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HÉRITAGES magazine

The Magazine of your Heritage

From the Editor’s Desk I am of Martiniquais and Cameroonian decent. My parents have settled and lived in France for the past fifty-five years plus. I was brought up in the suburbs of Paris, until the age of twenty-two, when I decided to venture out of Paris. I had visited Martinique during the school holidays, but didn’t have much childhood memories of my visit. I re-visited once again at the age of twenty-two and fell, head over hills with Martinique. It was love at first sight. I loved the country, its people, the smells wafting through the air, the flavours of the foods. I was fascinated by life in the Caribbean. I decided there and then to live in Martinique. Creation of Heritage Magazine is as a result of years of admiration of the Caribbean customs, their culture and examine the history bequeathed to the Caribbean Pond from the African Continent. Nathalie Mogade

HÉRITAGES magazine The Magazine of your Heritage

THE BIRTH OF THE MAGAZINE Heritage Magazine was launched in September, 2013 THE CONCEPT Is to discover the historic, rural and natural heritages of the cities of the Caribbean Islands. To bridge the gap and re-trace the steps between the Caribbean and the East, West and South African lands. THE OBJECTIVES... Is to promote and export the magnificent heritages of the Caribbean cities via information and documentaries of hard copies and online magazines. To promote cultural exchanges across the Caribbean and the African Lands via all available means. To contribute as well as participate actively in the culture and economy of the Caribbean and African Lands. To preserve this information for generations to come through a variety of archive banks around the world, starting with the Bibliotheque Nationale de France (French National Library).

DISTRIBUTION Free 32 Page Bimonthly Magazine Available at two municipalities Distribution of 10,000 copies by ………… Further distribution via gas stations, shopping malls, restaurants, libraries, cultural and tourist centres, to mention a few. Online subscriptions world-wide. TIME LINES Distribution of 20,000 by June 2014. Interchange of Heritage Magazine in Martinique, amongst all the Caribbean Islands and Africa, promoting agro-tourism, mountain and sea-seaside tourism and history down memory lane.

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A discovery of historical districts, places of interest, museums, hiking exhibitions, craft world and a host of other activities.


HéritagesMagazine : The Magazine of yout Heritage