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Heritage Music Press

2018-2019 CLASSROOM MUSIC RESOURCES Thank you for browsing our catalog! Inside, you’ll find strong lesson plans, invaluable and educational activities, exceptional compositions, and so much more. Looking for something specific? Check out the Table of Contents for exactly what you need. Just starting your teaching journey? Start in the Fundamentals section. Either way, make sure you flip all the way through—there are some great new resources you won’t want to miss! Our creative team of educators, editors, and artists share your passion and dedication to teaching. Your contributions to music education have molded countless young minds, and a commitment to excellence like that deserves the best. That’s why we have called upon all-star educators to bring you this diverse selection of classroom music resources. We hope you enjoy!

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Music and Magical Movement, Oh My! A Collection of Listening Lessons Katie Grace Miller Grades K–6 • Break out the parachutes, ribbons, and scarves, and discover the magic that happens when you bring movement to your listening lessons. These sixteen lessons incorporate a variety of genres and styles, from percussion ensemble to parade band. They include an assortment of musical topics, such as long and short sounds with “Carnival of the Animals” and instrument families, that have shown magical results in veteran teacher Katie Grace Miller’s classroom and performances. She offers many of those “Mrs. Miller’s Magic Tricks” here so you can do the same. It’s no illusion; try it and be amazed! 75/1060H (Book)



The Body Electric

Awesome Books with Musical Hooks

A Symphony of Sounds for Body Percussion

Using childrenʼs literature to expand your musical horizons

Mark Burrows

Katie Grace Miller

Grades 2–6 • “The Body Electric” celebrates the greatest classroom instruments of all—our bodies. Part handy reference, part idea-generator, this collection introduces a self-contained instrumentarium that is convenient, inexpensive, adaptable, and most of all, fun. Reproducible student parts are included, as is a CD with helpful performance models of the sounds and pieces. “Body Electric 2.0” adds vocal percussion and mouth sounds to this already winning combination. 30/2181H (Book/CD) The Body Electric


30/2468H (Book) The Body Electric 2.0


Grades PreK–5 • This fun and innovative collection of lesson ideas will breathe new life into areas of the music curriculum that require lots of practice. How? By using picture books! Sing, play, and read along with “The Pout Pout Fish,” “Bear Snores On,” “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons,” and twelve more beloved children’s books. 75/1040H (Book/CD+)


Katie Grace Miller and her class; Lake George Elementary




MOVEMENT Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My!

Step on the Beat Rhythms and Rhymes to Get Kids Moving Kate Kuper

Listening Lessons with Movement Props Artie Almeida Grades K–5 • What could be better than a resource that will have your students begging to listen to more classical music? Artie Almeida shares some of her most beloved listening and movement-based lessons, complete with outstanding orchestral tracks, video performances of the lessons, and reproducible visuals and teaching aids. 30/2626H (Book/CD+/DVD)


Grades K–5 • You and your students will love these creative dances that incorporate music, dance, and physical education concepts. The all-inclusive resource comes complete with a guided-lesson book, vocal and instrumental audio tracks, and an instructional DVD. Also included are helpful tips on connecting dance to corecurriculum subjects, making dances more challenging, and avoiding common lesson pitfalls. 30/2562H (Book/CD/DVD)


Kate Kuper has my vote!! She really has re-energized my excitement in the music classroom again after 32 years of teaching.

Songs for Dancing

Fantastic Forces

Creative Movement Activities for Children

Music, Movement, and Science Kate Kuper

Kate Kuper

Grades PreK–2 • Get your little movers and shakers up and out of their seats with “Songs for Dancing.” Each lesson teaches curriculum targets for dance, music, and physical education, while reinforcing literacy, sequence, and many other early childhood concepts. A DVD that features instructional tips and demonstrations of each movement activity rounds is included. 30/2752H (Book/CD+/DVD)


Grades 3–5 • Get on board with the STEAM initiative! Use this curriculum to teach music, movement, and science in a seamless combination. Everything you need is included: complete lesson plans, music, visuals, and student journal pages. There’s also a DVD with Kate Kuper demonstrating each movement lesson. Whether you teach science, music, movement, or P.E., this book is for you!



75/1025H (Book/CD+/DVD)




99 Musical Games

The Ultimate Music Game Book

For Musical Groups of All Ages

Music Games and Activities for the Classroom

Ellen Jane Lorenz and Stephanie Buschur; Bonnie J. Krueger

Geoff Lorenz, Barbara Meeks, and Janet Vogt

These collections of—you guessed it—ninety-nine musicthemed games are excellent resources for any classroom, ensemble, or music club. With singing and listening games, movement activities, and reproducible word games, these activities are a great way to break the ice, assess musical skills, or simply have a blast with a group of music-minded friends.

Grades K–6 • Students and teachers will love this incredible variety of hands-on games, featuring activities for every combination of players—from two players to the entire classroom. Designed to enhance both music skill and creativity, these activities focus on note reading, rhythm, composition, and musical terms.

PP36 (Book) 99 Musical Games


30/2013H (Book)

30/2466H (Book/CD+) 99 New Musical Games



The Amazing Music Activities Book

Music Facts Finger Fun!

Ideas and Exercises for Exploring: Music Basics, Ear Training, Music Styles, and Famous Composers

Brenda Knowis; Jeanette Morgan and Kris Kropff

Janet Vogt

Adapt the familiar origami fortune teller into a music quiz that your students will take again and again! The reproducible games focus on music topics with varying difficulty levels. Have each student make a quiz to trade and stump their friends, or make many using the same template to reinforce a particular concept. 30/2306MA (Book) Music Facts Finger Fun! (Gr. K–6)


30/2649H (Book) More Music Facts Finger Fun! (Gr. 3–6)


Grades K–6 • These eighty-eight-page collections are filled with reproducible pencil-to-paper activities that will help you to share music concepts in a fresh way, and maybe even cause a giggle or two! You’ll find everything from ear training and rhythm-notation exercises to composer biographies and more. 30/2074H (Book) Amazing Activities Book


30/2190H (Book) Super Amazing Activities Book


Music Libs

The Ultimate Substitute Teacher’s Music Resource Guide

Improvisational Stories Music preposition

Dianne Campbell

Music Class Activities for the MusicallyChallenged Substitute Teacher Geoff Lorenz, Barbara Meeks, Robin Virzi, and Janet Vogt Grades K–6 • The games, worksheets, and exercises in this ninety-six-page resource are organized by grade level and take little or no music background to teach! Keep students experiencing music with these fun and educationally sound lessons. 30/1960H (Book)


Grades 4–6 • Bring the fun of Mad Libs™ into your music classroom with improvisational stories about music that are sure to have your students laughing out loud while they review basic parts of speech and music vocabulary. 30/2631H (Book) Music Libs


75/1012H (Book) More Music Libs






Get to the Point!

Games That Sing

A Collection of Pointing Pages and Powerful Plans

25 Activities to Keep Children on Their Toes

Artie Almeida and Katie Grace Miller

Loyan Beausoleil and Leah Wells

Grades K–3 • Playing meets pedagogy in this collection of powerfully productive lesson plans, precision-crafted by Artie Almeida and Katie Grace Miller. Using the manipulatives that are at the core of this resource, your students will point their way to an understanding of numerous music concepts. 30/2807H (Book/CD+)

Grades PreK–1 • Each imaginative song comes with printed music and directions for a game, along with classroom management tips that will keep your students learning, moving, and growing in music. 30/2638H (Book/CD)



Artie’s Jazz Pack Games and Activities for Teaching About Jazz in the Classroom Artie Almeida Grades 4–8 • Everything you need to teach about jazz is here! This pack has guided listening activities, reproducible worksheets, flashcards, and numerous other teaching tools. Individual components can be used by themselves, or you can utilize the entire kit for a complete jazz instructional unit. 30/2495H (Book/CD)


Games with Get Up and Go Ten Action-Packed Assessment Activities Jeanette Morgan Grades K–6 • Ten engaging activities assess musical skills from reading notation and simple melodic dictation to playing the recorder and more. Templates, projection pages, and manipulatives on the included CD make it easy for you to start using these activities right away. 30/2889H (Book/CD+)


Artie’s Music Proficiency Packs Artie Almeida Students will quickly master music basics with these versatile manipulatives designed to be fun, childfriendly, and effective in promoting competency in the elements of musical understanding while reinforcing music standards.



