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Volume XXVI No. 9 Irregular Publication September 22, 2011

The Heritage Herald Heritage United Methodist Church

25th Anniversary Celebration Up, Up, and Away! On October 16, 2011, Heritage United Methodist Church will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the church. The theme of the celebration is "Up, Up, and Away", which symbolizes the aspirations of our church to rise to even greater heights as we serve as disciples of Christ in the next quarter century. There are many activities planned for the day. Formal invitations have been sent to the charter members of the church, inviting them to attend. A video presentation will be shown concerning Heritage's first 25 years. The Rev. Mike Chamberlain, Kansas City District Superintendent, will give the sermon at both services. Following the 10:30a.m. service, a pot luck luncheon will be held indoors. The main course will be provided, along with drinks, plates, and utensils. Attendees are asked to please bring a side dish and/or dessert to be shared. After lunch, outdoor activities are planned, which include a hot air balloon, a special guest appearance by Kevo the Clown, face painting, balloon twisting, Sheridan's frozen custard, and musical entertainment. Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs. Therefore, mark your calendars now, and plan to attend, the 25th anniversary celebration on October 16, 2011. Be there as we commence the first step on the path of our next 25 year journey.

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From the Pastor Dear Heritage Church family; Are you ready for a party? On October 16 – in ju st a few short weeks from now – Heritage United Methodist will celebrate 25 years of ministry in south Overland Park, Kansas. The committee putting th e plans together for our cele bration has some great thin gs in store, in cluding food, music, activities for the kid s, and a real, live hot air balloon on the church grounds. We will honor those folks who have been here sin ce Day 1: our charter members. And we will look forward to th e future to try and catch a glimpse of what God might have in store for our next 25 years. So my question for you today is: what does it mean to be 25 years old? It is a LONG time ago in my past, but I can still reme mber when I was 25. For me it was a time of lo ts of energy, lots of optimism, and a time when I tended to see the world as a place of unlimited opportunity. PLUS I had enough life experience under my belt to be a better and more mature decisionmaker about which opportunities to follow and which to ig nore. My hope and prayer for us as a congregation is that we will “act our age” and approach the NEXT 25 years of our life with a similar attitude. I could not be more excite d for this church’s future as I come to know you better. We have lots of neighbors here who need our love and care and who are thirsty for a drin k of the “ livin g water” Christ offers to each of us. Let’s make sure we have tons of fu n at our anniversary cele bration and recall the past with fondness. But let’s also lo ok ahead as God takes us, “Up, Up, and Away!” in to the glo rious future He has prepared for us. It is a joy to serve Christ with you in this place. As always, ple ase do not hesita te to stop in and let me know how the church can care for you and your family. Abundant ble ssings, Pastor Russell

Finance Facts as of August 31, 2011 YOUR MINISTRIES FINANCIAL UPD ATE August 31, 2011 August



$ 40,875



$ 40,296




$ 9,186


During the summer months your generosity pulle d us through some very tough economic tight spots. You responded when all seemed lo st. You can be so very proud th at God has seen promise in our congregatio n. Our economic ship has been rig hted and as the numbers show, we are in the bla ck for the first time in a long time, even th ough our Offerings were down for the month. With the completion of the la nd sale (and not a minute too soon) and with your renewed generosity, great things can be in store for our future as we continue God’s pla n for our Church. We see evid ence that God’s will is for Herita ge to survive and beyond that God has even greater things in store for us in the future. Every financial detail is available if you would like to have more data. You can contact any member of the Financial team or our Treasurer, Ken Cla rk.

