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September 2018

New Vice President of Member Benefits named SAN ANTONIO – Cecily Kelly has been appointed Vice President of Member Benefits. Cecily replaces Kim Krueger who left her position in June to join her husband in the family business. In announcing Cecily’s appointment, Interim President and CEO Samantha Schulmeier said, “Cecily was a natural choice for this position. I am confident she will do a great job. During her time with us she has worked in all aspects of our member benefits and is very familiar with them and the important role they play in our organization.” Cecily joined the Member Benefits staff in 2008. She most recently held the position of Member Benefits Director. Before 2008, she worked for Hermann Sons Life as a dance instructor.

As Vice President of Member Benefits, she will oversee the Camp, Schools of Dance, Retirement Home, lodges, community service programs and company events. “I am excited to be taking on this new role,” Cecily said. “I believe in this organization and the great things that it does. I appreciate the confidence Samantha and the Board of Directors have shown in me and I promise to work hard to continue the tradition of excellent benefits that our members have come to expect and deserve.” Cecily has been a Hermann Sons Life member since 2010 and is currently serving as financial secretary of Lone Oak Lodge. She and husband John have two sons, Heydon and Brennan. They are a 100% Hermann Sons Life Family.

Cecily Kelly, left, is the new Vice President of Member Benefits. The appointment was made by Interim President and CEO Samantha Schulmeier, right, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Schools of Dance gearing up for new season New member referrals can earn cash rewards! The sound of tap shoes will soon be heard as the 32 Hermann Sons Life Schools of Dance get their 2018-2019 dance year under way. Parents are reminded that the deadline to register is Oct. 1 but classes will be starting after Sept. 1. Parents will be notified about the start of classes. Registration brochures were sent to junior members ages 3 to 17 who live in the areas where Schools of Dance are located. The brochure includes the login in-

formation needed to register. If you need help registering a dancer, call the Member Benefits Department at 800234-4124 for assistance. “We encourage parents to get their children registered as soon as possible,” Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly said. “We don’t want our dancers to miss out on any of their classes so the sooner they get registered the sooner they can start dancing.” See DANCE, Pg. 10

Page 2 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

HERMANN SONS LIFE USPS 242200 Periodicals Postage Paid at San Antonio, Texas Published Monthly by HERMANN SONS LIFE 515 S. St. Mary’s St. San Antonio, Texas 78205 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941 San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 DIRECTORS Sandra Jones, Chair Mike Beam Suzanne Hildebrand David Noak Stan Steiger David Wolf OFFICERS Interim President and CEO and Vice President of Operations and COO Samantha Schulmeier Vice President of Finance and CFO Harry Werland Vice President of Marketing Timothy P. Kolbe Vice President of Information Technology Matt Walker LAWS COMMITTEE

Norma Bruns Tommy Daum Agnes Dreibrodt Lillian Franckowiak Debbie Gold Charles Knibbe David Lewis Jeanette Preuss

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Doug Saathoff Laura Tiffin Lori Todd

A Message from the Board of Directors

Greetings to all members from the Board of Directors: The Board of Directors held its regular quarterly meeting on May 7-8 . Throughout our past year of service, the Board has evaluated many aspects of our organization, its strengths and its weaknesses . We are continuously working to ensure Hermann Sons Life remains a thriving company for many years to come . Our goal is to do whatever it takes to carry out the mission to strengthen community through financial protection and service while offering topnotch programs to our members . With this in mind, we recently chose to make some well-thought-out, but difficult decisions and effective May 7, 2018, it was decided that Allan W . “Buddy” Preuss would no longer be an employee of Hermann Sons Life and therefore no longer serves as President and CEO . We are actively reviewing candidates and conducting interviews in order to select a new President and CEO . In the meantime, our Vice President of Operations and COO, Samantha Schulmeier, has been working hard to also serve as our Interim President and CEO . We thank each and every member for their patience and continued confidence as we

strive to make Hermann Sons Life the best organization it can be . The remainder of the May 7 Board meeting was spent hearing quarterly reports from each of the Vice Presidents . Member Benefits Director Cecily Kelly gave a verbal report regarding her department . She showcased some of the merchandise that we are now selling in our new online store . Cecily also gave us the news she would be attending the American Fraternal Alliance Symposium in Chicago later in the month where she would lead a presentation regarding the methods we use to communicate with lodge officers . She explained that they have also asked her to discuss our recently released Impact Report . Cecily also reported that a new Assistant Manager for the Retirement Home, Barbara Kisselburg, had been selected following the passing of former Assistant Manager Brenda Treiber . She also spoke on the recent Leading with Heart event and indicated that by holding this event and eliminating the previous annual Statewide Rally and regional installations, the department was able to save $55,000 . Vice President of Operations and COO Samantha Schulmeier presented her report

which covered research regarding the 2021 Convention location, structure and dates and proposed medical underwriting changes that are designed to streamline the process while saving on our overall underwriting expenses . She also provided an update on the member information forms that had been mailed out with the name change endorsement . Thanks go to her department for handling approximately 11,700 forms and thanks go to the Marketing Department for getting requests to speak to an agent out to local agents promptly . Vice President of Information Technology Matt Walker gave his quarterly report that included a detailed update on the upcoming system upgrade that is already under way . He also spoke about how his department is keeping ahead of software and security issues that continue to plague many other businesses . Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe began his presentation by reviewing various production reports . The Board complimented him on the recent increase in sales . He reported that agents can now give quotes right on their phone and these quotes can be emailed directly to clients . He also See A MESSAGE, Pg. 8

Inside Lodge Reports Anton Wenzel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Austin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bellville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Boerne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brunhilde . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cameron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cat Spring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cibolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Columbus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Comfort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DaCosta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Deanville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dunlay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Edelweiss-Magnolia . . . . . . . . . . El Campo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fort Worth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fredericksburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Giddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Harmonia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Helotes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kerrville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

25 20 20 14 14 12 22 23 17 21 11 11 13 14 25 26 11 22 16 26 26 23 24 18

Kirby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kypfer-Salge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Laubach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lockhart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . McGregor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mission-Alamo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Moulton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . New Bielau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paige . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paul Vogt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pershing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Poth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rosenberg-Richmond . . . . . . . . Round Top . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rutersville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . San Marcos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Schulenburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Seguin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shelby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Siemering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spring Branch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Twin Sisters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vineta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Womack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Youth in Action

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 3

Lodges recognized for Join Hands Day projects SAN ANTONIO – Hermann Sons Life lodges have been recognized for their 2018 Join Hands Day projects. Three levels of Certificates of Achievement were recently presented to lodges that participated in this year’s program. Gold Level is for lodges that have 26-50 volunteers from the lodge and community members working together to organize an event to benefit the community. The Blue Level is for lodges that complete projects similar to the Gold Level but with fewer volunteers. The Black Level is for lodges that make donations including those that conduct food drives. Seven lodges received a Gold Level Certificate. They are Comfort, Giddings, Lone Oak, Mission-Alamo, Richland, Stockdale and Deanville. In announcing the awards, Vice President of Member Benefits

Cecily Kelly noted that these lodges carried out the true spirit of Join Hands Day by including youth in their projects. Comfort Lodge hosted a golf tournament to benefit the Camp’s Grief Support Session.

Members of the Comfort High School golf team helped out during the tournament. Giddings Lodge joined hands with children from an afterschool program to make Mother’s Day cards for the local nurs-

ing home residents. Lone Oak and Mission-Alamo lodges worked together with the Young Marines to host a hamburger dinner benefitting Kris Workman, a victim of the Sutherland Springs shooting. Richland Lodge joined hands with the Cele 4-H Club to place red rose bouquets and American flags on the graves in the St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery. This is the fourth straight year the two groups have worked together on a project. Stockdale Lodge joined hands with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in Stockdale to place U.S. and Confederate flags on the graves of veterans buried at the Stockdale Cemetery. Deanville Lodge partnered with the Deanville 4-H Club to collect coloring books and crayons for the Grief Support Session at Hermann Sons Life Camp.

Another 23 lodges received the Blue Level Certificate. They are Anton Wenzel, Austin, Bandera County, Bellville, Bexar, Columbia, Corpus Christi, Da Costa, Dallas, Fredericksburg, Gulf, Houston, Kirby, La Vernia, Moulton, New Bielau, Paul Vogt, Pershing, Round Top, San Marcos, Sealy, Shelby and Spring Branch. A total of 16 lodges received a Black Level Certificate. They are Bernardo, Boerne, Fort Worth, Hondo Victory, Kerrville, Lockhart, Louise Schuetze, McGregor, Niederwald, Plum, Rutersville, Schulenburg, Schwertner, Taylor, Twin Sisters and Vineta. Cecily said, “I want to personally thank all of our lodges that conducted a Join Hands Day project. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project was, it still made an impact in our local communities and that is always the goal of any community service project.”

Events and Rough Diamond from the Boerne area will SEPTEMBER 14 – Anton Wenzel Lodge will host its annual be showcasing some of their craft beers. Crispy Chicken Taco Dinner from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 22 – The Goodtime Polka & Waltz Club will host p.m. in the Rathskeller of the San Antonio Home Association Building, 525 S. St. Mary’s St. Cost is $6 for a plate that includes two tacos, rice and beans. Desserts will be available for 50 cents each. To purchase tickets and for more information, call Merlinda Elizondo at 210-815-3468. 15 – Cibolo Lodge will host a rummage sale in the parking lot at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 1129 Pat Booker Rd., Universal City. Proceeds will benefit St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. 22 – Pershing Lodge members and their guests will make their annual weekend trip to the beach. Call Terri Armstrong at 210-378-0319 for more information. 22 – Seguin Lodge will host a Food Truck Festival on Sept. 22 from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the lodge hall. Six to eight food trucks will be there with a variety of food. Vendors with be selling arts and crafts. For the children, there will be face painting and pony rides. BS Brewing, Seguin Brewing

a dance from 7-11 p.m. at Eagles Hall, 257 South St., New Braunfels. The Czech Melody Masters from Austin will provide the dance music. Guests are welcome. 29 – The Tee It Up For a Cause Golf Tournament sponsored by Harmonia Lodge will be held at The Republic Golf Club, 4226 S.E. Military Drive, San Antonio. For more information, call Harry Werland at 210-892-0274.

OCTOBER 13 – The Western Dance Club will host a dance

at the Da Costa Lodge Hall from 8 p.m. to midnight. Cost is $10 per person. The dance is open to the public. 27 – Helotes Lodge will host a public dance at Braun Hall to help raise funds for Saving Dog Rescue of San Antonio. The dance will be Halloween themed and costumes are welcome. This will be a family-friendly event.

If you would like to see your lodge’s event listed here and in the Events section of the Hermann Sons Life website, call Kathie Ninneman, 210-226-9261, ext. 273, or 1-800-234-4124, ext. 273, or email

Editor/Communications Director Kathie Ninneman 210-226-9261, ext. 273 email: Assistant Editor/Assistant Communications Director Elaine Soto 210-226-9261, ext. 279 email: Fax: 1-888-443-3377 or 210-892-0252 Website: All news articles and photographs should be mailed to: Editor, Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 or emailed to: Deadline for each monthly issue is the 10th of the month of publication. The Hermann Sons Life newspaper is an official publication of Hermann Sons Life. The management and editorial policy of the newspaper shall be in the hands of the President and CEO, and the President and CEO shall have the authority to appoint a member or members of Hermann Sons Life as editor and/or business manager thereof (Art. 38, Grand Lodge Laws).

Page 4 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018


September is Life Insurance Awareness Month By TIM KOLBE Vice President of Marketing Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver, professional athlete and entrepreneur, is the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month and in her third year as national spokesperson for Life Happens, an industry awareness organization devoted to financial wellness and life insurance education. At Hermann Sons Life, we want to share with our members some of Danica’s thoughts about life insurance awareness. When you consider how important life insurance is for people’s overall financial fitness, it’s clear that a lot of people are stalled on their financial journey. While 84 percent of

people say that most people need life insurance, only 68 percent say they personally need it and only 59 percent own some form of it, according to the 2018 Insurance Barometer Study, by Life Happens and

LIMRA. Danica says, “I’m on a personal journey, as I transition from the world of racing to a time when I can turn my hobbies and passions into what I do full time! I also feel like I’m

Agents attend workshop Hermann Sons Life agents attended a summer workshop Saturday, Aug. 11, at the Home Office in San Antonio. They heard from Roger Gertz about illustration software, from Underwriter Amy Heinsohn about updated underwriting guidelines and Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe provided other training segments.

Agents qualify for club membership SAN ANTONIO – With four months still left in the year, already 10 Hermann Sons Life agents have qualified for awards based on their sales production this year. There are three production clubs that agents can qualify for each year. The most prestigious is the President’s Club. The other two are the Executive Club and the Million Dollar Club. Four agents have already qualified for the President’s Club. They are Special Representative Becki Carley, Special Represen-

tative Eulla Krueger, Marlin Tanneberger from La Vernia and Carol Krauss from Seguin. Four other agents have qualified for the Executive Club. They are Kathryn Green from New Braunfels, Glenford Boehme from Castroville, Special Representative Teresa Saathoff and Special Representative Dan Boenig. Norma Bruns from Comfort and Roxy Pruski from Adkins have already qualified for the Million Dollar Club. The agents who have quali-

fied for the Executive Club and the Million Dollar Club could still move up to the President’s Club based on their sales for the rest of the year. “I am so proud of the agents who are knocking it out of the park with their sales efforts this year,” Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe said. “And I know that there will be several others who join them. This has been a good production year and I am confident that we will end the year on a high note. Keep up the good work!”

on a journey with you. This is our third year together (with Life Happens) spreading the word about the importance of life insurance. I’ve been a big advocate of life insurance since I began in racing, and it continues to be important as I grow my businesses, so I’m thrilled to carry the message to as many Americans as possible.” People procrastinate getting the life insurance they know they need. They come up with a lot of excuses, including 61 percent who say they have “other financial priorities” and 40 percent who say they haven’t bought it because they “don’t know what kind or how much to buy.” (2018 Insurance Barometer Study, Life Happens and LIMRA) Remember, you can’t get life insurance once you realize you need it. Life insurance eligibility is based on age and health.