Grades K–4 • Thirty student cards included in each pack that teach music fundamentals. $14.95 each Rhythm Rockets 30/1998H Sneaky Snake 30/1999H

Beat Strips and Rhythm Markers 30/2000H

Doggone Dynamics 30/2001H Melody Mice 30/2002H

Grades 2–8 • Exceptional activity kits containing thirty student cards and audio CD that teach listening and aural skills. $17.95 each Percussion Discussion 30/2062H Mood Meters 30/2061H

Ensembles for Everyone 30/2060H Style Dials 30/2063H

Super Singers 30/2064H



New web-based format!

Music Madness! Totally Terrific Interactive Games Artie Almeida Grades 2–6 • Artie is excited to bring you this collection of games for use with tablets, interactive boards, and student computers. Your students will love the incredible graphics, engaging animation, and fast-paced competition, while clearly stated learning goals, leveled play, and individual and team options will provide you with countless ways to use this web-based software in your music classroom and beyond. Requires internet connectivity. 30/2908H (Software)


Music Olympics

Rhythm Basketball

Movement Activities and Active Games

Cathy Blair

Mark Burrows Grades K–6 • These active games require little or no setup, are easy to teach in nearly every classroom setting, and reinforce important music skills, including rhythm, pitch, dynamics, instruments, note-reading, music history, and many more. Reproducible worksheets and visuals are on the mixed-media CD, along with music to accompany the games. Let the games begin! 30/2314H (Book/CD+) Music Olympics 30/2565H (Book/CD+) Music Olympics: The Winter Games


Cathy Blair Grades 3–6 • Gather the team for a game covering melodic direction, learning new words, identifying instruments, and performing rhythms. Included are vocabulary flashcards, musical examples, and more.


30/2318H (Book/CD+)


Music Baseball


Music Basketball

30/2470H (Book/CD)

Grades 3–6 • This game covers reading, performing, listening, and transcribing rhythms. Audio tracks and a PowerPoint presentation are included for quick planning.

Cathy Blair Grades 3–6 • These kits include a teacher’s instruction manual with reproducible student pages, flashcards and other similar teaching aids, home plate and bases, and numbers for scorekeeping. Musical examples are featured on the companion CDs, including “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” to get your class in the mood. Play Ball! 30/2005H (Book/CD) Instrument Identification 30/2006H (Book/CD) Name That Style

$39.95 $39.95




GAMES & ACTIVITIES Perfect for quick assessments, sub plans, or quiet work while you do one-on-one assessments. Reproducible Rhythm Readiness

Perplexing Puzzles 26 Reproducible Worksheets Perfect for the Elementary Music Teacher or Substitute

25 Activity Pages to Reinforce Rhythm and Pitch Notation

D. Brian Weese

Erika Popp Grades 2–6

Grades 2–6

75/1055H (Book)


Mysterious Mazes

17 Reproducible Games to Reinforce Note Reading

D. Brian Weese

18 Reproducible Music Worksheets

Grades 2–6 • This book contains bonus content like profiles on famous composers and tips on aural skill development. 30/2805H (Book)


Grades 2–6 • Wind your way through composer timelines, twist and turn along the route to rhythm skills, blaze a trail through instrument families, and much more! 75/1003H (Book)


Elementary Music Games

The Ultimate Book of Music Mazes and Puzzles

20 Reproducible Activities with Rhythm, Note Names, Instruments, and More

Kris Kropff

Vanessa Christian Grades 3–6 75/1051H (Book)


Music Game of the Week

Grades K–6 • Contains more than forty puzzles using music terms and symbols, instruments, and composers. The puzzles get progressively more difficult and are ideal for assessing student knowledge. 30/2320H (Book) BEST SELLER!

A yearʼs worth of reproducible activities for the classroom or home


Music Games for Every Month A Yearʼs Worth of Themed Worksheets

Brenda Knowis



Nothing but Notespellers D. Brian Weese


30/2587H (Book)

Jeanette Morgan

Grades K–6 • Use holiday and seasonal celebrations throughout the year to reinforce musical concepts with this collection of fifty-two puzzles, worksheets, and activities.

Grades 1–6 • Use these fun games to review and assess music facts, terms, symbols, and reading skills.

30/2307H (Book)

30/2648H (Book)





GAMES & ACTIVITIES Music Fun for the Little Ones

Games Galore

24 Reproducible Worksheets

Compiled by Erika Popp

Reproducible Music Activity Sheets

Jeanette Morgan Grades PreK–2 • Review musical concepts with your young music students like note names, instrument families, musical styles, composers, and more. 75/1020H (Book)

Grades K–6 • More than twenty-five pages highlighting note names, rhythms, music vocabulary words, and instruments. 75/1047H (Book)


Double Agents Music Games Disguising Core Curriculum

Color By Music A Collection of Colorful Classroom Music Activities D. Brian Weese Grades K–6 • These reproducible worksheets cover a wide range of topics, and each puzzle has an easier and more challenging version. 75/1005H (Book)


Elemental Fun

Nicole LeGrand Grades K–6 • These unique collections of reproducible worksheets are specifically created to integrate core curriculum standards into the music classroom, addressing math, science, language arts, and social studies along with instrument recognition, form, intervals, and more! 30/2647H (Book) Double Agents


30/2806H (Book) Double Agents: Second Mission


Games to Assess Music Skills

Music FUNdamentals

Jeanette Morgan Grades 4–6 • Simple, basic, fun—teaching the elements of music can be all these things! Listening activities and worksheets work together to build your students’ knowledge. 30/2571H (Book/CD+)



A Year of Music Memories Portfolio Worksheets

Games that Teach and Reinforce Music Concepts D. Brian Weese Grades 2–6 • These reproducible worksheets will challenge your students while providing you with valuable assessment pieces. Music concepts include writing rhythms based on syllables, matching melodic contours, pitch notation, and more. 30/2557H (Book) Music FUNdamentals


30/2907H (Book) More Music FUNdamentals


Julie Thompson

Brain Breaks

Grades 4–6 • Designed to be completed throughout the school year, this collection of whimsical yet sophisticated worksheets is perfect for creating student keepsake journals. Keeping music learning as the focus, these worksheets will appeal to students on a personal level while also encouraging them to write. 75/1011H (Book)



Just-for-fun music activities for tired brains Mark Burrows Grades 3–6 75/1022H (Book)




GAMES AND ACTIVITIES Adventures with the Orchestra A complete instructional unit to bring the orchestra to your students Artie Almeida Grades 3–6 • Inspire your students to embrace the music of the orchestra! This resource has everything you need to teach your students about the orchestra, including flashcards, printable game pieces, guided listening activities, musical examples, website lessons, and more. 75/1034H (Book/CD+)


Outside the Lines

Brain Busters

A New Approach to Composing in the Classroom

Picture puzzles to sharpen right-brain thinking and music knowledge

Mark Burrows

Brenda Knowis Grades 3+ • These exciting reproducible picture puzzles illustrating music concepts vary in difficulty level, and answers are provided for each.

Grades 2–6 • This innovative resource frees your students to express their creativity without breaking any musical “rules.” Everything from picture notation to a one-line staff will help make composition educational, rewarding, and fun! 30/2317H (Book)

30/2117H (Book)


Book One


30/2192H (Book) Book Two


SINGING Eight Creative Titles for Unison Choir

Mozart & Haydn for Young Voices

Mark Burrows

Arr. Geoffrey Edwards


Unison Choir • Varying in style from zany novelties to festive Christmas and even easy-to-learn Latin, there is something for everyone in this exciting Mark Burrows collection! See page 27 for additional details.

Two-part Choir • These arrangements of choral and vocal works by Mozart and Haydn have been carefully written with the unique qualities of the young voice in mind. See page 27 for additional details.

45/1634H (Reproducible Book)


45/1186H (Reproducible Book)


99/3876H (P/A CD)


99/3799H (P/A CD)


Sticky, Stinky, Silly Songs

Sing and Dance Around the World

Darren Fellows

Greg Gilpin

Messes are the Best!