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The Heritage Herald

New Member Class Are you ready to learn more about what it means to be a me mber of Heritage United Methodist Church? Or maybe you were not raised as a United Methodist and want to learn more about who Methodists are and about the history and core beliefs of this church. If either of these describes you, you will want to be sure to attend our next New Member Class. The class will take place on Sunday, Oc tober 23 from 4-6pm in Fellowship Hall. Childcare will be offered free of charge if you require it, but you will need to make arrangements in advance by contacting Justin Dawson at 913-897-6446 or at This will also be a great time to learn about ways to plug into the life of Heritage and to make some important connections. Please make reservations in advance even if you do not require childcare so that we can provid e sufficient handout materials. The mission of Heritage United Methodist Church is to Worship God, to Grow in Faith, and to Serve as Discip le s of Jesus Christ.

Baking Brigade! John Hall is hoping to add an extra attraction to the Hospitality Table on Sunday mornings. He is lookin g for volu nteers to practice their cookie bakin g skills on their fellow worshipers. If you are willing to supply 2-3 dozen homemade cookie s every other month to supple ment the “ regular” Sunday morning treats please let John Hall know. John can be reached at 897-3179 or . If he gets enough volunteers we will give this a try for six months …. or until John gains 25 lbs!

2012 Calendars are on Their Way!! STOP! Don’t buy your 2012 Calendars yet. Coming in October, you will have the opportunity to support Heritage’s Child ren’s Nursery by purchasin g calendars featurin g photography by Mark Edwards. The cost of the cale ndar is $20 and all proceeds go towards supporting the nursery. Four years ago, with your calendar purchases, Heritage was blessed with a defibrillator. Questions? Call Mark at 620.290.7176 or email

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Lots of Excitement in Children’s Ministries!! Safe and Sacred Spaces Training We have an awesome responsibility! We, as parents, leaders, volu nteers, Sunday School teachers, ministers…as Christia ns; must take our responsibility to children and youth very seriously. As we stay mindful of nurturin g their spiritual growth, we must keep our space safe and sacred. There’s a reason why we call our pla ce of worship the “ Sanctuary.” We greatly appreciate all who willingly give of their time and talents to serve as volu nteers here at Heritage. Safe and Sacred Spaces Training is the abuse preventio n program we administer through the United Methodist Kansas East Conference. If you have not yet been certified, or are up for renewal we encourage all volu nteers workin g with children and youth to sign up to attend training on Sunday, September 25, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the church in room 101/102. Also, if you took the class prior to Jan. 2007 you will need to take the cla ss for renewal. Contact Susie Bond at about signing up for the class or sig n up on the Children's Ministries Bulletin Board, locate d outside the main office door.

New Sunday School Class for 2 Year Olds!! We are very excite d to now offer a 2 yr. old Sunday School Classroom. These children will begin th eir Christian education in room 104. In order to keep the class going we are going to need volunteers to teach and help in the classroom. Everything will be prepared for you and the curriculum will be very basic. Please contact Susie Bond ( if you are intereste d.

MT Nesters—Save the Date Come join the FUN and FELLOWSHIP with the M T Nesters group. Just so you can mark your cale ndars ahead of time, the group is going to: The New Din ner Theatre March 30 th 2012 on Friday evenin g Cost: $45.00 per person Play is: Pu mp Boys and Dinettes with Gregory Harrison from Trapper John MD March seem like a “l o n g” way off but we need to colle ct $5.00 per person to Reserve the tickets by December 10 th and $40.00 per person by February 19 th to keep the reservation. For questions or to sign-up for this event contact Marsha Dorrell. Her email is or call her 913-897-4198.

Recovery: Healing Night of Testimony with Steve Anderson Please join us Monday, October 10th at 7:00 pm in the fello wship hall to hear compelling testimony from Steve Anderson. Pastor Russell in troduced us to Steve via a taped intervie w durin g his sermon titled Everybody Needs a Do-Over. Steve is celebrating 14 years of recovery from 26 years of drug addiction. His story is one of pain , truth, sadness and ultimately victory over the demons that held him captive for so long as he found hope in Christ, his higher power. This will be a night of powerfu l testimony and faith - one that you won’t want to miss. Youth, brin g your parents. Members, invite your neighbors. Someone you know may just need to hear Steve’s words to help them along their journey of recovery. This event is sponsored by the Stephen Ministers of HUMC, and is open to all. Questions, ple ase call Melissa Edman at 897-6446.