Don’t wait until age or illness forces you to think about life insurance – you might not be insurable or it may not be affordable. Step by step. Goal by goal. Do that next good thing by putting financial protection in place with life insurance. Then, no matter what happens in your financial – or life – journey, your loved ones will be OK financially. Take that first step today. We can help. Life changes quickly. An annual policy review of your insurance policies is a smart thing to do. Call us at 800-234-4124 or visit us at Your area agent’s contact number can be found on Page 31 and on our website. We have the tools to help you determine your financial wellness, quickly and with little effort. Call us to get you on the journey to financial protection and wellness.

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 5

Marketing Basha wins $100 gift card for July recommenders The Marketing Department is recognizing 52 recommenders for the month of July. That makes 330 members recommending 435 new members to Hermann Sons Life in 2018. The winner of the $100 gift card for July is Elizabeth Basha from Marion Lodge. Recommender Agent Janet Abell, Louise Schuetze Lodge (^) Philip Abell Patricia Abell, Giddings Lodge William Hinkston Hannah Bartos, Schulenburg Lodge Mary K. Seifert Sara Elizabeth Basha, Marion Lodge (*) Lorene Bielke Madeline Bass, New Braunfels Lodge Kathryn Green Richard Walter Bass, New Braunfels Lodge Kathryn Green Whitney Bishop, Castroville Lodge Eulla Krueger Willie Brown, Brenham Lodge (*) Gary Falkenberg Bridgette Burnett, Gonzales Lodge (^) Bobbie Polasek Rachel Joseph Cannon, Prinz Solms Lodge Teresa Saathoff Cora Grace Centenni, Prinz Solms Lodge Teresa Saathoff Levi James Centenni, Prinz Solms Lodge Teresa Saathoff Violet Cordova, Karnes City Lodge Russell Swize Kylie Emma Deater, Cibolo Lodge Judy Schulmeier Henry Joseph Dirks, La Vernia Lodge Sharon Tanneberger Addison Kelli Eichler, Seguin Lodge (*) Annette Roecker Ashlyn Lee Engelke, La Vernia Lodge Sharon Tanneberger Kate Harper Erlanson, Seguin Lodge (*) Annette Roecker Jacoby John Frisby, Weesatche Lodge Laura Ann Tiffin Johanna Gilliam, New Bielau Lodge Mary K. Seifert Brenda Lynae Govea, Comfort Lodge Norma Bruns Finley Grace Harroff, Prinz Solms Lodge Teresa Saathoff Michael Ray Hayes, New Braunfels Lodge Norma Bruns Korbyn Hilsabeck, Comfort Lodge (&) Norma Bruns Shelley Hobbs, Gonzales Lodge Bobbie Polasek Charlotte Hold, Deanville Lodge Donnie Blinka Shelly Kay Hunt, Corpus Christi Lodge Pearl Hunt Alice Faye Kneifel, Bandera County Lodge Rayna Sue Irwin Halie Lynne Koehler, Louise Schuetze Lodge Tina Ynfante Autumn Elaine Krueger, Pershing Lodge Carol Krauss Julia Anne Landes, New Braunfels Lodge Judy Schulmeier John Langendorff, New Braunfels Lodge (*) Diane Terp Holly Rae Lehde, Gay Hill Lodge Donnie Blinka Emery Jay Leslie, New Braunfels Lodge Kathryn Green Briell Lina May, Boerne Lodge Rayna Sue Irwin Virgie Marie McCann, Nixon-Smiley Lodge (^) Pearl Hunt Kaylor Jace Nance, New Braunfels Lodge Kathryn Green Pamela Nichols, Poth Lodge Elizabeth Cutsinger Talia Dorothy Rachiele, New Braunfels Lodge Shirley Huebinger Teagan Rene Rutledge, Biry Lodge (*) Cynthia Sultenfuss Cordelia Santellan, New Braunfels Lodge Becki Carley Madalyn Saulsbury, Cibolo Lodge Kathryn Green Stephen Schellenberg, Dallas Lodge (*) Irene Schwertner Leah Nicole Schmidt, Giddings Lodge Loretta Chilek Kurt Semlinger, Poth Lodge Elizabeth Cutsinger Amanda Poth Tackitt, Poth Lodge Elizabeth Cutsinger Roy J Tschirhart Jr., Castroville Lodge Glenford Boehme Macey Vasbinder, Lone Oak Lodge Roxy Pruski Ana Vasquez, Siemering Lodge (*) Teresa Saathoff Sissily Vaughan, Comfort Lodge Norma Bruns Heather Whitaker, Biry Lodge (*) Cynthia Sultenfuss Avery Marie Zamora, Seguin Lodge Kathryn Green (*) Recommended 2 new members (^) Recommended 3 new members (&) Recommended 4 new members

Hermann Sons Life Senior Adult Final Expense Plan (SAFE) • Policy amounts range from $5,000 to $50,000 • Modified underwriting can accommodate some medical conditions (but this is not a guarantee issue plan) • The plan grows 2.5% annually on the face value (For example, a $10,000 plan grows by $250 each year the certificate is in force)

• Death benefits are paid tax-free to beneficiaries (Convert those bank CDs to a tax-free payout life insurance plan)

• Single premium. Pay once and you’re done. (Except for annual lodge membership dues)

Other plans are available that may suit your needs.

Contact your agent or the Home Office at 877-437-6266 or 210-527-9113

Interested in becoming a Hermann Sons Life agent? • Flexible Work Schedule

• Quarterly Bonuses

• Personalized Training and Mentoring (if necessary)

• Annual Trips and Contests

• Unlimited Earning Potential

• Engaging Programs

• Monthly Commissions

• Community Service Opportunities

Go to and read all about the requirements and expectations and to apply. Or call Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe at 877-437-6266.

Hermann Sons Life welcomes 100% Families 100% Family City Tamez/Hunt Family Corpus Christi Christopher Tamez Megan Hunt Alivia Tamez Urijah Tamez

Lodge Corpus Christi

Agent Pearl Hunt

Page 6 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

75 Years

bernice m. rudewick Louise Schuetze Lodge ruth m. poth Poth Lodge

70 Years

dorothy mae ziese Brenham Lodge

diana b. brown gladys foitik mary r. guenther j.a. himmelreich jr. annettte kunkel Poth Lodge barbara ann birkes dawn e. seilheimer Priddy Lodge

Pioneers peggy lynn dreiss clark alfred james dreiss elaine h. griffin elizabeth grace hohenberger henry j. holt jonathan ned pankratz joe erno spenrath Comfort Lodge lawrence d. wolter Corpus Christi Lodge

gary s. breitschopf phillip breitschopf jack m. dubose virginia s.g. nelson peggie c. schultz sandra dale sweeney Gonzales Lodge jay a. metting betty ann seifert Gruenau Lodge

stayton t. flowers DaCosta Lodge

john k. schwertner judith s. stewart Schwertner Lodge

henrietta culak arthur f. naumann Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge

lee j. brandt iii c.r. stappenbeck Siemering Lodge

janie loraine kenne Cuero Family Lodge

george emery spacek Giddings Lodge

weldon w. jonas calvin ray triesch Twin Sisters Lodge

larry wayne luhn penelope a. schmidt edwin p. trenck DaCosta Lodge

dolores f. lawrence marilyn e. oebel Vineta Lodge

jack l. stripling Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge

michele k. meleton Houston Lodge

donald g. stavinoha Flatonia Lodge

mary j. wittenburg Jackson County Lodge

connie y. bost patricik m. dooley rebertha b. duecker gwendolyn m. feaster sidney a. klinksiek marc wayne land annette l. mcdermott leola jane mills mary helen rees yvonne r. soorholtz marcia e. stehling Fredericksburg Lodge

ruby g. schumacher Jourdanton Lodge

jayne margaret hoff Goliad Lodge palma ann w. kelly Houston Lodge irene bartels doris marie salge Kypfer-Salge Lodge ralph schleicher Laubach Lodge milton w. doege La Vernia Lodge rose marie hughes Montgomery Lodge ronald w. schmidt New Braunfels Lodge jobeth marie kugel jo ruth neutzler Nordheim Lodge ruth c. lampman Pershing Lodge

victor arnold riske jr. charles l. wolf Yorktown Lodge

60 Years james henry starling Anton Wenzel Lodge marie d. marlow robert j. stasswender Austin Lodge lillie weishuhn Bernardo Lodge

timothy p. moehnke roy eugene preuss Coupland Lodge

carol susan bendele Bexar Lodge

florence l. bentke don gerald rash william harry steinbach Gay Hill Lodge

shirley ann neumann Brenham Lodge

r.l. stautzenberger General Bee Lodge

herman w. brune Columbus Lodge

lois jean herzik mark alan plagens Giddings Lodge

herbert ferd cresswell ronald j. herrmann charles h. kretzschmar dennis e. nollkamper jerry elton schroeder Harmonia Lodge twylia dianne waldon Haskell Lodge paul e. lutz Hondo Lodge

gretchen s. dupnik Karnes City Lodge w.w. ellebracht jr. douglas john hill karen l. pratt ann kessler shea Kerrville Lodge joel d. goode iii Knippa Lodge virginia ann hanz stanley g. pehl Kypfer-Salge Lodge lyle william haby janell r. huckle La Coste Lodge claude a. mertz La Grange Lodge

duane d. richter raynelle b. stautzenberger barbara waltisperger La Vernia Lodge randy j. rutherford Lockhart Lodge christy l. anglin Lone Oak Lodge becky ann benavides jackie l. carpenter sheila joyce coble laura dielmann davies vivian lee davis shirley m. greff kathleen m. kennedy kathleen m. knight linda k. lagrone susan d. noakes elizbaeth a. pilgrim janet lee schaefer Louise Schuetze Lodge joyce e. schaefer Marion Lodge kathleen m. shuey Mission-Alamo Lodge william christian herzer jr. New Bern Lodge alma mae gray frankie j. kainer New Bielau Lodge lorin monroe brehmer weldon o. brehmer jayne e. jochec russell g. meyer james c. stolte jr. marilyn weber New Braunfels Lodge alice ann dowdy mary jane zuercher Paul Vogt Lodge lillian franckowiak andrew janowski jr. Pershing Lodge continued on pg. 7

60 Years continued from Pg. 6 kathleen fay hensel robert e. stahmer joyce e. wied Plum Lodge louis mutz christa glenn a. hellums jr. frank j. risley Poth Lodge jerald t. forster margie susie grosser marilyn gail grosser ruth lytle j.a. schlinger jr. Prinz Solms Lodge sharyn kaye miller archie erwiin zabel Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge jo ann schlabach Round Rock Lodge laurens b. fish jr. San Marcos Lodge john oscar wolters Paul t. wolters Schulenburg Lodge barbara jean brenek juana kay Preston darwin ray schwertner jr. mona gale smalley Schwertner Lodge helmuth r. friedeck Seguin Lodge c.e. stluka Shiner Lodge doyle gene muske byron l. sommerlatte doris mae voelkel Shelby Lodge katherine g. hoPPer Shive Lodge robert e. schwall william r. schwall Siemering Lodge

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 7

Pioneers bennie lee Preiss Spring Branch Lodge robert louis harkey Taylor Lodge Patricia k. barger nancy jane geyer kimberly ann kalmus loretta ann strub Vineta Lodge jo ann hunter dorothy nell Peevey Waco-Robinson Lodge beth ann allison Weesatche Lodge david alton conrad Womack Lodge william d. metting w.c. niemeier Yorktown Lodge

50 Years carl cecil carson Anton Wenzel Lodge linda m. harms robert w. mickey Austin Lodge kenneth ray michalak Brenham Lodge mary n. green Brunhilde Lodge donna m. jaklich walter a. tschirhart Castroville Lodge myron roy dittert jay kevin luedecke sherri l. Putt Cat Spring Lodge judith regine dietz Cibolo Lodge cynthia r. farmer Columbia Lodge

bryan randolPh brinkmann michael scott brinkmann jerry e. flach lori ann henderson bettie jean rothenflue brian keith scheele Comfort Lodge

sarah jo Poerner Hondo Victory Lodge

darrell f. dreibrodt San Marcos Lodge

willie mae jasik Jourdanton Lodge

mildred m. bohlmann bricke lee mock albert j. muras james gerard Parma Schulenburg Lodge

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connie d. blowers Karnes City Lodge

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irene marek schwertner terry l. tibbetts Schwertner Lodge tamra l. beutnagel joyce elaine bode irene braune robert a. devereaux debra lynn doege kimberle ann doege lisa johnston dudley sabrina k. heinemeyer richard l. johnston julie keller mark rand Petrosky cathy lyn ray matthew lane reiland kimberly j. seibert Seguin Lodge jeffrey b. voelkel Shelby Lodge bobby alvin neubauer Shiner Lodge josePh k. buesing james curtis rehler donald g. steinbach Siemering Lodge deborah j. lain Penny a. lieck laurie b. luehlfing Spring Branch Lodge delilah l.w. harPer jay lee hobbs jr. deborah d.w. Page Patricia joyce stubblefield Patricia c. wilcox troyce dale wilcox Twin Sisters Lodge kimberly d. edwards dawn michelle groff bernice ann niemietz irene e. seiler Vineta Lodge steven j. buesing Weesatche Lodge brad layne lemke Yorktown Lodge

Page 8 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

A Message from the Board of Directors

Cont’d. from Pg. 2 notified the Board that Special Representative Al Stryk would be retiring from his position as of June 1 but will continue to serve as a field agent. Vice President of Finance and CFO Harry Werland gave his

report on the financial statement as well as the investment summary. He gave an overview of the financials, detailing that our solvency ratio had improved slightly. He anticipates an increase in annuity sales due to the upcoming 9-year annuity bonus rate offer.