Grades K–3 • These silly songs lend themselves to lots of movement, facial expression, and general hilarity, all of which will help you to teach important musical skills.

Grades 3–6 • Travel the world with these unison folk song arrangements and dances. Each book covers history, traditions, fun facts, and more of each featured country or region.

75/1032H (Book/CD+)

30/2080H (Book/CD)

Book One


30/2220H (Book/CD)

Book Two






Woods, Metals, Shakers, Skins Hoop Group Activities for Your Active Music Room Artie Almeida Grades K–5 • Artie Almeida shares her best strategy for classroom percussion instruments: using plastic hoops to organize the classroom! Groups of students gather around hoop stations, and each group has the chance to play instruments from a specific percussion family. Then switch, giving students a chance to play a different set of instruments. Students are having the time of their lives, experiencing different timbres and playing techniques, and Artie’s in-depth lessons mean they are focused on learning at the same time. 75/1046H


I love this book! Clear, easy to follow instructions with great classical song choices. Students love these activities! …Artie is inspiring. I heartily recommend the book to every elementary [music] teacher!” New from Katie Grace Miller! See page 3 for more product details.

Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My!

Music and Magical Movement, Oh My! A Collection of Listening Lessons

Listening Lessons with Movement Props

Katie Grace Miller

Artie Almeida Grades K–5 • Artie Almeida shares some of her most beloved listening and movement-based lessons. Outstanding orchestral tracks, video performances of the lessons, and reproducible visuals and teaching aids are included! 30/2626H (Book/CD+/DVD)


75/1060H (Book)






Celebrations and Seasons A Busy Body, Busy Brains Book Mari Schay Grades PreK–K • Celebrate seasons, holidays, and special days throughout the year—and teach music fluency at the same time! These creative activities are specially designed for preschoolers and Kindergartners, and each one lists the appropriate standards from the National Association for Music Education and Common Core. The enclosed CD includes demonstration recordings of each song along with reproducible teaching aids you can use in your classroom. 75/1045H (Book/CD+)


The Music in Me and You

Up, Up, and Away!

A Busy Bodies, Busy Brains Book

Mari Schay

A Busy Bodies, Busy Brains Book

Mari Schay Grades PreK–K • The playful music activities in this resource will help your students get to know themselves and their peers while experiencing music in a meaningful way. Best of all, the enclosed CD includes quality recordings that you can use to familiarize yourself with the music or as a teaching tool in your classroom. This handy collection of classroom-tested lessons also references the Common Core, Head Start, and National Core Arts Standards. 75/1001H (Book/CD+)

Grades PreK–K • Develop music skills in your youngest students through active engagement, imagination, and the spirit of play. This set of classroom-tested activities is highly adaptable, and the enclosed CD makes the book accessible to non-music teachers and music specialists alike. Taken directly from Mari’s teaching experiences, these lessons reference the Common Core, Head Start, and National Core Arts Standards. 75/1021H (Book/CD+)


Poetic License Using Poetry to Guide Composition

Silly and Serious

Mari Schay

A Busy Bodies, Busy Brains Book

Grades 2–6 • Turn poems into songs while learning to count intervals, create chords, and explore expressive techniques.

Mari Schay Grades PreK–K • Young musicians will develop their music-making skills with this collection of creative lessons for early learners. Each lesson uses an age-appropriate song or book to guide preschool and early elementary students to music fluency. The enclosed CD has recordings of each song, along with reproducible teaching aids to help design your curriculum. Lessons are aligned to the Head Start, Common Core, and National Arts Standards. 75/1023H (Book/CD+)



30/2875H (Book)


Mari Schay with her class; Earl Boyles Elementary





Buy all four and save!

Ten to Teach

Grades K–6 • This comprehensive series includes lessons in melody, rhythm, harmony, and form. Each book contains a CD with resources such as printable worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, visual aids, and more to help you along the way. They contain lessons from Artie Almeida, Brian Hiller & Don Dupont, Kate Kuper, Konnie Saliba, and more master music teachers. Here’s just a taste of what to expect in each book: Melody

• Steps, skips, and repeats • High vs. low sounds • Composing with sol and mi; Identifying low sol • Melodic inversions, sequences, and motifs




• Singing partner songs • Playing barred percussion instruments • Illustrating harmony with movement • Playing recorder descants




• Rhythmic improvisation • Meter in 2, 3, and 5 • Syncopation • Macrobeat vs. microbeat

• Call and response • Theme and variations • ABA form • Rondo






Complete Set




Creative Fun Throughout the Year

Composing Under Construction

Nicole LeGrand

Exploring the Elements of Music

Grades 1–5 • Create melodies in a hands-on, fun-filled way using engaging manipulatives, visual aids, templates, and digital files.

D. Brian Weese

Kids Can Compose

30/2633H (Book/CD+)


Grades 3–6 • Use this reproducible workbook to teach basic composition, starting with simple notation practice and ending by composing six-measure melodies. 75/1050H (Book)

Mission: Composition

A Young Musician’s Guide to Composing

Matthew Cremisio and Jennifer Lee-Alden Grades 2–5 • Your mission, should you choose to accept it: develop music literacy that won’t self-destruct! Beginning with steady-beat development and progressing through improvisation to reading and writing standard notation, this comprehensive music literacy program culminates in student composition. To assist your mission, manipulatives, play-along tracks, reproducible worksheets, and assessment rubrics appear on the included CD. 75/1030H (Book/CD+)




A “How To” Workbook for the Aspiring Composer Charles Lauterbach Grades 5–6 • Many young musicians often think about writing music, but have no idea how to get started. This book provides an easy-to-understand approach to composing simple melodies, from learning how to draw music symbols to the concept of “shaping” phrases. 30/1928H 30/1927H 30/1961H


Teacher’s Manual Student Workbook Workbook 10-Pack

$14.95 $5.95 $44.95


FUNDAMENTALS Games, Groups, and Gems

Activate Your Classroom!

Songs and activities for grades K–6

Music Lesson Plans for the School Year

Chris Judah-Lauder

Compiled by Vanessa Christian

Grades K–6 • These activities will have your students moving, singing, playing, and learning! Strengthen student-teacher relationships, encourage active participation, and cultivate excitement for learning with this collection of absolute gems from master teacher Chris Judah-Lauder. Students learn music and life skills by giving and receiving feedback and collaborating with their classmates to create ensemble pieces. PowerPoint presentations and reproducibles are included on the CD to save you valuable planning time. 75/1053H (Book/CD+)

75/1033H (Book/CD+)



Music Makes the Scene The impact of music on the movies… and on you! Cathy Blair

Book One Book Two

About 100 Years of American Music Theatre in About 100 Minutes Ten short units covering Broadway shows from 1900–2000

Grades 5–8 • Teach critical listening with these unique book and DVD packages that include short, original movie clips that appear once without audio, then three more times with different music. Reproducible worksheets and listening guides help students describe specific music events and identify the role of music in movies. 30/2313H (Book/DVD) 30/2469H (Book/DVD)

Grades K–6 • With twenty lessons from Artie Almeida, Donna Dirksing, and more, this repository of creative ideas provides ready-to-teach lessons for the whole school year. Tied to seasons, holidays, and other important events, these lessons encompass a variety of teaching techniques. The included CD supports the activities with reproducible worksheets and visuals, as well as recordings.

$39.95 $39.95

Cathy Blair Grades 3–6 • Learn about the creators of each musical, the plot, and how the show was created. Then, listen to a notable song from each play. The clever reproducible activities can be used to reinforce understanding and to assess students’ knowledge. 30/2135H (Book/CD)


About 80 Years of Jazz in About 80 Minutes

Pleased to Meet You Biographies and Activities about Composers and Popular Performers

Four short lessons covering Dixieland, Big Band Swing, Bebop and Jazz-Rock

Jenny VanPelt

Cathy Blair Grades 2–6 • Introduce your students to composers and popular performers with these reproducible collections of biographies and worksheets. Two sets of texts and activities are included for each featured musician, ensuring versatility for learners of all ages and levels.