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The Heritage Herald

UMW Reading Group All Readers Welcome to join us! (You don't have to be a member of UMW to attend) We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Places alternate among members. Here are the books we will be reading in the coming months: October - "The Red Rose Box" by Brenda Woods November - "Hote l on The Corner of Bitter and Sweet" by Jamie Ford December - no reading group....we will be join in g the general UMW group for din ner and ornament exchange January - "Gathering Blue" & "Messenger" by Lois Lowry (follow-up books to "The Giver") February - "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo Ladie s, please consider join ing us, we have great discussio ns and lo ts of fun.

The Pumpkins Are Coming Sunday, September 25!! Please join us after the 10:30 service to help unlo ad the pumpkins!! This is a great family event and a great way to serve the church! Everyone can be a part of filling the front lawn with pumpkins! Our second shipment of pumpkins will arrive on October 16! Remember that through the pumpkin sales we are able to support our various mission programs. Also, don't forget to sign up for a shift to work the Heritage Pumpkin Patch! There are ple nty of shifts available and this is another wonderfu l family opportunity! Some of our best sales people are our youngest sales people!! The sign up board is in Fellowship Hall. If you have any questio ns ple ase contact Scott Bond at 913-764-9426.

Don’t Scratch Many retail stores in the area are already displaying fall mums. You may get the itch to buy one, or two, or twenty to add some color to your surroundin gs. If you find yourself in that situation resist the itch! We have arranged with Rosehill Gardens Nursery to sell mums once again as part of th e Pumpkin Patch. If you were around the la st several years when we have done this you already know th at these are monster mums. (Rumor has it that several purchasers la st year hung tire swings from theirs and I heard someone even built a tree house in a particula rly la rge one!) We are expecting this year’s offerings to be ju st as gargantu an. They will sell for $7 each or three for $20. We will have several dozen mums on hand when the pumpkin s arrive on September 25th and more will be delivered that week. If you can’t wait that long to make a purchase go ahead and buy a small one to tide you over until our monsters arrive. But plan on makin g your major purchase rig ht here at Heritage. You won’t be sorry. Contact John Hall at 897-3179 if you have questio ns.

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Women’s Bible Study– Thursday Afternoons Please join us for a Beth Moore Bible study. We will be meeting Thursdays from 12:45-2:15 p.m. in room 107. Our Study this year will be David : Seeking a Heart Like His. We’ve structured the class to accommodate busy women; we take two weeks per lesson. Childcare is provided for a nominal fee. We’re starting right away so please call or email Beth Wella nd with any questions: 913-397-9132 or at Beth

Women’s Bible Study– Friday Mornings Join us for a women's bib le study class on Frid ays 9:30-11:30am in Room 107 beginning September 30th. Enjoy fello wship time and a Beth Moore bib le study with class discussio n. Child Care will be provided upon request. Contact Cindy Svec, cksvec@sbcglobal.n et , 913-219-8349 for more information and to sign-up.

Serving from the Heart Study Group The Apostle Paul says, "Now concernin g spiritu al gifts, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed."(1 Cor. 12:1) Serving from the heart is designed to educate and info rm Christia ns about what spiritual gifts are and how we can use th em to serve Jesus and oth ers and grow deeper in our faith . This course is a journey through assessin g your spiritual gifts in order to discover how God has uniq uely gifted and equipped you for service. Serving from the Heart begin s October 9, 2011 and will be held weekly at 9:00 a.m. for 1 hour in room 108. Please conta ct Justin Dawson at justind@herita or at 913-897-6446 extension 7 to sign up or for more in formation.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3 Please jo in me Tuesday October 11 th & 18 th for 2 weeks of personal affirmation and growth as we watch and discuss Andy Andrews “ The Seven Decisions” . These decisions work each and every time whether you know it or not, and I can prove it. For those who have experienced Andy’s storytellin g and insight, they walk away a different person. We will start each night at 7pm and finish around 8:30pm. This summer we had 44 particip ants and they suggested a repeat performance. The changed walk among us-ask me and I will poin t them out. Questions, conta ct Mark Edwards 620.290.7176 or email: I look forward to seeing you there!

