philpott. Therapeutic, deep tissue, sports. MATHS TUITION. WisKidbrooke Place & Botrikunde onderrig. Skakel 071 vier. Call 082 599 2993. 818 3311.

COMPUTER SPECIALS. Pentium 4's from R1299,00. Refurbished with warranty. Call Dolf Uys 072 705 8577.

BRAAI & FIRE WOOD. Call Danie 082 958 5749.


Steenbras Street, off Swartdam Street. Industrial Area Tel 028-312 2886 084 512 9584


Hermanus Times

Geklassifiseerd Classifieds

27 February, 2014

OPREGTE JACK RUSSELL Hondjies - 4 teefies beskikbaar R800 elk. Sluit inspuitings & ontwurm in. Skakel Daleen 082 780 5726.

VOEDSAME HONDEKOS. 8/20 kg. Deur tot deur aflewering . Verspreider Dennis 082 624 5317. WANTED TO BUY 1675

FRANCOIS DU TOIT CONSTRUCTION & PLUMBING. Painting, 1827 paving, tiling, bathroom WIND-O-WASH. For pro- makeovers, home maintefessional window cleaning nance, building requirements call 083 308 0534. services in the domestic, commercial, industrial and retail sectors. We have more than 20 years experience in the industry and FOR HIRE look forward to your call on 028-313 2232 for a free, 1820 no obligation quotation. MILLAN MAINTENANCE. For general 1ST PLANT, TOILET, maintenance, repairs and HUT, TRAILER HIRE. MISCELLANEOUS renovations, care of proContact: CCS Plant Tool & perties when you are 1845 Trailer hire 028 312 2280. away. Call local, reliable, single worker on 071 479 101 SERVICES. Handy0230/028 314-0233. man general. No job too BUILDERS/EVENTS small. Best rates. PensioTOILETS, crane truck, ners discount. 15 Years excontainer & offices to rent. perience. Call Peter 073 Call 086 100 2271 or 028157 2415. 312 2367.

ELECTRICAL: Breakdowns, emergencies, maintenance, installations, geysers, stoves, garage/gate automation, instant hot water systems, controlled geysers. No call out fee. Call 079 706 1056/074 126 4801.

BLOCKED DRAINS. High pressure pipe & drain cleaning services. Industrial, marine, commercial, domestic. Dyna Rod 082 569 1769. Tel/fax 028-312 4323.



FRANCOIS DU TOIT CONSTRUCTION & PLUMBING. For all your plumbing requirements and bathroom makeovers call 083 308 0534.








I BUY ALL MODERN children & adult clothing, linen, shoes, kitchenware, curtains & fancy dress for parties. Call Carol 082 890 5749.

A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN. For full garden maintenance, tree felling, plot clearing and refuse removal. Also small removals. Gutter cleaning. Call Morné 083 225 3712.

MIK & TAK. Afsaag van bome, verwyder wortelsiWANTED TO BUY. Camp steme. Verwyder en maak or folding bed. Phone Toms skoon - die twee boertjies ken - probeer ons. Mike 028 312 2915. 078 371 5967 or Aldert 083 739 9865. GENERAL & HOME SERVICES ALL ABOUT WATER. Have a well point drilled for as little as R2800 incl. BUILDING & pump. Call 072 420 1800. CONSTRUCTION 1801

A1 BUILDERS. Alterations, extensions, new garages, painting (in and outside), paving, decking. Roofs. Waterproofing. Call 072 306 1798. ALL BUILDING WORK. Alterations, renovations, extensions, boundry walls, paving, painting. Call 082 255 0939. ALL CEMENT PLASTER Work in and outside. Tiling work, ceramic, porcelain, travatine, mosiac. Call 082 255 0939.

BUFFALO GRASS. Save water, plant indigenous grass. For the best prices, call Chris 082 568 2592. DANGEROUS TREE Removal. Pruning, plot clearing. Hedges trimming. Alien plant extermination. Fire wood. Call T.J.Boshoff 082 954 7970. E-mail:

PLUMBING. Mech-Elect. Call 082 885 7480. AAA MAINTENANCE. Painting, paving, tiling, damp proofing, water proofing, building & renovations, general maintenance. Free quotes. Call Ian 082 535 5591.

ALTERATIONS, REPAIRS, painting, electrical, plumbing, tiling, building etc. Free quotations. Phone 082 864 2275. ALUMINIUM ANGLO WINDOWS/DOORS. Manufacture, supply, install direct. Replace wooden/steel frames. Average house completed in 1 day. It pays to get our quote. Michael Haman 072 288 4761/084 558 1902.