30/2892H (Book) Pleased to Meet You (Composers)


75/1009H (Book) Pleased to Meet You, Too (Performers)



Grades 2–4 • Discover four different styles of jazz, hear jazz instruments, and meet four of the great musicians who created and shaped this genre. Teacher’s guide, flashcards, and a CD with instrumental examples are all included. 30/2012H (Book/CD)



CLASSROOM PERCUSSION NEW Buckets to Body Percussion Drumming on a Dime Mark Burrows Grades 3–6 • Percussion brings a ton of excitement to the music classroom, but there are also obstacles like cost and storage space. This book solves it all, eliminating as many challenges as possible, so you and your students can enjoy the endless possibilities of percussion in the classroom. 75/1059H (Book)


Just Jams

Planet Jams

A World of Rhythms for Drums, Pitched Percussion, and More

An Exploration of the Worldʼs Rhythms and Percussion Instruments

Mark Burrows

Mark Burrows

Grades 2–6 • Diverse in its rhythms, “Just Jams” also features diverse instrumentation, including jams for Orff instruments, Boomwhackers®, sound effects, and other percussion. Each jam includes meaningful speech parts, allowing for a progression from speech to body percussion to playing. There are also suggestions for developing each jam into a performance piece.

Grades 2–6 • Bring the world to your classroom with this accessible collection that starts with speech and body percussion to help students play rhythms from West Africa, the Middle East, India, Cuba, and more. Each unit introduces a geographical region, describes its traditional instruments, then uses a musical example that brings the lesson home. Recordings on the CD use authentic instruments from each region.

30/2312H (Book)

30/2191H (Book/CD)



The Accidental Drum Circle

A General Music Success Story Mark Burrows Grades K–6 • Mark Burrows shares how he put together a drum circle program that reached hundreds of elementary students. This humorous “quick read” addresses the basics of drumming and dozens of other topics from how to arrange the instruments and students to how to have a drum circle without drums. 30/2185H (Text)


Tube Jams

Boom ‘n’ Tunes

Improvisational Riffs for Boomwhackers®

Improvisational Riffs for Boomwhackers®

Mari Schay

Linda Forrest

Grades 3–6 • In the improvisational spirit of “Behind Bars” (30/2586H, page 18), composer and classroom teacher Mari Schay brings you a collection of pieces for Boomwhackers®. Each of the ten selections in this resource will provide your students with a launching point for creating their own arrangements as they explore the world of improvisational ensemble music with their classmates.

30/2625H (Book)



Grades 1–5 • Keep your students’ Boomwhackers® boom’n’ with Linda Forrest’s collections of simple arrangements that create a fun and wacky educational experience. Each book contains reproducible pages for classroom use and an accompaniment CD.

30/1947H Boom ‘n’ Tunes: Easy Folk Tunes


30/1946H Boom ‘n’ Tunes: Just for Fun




CLASSROOM PERCUSSION NEW Percussion Parade Artie Almeida Grades K–5 • Welcome to the wonderful world of non-pitched percussion! These instruments are affordable and accessible, students love them, and they are so good at introducing and reinforcing important concepts like beat competency, timbre, tempo, and dynamics. Artie Almeida applies her signature style to non-pitched percussion, making every lesson in this book both rigorous and joyful. Bring the parade to your classroom, and take advantage of tons of great new teaching ideas along with beautiful visual aids, helpful videos, and step-by-step instructions that make every lesson successful. 75/1058H (Book)



Listen, Sing, Rattle, Ding

Rockinʼ Repertoire for Rhythm Readiness

Lesson Ideas to Take a Little Song a Long Way

Artie Almeida Grades 3–6 • Get your students stuck on music with these engaging play-along arrangements that include warmups, traditional, classical, and popular music selections. Artie Almeida provides her tried-and-true teaching suggestions as well as instructions to create the homemade StickStations that these pieces are played on. Top-notch audio recordings are also included. 75/1002H (Book/CD+)

Mari Schay Grades PreK–2 • Teach music fundamentals using the timeless appeal of folk and camp songs. Included are lessons and lesson extensions tailored to each song as well as practical teaching tips. 30/2738H (Book/CD+)



Skins, Sticks, and Bars

The Body Rondo Book

Percussion Ensembles for Elementary and Middle School Paul Corbière

12 Body Percussion Rondos, Elementary to Advanced

Creating Music with Everyday “Stuff”

Jim Solomon

Cathy Blair

Grades 4–8 • Using a variety of percussion instruments and global influences, this collection of original pieces is guaranteed to ignite your students’ passion for drum, mallet, and recorder music. Once your students have mastered the riffs, challenge them to improvise solos.

All Grades • This collection of twelve body percussion rondos for rhythmic study progresses from easy to challenging in difficulty and is delightful for students and teachers! Even the easy pieces are musical and fun because of the skillfully written rhythmic combinations.

30/2634H (Book/CD)

978-0-9340-1728-2 (Book)


Stomp, Boom, Blast!


Grades 3–6 • Using the concept from the hit show “Stomp,” these clever pieces feature items like rulers, staplers, wastebaskets, pencil sharpeners, and other common classroom “stuff” to create unique rhythmic soundscapes. Most of the titles can be learned quickly, and they’re a great way to start or end a class. Use them for a change of pace during a concert, too! A CD with optional accompaniment is included with each book. 30/2044H (Book/CD) Book One 30/2564H (Book/CD) Book Two



$29.95 $24.95



Easy Buckets Grooves for Beginning Ensembles Mark Shelton Grades 3–6 • Start bucket drumming today! These easy grooves are a great way to teach bucket basics. They also work as warm-up exercises for bucket ensembles that are already cooking. Inside this book, you’ll find thirty simple grooves and two easy ensembles, along with a concise tutorial. Set up some pails, hand over some sticks, pass out the parts, and let the bucket grooves begin! 75/1061H (Book/CD)


Give Me a Bucket

Give Me a Groove

A Rockinʼ Collection for Bucket Ensemble

18 Grooves for Percussion with Suggested Melodies for Recorder

Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton

Grades 4–8 • Use buckets, pails, and drumsticks to make music! In addition to guiding you through the process of setting up your bucket ensemble, this collection includes teaching and performance tips, some simple choreography, performance tracks, and printable music for your students. 75/1019H (Book/CD+)


Grades 3–6 • From the waltz to rock ‘n roll, this collection of eighteen grooves will turn your classroom into a well-oiled and fun-filled music-making machine. Percussionist and educator Mark Shelton has broken down and reconfigured basic drum set patterns into grooves for classroom instruments. Teach them to your students and let them take the wheel to create their own arrangements. 30/2876H (Book/CD+)

Found Soundology Making Music with Random Stuff

Give Me a Tablet

Mark Shelton Grades 4–8 • Use everyday objects in place of traditional instruments with this collection of original compositions. While each piece includes suggestions for found sounds, Mark Shelton encourages you and your classes to find your own sound sources. Teaching and performance tips, recordings, and reproducible parts round out this convenient, creative outlet. 75/1027H (Book/CD+)



Grooves, Activities, and Ensembles for Touchscreen Devices Mark Shelton Grades 3–6 • Create electronic music in your classroom! In this fun and interactive book, Mark Shelton provides activities to explore music creation using simple apps as instruments. Your students can use that knowledge to guide them in playing ensembles for touchscreen tablet–in the classroom or in performance. Please note that all the activities and apps mentioned in this book are intended for use with Apple® devices. 75/1043H (Book/CD+)


Mark Shelton leading, “Bucket Drumming Basics” session at the 2018 TMEA Convention; San Antonio, TX




BARRED PERCUSSION BEST SELLING SERIES! Mallet Madness A collection of engaging units for using mallet instruments and drums in the music classroom Artie Almeida Grades K–6 • Activities for mallet instruments and drums utilize songs, poems, music-to-literature connections, and reproducible flashcards to promote learning in the areas of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressive qualities. And because of its unique rotation system, your students will play all the instruments in nearly every lesson. Add the interactive component for even more learning. Choose the SMART or Promethean edition, or use the PowerPoint version (included on both interactive products) with any computer. 30/2187H 99/2852H 99/2733H

$39.95 $39.95 $39.95

Mallet Madness (Book) Mallet Madness Interactive SMART Mallet Madness Interactive Promethean

Mallet Madness Strikes Again! A collection of engaging units for mallet instruments and drums Artie Almeida Grades K–6 • Mallet Madness Strikes Again! features rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre lessons designed for your mallet instruments, as well as the ever-popular Literature and Music Connections with lessons based on children’s literature, plus a whole new Technique Builder section to improve your students’ mallet skills. Complete lessons and reproducible visuals provide you with all the support that you need to deliver engaging and exciting lessons for your young musicians. And don’t forget the interactive CDs, available for both Promethean and SMART software, which also include PowerPoint versions that can be used with any computer. 30/2567H 99/2854H 99/2853H

Behind Bars

We’re Gonna Play Today!



