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May 2019


Vadell family shares its Hermann Sons Life story ➤ Pg. 5

Preparations continue for summer at Camp ➤ Pg. 10

Casino Night set for May 4 at Hilltop ➤ Pg. 13

Bailey Blair

Matthew Esquell

Erica Masi

Three past campers earn $1,000 scholarships COMFORT – The recipients of the 2019 Hermann Sons Youth Camp-Shannon Leigh Gaffney Scholarships have been chosen. They are Bailey Blair of Gonzales, Matthew Esquell of Round Rock and Erica Masi of Pflugerville. They will each receive a $1,000 scholarship. The scholarship is available to graduating high school students who are members of

Hermann Sons Life and have attended Hermann Sons Life Camp. Students must complete an application and submit an essay about how being a camper helped to shape the person they are today. Bailey Blair is the daughter of Brenda and Jimmy Tuma and a member of New Braunfels Lodge. She is a senior at St. Paul High School in Shiner. She plans

to attend Texas A&M University where she will study biomedical sciences. Her goal is to become a neurosurgeon. Besides her years as a camper, Bailey also took part in the Counselor-in-Training program and worked as a junior counselor. In school, she excelled as a member of the cross-country team and as a cheerleader. She was a member of the Student

Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and National Honor Society. She was active in 4-H and served her community in numerous ways. In her essay, Bailey wrote, “As a child, I did not make friends very easily. The girls in my cabin would all hang out together, and I would be left alone to See SCHOLARSHIP, Pg 12

Schlitterbahn Family Fun Day set for June 22 SAN ANTONIO – We’re going to Schlitterbahn! Hermann Sons Life members are invited to the annual Family Fun Day at the waterpark in New Braunfels on Saturday, June 22. Members of the Future Club – Shining Stars – will be admitted free of charge. Everyone else will pay a reduced price. Tickets must be purchased in advance through the Hermann Sons Life website – Click on “Store.” Tickets for persons age 3-11 will be $44. Anyone age 12 and up will pay $49. Children 2 and under can attend free of

charge. Members can also purchase a drink cup for a reduced price of $10. The same cup costs $12.95 in the park. The cup must also be purchased in advance. The cup can be refilled all day anywhere in the park. All paid members of the Hermann Sons Life group will be treated to breakfast. It will be served from 9:30-11 a.m. in the designated area of Schlitterbahn East (Surfenburg). Tickets must be ordered online by June 12.

Page 2 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

HERMANN SONS LIFE USPS 242200 Periodicals Postage Paid at San Antonio, Texas Published Monthly by HERMANN SONS LIFE 515 S. St. Mary’s St. San Antonio, Texas 78205 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941 San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 DIRECTORS Sandra Jones, Chair Mike Beam Suzanne Hildebrand David Noak Stan Steiger David Wolf OFFICERS President and CEO Eugene Zollinger Vice President of Operations and COO Samantha Schulmeier Vice President of Finance and CFO Harry Werland Vice President of Marketing Timothy P. Kolbe Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly Vice President of Information Technology Matt Walker LAWS COMMITTEE

Norma Bruns Tommy Daum Agnes Dreibrodt Lillian Franckowiak Debbie Gold Charles Knibbe David Lewis Jeanette Preuss

Robert Prewitt Tim Salge Steven Schellenberg Marlin Tanneberger Ronald Wiatrek Janet Zabransky Gerald Ziemnicki


Frank Brandon Shirley Faske Tammy Kelley

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Elizabeth Byron Tammy Haecker Marsha Kocurek Sayra Martinka

Sherry Rakowitz Lisa Rozacky Irene Schwertner


Brad Dietrich Robert Herridge Tammy Jones Edward J. Muehlbrad

Doug Saathoff Laura Tiffin Lori Todd

President's Message

Making more connections I am writing this article the day after Easter, so I hope that each of you were able to spend some quality time with family and friends over the holiday . Over the past month I have had the opportunity to attend a few more lodge meetings and with that meet many more members and give out several membership pins . At these meetings I have had the pleasure of speaking with members and the lodge officers to discuss our organization as a whole and their specific lodge and what each is doing to grow their lodge membership, as well as improving engagement . At my last meeting I attended I had a member suggest that each member receiving a pin give a short memory or experi-

ence of their time with Hermann Sons Life so I will be implementing that moving forward at pin presentations; be ready to share yours! We have a very busy next several weeks coming up so I want to remind everyone of the events so that you can participate . This coming Saturday, April 27, we will be having our first Camp work day at the boys and girls camps out in Comfort . This is an opportunity to come and give back and help with preparation for the upcoming Camp season . It is an also an opportunity for youth to earn service hours if needed for school, etc . The following Saturday, May 4, we will be have the Healing Hearts Casino Night at Hilltop Camp in Comfort . The proceeds

from it will help us to continue to offer the Grief Support Camp at no cost to the campers, so please buy a ticket and come join the fun! It will run from 6-10 p .m ., with a steak dinner included . Feel free to invite family, friends and neighbors! We also have the dance class recitals that run from the end of April until the first week of June, so hopefully we will see you at one of those as well . It will be my first time to attend one and I am looking forward to the opportunity of speaking to the audience as well! I also want to invite everyone to connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn if you are on either of these two platforms . I think this is a great way to get to know more about members individually and

Lodge Reports Anton Wenzel . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Austin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Bandera County . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Bernardo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Bexar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Boerne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Brenham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Cameron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Cibolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Columbus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Comfort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Corpus Christi . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 DaCosta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 El Campo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Fort Worth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Fredericksburg . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Gay Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Giddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Harmonia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Helotes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Hochheim-Prairie . . . . . . . . . . .19 Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22

Kerrville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Kypfer-Salge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 La Vernia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Lockhart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Louise Schuetze . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Mission-Alamo . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 New Bielau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 New Braunfels . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Niederwald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Old Glory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Paige . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Pershing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Poth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Rosenberg-Richmond . . . . . .22 Round Top . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Rutersville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 San Marcos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Schulenburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Seguin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Shiner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Siemering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Spring Branch . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Stern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Vineta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24

Eugene Zollinger you can get to know more about me as well . I’ll be looking for your friend or connection requests! - Eugene Zollinger President and CEO

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Camp scholarship recipients named Staff busy getting Camp ready Arrival day procedure outlined What to bring to Camp Dance recital dates listed Parents can help with homesickness Hilltop Camp available to rent Hondo Victory offers cash to seniors Comfort offers camperships Answers for puzzles on Pg . 28 Camp is hiring! Shining Stars

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Marketing News

Youth in Action

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 3

Marketing Buy from a company that will be there when you need it By TIM KOLBE Vice President of Marketing Life insurance is one of those products in which the intrinsic value of the policy is not realized until the insured dies. If you have auto insurance in Texas, you appreciate it when you have your car inspected, or renew the registration, because you cannot do either without it. If you have an accident, full coverage auto insurance is there to get you back on the road or pay for medical expenses. Life insurance, as I’ve written many times in this publication, is not for the insured, but rather for the beneficiaries. It pays for final expenses, the costs of daily living, the future education of the children and reduces debt. It indeed has many uses, and a properly planned analysis of need and appropriate product can

provide for the future financial security of loved ones. Think of it as a loving gesture which will be appreciated long after the funeral services are held. I write this article with the recent passing of my mother in mind. Upon her passing, I began formalizing the claims on her life insurance and annuity products with several companies. Each insurer has different policies and procedures for processing claims, and sometimes this process can be frustrating, if not downright maddening. Let me explain by relating to my experience. Mom had products with two Texas fraternal organizations. All it took was a call and I received the appropriate paperwork to begin the claims process. I had an altogether different experience with the commercial com-

panies, both now with Mom and when Dad died six years ago. What I found in several cases was that the life insurance company that originally issued the policy had been sold or merged with another insurer several times over. Good luck trying to find who actually currently services the policy you have in hand. The successor company may not have the original policy in their database, as the data may not have been transferred in the merger. There is an estimated $1 billion worth of unclaimed life insurance benefits in the U.S. today. Some policies predate the digital era, and literally hundreds of thousands of old policies had to be stored somewhere. When one company buys out another, what happens to all the policies? This can lead to a life insurance claims

nightmare. Typically they will ask that you send a complete copy of the policy to them for examination. So the onus is really upon you to prove the validity of the product. Recognizing the issues at hand, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has established a life insurance locator service which assists beneficiaries in finding benefits which may otherwise go undiscovered. To see this useful and informative guide, visit their web page: Policy holders can help beneficiaries avoid issues by reviewing and updating their beneficiary information periodically to keep records current. Earlier, I mentioned Texas fraternal organizations. Hermann Sons Life is member-owned and

governed. We exist solely for the benefit of our members and have been in Texas since 1861. That’s the kind of strength and heritage which equates to the stability of the organization which has helped Texans for more than 150 years. And we strive to stay in contact through this publication, mail, social media and continue to explore new ways to connect with our members. We are committed to handling life insurance claims with sensitivity, efficiency and expedience. If you want proof, ask any funeral director what they think of Hermann Son Life. I have, and they love us, for the reasons I just mentioned. Trust is the hallmark of our relationship with members, and we take it seriously. After all, we are you, and you are us. Trust Hermann Sons Life, because we are here for you.

Events details. MAY 4 – Healing Hearts Casino Night will be held at 25 – The following schools of dance will hold

Hilltop Camp in Comfort. Proceeds benefit the Camp Grief Support Session. For more information, see the story on Page 13. 4 – The following schools of dance will hold their recitals today: Cibolo, Gonzales, Hochheim-Prairie, Poth and Schulenburg. Turn to Page 11 for complete details. 5 – The following schools of dance will hold their recitals today: Lee County and Lone Oak. Turn to Page 11 for complete details. 11 – The following schools of dance will hold their recitals today: Ganado, Goliad, Hill Country, Karnes City and La Vernia. Turn to Page 11 for complete details. 18 – The following schools of dance will hold their recitals today: Bandera County, Cuero, Da Costa, Devine and Stockdale. Turn to Page 11 for complete details. 19 – The following schools of dance will hold their recitals today: Boerne, Jourdanton, Kirby and New Braunfels. Turn to Page 11 for complete

their recitals today: Hondo and San Antonio. Turn to Page 11 for complete details.

JUNE 2 – Lone Oak Lodge will host a Bunco Party at the

lodge hall, 12131 Loop 107, Adkins. Proceeds will benefit the Grief Support Camp. For more information, call 21015 – Open House will be held at Hermann Sons Life Camp. Both sites will be open from 9:30 a.m.2 p.m. Parents and campers are welcome to come and tour the facilities. Lunch will be served in both dining halls from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Counselors will be leading activities. Both pools and the challenge course will be open. Sneakers are required for the challenge course. 22 – Family Fun Day will be held at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Hermann Sons Life members can attend at a reduced price and will receive a free breakfast. For more information, see the story on Page 1.

If you would like to see your lodge’s event listed here and in the Events section of the Hermann Sons Life website, call Kathie Ninneman, 210-226-9261, ext. 273, or 1-800-234-4124, ext. 273, or email

Editor/Communications Director Kathie Ninneman 210-226-9261, ext. 273 email: Assistant Editor/Assistant Communications Director Elaine Soto 210-226-9261, ext. 279 email: Fax: 1-888-443-3377 or 210-892-0252 Website: All news articles and photographs should be mailed to: Editor, Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 or emailed to: Deadline for each monthly issue is the 10th of the month of publication. The Hermann Sons Life newspaper is an official publication of Hermann Sons Life. The management and editorial policy of the newspaper shall be in the hands of the President and CEO, and the President and CEO shall have the authority to appoint a member or members of Hermann Sons Life as editor and/or business manager thereof (Art. 38, Grand Lodge Laws).