Tuesday, May 8, was spent conducting Board subcommittee meetings. The Audit Committee reviewed several accounts and found everything regarding the process of payments to be in order. Reports were reviewed and they found no errors in the reporting of

expenses either. The Enterprise Risk Management Committee had a discussion on succession planning and will follow up with more plan details in August. The Board wishes to thank all members of the Executive Team and their staffs for all that

they do, as well as their continued support of our great organization. Thanks go to the membership for your faith and continued support as we continue to make hard, but necessary, decisions each day. We are here to serve you.

In Memoriam of Our Deceased Members gladys M. rosenbauM Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge Died Feb. 26, 2013 • Age 84

lucille j. hruska Ellinger Lodge Died May 11, 2018 • Age 57

louis c. luersen Maxwell Lodge Died June 6, 2018 • Age 88

kenneth terral Pershing Lodge Died June 19, 2018 • Age 99

anabel k. burnes Fredericksburg Lodge Died June 28, 2018 • Age 68

lauralyn kosler New Bielau Lodge Died Dec. 18, 2015 • Age 59

dixie ann crosby Louise Schuetze Lodge Died May 11, 2018 • Age 75

dorabel M. diPPel El Campo Lodge Died June 7, 2018 • Age 98

eleanor j. kindt Bryan Lodge Died June 19, 2018 • Age 100

josePhine klinksiek Fredericksburg Lodge Died June 28, 2018 • Age 89

irene e. Mieth New Bielau Lodge Died Feb. 9, 2017 • Age 86

nelson w. schultze Seguin Lodge Died May 12, 2018 • Age 73

elroy h. Peters Cuero Family Lodge Died June 10, 2018 • Age 93

Marion M. Pickett Harmonia Lodge Died June 19, 2018 • Age 93

Margaret a. wendeborn Old Glory Lodge Died July 2, 2018 • Age 85

adeline frieda laechelin San Marcos Lodge Died Aug. 11, 2017 • Age 90

cleo M. singleton Louise Schuetze Lodge Died May 13, 2018 • Age 93

adela j. sholl Vineta Lodge Died June 11, 2018 • Age 101

irene M. bendele Castroville Lodge Died June 20, 2018 • Age 105

PhilliP f. wessels Plum Lodge Died July 2, 2018 • Age 65

franklin r. billiMek Schulenburg Lodge Died Nov. 1, 2017 • Age 90

eleanora l. zuehlke Womack Lodge Died May 18, 2018 • Age 94

M.c. sueltenfuss Siemering Lodge Died June 13, 2018 • Age 93

frank castello Schulenburg Lodge Died June 22, 2018 • Age 83

Milton c. schMidt La Grange Lodge Died July 4, 2018 • Age 80

louise wisian Austin Lodge Died Jan. 17, 2018 • Age 93

Melissa ann wickel Round Top Lodge Died May 23, 2018 • Age 55

lillian c. sPeier Pershing Lodge Died June 16, 2018 • Age 97

luella Maurer Da Costa Lodge Died June 23, 2018 • Age 96

edward j. kadlecek jr. Moulton Lodge Died July 4, 2018 • Age 84

fred roeben Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died Jan. 26, 2018 • Age 98

williaM e. taylor Harmonia Lodge Died May 25, 2018 • Age 87

Martha ann binghaM Corpus Christi Lodge Died June 16, 2018 • Age 80

iMogene howard Vineta Lodge Died June 23, 2018 • Age 96

isabelle M. siePker Siemering Lodge Died July 5, 2018 • Age 86

Melvin a. schoening Helotes Lodge Died Jan. 28, 2018 • Age 96

edward h. frieda Anton Wenzel Lodge Died May 27, 2018 • Age 74

garry wayne jenke Giddings Lodge Died June 16, 2018 • Age 60

Melba l. fielding Yorktown Lodge Died June 25, 2018 • Age 79

gladys c. nieMann Corpus Christi Lodge Died July 5, 2018 • Age 89

barbara l. sablatura Deanville Lodge Died Feb. 9, 2018 • Age 70

carrol janice wuest Prinz Solms Lodge Died June 1, 2018 • Age 78

john walter Perry Deanville Lodge Died June 16, 2018 • Age 82

shirley a. wittMan Hochheim-Prairie Lodge Died June 25, 2018 • Age 81

Paula j. buley Vineta Lodge Died July 9, 2018 • Age 82

eva anita sPring Vineta Lodge Died Feb. 18, 2018 • Age 88

terry l. koy Sealy Lodge Died June 1, 2018 • Age 71

lewis e. rieMer Brenham Lodge Died June 17, 2018 • Age 81

Mary ruth lee Kerrville Lodge Died June 27, 2018 • Age 84

george louis siMecek Moulton Lodge Died July 10, 2018 • Age 77

leslie t. reed Siemering Lodge Died Feb. 20, 2018 • Age 85

thoMas a. adaMietz Hondo Lodge Died June 2, 2018 • Age 73

richard t. aelvoet Kirby Lodge Died June 18, 2018 • Age 83

leonard f. gohMert Mission-Alamo Lodge Died June 27, 2018 • Age 89

nettie Mae rogers Boerne Lodge Died July 11, 2018 • Age 85

katherine l. korth Deanville Lodge Died April 8, 2018 • Age 83

harold h. haecker Converse Lodge Died June 5, 2018 • Age 99

joyce a.t. ciPolla Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died June 18, 2018 • Age 91

john c. hoyo iv Harmonia Lodge Died June 28, 2018 • Age 35

gerald s. keller Castroville Lodge Died July 16, 2018 • Age 74

beth Milson Schulenburg Lodge Died May 4, 2018 • Age 27

estelle a. illhardt Seguin Lodge Died June 19, 2018 • Age 84

The names of deceased members are listed on this page only after a death claim has been filed.

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 9

Retirement Home

Visitors, festivities keep residents busy this summer COMFORT – Guests at the Home in July were Bud and Lorrie Myers, Baytown; Alvin J. Johnson, Boerne, Pershing Lodge; Janet and Rodney Tedford, Temple; Linde Young; Paul and Dareus Weppner; JoAnn Wedel; Mr. and Mrs. Thayer, San Antonio, Pershing Lodge; Barbara D’Spain, Boerne Lodge; Lucille Schreiver, Columbia, Mo.; Raeann and Al Biehle, Fredericksburg; Rhonda and Ryan Behrends, Stonewall; James Letney, Comfort; Gabrielle McCrae, Fredericksburg; Robert Boring; Jerry and Jala Hill, San Antonio; Ramona Romike, Georgetown;

Ray and Peggy Berry, Fulton, Pershing Lodge; Selena Wood, Lovington, N.M.; Max Frels, Houston: and Karen Carnevale, San Antonio. The menu for the Fourth of July was chili, hot dogs, chips and cherry cobbler with ice cream. Anton Wenzel Lodge members had lunch with residents on July 15. After lunch, they played games and provided prizes. Residents always enjoy these visits. Interim President and CEO Samantha Schulmeier, Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily

and Member Benefits Committee members Frank Brandon, Shirley Faske, Bradley Klein, Ed Kurtz and Laura Thigpen toured the Home on July 18 as part of their committee meeting. Residents always are happy to show off this wonderful benefit and look forward to their next visit. Birthday cake and ice cream were served at the noon meal on July 22. Honorees for July were Susan McGuire, Frank Edwards, Sam Franklin, Pat Feuge, Woody McClure, Rick McMahon, Chief Boring and Nina Spenrath. Roland Naumann enjoyed a New Orleans vacation in July. He

The Home residents want to thank the campers On July 12, campers and leaders entertained resiwho made the colorful Fourth of July greeting dents with skits and chalk art drawn on the sidecards for them. walks in front of the Home.

traveled with his daughter, Julie Sheldon, and his granddaughter, Michelle Sheldon. Highlights of the trip included a visit to the World War II museum and a ride on the Mississippi River aboard the Natchez Steamboat. They also stopped by the Nottoway Plantation on the way to New Orleans to tour the grounds. The

trio had a great time listening to the music in the French Quarter and eating at different places to sample the cuisine. Anglican Priest David Guthrie conducted chapel service and Holy Communion on July 23 with Al Schroeder and Kathy Bender assisting. – Helen Widner



ERNA E. KOEPP Donor: Laubach Lodge HENRY J. BOEHM JR. ALLEN E. NEUMANN JAY D. NEUMANN Donor: Brenham Lodge ALFRED F. KOTERAS Donor: Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge

Donations to the camp in Memory of: eRna e. koepp Donor: Laubach Lodge anna baxteR Milton c. scHMiDt Donor: La Grange Lodge

HenRy j. boeHM jR. allen e. neuMann jay D. neuMann Donor: Brenham Lodge juDy l. kRebs Donor: Burton Lodge

Donations to the camp scholarships Fund in Memory of: Also celebrating birthdays in July were Sam Franklin and Frank Edwards.

Pat Feuge was another of the July birthday celebrants.

RobeRt eaRl colDeWey Donor: La Vernia Lodge

Donors to the Grief support session: WicHita Falls loDGe state boWlinG touRnaMent

Donors to “Hugs From Home”:

Susan McGuire, left, and Nina Spenrath celebrated their birthdays in July.

Chief Boring also celebrated a birthday in July.

Roland Naumann and daughter Julie Sheldon vacationed in New Orleans in July.

caRol sWan lillie Mae DienGeR Wayne & janilla kilboRn Mission-alaMo loDGe joHn aDaMs suZanne HilDebRanD Royal Dossett san MaRcos loDGe

Page 10 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

Applicants sought for Camp position

SAN ANTONIO – Hermann Sons Life is currently accepting applications for the Executive Camp Director position. The position opened up at the end of the summer when Katie Miller returned to the classroom where she is teaching fourth

grade at Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School. Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly has posted the position on the American Camp Association website and the complete job description is printed on the right.

The online application can be completed by going to under “Contact Us.” “Our Camp is one of our greatest member benefits,” Cecily said. “So we want to find just the right person to be our next Executive Camp Director.”

Theriot receives Camp scholarship Alexandra Theriot, left, received her Hermann Sons Youth Camp-Shannon Leigh Gaffney Scholarship while working at Camp this summer. Past Executive Camp Director Katie Miller presented the scholarship. Alexandra, who is from Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge, will be attending Texas A&M University at College Station.

Dance classes start after Sept. 1 Cont’d. from Pg. 1 If you know someone who will be between the ages of 3 and 17 as of Sept. 1 of this year who would like to dance but is not a member, refer them to an agent. A dancer must be a member before he or she can register for a class. The deadline to submit a life insurance application for a child wanting to dance is Sept. 17. This will give the Underwriting Department time to process the application so the dancer can be registered before Oct. 1. Dancers and their families are encouraged to help increase membership in the Dance Program and Hermann Sons Life in general by recommending people

they know for membership. By doing so they will be entered in a special drawing that is being held exclusively for the Schools of Dance. Every time a dancer recommends someone for membership their name will be entered in a drawing. The person they recommend does not have to be another dancer, it can be an adult, in which case the Sept. 17 deadline does not apply. In November, the name of one recommender from each School of Dance will be drawn and that dancer will get their $50 assessment rebated. The $50 is part of the registration fee that each dancer pays when signing up for dance classes. This is the part of the fee that the Home Office

Puzzle answers for Pg. 28 Crossword puzzle answers: Across: 2. Lunch 6. Teacher 8. Pencil 11. Recess 12. Snack 14. Gym

16. Alphabet 18. Nurse Down: 1. Ruler 3. Notebook 4. Science 5. Textbook

7. Writing 9. Classmates 10. Library 13. Learn 15. Math

retains to help cover the cost of the program. The rest of the registration fee goes to the School of Dance to help it cover its costs. “We developed this campaign because we know that one of the best ways to increase membership is by word of mouth and our dancers and their families are some of our best ambassadors when it comes to spreading the word about our great life insurance products and member benefits like our Dance Program,” Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe said. “Our agents are standing by ready to meet with these prospective new members and explain to them all about how Hermann Sons Life can help them protect their families’ financial future.”

Executive Camp Director Job Description The Executive Camp Director is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of all phases of the Hermann Sons Life Camp. The Director reports to the Vice President of Member Benefits on the day-to-day operations and semi-annually reports Camp operations to the Member Benefits Committee. Qualifications: Must be at least 25 years of age to be accredited by the American Camp Association. Must have a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration, Education or other relevant field and have at least two seasons of director-level camp experience or have at least three years of experience as the camp director at an organized camp. Training, support and resources will be the administrative manual, American Camp Association membership, and educational training. Essential Job Functions: Must possess the character and morals to be a good role model for campers and staff. Must possess the physical energy needed to perform duties during a 15-hour day, 7-day week, and be able to move around the Camp property to supervise staff and campers. Must be able to communicate well with parents, campers and staff. Must have the knowledge and character to carry out the management of the Camp program and facility. Specific responsibilities of the Executive Camp Director: Review and implement all Camp policies. Select staff members through application review, background investigations, reference checks and interviews. Prepare employment agreements, collect employment paperwork and maintain personnel files. Prepare all staff training materials including manuals and development programs. Supervise the Hilltop and Riverside Camp Directors with summer duties and aid in the supervision of their staff and program implementations. Supervise all Director’s staff members including Food Service Director, Maintenance Director, Facilities Director, Health Management Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. Oversee Counselor-In-Training application and selection process and supervise the program. Oversee and enforce the implementation of Health Care and Risk Management programs. Prepare all program development and review camper programs including activities, nightly programs and special events. Secure supplies and follow purchase order system. Review and assess all American Camp Association standards, Texas Department of Health requirements and insurance carrier regulations. Keep in good contact with area emergency services. Plan and oversee all off-season special events like the staff Christmas party, director’s staff meetings (staffing, policies, programming and staff development planning), certification week, open house, alumni organization annual event, scholarship fund-raising events and special lodge events. Advertise and promote camp through the Hermann Sons Life newspaper and special events. Maintain Camp website through the Home Office Communications Department. Oversee major maintenance projects and develop long-term and short-term maintenance plans.