OVERBERG DRY TAR. We specialise in driveways, walkways, patios and more. Choose from asphalt, paving products, rubber surfacing, exposed aggregate, concrete etc. Contact Jaco Stander for free quotation at 072 225 3792.

SOUTH COAST PLUMBING. Registered PAINTING, ROOF CLEA- plumber. Service and NING COATING. Free installations. Quality guaquotes. Michael Haman ranteed. Pensioner dis028 316 1881 / 072 288 counts. LPG gas installa4761. tions & services. Certified installer. Oliver Voigt 072 176 2657/028-312 2796. PEST CONTROL 1850

OVERBERG PEST CONTROL: Domestic and commercial treatments. Professional solutions to your pest problems. Beetle inspections and timber treatments. Registered with Dept. of Agriculture. Phone Frank 028-312 2225 or 082 563 9514.








PEST CONTROL -WALREFRIGERATION & SPARES. Mech-Elect. Call KER BAY. 19 Years expeCLEANING rience in residential, induSEVICES 082 885 7480. strial and commercial pest 1805 control. Specializing in FLO-RITE IRRIGATION: SOLARMAX. SABS 1ST HERMANUS CLEA- for professional irrigation beetle inspections and BUILDERS & PLUMapproved solar hot water NING SERVICE. Houses, and automatic borehole BERS. Best price guaran- systems. Free site inspec- timber treatments. Regipre and post occupational interfacing systems. For a tions & quotation. 17 Long stered with Dept. of Agriteed. Painting - paving clean-ups. Once-off, wee- free consultation phone culture and SAPCA. Call walls and fencing. Ben Jor- Street, Hermanus. Tel. kly/monthly & laundry. Fri- 028-313 0295. our friendly staff on 028028-312 1667.www. daan 072 293 6169. endly service under super316 3010. vision. Mon-Sat. Call 076 CARPET and upholstery FYNBOS GARDENS. 115 7382. Landscaping, irrigation and cleaning. Personal superviPLUMBERS sion. Best prices. Free quogarden maintenance. 15 1855 Mimosa Street, Industrial tations. Phone Top Carpets 028-313 0721. 1 LOCAL PLUMBING. Area. Tel. 028-313 1763. Maintenance, geysers, CARPET AND UPHOLnovation, blockages, water HOUSES, OFFICES, STERY cleaning. Curtains proofing, emergency. PIRB VENUES. Moving out HERMANUS LANDSCA& blinds. Call Allison or Registered. Discount for /moving in. Monday to Fri- PING. Garden design, John 072 572 0215. pensioners. Call 072 756 day. To request an estimaintenance & irrigation. 9614/028 312 3874. mate contact us today! TRANSPORT & 22 Years experience. Call CINDY'S CARPET STORAGE Tiesie 072 111 2404. Paul Marx 082 32 777 04. CLEANERS. Carpets, 1870 rugs & upholstery cleaPRO MAINTENANCE & ners. We now offer house ELECTRICAL 111 VERMONT STOIRRIGATION. Irrigation & cleaning. Cindy 083 270 1810 RAGE. Space available maintenance. Wellpoints & 5385/028-316 4264. from 2nd September, size boreholes. Pressure 24 HOUR EMERGENCY of single garage, 24Hr pumps. Complete houseFISHING ROD & REEL call out Electrician. No ADT, secure & clean. Call hold water filters. 24 Hrs. Service and repairs. 117 power, no hot water? 079 382 2276. Free quotations. Available Main Road Kleinmond. Installation maintenance & December. Call 061 720 TUFF GUARD Seamless Contact Arthur 028 271repairs: industrial, com1095. HERMANUS TRANpolyurethane coating for 5420/079 974 9903. mercial & domestic. motor/marine and waterPORT. 1.2 Tons @ R6/kmGraeme Lahoud 082 785 REMOVAL OF dangerous FLOOR SANDING & spe- proofing roofs/dams. Call 4.5 Tons @ R12/km- 7.5 2017. 028 312-2066. Vernon 083 trees, tree trimming, plot cialized installation of Tons @R17/km - 13 Tons @ 375 4667. Weder park nr 3. ELECTRICAL and house- clearance, garden mainte- wood floors & timber R20/km. Prices netgotiahold appliance repairs. nance, garden refuse redecks. The Hutton ble. T&C's apply. Call 082 Mech-Elect. Call 082 885 moval, firewood. Call Wil- Brothers 082 828 5627 977 7062. Telefax 028 313 WATER PUMPS. Mech7480. son 074 824 2195. or 028-341 0543. 1332. Elect. Call 082 885 7480.