Percussion Ensembles for Young Musicians

Child-Centered Repertoire for Barred Percussion

Kid-Approved Lessons for Barred Percussion

Mari Schay

Deborah A. Imiolo

Deborah A. Imiolo

Grades 2–5 • The sophisticated simplicity of these short pieces for Orff instruments will enable your students to quickly master them, but that is just the beginning. The scores progress in complexity to guide you and your students to creating performance-length pieces with tempos, dynamics, and even titles created by your students. 30/2586H (Book/CD)

$39.95 $39.95 $39.95

Mallet Madness Strikes Again! (Book) Mallet Madness Strikes Again! Interactive SMART Mallet Madness Strikes Again! Interactive Promethean


Grades PreK–3 • Let your students improvise and explore! This classroom-tested collection of original compositions introduces identification, classification, and basic techniques for barred percussion. Included learning goals, visual aids, and PowerPoint files make this resource both practical and engaging. 75/1006H (Book/CD+)


Grades 3–5 • Tips on mallet technique and instrument storage and several professionally designed PowerPoint presentations complement detailed Orff-process lessons. 75/1042H (Book/CD+)





Merry Marimba Christmas

Lively Arrangements from Latin America Doug Edwards

Holiday Favorites Arranged for Barred Percussion

Irish Music for Barred Percussion Ensemble

Doug Edwards

Doug Edwards

Grades 4–8 • Join the fiesta! Explore the music of Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Bolivia with these festive marimba arrangements. They’re perfect for your upper-elementary or middle-school classroom, and you’ll find marimba ensemble tracks and reproducible lead sheets on the included CD.

Grades 3–6 • Bring the holiday spirit to your classroom with these creative arrangements of Christmas songs! Included are helpful teaching tips and performance options to help bring the exciting world of the marimba to your students and audiences. Audio tracks and video performances are available for download.

75/1014H (Book/CD+)

30/2736H (Book)




Grades 4–8 • Explore the captivating music of Ireland with these engaging arrangements. Suitable for standard classroom barred percussion and adaptable enough to fit your ensemble’s needs, this collection of ten lively Irish tunes is sure to inspire toe-tapping lessons and performances that your students and audiences will love. 75/1026H (Book/CD+)


ORFF SCHULWERK RESOURCES Orff and the Elements of Music

The Orff Anthology The Best Lessons from the Legends of Orff-Schulwerk Grades K–5 • Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, we’ve put together this collection of great material from the last halfcentury. It features lessons by true Orff-Schulwerk legends Shirley W. McRae, Jim Solomon, Linda High, Don Dupont & Brian Hiller, and Isabel McNeill Carley. 75/1024H (Book)


Sing and Play the Global Way

A straightforward approach for using Orff in your classroom Konnie Saliba This invaluable resource gives practical, step-by-step processes for introducing and exploring the elements of music with Orff, perfect for the current or aspiring classroom music teacher. Complete with classical music listening suggestions, this book is sure to enhance your teaching. 75/1038H (Text)

One, Two, Three… Echo Me!

Developing Musicianship with Songs from Around the World

Ready-to-use songs, games & activities to help children sing in tune

Mari Schay

Loretta K. Mitchell and Donna Dirksing

Grades 2–8 • Sing and play these songs from around the world, and watch as your students’ musicianship grows hand in hand with their understanding of our worldwide community. Including French, Native American, Indian, Japanese, Czech, Spanish, Caribbean, and African songs, this resource is overflowing with ensemble pieces for voices as well as pitched and non-pitched percussion. 30/2891H (Book/CD+)




Grades PreK–5 • Enrich your students’ singing skills with over sixty songs, games, and activities. Younger students will explore ways to use their voices, and older students will learn clever songs and activities to fine tune their skills. 30/1800H (Book) 30/2106H (Book) Orff Companion 99/1740H (CD) Accompaniment CD


$39.95 $24.95 $14.95


ORFF SCHULWERK RESOURCES What to Teach When A Thoughtful and Engaging Music Curriculum Brian Hiller and Don Dupont Whether you are a new music educator or a seasoned veteran, these expertly-developed curriculum volumes mean you never again have to ask yourself what to teach when. Brian Hiller and Don Dupont have more than fifty years combined experience as educators, and they have gathered all their best ideas into this tried-and-true curriculum. It includes enough lessons and repertoire for the entire school year—most classes don’t even get through the whole thing in a year—and each volume comes with a CD containing professionally designed flashcards, visual aids, and more. Save valuable planning time and ensure that you’re using highly vetted materials to promote deep understanding. 30/2910H 75/1015H 75/1000H

Grades K–1 Grades 2–3 Grades 4–5

$54.95 $54.95 $54.95

Elemental Music Making

It’s Elemental

Thoughtful and Engaging Lessons for the Elementary Classroom

Brian Hiller and Don Dupont

Lessons that Engage Grades K–5 • These fully processed lessons

Brian Hiller and Don Dupont Grades K–5 • Following the same formula as Brian and Don’s popular series, this collection includes three classroom-tested activities per grade level that reinforce important concepts and develop meaningful music skills. Use these lessons as an effective companion to “What to Teach When” or as a fresh addition to any other general music curriculum. Projectables and reproducibles are included on the CD for added convenience.

75/1054H (Book/CD+)

demonstrate the elements using the OrffSchulwerk approach, focusing on rhythm, melody, tone color, texture, and form. Clear goals and skill objectives make each lesson easy to implement, and extensions and classroom tips help them to live beyond one class session. It’s Elemental 2 adds timbre to the list of elements covered.

978-0-9340-1755-8 Book 1 978-0-9340-1758-9 Book 2


Make a Joyful Sound

Process and Play

A Celebration of Orff Schulwerk Media Brian Hiller and Don Dupont

Using Barred Percussion to Develop Musical Skills Brian Hiller and Don Dupont Grades K–5 • Students learn through making music, and you will have all the visual aids, printable music, and teaching strategies you need to implement each lesson successfully.

Grades K–5 • Celebrating Orff-Schulwerk media, this collection includes activities for body percussion, speech, singing, non-pitched percussion, barred instruments, recorder, and movement. A step-by-step process, performance outline, and suggestions for extending the media focus are available for each activity.

75/1048H (Book/CD+)


978-0-9340-1761-9 (Book)


Monkey Business

Playtime Instrumental Pieces for Orff Ensembles Shirley W. McRae Grades 2–8 • These arrangements for Orff ensemble are so much fun that students won’t realize they are also learning to play with proper mallet technique in modes, canon, and rondo. Use several kinds of ensembles, with units for metals, woods, and combinations of barred percussion, as well as unpitched instruments.

Progressive Lessons for Teaching Beat, Note Values, and Rests in the Elementary School Jim Solomon Grades K–6 • This collection is filled with progressive lessons for sequential teaching of beat, note, and rest values. Various rhythm patterns for each grade are presented through traditional and original songs that integrate new patterns with those already learned. Speech pieces, movement, and orchestrations for Orff instruments are also provided.