Page 4 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019


Recommendations earn two members gift cards The Marketing Department is recognizing 43 recommenders for the month of March. This brings the total to 88 members recommending 116 new members to Hermann Sons Life in 2019. The winners of the $50 gift cards for March are Grant Ryan Neff of Pershing Lodge and Keegan Joe Clinton Welch of General Bee Lodge. Congratulations to the following March recommenders: Recommender


Tammy Jo Aldrich, Comfort Lodge (&) Madalynn Reese Bauer, Prinz Solms Lodge Kristopher Bayer, Kypfer-Salge Lodge Michael Wayne Besch, Rockport Lodge (*) Lorna Jean Borgfeld, Gruenau Lodge Noah Cameron Brown, Schwertner Lodge Jonathan L. Brumley, Anton Wenzel Lodge Kathleen D’Ann Burow, Cibolo Lodge Taylor Renee Cardone, Giddings Lodge (^) Rosemary Clements, Edelweiss-Magnolia Shaelyn Conatser, Jourdanton Lodge Avery Marie Currie, Vineta Lodge Emmie L. Dodson, Hondo Victory Lodge Kristy Gale Doege, La Vernia Lodge Wesley Adam Hale, New Braunfels Lodge Melissa L. Hall, Comfort Lodge Riley Lynn Henneke, New Braunfels Lodge (*) Kadian Skyler Hunt, Castroville Lodge Laurie Ann Karisch, Plum Lodge Lacy Morgan Lindgren, Richland Lodge Dixie A. Lytle, Corpus Christi Lodge Thomas Michael Maycock, Boerne Lodge Landry Marie McQueen, Marion Lodge Sterling Hope Moore, New Braunfels Lodge Grant Ryan Neff, Pershing Lodge Mary Helen Ogorman, New Braunfels (*) Audrey Leigh Perez, Mission-Alamo Lodge (*) Monica G. Porter, Mission-Alamo Lodge Shirley Jean Roemer, Pershing Lodge Celeste Sanders, Da Costa Lodge Jonathan Schulz II, Karnes City Lodge (&) Roy Keith Scudday, Lockhart Lodge Karimie Scull, La Vernia Lodge (*) John Edward Sneed, McGregor Lodge Holden Stokes, Manchaca Lodge David Harold Tilley, Comfort Lodge Kaylynn Grace Tymrak, Cibolo Lodge Scott A. Wagner, Fort Worth Lodge Levi Alexander Warman, Austin Lodge Keegan Welch, General Bee Lodge Eisley Paige Weynand, Manchaca Lodge Kenner White, Spring Branch Lodge (*) Skylar Rae Worth, Mission-Alamo Lodge Samantha Jo Ziegler, Schwertner Lodge

Norma Bruns Judy Schulmeier Timothy Salge Tracy Campos Wayne Tiffin Irene Schwertner Eulla Krueger Carol Krauss Loretta Chilek Jerry Ziemnicki Elaine Franklin Pamela Poulk Al Stryk Marlin Tanneberger Shirley Huebinger Becki Carley Kathryn Green Eulla Krueger Linda Mattocks Shirley Faske Eulla Krueger Marilyn Vogt Lorene Bielke Shirley Huebinger Marilyn Vogt Lorene Bielke Roxy Pruski Teresa Saathoff Carol Krauss Laura Thigpen Russell Swize Tracy Campos Marlin Tanneberger Irene Schwertner Russell Swize Norma Bruns Angela Netherton Sandra Jones Shirley Faske Teresa Saathoff Shirley Faske Teresa Saathoff Roxy Pruski Irene Schwertner

(*) Recommended 2 new members (^) Recommended 3 new members (&) Recommended 4 new members

Hermann Sons Life welcomes 100% Families 100% Family Hoelscher Family Derek Cynthia Kyle Cara Mason Haylee Troop Mason Sawyer Mason

City Houston


Agent Jerry Ziemnicki Ellinger Ellinger Ellinger Ellinger Ellinger Edelweiss-Magnolia Edelweiss-Magnolia

100% Family Farias Family Rhonda Lauren Meghan

City San Antonio

Lodge Vineta

Agent Ruth Bailey

100% Family Butterworth Family Donald Kirstin Devyn Krislyn 100% Family Kaspar Family Kyle Heather Kylee Heath Hunter

City St. Hedwig

Lodge Kirby

Agent Judy Schulmeier

City Carmine

Lodge Round Top

Agent Linda Mattocks

Four new agents complete training SAN ANTONIO - Four new agents have completed their training and are now on the job. They are Jennifer Stryk Garner from Pearland, Doreen Tisler from Schertz and the husband and wife team of Gilbert Shelby and Cecilia Phillips from Dallas. Jennifer is a member of Gulf Lodge. She is the daughter of Agent Al Stryk and wife Marie. Her full-time job is with the Pearland Independent School District. She previously spent 20 years working in the oil and gas industry. She is married and has two sons, Maverick and Mackinley. She can be reached at 832596-9425. Doreen is a member of Cibolo Lodge. She is a human resources specialist with more than 10 years experience as a civilian employee for the U.S. government. She is married to a disabled veteran and they have a daughter who lives in Schertz with her

The newest additions to the Hermann Sons Life Marketing Team visited the Retirement Home in Comfort during their training. Pictured are, from left, Jennifer Garner, Gilbert Shelby, Doreen Tisler, Cecilia Phillips and Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe. family and a son who lives in Colorado with his family. She can be reached at 210519-7859. Gilbert and Cecilia are active members of Columbia Lodge. Gilbert is an electrical engineer who has worked in the defense and aerospace field for 32 years.

Cecilia has worked in the medical field for more than 29 years. They have been married for more than 25 years. Their daughter, Adeline, is a junior at the University of Miami. Gilbert can be reached at 214289-1815. Cecilia can be reached at 214-982-8905.

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 5

Vadells part of Houston Hermann Sons family Editor’s Note: Hermann Sons Life is celebrating “Generations of Service and Protection” in 2019 by sharing the stories of our members and their generations of family membership in our organization. This is the fourth in a series of articles. If you would like to share your family’s story, call Communications Director Kathie Ninneman at 800234-4124, ext. 273, or email her at This month’s Hermann Sons Life family story was written by Mary Vadell Scerbo. HOUSTON – The Vadell Hermann Sons Life legacy began at the Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge in a big frame building on Yale Street in Houston. Karl Louis and Elizabeth Strubing, my grandparents, were active members raising their family around the Texas-German culture. My mom, Edith Strubing, shared stories of her adolescence filled with memories at the lodge hall dancing to the classic “Chicken Dance” but also songs of yesteryear like the “Paul Jones” and “Put Your Little Foot.” Evenings at the hall often included barbecues, card games, cold beers and socializing. She married John Vadell, a Navy veteran and auto mechanic, and had eight children - seven girls and one boy. Similar to how she was raised, we would be up at the hall on Saturday mornings taking dance lessons and playing pool. Our big day out was celebrated by putting peanuts in a Coke and getting a snack for 25 cents. Our family presence became a staple at the hall, just as much as it was a tradition for our time to be spent there. As we were growing our memories at Hermann Sons, so was the lodge. A new hall was built and Bea Miller started our marching group called the Carlettes. We took dance lessons on Saturdays and were all too excited to have Patsy Swayze as our dance teacher for years. Supporting the youth activities, the lodge added dance mirrors and made sure we got the diverse exposure to tap, ballet, jazz and toe.

All seven Vadell girls and many others wore western attire including white boots, short skirts with fringe, vests and a white cowboy hat. I’m certain our only brother was jealous of our costumes. We performed all over Texas at the Hermann Sons conventions. We would leave school early, hop on a bus and sing all the camp songs as we traveled to the sites spanning from Dallas to San Antonio to Galveston. Even as I write this, I can hear the songs in my head from the road trips. Hermann Sons and dancing were synonymous for the Vadells. Whether it was a Christmas or May recital, or a regular Friday night at the lodge, we had our family and friends amplifying the good times. It was a well-oiled chapter which made for generations of memories! As a break for our parents, all eight Vadell children went to Hermann Sons Camp. My oldest two sisters were lucky enough to be some of the first campers, and anxiously the younger six were waiting for our chance. Since there was just Riverside at the time, the first six weeks of summer were reserved for the girls, and the next five were for the boys. We LOVED camp! Our parents would load us up on a bus from Houston to the store in Comfort where counselors would pick us up and take us to camp. One of

the favorite summer camp activities was horseback riding and we would ride up to the Retirement Home. Hermann Sons Camp was a total treat – from the air conditioning to some of the best cooked meals and, most memorably, fresh milk out of aluminum pitchers at every meal. It meant so much to us, that we even passed the tradition on to our children. Eight children made for almost 20 grandchildren, and we made sure to pass these traditions and memories on to the fourth generation of Vadells. My daughter, Concetta Scerbo, and I were both counselors and a niece and nephew worked there as well. When it wasn’t summertime, generations still made it a tradition to spend time with each other at the lodge for Friday night bingo. The fun didn’t stop there, as my Mom and Debra Vadell Gallemore, were bowlers on the league and traveled to the competitions hosted by other Sons of Hermann leagues. Karl and Elizabeth’s legacy started with one family and grew to eight grandchildren and 19 great- grandchildren as members of Hermann Sons. Even more than they could have imagined, we are on our sixth generation of policyholders. A Sons of Hermann example of, “all because two people fell in love.”

Mary Vadell Scerbo is pictured tapping along with her classmates during a Hermann Sons recital.

Karl Louis Strubing started the Hermann Sons legacy for the Strubing and Vadell families.

Edith Strubing Vadell doing a hula dance at the EdelweissMagnolia Lodge hall.

The Vadell Hermann Sons Life family includes, top, from left, Debra Vadell Gallemore, Kelly Gallemore Johnson, Josie Fraser Chambers, Ruby Vadell Fraser, Gayle Vadell Wiesmann, Theresa Wiesmann Vos, bottom, from left, Edith Strubing Vadell, Edith Vadell Holmes, Amanda Holmes Henley, Mary Vadell Scerbo and Scott Scerbo.

Page 6 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

State bowling tournament set for Austin

SAN ANTONIO – The 55th Hermann Sons Life State Bowling Tournament will be held July 27-28 and Aug. 3-4 at Dart Bowl in Austin. The rules for entries are listed below: 1. At least two members of the team must be a member of Hermann Sons Life as of July 26, 2019. Two non-members per team is allowed. 2. Non USBC bowlers may pay an affiliate membership fee of $20, which will provide high score recognition. 3. Handicap is 90% from 220 for each bowler per event. 4. IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: It shall be each bowler’s responsibility to determine that the submitted average is correct. Failure to use the correct average shall disqualify the score if submitted average is lower than correct average thereby resulting in a lower classification or more handicap. Prize winnings shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the correct average. However, corrections in averages may be permitted up to the completion of the first game of a series. Every entry blank must have each bowler’s highest USBC Certified 20172018 book average based on 21 games or more at the time of participation in the tournament. Bowlers not having a 2017-2018 average must use highest 2018-2019 book average based on 21 games. Bowlers not having 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 book average must use 2019 Summer average of nine games or more in one league at time of participation. Bowlers not having any of the above averages must enter with a scratch average of 220 for the first nine games bowled in the tournament. Bowlers will then establish a tournament average to be used the following year. Bowlers not having any of the above averages, but who bowled nine games in the 2018 tournament may use the average for those nine games in the 2019 tournament. USBC Rule 319(A-2) is waived (10 or more pins increase in average). A: 2017-2018 yearbook average. B: 2018-2019 yearbook average. C: Summer 2019 average (nine games or more in one sanctioned league at time of participation). 5. All bowlers must check in 30 minutes before scheduled to bowl and should present their current USBC Certified card. 6. Entry closing date is July 1, 2019. 7. Any appeal or protest must be See RULES, Pg. 7

Retirement Home

Two new residents move into Home COMFORT – Recent visitors at the Retirement Home were Freida A. Wright, New York and San Antonio; Bud and Lorrie Myers, Baytown; Margaret and Stan Paradowski, Abilene; Mary and Scott Hall, Tarpley; Cecilia Phillips and Gilbert Shelby, Columbia Lodge, Dallas; Doreen Tissler, Cibolo Lodge, Schertz; Jennifer Garner, Gulf Lodge, Pearland; Mike Widner, Helotes, Violet Widner, Dubuque, Iowa; Jane Munoz, North Richland Hills; Joan Landers, Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge, Fresno; Wendy Schumacher, Stafford; Maria Guillen, Woodstock, Ga.; Taylor McMahon, Roswell, Ga.; Carroll and Hazel Dalton, Seguin; and Julie Sheldon. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who helped to make our recent Chili and Bean Cook-Off a success. Birthday cake and ice cream

made prior to the payment of prizes. USBC Rule #329. 8. Make check payable to HERMANN SONS STATE BOWLING TOURNAMENT. 9. All entries must be sent to the Tournament Manager no later than July 1, 2019. All entries postmarked the first post office business day following the entry closing date shall be accepted. Tournament director reserves the right to accept applications up to the beginning of bowling as long as lanes are available. 10. NO ENTRIES WILL BE RECORDED UNTIL MONEY IS RECEIVED. 11. No entry fee will be returned after being received. 12. Entry fee is $17 per event. All Events is $4 optional. Non-members will pay an additional $20. 13. 100% of the prize money will be returned to bowlers. If bowler does not cash check within six months, prize winnings will be forfeited.



On April 6, Bandera County Lodge and the San Antonio Ukulele Ladies and Gents entertained residents and provided ice cream and refreshments. were served at the noon meal on March 26 to honor the birthdays of Harvey Tegtmeyer and Jane Haberman. Chapel service and Holy Communion were conducted by Anglican Priest David Guthrie on March 25. We welcome new residents Elden Schlinger and Frank Hedgers. We hope they enjoy living here as much as we do. – Helen Widner

14. All winners’ averages will be verified before distribution of prize fund. 15. Prize ratio will be at least one for every five entries in team, singles and doubles. 16. Prize ratio for All Events will be one prize for every 20 entries. 17. Plaques will be awarded to each event’s first place winners. 18. Multiple participation will not be allowed, except in cases of emergency where a bowler who has not participated already can not be found. At least three officers of the Executive Board must approve the substitute. This can only occur in the Team Event and Doubles Event. The decision of the Executive Board shall be final unless an appeal is made in accordance with Rule 329. 19. Two separate tournaments with two separate prize lists: one for USBC female members only and one for USBC male members only. 20. Average Adjustment USBC Rule 319E will apply. 21. No previous prize winnings



Donations to the Retirement Home Scholarship Fund in Memory of: Resident Harvey Tegtmeyer celebrated his birthday in March.

Rules outlined for bowling tournament Cont’d. from Pg. 6

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 7

need be reported. 22. USBC Rules will prevail in all instances not herein covered. 23. SQUAD TIMES (TEAM CAPTAIN WILL BE NOTIFIED OF DATE TO BOWL): – Opening ceremony will be held on July 27, 2019, at 12 noon. – Singles/Doubles - Saturday, July 27 and Aug. 3 at 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. – Team - Sunday, July 28 and Aug. 4 at 11 a.m. Additional squads may be added during the course of the tournament, however no squad may be added after the final squad on Aug. 4, 2019, at 11 a.m. unless tournament is extended due to number of entries and upon approval of USBC. Secretary may drop squad if not enough bowlers. 24. Two free team entries for 2019 tournament (one male and one female) will be drawn for at the Annual Meeting on July 27, 2019. 25. Lanes will be dressed after each squad.



