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Herman and jackie are fundraising to build herman’s house in his hometown of new orleans.

$420,000: House is furnished. Herman Wallace walks through the front door of his house

$300,000: House is roofed, landscaping finished

they have already raised $20,000 Through grassroots efforts since november 2007

$200,000: Second floor and swimming pool complete

Through the exhibition you are invited to participate in herman’s imagination. By contributing to the building of his house you are materializing a legacy of hope and resistance. Let’s build hermans house together. Donate now.

$120,000: Sustainable construction begins

$80,000: Site is reinforced for flooding regulations and water cisterns and bunker put in place

$40,000: Site is purchased in New Orleans

All monetary and in-kind donations to Herman’s House are tax-deductable. Please contact Community Futures Collective/Herman’s House with any cash or check donations greater than $10,000 or with any questions. Also contact us if you are interested in volunteering

$20,000: We are here

$0: October 2007 fundraising commences Tel: (707) 644-6575

Until Herman is able to finally win his legal battle and walk out of Angola Prison a free man The House will be maintained by an existing network of volunteers. Immediately The House will serve to reinvigorate the social and physical economy of New Orleans where Herman Wallace spent his childhood. Already there is a network of volunteer contractors, architects, and engineers ready to serve the community and begin constructing Herman’s House. Herman has asked that until his conviction is overturned and he walks out of Angola, The House be used as a community space committed to youth outreach and education.

The House is designed with a library, conference room and several guest bedrooms for “visiting activists and organizers” to stay in. It is designed to be an open space that facilitates the exchange of ideas, art and activism- a space to live and dream, and it welcomes all. Maintaining this integrity, The House That Herman Built has formed an official alliance with Leadership Discovery, a center for at-risk youth in New Orleans area, dedicated to the prevention of juvenile substance abuse. Ultimately, (maintaining the integrity of its community focus), The House will be a place for Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox to retire safely.

Let’s change things Contributers/ Consultants & Alliances

- Community Futures Collective - The National Coalition to Free The Angola 3 - ADPSR (Architects, Designers, and Planners for Social Responsibility) - Common Ground Collective - South Dublin County Council - Judson Memorial Church

- Puffin Foundation - Akademie Schloss Solitude - Amken Orthopedics - Frisch Masonry - Stanford University - The Ross School -F  rog Design, San Jose, California - Munich Design, Dublin

- One Day Soon - Futures Farmers/Free Soil - Beehive Collective, Portland Maine - Bhalla Foundation - Leadership Discovery - Frances Goldin, Literary Agent, NYC - Scott Gustafson, Architect

- Ann Marie and John Bugler, Certified Civil Engineers - Carlos Reyes, Sirina Fire Consultants and Engineers - Catherine Perret - Chris Colin - Burkhard Finken - Katya Bonnenfant

- Kristin Haring - Skip and Nikki Wilson - Jesse Drew - Enrique Chagoya - Marie Maciak

designed by munich

Herman & Jackie Fundraising Poster  
Herman & Jackie Fundraising Poster  

Herman and jackie are fundraising to build Herman’s House in His Hometown of New Orleans. they Have already raised $20,000 through gra...