978-0-9340-1716-9 (Book)


$19.95 $19.95



978-0-9340-1742-8 (Book)




Once Upon a Folk Tale

Folk Songs for Voices and Orff Instruments

Eight Classic Stories

Shirley W. McRae

Linda Rockwell High and Carol Lee Kindt

Grades 3–6 • Globe-spanning folk songs are presented both in English and their original language, with dances and games provided. Orff process steps are also provided. Your students will be singing and dancing in no time! 978-0-9340-1712-1 (Book) 978-0-9340-1723-7 (Book)

Volume One Volume Two

$19.95 $19.95

Jelly Beans and Things

Grades K–2 • Bring storytelling, art, music, and drama to your classroom with these versatile storybooks. Students will create their own puppets or masks and then dramatize the stories as you read them aloud. They will also sing a short, adapted mountain song for each story. Add to the fun by selecting students to play sound effects that imitate character names when each name is spoken. 978-0-9340-1719-0 (Book)

Earth, Water, Fire, Air

For Voices, Orff Instrumentarium, and Movement

A Suite for Voices, Narrator and Orff Instruments

Konnie Saliba Grades PreK–4 • Help your younger students develop motor skills with these fun songs! Adaptations for third and fourth graders are also included to keep learning alive. The folk and original melodies in this book are arranged for voices, body percussion, and easy barred percussion and unpitched percussion. 978-0-9340-1741-1 (Book)


Brian Hiller and Don Dupont Grades 2–6 • Get your students singing and playing with this suite of six songs featuring unison, two-part, and threepart singing; speech ostinato; instrumental accompaniments; poetry; interpretive signing; recorder playing; and movement that celebrates the elements of nature. Present the entire suite in your next performance, or use each song on its own. 978-0-9340-1760-2 (Book)

One World, Many Voices


Dance for the Children of One Earth

Folk Songs of Planet Earth

International Folk Songs and Dances with Orff Accompaniments

Konnie Saliba Grades 3–6 • These songs from around the world are arranged for Orff instruments and voices. They include the native language of each song as well as English translations. Movement and game suggestions in the style of each song’s culture are also provided. 978-0-9340-1721-3 (Book)



Mary Helen Solomon Grades K–4 • Bring the world to your classroom with these folk songs and dances from countries including Greece, Hungary, Liberia, and China. Orff accompaniments are written for elementary students and adapted for middle schoolers. 978-0-9340-1730-5 (Book)



The Little Christmas Book

Folk Songs of Rural America with Orff Accompaniments Shirley W. McRae

Music for Childrenʼs Voices, Orff Instruments, and Recorders

Grades 3–6 • These arrangements for Orff instruments feature folk songs from Appalachia and rural America. Each one comes with performance suggestions, concept goals, and suggested grade levels. Best of all, there are several games and dances you can use with each one. Develop performances complete with improvisation, body percussion, and even folk instruments that add authenticity.

Grades 1–6 • Celebrate Christmas with thirteen folk, traditional, and original songs, six of which may be performed as canons. Many of the arrangements provide opportunities for improvised or student composed sections. Orchestrations are created in the traditional Orff style.

978-0-9340-1757-2 (Book)

978-0-9340-1756-5 (Book)



Mary Helen Solomon




RECORDER Recorder Monster Mari Schay

Grades 3–6 • Step inside a world of silly lyrics, happy monsters, and rigorous music instruction with this fun and easy-to-use recorder curriculum. Each unit begins with a monster-narrated lesson and a “monster mantra” that reinforces the unit’s central skill. Warm-up exercises provide engaging activities to strengthen new notes and rhythms, and recorder repertoire based on traditional songs with silly monster lyrics increases student buy-in. Learn more about the curriculum’s components and how they’ll help turn your students into Recorder Monsters!

You and your students can visit to access “Recorder Monster” resources in or out of the classroom, including demonstration and accompaniment tracks and notated music for all the songs.

Teacher Book

Interactive Software

Over 70 pages of lessons containing step-by-step instructions, helpful hints, and more! Audio CD containing full performance and accompaniment tracks is also included.

Animated monsters will guide you through each recorder unit. They’ll explain important words and concepts, and then students can practice finger warmups, rhythmic warmups, and songs. They can even play an interactive assessment game! With both the Teacher Book and the Interactive Software, you’ll be able to use the interactive components on one-to-one



devices through



You can print your own instructional posters, student books, and Recorder Monster trading cards. Or, to save time and hassle, let us print them for you!

Student Book

Monster Cards

48 pages and a full-color cover for just $5.95 each

75/1036H (Book)

1,050 laminated monster trading cards used to reward students for mastering a song (enough for 42 students to play each “Recorder Monster” song)


75/1037H (Trading Cards)


Poster Pack


24 posters printed on quality poster board with vibrant colors

75/1039H (Posters)




RECORDER Happy Jammin’

¡Recorder Fiesta!

Really Cool Music for Recorders with Optional Percussion Ensemble

A reproducible method for the beginning recorder student written in English and Spanish

Paul Corbière Grades 3-6 • The original compositions in this fabulous collection are written both for recorder-only ensembles and for full recorder and percussion ensembles to accommodate the needs of your unique classroom. Each piece includes detailed lesson plans, teaching tips, and extensions. Along with performance and accompaniment tracks, the CD features reproducible scores for your convenience.

30/2758H (Book/CD+)


Susan A. Bauer Grades 3–5 • This bilingual recorder method is a revolutionary approach to teaching the recorder! Everything you need is included in the teacher’s manual, including reproducible student pages and an accompaniment CD. A student book is also available.

30/2149H 30/2075H

Teacher Book Student Book

Ready, Set, Play!

From BAGs to Riches

A Method Book for Beginning Recorder Students

Recorder Gems for Elementary Students Paul Corbière Grades 3–6 • This book is a treasure trove of original pieces and groovy arrangements of familiar tunes, using recorders, drums, and mallets. It’s flexible, too—use the performanceready pieces or create variations that suit the needs of your classrooms or ensembles. Detailed lesson plans, performance suggestions, and performance and accompaniment tracks are also included.

75/1017H (Book/CD+)


Recorder Routes Soprano recorder curriculum for Orff-oriented classes

Timothy Adams Grades 3–6 • “Ready, Set, Play!” includes everything you need to teach introductory recorder classes. Reproducible student music, parent letters, order-form templates, self-assessment rubrics, worksheets, and quizzes accompany classroom-tested lesson suggestions and creatively arranged music. “Recorder Rock” gets you performing! Begin with engaging pre-teaching activities, progress to score study, and finally move to performance.

30/2576H (Book/CD+) Ready, Set, Play!


30/2890H (Book/CD+) Ready, Set, Play: Recorder Rock


Carol King Grades 4–6 • Book One provides a wonderful introduction to soprano recorder. Short exercises and pitch games introduce each new note, and enrichment sections offer a challenge for advanced students. Book Two is a comprehensive extension of the first with exercises, activities, and repertoire that help students explore higher-level musician skills.

978-0-9340-1720-6 (Book) 978-0-9340-1706-0 (Book)

Book One Book Two

$24.95 $24.95

$39.95 $7.95

Tutoring Tooters A Group Recorder Method Shirley W. McRae Grades 3–6 • This group method is designed for use with both teacher education classes and middle school recorder classes. Students will learn musical concepts and recorder technique through traditional, folk, and classical tunes with optional Orff instrument accompaniments. The wire binding makes for easy page turns, too!

The Tropical Recorder

978-0-9340-1713-8 (Book)

with Accompaniments for Orff Instruments & Piano/Guitar

Recorder Jazz Time

Jim Solomon and Mary Helen Solomon Grades 4–6 • This collection includes twelve pieces of varying difficulty for soprano recorders. There are also optional parts for non-pitched percussion that give the arrangements a fun Caribbean flair. One student booklet is included with the teacher edition. A four pack of student books is also available.

978-0-9340-1726-8Teacher Book 978-0-9340-1727-5 Student Books (4-pack)



$19.95 $11.50

Music for recorder and piano with instructional techniques for each piece Darren Fellows Grades 3–6 • This book makes jazz accessible to beginning recorder players by giving clear instruction on jazz concepts for each piece. The included CD provides extensive jazz accompaniment that immerses students in an authentic jazz experience. Most songs use only the natural notes on the recorder, with a few instances of F-sharp and B-flat.