DOUGLAS FEUGE Donors: Ross & Betty Murphy

Donations to the Camp in Memory of: JIM MATTOCKS Donor: Burton Lodge

LEROY MUEHLSTEIN Donor: San Marcos Lodge

STAYTON T. FLOWERS Donor: Da Costa Lodge

Donations to the Camp Scholarship Fund in Memory of: KATIE SUE KELLER Donor: La Vernia Lodge

Donors to the Grief Support Camp: LENA GOESSLER RUTERSVILLE LODGE SHELBY LODGE In Memory of Mary Noak

BEXAR LODGE In Memory of Joan Crider DUNLAY LODGE In Memory of Helmer Boehle

Page 8 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

75 Years

ALICE K. HUFFMAN Bryan Lodge JUANITA M. PETERS Cuero Family Lodge FRIEDA C. GALIPP Dallas Lodge EVELYN L. KOVALCIK Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge WILBERT MEYER Poth Lodge

70 Years


CAROL KNOLL SWAN Mission-Alamo Lodge DESSIE L. SCHMID Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge ELMER J. ARNECKE Weesatche Lodge



50 Years









KAY MARIE BEALL Rockport Lodge



Ruth Kurth of San Antonio has received her 60-year membership pin. A member of Louise Schuetze Lodge, Ruth joined on Aug. 11, 1958.

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 9

Medical Notes holes and spaces in the honeycomb are considerably larger than in healthy bones. Osteoporotic bones are not as dense as healthy bones, and as they become less dense, they weaken and are more susceptible to breaks. Is osteoporosis common? Osteoporosis is common across the globe. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, one in three wom-

en over age 50 and one in five men over age 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures. What are the risk factors for osteoporosis? The NOF categorizes risk factors for osteoporosis as uncontrollable and controllable. Uncontrollable risk factors include age, family history, low body weight (being small and thin), and a history of broken bones. Gender also is an uncontrollable

risk factor, as women are more likely than men to suffer from osteoporosis. Controllable risk factors for osteoporosis include not eating enough fruits and vegetables; consuming too much protein, sodium and caffeine; a sedentary lifestyle; smoking; and excessive consumption of alcohol. Insufficient calcium and vitamin D intake is another controllable risk factor for osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is often seen as a problem for the elderly, and the National Osteoporosis Foundation notes that being over 50 is a major risk factor for osteoporosis. But that doesn’t mean people younger than 50 can’t develop the disease. What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone, or both.

Because people cannot feel their bones weakening, osteoporosis is often called a “silent disease,” notes the NOF. Despite its silence, osteoporosis is a serious threat, increasing a person’s risk for bone breaks from falls. What happens to bones when a person has osteoporosis? The NOF notes that, under a microscope, healthy bones look like a honeycomb. When a person has osteoporosis, the

MARILYN ANN WITT Anton Wenzel Lodge Died Oct. 17, 2009 • Age 47

GARY WALTER BATES Waco-Robinson Lodge Died May 9, 2018 • Age 58

HAROLD EDWARD LEWIS Fort Worth Lodge Died Dec. 20, 2018 • Age 82

JOYCE A. DAWSON Pershing Lodge Died Jan. 23, 2019 • Age 91

NORMAN CHARLES KAHLICH Cuero Family Lodge Died Feb. 5, 2019 • Age 90

MARGIE A. PAVLAS Austin Lodge Died Oct. 1, 2015 • Age 76

ALICE MARIE LEGLER Hochheim-Prairie Lodge Died May 10, 2018 • Age 87

FREDERICK E. HOLDEN Kerrville Lodge Died Dec. 24, 2018 • Age 78

SANDRA JO CLINTON Helotes Lodge Died Jan. 23, 2019 • Age 72

MARY KOBAN SINGER Gulf Lodge Died Feb. 5, 2019 • Age 79

ROBERT BRYANT PANKRATZ Comfort Lodge Died April 21, 2016 • Age 54

DIANA HAGERLING Louise Schuetze Lodge Died July 19, 2018 • Age 62

BRUCE G. INGRAM San Marcos Lodge Died Dec. 25, 2018 • Age 88

SIDNEY P. DURAN Mission-Alamo Lodge Died Jan. 25, 2019 • Age 78

ELMOND H. BAUMBACH Rutersville Lodge Died Feb. 11, 2019 • Age 86

DIAN OEHLER New Braunfels Lodge Died June 8, 2016 • Age 70

JACK R. PADDIE SR. Harmonia Lodge Died Aug. 10, 2018 • Age 84

LOUIS HOHMANN Schulenburg Lodge Died Dec. 28, 2018 • Age 82

KENTON S. AHRENS Fredericksburg Lodge Died Jan. 26, 2019 • Age 84

FLOYD L. HITZFELD Helotes Lodge Died Feb. 12, 2019 • Age 86

FORD NELSON BEKEN New Bielau Lodge Died Aug. 28, 2016 • Age 62

CHARLES D. LOEFFLER Harmonia Lodge Died Sept. 27, 2018 • Age 66

RICHARD W. COX Austin Lodge Died Dec. 29, 2018 • Age 65

A.F. SEIFERT JR. Rutersville Lodge Died Jan. 26, 2019 • Age 84

NORMA M. REMMLER New Braunfels Lodge Died Feb. 16, 2019 • Age 97

GEORGE W. MINEAR Shiner Lodge Died Sept. 3, 2016 • Age 80

GAYLE LYNN ENGELMOHR Jackson County Lodge Died Oct. 11, 2018 • Age 57

OSCAR EUGENE STEPHENS San Marcos Lodge Died Jan. 1, 2019 • Age 84

LAWRENCE SEILER Gonzales Lodge Died Jan. 29, 2019 • Age 92

ELROY H. FEY Ellinger Lodge Died Feb. 18, 2019 • Age 86

DONALD C. RIGGS Goliad Lodge Died Dec. 2, 2016 • Age 57

MYRA K. FISCHER Louise Schuetze Lodge Died Oct. 23, 2018 • Age 92

MARCELLA O. WILLE Louise Schuetze Lodge Died Jan. 2, 2019 • Age 98

REGINALD D. DAVIS Pershing Lodge Died Jan. 30, 2019 • Age 86

EDDIE L. CLIFFE Harmonia Lodge Died Feb. 19, 2019 • Age 78

JUANITA M. HENSLEE Fort Worth Lodge Died Feb. 15, 2017 • Age 88

PHILLIP F. BECKER JR. Siemering Lodge Died Oct. 25, 2018 • Age 88

CHRISTINE B. FRASE McGregor Lodge Died Jan. 2, 2019 • Age 93

BERNICE M. EBERT Shiner Lodge Died Feb. 1, 2019 • Age 90

ZONITA JO THOMPSON Fort Worth Lodge Died Feb. 21, 2019 • Age 84

JONI MARIAN HUEPERS Gulf Lodge Died April 29, 2017 • Age 59

CLARA F. SCHRIEWER Kypfer-Salge Lodge Died Oct. 27, 2018 • Age 91

STELLA E. JENKE Kirby Lodge Died Jan. 14, 2019 • Age 92

MICHAEL S. SEGUIN Kirby Lodge Died Feb. 1, 2019 • Age 90

GLORIA M. HEWLETT Pershing Lodge Died Feb. 22, 2019 • Age 88

VICTOR W. ECKHARDT Fredericksburg Lodge Died July 18, 2017 • Age 90

RAY D. TIMMERMANN Kypfer-Salge Lodge Died Dec. 30, 2018 • Age 58

JOHN W. RILEY Orange Grove Lodge Died Jan. 15, 2019 • Age 93

HARRISON HILT Harmonia Lodge Died Feb. 4, 2019 • Age 83

NELDA J. HUCKABY Waco-Robinson Lodge Died Feb. 23, 2019 • Age 79

REVA RENEE MOBLEY Twin Sisters Lodge Died Nov. 6, 2017 • Age 62

ELTON RODENBECK Gay Hill Lodge Died Dec. 7, 2018 • Age 78

ROY EDWARD KASTNER Paige Lodge Died Jan. 23, 2019 • Age 84

MARY B. SCHULZ Karnes City Lodge Died Feb. 4, 2019 • Age 88

HOMER RAY ROBINSON Helotes Lodge Died March 7, 2019 • Age 79

CAROL ROSE GIBSON Pershing Lodge Died Dec. 4, 2017 • Age 83

FRANK X. BOEHLY JR. Siemering Lodge Died Dec. 13, 2018 • Age 97

JAMES R. MATTOCKS Round Top Lodge Died Feb. 5, 2019 • Age 81

The names of deceased members are listed on this page only after a death claim has been filed.

In Memoriam of Our Deceased Members

Page 10 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

What to bring with you to Camp

Hermann has returned to Riverside Camp. The original artists of Hermann in 1993, Jamie Zizelman Piatz and Rita Wagenschein Rosas, returned Hermann to the softball shed at Riverside. They did an incredible job. Thanks ladies!

Camp is getting close - very close! IAN “GUNNER” BRASSETT Executive Camp Director Camp is getting very close! I’m super excited about this upcoming summer. There are so many things I’d like to convey to all of our parents and campers as we head into the summer camp season. By the time most of you read this, we will have had our work day on April 27. We are now heading full steam into the summer. John Sorbel has begun the process of grass cutting on a daily basis and the pools look great! Clay Haley is finishing up the new air conditioning units in two cabins on Riverside, prepared four new cornhole games, removed the old barbecue pit under the pavilion (more space for the dance) and so much more. Thanks to Fort Worth Lodge, the Riverside Dining Hall has

been repainted and looks FANTASTIC! REGISTER TODAY! If you have not registered, I strongly urge you to do it today! While we do still have plenty of space, some sessions are closing very fast, and I expect to have a waiting list in one or two sessions very soon. We will also be opening up one or two sessions after May 15 for campers who would like to attend for a second week. THANK YOU! I already have received 40+ health forms along with more than 800 activity selection, friend bunk and bed requests and check-out forms. This is brilliant! If you have registered for Camp, make sure you mail the health form to Camp. It really helps us in preparing for a great summer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at 830995-3223.

Wondering what to pack for Camp? This is a sample packing list. Tailor it to your child’s activity choices. The great news is that this summer upon arrival every camper will receive a 32-oz. water bottle. This will save the Camp from buying more than 70,000 styrofoam cups! In the interest of being good to the environment and for our STEM Reactions class we are asking our parents and campers to donate empty (and clean) 2-liter and 16-oz. bottles to Camp. PACKING LIST • 6 each of shirts, shorts, socks and underwear • Swimsuit • Light jacket • Hat or cap • Pajamas • Swimsuit • 1 pair of jeans (for Outdoor Living Skills activity) • 2 sets of single sheets, pillow with case • Blanket or sleeping bag • 2 towels and wash cloths • Swim towel • Laundry bag • Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, etc.) • Sunscreen and lip balm • Letter writing materials with addressed envelopes and stamps • Plus anything else to make your stay happy such as a favorite stuffed animal, reading material and something to wear to the Camp dance! • Tennis shoes • Shower shoes • Flip-flops or sandals Please note: • Camp provides all sporting

equipment. • Camp assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal items. • Do not send snacks with your camper. Camp provides snacks twice a day. • Please do not allow campers to bring electronic devices such as cellular phones, iPads, MP3 players, etc. • Campers should not bring knives, fireworks, or any weapon or explosive. • No pets! • Be sure to label all items.

Every camper will receive a water bottle upon arrival at Camp this summer.

New procedures in place for arrival days this summer Arrival days are going to be slightly different this summer. If Camp has received all of your paperwork (Medical Form and the Activity List/Check-Out Form), you will receive an email on the Wednesday before your child’s arrival. This email will provide you with some last-minute

information and what cabin your child will be in. Both camps will open the gates between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Upon arrival, you will be directed to park and you can head to your child’s cabin to begin the process of making friends and

meeting your child’s counselor. This summer, your camper’s activity schedule for the week will be posted. The goal will always be to schedule your child the top six activities. If you have any questions about the schedule, please do not bring them up with the counselor in front of your child.

Remember, the goal of arrival day, especially for the first-time camper, is to make sure they are comfortable and happy. As a parent, your attitude is critical. Discuss any concerns regarding the activity choices with the Program Director or the Camp Director… and not in front of the camper!

The Canteen (gift shop) will be open for some forgotten lastminute or Camp items. All medications (this includes vitamins, Advil, etc.) must be turned into the medical staff. Once your child has been dropped off, you may leave… and the FUN can begin.

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 11

Parents can help with homesickness By IAN “GUNNER” BRASSETT Executive Camp Director I love camp! It provides campers the opportunity to grow in a safe, caring environment. At Camp, campers will find awesome daily activities, great evening activities, good food, fantastic counselors and most importantly… incredible new friends in their cabin! Often, campers arrive at Camp predisposed to being homesick. Why? Because unwittingly, parents set the camper up for a difficult adjustment. “If you don’t like it, we’ll pick you up.” “We’ll miss you so much.” “I’m not sure what I will do with myself.” While well intentioned, these phrases make for a difficult transition.

Providing positive feedback and encouragement will help your child in their adjustment. It is critical you do not use the phrase. “If you do not like it, we’ll pick you up.” This will ensure that the child will not push through any adjustment issues. MOST CAMPERS will experience some form of homesickness. It is natural and expected. One of the best parts of camp is the camper pushing through this speed bump and thoroughly enjoying their camp experience. The goal as a parent is to not put your concerns and fears into the camper’s mindset. The wonderful opportunity you are providing your child is to make new friends and try new activities. Be con-

fident in their ability to have fun. Do not make it about you and the empty house! You will miss them, however you should focus on the incredible adventure they will be having. Use the following phrases: “I can’t wait to hear about how much fun you are having!” “You are going to have such a good time with all those (new) activities.” “Make sure you get the contact information of all your new friends.” When writing letters/emails, focus on their experience. “How is archery?” “Tell me about your friends” “How was the Carnival Night?” “I’m so proud of you” “See you on Saturday and you can tell us all about your fun experience.”