• Personal Supervision • Closed trucks • Packing & Storage • Local & Long distance • Packing material available Tel: 028-316 3864 / 082 891 4451 Fax: 086 517 3398


01 STORAGE. Secure and CARS FOR SALE dry units from R299 pm. 3025 Best prices. Transport available. Call De Wet 082 GOLF CHICO 13, 2001 439 9704. model te koop. Goeie toestand met baie ekstras. Prys R21 000. Skakel 084 681 5978/028 316 2759. BUSINESS


BUSINESS ADVICE BROKERS. Various businesses for sale. Please contact 028 312 4615 or email us at advice@bbrokers. Address: 181 Main Road, Hermanus. Website:

NEED A NEW CAR? Let me assist you with your transport needs. Over a hundred vehicles to choose from. Call Conrad today on 071 925 5406 for more information.

Hermanus Times

Geklassifiseerd Classifieds MOTOR CYCLES 3055

150CC MOTOMIA SCOOTER for sale. Recently serviced. Only 3500km's. A steal at R7800 onco. Also available 40 Mandela R5 coins. Very scarce. Make an offer. Call Izak at 072 032 0002.

27 February, 2014

TO LET: 3 bedroom apartment in Main Road, Kleinmond @ R6,000 pm ( Retail Space in Hermanus CBD suitable for café/bistro. Contact: 082 870 5704/



FOR SALE. Two empty plots in Hawston in prime location, seaview etc. 600sqm each. R150,000 neg. Information or 021-9300195.




MALAWIAN MAN looking for a job as a housekeeper, gardener or driver. Have got experience and contactable reference. Able to stay in. Call 061 632 8855/072 882 2834.


MALAWIAN MAN looking for a job as a driver or any other job. Stay in or out. Please call 061 730 1754 or 074 922 4660.

3301 3040

SOEK ongemeubileerde 4 slaapkamer huis te huur met swembad, braaikamer, dubbel motorhuis, toe erf in Onrus, Vermont, Sandbaai area. Langtermyn. Skakel Anke 083 713 8845.

HELDERBERG TRAILER SALES. New & used Venter or Karet trailers. Spares & repair service. We buy trailers for cash. Call 021-853 5009. www.




AANBOD: Ons betaal die beste kontantpryse vir motors/bakkies. Cash for your cars/bakkies. Call Ross Motors NJ 082 935 4828.

SOUTH AFRICAN lady is looking for a job as a domestic worker for 2/3 days a week. Reference: Monica Fisher 028 312 4362 or 072 459 1439. Call 078 547 (39) ZIMBABWEAN loo- 2927. king for work as a cleaner, babysitter or carer. Have experience. Please call 084 YOUNG LADY is looking for a domestic/baby294 7740. sitting job. Reference A MALAWIAN lady is available. Call 073 070 looking for a job as a hou- 2625/083 350 6558. sekeeper/babysitter or domestic worker. HardwoZIMBABEAN LADY is ring & experienced. Refelooking for a job as a dorence available. Please call mestic worker - full time. 078 231 0512. Call Maike for reference A ZIMBABWEAN lady 084 432 3541 or Call She(20) with reference is loo- ron 073 086 2872. king for a job. Experienced in domestic. Call Jennifer Shava 073 023 6060. GENERAL A ZIMBABWEAN lady is 3680 looking for a job as a domestic worker. I also have SALES CONSULTANTS a Home Management course. Please call Loven- to sell Honey Fashion Accessories. Please sms or ess 074 683 9353. whatsapp your email add A ZIMBABWEAN man is to 081 800 4222. looking for a job as a gardener - 3 days a week. Reference available. Please call 078 195 0387. (21YR) XHOSA LADY is looking for domestic work. Monday - Friday or 3 days a week. Please call Julia 073 711 9371.

ONRUS: 3 Beds, 2 baths, single garage. Longterm. R5600 per month. Available March. Quiet area. Call 083 360 5888.


HERMANUS: TO LET. 1 : R5900,00 3 bedr, 2 bathr, 1 garage townhouse, immediately available. 2 : Fully furnished unit @ R7700, 3 bedr, 2 bathr, 1 garage townhouse. Deposit and contract fee. Marthie 083 776 6812. Guthrie & Theron Properties.