75/1052H (Book/CD+)




TEACHING AIDS Artie’s Affirmations

Orff and the Elements of Music

21 Educational and Inspirational Posters for Every Music Classroom Artie Almeida

A straightforward approach for using Orff in your classroom

Inspirational, educational, and humorous

Konnie Saliba

sayings adorn these twenty-one posters from Artie Almeida’s classroom. Use them to remind your students of important things like “consonants are our friends” or that good musicians “think ahead, look ahead, and listen ahead.” Each poster is 9” x 12” and printed on high quality material with vibrant color.

75/1062H (Posters)


Konnie Saliba gives practical, step-by-step processes for introducing and exploring the elements of music with the Orff methodology in this invaluable resource, perfect for the classroom music teacher or music education student. What better way to teach about rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and timbre than by playing, singing, and dancing? Complete with classical music listening suggestions, this book is sure to enhance your program and take your teaching to the next level.

75/1038H (Text)

Inside the Music Classroom

Like This

Teaching the Art with Heart

Formation, Pose, and Movement Cue Cards

Patricia Bourne Go inside the music classroom with an experienced guide, and learn how to navigate the landscape of elementary music. Patricia Bourne strives to balance the art of teaching a rigorous curriculum with the heart of creating a caring classroom environment, neither of which works without the other. Learn how to succeed in the classroom—managing your classroom and your school’s expectations.

30/2211H (Text)


Inside the Elementary School Chorus

Jeanette Morgan and Jeff Richards Grades K–5 • Use these durable movement trigger cards, pose cards (for individual students), and paired and group formation cards as a cue to move students quickly.

75/1018H (Cue Cards)

Recorder Monster Poster Pack

Patricia Bourne

Mari Schay

Develop a strong sense of community and high levels of musicianship in your choir. This book is filled with ideas for recruiting and getting kids excited about singing, tips on warm ups and programming, and practical suggestions for working with parents and staying within a budget. Working with non-auditioned children’s choruses is both gratifying and challenging, and this book gives you the

Add some visual fun and recorder knowledge to your classroom with these posters that display important recorder tips, fingering charts, and more. Contains fourteen 11” x 17” posters and ten 8 ½” x 11” fingering charts.

tools to succeed.

75/1039H (Posters)

30/2357H (Text/DVD)



Instructional Techniques for the Non-Select Childrenʼs Chorus



Take Note!

Music Word Wall

Multipurpose Cards for the Music Classroom

Kris Kropff Spend more time in your classroom and less time at the copier! This CD includes more than 150 cards for everything from terms and symbols to instruments, notes, rests,

Jeanette Morgan Grades 3–5 • Ninety-six pre-cut and coated cards to reinforce rhythmic values, dynamic

and composers.

expressions, and other common music symbols. Creative instructional ideas are also included.

30/2650H (Flashcards)



30/2316H (CD)





PROGRAMS The Very, Very Gingerbread Man

Three Piggy Opera Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Sandi Becker Grades PreK–2 • Bring “The Three Little Pigs” to life with this wonderful opera! Instructions for incorporating drama, music, art, language, and more make it easy to create a well-rounded production. The included CD contains songs with fun lyrics and piano-only accompaniment for the big day.

MC001 (Book/CD)


Goldie and the Bears

Carol Kaplan-Lyss Grades PreK–2 • We all know the classic tale of the feisty gingerbread man who meets an untimely end, but in this zingy reimagining—SPOILER ALERT—he doesn’t get eaten by the fox thanks to one gigantic sneeze! Full performance, narration, and accompaniment-only tracks are all available on the included CD.

75/1041H (Book/CD+)


Donna Dirksing

The Little Red Hen

Grades PreK–2 • This modern musical adaptation of the popular childhood tale is just right for children of all ages to enjoy! Included are a CD containing songs with lyrics and piano accompaniment, as well as related learning activities to incorporate language arts, science, and more into the experience.

Grades PreK–2 • Follow the Little Red Hen and her neighbors as they learn an important lesson about cooperation. Go beyond the play with extension activities designed to incorporate social studies, language arts, math, science, and more into the experience. Accompaniment and performance

MC007 (Book/CD)


Carol Kaplan-Lyss

tracks are included.

MC006 (Book/CD)


Stone Soup A “Rock” Opera

Three Nanny Goats Gruff

Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Sandi Becker

Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Sandi Becker

Grades PreK–2 • This easy-to-produce opera is sure to delight your young actors, your audience, and you—the director. Instructions, lyrics, and a music CD help any teacher incorporate drama, music, and art into the classroom. Hours of extension activities are also provided to connect to core subjects.

Grades PreK–2 • Bring “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” story to life with a funny twist on the classic tale and a few new characters. Children will explore art, music, literature, gross motor movement, science, and cooking as they prepare and preform this opera. Instructions, lyrics, and a music CD are included!

MC002 (Book/CD)

MC003 (Book/CD)


Holiday Plays

Tikki Tikki Tembo

Plays for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Carol Kaplan-Lyss Grades PreK–2 • Bring to life the story of the boy with the long name who fell in a well with this musical. Children will learn about China and its customs and connect to language arts, social studies, and science with the included extension activities. Accompaniment and performance tracks are included.

MC005 (Book/CD)



Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Sandi Becker Grades PreK–2 • Complete with performance and accompaniment tracks, your students will love performing in “No Turkey for Perky” and learning about helping others in “Bob Humbug, the Christmas Grump.” Included are hours of activities connecting the plays to other subject areas like art, history, animal science, and manners.

MC004 (Book/CD)


The Little Engine That Could Sing Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Janet Hill

Grades PreK–2 • This musical will bring the classic story of “The Little Engine That Could” to life! Extend the experience and incorporate core subjects using the provided related learning activities. The included CD contains songs with lyrics as well as piano accompaniment.

MC008 (Book/CD)





PROGRAMS Panda and the Moon

Sing a Song of Aesop

A Reproducible Musical

Five Famous Fables

Erik Whitehill

Brian Hiller and Don Dupont

Grades K–2 • Join Panda and his good friend Moon as they explore the Happy Valley Zoo and learn valuable life lessons. Demonstration recordings, accompaniment tracks, and reproducible resources, including lyric sheets, scripts, PowerPoints, and instrumental parts are found on the included CD.

75/1031H (Book/CD+)


Grades 2–4 • Five of Aesop’s beloved fables come to life with simple scripts, catchy songs, easy choreography, and adorable costumes that anyone can make. The included CD features accompaniment and performance tracks, as well as customizable patterns for costumes, poster and program templates, and so much more.

30/2881H (Book/CD+)

Puzzle Puppy

Science Fair Spectacular

An Original Elementary Noir Musical

A Musical about Great Scientists

Erik Whitehill

Sonya Piper and Mark Burrows

Grades K–2 • Join Puzzle Puppy on a dark and stormy night as he investigates the case of Pixie Poodle’s missing puppy treats! Full of charm, wit, and laughs, this musical features five primary speaking roles with options to include any number of chorus members. Performance and accompaniment tracks as well as instrumental parts for the option of live musicians and other aides are included on the CD.

75/1049H (Book/CD+)


Grades 3–5 • Showcase music and science with this musical, featuring staging ideas, costume suggestions, teaching tips, and an original script with fourteen speaking parts. Reproducible student scores, lyrics pages, script, posters, and program templates are all included, as well as a full performance and accompaniment tracks.

75/1004H (Book/CD+)


Cows in the Kitchen

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears

Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Amy Glaser-Gage

A West African Folktale

Grades K–3 • Bring the Eastern European folktale to life with this boisterous musical play! Hours of extension activities are provided to continue learning throughout preparation and performance. The included CD contains songs

Brian Hiller and Don Dupont

with lyrics as well as piano accompaniment.

MC009 (Book/CD)


Grades 3–6 • Based on the familiar West African folktale, your students won’t be able to stop buzzing about this dramatic play’s authentic characters and compelling music. The CD includes performance and accompaniment tracks, as well as lyric sheets, production checklists, student scripts, and more.

30/2751H (Book/CD+)

The Principal and the Pea

Impossible Made Possible

A Musical Tale of an Elementary Schoolʼs Search for the Perfect Principal

They Sang a Heroʼs Song

Mark Burrows Grades 1–4 • Inspired by “The Princess and the Pea,” the kids in this musical devise a clever plan when the teachers cannot choose a new principal. The costumes, props, and staging are easy and affordable. The songs are well crafted, and the accompaniment tracks provide plenty of melodic support. The result is a side-splitting musical sure to peas…please.