Hilltop Camp is now available for rent to groups during the off-season (mid-August through May). Ideal for church groups youth groups Scout groups

Contact Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett at 830-995-3223 or for availability and pricing. Hermann Sons Life members will receive a discount!

2019 Dance Recital Dates School of Dance


Bandera County May 18 Boerne May 19 Castroville June 1 Cibolo May 4 Corpus Christi June 1 Cuero May 18 Da Costa May 18 Devine May 18 Elgin June 2 Ganado May 11 Goliad May 11 Gonzales May 4 Hill Country May 11 Hochheim-Prairie May 4 Hondo May 25 Jourdanton May 19 Karnes City May 11 Kirby May 19 La Vernia May 11 Lee County May 5 Lone Oak May 5 New Braunfels May 19 New Braunfels May 19 New Braunfels May 19 North West Bexar Co. June 1 Poth-Floresville May 4 San Antonio May 25 Schulenburg May 4 Seguin June 9 Stockdale May 18




3 p.m. 3 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 4 p.m. 4 p.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. 3 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 10 a.m. 3 p.m. 5 p.m. 2 p.m. 2 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 11:30 a.m. 2 p.m. 5 p.m. 10 a.m. 2 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 11:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 5 p.m.

Bandera High School Auditorium, 474 Old San Antonio Hwy., Bandera Boerne Middle School North, 240 Johnson Rd., Boerne Medina Valley Performing Arts Center, 8365 FM 471 South, Castroville Jackson Auditorium, Texas Luthern University, 1000 W. Court St., Seguin Tuloso Middle School, 9768 La Branch Dr., Corpus Christi Victoria Fine Arts Center, 1002 Sam Houston Drive, Victoria Victoria Fine Arts Center, 1002 Sam Houston Drive, Victoria Lytle ISD Auditorium, 18975 FM 2790, Lytle SPJST Hall, 702 Texas 95, Elgin Ganado High School Auditorium, South Seventh Street, Ganado Goliad High School, 749 N. Tiger Lane, Goliad Gonzales Junior High School, 926 St. Lawrence, Gonzales Smithson Valley High School, 14001 Hwy. 46 West, Spring Branch Yoakum High School, 104 Poth St., Yoakum Medina Valley Performing Arts Center, 8365 FM 471 South, Castroville Pleasanton High School Performing Arts Center, 900 West Adams St., Pleasanton Karnes City High School, 400 N. Hwy. 123, Karnes City Kirby Middle School, 5441 Old Seguin Road, Kirby La Vernia High School Auditorium, 225 Bluebonnet Rd., La Vernia The Silos at ‘77, 1031 CR 223, Giddings Jackson Auditorium, Texas Luthern University, 1000 W. Court St., Seguin Smithson Valley High School, 14001 Hwy. 46 West, Spring Branch Smithson Valley High School, 14001 Hwy. 46 West, Spring Branch Smithson Valley High School, 14001 Hwy. 46 West, Spring Branch Edgewood Theatre of Performing Arts, 402 Lance St., San Antonio Floresville High School Auditorium, 1813 Tiger Lane, Floresville Majik Theatre, 402 S. Alamo, San Antonio Schulenburg Civic Center, 1107 Hillje Ave., Schulenburg Jackson Auditorium, Texas Lutheran University, 1000 W. Court St., Seguin Stockdale High School Auditorium, 502 S. Fourth St., Stockdale

Page 12 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

Scholarship recipients tell stories of time at Camp Cont’d. from Pg 1 play sports with the boys. When I came to Hermann Sons Life Camp, I was able to get a fresh start. Throughout the week I was able to break out of my shell, make new friends, and I had a blast doing it. I developed people skills among children my own age, which I had not been very good at previously. These people skills have enabled me to enter any social situation and start a conversation with a stranger and possibly make a new connection. “Hermann Sons Life Camp gave me confidence. As a young girl, I felt the pressure of needing to look and act a certain way to get people to like me. I was scared to try new things because I was afraid of failure. Hermann Sons Life Camp provided me with a judgement free zone. I was able to develop confidence in myself through

the sports activities and the talent show. Strengthening my confidence has enabled me to believe in myself whenever I am faced with an obstacle.” She also credited Camp with helping her develop self-discipline and sparking her desire to serve her community. “Hermann Sons Life Camp changed my life in a dramatic way,” she concluded. Matthew Esquell is the son of Julie and Ryan Esquell. He is a member of Austin Lodge. He is a senior at Round Rock High School. He plans to attend Texas A&M where he will study finance and accounting. His goal is to become a certified forensic accountant. He attended Camp for five years and served as a Counselorin-Training for two years. In high school, he has been See CAMP, Pg. 13


Hondo Victory Lodge will hold a drawing and award up to FIVE $200 prizes to eligible 2019 high school graduates who are female graduate members of Hondo Victory Lodge. The prize will be in the form of a check. Names will be drawn on June 1, 2019. The winners only will be notified and are encouraged to attend the June meeting to accept their check. For more information, call Loraine Miller at 830-426-2482. To enter, the form below must be completed and received on or before May 30, 2019. Mail to: Loraine Miller, Financial Secretary Hondo Victory Lodge 1701 22nd Street Hondo, TX 78861 Please send a cap & gown picture for publication in the newspaper. (Photo will not be returned) The photo is not a requirement for the drawing, but will be appreciated.

Graduate Cash Drawing Entry Form Name________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________ Phone Number________________________________________ Name of High School___________________________________ School Address________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ School Phone Number__________________________________

Answers to puzzles on Pg. 28 Crossword Puzzle Across 2. Tulip 3. Seeds 5. Mothers Day 7. Robin 9. Flowers 10. Puddle Down 1. Plant 3. Spring 4. Caterpillar 6. Daffodil

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 13

Casino fun will benefit Grief Support Session COMFORT – Time is running out to get your tickets for the Healing Hearts Casino Night set for Saturday, May 4, at Hilltop Camp in Comfort. Only 150 tickets will be sold for the event that will raise money for the Grief Support Session at Hermann Sons Life Camp. Members and their guests are invited to come out for a night of food and games in the Hilltop Dining Hall. Cost is only $50 per person. The evening begins at 6 p.m. with a steak dinner that includes a salad and baked potato. At 7 p.m. the gaming begins with casino-style Black Jack, roulette and Texas Hold ‘Em poker. Two slot machines also be available. Each ticket holder will receive $1,000 in chips to get them started. More chips will be sold throughout the evening. When the games end at 10 p.m., everyone who still has chips will have a chance to win some awesome prizes. The evening will also include

a silent auction and door prizes. A cash bar will be available. All proceeds from the event will benefit the third Grief Support Session scheduled this year for June 30-July 3. This special session will once again be available to children ages 6 to 17 who have lost a parent or sibling. Hermann Sons Life will partner with the Children’s Bereavement Center to provide a half-week camp experience that includes therapy sessions to help these children on their healing path. Fund-raisers like this casino night and other donations make it possible for the children to attend at no cost to the family (except for a $50 application fee). To purchase tickets, go online to and click on “Store.” Anyone wanting to stay overnight at Camp can call 210226-9261 or 800-234-4124 to make arrangements. Hilltop Camp is located at 170 Hilltop Camp Road outside of Comfort.

Prize Donors Texas Jack Wild West Outfitter Sophie’s Bakery Inc. Phillips Entertainment Inc. The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum Gästehaus Schmidt William Chris Vineyards Kendra Scott Jewelry Morgan’s Wonderland McKenna Children’s Museum The McNay Art Museum Escape Haus Animal World Snake Farm & Zoo Inner Space Cavern Altitude Trampoline Park Splashtown

Foresight Golf San Antonio Zoo Beth Williams and Family The San Antonio Aquarium Thinkery Austin Dunlay Lodge Fredericksburg Lodge Fiesta Winery Fredericksburg Sea World San Antonio Castroville Lodge New Braunfels Lodge Capital Cruises Sightseeing & Bat Watching Tours Hondo Lodge Kypfer-Salge Lodge ZDT’s Amusement

Boerne Lodge The Jumpy Place Hy O Silver Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge Taylor Lodge Deanville Lodge Six Flags Fiesta Texas Carol Swan San Antonio Museum of Art Majik Theater Macdona Lodge Stockdale Lodge Shive Lodge Helotes Lodge

Table Sponsors Slot Machines Austin Lodge Mission-Alamo Lodge Texas Hold ‘Em Tables Fort Worth Lodge Kirby Lodge Schwertner Lodge Roulette Wheel Austin Lodge

Blackjack Tables Flatonia Lodge Helotes Lodge Seguin Lodge Louise Schuetze Lodge Kerrville Lodge Hondo Victory Lodge Suzanne Hildebrand Norma Bruns David Dornberg

Camp has had positive impact on scholarship recipients Cont’d. from Pg. 12 active as a member of the tennis team, National Honor Society, Leo Club and the Recycling Club. He has achieved numerous awards for academic excellence. In his essay, Matthew wrote, “This camp completely changed my life the seven years I was a part of the program. I always enjoyed showing up to Camp and meeting new friends and counselors that I could have fun with. The campers and counselors helped ease the stress of being away from home. “Being at Camp helped me come out of my shell and helped me find my true personality and identity. Being away from home attending Camp also helped me become a little more indepen-

dent and self-reliant. “I really feel an important part of the Hermann Sons Life Camp experience was being a part of the CIT Leadership Program. Spending those weeks as a CIT helped me learn how to be a leader. The program helped me learn to better handle stressful situations. I also learned patience and discipline. “But most of all, I learned how to be a great role model. The skills I learned from the program carried forward to my life back in Round Rock where I continue to help my community through volunteering and leadership. I try to represent my high school with integrity and good sportsmanship. “Hermann Sons Life Camp was a big part of my childhood and

teenage years. I feel I am a better well-rounded, responsible, patient, confident and self-reliant young man and I owe a good part of this to my experiences with Hermann Sons Life.” Erica Masi is the daughter of Christopher and Barbara Masi. She is a member of Richland Lodge. She is a senior at Hendrickson High School. She plans to attend Texas A&M University where she will study forensic and investigative sciences. Her goal is to become a doctor. She excelled in many areas while in school especially FFA and 4-H. She is the current Queen of the Richland May Fete and is active in her church, St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church. In her essay, Erica wrote, “While

at Hermann Sons Life Camp, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone, learn new things, meet new people, and try new experiences which is the beauty of Camp. I managed to make new friends, develop new communication skills, and learned to make the most out of situations in order to have fun. Camp helped me develop a sense of independence which is important as I prepare for the future and proceed to college this fall at Texas A&M University.” After her time as a camper, Erica returned as a Counselor-inTraining and a Junior Counselor. She says the skills she learned helped her to serve as a better leader for Camp Mission Possible, a camp for youth with disabilities.

She says about serving as a counselor, “One of the best feelings in the world is to have campers look up to me as a role model because I at one time remember being in their same shoes.” She continued, “Hermann Sons Life Camp is a safe space where we as campers and counselors can be ourselves, take a step back from the stressful aspects of life, and provide youth with a great camp experience.” The Hermann Sons Youth Camp-Shannon Leigh Gaffney Scholarship was created in memory of Shannon Gaffney, a former camper and counselor, who lost her fight again leukemia at an early age. She loved everything about Camp and the scholarship program allows her spirit to live on.

Look for the announcement of the recipients of the Retirement Home Scholarships in June!

Page 14 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

Hermann Sons Life Camp is hiring!

Round Top Lodge recognizes family Round Top Lodge is proud of its latest 100% Hermann Sons Life family. They are Kyle and Heather Kaspar and their children Kylee, Heath and newest member, Hunter.

Louise Schuetze Lodge honors celebrants

Birthday celebrants were recognized at the April meeting of Louise Schuetze Lodge. Pictured are, from left, Judy Schulmeier, lodge President Lisa Robalin, Debbie Gold and Lynne Wiede.

Lodges are reminded to submit Join Hands Day project reports by June 3! Forms may be submitted online at - Members Benefits - Lodges. Forms are also available in the Lodge Planner. Louise Schuetze Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants at the April meeting. Pictured with Lodge President Lisa Robalin, center, are, from left, Irvin and Judy Schulmeier, 37 years, and Lloyd and Elizabeth Markell, 67 years.

Be sure to check out more Join Hands Day project photos in the June edition of Hermann Sons Life!

Join Hands Day 2019

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 15

MOULTON – Moulton Lodge made a donation to the Moulton Elementary School Library. Barbara Anderle, Allyne Chapman and Kathy Koch presented the donation.

SAN MARCOS and LOCKHART LODGES – San Marcos Lodge once again put together care packages for the children who will be attending the Grief Support Camp this summer in Comfort. Lockhart Lodge joined the project this year. The bags were filled with various items including notebooks, blank paper with writing supplies such as pencils, pens, crayons, glue sticks, highlighters, note cards with stamps, construction paper and other items for the campers to enjoy.

SHELBY LODGE – Shelby Lodge members joined hands with the local American Legion in support of the Legion’s annual Turkey Stew fund-raiser. The event was held March 9 at the Legion Hall in Shelby. Twelve members assisted with the stew and bake sale. The men assisting with the cooking were Roy Pieper, Oscar Voelkel, Joe Chovanec, Don Huebner and Calvin Coufal.

Clarence and Linda Reuther and Judy Pieper helped debone the turkey for the Turkey Stew fund-raiser.

Shelby Lodge joins hands with American Legion

Doris Christ shreds vegetables for the Turkey Stew fundraiser.