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 11

CIT applications now being accepted

Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge makes donation Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge has made a donation to the Comfort Volunteer Fire Department that will make it possible for the department to buy a new fire hose. Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe, left, and Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly delivered the donation to Comfort. Fire Chief Adam Eichholz accepted the donation. According to Jerry Ziemnicki, Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge supports the Comfort VFD because it serves the Retirement Home and Camp properties.

COMFORT – Applications are now being accepted for the Counselor-in-Training Program for the summer of 2019. To be eligible to apply, you must be a past Hermann Sons Life camper, a current member of Hermann Sons Life, and you must turn 15 by Sept. 1, 2019. Eligible applicants will be invited to an overnight interview camp in Comfort. The CIT program offers past campers educational and leadership experiences, preparing them to be the future leaders of Camp and their communities. The application is available

online at counselor-training-application. Applications are due no later than Sept. 30, 2018. If you have

questions about the CIT program, contact Camp by calling 830-995-3223 or emailing

Comfort Family Barbecue on Sept. 9 COMFORT – Comfort Lodge will hold its annual Family Barbecue on Sunday, Sept. 9, at Hilltop Camp. The social hour will begin at 3 p.m. and pin presentations will take place at 5 p.m. Following the presentations a catered meal from Bill Miller’s will be served. To ensure an accurate count, call or text Norma Bruns at 210-9127511 no later than Aug. 29. Members enjoyed a barbecue chicken dinner at the Aug. 13

meeting held at the VFW Hall in Comfort. Members were reminded that the lodge will serve a potluck meal prior to the Monday, Oct. 8, meeting. Before the meal games will be available and the annual tiny trick-or-treat will be held. Members are encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costumes. Members should bring 15-20 individually wrapped pieces of candy with them to distribute. – Katie Miller Rosie Franklin, left, and Kendall Preuss celebrated their August birthdays at the Comfort Lodge meeting. Grandparents were recognized at the Comfort Lodge August meeting. Grandparents who had their grandchildren at the meeting included, from left, Melissa Preuss and Buddy and Elizabeth Preuss. They are pictured with, from left, Hudson and Aiden Ranney and Bailey and Kendall Preuss.

Fathers’ daughters stay in same dorm 35 years later These two fathers and their daughters attended Hermann Sons Life Camp exactly 35 years apart. They even stayed in the same dorm. What is now Hawk was known as No. 7 back when Justin Cain, left, and Greg Koerner, right, stayed there. The girls are Jessica Cain and Jenna Koerner. The fathers remarked that things look and feel the same as they did more than three decades ago. “Just thought we would share what a special place Hermann Sons has been throughout the years,” Greg said. “Love what you do for these kids.”

Columbus agents give updates, next meeting set for Oct. 8 COLUMBUS – The next meeting of Columbus Lodge is set for Monday, Oct. 8, at 7 p.m. At the Aug. 13 meeting, Agent Robin Maertz reported she and husband Terrel, also an agent, recently attended a workshop at the Home Office in San An-

tonio. She also reported on annuity interest rates and said registration is under way for the Schulenburg School of Dance through Oct. 1. Robin also shared a brochure of Hermann Sons Life merchandise available for purchase through the Home

Office. Members celebrating birthdays in July were Herman Brune, Helen Hammack, Nora Lou Peeler, Paige Sebesta, Juan Sanchez, Anne Dimas and Lynn Buxkamper. August celebrants were Nicholas Leopold, Carolyn

Renz, Constance Sebesta, Christopher Wienken, Alex Fritsch, Ryan Peters, Henry Smahlik, Dawnah Pina, Jessica Dimas, Stephen Ashorn and Kevin Lilie. Celebrating anniversaries in August were Adrian and Virginia Fritsch, 62 years; Rhanda

and Bill Lattimore, 33 years; and Douglas and Virginia Lilie, 63 years. Everyone enjoyed refreshments following the entertainment led by Doug and Virginia Lilie. – Reporter

Page 12 – Hermann Sons Life – Septembert 2018

Agent Janice Kuhen, left, presents Billie Jo Roberts with her 50-year membership pin at the August Lockhart Lodge meeting. Billie Jo has been a member since Oct. 6, 1968.

Door prize winners at the August Lockhart Lodge meeting were, standing, Darrell Hess and Janice Kuhen and, seated, Billie Jo Roberts.

LOCKHART – Lockhart Lodge will meet Oct. 7 at 5 p.m. at Chisholm Trail Barbecue. At the Aug. 5 meeting, Carter Ellis Jones of San Marcos was welcomed as a new member. John Joseph Grigar IV was remembered with a moment of silence. He had been a member for 30 years when he passed away in April at the age of 39. Agent Janice Kuhen handed

received the Black Level Certificate of Achievement. A donation was approved for the Retirement Home Christmas Fund. Ray Pfefferkorn reminded members it is time to start planning a Make a Difference Day project and to select the 2018 Humanitarian Award recipient. – Reporter

Ray and Debbie Pfefferkorn celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in August. They are members of Lockhart Lodge.

Lockhart welcomes new member out brochures featuring Hermann Sons Life shirts, dominoes, koozies, playing cards and caps that are now for sale. A thank you note was read from the Lockhart Area Senior Activity Center for the lodge’s donation toward the purchase of new card tables for the center. This was the lodge’s Join Hands Day project for which it

Brunhilde collecting craft items SAN ANTONIO – Brunhilde Lodge members enjoyed a Chinese dinner prior to the July meeting. The lodge furnished the meal. Discussion was held on how to attract new members. Members will be collecting donations for the Center for Behavioral Health of San Antonio. Items needed are craft items such as buttons, beads, material and trims, as well as clothing, blankets and toys. Patty Shippey was celebrating a birthday. Celebrating anniversaries were Hanne and Ray Halter, 40 years, and Jim and Liese Stacks, 63 years. The meeting concluded with a drawing for door prizes. – Reporter

Lil Pfefferkorn from Lockhart Lodge celebrated her birthday in August.

Brianna Maha receives her Poth Lodge scholarship from President Paul Hosek.

Poth presents scholarship

Visiting at the July Brunhilde Lodge meeting are, from left, Liese Stacks, Maria Pieske, Annamarie Schaffer-Lopez and Jim Stacks.

Paul and Else Gottschalk attended the July meeting of Brunhilde Lodge.

POTH – Brianna Maha was presented with a scholarship check at the August meeting of Poth Lodge. She will be attending Texas State University. She earned some college credits while still in high school. Welcomed as new members were Scarlett Marie Semlinger, Shane James Semlinger, Sawyer Eva Semlinger and Kinsley Charlice Semlinger. Three names were drawn for the kitty but Jamie L. Taylor, Douglas James Noll and Lisa Lynn Knott were not in attendance. The prize increases by $2 for next time. Chicken salad and desserts were enjoyed along with games. – Beth Cutsinger

Poth Lodge President Paul Hosek celebrated his 87th birthday in August.

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 13

Da Costa Lodge to elect officers at Oct. 9 meeting DA COSTA – Da Costa Lodge held its annual Summer Family Social on Sunday, Aug. 12. A total of 185 members and guests were in attendance. The silent auction of items donated by members added more than $1,000 to the lodge’s scholarship fund. A fourth generation member was welcomed. She is Daisy June Gates. Megan Beard received her scholarship money and thanked members and talked about her plans for the future. A group of campers was present and they were recognized. Members brought canned goods that will be donated to Victoria Christian Assistance Ministry. The upcoming Western Dances will be held Sept. 22, Oct. 13 and Nov. 3. These are open to the public. The next meeting will be held Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. at the hall and will include officer elections. The lodge is still seeking new hall management. – Reporter

Paige Lodge meets Sept. 9 PAIGE – Paige Lodge will meet Sept. 9. A sandwich potluck lunch will be served prior to the meeting. Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month at the lodge hall, 128 N. Main in Paige at noon. Members and guests enjoyed a hamburger lunch prior to the July 8 meeting. Special thanks go to Ronnie Harmon for grilling the burgers. President Chelle Dube shared brochures of Hermann Sons Life merchandise that can be purchased from the Home Office. Frank Bilberry won the attendance prize and Troy Kunkel won the dollar pot. Members enjoyed games after the meeting. Special thanks go to Michael, Chelle and Halle Dube for calling the games. For insurance needs, contact Agent Chelle Dube at 512-7403518. – Sandy Botkin

Two members of Da Costa Lodge received their 70-year membership pins at the Summer Social. They are Lillie Hosek, left, a member since Jan. 27, 1948, and Stayton Flowers, a member since Sept. 10, 1948. They are pictured with lodge President Geraldine Venglar, far left, and Interim President and CEO Samantha Schulmeier, far right.

The newest member of Da Costa Lodge is a fourth generation member of Hermann Sons Life. She is Daisy June Gates who is being held by her great-grandmother, Emma Gates. Her grandfather is Scott Gates, right, and her father is Preston Gates, left.

Five members of Da Costa Lodge received their 50-year membership pins from Interim President and CEO Samantha Schulmeier during the lodge’s Summer Social. Pictured are, from left, Gail Repka and Craig Sauer, both members since Sept. 2, 1968; Alice Zeplin, a member since April 7, 1968; Lisa Stryk, a member since Oct. 8, 1958; Samantha; and John Melcher Jr., a member since Sept. 11, 1968.

Junior members of Da Costa Lodge who attended Hermann Sons Life Camp this summer are pictured at the lodge’s Summer Social. They are, back, from left, Austin Greer, Ben Curlee, Courtland Curlee, front, from left, Blake Thigpen, Jacob Dentler and Emaleigh Martinka.

Members of Da Costa Lodge are pictured with the donations they made to Victoria Christian Assistance Ministry during the Summer Social. Pictured are, from left, Joe Pustka, Interim President and CEO Samantha Schulmeier, Pam Dornak, Megan Beard, LaVerne Hajek, Jillian Martinka, Sayra Martinka, Bernice Fabian, James Venglar and Geraldine Venglar.

Megan Beard receives her scholarship check from Da Costa Lodge President Geraldine Venglar during the lodge’s Summer Social.

Page 14 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

Boerne to hear presentation on medical transportation BOERNE – Boerne Lodge will meet Friday, Sept. 7, at 12 noon at Kronkosky Place. Lunch reservations must be made in advance by calling the Rainbow Senior Center at 830-249-2114 by 9 a.m. the day of the meeting. A representative from MASA MTS (Medical Transport Solutions) will give a presentation on emergency transportation by ground or air. This company offers financial coverage in the event that an emergency transport is necessary and health insurance doesn’t adequately cover the expense. Ron Cortez was the guest speaker at the Aug. 3 meeting. He spoke about his job as a Veteran’s Service Officer for Kendall County.

Ron served in the military and has walked the same path, speaks the same language and appreciates the challenges of military life. Ron is responsible for assisting armed forces veterans and their dependents who reside in Kendall County with the legal benefits available to them under federal and state laws. Ron helps navigate benefits for veterans by helping with the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims after gathering the supporting documents needed in order to file a claim with the Veterans Administration. There is no charge for this service. If you are or know a veteran who might benefit from Ron’s assistance call

him at 830-249-2114 ext. 336 for an appointment. Kayla May was welcomed into the lodge as a new junior member. Marilyn Vogt read correspondence from Kalyann Palacios and Chris Rogers thanking the lodge for the scholarship money they recently received. She also read a letter from the Home Office thanking the lodge for its participation in Join Hands Day. Condolences are extended to the family of Nettie Mae Hodges. The lodge will make a donation to Herman Sons Life Camp in her memory. Barbara Christensen, Esther Faecher, Elizabeth Markell, Don D’Spain and Annette Bourgeois celebrated August birthdays.

Ron Cortez was the guest speaker at the August meeting of Boerne Lodge. All birthday  members present at the lodge meeting  received a free meal ticket to the Rainbow Senior Center for fu-

ture use. Mike Solarczyk was the winner of the door prize. – Barbara D’Spain

Brenham makes donations to voluneer fire departments BRENHAM – Brenham Lodge met July 13. Members enjoyed a meal of ham salad and chicken salad sandwiches prepared by Nina Runge and Shirley Ganske. Members provided desserts. Special Representative Gary Falkenberg was in attendance and spoke on the importance of having life insurance. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Dr. Henry J. Boehm Jr. Thank you notes were read from the Washington Volunteer Fire Department, the Burton VFD, the Berlin-Mill Creek-Zionsville VFD and from Hospice-Brenham for the recent donations from the Games Fund. The Cheer Committee mailed get-well cards to Alvin Free, Gloria Hanath and Rosalie Renner.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries in July at the Brenham Lodge meeting were, from left, Bill and Shirley Rowan and Betty and Jack Schramm. Sympathy cards were mailed to Mrs. Henry Boehm Jr. following the passing of her husband and to Jeffrey Preuss, Eric, Holden and

Emily Preuss following the passing of Jeff’s sister-in-law and the children’s aunt, Felecia Lambert. Sympathy was extended to Pearl-

Brenham Lodge members celebrating birthdays in July were, from left, Gilbert Spinn, Evelyn Haack and Kenneth Kettler. ie and Richard Hanath following the passing of a cousin, Jerry Eckert. President Jeanette Preuss

thanked Nina Runge, Shirley Ganske, Evelyn Harmel and Betty Schramm for their help with the meal. – Reporter

Dallas Lodge members to volunteer at City Square pantry DALLAS – Dallas Lodge will hold its next business meeting on Sept. 23 at 1 p.m. at the Dallas Hall. Members are asked to save the date and attend to support the lodge. Members were reminded at the July 22 meeting that

nine more new members are needed in order for the lodge to meet its 2018 goal. Recommenders are eligible to receive a $100 gift card. The lodge met its goal of eight new members in 2017. Three students have applied for the lodge’s scholarship.