FYNBOSPARK AFTREEOORD R800 000: 2- Slaapkamer en suite, ruim leefarea, kombuis, waskamer, toegeboude stoep (94m2), HOUSES TO LET: West- motorhuis(18m2). Levy: cliff: 2 x 4 Bedroom houses R2766 - sluit water en ligte in! Web verw: 658 226. @ R8250 per month. mont: 1 x 3 Bedroom furHannelie 082 557 9358. nished house @ R11 000 per month. 1 x 5 Bedroom Guthrie & Theron Eienhouse @ R6100 per month. domme. Onrus: 2 Bedroom house @ R 5500 per month. Berg 'n HOUSES FOR SALE See: 2 Bedroom house @ SHOP 72m2 in the Hemel R6050 per month. Call 3275 & Aarde Village. Available Anne 028 316 2879. Seeff now. Very reasonable ren- Properties. tal in beautiful setting. NORTHCLIFF TO LET. R5500 pm. Phone Frandi Unit R2200. Unit R1700. for details: 083 480 9208. Call 083 697 2040 or 028 STRAATFRONT EEN312 4454. Leave contact HEID te huur. Eenheid number. nr.1, Jarina Park, Gideon van Wyk Slot. 200 vierkante meter. Skakel 083 310 2319.

VERMONT Modern 3bedroom house, with panoramic view, pool and double garage to let from 1 March 2014. R10,000 per month. Contact Rae 082 371 8669 or 028 316 4196. OFFICES 3290

OFFICE TO LET. Hemel en Aarde Village. Includes kitechenette, own bathroom and security. R2100 includes water/electricity. Available 1 March. Call 078 597 9428.


1 SLAAPKAMER WOONSTEL. Oopplan. Binne oppervlak 56m2 met stoep en tuin. Mooi uitsig. Binne parkeering. R3000 p/m. Skakel 083 272 7567.

SANDBAAI, BERGZICHT sunny north-facing cottage in attractive security complex. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large workroom/studio, carport. Low monthly levy. R995 000. Phone 028 312 1456/082 296 0361. Private sale.

Minimum requirements: •Matric •Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook •Excellent written & spoken English •Passionate about selling •Strong administrative skills •Attention to detail & accuracy •An ability to thrive under pressure •Willingness to learn •Creative thinking

Please email a short CV to:

4 YEARS Experienced & hardworking lady, is looking for work 4 days a week. Call 084 628 7550. EXPERIENCED MALAWIAN lady is looking for a housekeeping or babysitting job. 3 Years experience. Reference available. Honest & Christian. Call Milliam 084 853 2591. MALAWIAN hardworking man looking for a job as a chef/housekeeper or gardener. Sleep in or out. Good references. 7 Years experience. Call 061 214 7001.

MALAWIAN LADY looking for a job as domestic worker. Five years experience. Call 071 901 4336 / 073 844 5034.


SALES PERSON Kiwinet in STANFORD requires a motivated sales person

EK IS OPSOEK na 'n nagdiens werk. Het jare ondervinding van verpleging. Pas ook huise en diere op. Skakel my gerus. Mev Coetzee 082 620 9616.

I AM A ZIMBABWEAN lady aged 43 looking for domestic work. Call 078 620 5361.



MALAWIAN MAN looking for a job as a housekeeper/gardener/painter or domestic work. 3 yrs experinece. Ref avail. Call 074 723 3188.



FURNISHED APARTMENT Kwaaiwater. 2 Bedrooms, large livingroom, bathroom. Nice view close to the sea. Available now. R3700 pm. electricity incl. Call Lance 076 810 1196.

MALAWIAN MAN looking for a job Thursday as a domestic worker or gardener. Well experienced. Reference available. Call 073 844 9049.

MALAWIAN LADY(30) looking for a job as a housekeeper, babysitting or cooking. 4 Years experience. Call 084 917 4626. MALAWIAN MAN is looking for a job as a driver code 10 South African pdp licence or other general work. Call 084 783 8116.


Looking for a retired/semi-retired person who is flexible regarding working hours (Relief Maintenance Manager during week-ends a/h) Must have knowledge of: • Pump installation, water systems • Basic knowledge on factory machinery (cooling units, sealers, conveyer systems) • Basic knowledge on electricity • General maintenance Please forward CV to:


Hermanus Times

Geklassifiseerd Classifieds

27 February, 2014


Function Hire

BEFORE AND AFTER: Look at the difference in one of the dogs at the Hermanus Animal Welfare Society rescued in September (above) when he was tied to a pole in Karwyder­ skraal. He was confiscated and Haws kept him in the animal hospi­ tal for two weeks. Five months later he is fit as a fiddle and in search of a new home as his previous owners are being prosecuted. Call 028 312 1281 to adopt.

Look at how beautiful he looks now, five months after he was rescued. Tarryn 076 154 9612

Events Co.


1 for functions. Tables, chairs, cutlery, linen, Co-ordinating of any event. Birthdays, Weddings or any celebration. Tel 028 313 2792 or 083 236 3608.

Just one call, we'll do it all!

Helium; balloons, cakes, cupcakes, party packs, themed party supplies, jumping castle, bubble machine and much more. 072 401 5913 or sugarplumpartyfun@ Dirkie Uys Str. Hermanus.