Robert Klingsporn also pitched in and peeled potatoes for the Turkey Stew fund-raiser.

Bonnie Rudloff peels potatoes for the turkey stew sold to raise funds for the American Legion in Shelby.

Page 16 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

Columbia Lodge welcomes two new agents in March DALLAS – Columbia Lodge has two new agents. Longtime members Cecilia Phillips and Gilbert Shelby have made the commitment to serve the community by becoming agents. In March, they travelled to the Home Office in San Antonio where they completed an intensive three-day training session for Hermann Sons Life agents. The trip included a full day at the Retirement Home in Comfort. They still have a few goals to achieve before they are fully licensed in the State of Texas, but they are ready to write policies on a limited basis right now. This brings to three the number of agents serving the lodge. They join longtime agent Helen Brown in this worthwhile work. They made their debut as agents at the Columbia Lodge Spring Fling event, where a few

membership drive speeches were made between sets. They brought contact cards with 31 being picked up and five being returned back with contact information. They set up their first membership drive table during the Deep Ellum Arts Festival coinciding with the St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast. They plan on making this a regular practice, choosing some high-attendance events, and perhaps establishing some regular agent business hours, to ensure that guests have access to support if they want to learn more about membership. Throwback Bingo has come to the Sons of Hermann Hall! Throwback Bingo is held in the Old Bowling Alley and features 1950’s vintage bingo equipment and fun celebrity hosts. Doors to the bingo party open at 7 p.m. and games begin at

7:30 p.m. Proceeds benefit different local causes. The April session benefited Way Into Music, sponsored by Zounds Sounds School of Music. There are exciting prizes to be won on every round! Cost is $10 for the first game card, $5 for each additional game card. The Deep Ellum Community Association hosts a platform for community discussion monthly at the Hall. Every gathering features a different conversation about the neighborhood and its residents. Topics may include news, new businesses, events, history and culture. Sons of Hermann Hall is honored to be a part of this vitally important community forum. Deep Ellum’s history is a rich tapestry, boasting the city’s largest collection of commercial storefronts from the early

Gilbert Shelby and Cecilia Phillips are now agents serving Columbia Lodge and the Dallas area. They set up a table at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival in March so they could distribute materials on Hermann Sons Life membership. 20th century. The neighborhood continually faces change and strives to evolve while holding on to its historically significant architecture and history, exemplified by the Hall, that

Harmonia Lodge plans brisket meal for May 9

At May 7 meeting

SAN ANTONIO – The lodge will provide the brisket for the meal to be served at the Harmonia Lodge meeting on May 9. Members are asked to provide side dishes and/or desserts. The annual memorial service was part of the March meeting. President Matt Kraus read the name of each of the 44 members who passed away in 2018 along with the date of passing, age and year of membership. As each name was read, the term ‘absent’ was voiced and a small candle was lit by Brad Dietrich and Albert Ranzau. Members who recently passed away were also remembered. They include Hilmar Roehr who passed away on Dec. 23, 2018, at the age of 93. He had been a member since 1973. Harrison Hilt passed away Feb. 14 at the age of 83. He had been a member since 1967. Albert Ranzau and Mike Beam prepared the corn beef and cabbage for the meal. The Home Association Fiesta

FREDERICKSBURG – Fredericksburg Lodge will be meeting Tuesday, May 7. The lodge will host a fajita supper. Members and guests are asked to bring a side dish along with a plate and utensils. The lodge will honor all mothers at the meeting. Games will follow the meeting. For more information contact Hans Enderlin at 830-8951343 or Windy Duecker at 830997-2983. A chicken spaghetti dinner was served at the April 2 meeting. Welcomed as new members were Aubrey Gosdin and Nicole Frantzen. Welcomed by way of transfer were Troy Elton Seewald, Emily Seewald and Delaney Seewald. Members were informed that Katherine Cornehl is finalizing plans to participate in the annual Relay for Life or work with another organization on a Join Hands Day project.

Secretary John Hoog, left, and President Matt Kraus got into the spirit of things for the March meeting of Harmonia Lodge that included a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. medals are for sale. The iron cross donated by the Texas Rangers, to replace the one stolen from the Harmonia Cemetery, was displayed. Celebrating March birthdays were John Miller and Harry Werland. The attendance prizes were won by Roger Buley and Stan Steiger. Roger also won splitthe-pot. –John Hoog

gives this area of Dallas such a distinctive feel. All who are interested may attend. Supper is often served. Check the online calendar for dates and times. – Anni Howe

Fredericksburg will serve fajitas

Celebrating April birthdays at the Fredericksburg Lodge meeting were, from left, Jan Holly, Florence Terry, Cindy Rode and Lou Awalt. The annual memorial service was held to honor the members who passed away in 2018. President Hans Enderlin read the list of members, the year they joined and the number of years they were members.

Members were asked to keep Edward Peter in their thoughts and prayers. Stanley Jenschke and Marissa Weinheimer were the recipients of the attendance prizes. – Reporter

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 17

San Marcos will meet at Golden Corral May 6 SAN MARCOS – San Marcos Lodge will meet May 6 at 10:45 a.m. at the Golden Corral in New Braunfels. Contact an officer if you plan to attend because mothers will be honored. Lockhart Lodge members attended the April 1 meeting held at the La Vista Apartments Club House. They were there to join hands with San Marcos Lodge members in preparing 75 Grief Support Camp bags. The bags were filled with various items including notebooks, blank paper with writing supplies such as pencils, pens, crayons, glue sticks, highlighters, note cards with stamps, construction paper and other items for the campers to enjoy.

Membership Coordinator Lillian Cargil was thanked for chairing the project and purchasing the items placed in the bags using the approximately $650 in donations received from members and other interested persons, along with the San Marcos Lodge contribution and Lockhart Lodge contributions. The Family Picnic was set for Saturday, July 13, at Zorn Bowling Club beginning at 2:30 p.m. The Cheer Committee reported sympathy cards were sent to Steve Schuenemann following the passing of his mother, Janice Kuhen and her family following the passing of brother-

Members of San Marcos Lodge and Lockhart Lodge prepared 75 bags for the children who will attend the Grief Support Session this summer. The bags are filled with writing supplies and other items.

Brett Stoffel and Agnes Dreibrodt celebrated their April birthdays at the San Marcos Lodge meeting.

her brother-in-law. A get-well card also was sent to Joey Preuss following his surgery. Attendance award winners were Yvonne Robbins and Bob

Robbins Hosts Bruce, Larry and Evelyn Moreau were thanked for preparing the ham. – Reporter

n-law and uncle Russell Burke, Tina and Joey Preuss following the passing of Tina’s brother-inlaw Dennis Baker and to Patty Tristan following the passing of

Paige to provide Mother’s Day lunch

Vice President of Finance Harry Werland presented 60-year membership pins to three members of Stern Lodge in April. Pictured are, from left, recipient Fran Altherr, Harry, and pin recipients Wallace Felsing and Candyce Holmes.

Stern Lodge presents pins to pioneers at April meeting SEGUIN – Stern Lodge will meet Sunday, May 5, at the Seguin American Legion Hall. At the April 7 meeting, Vice President of Finance and CFO Harry Werland was in attendance to present 60-year membership pins to Fran Altherr, a member since July 15, 1959; Candyce Holmes, a member since Feb. 8, 1959; and Wallace Felsing, a member since Feb. 16, 1959. Other recipients not in attendance were Viola Doege, a member since Nov. 24, 1959; Vicki Harborth, a member since June 23, 1959; Robert Harris, a member since Nov. 3, 1959; and

Allen Thormeyer, a member since Dec. 5, 1949. High school seniors interested in applying for the lodge scholarship should contact President Rick May for more information. Members discussed a summer gambling trip for members and friends. President May celebrates a birthday in May. Attendance-prize winners were Lorrie Rangel, Fran Altherr and Marvalee May. Members and guests enjoyed sandwiches, chips and desserts. – Reporter

PAIGE – Paige Lodge ladies will be treated to a Mother’s Day lunch prior to the Sunday, May 19, meeting. At the March meeting, a moment of silence was observed in memory of Cornell Kunkel. President Chelle Dube read correspondence from the Home Office informing the lodge its new member goal for 2019 is

eight. Printed schedules for the 2019-2020 year were handed out. Contact Sandy Botkin at 979-542-8129 if you would like a schedule. Bernice Basward sent a sympathy card to the Cornell Kunkel family. Ethel Kunkel thanked everyone for the cards and prayers. Ethel won the attendance

prize and Brigette Burttschell won the dollar pot. Ronnie and Debbie Harmon donated door prizes and the winners were Ethel Kunkel, Waylon Kunkel and Brigette Burttschell. Members and guests enjoyed a Mexican potluck lunch prior to the meeting. – Sandy Botkin

At May 3 meeting

Boerne to host executive camp director BOERNE – Boerne Lodge will meet Friday, May 3, at 12 noon at Kronkosky Place. Lunch reservations must be made in advance by calling the Rainbow Senior Center at 830-249-2114 by 9 a.m. the day of the meeting. Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett will be the guest speaker. At the April meeting, members voted to make a monetary donation to the Healing Hearts Casino Night event being held May 4. The money raised will benefit the Grief Support Camp scheduled for June 30-July 3. This will be the lodge’s Join Hands Day project. A thank you card was read from the Home Office thanking

the lodge for the donation to the Retirement Home in memory of Elmer Bergmann. A thank you card was also read that was being sent to Larry Potter for being the guest speaker at the March meeting. Members and the Boerne community were saddened to hear of the passing of Verta Bergmann. She was a long-time and  active member of Boerne Lodge. A donation will be made to the Retirement Home in her memory.   Six graduating high school seniors will receive a scholarship from the lodge. They will be presented at the Scholarship Night ceremony scheduled for May 21 at Boerne High School

beginning at 6:30 p.m. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Erna Vogt who celebrated her birthday on April 24. She was given a free meal ticket to the Rainbow Senior Center for future use. Best wishes also go to Harvey Vogt who celebrated his birthday on April 12. Congratulations are extended to Lloyd and Elizabeth Markell who celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary on April 5. Easter treats were enjoyed by all and then a game of cards was played. Marilyn Vogt was the lucky winner of the game and Jack Faecher was the winner of the door prize.  – Barbara D’Spain

Page 18 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

Spring Branch to meet May 19 at Community Center

BULVERDE – Spring Branch Lodge will meet Sunday, May 19, at 2:30 p.m. in the Bulverde Community Center. Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett was the guest speaker at the March 17 meeting. He talked about the exciting activities planned at Hillside and Riverside this summer. To help get the Camp ready for the children, a workday is planned for April 27. Contact Ian at if you would like to help. Community service hours are available for youth taking part. He also talked about the Healing Hearts Casino Night that will benefit the Grief Support Camp this summer. The event is planned for May 4 at Hilltop Camp. Tickets are available through the website – Click on “Store.” A steak dinner and access to gaming tables will be available for $50 per person.  Each person will be given $1,000 in casino

President Sharon Knibbe welcomed Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett to the March meeting of Spring Branch Lodge.

Chuck and Sharon Knibbe celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary recently. They are members of Spring Branch Lodge.

Celebrating birthdays at the March meeting of Spring Branch Lodge were Chuck Knibbe and Mildred Bartels.

“money.” In observance of Join Hands Day, the Lodge will contribute $275 to sponsor a gaming table that night.   The lodge will also contribute to the Provisions Food Bank in Bulverde and the Bulverde Ani-

ing session at the Home Office in March. The lodge’s new member goal for 2019 is 25. Attendance prizes were won by Phyllis Havens, Ian Brassett, Ben Havens, Sharon Knibbe, Alverne Halloran, Karen Woody,

Gloria Gass and Jane Wanke. Darrell and Karen Woody provided a meal of pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw and macaroni and cheese. Chuck and Sharon Knibbe provided the yummy ice cream. – Jane Wanke

mal Shelter. Members voted to donate a $100 H-E-B gift card to the Spring Chicken Festival that is annually held in April at the Bulverde Community Center. Agent Gloria Gass reported that she had attended a train-

Dallas pin presentations set for May 19

Officers and agents of La Vernia Lodge rode the Hermann Sons Life float when it appeared in the Bluebonnet Parade in La Vernia in March. The float took third place.

La Vernia enters float in parade LA VERNIA – The Hermann Sons Life float took third place in the La Vernia Bluebonnet Parade on Saturday, March 30, in La Vernia. The officers of La Vernia Lodge had a grand time riding the parade route greeting and waiving to the many spectators.  Those riding were President Charles Stork, Vice President Candy Stork, Secretary Jeanie Walpole, Treasurer Elaine Schnitz, Youth

Coordinator Beth Brooks, Membership Coordinator Edna Mae Fannin and Agents Marlin and Sharon Tanneberger.    Walking alongside the float and handing out information about the lodge were Rebecca, Kaitlyn, Shanell and Clayton Brooks.  The lodge would like to thank Bob and Donna Scheel for bringing the float to La Vernia. – Reporter

DALLAS – Dallas Lodge members will volunteer at City Square on May 4 in observance of Join Hands Day. They will stock the food pantry from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. City Square is located at 1610 S. Malcolm X Blvd. in Dallas. Volunteers are needed. A public pin presentation will be held Sunday, May 19, at 1 p.m. at El Fenix,1601 McKinney Ave., Dallas. Invitations were sent to all eight pin recipients. A Home Office representative will present the pins. The lodge will pay for the meal for everyone. Call Steve Schellenberg at 972-358-1952 to confirm your attendance. The next regular meeting will be held July 28 at 1 p.m. at the

Hall. Karen Horton from Columbia Lodge was a guest at the March 17 meeting. Sophia Gonzales of Heartland was welcomed as a new member. Daryl L. Leick of Plano was welcomed by way of transfer. Francis Young is now a 60-year member. The Dallas resident joined on March 15, 1959.  Members mourn the passing of Gerald H. Pille of Dallas on Dec. 23, 2018, and Frances S. Gerlich of Dallas on Feb. 12, 2019.  She was 94.  She provided Hermann Sons Life insurance for her nieces and nephews and helped them receive lodge scholarships.   

