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Oakum Lodge

We believe it takes a ‘feminine’ touch to make a house into a home. Wilst we provide inspiration and advice, our design process starts with you. We listen to your ideas and guide you through an interview to discover your lifestyle and taste. Consequently- we develop a design which is bespoke and an exact interpretation of your brief. As well as the kitchen, we are able to offer a range of products which ensure a consistent theme throughout the home. These include; sill boards, feature oak lintels, fireplace beams, oak doors & frames, beams and trusses. Bespoke furniture is also made to order. Our most popular peices are dining tables, monks benches and blanket/tack boxes.

Stonemasons Cottage

The oak frame is made up by mortise and tenon joints between the posts and arch. Oak pegs ensure everything stays together. The three plank door is a baby version of the traditional ledger and brace style. Hand wrough ironmonery completes the traditional theme. The rose-head nails are a particularly nice feature.

Heritage Kitchens  
Heritage Kitchens  

Oak farmhouse and cottage kitchens with hand wrought ironmongery