Carnival Balloons

Helium Balloons for any event.

CAMPHILL SPORTDAG: Die weer het mooi saamgespeel en Camphill Skool se sportdag Saterdag is goed ondersteun. Die reuk van braai was onweerstaanbaar, en boeri­rolle was verniet vir diegene wat aan die pretlope, trail runs en bergfietsritte deelgeneem het. Daar het onderskeidelik 62 deelnemers aan die bergfietsrit, 47 aan die trail run en 92 aan die pretlope deelgeneem. Corrie le Roux (Camp­ hill huismoeder) en haar helpers het reggestaan om uit te deel en ander eetgoed te verkoop. Sowat R28 000 is ingesamel. Agter by die braaidrom is Wayne le Roux en Boeta van Tonder.

All colours, foils, characters. Contact Annatjie 082 940 3653

Chris Loman, Ian Barron, Mercia Teubes en Marie Muirhead het van die heerlike weer Saterdag gebruik gemaak vir ’n spel Croquet.


Bev Angus, Carol Mann en haar dogter Kim het al die pad van die Kaap af gekom om deel te neem aan die 5 km stappie by die Camp­ hill Sports Challenge­dag Saterdag. Benewens loop, draf en bergfietsry was daar ook verskeie ander kin­ derpret­aktiwiteite.

Toe een kleintjie kop uitge­ trek het vir ry het Derrick Benzien en sy vyf­jarige Dea­ kin gewys dis glad nie nodig om skrikkerig te wees vir die ponies nie.

Hermanus Times

Sport Sport

27 February, 2014

Curro presteerders Die volgende leerders van Curro Hermanus het almal Suid-Boland gehaal:

Van links is Hugo Harmse, DJ Moolman (albei Suid­Boland krieket seuns o.17), Ru­ ben Harmse en Keegan Ferreira (albei Suid­Boland krieket seuns o.15).

Layla Arrison het die Suid­Boland atletiek­ span vir meisies o.17 in die gewig­ stoot gehaal.

Luka Jasprica het die Boland­Muurbalspan asook die Suid­Bo­ land krieketspan vir seuns o.13 gehaal.

Elizabeth Montgomery het die Suid­ Boland skaak­ span gehaal.

BRIDGE )Wednesday 19 February N/S 1. Rowena / Eric 57.59% 2. Wina Loubser / Carren Emary 55.19% 3. Joan o’Connor / Julie Cotton 55.00% E/W 1. Margie Dawson / Linda Zaaiman 60.37% 2. Peggy Nicholson / Carin Verburg 59.26% 2. Michael / Iris 59.26% )Friday 21 February N/S 1. Toni Kimpton / Linda Zaaiman 58.86% 2. Lulie Cotton / Joan o’Connor 58.10% 3. Betty Nel / Riekie Louw 55.79% E/W 1. L Heyns / Carol van Dyk 59.72% 2. I&L McIntosh 56.08% 3. P&D Lloyd 55.50% )Saturday 22 February N/S 1. Jackie Ascham / Betty Nel 62.96% 2. Peggy Nicholson / Janice Ospovat 59.72% 3. Chris Raven / Anneke vd Vlugt 57.87%

E/W 1. R&R Letcher 64.12% 2. Riekie Louw / Carren Emary 60.88% 3. Annaloes Hoeve / Carin Verburg 52.55% )Monday 24 February N/S 1. Carin Verburg / Wina Loubser 58.89% 2. Nell Naudé / Joan o’Connor 57.22% 3. Carren Emary / Riekie Louw 51.48 3. Jackie Ascham / Monica Peters 51.48% E/W 1. Juliana Dockel / May Garvey Keenan 66.30% 2. Mary Andrew / Colleen Gower 59.26% 3. Pat Etsebeth / Sylvia Smith 56.85% WHALERS ATHLETIC CLUB - TIME TRIAL )Thursday 20 February 3 km Runners: 1 Louise Erasmus 13.29 SB;2LuckyMdlokovana14.25SB;3Leo