The lodge will make a donation to the Retirement Home in their memory. Scholarship applications have been sent to four graduating high school seniors who are members of the lodge. The applications must be completed and returned no later than June 1. They will be reviewed by members and voted on as needed. Steve Schellenberg won the attendance prize. The Dallas Home Association’s annual general meeting was held later in the day with members of both lodges in attendance. A report will follow in the next issue of the newspaper. – Reporter

Cibolo will host TruLight127 representatives CIBOLO – Cibolo Lodge will meet May 2. Representatives from TruLight127 will be there to talk about the program that has been selected to be the lodge’s Matching Funds recipient for 2019. TruLight127 cares for foster children and their families.

Also on the agenda is discussion about a possible trip in July. Memorial Day and Mother’s Day will be celebrated. Bring your favorite picture of your mom! It’s going to be lasagna night and men will provide the desserts. The lodge did not hold a meet-

ing in April because of the passing of a member. Condolences are extended to family and friends. Bunco Night has been rescheduled from the May meeting to the June 6 meeting. – Reporter

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 19

Fort Worth Lodge welcomes two new members FORT WORTH – Fort Worth Lodge welcomes Emma Snider and Reese Baker as new members. The next meeting is set for June 2 at BRiCk in Burleson. The lodge will have one of the meeting rooms starting at 2:30 p.m. And if you would like to bring your children and take them swimming, the lodge will have use of the pool at the rate of $5 per person. Also, older children can use the basketball courts. The regular meet-

ing is at 3 p.m. followed by pin presentations. The lodge will furnish the meal and members are asked to bring desserts. The event is open to all members, their families and any guests you would like to invite. Come one, come all and let’s have a fun afternoon. Congratulations go to Holli Ford for reaching her 60-year membership milestone. Holli has been a member since April 23, 1959. Reaching the 50-year milestone on April 7 were Craig

Engelhardt, Vicki Lewallen, Rex Engelhardt and Anthony Williams. Jack Martin Jr. reached 50 years of membership on April 13. The Youth Committee has sent letters to all Camp age youth. Parents should be on the lookout. If your child is going to Camp, they need to send their letter back with their Tshirt size and a chance to win part of their Camp fee. This is open to all Fort Worth Lodge juniors going to Camp. If your

child does not get a letter, contact Ronnie Jones at 817-2295722. Don’t forget, if your child is not a member and is between the ages of 9-13 or has a friend who wants to go to Camp and is not a member, contact Sandra Jones at 817-781-7155 or the Home Office. Fort Worth Lodge extends sympathy to the family of Juanita Henslee. Juanita joined the lodge Nov. 5, 1967. Sympathy also is extended to the

family of Zonita Thompson. Zonita and the late Walter Thompson had been active in the lodge for many years serving on committees and helping whenever and wherever they could. Zonita joined the lodge May 3, 1981. Happy Birthday wishes go to Gracie Stephenson, Hailee McBroom, Morris Turek, Vince Wos, Lisa Schick, Brett Walters, Mike Barclay, Jessica Neider and Justin McLaughlin. – Reporter

Schulenburg announces dance recital set for May 4 SCHULENBURG – Schulenburg Lodge meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Schulenburg Community Center. Refreshments are served at 6:30 p.m. Dinner and the meeting follow at 7 p.m. In April, 27 members were present to enjoy fish, macaroni and cheese, green beans and ice cream. Agent Mary K. Seifert reported the dance recital will be held Saturday, May 4, at the Civic Center starting at 3 p.m. There will be only one session. She also announced that she

would be attending a training session for agents and the annual Agents Awards Banquet May 18 in San Marcos. Arline Ulrich reported birthdays in March at the nursing home for Georgia Kalich and Lillian Manning. They received gifts from the lodge. Bill and Delores Michalke made donations to the scholarship fund in memory of Eugene Berger and Pat Balcar. Leroy Schroeder won the Arlan’s gift card. – Junette Rodecap

Two couples from Schulenburg Lodge celebrated tbeir wedding anniversaries in April. They are, from left, Frank and Becky Bohlmann and Clinton and Dorothy Ellebracht.

Celebrating April birthdays at the Schulenburg Lodge meeting were, from left, Bill Michalke, Emma Nitsche and Jimmy Kohleffel.

DaCosta in search of hall managers

Bernardo bbq set for June 8

DACOSTA – DaCosta Lodge will meet May 14 at 6 p.m. at the lodge hall. The lodge is still actively looking for new hall managers. The managers do not have to be members of Hermann Sons Life. For more information contact

BERNARDO – Bernardo Lodge meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Bernardo Volunteer Fire Department. At the May meeting members will clean the Fire Station to help get it ready for the lodge’s annual barbecue set for June 8. The barbecue will start at 5 p.m. with a social. Local Boy Scouts will present a flag ceremony. Members are encouraged to bring their old flags for proper disposal. The lodge will provide the barbecue pork, refreshments and paper goods. Members are asked to bring two side dishes. A representative of the Home Office will be there to present membership pins. Pin recipients will be notified by the Home Of-

James and Geraldine Venglar at 361-573-3941. A Western Dance open to the public is scheduled for May 11 at the hall. The DaCosta School of Dance and the Cuero School of Dance will hold a joint recital on May 18 at 4 p.m. at the Victoria Fine

Arts Center. All members of both lodges are welcome to attend. There is no cost to attend. Dancers are selling prize drawing tickets to help cover the cost of the facility. The drawing will be held at 3:30 p.m. the day of the recital. – Sayra Martinka

Hochheim-Prairie will meet on May 5 YOAKUM – Hochheim-Prairie Lodge will meet Sunday, May 5, at Turner Hall. At the April 7 meeting, President Janet Zabransky appointed Carol Jungman, Joyce Word and Debbie Zinke to the Scholarship Committee. Two $500 scholarships will be presented

to graduating high school seniors at the Yoakum High School awards ceremony on May 20. Members voted to make a $500 donation to the Yoakum FFA Booster Club. A sympathy card was sent to the Charles Pate family and a moment of silence was ob-

served in his memory. A getwell card was sent to Dennis Havlik. Birthday honoree was Joyce Word who had celebrated her 85th birthday on April 6. Door prize winner was Bob Jungman. – Reporter

fice. Members were reminded at the March 20 meeting that Camp registration is under way. Anyone wanting more information about Camo should contact Agents Terrel and Robin Maertz at 979-7324463. Camp is open to boys and girls ages 9-13 years old as of Sept. 1, 2019. Members of Bernardo Lodge who plan to attend should contact Robin. The lodge will reimburse its campers $50 of their Camp fee. A donation was made to the Bernardo Volunteer Fire Department in memory of Grover M Gross. Robin and R.W. Maertz won door prizes. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Robin. – Reporter

Page 20 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

Kypfer-Salge welcomes new member

CLEAR SPRINGS – Kypfer-Salge Lodge will meet May 3. Kery and Kathy Noble will provide the ham in honor of their anniversary. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert. Darline Preiss fried the catfish for the April 5 meeting. Members provided the side dishes and desserts. Welcomed as a new member was Ethan K. Bayer.

Members approved donations to the Grief Support Camp and Project Graduation for New Braunfels and Canyon high schools. Nelrose Koepp reported sending get-well cards to Jeanette Constance and Kathy Noble. Kathy was at the meeting. Let Nelrose know if someone is sick or has passed away so a card can be sent.

Attendance prizes went to Celeste Salge, Tim Salge, Kathy Noble, Nelrose Koepp and Jim Sureddin. If you know someone who does not drive, offer to pick them up for the meeting. If you know someone who is thinking about joining, bring them to a meeting. Guests always are welcome. – Darline Preiss

Dorothy and Walter Mueller celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in April. They are members of Kypfer-Salge Lodge.

Celebrating April birthdays at the Kypfer-Salge Lodge meeting were Chester Jenke and Tina Triesch.

Giddings to honor scholarship recipients GIDDINGS – Giddings Lodge will honor scholarship recipients at the June 13 meeting to be held at The Silos of 77 Hall. The dinner starts at 7 p.m. In observance of Join Hands Day, the lodge will “join hands” with the Lee County Youth Center and First Assembly of God to make Mother’s Day cards for nursing home resiPresident Edward Elizondo and Mia Murray are pictured with the winners of the Fiesta Hat Contest held at the April Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting. They are Elizabeth Dorrell, left, first place; and Merlinda Elizondo, right, second place.

Cynthia Barbosa receives a birthday card from President Edward Elizondo during the April Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting.

Mia Murray won split-the-pot at the April Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting. President Edward Elizondo presented the winnings.

dents. Everyone who would like to help should meet at the Youth Center on May 3 at 2:45 p.m. The Youth Center is located at the old school on Industry Boulevard. Cards will be delivered Mother’s Day, May 12, by the youth of the First Assembly of God Church.

Seguin Lodge hosts new camp director

Door prize winners at the March meeting of Seguin Lodge were, from left, Ian Brassett, Allen Gescheidle, Alton Mattke, Ann Bienek, Emily Copeland, Evelyn Neumann and Annette Roecker.

Anton Wenzel Lodge to serve sandwiches May 7 ANTON WENZEL – Anton Wenzel Lodge will meet on May 7. Sandwiches will be served. Members are asked to bring a covered dish and/or dessert. Games will be played after the meeting and meal. Everyone had a great time on the trip to the Kickapoo Casino. Hope more people can go next time. Mia Murray drew the name of

Floyd Jackie Ezell for the membership prize, but he was not there to claim the cash so his name was put back in the barrel. The prize will be $70 for the next meeting. Members voted to make a $200 donation to Mia Murray for Hermann Sons Life Camp this summer. Sheryl Murray will pay the difference. – Elizabeth Dorrell

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Raymond Lehmann. He was the best chicken, fish and hamburger fryer in the lodge for many years. Condolence cards were sent to the Linda Mattocks family, the Clarence Chernosky family and the Kunkel family following the loss of their loved ones. – Reporter

Maggie Garcia shows off the Minnie Mouse ears she bought at the Seguin Lodge flea market in April. Seguin Lodge hosted a flea market on Saturday, April 6. Despite the inclement weather approximately 30 vendors sold their treasures to a continuous crowd of buyers – including a couple of very young ones. Dona Kika’s Taco Food Truck sold breakfast and lunch items.

SEGUIN – Seguin Lodge members welcomed Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett to the March meeting. Ian talked about how excited he is about his first summer at Camp with new and exciting changes for the campers and parents. He also talked about the new menu and snacks that will be introduced and new activities including Gaga as a stand-alone activity and rocketry at Riverside. Robert and Cynthia Bentley attended the meeting with their children so they could meet Ian and introduce their camp-age daughter, Hannah, to him before she attends her final year of Camp. “Ian has a lot of new and exciting things planned for this year,” said Cynthia. “Hannah is looking forward to attending this summer!” Member Timothy Schmidt’s name was drawn for the membership prize but he was not present so the amount of the prize increases for the next meeting. – Tammy Beutnagel

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 21

Pershing plans food bank project SAN ANTONIO – Pershing Lodge will meet May 1 in the Home Association meeting room beginning at 7 p.m. The lodge will provide the fried chicken and a special Mother’s Day cake. In observance of Join Hands Day, members will meet at the Food Bank in New Braunfels on May 4 where they will spend time performing various tasks. Members are asked to bring non-perishable items for the food bank with them. Those who can’t bring be at the food bank that day can bring their non-perishable

items to the May meeting. At the April meeting, Brynlee Lanelle Conely was welcomed as a new member. Chaplain Tony Valek reported on the passing of Phyllis J. Chambers, Sean Holland Daniel, Reginald D. Davis, Elena D. Guerrero and Gloria M. Hewlett. John Opiela had eye surgery in April and prayers are needed for his speedy recovery. Elizabeth Spaeth won the $35 attendance prize and Helen Alberthal won the split-thepot drawing. – Dorothy Pawlik

Sharon Mainz celebrated her April birthday at the Pershing Lodge meeting. She went home with a birthday prize from the lodge.

Comfort to hold social, dinner May 2 COMFORT – Comfort Lodge will meet May 13 at the Retirement Home. Bill Miller’s will cater the meal. Members are asked to make a reservation by contacting Connie Spenrath at 830-995-2537 and leaving a message if there is no answer. Deadline to make a reservation is May 2. The social will begin at 4:30 p.m.  and the meal will be served at 6 p.m.  Members enjoyed a hamburger meal at the April meeting held at the VFW Hall in

Comfort. The lodge’s new member goal for 2019 is 40. To date the lodge has added eight new members. The lodge has camperships available for summer 2019 at Hermann Sons Life Camp. Additional information regarding the camperships, including the application, can be found in this edition of the newspaper. As always, for the most up to date news, like Hermann Sons Life Comfort on Facebook. – Katie Miller

Shiner makes donations SHINER – Shiner Lodge met at the lodge hall on March 18. Members decided to make a donation to the Fire Department Radio Fund, the local food bank and to the Shiner Senior Citizen Center.

Bandera County Lodge holds Fun Day

Elizabeth and Buddy Preuss celebrate their wedding anniversary in April. They are members of Comfort Lodge.

