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Volume XXVII No. 2 Irregular Publication February 16, 2012

The Heritage Herald Heritage United Methodist Church

Join us on Tuesday evenings during Lent for a time to gather with family and friends, enjoy a light meal, music and devotion and a small group study. Beginning February 28th through March 27th: Dinner 5:30-6:15pm, Music and Devotion 6: 15-6:30pm, Small Group Classes 6:30-7:30pm Take the next step of your Faith Journey and participate in one of the Adult Small Groups. Three classes will be offered during S oul Cafe: A Place at the Tabl e led by Rev. Russell Brown, Lenten Lectionary Study led by Rev. Robert Maffitt and Parenting Discussion Group led by Cathy Lancelotta. Class activities will be available for children Kindergarten through 5th grade. Child care will be available for children under 5, upon request. Pick up a reservation form in FH and sign-up to attend today. Questions, contact Cindy Svec, cindys@heritageumc. org.

What is Ash Wednesday? In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday marks the first day, or the start of the season of Lent which begins 40 days prior to Easter (Sundays are not included in the count). Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. Join us on February 22 at 6:30 in the sanctuary for our Ash Wednesday service. There will be special music, an inspirational message delivered by Melissa Edman, and the imposition of the ashes, if you so desire. (The sign of the cross with ashes is administered onto the foreheads of worshipers.) All are welcome, and childcare will be provided.

Ash Wednesday Prayer Vigil The Prayer Team would like to organize a Prayer Vigil for Ash Wednesday, February 22, in the sanctuary, as a time of preparation for the upcoming Lenten season. Shifts will be 30 minutes long, with the first shift starting at 9:00 am, and the last beginning at 4:30 pm. We would like to have at least one person per shift (but more are welcome) to form a continuous vigil throughout the day, leading up to the Ash Wednesday service that evening. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve Heritage with a minimal time commitment. If you are interested in participating, please contact Joy Preacher at or 913-897-8910 or Ann Hall at or 913-897-3179 with questions or to volunteer. Thank you for joining us in this ministry!

Volume XXVII

From the Pastor Dear Heritage Family and Friends; “In everythin g, do to others as you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12, NRSV Lent – th e 40 day perio d leadin g us to Easter – is seen in the traditions of the church as a time of fasting and repentance. The 40 day perio d paralle ls Jesus’ time in the desert follo wing his baptism when he prayed and fasted, fought temptation, and did the necessary spiritual preparation to launch his ministry on earth with power and authority. Our Lenten journey at Heritage UMC, while it will not involve 40 days of fasting, will offer each of us an opportunity for our own time of “ spiritual preparation.” I am excite d about the study we will undertake at the Soul Café. We will dive into the book, “ A Place at the Table,” by Chris Seay. This book is designed to take us on a 40 day journey of solid arity with the poor as a way of helping us more effectively live the guid ance of the Gold en Rule. Our Lenten sermons – as a complement to this study – invite each of us to “ Come Walk in My Shoes.” Every week durin g Lent our worship will in vite us to stand insid e th e perspective of someone whose life experience we might know vaguely or from a distance, but which remains abstract to us. The first week, for example , will expose us to the perspective of people livin g in poverty. The second week we will look through the eyes of the physically or mentally handicapped. The third week we ask what it might be like to see the world as someone who is a member of a group that is a racial or cultural minority. And so on. I invite your prayers for this sermon serie s… that it not in any way trivialize or stereotype these perspectives, but that it be handled in a way that causes each of us to speak from a pla ce of greater humility when we encounter those whose perspectives are not our own. In closing, I want to again commend and congratulate you fo r the faith fulness of your givin g in the month of January. The fact that receipts kept pace with expenses – inclu ding a schedule d payment toward our full apportionments – was a real testament to your commitment to the mission God has in mind for Heritage Unite d Methodist Church. It is a joy to serve Christ with you in this place. Please do not hesitate to call or email at any time to discuss anything that is on your heart. Abundant ble ssings;

Pastor Russell

Lunch with the Pastor I would like to try the “ Breakfast Banter” thin g again, only this time as a lunch gathering. So, beginning March 15, I would like to invite whoever will to join me for lunch (dutch treat) at Johnny Brusco’s Pizza pla ce, on 135th , just east of Quivira, beginnin g at 12:00 noon every Thursday. There won’t be a formal agenda. It will just be a time to bring up whatever you want to talk about with me… theological questions, church questions, sports debates, or anyth ing else.