Vorster 16.05 SB; 4 Leo Benning 20.40 3km Walkers: 1 Melany Vaughan 25.59; 2 Willie Loedolff 26.16; 3 Ella Coetzee 26.53; 4 Hettie Hull 28.31; 5 Charlotte Kiesen 28.31 5 km Runners: 1 Frank Gillion 20.49 SB; 2 Serame Bekokobetso 21.11; 3 Daniel Maree 21.13 PB; 4 Graham Tjabring 22.41; 5 Johan Pelser 23.18; 6 Barney Louw 23.29 SB; 7 David Cupido 24.36; 8 Roelof van Weele 25.34; 9 Karin Austin 26.04 PB; 10 Lisle Geldenhuys 26.32 SB; 11 Christine Hibberd 26.35; 12 Les Hanna 26.35; 13 David Austin 26.47; 14 Hugh Waters 29.17; 15 Ronel Bootha 30.35 SB; 16 Josef du Preez 31.04 5 km Walkers: 1 Arlene Ehrenberg 40.12 SB; 2 Emmie Gouws 40.12 8 km Runners: 1 Sign Mawunda 29.30 PB; 2 Mlandeli Mkhohlakali 29.32 SB; 3 Peter Rudhuka 30.37 SB; 4 Mark Kavanagh 30.40 PB; 5 Alfred Tshabeni 31.10;6KevinMiddleton33.24SB;7Johan Hugo 34.34 SB; 8 Ewan Venter 35.53 SB; 9 Charles Malan 35.53; 10 Wilhelm Cooper 37.28 SB; 11 Jan Gildenhuys 37.38; 12 Anneline Hugo 38.40; 13 Mikki Milne 40.26

DOGS: Don’t count your chickens Kleinmond – The Ex-PoleDancer thought that with 42 points his only worry was arch-rival The Ex-UsedHouse-Salesman. When the latter came in seeing that he again would be the bridesmaid and not the bride, ExPole-Dancer sat smugly awaiting his prize. But then Jones the Veg came over the horizon to prove that “5 portions a

day” refer to sprouts and not Olaf or Cane. To add insult to injury, the Veg was not cut but the other two were. SAGA certainly moves in a mysterious way. Scores: 43 Tony Jones; 42 André Franken; 41 Ian Newman; 39 Mannes van Zyl; 38 Bob Barton, Doug Ross; 34 John Cheesbrough, Fred Garrett; 33 Alan Smith,

SKAAKSPELERS: Dié leerders van Laerskool Hermanus het almal deurgedring na die Boland­kampioenskappe wat Saterdag by Laerskool Hermanus aangebied word. Ag­ ter van links: Rico Roos, Johannell Lotter, Franlo de Vries en Daniel Cornoc. Middel van links: Dylan Curry, Bernard Steyl, Alewyn Steyl en Andrea Amitrano. Voor van links: Samuel Sapho, Jonas Crookes, Daniel Botha en Philip Coetzee. Inga Mfundisi (afwesig). FOTO: JAN­HENDRIK COETZER

Sport Diary ) 7 Maart: Hermanus Gholfklub Welwillendheidsgholfdag, ten bate van Hermanus Hospitaal, Huis Lettie Theron en SOFCA. Om in te skryf, bel Tarryn Lee by 028 312 1954. Vir meer inligting bel Dave Smith by 076 706 7973 of Millicent Brink by 082 877 2699. ) 15 March: Good Hope FM Ad­ venture Race, hosted by SA Forest Adventures. Follow clues and zip­ line, sandboard, canoe, blob and paintball your way through the Overstrand to the finish line. Enter at ) 27 March: Hermanus Business Chamber’s Golf Day held at Arabel­ la Golf Club. For enquiries contact Alta Pretorius on 028 315 1619, or email chamberceo@her­

Hermanus Golf Club ­ Club Championships Draw Saturday, 1 March ) Holes 1 – 9 tee­off times: 11:00 – M Steyn / M Frost / P Joubert; 11:08 – E Booysen / A Streicher / A Kuiper; 11:16 – J Retief / B Davies / D Sauls; 11:24 – D Johnston / B Boshoff / T Davi­ dowitz; 11:32 – S o’Sullivan / H Theron / C Garbers; 11:40 – L Cloete / K Middle­ ton / J Cloete; 11:48 – T Be­ hagg / GP le Roux / M Krause; 11:56 – A du Plessis / W Theron / P Boshoff; 12:04 ­ G Donald / JP Alfes / N Clarke; 12:12 – A Nel / T Schouw / F Nel; 12:20 – A MacRae / EB Simpson / M Fürst; 12:28 – J Kühn / DH Botha / R Kelder; 12:36 – A

Lloyd / D Adams / J Engelbre­ cht. ) Holes 19 – 27 tee­off times: 11:00 – A Gouws / M Milne / S o’Kennedy; 11:08 – R Broeren / G Combrink / A de Beer; 11:16 – T van Niekerk / J Pearce / D Dicey; 11:24 – S Smith / B McGeachy / P Lotz; 11:32 ­ F Scholtz / G Coates / M Kantor; 11:40 – C Botha / E Blommaert / A Toombs; 11:48 – D West / T Squires / FJ Venter; 11:56 – P Vorster / R Calitz / J Makin­ son; 12:04 – W Meiring / R George / J Clifford; 12:12 – D Shutte / A du Toit / G Tuer; 12:20 – J Simson / S van Riet / J Stander.