Bandera County Lodge hosted its annual Senior Fun Day at the Retirement Home on April 6. The afternoon included an ice cream social and a performance by the Ukulele Ladies and Gents. A busy day is planned for May 18. In the morning, members will visit Cedar Creek Nursing Home in Bandera in observance of Join Hands Day. Lunch will follow at a Bandera eating establishment. Members will then attend the Bandera School of Dance recital at 2 p.m. at Bandera High School. All lodge members are welcome to be a part of these activities.

Gay Hill collects items for VA hospital

Two new junior members were welcomed as well as a transfer member from Flatonia Lodge. Loaded baked potatoes were served and everyone enjoyed games. – Reporter

Columbus will meet June 10 COLUMBUS – The next meeting of Columbus Lodge is set for June 10 at 7 p.m. At the April 8 meeting, President Douglas Lilie installed the 2019 officers. Members voted to send a donation to the Retirement Home in memory of Past Grand President Leroy Muehlstein. Members celebrating birthdays in March and April were Jessamy Comer, Douglas Lil-

lie, Yeola Jo Felty, David Mazac, Marjorie Brune, Lisa Brune, Elsie Ashorn, Mary K. Williams and Judy Quick. Celebrating anniversaries in March were Kenton and Beverly Lilie and Kelly and Luke Kanz. Virginia Lilie won the Easter gumdrop guessing game. Adrian and Virginia Fritsch led the entertainment followed by refreshments. – Reporter

Members of Gay Hill Lodge recognized at the April meeting are pictured. The next meeting is set for July 11.

GAY HILL – The next meeting of Gay Hill Lodge is Thursday, July 11, at the Guadalajara Restaurant. At the April 4 meeting, Ruth Ganske of the Cheer Committee reported cards were sent to Gloria Lehde, Troy Schroeder and the family of Rufus Lange. She also reported on the many donations of personal hygiene items that she has sent to the VA Hospital. Birthday celebrants since the last meeting were Marvin Fischer, Mae Fischer, Patsy Fischer, Bradley Fischer and George Lorenz. Celebrating anniversaries were Patsy and Bradley Fischer, Shonda and Robert Ziese and Floyd and Linda Bentke. – Reporter

Page 22 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge will meet on June 10 ROSENBERG – RosenbergRichmond Lodge will meet June 10. Members will have a choice of chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken for the meal. Members are asked to bring desserts. The lodge furnished the fried chicken for the April 8 meeting. Members brought salads, vegetables and desserts. Rosalie Byrd was in charge of the kitchen. Margie Krenek gave the blessing. Membership Coordinator Rosalie Byrd reported that sympa-

thy cards were sent to the families of Fritz Oberhoff, Lawrence Oberhoff and Melba Ashley. Get well cards were sent to Judy Macura and Robbie Hartfiel. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Fritz Oberhoff. Door prizes were donated by Fred and Margaret Maynard, Margie Krenek and Annie Zak. Attendance prizes were won by Kevin Engelhardt, Margie Krenek, Johnnie Zak, Lynette Atkins and Marjorie Orsak. – Loyce Anderson

Celebrating March and April birthdays from Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge were, from left, Frank Pryor, Rosalie Byrd, Anne Juergens, LaVerne Tiemann and Lloyd Engelhardt.

Brenham hears from representative BRENHAM – Brenham Lodge met March 8. Special Representative Gary Falkenberg discussed member recommendations and important information to enter into cell phones that would be important for emergency medical situations. A thank-you note was read from the families of Travis Pilchiek and Bill Thompson for

the donations made in their memory. The Cheer Committee mailed a sympathy card to the family of Jeanette Steinbach and to Melissa Cook following the passing of her father-in-law, Richard Coghlan. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Jeanette Steinbach. Jeanette Preuss and Gloria

at 832-443-0469 if you plan to attend or have questions. There will be food, games and prizes. The tentative date for the lodge’s Join Hands Day project at the Houston Food Bank is Sunday, May 5. Members enjoyed a potluck dinner at the March 11 meeting. – Reporter

– Reporter

Old Glory Lodge meeting May 5

Gary Falkenberg, left, and James Ellison celebrated their March birthdays at the Houston Lodge meeting.

Poth Lodge welcomes new members in April POTH – Two new members were welcomed at the April meeting of Poth Lodge. They are Sean Korzekwa and Lindsey Korzekwa. Their father, Blaise Korzekwa, was welcomed by way of transfer. Members spent the entire lodge meeting preparing for the school of dance Easter egg hunt by stuffing plastic eggs and decorating McDonald’s boxes

to look like rabbits. Hands and minds were kept busy. Beth Cutsinger and Paul Hosek won the door prizes. Three names were drawn for the kitty but Wesley R. Deason, Steve L. Stone and Randy Henry Pape were not present to claim the money. After the meal, members played games. – Reporter

Celebrating birthdays in March at the Brenham Lodge meeting were, from left, Delores Gaskamp, Robert Preuss and Gary Falkenberg.

Hanath discussed the dance and snack dates and a discussion also was held on hall rentals. No decisions were made. President James Hyvl thanked Shirley Ganske and Nora Kettler for getting the meal and desserts ready and to all members who brought a side dish or dessert.

Houston Lodge meets May 13 HOUSTON – Houston Lodge will hold its May 13 meeting at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in honor of Cinco de Mayo. The restaurant is located at Antoine and Pinemont. The date for the lodge’s Family Day Picnic is April 28. It will be held at Sokol Hall, 1314 W. Patton St., from 2-6 p.m. Call Secretary Catherine Manchack

Lloyd and Marjorie Engelhardt celebrated their wedding anniversary in April. They are members of Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge.

Diana and Vernon Haverlah celebrated their April birthdays at the Poth Lodge meeting.

OLD GLORY – Old Glory Lodge will meet Sunday, May 5, at 4 p.m. Members are asked to bring a salad and dessert for the meal. A hamburger meal was served after the April meeting. Members also played games and enjoyed some great desserts. Thanks were extended to Justin Corzine, Marvin Vahlenkamp, Keith Corzine,  Terry Letz, and Doug Vahlenkamp for spraying

the grounds around the hall to kill the weeds.  Reported on the sick list were Hazelee  New, Helen Lehrmann and Roy Letz. Celebrating a birthday was Betty Weise. The anniversary couple was Terry  and Laramie Letz.  Justin Corzine won the door prize.  – Reporter

Austin will serve fajitas May 5 AUSTIN – Austin Lodge will meet Sunday, May 5. at 2 p.m. The lodge will furnish fajitas. Members are asked to bring desserts. At the April meeting, President Ed Kurtz read correspondence from the Home Office thanking the lodge for its donation to the Grief Support Camp. He also reminded members of the work day at Camp on April 27.

Welcomed as a new member was Micah Ester-Ann Knight. Margaret Ann Hankins was welcomed by way of transfer. A sympathy card was sent to the family of Irene Nehring. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Jim Reed. Billie Harris won the “kitty” and Mary Shugart went home with the attendance prize. – Reporter

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 23

Lockhart Lodge recognizes seniors

Niederwald presents pins President Eugene Zollinger, left, presented membership pins to three members of Niederwald Lodge at the April meeting. They are, from left, Emily Mae Fehlis, a member since Aug. 6, 1944; Baldwin Fehlis, a member since Nov. 13, 1944; and Roy Schuetzeberg, a member since Sept. 7, 1949. Niederwald Lodge will meet May 14. Mothers will be honored. Members are asked to bring photos of their mother to display. Door prize winners at the April meeting were Kerry and Emily Fehlis.

LOCKHART – Lockhart Lodge honored its graduating high school seniors on April 7 at Henry’s Restaurant. Youth Coordinator Carol Schuelke welcomed the three seniors in attendance, Alyssa Davis, Paige Rutherford and Summer Schultz. President Nicky Duewall pre-

sented each senior with a graduation gift from the lodge. Six seniors were not present and their gifts were mailed to them. They are Kaylee DuBoise, Cameron Galipp, Hunter Haug, James Lipscomb, Sabrina Moseley and Megan Smith. A hamburger meal was served. – Reporter

Graduating high school seniors honored by Lockhart Lodge in April included, from left, Summer Schultz, Alyssa Davis and Paige Rutherford.

Ray Pfefferkorn celebrated his April birthday at the Lockhart Lodge meeting.

Winners of door prizes at the April Lockhart Lodge meeting were, from left, Margie Bozarth, Billy Ray Buckner, Alan Burklund and Kathryn Rutherford.

Corpus Christi to present pins May 6 New Bielau will meet May 3 WIEMAR – New Bielau Lodge members will hold a short meeting May 3 at 2 p.m. at Parkview Manor. Following the meeting, members will play games with the residents and provide cookies

for their snack in observance of Join Hands Day. Also discussed at the March meeting held at the New Bielau Community Center were plans for Flag Day. – Harlene Novak

Helotes meeting set for June 11 HELOTES – Helotes Lodge will hold its next quarterly meeting on June 11 at 7 p.m. at Braun Hall. Dinner and dessert will be

provided. Everyone attending will have a chance to win a cash door prize at the end of the meeting. – Letty Fragoso

For your convenience, several forms are available on our website: • Address Change • Beneficiary Change • Name Change • Ownership Change

• Lodge Transfer • Lost Certificate • Bank Draft Authorization • Annuity Contribution/Withdrawal

CORPUS CHRISTI – Corpus Christi Lodge will hold a pin presentation ceremony during its next business meeting set for May 6 at Miller’s BBQ. The next covered dish dinner and games night is set for June 3 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hilltop Community Center. Members gathered April 1 for a potluck dinner and games. Welcomed as a new member was Holden Kash Reynolds. – Brittny McPheeters

Hunter Buitron and Urijah Tamez won goodie bags during the games party held at the Corpus Christi Lodge meeting in April.

Winners of door prizes at the April Corpus Christi Lodge meeting were, from left, Michelle Ballard, Megan Hunt and Alivia Tamez.

David Garcia stands next to the Easter party piñata. The piñata was part of the Corpus Christi Lodge holiday celebration.

Page 24 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

El Campo meeting set for Mr. Gatti’s in June EL CAMPO – El Campo Lodge will meet Friday, June 7, at 6:30 p.m. at Mr. Gatti’s. The April 5 meeting was held at Best Steakhouse and Seafood.   President Dennis Wigginton reminded members that it was time to sign up junior members ages 9-13 for Herman Sons Life Camp. Those who are too old to attend Camp can take part in the Counselor-in-Training program and then become junior counselors and senior counselors. 

Vice President Donald Wigginton talked about the many benefits offered by Hermann Sons Life. He encouraged members to participate in meetings and the benefits available to each of them.   He especially would like to see the lodge’s youth get more involved. The Scholarship Committee will meet to review the applications and choose the recipients.    Information will be sent to local high school counselors about the recipients. At the June

meeting, members will discuss plans for the 2019 scholarship prize drawing. Charles and Linda Harris celebrated their 36th anniversary on March 31. Door prizes were won by Wendel Witcher, Alayna Hernandez, Eliana Fonseca, Cayden Witcher, Jennifer Burns, Amy Witcher, Barbara Fonseca, Ruby Wigginton, Landen Witcher, Charles Harris, Javier Hernandez, Angelina Solis and Cindy Witcher. – Cindy Witcher

Vineta to honor mothers in May Members and guests enjoyed visiting during the April El Campo Lodge meeting. Pictured at the table are, left, Brittney Oates and Wendell Witcher and, right, Jordan Dettling and Amy Witcher. In the background are the Hernandez and Fonseca families.

Ruby Wigginton shows Alayna Hernandez some of the door prizes available at the April meeting of El Campo Lodge.

SAN ANTONIO – Vineta Lodge will honor mothers on May 2. The meal will come from Little Italy. Call Ruth at 210-602-5147 for meal arrangements if you will be attending. On May 15 a social will start at 10:30 a.m. Members will play bunco followed by lunch served by Yvonne Anderson. On July 17, the lodge will host a scholarship fund-raiser. Prizes for the drawing and attendance prizes are needed. Call Ruth Bailey at 210-602-5147 if you can help. Thanks go to Beth Byron for serving the meal for the March social. Welcomed as a new member was Rhonda Farias. Gladys Garrett is in rehab recovering from a stroke. Her family reports she is responding well to therapy. Split-the-pot winner was Jerome Kraus.

Vineta Lodge President Debbie Jordan, left, presents Frances Sultenfuss with a birthday card at the April meeting. Attendance prize winners were Irene Kace, Cecilia Padalecki, Debbie Jordan and Frances Sultenfuss.

The lodge mourns the passing of Leslie Brown. a member for 55 years. – Reporter

Cameron makes donation to Grief Camp

Getting ready for the April El Campo Lodge meeting are, left, Larry and Cynthia Wendel, Linda and Charles Harris, and, right, Ruby and Donald Wigginton and Jennifer and Kasey Burns.

Cameron Lodge will meet June 18 at El Charro Restaurant. At the March 19 meeting also held at El Charro, members voted to make a $50 donation to the Grief Support Camp. Members enjoyed a meal of their choice. Celebrating birthdays were David Ehler, from left, Susan Ehler, Kyla Ehler and Adele Lampkins, who had just celebrated her 95th.

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 25

Next Bexar meeting set for July 7 SAN ANTONIO – The next meeting of Bexar Lodge is set for July 7. The lodge met April 7 with members enjoying sandwiches and chips as well as a cake to celebrate the birthdays of Matthew Stoddard and Emma Grof. The an-

niversary of Matthew and Sherri Stoddard also was celebrated. Members were sad to learn of the passing of a special member of the lodge, Financial Secretary Joan Crider. She was very active in lodge activities and always took care of things at the Christ-

mas parties selling tickets and much more. Her hard work and dedication to the lodge will always be remembered. Recording Secretary Linda Wehmeyer will take over until a replacement is found. – Reporter

Rutersville to meet May 1 Rutersville Lodge will meet Wednesday, May 1. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to go with the barbecue pork that will be provided. Members enjoyed a meal of fried fish and chicken along with various sides and desserts at the April meeting. Sadie Rose Schielack was welcomed as a new member. Celebrating birthdays were Glen Altwein, Dorothy Keilers and Cheryl Kuhn (not pictured). Delores Bayer, Weldon Hartmann, Sherry Noak, Kyle Hartmann and Glen Altwein won attendance prizes.