They are Skylar Lindsey, Kaytlan Meusel and Sloan Stewart. Once the lodge receives their college enrollment confirmation letters, members will vote to approve a $500 scholarship for each. In observance of Make a Difference Day, members will vol-

unteer at the City Square food pantry. Eva Day is in charge of arrangements. Alan D. Stephenson is now a 60-year member. He joined July 17, 1958, and resides in Duncanville. Lucky Terri Holmes won the attendance prize.

Glen Marvin reported that the Hermann Sons Life float will be in Dallas on Sept. 28 for the State Fair Parade. Details pending. Guests from Columbia Lodge were Debra Hundley, Glen Marvin and Bob Sullivan. – Reporter

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 15

Schulenburg Lodge welcomes new members SCHULENBURG – Schulenburg Lodge meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Schulenburg Community Center beginning with refreshments at 6:30 p.m. Dinner and the meeting follow at 7 p.m. Fish and fries are on the menu for September. Shirley Machicek, Emma Nitschke and Dorothy Ellebracht will bring desserts. Frank and Becky Bohlmann are in charge of ice and the kitchen. Welcomed as new members at the August meeting were McKenna Wind Patterson, Bryson Jamiere Henry and Makayla Louise Williams. Mary K. Seifert reported that the Hermann Sons Life float was entered in the Schulenburg Festival Parade. Riding the float were Frank Bohlmann, Junette Rodecap, Mary K. Seifert, Debora Jones and dancers Zayda Lara

Celebrating August birthdays at the Schulenburg Lodge meeting were Elmer Ulrich and Verdell Hafer. and Katry Kobza. Anthony Kolbe brought the float from San Antonio and drove it in the parade. A sympathy card was sent to Verlene Hoffmann and family following the loss of her hus-

Riding the Hermann Sons Life float in the Schulenburg Festival Parade were Frank Bohlmann, Junette Rodecap, Mary K. Seifert, Debora Jones, Katry Kobza and Zayda Lara. band, Leroy Hoffmann. Elmer and Arline Ulrich donated to the scholarship fund in memory of Jimmy Dieringer.

Prize winners were Shirley Machicek, Alton Hafer, Dorothy Ellebracht, Grace Baylor and Paul Dittrich.

President Ed Moeller grilled the chicken and thanked all who contributed to the meal. – Junette Rodecap

Womack to meet Sept. 2 WOMACK – Womack Lodge will meet Sept. 2 at 4 p.m. Membership pins will be presented to long-standing members. A covered-dish meal will be served. Mark your calendar and plan to attend. The June 23 fish fry benefitting the Clifton Volunteer Fire Department was a success. The food was great and attendance was good. The public showed its appreciation to the local fire department by attending the event. At the Aug. 5 meeting, David Conrad won the 50/50 drawing and Calvin Rueter won the attendance prize. David and Dorothy Conrad hosted the evening meeting and sandwich supper. – Nadine Rueter

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Edna Meinkowsky celebrated 70 years of Hermann Sons Life membership at the July meeting of Round Top Lodge. She is pictured with son Leonard and lodge President Lila Garlin.

Celebrating anniversaries at the July Round Top Lodge meeting were, from left, Ted and Margie Stardig and Mert and Leonard Meinkowsky.

Meinkowsky shares history

Round Top Lodge honors 70-year member ROUND TOP – Round Top Lodge honored a 70-year member at the July 26 meeting. Edna Meinkowsky joined Ciderhiem Lodge on June 6, 1948, in Clifton. She recalls that it was a ladies lodge that spoke only German and met at the Live Oak Hall. Later it merged with the men’s lodge and met at Womack

Hall. In 1956 she and her late husband, W.H. Meinkowsky, moved to Carmine and joined Round Top Lodge. Edna still lives in Carmine. A thank you note was read from the family of Melissa Wickel. Agent Linda Mattocks mentioned the agent workshop she

would be attending in San Antonio on Aug 11. She noted that the lodge needs eight more new members to meet its annual goal. She also talked about the cruise that she had just taken with ports in Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada. Jim Mattocks, Sophie Rauch, Edna Meinkowsky, Virgie Hall

and Ted Stardig won the attendance prizes. Mary Rauch, Lila Garlin, Linda Mattocks, Melanie Rauch, Margie Stardig, Jeanette Schoenst, Leonard Meinkowsky and Barton Garlin won the door prizes. Everyone enjoyed refreshments and fellowship. – Jeanette Schoenst

Page 16 – Hermann Sons Life – Septembert 2018

Fort Worth Lodge invites campers to Sept. 9 meeting FORT WORTH – Fort Worth is happy to welcome new member Sherry Ozmun. Sherry’s mom has been a member for many years and she decided it was time to be part of the family tradition. Youth Coordinator Ronnie Jones reports he will be announcing Camp prize winners at the September meeting. He would like to say “thanks” to all the campers who submitted their form for t-shirts and the parents for all the pictures of campers this year. Campers are invited to attend the Sept. 9 meeting and share their Camp stories. Who knows you might be present and hear your name read as a winner. The meeting will be held at

Westcreek Lane. There are lots of things to discuss including plans for the last few months of the year and the upcoming year. The 54th annual Hermann Sons Life Bowling Tournament is now complete. Members of Fort Worth and Dallas lodges did their usual hang out at the pool on Saturday night. Some of the lodge’s members are on the board so congratulations to them. Ronnie Burns and Donnie Burns came home with some extra money since one won the 50/50 on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Want to be a part of the fun next year in Austin? Join a league in September or come bowl with other Fort Worth Lodge members on Wednesday nights to

get an average. Sympathy is extended to the family of Kyle Owen. Kyle had been a member of the lodge since 1984. Happy “21st” Anniversary wishes go to Bill and Karen Burns-Lane. Hope you have many more. Happy Birthday wishes go to Otto Brauer, Jo Ann Bullock, Donnie Burns, Ronnie Burns, Darby Durbin (happy 16th birthday), Krystal Eshoo (happy 16th birthday), Cole Gibson, Ronnie Jones, Devon Kassler, Sharon Kassler, Ronnie Burns-Lane, Cody McLaughlin, Rick Murphy, John Stephenson, Mary Terrell, Autumn Whitley and Lindsey Williams. – Sandra Jones

Alexis Castor shows off the Hermann Sons Life Fort Worth tshirt she wore to Camp this year. This was her second year to attend.

Caden Jones was a third-year camper and sister Makayla was a Counselor in Training II at Camp this year. Both are members of Fort Worth Lodge.

Vineta Lodge to hold anniversary celebration Sept. 6 SAN ANTONIO – Vineta Lodge is making plans for its anniversary celebration on Sept 6. A roast beef meal with the trimmings will be served. Make reservations by calling 210- 6025147 by Aug. 31. Past presidents will be honored and pins will be presented to pioneer members. If you received a letter about your pioneer pin, call Ruth Bailey at 210-602-5147 and plan to attend so you can be honored. On Sept. 19 a social gathering

will begin at 10:30 a.m. Games will be played and then lunch will be served. Thanks go to Debbie Jordan for preparing the meat loaf served at the August meeting and to all the members for the covered dishes. Birthday honorees Gladys Garrett and Lorene Kreusel provided the cake. Thanks go to all members who brought school supplies. The supplies will be donated to the Children’s Shelter of San Antonio.

Welcomed as a new junior member was Lilliana Meilani Ojeda. Attendance prize winners were Beth Byron, Annette Unger, Yvonne Anderson and Carol Bielke. The split-the-pot winner was Lorene Kreusel. Hope to see lots of members at the anniversary celebration on Sept. 7 for an evening of fellowship and fond memories. – Reporter

New Bielau to meet Sept. 24 WEIMAR – New Bielau Lodge will meet Sept. 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the New Bielau Community Center. The lodge welcomed new member Dale Cole Dellinger at the July meeting. Gladys Dietrich has transferred to Rutersville Lodge. Agent Mary Kay Seifert was in attendance and spoke about dance registration. Three people were celebrating birthdays, Al Marshall, Mariette Bellamy and Dorothy Chevalier. Members enjoyed ice cream and cake. – Harlene Novak

Vineta Lodge President Debbie Jordan, from left, presents scholarship checks to Hannah Jordan and Elaine Unger.

Vineta Lodge members, from left, Lillian Unger, Laura Krueger, Elizabeth Krueger and Elaine Unger are pictured with the school supplies and clothing members donated to the Children’s Shelter of San Antonio.

Vineta Lodge members celebrating birthdays in August were, from left, Gladys Garrett, Lillian Unger and Lorene Kreusel.

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 17

Cibolo hosts director of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children SAN ANTONIO – Summer greetings from Cibolo Lodge. Cynthia Lopez, director of development at St Jude’s Ranch for Children, was the guest speaker at the August meeting. SJRC will be the recipient of the lodge’s Matching Funds rummage sale this year. Cindy explained that SJRC cares for children who have been removed from their homes by the Department of Family and Protective Services. They provide care for these children 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They care for them, feed them, clothe them, take them to and from school, help with homework, help them with extracurricular activities, nurture them and above all else help them to heal from any trauma they have experienced. There are three area locations, New Braunfels, San Antonio and Bulverde. In San Antonio, they have a child placement agency for families willing to foster any of these children or adopting any of the children. They only receive 50 percent of their support from the state, while providing 100 percent of the care for the children and they have approximately 100 children in their care at this time. Anyone wanting more information or tours of their facilities is always welcome and donations are welcome at any

Joy Brown presents Zane Gray with a $400 scholarship from Cibolo Lodge. time. For more information visit their website - If you prefer to call their numbers are 210-592-1156 for San Antonio and 830-629-0659 for New Braunfels. Members of the SJRC staff will help with the rummage sale on Sept. 15 in the parking lot of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Universal City. The memorial service was held in remembrance of Mervin Hess and Freddy Goerke. Freddy Goerke’s family members were presented with a certificate and a bouquet of flowers in remembrance of their loved one. Special thanks go to David Goerke, son of Freddy Goerke, who prepared the pot roast for the meeting. The regular meeting was held

after the memorial service. Welcomed as new members were juniors Addison Lynn Tilton, Audrey Kay Tilton, Kaylynn Grace Tymrak, Cade Price Sheffield, Kimber Claire Stiffler, Lawson Reid Stiffler, Savannah L. Smith, Jackson Thomas Mann, Josiah Clayton Robinson, Hannah Elaine Robinson and adult Sheri Sauder. In observance of Make a Difference Day on Friday, Oct. 26, the lodge will host a games party at Autumn Winds Nursing Home. Members are donating the prizes. Attendance award winners were Kasey Shepherd and Zane Gray and the junior winner was Bret Gray. Jonny Brown won the $58 in the special attendance drawing for those in atten-

Members of Freddy Goerke’s family attended the memorial service held as part of the August Cibolo Lodge meeting. Pictured are, from left, Vice President Sherry Rakowitz, President John Gray, Beverly Goerke, Sarah Cassford and David Goerke.

Cliff and Nell Shepherd celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary in August. They are members of Cibolo Lodge.

Jonny Brown won the special attendance award at the Cibolo Lodge meeting. Joy Brown presented him with his check.

dance. Side dish winner was the cucumbers prepared by Gail Gray and the best dessert was yeast rolls prepared by Sherry Rakowitz.

The main dish for the September meeting meal will be Costco’s rotisserie chicken. A pie contest will be part of the evening’s activities. – Tracy Campos

Spring Branch to meet Sept. 16 at Bulverde Community Center SPRING BRANCH – Spring Branch Lodge will meet Sept. 16 at the Bulverde Community Center beginning at 2:30 p.m. The lodge’s July meeting was held at the Knibbe Ranch in Spring Branch. Special guests were Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe and wife Cheryl. Tim presented membership pins to two members. Carol Ann Saur received her 60-year pin. She has been a member since Aug. 8, 1958. Alverne Halloran received her 50-year pin. She has been a member since May 19, 1968. Receiving their 60-year pins by

mail will be Calvin Biesenbach, a member since Feb. 27, 1958; Wayne Allen Saur, a member since Aug. 8, 1968; Leonhardt Henry Laubach Jr., a member since Oct. 1, 1958; Bennie Lee Preiss, a member since Sept. 26, 1958; and Susan Lorraine Wehe, a member since July 25, 1968. Four new junior members were welcomed. A sympathy card was sent to the family of Carmen Rittiman who passed away recently. A $50 donation will be made in her memory. Carmen was the cheerperson for the lodge for many years. She will be greatly missed by all who were

fortunate to have known her. Agent Gloria Gass reported there would be a workshop for agents in August. President Sharon Knibbe reported that 44 people are signed up to go on the trip to New York and New Jersey in October. Winners of the attendance prizes were Ed Geffken, Norman Kuebel, Sandra Duncan, Phyllis Havens, Bill Woody, Alverne Halloran, Gloria Gass, Darrell Woody, Ben Havens, Cliff Klabunde, Carol Ann Saur and Mary Woody Sharon and Chuck Knibbe prepared the meal. – Jane Wanke

Gloria Gass, from left, and Alverne Halloran were the birthday girls attending the July meeting of Spring Branch Lodge. They are pictured with lodge President Sharon Knibbe. Alverne also received her 50year membership pin during the meeting.