Heritage Family News Joys Stacey & Ross Youmans are proud to announce the birth of their son, Ethan Thomas. Ethan weighed-in at 10 lbs. 5 oz. and was 21 3/4 inches long!! Donny & Ali DeRosier along with their children Drue and Evie welcomed a new member to their family on 8/24. Nichola s Phillip weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 19 inches long. Mother and baby are doin g great!!

Sympathy To the Foster family for the loss of Betty’s sister, Kathaleen Lawson To the Mavity family for the loss of Gary on September 12, 2011 To the Brown family for the loss of Joan’s sister, Julie Steinhauer To the Bond family for the loss of Susie’s grandmother, Ina Walker To the Mize family for the loss of Susan’s grandmother, Ruby Jacobs

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The Heritage Herald

Many Thanks to Our Volunteer Gardeners!!! Thank you to our volu nteer gardeners for their many hours of work. They revamped several flower beds, mulched the entrance, and were out there every week wate ring and weedin g. Without their dedicated service, our church would not have beautiful gardens. If you see someone from the list, please make sure to give them a big thank you for their time and effort! Daryl Davis

Bob Kimmich

Katherine Simson

Jane Davis

Cindy Laaser

Lance Simson

Brent Fergerson

Greg Laaser

Lora Soetaert

Dawn Fergerson

Annette Lagerstrom

Carly Swenson

Ann Hall

Lori Mitts

Ron Swenson

John Hall

Bob Nolop

Chad Weinand

Al Hinrichs

Brian Sheet

Amy Hinrichs

Kim Sheets

If you are interested in learning more about the garden club, please contact Amy Hinrichs at or 913-831-4754.

Thank You! A big "thank you" to Bob Hazeltin e for buildin g and in stallin g 46 new pewback card hold ers in the sanctuary last week. This helps us make prayer request cards and offerin g envelo pes availa ble to the entire row instead of ju st the people on the far ends. Thanks a bunch, Bob!

U.M.W. Meeting Thursday, October 27th, 7:00 p.m. Program: Decorating Ideas for the Home The United Methodist Women would like to invite all la die s to attend our meeting on Thursday, October 27th at 7:00 p.m. at Heritage House. Please join us for fello wship and a program given by Heritage member Kim Kuntz. Kim is the owner of The Finishin g Touch and will be giving us ideas and demonstratio ns on how to decorate our home for the seasons using natural elements. Childcare will be provid ed. Please brin g an item to this meeting to donate to the "Birthday Grab Bags"! This is the U.M.W. local mission this year. We will perio dically be delivering "Birthday Grab Bags" to Kids TLC in Ola the which serves child ren in crisis. They will be used for birthday partie s the children have while th ey are residents there. Ideas inclu de: party pla tes, cups, napkin s, forks, juice boxes, candle s, party decoratio ns & favors, medium size gift bag, or a small gift such as a "cool" composite notebook (not wire bound), body wash (fun scents for boys or girls), deodorant, silly bands, or a fun pair of socks. Help us celebrate a child 's birthday! Bring a friend to the meeting and we hope to see you there! Want to get more involved with U.M.W.? Join a small group: Book Clu b, Bunko, Monday Nig ht Din ner, Prayer Shawl, & the Sunflower Circle are our present circles. Contact Barb Dougla s for more info rmation.

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September 22, 2011 Newsletter

September 22, 2011 Newsletter  

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