VERKOOPSKENNISGEWINGS IN DIE LANDDROSHOF VIR DIE DISTRIK VAN HERMANUS GEHOU TE HERMANUS Saaknommer: 1848/2013 In die saak tussen: FLO RIDE IRRIGATION (Eiser) en MOUNTAIN FALLS (Verweerder) NEEM KENNIS DAT 'n verkoping in eksekusie van onder gemelde goedere gehou gaan word op: 14 MAART 2014 OM 09:00 BY DIE PERSEELTE MOUNTAIN FALLS, STANFORD GOEDERE: 1. 1 x CAPPING MACHINE 2. 1 x CHILLER MACHINE 3. 1 x CARBINATOR MACHINE 4. 1 x OXIDIZER MACHINE VERKOOPVOORWAARDES Slegs kontant en bank gewaarborgde tjeks sal aanvaar word. GETEKEN te HERMANUS hierdie 03DE dag van FEBRUARIE 2014. GUTHRIE & THERON HERMANUS , HOOFWEG 77 , HERMANUS , Tel nr: 028 312 3626/7/8 , Lêer nr: CF0001

Dave Rade, Malcolm Lazenby; 32 Peter Theron, Brendan Byrne, John Tunstall; 31 Dave Brittain, Dave Smith, David Naylor; 30 Jon Forsyth, Chris Martin; 29 Tony Hackett; 27 Hugh Frangs; 26 Gordon Wilson, Michel Maury (DNF); 24 Geoff Crowther; 21 Peter Sulley; 12 Dave Robinson; 11 Keith Gillott. – DAVE SMITH

Inspired Life MINISTRIES

Invites you for a time of Worship, & the Inspired Word of God

All Welcome

Sunday @ 09am-10:30 am Evening Service @18:00 Sandbaai Saal Main Rd

Cecil & Brenda James 028-316 3224





2nd March 2014

(at the main lookout point)

Saturday morning 1st March 2014

Services: 8.30 & 10am Led by Rev. Andrew Luke

Children's & Youth MINISTRY 8.30am YOUTH MINISTRY in the Upper Room Every Friday night @ 7pm

@ 7 am.

(To be held the first Saturday of every month.)

Bible Hour: 6.30 pm Led by Stephan Matusik

All welcome to join us in prayer for Hermanus, our region & country.

Enquiries 028 – 312 2717

********************* STANFORD UNITED CHURCH Evening service 18:00 Enquiries (028) 341 0077

******************* United Church Hermanus (028) 312 2717

shofar at bosko everyone’s invited to join our sunday celebration! sunday services


bosko • fairways ave • hermanus

call us on 028 312 2514

www.shofaronline.or g


13 ROYAL STREET, HERMANUS LENTEN PROGRAMME 4 March: Shrove Tuesday -Fun, fellowship & pancakes - 6pm Wed. 5 March – 9 April: Ash Wednesday & every Wed. during Lenten -Day of Prayer & Fasting - Starting at 7am the Church will be open throughout the day. Communion Services - 8-8.30am & 6-6.30pm Sun. 9 March – 13 April: Lenten series led by Rev. Dr. James Gray - 6.30pm 14-16 April: Holy Week led by Rev. Dr. James Gray - 7-7.30pm 17 April: Tenebrae - 8-9pm 18 April: Good Friday Communion Service led by James Gray & Malcolm Forster - 10am 20 April: Easter Sunday led by Rev. Dr. James Gray - 8.30 &10am

9 771608 589068


Mellerware Pedestal Fan 40 cm R699.00 HERMANUS: 1 Kort Street, Industria Tel: 028 313 0721

Prices you can Trust

GOLD FOR LO­ CAL STUDENT: Alex Hanel (right), a student at Montessori Pri­ vate School in Hermanus, has only been receiv­ ing coaching since September last year. That, however, didn’t stop him from snatching the gold medal at his very first ever chess competi­ tion. At the first leg of the South Boland champi­ onships on 15 February at the Caledon Casino, Hotel & Spa, Alex won all five rounds in the u/14 category. A week later, at the second leg at Bredasdorp Primary, Alex won 4 out of the 5 rounds, putting him in a tie position with his competitor (both having an overall score of 9/10). This resulted in a very tense 5­ minute blitz play­off game where hardly any room for thinking exists, and where play­ ers have to think super­fast and rely mainly on instinct and skill. Alex proved to have the upper hand, awarding him the top position and qualifying him for Boland trials, to be played at Hermanus Primary School on 1 March. Alex receives coaching from Marius van der Westhuizen.