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The Heritage Herald

Finance Facts as of January 31, 2012 YOUR MINISTRIES FINANCIAL UPD ATE January 31, 2012 January













Praise God! We are off to a very good start in this first month of our new financia l year in the manner we have supported the Ministries of our Church. The most impressive statistic for the month is that Pledge Offerings exceeded Plan by $10,000. In the last month’s report it was noted that our Pledge Offerings for the year of 2012 were about $45,000 less than our spendin g pla n. So clearly this is an important start. As we look forward, with this good start, to the new ministrie s for a revived and robust congregation, we have health y financial challe nges as we strive to become one of the Vital Congregatio ns of the United Methodist Church. Our Spending plan for 2012 to meet our Vision requires Total Offerin gs of $ 669,361. The Pledged Offerings for 2012 are as follows: Giving Families Amount Average Over $10K $5K-$10K $1K-$5K $0K-$1K Total

8 29 82 26 145

$130,200 $188,220 $191,854 $14,606 $524,880

$16,275 $6,490 $2,340 $562 $3,620

As you can see from this chart, 145 families pledged their financial support to the Church for 2012. While this represents an increase from the 130 families making a ple dge in 2011, it is still less than half of the 296 families that are a part of Heritage United Methodist Church. You can make your Pledge at any time and add your family to this participation. The amount of your Pledge is not as important as your commitment and involvement in the Ministries. Even a Pledge Offering with out a financia l value gives support to these Ministries. Strangely enough, when we go to our Banker for lo ans or financial communication, the first question the Bankers ask is “ How many Pledge families do you have?” Every financial detail is availa ble if you would like to have more data. You can contact any member of the Financial team or our Treasurer, Ken Cla rk.

UMW Reading Group—Save the Dates

March 1, we will be discussin g "The Immortal Life of Henrie tta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot at Karen Cla rk's home. April 12, (2nd Thursday) we will be discussing "Journey to the Well" by Dia na Wallis Taylo r at Debbie Cooley's home. Please feel free to join any or all of our group meetings!

Volume XXVII

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Lots of Excitement in Children’s Ministries!!! New System In Place for Preschoolers! Our church is growing and we are thrille d to have so many children learning about God within our walls on Sunday morning. In an effort to create the safest and most effective Sunday School environment possib le for our children we will now have our Preschoolers (3-5 yr. olds – based on Sept. 1, 2011) go dir ectly to their classroom and not into worship. Kin dergarteners – 3 rd grade will still go into worship and then go to Sunday School after the Children’s Moment.

Family Movie Day Family Movie Day will be on Sunday, Feb. 26 from 1:00 to 2:30. We will be watching “ RIO” in the sanctuary. Of course th ere will be snacks, drinks and Bob Hazeltine’s world famous popcorn! This event is for the entire family, so please plan to jo in us!!

Children’s Worship Service Our child ren will be leadin g us in worship on Sunday, April 15 durin g both services. If your child would like to be a part of this service ple ase get a sign-up sheet on the Children’s Ministries Bulle tin Board. There will be opportunities to sing, dance, speak or provide art work. For more information about any of our Children’s Ministries programs, please contact Susie Bond at or call the church offic e.

Youth Events Calendar 2/19: Food Team Auction Planning Meeting 12pm-12:40pm at Heritage House 2/19: Skiing at Snow Creek (No UMYF tonight) 2/20: Craft-a-Thon at Heritage House from 12:30pm-2:30pm 2/26: UMYF from 4pm-6pm at Heritage House 3/4: 12pm Set-Up for Auction 3/4: Variety Show & Auction 5pm-8pm 3/9: Movie & Ga me Night at Heritage House from 7pm-9pm 3/11: Spring Break (No UMYF tonight) 3/18: UMYF from 4pm-6pm at Heritage House 3/25: UMYF from 4pm-6pm at Heritage House

Heritage UMC 2012 College Scholarship Applications for the HUMC Colle ge Schola rship are due March 23, 2012. The scholarship is open to all high school seniors plannin g on attending college after graduation. Application packets are availa ble in the church office. Donatio ns to the HUMC College Scholarship Fund are always welcome! When making donatio ns ple ase note in your check memo that your gift is for the “ Colle ge Scholarship Fund” . Past recipients of HUMC College Schola rships inclu de: Samantha Hinrichs, Chris Davis and Ross Fergerson. For more information on the HUMC College Schola rship ple ase contact a committee me mber: Cathy Lancelo tta - Chair, 913-897-5516 MargE Shelley, 913-897-5840 Larry Crist, 913-393-0113