Page 18 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

Seguin Lodge to host food truck festival Sept. 22

SEGUIN – Seguin Lodge will host a Food Truck Festival on Sept. 22 from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the lodge hall. Six to eight food trucks will be there with a variety of food to experience. Be sure to bring your Christmas shopping list because there will also be vendors with all sorts of arts and crafts available. For the children, there will be face painting and pony rides. BS Brewing, Seguin Brewing and Rough Diamond from the Boerne area will be showcasing some of their craft beers. This is one of the lodge’s big fund-raising events for the year. Come out and join the fun. At the July 19 meeting, guests included Tammy Rudloff, Em-

ily Wilkerson and Emily’s three godchildren, Carmen, Celina and Carlos Montanez III. Agent Annette Roecker reported insurance sales are going well and the lodge is closing in on its new member goal for the year. She asked members to get those referrals in. She also requested members send in Camp photos so they could be posted to the lodge’s Facebook page. A meet the dance teacher meeting was held in August. Thanks go to all who came out. The program is looking forward to a great dance season. Make a Difference Day was discussed. This year the lodge is reaching out to all its members to continue helping coastal

neighbors of Rockport who are still trying to rebuild their community. Members are asked to collect household items, children’s and adult clothing, coats, blankets, nonperishable food items, bug repellant and ant poison. The items will be collected through Oct. 21 at the hall. Members will then take all the collected items to the mayor of Rockport for distribution. If you have any items for this effort, call any lodge officer. Celebrating July birthdays were Evelyn Neumann, Brenda Schrank and Doug Christmas. Attendance-prize winners were Doug Christmas, Cheryl Gescheidle, Emily Wilkerson, Roy Merz and Brenda Schrank.

Prize winners at the July meeting of Seguin Lodge were, from left, Cheryl Gescheidle, Joi Barnes, Ernie Kropp, Mary Ann Bienek, Jeremy Huebner, Emily Wilkerson, Brenda Schrank and Roy Merz. Door prizes were jars of M&M candies and the winners were Ernie Kropp, Mary Ann Bienek, Jeremy Huebner and Joi Barnes. Split-the-pot winner was Jer-

emy Huebner. Penny Wright’s name was drawn for the progressive prize but she was not present to win. – Cheryl Kolbe

Rutersville will discuss annual benefit RUTERSVILLE – Rutersville Lodge will meet Sept. 5. A potluck meal is planned. Discussion will be held on the annual benefit scheduled for Sept. 29. Members are urged to attend this important meeting. Before the Aug. 1 meeting, members enjoyed a meal of grilled pork steaks, baked potatoes and other sides and desserts. Agent Linda Mattocks gave a report on the bonus being paid on new 9-year annuities. Discussion was held on adding

to the concrete area. A thank-you note was received from AMEN for the monetary donation the lodge made in observance of Join Hands Day. A get-well card was sent to Sandra Tietjen and sympathy cards were sent to JoAn and Leon Heintschel, Britney and Brandon Schielack and Ann and Steve Mueller. Door prize winners were Glen Hartmann, Delores Bayer, Darlene Weyand, Sheron Citzler and Bob Schmitt. – Reporter

Kerrville Lodge members and guests enjoyed a meal at the Acapulco Restaurant at the Aug. 2 meeting. Janet Bayer recently celebrated a birthday. She is a member of Rutersville Lodge.

Kypfer-Salge has new junior members CLEAR SPRINGS – Kypfer-Salge Lodge will meet Sept. 7. The lodge will provide fried chicken. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert. Members provided the sandwiches and salads and desserts for the August meeting. Thanks go to everyone who helped prepare the food and desserts and prepared the tables at the hall. Welcomed as new junior members were Reagan Grace Carpenter and Danielle Gonzales. Nelrose Koepp reported that Margaret Krueger had fallen and was in the hospital and should be coming home soon. Let Nelrose Koepp know if someone is sick or has passed

away so a card can be sent. The $50 monthly donation goes to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. Thank you notes for previous donations were received from Communities in Schools and The ARC of the Hill Country. Attendance prizes went to Nelrose Koepp, Joyce Koepp, Art Brinkkoeter, Jim Sureddin and Donna Sureddin. If you know someone who does not drive, offer to pick them up for the meeting. If you know someone who would like to join the lodge or is thinking about joining, bring them to a meeting and show them what Hermann Sons Life is all about. – Darline Preiss

Kerrville meets again Oct. 3 KERRVILLE – Kerrville Lodge held its bi-monthly meeting and social event Aug. 2 at Acapulco Restaurant in Kerrville. Fourteen members and guests attended plus one agent and her spouse. The lodge’s Join Hands Day certificate was displayed. The next meeting will be

held Oct. 3 at Wells Fargo Bank Community Room at 301 Junction Highway in Kerrville. An Oktoberfest-type food theme is planned for the potluck meal. The lodge’s Christmas party is set for Dec. 7 at Buzzie’s Bar-BQue. – Juanice Grona

Laubach to hold annual picnic

Kim and Donna Sureddin celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary in August. They are members of Kypfer-Salge Lodge.

SEGUIN – Laubach Lodge will meet at 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 9, in the Pecan Museum at the Red Barn for its annual picnic. The lodge will provide the meal and drinks. The lodge has invited First Responders in observance of Make a Difference Day and 9/11. All members are encouraged to attend. The most recent meeting was held at the Pecan Museum on

June 10. Donations in memory of Erna Koepp were made to the Camp and the Retirement Home. “Happy Birthday” was sung to June Herzog. June and husband Randy also recently observed a wedding anniversary. Gloria Boenig was appointed to select the 2018 Humanitarian Award recipient. – Dorothy Constable

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 19

Pershing collecting donations for SAMMinistries SAN ANTONIO – Pershing Lodge will meet Sept. 5 in the Home Association meeting room at 7 p.m. The meal will be potluck. Four new members were welcomed at the August meeting. They are Drew Matthew Gunalda Jr., Ava Isabella Guerra, Kathie Jean Bernstein and Emersyn Kate Guciardo. Chaplain Tony Valek reported on the passing of Charles William Bednarz Sr., Linda Marie Bednarz, Dennis M. Norton and Donald Fred Smasal. Prayers are needed for Sharon Mainz and any other members who are ill. Pershing Lodge received the Blue Level Certificate for its Join Hands Day project. Agent Carol Krauss reported Pershing Lodge has met its new member goal for the year. Members are asked to start bringing donations for the SAMMinistries to future meetings.

These donations will be made in observance of Make a Difference Day in October. Terri Armstrong won the $25 attendance prize and President Beth Warne won the split- thepot drawing. Names were drawn for the

$50 Progressive Pot. The first name drawn was that of Krystal L. Weber but was not present to claim the cash. The second name drawn was that of James Lay and he was present to take home the $50. – Dorothy Pawlik

Gilbert Keller and Louise Mulhern celebrated birthdays in July. They are members of Pershing Lodge.

Joan and Emil, not pictured, Lichtenberg celebrated 68 years of marriage in August. They are members of Pershing Lodge.

Amy and Lloyd Barfell celebrated 57 years of marriage in July. They are members of Pershing Lodge.

Members of Pershing Lodge attended the Bandera Port Show recently.

Celebrating August birthdays from Pershing Lodge were, from left, Pat Plouch, James Lay, Marilyn Hoster and Wayne Kilborn.

Celebrating anniversaries in July from Pershing Lodge were, from left, Amy and Lloyd, not pictured, Barfell, 57 years; Pat and Ron Plouch, 31 years; and Mary Ann and Gilbert Keller, 57 years.

Siemering plans surprise dinner for Sept. 11 meeting Lodge project will benefit homeless veterans

SAN ANTONIO – Siemering Lodge is back in action and ready for fall and winter adventures. Mark Lee and family will provide a surprise dinner and dessert for the meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 11. Members will elect two representatives to the San Antonio Home Association Board of Directors. Everyone is encouraged to wear their favorite school colors, shirts, jackets, etc. in honor of back-to-school time. Members began the August meeting gathering prayers for healing for President Donald

O’Conner, JoAnn Massengale, Past President Frank Matias, Frances Bara and her number one caregiver – her son and the lodge’s past president, Ron Bara. Ideas were shared for new service projects. Members voted to collect packages of men’s new white socks, packages of new (mostly men’s but some women’s) underwear, gently used jackets, long sleeved shirts, sweaters/sweatshirts, shoes, ties, etc. to be provided to the Christmas Bash for the American G.I. Forum Center for Homeless Veterans. Members will continue to col-

lect Can Tabs for Zack to benefit the Ronald McDonald House and will continue to donate the lodge’s half of split-the-pot to the Camp Grief Support Session. Dinner included pizza provided by Harvey Rehfeld, pasta salad provided by the Mark and Cherry Lee family and birthday cake for Sally Hertzberg, Elizabeth Markell, Paul Hess and Augusta Fite. Hope to see lots of members at the September meeting. Bring a friend or two. The lodge always is in need of new members and active members. – Augusta Fite

Celebrating birthdays at the August meeting of Siemering Lodge were, from left, Elizabeth Markell, Paul Hess, Sally Hertzberg and Augusta Fite.

Page 20 – Hermann Sons Life – Septembert 2018

Mission-Alamo to hold anniversary party Sept. 26 SAN ANTONIO – MissionAlamo Lodge will host a 125th Anniversary Celebration and Pioneer Recognition on Wednesday, Sept. 26, in the Home Association Ballroom. Happy hour begins at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting and dinner will follow at 7:30 p.m. Reservations need to made with Bernice Vogel by 210-4942012 no later than Sept. 21. The annual Christmas in July celebration was held July 25. Members sat in a circle and the gifts they had brought were placed in the center. The gift exchange brought smiles and some frowns when favorite gifts were “stolen” by someone else. Gifts included such things as lottery scratch-off tickets, gift cards, bottles of wine in various sizes, chocolate, birdhouses and home and yard decorations. There was even a pound of bacon. You had to be there. The lodge welcomes transfer

Members of Mission-Alamo Lodge celebrated Christmas at the July 25 meeting. Members played the traditional gift exchange game. member Robin Cedillo-Rocha. Agent Ruth Bailey’s report was short and meaningful, “keep on sending me those re-

ferrals.” Lauren Pike was the birthday girl for July. John Allen, the lodge’s ener-

getic toddler, was the split-thepot winner. The other portion is given to “Hugs from Home.” The money in the big pot was not

awarded since the members whose names were drawn were not present. – Georgia Hall

McGregor selects award recipients McGREGOR – McGregor Lodge will not meet in September. The next meeting will be held Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. at The Coffee Shop. At the Aug. 1 meeting, it was announced that the 2018 Humanitarian Award recipients would be Charlie and Mary Jo Williams. The award will be presented at a later time. Leona Hendrickson read a Celebrating birthdays at the August meeting of Austin Lodge were, from left, Maurice Maluschka, Edna Groeschel and Ed Kurtz.

Austin will meet Sept. 9 AUSTIN – Austin Lodge will meet Sunday, Sept. 9, at 2 p.m. The lodge will furnish pizza. Members are asked to bring desserts. At the Aug. 5 meeting, Howard Anderson made a motion to purchase 20 tickets from the Ben Hur Shrine to send kids to the Shrine Circus. Members approved the motion. Special guests at the meeting were Board Chair Sandra Jones and husband Sam. Sandra an-

nounced that Buster Schaefer was inducted into the Hermann Sons Life Bowling Hall of Fame. The Cheer Committee reported sending a get-well card to Rose Reed who recently had foot surgery. A sympathy card was sent to Patsy Walker following the death of her daughter. O’Neal Weigelt won the attendance prize and Leona Schaefer received the “kitty.” – Reporter

thank you from the Home Office for the lodge’s donation to “Hugs from Home.” Hermine Wolf reported mailing get well and thinking of you cards to Milton Schmalriede, Henry Lange and Jerry Thane. A sympathy card was sent to Charles Latham Jr. and James Latham following the passing of their father, Charles Latham Sr. A sympathy card also was sent

to Kyle and Sherri Zacharias following the passing of Sherri’s mother, Jeanette Snapka Pokluda. And a sympathy card was sent to Greg Westerfeld and Terry Westerfeld and their families following the passing of their father, Ray Westerfeld. Lucky door prize winners were Doris Mooney and Kerry Arseneaux. – Reporter 

Bellville will hold lunch meeting BELLVILLE – Bellville Lodge will meet Sept. 24 during the noon hour at the Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant. The decision to move the meeting time for all future meetings was made at the June meeting because many members do not drive at night. The lodge will pay $5 toward the cost of each member’s meal. The member will be responsible for the rest. Meetings will be held quarterly in March, June, Septem-

ber and December. A letter will be sent to members advising them of this change. A salad meal was served at the June meeting held at the Sens Center in Bellville. Emily Pfeffer of the Cheer Committee reported a card was sent to the Engelholms. The local police and sheriff‘s departments posted pictures on Facebook when they received their goodie baskets from the lodge. The officers at the Courthouse extended a

thank you. President Herridge reported an additional Join Hands Day activity was the purchase of 13 meals for the Meals on Wheels recipients at that program’s fund-raiser. Agent Robert Herridge passed out writing pens and information about Hermann Sons Life. Celebrating June birthdays were Betty Herridge and Laura Schumann. – Reporter

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 21

Twin Sisters Lodge presents membership pins TWIN SISTERS – Twin Sisters Lodge honored its pioneer members and welcomed a new member at the June 3 meeting. The new member is Logan Brunson Gilbert. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Donald Felps and Elizabeth Tatsch. Birthday celebrants for June and July were Helen M. Knoll, Corrine Gass, Will Weber and Karen Steiger. Anniversary celebrants in June and July were Marilyn and Rick Weidman, 47 years; Jennifer and Marcus Ethridge, 19 years; and Georgia and Steve Hartmann, 51 years. Door prize winners were Frances Hartmann and Steve Hartmann. Everyone enjoyed a fish fry meal thanks to Steve Hartmann and his team. – Reporter

Director Stan Steiger, left, presents a 70-year membership pin to Twin Sisters Lodge member Corrine Gass. Corrine has been a member since July 26, 1948.