Hawston loses to Kleinmond by only three runs LLYLE TAIT Hawston Cricket Club travelled to Kleinmond on Sunday for a 20/20 over encounter. Kleinmond batted first and scored a respectable 113 runs in 20 overs. Hawston’s top

bowlers were Philip Olifant with 3 wickets for 23 runs in 4 overs and Heino Bailey with 3 wickets for 15 runs in 4 overs. Hawston’s top order let them down with the middle order producing the top scor-

ers. Johan Dowries (23 runs) and Dewan Hamilton (20 runs) scored the most runs. Hawston ended up agonizingly close with 110 runs, thereby losing the match with 3 runs. Hawston would like to thank all their supporters.

Trevor Quirk voer ’n on­ derhoud met Jovan Rebula ná hy ’n veld van 144 spelers getroef het in die kwalifiseringstoernooi vir die Sanlam SA Amateur gholfkampioenskap. Die hoof­houespel het Dinsdag begin en die finale SA Amateur­wenner word mô­ re (Vrydag 28 Feb) be­ paal. Rebula het sedert­ dien uitgeval.

Week van amateur golf CILENE BEKKER Die Sanlam SA Amateur-gholfkampioenskappe vind tans plaas by die Hermanus Gholfklub en die SA Amateur-kampioen sal môre (Vrydag 28 Feb) bepaal word. Altesaam 144 spelers het die weeklange toernooi begin, met ’n oefenrondte verlede Saterdag. Die 36-gaatjie kwalifiseringstoernooi is Sondag en Maandag gespeel en Jovan Rebula (16) van George was die wenner van die Proudfoot-trofee met sy rondtetellings van 70 en 66 (totaal 136), vir ’n 8 onder baansyfer. Hy het met voëltjies op die laaste twee gate sy naaste teenstander, Rosswell Sinclair (16), van Pretoria getroef. Sinclair se tellings was 69 en 68 (totaal 137), vir ’n 7 onder baansyfer. Rebula put sy inspirasie uit sy oom Ernie Els. Rebula vertel dat Els gereeld in Desember tyd by die familie deurbring in George en díe tyd saam motiveer hom om die jaar goed te begin. Teen druktyd Woensdag het die top 8 só gelyk: Louis Taylor wen Eddie Taylor;

Callum Mowat wen Dylan Naidoo; Zander Lombard wen Gerlou Roux; Thriston Lawrence wen Toby Tree; Andrew Light wen Jovan Rebula; Matthew Spacey wen Werner Ferreira; Fraser McKenna wen Jason Viljoen; Ewan Scott wen Teagan Moore. Rebula en Sinclair het uitgeval, maar Thriston Lawrence, die verdedigende SA Amateur-kampioen, was nog onder die top 8. Die top 64 spelers het Dinsdag met die hoof houtjiespel begin om die uiteindelike wenner van die Sanlam SA Amateurgolfkampioenskap te bepaal.

Thriston Lawrence (regs) van Nelspruit saam met sy pa (en caddie) Steven. Thriston is die verdedigende kampioen en was teen druktyd Woensdag nog onder die top 8.

Atlantic Rugbyklub klop Oak Valley •Wall To Wall Carpeting •Solid Bamboo Flooring •Laminated Flooring •Underfloor Heating •Vinyl Flooring •Natural Flooring •Blinds

Johan le Roux Cell: 082 367 5170 Tel: 028 312 1543 • • Hermanus Business Park, Whale Park, Unit 1, 4 Adam Street, Hermanus


SINCE 1930

WP, HIER KOM EK: Leani Joubert van Laerskool Hermanus het baie goed gevaar in die 1 200 m by die Boland­Atletiekbyeen­ koms op 22 Februarie in die Paarl en deurgedring na die WP­Atletiekbyeen­ koms.


Atlantic Rugbyklub het Saterdag sy tweede vriendskaplike wedstryd vir 2014 teen Oak Valley op sy tuisveld gewen. Die A-span het met 33-15 en die B-span met 15-7 geseëvier. Die A-span se wedstryd was baie opwindend met ’n vinnige tempo en bewegings deur die agterlynspelers. Die puntemakers was Evan Visser (1 drie), Reagon Hoogbaard (3 drieë), A.

Gertse (1 drie), Jerome Julies (2 doelskoppe), Evan Visser (1 doelskop) en Brendon Julies (1 doelskop). Die B-span het ook teen ’n vinnige tempo gespeel. Van die jong spelers het ook gewys hulle is baie lus om rugby te speel. Die puntemakers was Charlton van Wyk (1 drie), Goodman Mbane (1 drie) en Brad Philander (1 drie). Albei spanne speel 1 Maart weg teen Asthton.

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Hermanus times 27 02 2014  

Hermanus times 27 02 2014

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