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The Heritage Herald

Winter Retreat for Heritage Women All women are invited to attend a Winter Retreat at Heritage House March 2nd and 3rd About the Retreat: Remember as a child waking up to find out it was a snow day, an unexpected day off? The Win ter Retreat is a time to take a break and focus on life with God. The retreat will include talks with an overall theme, “ Being Stable in an Unstable World” , refle ctions on what it means to be “ Strong in the Lord” , to “Let Go of Drama and return to the Lord with a strong, mature faith.” And in keeping with our “ snow day” we will have some fun winter treats. About the Speaker: Julie Schropp is a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church. She is a member of one of the most gigantic Methodist churches in America. Julie is a small church kind of person who loves to speak about God in any setting. Agenda: March 2nd, Friday evening, 7:00-9:00pm 7:00pm Registratio n, welcome, snacks, and drinks will be provided Speaker Presentatio n: Strong in the Lord, Julie Schropp March 3rd, Saturday, 9:00am-2:30pm 9:00am Breakfast will be served 9:30am Speaker Presentatio n: Letting Go of Drama, Julie Schropp 11:30am Lunch will be served 12:15pm Speaker Presentatio n: The Partying Christia n: Returnin g to the Lord, Julie Schropp 1:15pm Election of UMW officers 2:00pm Closing Prayer and Sending Forth 2:30pm Retreat ends Cost: There will be a $15 charge at registratio n time and you will be able to sign up in Fello wship Hall at our UMW table. There will be no refu nds given if you are unable to attend at the last minute. Thank you for your support of the Women of Heritage Winter Retreat. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Winters, UMW President at

Volume XXVII

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A Note from Solomon’s Porch—Guatemala

February 14, 2012 Leaders and frie nds, We dedicated and broke ground today on Porch de Salomon's next indig enous family house proje ct-- this one in San Jose Chacaya. Angela’s family was very sweet and their little house site was next to a mountain stream... super cute. Thanks to Team Community U MC (CA) and Heritage UMC (KS) for funding and for the work they'll do next week up there. They were very, very gratefu l. We are as well. Bless you and yours, En Cristo, Lloyd To learn more about this ministry, go to:

Heritage Family News Sympathy To the Bunch family for the loss of Harold ’s mother, Mildred Hill To the Henderson family for the loss of Karen’s grandmother, Charlo tte Stander To the Chile s-Magden family for the loss of Paula ’s uncle, Ted Blank

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The Heritage Herald

New Members Gordon Johnson comes to us by way of Colorado. He is a retired engineer, and father to three grown sons Gary, Paul and Robert.

The Missions Team is looking for people to prepare food and serve for the reStart Mission

on Saturday, March 3. Call Barbara Morle y at 913-681-2075 Larry and Elnora Nokes, resid ents of Olathe, are happily enjoyin g their retirement years together. They are still “newlyweds” , having married in 2008! Gary and Margaret Cinotto are very familiar faces around Heritage! They are both retired, and enjoyin g serving the church in a variety of ways.

Michael and Cindy Kershner are residents of Lenexa. Michael is a VP of Underwriting at KC Life and Cindy is a VP of Human Resources at County Club Bank. Norma Priddy drives in all the way from Peculiar, Missouri to be a part of Heritage! Norma’s retired and has two grown child ren, Greg and Lori.

Jeremy and Ann Melton are "dad" and "mom" to 9 month old, Jack Thomas. This family resides in Olathe.

Deliver your item to HUMC no later than 9:30 AM. on Saturday, March 3

We will leave the church at 10:00 AM □

Tater Tot Casserole (menu in church office)

Dinner Rolls (2 dozen

Individual Applesauces (1 dozen)

Dessert (2 dozen )

Name_______ __________ _________ ________

Phone___________ _________ __________ ____

I’ll be happy to provide the items checked above.

I would like to serve.

Please plac e c ompleted for m in the mounted wall folder near the south Sanc tuar y entr anc e.

Non-Prof it Org. US Postage PAID Shawnee Msn, KS Permit #951

Heritage United Methodist Church 12850 Quivira Road Overland Park, KS 66213 Phone: 913-897-6446 Fax: 913-897-4954 Web: Address Service Requested

Worship ♦ Grow ♦ Serve

Want on or off t he m ailing list s? Call 913-897-6446 Or email secr et ar y@her it ageum c.or g

Heritage United Methodist Church Sunday Morning Worship Services

Heritage Staff Senior Pastor, Russell Brown Music Ministries, Becky Waters Caring Ministries and New Member, Melissa Edman Adult Discipleship, Cindy Svec Youth Ministries, Holly Snyder Children's Ministries, Susie Bond Childcare Coordinato r, Katie Loper Preschool Director, Cathy Lancelotta Business Administrator, Vickie Melicher Secretary, Deanna Shephe rd

Ex t. 1 Ex t. 5 becky

9:00 and 10:30 a. m.

Ex t. 6 Ex t. 3/2 cindy

Children’s Sunday School

Ex t. 7 Ex t. 3/1

913-829 -0510 913-897 -5516 cathy

Ex t. 4 Ex t. 2 Audio/Visual Technician, Todd Senseney EMERGENCY PASTORAL CARE 91 3-200 -5658

9:00 and 10:30 a. m.

Adult Sunday School Varies by class.

Next Newsletter Deadline Sunday, March 18

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