Director Stan Steiger, left, presents a 50-year membership pin to Twin Sisters Lodge member Phil Hartmann. Phil has been a member since Nov. 1, 1968.

Director Stan Steiger, left, presents a 60-year membership pin to Twin Sisters Lodge member Debbie Haas. Debbie has been a member since Feb. 5, 1958.

Director Stan Steiger, left, presents a 50-year membership pin to Twin Sisters Lodge member Stephen Hartmann. Stephen has been a member since Oct. 24, 1968.

Director Stan Steiger, left, presents a 50-year membership pin to Twin Sisters Lodge member Will Weber. Will has been a member since Oct. 1, 1968.

Columbia to hear lodge history at Sept. 9 meeting DALLAS – Hello fellow Hermann Sons Life members from Columbia Lodge. Summer is almost done except for a few dozen more 100+ degree days and some much needed rain. Things are cool inside the Dallas Hall where the air conditioning is working great. There is always something to keep you entertained at the

Hall. There is swing dancing on Wednesday nights and jam sessions on Thursday nights. Home Association meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month. Have you noticed the new POS system when ordering a cool libation? The Home Association is working hard to bring modern business practices into

the Hall and is responsible for keeping the building in top shape. Columbia Lodge met in August. Discussion centered on bringing more members into the lodge and getting the members to be more active. Upcoming fund-raisers were discussed. Oktoberfest will be held Saturday, Oct. 6, at the

Hall. There will be plenty of entertainment good food and fellowship. The Froshein Music Society will perform and German cuisine and cold drinks will be served. Volunteers are needed. Pat Avery has undergone some health issues and was back in the hospital for a while. Jean Ernst continues to recov-

er. Hope to see her soon. The lodge will meet again on Sunday, Sept. 9, at 3 p.m. Bruce Webb will speak about fraternalism and lodge history. All lodge members are encouraged to attend. Thanks go to Bob Sullivan for making the arrangements. Officer elections are coming up in November. – Dave Moynihan

Page 22 – Hermann Sons Life – Septembert 2018

San Marcos presents pins at annual picnic

SAN MARCOS – San Marcos Lodge will meet Sept. 10 at 6:30 p.m. Members are asked to watch their email for the location. Members are encouraged to attend and bring a recommendation for a new member so the lodge can meet its new member goal for the year. During the meeting, a Nominating Committee will be appointed along with the 2019 Calendar Committee. If you would like to serve on either committee or offer suggestions, call Agnes Dreibrodt at 830-379-3870 or Janice Kuhen at 512-393-1431. The lodge held its annual family picnic on July 14 at the Zorn Bowling Club. Games played for “The Gold and Silver” were enjoyed by all in attendance with just about everyone winning one or the other.

Evelyn Moreau prepared guessing games. Winners were Betty Rust, Janice Kuhen, Leola Gourley, Peggy Meiners and Jonathan Davis. Children in attendance enjoyed the coloring books and coloring pens they received along with the bag of goodies. Board Vice Chair Mike Beam and wife Mary were special guests. Mike presented 50-year membership pins to Irene Bierstedt, a member since Oct. 6, 1968, and Bruce Moreau, a member since Oct. 9, 1968. Also receiving their 50-year pins this year but not in attendance were William and Richard Percefull, both members since April 1, 1958; Andrew Wills, a member since April 2, 1968; Jill Hardcastle, a member since May 7, 1968; and Darrell Dreibrodt, a member since Sept. 19, 1968.

Celebrating August birthdays from San Marcos Lodge were, seated, Leola Gourley and Bruce Moreau, and standing, from left, Janet Magin and Joy Schulze.

Sixty-year members not present were William Voss, a member since Feb. 25, 1958; Samuel and Mary Beecroft, both members since March 10, 1958; Elizabeth and Bertram Beecroft, both members since April 7, 1958; R.Q. Brackett Jr., a member since June 6, 1958; Kaela Korff, a member since Aug. 19, 1958; Laurens Fish Jr., a member since Sept. 8, 1958; and Weldon McDavidNeuse, a member since Nov. 3, 1958. A sausage supper was enjoyed along with the salads, vegetables and desserts members brought, President Agnes Dreibrodt thanked everyone for making the event successful and for bringing donations for the “Hugs from Home” care packages that are mailed to military personnel. Thanks go to Betty and Clifford Rust for preparing the

Board Vice Chair Mike Beam, left, presents 50-year membership pins to Irene Bierstedt, left, and Bruce Moreau, second from right, during the San Marcos Lodge family picnic in July. Also pictured is lodge President Agnes Dreibrodt. sausage, Leola Gourley for preparing the registration table, Evelyn Moreau for great guessing games and Jonathan Davis

Celebrating July birthdays from San Marcos Lodge were, from left, Laura Ramirez, Fritz Schermerhorn and Bob Stoffel.

for his services. She also thanked Janice Kuhen for bringing all the supplies needed to make this an eventful day.

Yvonne and Bob Robbins recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. They are members of San Marcos Lodge.

El Campo to meet Oct. 25

Cameron to honor pin recipients Sept. 18

EL CAMPO – El Campo Lodge will meet Thursday, Oct. 25, at 6 p.m. at the WCEC. Pizza from Mr. Gatti’s will be served. The lodge welcomed new members Rebekah Wright, Nicholas A. Wright and Hagen W. Hajovsky at the Aug. 3 meeting. Agent Dennis Wigginton shared information on Hermann Sons Life merchandise available for purchase through the Home Office. He also encouraged everyone to recommend new members.

CAMERON – Cameron Lodge will meet Sept. 18 to honor its 2018 membership pin recipients. Nettie Green will be receiving her 70-year pin. Those receiving 60-year pins include Sharon Harp, William Davis, W.C. Breithaupt, Glen Banzhaf, Joseph Mondrik Jr. and James Helpert. The honorees, their families and all other lodge members are encouraged to attend. A meal will Cameron Lodge recently made a donation to Bea’s Kitchen to help be served at 6:30 p.m. at Bea’s cover the cost of meals served to senior citizens. Pictured are, from Kitchen, 101 E. Main, Cameron. left, Douglas Buck, Renee Mueck from Bea’s Kitchen and David Ehler. – Reporter

Shaqueela Ellis has been awarded the lodge’s scholarship. Final plans are being made for the scholarship fund drawing. The tickets will be handed out at the next meeting. Warren and Cindy Witcher recently celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. The door prize winners were Donald Wigginton, Ruby Wigginton, Warren Witcher, Dennis Wigginton, Cindy Witcher and Charles Haas. – Reporter

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 23

Harmonia Lodge to honor past presidents Sept. 13 SAN ANTONIO – Harmonia Lodge will meet Sept. 13 in the Rathskeller. Past presidents will be honored. The lodge will provide the spaghetti. Members are asked to bring side dishes and desserts. Games will be played after the meeting. The lodge celebrated its 157th anniversary and honored its pioneer members at the July 12 meeting. Two new members, Luis Alberto Fabela Jr. and Luke Anthony Fabela, were welcomed. Ernest Dewinne Jr. was welcomed by way of transfer. Brad Dietrich spoke about the upcoming Tee It Up For a Cause Golf Tournament. Brad and Harry Werland are co-chairmen of the event that benefits Camp Discovery and The 100 Club of San Antonio. This year’s tournament will be held Saturday, Sept. 29, at The Republic Golf Course. Volunteers are needed. Sponsorship and player packets are available. For more information contact Harry at 210-8920274. Camp Discovery is a camp for children with cancer. The 100

Cat Spring to meet Sept. 13 at Ernesto’s CAT SPRING – Cat Spring Lodge will meet Thursday, Sept. 13, at Ernesto’s Mexican Restaurant in Sealy beginning at 6:30 p.m. On June 4, the lodge met at the Agricultural Hall. A sandwich supper was served and the lodge provided ice cream sundaes and floats. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Marsha Tipp. Plans are being made for a visit to a local nursing home. The Christmas and awards dinner is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 13. Charles Eckardt’s name was drawn for the attendance prize. In his absence, the money remains in the pot for another drawing. – Pat Klotz

Charles Kretzschmar, right, receives his 60-year membership pin from Board Vice Chair Mike Beam during the July Harmonia Lodge meeting. Club supports the families of law enforcement and fire department personnel who have died in the line of duty. Board Vice Chairman Mike Beam gave a short but informative talk on the history of Harmonia Lodge. Receiving their 60-year pins were Richard Stein Jr., a member since Aug. 14, 1958; Charles Kretzschmar, a member since Sept. 11, 1958; Dennis Nollkamper, a member since Sept. 24, 1958; and Michael O’Dowd, a

Pioneer members of Harmonia Lodge are pictured with Board Vice Chair Mike Beam and lodge President Matt Kraus at the July meeting. John Hoog, left, receives his 50-year membership pin from Board Vice Chair Mike Beam during the July Harmonia Lodge meeting. John has been a member since April 11, 1968.

member since April 2, 1958. Receiving their 70-year pins were Charles Edwin Dyer, a member since May 27, 1948; and Past President William Richard, a member since May 1, 1948. Angelina Kretzschmar, wife of member Charles Kretzschmar, celebrated a July birthday and the couple also celebrated their anniversary in July. Stan Steiger and John Hoog won the attendance prizes and Larry Stavinoha won split-thepot.

Rosenberg-Richmond plans sausage meal for Oct. 8 ROSENBERG – RosenbergRichmond Lodge will meet Oct. 8 with sausage and sauerkraut on the menu. Members are asked to bring a dessert. An ice cream social was part of the Aug. 13 meeting held at the Rosenberg Civic Center. Loyce Anderson and Marjorie

Orsak were in charge of serving. Games were played after the meeting. Membership Coordinator Rosalie Byrd reported that a thinking of you card was sent to Eugene and Willie Mae Nesvadba. Get well cards were sent to John Pavlock, Virgie Koteras and Ev-

Celebrating anniversaries in July and August from Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge were, from left, Eugene and Willie Mae Nesvadba, Otto and LaVerne Tiemann, Barbara and W. Lee Schmidt and Annie and Johnnie Zak.

elyn Kassey. Sympathy cards were sent to the family of Alfred Koteras and the family of Bruce Mahlmann. Michael Kassey, Ann Juergens and Jose Rivas were appointed to the Nominating Committee. Margie Krenek and Joyce Lamensky were appointed to the

Humanitarian Award Committee. Max Frels said he enjoyed going to Hermann Sons Life Camp. Agent Chris Stoeltje reminded members that he is ready to help anyone who would like to become a member. – Reporter

Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge members who celebrated birthdays in July and August included, from left, Tom Atkins, Lynette Atkins, Karen Zurek, Cary Lamensky, Barbara Schmidt, Shirley Pavlock and Annie Zak.

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Moulton Lodge hosts annual fund-raising dinner

Moulton Lodge hosted its annual fund-raising dinner on June 27. The chicken fried steak dinner was held at the American Legion Hall on Hwy. 95 North in Moulton. Members and volunteers of all ages came together to prepare the meal. Proceeds from the event will be used for scholarships and for charitable donations.

Jaime and Justin Anderle celebrated their wedding anniversary recently. They and their children, Judson and Jillian, are members of Moulton Lodge.

Helotes will observe 9/11 with NJROTC HELOTES – Helotes Lodge will meet Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m. at Braun Hall. Rebecca Henley will host the dinner. Text her at 210723-8939 so she will know how much food to prepare. The O’Connor High School NJROTC will present the colors in honor and in memory of Sept. 11. The lodge will host a public dance on Saturday, Oct. 27, at Braun Hall to help raise funds for Saving Grace Dog Rescue of San Antonio. The dance will be Halloween themed and costumes are welcome. This will be a familyfriendly event. – Reporter

Shelby Lodge to honor pin recipients Sept. 9 SHELBY – Shelby Lodge will host a lunch on Sunday, Sept. 9. The lunch will honor the lodge’s 2018 membership pin recipients. The event begins at 12 noon with the meal being served at 1 p.m. All recipients are allowed to bring guests however there will be a $5 charge for non-member guests. Recipients are urged to make a reservation by calling the number on the invitation so the appropriate amount of food can be prepared. Humanitarian Award nominees are due to a lodge officer by Sept. 15. Make sure you include the qualifications of your nominee. Dominos and conversation were enjoyed at the meeting on Sunday, Aug. 12. Cold cuts and snacks were enjoyed before the meeting. Thanks go to those who brought snacks to share. Oscar Voelkel and Robert Klingsporn won the attendance prizes.

Joylene Mathis and Weldon Klaus won additional door prizes. Jeffrey Voelkel’s name was drawn for the progressive door prize of $30 but he was not present so the amount will be increased for next month. – Reporter

Renee and Henley Baker were guests at the August meeting of Shelby Lodge. They are from Grand Prairie.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries at the August meeting of Shelby Lodge were Judy and Roy Pieper, left, and Perlie and Weldon Klaus. Roy Pieper celebrates his birthday in August as well.

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 25

Deanville to hold Hospice benefit dinner Sept. 9

DEANVILLE – Deanville Lodge hosted an appreciation dinner Sunday, July 26. The dinner was the lodge’s way of saying thanks to everyone who helped make the Fourth of July celebration a success. Treasurer Joyce Krenek explained how the proceeds from the event are used to make improvements to the lodge hall and grounds. The monthly meeting followed the dinner. President Donnie Blinka presented a check for $500 to R.J. Smith, chief of the Deanville Volunteer Department, at the Fire Department’s annual National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 7. The lodge is fortunate to have the use of the Fire Department facilities to prepare the meat and make the famous Deanville homemade sausage at the fire station. The lodge was one of the sponsors of the Strengthening Families Burleson County Back to School Blast on Aug. 8 at the Pavilion in downtown Caldwell. The lodge donated 250 boxes of tissues. Lodge members were there to distribute the boxes. A drive-thru roast beef dinner will be held on Sept. 9 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. with proceeds benefitting Brazos Valley Hospice. Tickets can be purchased from lodge members. – Reporter

Tom and Joyce Krenek helped distribute the 250 boxes of tissues that Deanville Lodge donated to the Strengthening Families Burleson County Back to School Blast on Aug. 8.