Bexar Lodge members Matthew and Sherrie Stoddard recently celebrated their seventh anniversary.

Celebrating birthdays at the Bexar Lodge meeting in April were Matthew Stoddard and Emma Grof.

New Braunfels Lodge to honor mothers at May 5 meeting NEW BRAUNFELS – New Braunfels Lodge will honor the ladies in observance of Mother’s Day at the Sunday, May 5, meeting. Sandra Guenther will host the meal with King Ranch Chicken on the menu. Members are asked to bring a side dish and dessert. Fifteen new members were welcomed at the April meeting. Members voted to donate $100 to the Grief Support Camp and $100 to Project Graduation. A resolution of respect was read in memory of Becky Obrien and Dorothy Fetters. The New Braunfels School of Dance will present three recitals at Smithson Valley High School on May 19. Fr. Ron Zipp from Christ Our King Anglican Church spoke about the 23rd Psalm. A cross and three nails were displayed at the front table to signify the meaning of Lent and Easter. Executive Camp Director Ian “Gunner” Brassett spoke about

Debbie Vetter celebrated a birthday in April. She is a member of New Braunfels Lodge. changes, activities and his plans for the upcoming summer sessions. The tables were decorated with Easter nests filled with eggs and candy. A catered meal of Shepherd’s Pie was served after games and refreshments. Alfred Stremmel was the host. – Reporter

New Braunfels Lodge President Tommy Daum, from left, visits with Fr. Ron Zipp and host Alfred Stremmel during the April meeting. Fr. Zipp made a presentation on the 23rd Psalm in observance of Easter.

Ian “Gunner” Brassett, center, spoke at the April New Braunfels Lodge meeting. He was welcomed by Alfred Stremmel, left, and President Tommy Daum.

Kerrville to meet June 7 at local bank KERRVILLE – Kerrville Lodge will meet June 5 at the Wells Fargo Bank building in Kerrville. The bank is located at 301 Junction Highway. The meeting will be held in the Board Room. A barbecue meal is planned. Members are asked to bring a

side dish or dessert. A potluck meal was served at the April 3 meeting. Members decided to make a donation to the Healing Hearts Casino Night in observance of Join Hands Day. Other meetings this year will

be held Aug. 7 at the Acapulco Restaurant and Oct. 2 at Wells Fargo Bank. The Christmas party will be held Dec. 6. Members are reminded to check the newspaper for any changes to upcoming meetings. – Juanice Grona

Page 26 – Hermann Sons Life – May 2019

Mission-Alamo hosts new executive camp director SAN ANTONIO – Members of Mission-Alamo Lodge gathered at Mama’s Restaurant in March. The meal at the restaurant was a way of thanking active members for their participation in events sponsored by the lodge. Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett outlined the changes in the operation of the Camp which will make check-in easier for campers and parents. There was a detailed discussion of the Camp activities and numerous questions were answered by the new director. It looks like a great summer Camp is in store for the junior members. Monday night of Fiesta Week is

the day designated for MissionAlamo Lodge to park cars. Many members have signed up to help but more volunteers are always welcome. Teenagers who are in need of volunteer or community service hours are welcome. Saturday is a busy day for parking so teens might keep this day in mind. Merlinda Elizondo in the Home Association office will be in charge of organizing the parking volunteers. Call her at 210-226-5432 for information on volunteer and community service hours. Denise Wright encouraged all members to purchase Hermann Sons Fiesta medals. The lodge bought four medals and gave

Agent Ruth Bailey, right, presents President Sylvia Schulmeier with a Certificate of Achievement for Mission-Alamo Lodge. The lodge earned the certificate by meeting its 2018 new member goal.

them away as prizes. Three new members were welcomed. They are adults Frank Carvajal and Sylvia Castillo and junior Cole Worth. The attendance award winner would have been Conner Calcote but he was not present. The amount of the drawing increases to $80 for May. The split-the-pot winner was Georgia Hall. Mothers will be honored at the May meeting. Mothers are encouraged to bring their mothers, grandmothers and any other ladies to the celebration. This is everyone’s chance to wear those crazy hats. – Reporter

President Sylvia Schulmeier and Lee Vogel, right, welcomed Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett to the March meeting of MissionAlamo Lodge.

Celebrating birthdays at the March meeting of Mission-Alamo Lodge were Denise Wright and Doug McCuen.

Celebrating the wearing of the green at the March meeting of Mission-Alamo Lodge were, from left, Dianne Larned and Dorothy Breezee.

Siemering to celebrate Mother’s Day, anniversary in May SAN ANTONIO – Siemering Lodge members will enjoy a barbecue meal prepared by Mark Lee at the May meeting. The meal will most likely feature chicken, sausage, pinto beans and coleslaw and the lodge will provide a cake for the anniversary/Mother’s Day celebration. The June meeting will be postponed as members will be attending the Missions baseball game on Tuesday, June 18, at Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium. The starting time for the game is 7:05 p.m. This is an AARP $2 Tuesday event. Reservations will be necessary so tickets can be purchased. As part of its community outreach, the lodge will provide the equipment and instructions to

members to help with the manufacture of winter caps for presentation to the veterans at Christmas at The American G.I. Forum. Guests at the April meeting were Cherry Lee, Joe Luna, Christian Lee, Cody Crislip and Krystle Fite. Members were mourning the passing of Caroll E. Schmidt. Updates were given on members and friends who have been under the weather. Frances Bara is entering a new phase of treatment; Sally Hertzberg is receiving positive results from treatment and Harvey Rehfeld is recuperating from foot surgery. Gladys Garrett from Vineta Lodge has suffered a stroke and is in rehab. Ron Bara reported that the Home Association’s Fiesta med-

Celebrating anniversaries at the Siemering Lodge meeting in April are, from left, Katherine and Paul Hess and Elizabeth and Lloyd Markell. They were married on the same day in April – a few years apart.

Ron Bara celebrated his April birthday at the Siemering Lodge meeting.

als are for sale. He reminded everyone that volunteers are needed to help with parking for Fiesta. Attendance prizes went to Sal-

Lee family; dessert was provided by the Lee family and the Baras. Games followed. – Reporter

MOULTON – Moulton Lodge made a donation to the Moulton Elementary School Li-

ly Hertzberg, Augusta Fite and Katherine Hess. The split-the-pot winner was Ron Bara. Dinner was provided by the

May 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 27

Agents Directory (alphabetized by area) Adkins Roxy Pruski 210-218-6204

Comfort Norma Bruns, FIC 830-995-3980

Austin Shirley Kuhen Faske 512-789-3975

Corpus Christi Becki Carley 361-550-9358

Bandera Stephanie Brown 210-621-3891

Pearl Hunt 361-960-0276

Georgetown Brad Klein, FIC 512-497-0678

Troylyn SisnerosGonzalez 361-232-7413

Giddings Loretta Chilek, FIC 979-542-2806

Bellville Robert Herridge 979-865-3222

Cuero Laura Tiffin Wayne Tiffin 361-275-8421

Gonzales Bobbie Polasek 830-672-6317

Bernardo/Columbus Robin Maertz 979-732-1687

Dallas Helen Tyson Brown 214-796-0668

Terrel Maertz 979-732-1727

Cecilia Phillips 214-982-8905

Hondo Richard Muennink 210-827-0053

Boerne/San Antonio Pamela Poulk 210-753-2626

Gilbert Shelby 214-289-1815

Stacy Saathoff 830-444-9160

Del Rio Pat Fritz, FIC 432-292-4483

Houston Jennifer Stryk Garner 832-596-9425

Marilyn Vogt, FICF 210-630-9874

Devine Cynthia Sultenfuss 210-219-6409

Al Stryk, FICF, LUTCF 281-485-4095

Caldwell Donnie Blinka 979-596-1309

Edna/Jackson County Sam Matlock 361-782-3206

Canyon Lake Sandra Duncan 830-905-3233

El Campo Dennis Wigginton 832-278-9636

Castroville Glenford Boehme, FIC 210-219-9792

Floresville/Poth Beth Cutsinger 210-325-6667

Cibolo/Schertz Tracy Campos 210-860-6675

Floresville Lynn Wiede 830-393-4660

Ashley Pfeil 830-534-2571

Fort Worth Sandra Jones, FIC 817-295-2666

Kerrville Barbara Ramsey 830-554-0517

Fredericksburg Todd Bierschwale 830-997-2130

Kirby Angela Netherton 210-831-1293

Bastrop William Hinkston 512-284-1684

Boerne Lisa Rozacky 210-838-3306

Judith Schulmeier, FIC 210-667-1938 Doreen Tisler 210-519-7859

Dennis Henke 830-997-5290 George West Tracy Caron 361-449-0348

Graham/Wichita Falls David Wolf 940-550-5202

Gerald Ziemnicki 713-622-9001 Jourdanton Valerie M. Vick 210-748-5598 Katrina Wiatrek 210-326-9505 Karnes City Abigail Fenner 830-534-6982 Russell Swize 830-780-4053

La Coste Elaine “Lainey” Franklin 210-789-1649 La Grange Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988 La Vernia Sharon Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-0526 Marlin Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-7229 Lubbock April Behnke 806-797-3585 Marion Lorene Bielke, FIC 830-420-2380 Maxwell Charles Croley 512-357-6638 New Braunfels Becki Carley 361-550-9358 Kathryn Green 830-463-9455 Shirley Huebinger 830-629-1196 Tim Salge 830-625-4816 Laura Ann Timmermann 830-556-7527 Nixon-Smiley Diana P. Moreno 830-379-2244 Orange Grove Paula Gebert 361-384-2375 Paige RaChelle Dube 512-740-3518 Pflugerville Julius Dubcak 512-272-8393

Marketing Department Staff

210-527-9113 • 877-437-6266 • 888-839-7667 Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe Marketing Analyst Ana Vasquez, FLMI, AIRC, FIC Administrative Assistant Gladys Rowley Special Representatives: Dan Boenig - 210-705-1815 Gary Falkenberg, FICF - 713-466-6069 • 713-899-4138 Eulla May Krueger - 210-863-0546 • 830-985-3643 Teresa Saathoff - 210-276-0361 • 210-422-6996

Port Lavaca Nancy Annette Walraven 361-552-9403 Needville /Rosenberg Chris Stoeltje 979-559-6127 Round Top/Rutersville Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988 San Antonio Philip A. Abell 210-771-1213 Ruth Bailey 210-602-5147 Darlene Irwin 210-392-2649 Rayna Sue Irwin 210-710-7038 Clif Klabunde, FIC 210-219-6142 Jim McNeel 210-601-2097 Emma Moya 210-344-3935 San Marcos/Lockhart Janice Kuhen 512-393-1431

Schulenburg/Weimar Mary K. Seifert 979-743-0312 Schwertner Irene Schwertner 254-527-4470 Seguin/San Antonio Carol Krauss, FIC 210-725-4106 Seguin Annette D. Roecker 830-832-0724 Tina B. Ynfante 210-859-1973 Diane Terp 830-305-3564 Spring Branch Gloria Gass 830-885-4405 Stockdale Ronald Wiatrek 210-771-4354 Victoria Jason Hybner 361-652-6924 Victoria Laura Thigpen 361-676-8307 Yorktown Judy Wolf 361-564-2452

Page 28 – Hermann Sons Life –May 2019

Shining Stars

BRAELYNN REEVES is a member of Jackson County Lodge. He is in fourth grade. His favorite food is pizza and his favorite TV show is “Double Dare.” Braelynn’s activities include karate, Boy Scouts and 4-H.

BRYNLEE REEVES is a member of Jackson County Lodge. Her favorite foods are tomatoes and pizza. Her favorite TV show is “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Brynlee’s activities include ballet, tap and gymnastics.

AVALEE M. PRUITT is a member of Kirby Lodge. She is in first grade. Her favorite food is pancit (Filipino noodle) and her favorite TV Show is “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Avalee has a pet dog, Bella. Her activities include swimming, dancing and going to the mall.

BRUCE A. GRADY JR. is a member of Kirby Lodge. He is in pre-kindergarten. His favorite foods are Cheeze It crackers and French fries. His favorite TV show is “Cupcake and Dino.” Bruce has a pet dog, Bella. His activities include playing chase with his sister, listening to music and climbing.

MAYA VALDEZ is a member of Manchaca Lodge. She is in fourth grade. Her favorite food is fettuccine alfredo and her favorite TV show is “Alexa and Katie.” Maya’s activities include theater, choir and Girl Scouts.

CAMERON MITCHELL SCHUSTEREIT is a member of Da Costa Lodge. He is in fifth grade. His favorite food is pizza and his favorite TV show is “The Thundermans.” Cameron has a pet dog, Sadie and cat, Bullseye. His activities include karate and basketball.

BROOKE STEVENS is a member of Cibolo Lodge. She is in second grade. Her favorite food is ice cream and her favorite TV show is “Bunk’d.” Brooke has a pet dog, Gunner. Her activities include softball and cheerleading.

CONNOR MANNING is a member of San Marcos Lodge. He is in ninth grade. His favorite food is hamburgers and his favorite TV show is “The Big Bang Theory.” Connor has three pet dogs. His activities include soccer.

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