Youth enjoy an activity while attending the Deanville Lodge appreciation dinner in July.

In observance of Join Hands Day, Deanville Lodge partnered with the Deanville 4-H to collect coloring books and crayons for the Grief Support Session at Hermann Sons Life Camp. A collection box also was placed at Citizens Bank in Deanville.

Volunteers were honored at an appreciation luncheon hosted by Deanville Lodge in July. The meal was the lodge’s waykk of saying thanks to all the people who made the Fourth of July celebration such a success.

Anton Wenzel to host annual Crispy Taco Dinner Sept. 14 SAN ANTONIO – Anton Wenzel Lodge will host its annual Crispy Chicken Taco Dinner on Sept. 14 from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. in the Rathskeller of the San Antonio Home Association Building, 525 S. St. Mary’s St. Cost is $6 for a plate that includes two tacos, rice and beans. Desserts will be available for 50 cents each. There will be a split-the-pot drawing. Tickets will three for $1. To purchase tickets or for more information, call Merlinda Elizondo at 210-815-3468. The lodge will not meeting in September. The next meeting will be held Oct. 2. Po-boy sandwiches are on the menu. Members are asked to bring a side dish or des-

Elizabeth Dorrell, left, was the split-the-pot winner at the August meeting of Anton Wenzel Lodge. Doris Aichner presented her with her winnings. sert. At the August meeting, Nick Mendez drew the name of Orion Knox for the membership drawing but he was not in attendance.

Anyone interested in purchasing insurance and becoming a member is asked to call Agent Emma Moya at 210-344-3935. – Elizabeth Dorrell

Celebrating August birthdays at the Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting were, from left, Doris Aichner and Eugene Kellner.

Page 26 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

Lodges host New Member Event at Camp Three lodges hosted a New Member Event at Hilltop Camp on Aug. 4. Members of Comfort, Paul Vogt and Prinz Solms lodges came together to welcome and recognize new members. Those in attendance were able to swim in the pool, play cards and dominoes in the Dining Hall and enjoy a sandwich lunch.

Kirby collecting items for Fisher Houses KIRBY – Kirby Lodge will meet on the second Monday in September, Sept. 10 to be exact, instead of the first Monday because of the Labor Day holiday. Members are reminded to bring the items they want to donate to the Fisher Houses. Members can also make a monetary donation and Judy Schulmeier will do the shopping. The Fisher Houses are located at San Antonio Military Medical Center. This is where families of wounded soldiers live while their loved ones are receiving treatment. This is the lodge’s Make a Difference Day project. The lodge will celebrate its anniversary at the Oct. 1 meeting. Meal reservations need to be made no later than Sept. 14 by calling Tammy Haecker at 210-601-6802 or Angela Netherton at 210-831-1293. Those members receiving their membership pins are asked to call or someone from the lodge will

Kirby Lodge sponsored a team in this year’s Hermann Sons Life Statewide Bowling Tournament. Team members included, from left, Tammy Haecker, Melisa Alvarez, Judy Schulmeier and Mary Pruitt. contact them. Celebrating birthdays at the August meeting were Leroy Muehlstein, Bob Scheel and James McQuatters. Happy Anniversary wishes were extended to Carroll and Linda Gloor. The August attendance prize winner was Robert Muehlstein. Congratulations on winning $25

just for coming to the meeting. Split-the-pot winners were Glen Muehlstein, Candace Scheibe, Carol Eardley, Henrietta Lowak, Kylie McQuatters and Carroll Gloor. Door prize winners were Lila Freudenrich, Carol Eardley, Irvin Schulmeier, Keary Lambrecht and James Lowak. – Tammy Haecker

Fredericksburg will serve BBQ Sept. 4

Steven Weinheimer celebrates an August birthday. He is a member of Fredericksburg Lodge.

were served and the lodge welcomed a new member, Luke Jones. The lodge is supporting the First Assembly of God Church’s back-to-school program for students in Giddings. Condolence cards were sent to Gary Jenke, Floris Fischer and Reece Richardson following the loss of their family member. Get-well cards were sent to Eldor Becker and C.W. Casper. – Reporter

mann Sons Life float during the Gillespie County Fair Parade. Geneva Tatsch offered to take pictures of the float. Members riding on the float were encouraged to wear colorful attire. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Ethel Helmers, Anabel Burnes, Dorothy Cornehl, Forrest Rees Jr., Chester Hohmann, John Klaerner, Bosie Hoffmann and Josie Klinksiek. Door prizes were awarded to Elgin Tatsch and Geneva Tatsch. – Reporter

Dunlay Lodge presents donation

Giddings will meet Sept. 13 GIDDINGS – Giddings Lodge will meet Sept. 13 at Silos of 77, formerly the Giddings Hermann Sons Life Hall. Pioneer members will be honored including 11 50-year members, three 60-year members and three 70-year members. Invitations have been mailed to the pin recipients. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. For the July Fourth celebration, hot dogs and side dishes

FREDERICKSBURG – Fredericksburg Lodge will meet Tuesday, Sept. 4. The lodge will furnish the barbecue. Members and guests are asked to bring a side dish along with a plate and utensils. For more information, contact Hans Enderlin at 830895-1343 or Windy Duecker at 830-997-2983. A new member was welcomed at the Aug. 7 meeting. President Hans Enderlin reviewed the list of individuals signed up to ride on the Her-

Dunlay Lodge members Katherine and Morris Baxter were recognized for their 61st wedding anniversary at the July 17 lodge meeting.

Dunlay Lodge Vice President Stanley Meyer, right, presents a check for the Fire Pup program to Hondo Volunteer Fire Department Chief Gaylon Schueling.

September 2018 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 27

Agents Directory (alphabetized by area) Adkins Roxy Pruski 210-218-6204

Corpus Christi Pearl Hunt 361-241-0940

Giddings Loretta Chilek, FIC 979-542-2806

Austin Shirley Kuhen Faske 512-789-3975

Troylyn SisnerosGonzalez 361-232-7413

Gonzales Bobbie Polasek 830-672-6317

Bandera Stephanie Brown 210-621-3891

Cuero Laura Tiffin Wayne Tiffin 361-275-8421

Graham/Wichita Falls David Wolf 940-550-5202

Lubbock April Behnke 806-797-3585

Hondo Richard Muennink 210-827-0053

Marion Lorene Bielke, FIC 830-420-2380

Stacy Saathoff 830-444-9160

Marshall Donald Robinette 903-690-3193

Bastrop William Hinkston 512-284-1684 Bellville Robert Herridge 979-865-3222 Bernardo/Columbus Robin Maertz 979-732-1687 Terrel Maertz 979-732-1727 Boerne/San Antonio Pamela Poulk 210-753-2626 Boerne Lisa Rozacky 210-838-3306 Marilyn Vogt, FICF 210-630-9874 Caldwell Donnie Blinka 979-596-1309 Canyon Lake Sandra Duncan 830-905-3233 Castroville Glenford Boehme, FIC 210-219-9792 Cibolo/Schertz Tracy Campos 210-860-6675 Judith Schulmeier, FIC 210-667-1938 Comfort Norma Bruns, FIC 830-995-3980

Dallas Helen Tyson Brown 214-796-0668 Del Rio Pat Fritz, FIC 432-292-4483 Devine Cynthia Sultenfuss 210-219-6409 Edna/Jackson County Sam Matlock 361-782-3206 El Campo Dennis Wigginton 832-278-9636

Houston Al Stryk, FICF, LUTCF 281-485-4095 Gerald Ziemnicki 713-622-9001 Jourdanton Valerie M. Vick 210-748-5598 Katrina Wiatrek 210-326-9505

Floresville/Poth Beth Cutsinger 210-325-6667

Karnes City Abigail Fenner 830-534-6982

Floresville Lynn Wiede 830-393-4660

Russell Swize 830-780-4053

Fort Worth Sandra Jones, FIC 817-295-2666 Fredericksburg Todd Bierschwale 830-997-2130

Kerrville Barbara Ramsey 830-554-0517 Kirby Angela Netherton 210-831-1293

Dennis Henke 830-997-5290

La Coste Tanya Crisp 830-985-9230

George West Tracy Caron 361-449-0348

La Grange Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Georgetown Brad Klein, FIC 512-497-0678

La Vernia Sharon Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-0526 Marlin Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-7229

Maxwell Charles Croley 512-357-6638 New Braunfels Kathryn Green 830-463-9455 Shirley Huebinger 830-822-1942 Tim Salge 830-625-4816 Nixon-Smiley Diana P. Moreno 830-379-2244 Orange Grove Paula Gebert 361-384-2375 Paige RaChelle Dube 512-740-3518 Pflugerville Julius Dubcak 512-272-8393 Port Lavaca Nancy Annette Walraven 361-552-9403 Needville /Rosenberg Chris Stoeltje 979-559-6127

Marketing Department Staff

210-527-9113 • 877-437-6266 • 888-839-7667 Grand Vice President-Marketing Tim Kolbe Marketing Analyst Ana Vasquez, FLMI, AIRC, FIC Administrative Assistant Gladys Rowley Special Representatives: Dan Boenig - 210-705-1815 Becki Carley - 361-550-9358 Gary Falkenberg, FICF - 713-466-6069 • 713-899-4138 Eulla May Krueger - 210-863-0546 • 830-985-3643 Teresa Saathoff - 210-276-0361 • 210-422-6996

Round Top/Rutersville Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Seguin/San Antonio Carol Krauss, FIC 210-725-4106

San Antonio Philip A. Abell 210-771-1213

Seguin Annette D. Roecker 830-832-0724

Ruth Bailey 210-602-5147

Tina B. Ynfante 210-859-1973

Darlene Irwin 210-392-2649

Diane Terp 830-305-3564

Rayna Sue Irwin 210-710-7038

Spring Branch Gloria Gass 830-885-4405

Clif Klabunde, FIC 210-219-6142 Jim McNeel 210-601-2097

Stockdale Ronald Wiatrek 210-771-4354

Emma Moya 210-344-3935

Victoria Jason Hybner 361-652-6924

San Marcos/Lockhart Janice Kuhen 512-393-1431

Victoria Laura Thigpen 361-676-8307

Schulenburg/Weimar Mary K. Seifert 979-743-0312

Yorktown Judy Wolf 361-564-2452

Schwertner Irene Schwertner 254-527-4470 A list of agents also is available online at

Page 28 – Hermann Sons Life – September 2018

Shining Stars

MORGAN L. BAIRD is a member of Cibolo Lodge. He is in sixth grade. Seafood is his favorite. His favorite TV show is “Bunk’d.” Morgan’s activities include baseball, football and 4-H.

TANNER BAIRD is a member of Cibolo Lodge. He is in fourth grade. His favorite food is chicken nuggets and his favorite TV show is “Bunk’d.” Tanner’s activities include baseball, soccer and 4-H.

KYLIE SAMANTHA MINTON is a member of Jourdanton Lodge. She is in fifth grade. Her favorite food is bean and cheese tacos and her favorite TV show is “Liv and Maddie.” Kylie has a pet named Annabelle. Her activities include swimming, four-wheeling and being around animals.

ZANDER SCHEIBE is a member of Prinz Solms Lodge. He is in daycare. His favorite foods are bean and cheese tacos and hot dogs and his favorite TV show is “Puppy Dog Pals.” Zander has two pet dogs, Jager and Missy. His activities include swimming and playing outside.

ANNA GRACE KAPEC is a member of Pershing Lodge. She is in fifth grade. Her favorite food is pineapple and her favorite TV show is “Jessie.” Anna has a pet rabbit, Norbert. Her activities include dance, musical theater and acro.

ANDREW KAPEC is a member of Pershing Lodge. He is in third grade. His favorite food is sushi and his favorite TV show is “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Andrew has a pet rabbit, Norbert. His activities include wrestling and playing with Legos.

Shining Star Registration Form Just send us a photo of yourself (that we can keep) and fill out this form and send to: Tammi Sutherland, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297. The form is also available online at Photos of our Shining Stars also are featured online. Name: Birthday: Home Phone:

Address: Zip:

E-mail Address: Grade in school: Favorite food:

Back to school word search

Pets: Favorite TV show: Activities: It is OK with my parents that I am featured as a “Shining Star” in the Hermann Sons Life newspaper, website and any other advertising publications. Parent’s Signature: I am a member of

Back to school crossword puzzle ACROSS 2. Midday meal. 6. Person you learn from. 8. Tool for writing. It has an eraser. 11. Time when you just have fun. 12. A little meal. 14. Get some exercise in this class. 16. A, b, c... 17. Class where you make pretty things. 18. Helps you if you are sick or hurt. DOWN 1. Measure with this. 3. Blank book to write in. 4. Class that involves experimenting. 5. Book you learn from. 7. Tell stories on paper. 9. Fellow students. 10. Place with lots of books. 13. You are in school to _______. 15. Class that involves equations.

Daytime Phone:


REAGEN AMANDA ZUNIGA is a member of Anton Wenzel Lodge. She is in seventh grade. Her favorite food is wonton soup. Reagen has two pet dogs, Rocket and Sprout. Her activities include dance.

School Teacher Student Desk Pencil Paper Ruler

Books Crayons Reading Math Science Art Music

Computers Playground Classroom Bus Gym Lunch

Lodge No.

Certificate No.______________________________________________________ Answers on Pg. 10

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