30/2472H (Book/CD+)




Anna Laura Page, F. Thomas Simpson, and Trilby Carter Jordan Grades 3–8 • Celebrate American heroes like Amelia Earhart, Thomas Edison, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose lives show us that anything is possible with vision, perseverance, and dedication. This cross-curricular 35-minute musical allows for a flexible cast of narrators and heroes, with speaking parts easily combined or divided to accommodate your group. Mostly unison with some two-part harmonies. Accompaniment tracks and reproducible singer editions are included on the enhanced CD.

75/1057H (Book/CD+)





CHOIR Together Eight Creative Titles for Unison Choir Mark Burrows Unison Choir • Whether you direct a beginning choir that’s learning to sing confidently on one part or are looking for a great song your kids can learn quickly to start momentum flowing at the beginning of the year, these unison chestnuts from the brilliantly talented and creative Mark Burrows are exactly what you need. Varying in style and mood from zany novelties to festive Christmas and even easy-to-learn Latin, there is something for everyone in this exciting reproducible collection. Performance and accompaniment CD is also available.

45/1634H (Reproducible Book) 99/3876H (P/A CD)

$49.95 $30.00

Mozart & Haydn for Young Voices Arr. Geoffrey Edwards Two-part Choir • The choral and vocal works of Mozart and Haydn represent the finest examples of music from the Classical period—music that embodies directness of speech, balance of form, and clearly stated homophonic textures. These arrangements have been carefully written with the unique qualities of the young voice in mind. Most of the works in this collection use the original texts, and a few have been rewritten with school-friendly lyrics. Of the eight titles included in this collection, two of them have been adapted from keyboard or orchestral works.

45/1186H (Reproducible Book) 99/3799H (P/A CD)

$49.95 $30.00

The All-American Hometown Band

A Day in the Life of Me Mark Burrows

Walter and Carol Noona/ arr. Mark Weston

“I’m gonna make the most of ev’ry possibility. Imagine all that I can be in a day in the life of me.” Set in an engaging groove, repetition and simple two-part harmony make for quick learning in this

“Sound at their command, the finest in the land, it’s The All-American Hometown Band!” A best-

vibrant song.

15/3482H 99/3784H (P/A CD)

selling educational piano titles is now available in

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a delightful choral A-B-A arrangement!

15/3545H 99/3837H (P/A CD)

Waitin’ for the Wabash Cannonball

Popcorn Mark Hayes

Mary Donnelly and George L.O. Strid

This original is loads of fun to learn and perform, complete with spoken sections and popping sounds! Add the optional riser choreography and

This robust pairing of two American folk song classics features simple melody lines and easily grasped harmony parts, putting it right in the

cool acoustic accompaniment track for extra flair.

groove of success for elementary choirs!

15/3525H 99/3805H (P/A CD)

$2.10 $26.95

15/3557H 99/3857H (P/A CD)

We’re Gonna Decorate the Christmas Tree

Douglas E. Wagner This exciting Broadway show-style opener will grab your audience’s attention and get them into the spirit of the season. Add in easy vocal parts and an upbeat accompaniment track for instant success!

Beginning with a simple statement of “O Christmas Tree,” this playful arrangement suddenly breaks out in a happy swing style with an original tune and clever text.


$2.25 $26.95

$2.10 $26.95

Sing Out, It’s Christmas!

Greg Gilpin

15/3527H 99/3806H (P/A CD)

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15/3576H 99/3872H (P/A CD)


$2.10 $26.95


Accompaniment tracks available! See page 29 for details.


Clap and Sing, Join Together!

Shalom, Pacem, Peace

Victor C. Johnson

This gorgeous call for peace is set in three languages: Hebrew, Latin, and English. Set as a round with ample unison, it can be learned easily by all. Optional instrument parts add depth to the flowing accompaniment.

Ruth Elaine Schram

This vibrant celebration in A-B-A form consists of primarily unison writing with some easily taught moments of two-part harmony. Arranged comfortably for young voices, it’s an ideal concert opener!




Sing a Song of Seasons!


Jean Berger/arr. Michael Ryan This brilliant choral canon with energized accompaniment features a Robert Louis Stevenson text. “Sing a song of seasons! Something bright in all! Flowers in the summer, fires in the fall.”

Erik Whitehill Beginning soft and slow, this energy-charged work quickly gains momentum and breaks into flight! A contrasting, more lyrical middle section leads into a recap of the first section and a thrilling ending.



Franz Gruber and J.S. Bach/arr. Michael Ryan

arr. Victor C. Johnson

Emotionally and musically satisfying, this combination of the classic “Silent Night” and a selection from Bach’s “Suite No. 1 for Unaccompanied Cello” creates a soothing selection for your winter concerts.

Opening with a dramatic musical statement, this creative arrangement of a traditional spiritual moves quickly into a driving, rhythmically intense motive that never lets up!





Come in from the Firefly Darkness

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Amy F. Bernon

By the Light of Day Beginning

Sung from the viewpoint of a wanderer who has returned home to share all their experiences, it includes many positive references to friendship, nature, and growing up. Choirs of all ages will love this selection!

J.S. Bach/arr. Geoffrey Edwards Simple, step-wise harmony and other teachable moments with breath control, balance, and phrase-shaping make this timeless Bach arrangement the perfect choice for introducing part singing.



All Is Calm, Sleep in Peace


Keep Your Lamps!


Oh, We Are Fine Musicians




He Had a Dream A Song for Martin Luther King, Jr.

We Practice Everyday

F. Thomas Simpson

Mark Burrows Set mostly in oom-pah band style, everyone gets a chance to shine on the melody as voices mimic the sounds of trumpet, bass drum, and flute. Playful ideas for movement and visuals are included.






Perfect for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or any occasion reaffirming truth, justice, and freedom. “He had a dream, a glorious dream! Hopes glowing promise for me and you! Dream of a better world and make his dream come true.”




Accompaniment tracks available! See bottom of the page for details.


Who Can Sail Without the Wind?

Take Me to the Music Patti Drennan

Mary Donnelly and George L.O. Strid

“Take me to the music, take me to the song. Fill my heart with singing, with notes so pure and strong.” Unison writing and simple harmonies make this piece the perfect

Beginning in unison and followed by verses of harmonically driven part singing, this evocative Swedish folk song speaks of enduring

motivating choice for your young singers.


relationships and lifelong bonds of friendship.




Shine a Light

Tue Tue

A Song for Hanukkah

Brian Hiller and Don Dupont

Darren Fellows

This Ghanaian folk song arrangement features unison singing with simple harmony as well as ostinato and canon, perfect for developing choirs. Maracas, claves, bongos, and conga join

“Shine a light for Hanukkah!” Featuring comfortable ranges and melodically-driven vocal parts, this selection is a perfect choice for your youngest singers. A lovely addition to any December concert or celebration.



the piano in providing a lively accompaniment.



All Night, All Day with My Lord, What a Morning

Lift Up Your Hearts and Voices Becki Slagle Mayo

Russell Robinson

Adapted from the Charpentier “Te Deum

This delightful partnering of two familiar AfricanAmerican spirituals in a rhythmic, jazzy style is both easy to teach and fun to learn. Both songs

in D Major,” this piece is an accessible and positive way to ease your students into singing timeless choral music. An optional trumpet adds to the classic character.



are introduced in unison and build to a strong, bright finish.



Thirty Second Fa La La

Glory to God

Donald Moore

from Messiah

Creative programming at its best, this fun and flashy thirty-second piece is a terrific introduction to independent part singing as well as an

G. F. Handel/arr. Michael Ryan This authentic arrangement of a Handel

opportunity to teach dramatic contrasts.

favorite will enhance the sound of any size choir. With linear voice leading, there are no technical difficulties to deal with. Extracted from “Messiah: Four Choruses for Christmas” (45/1184H).






Singabahambayo Victor C. Johnson Fun to sing and surprisingly rehearsal-friendly, this South African musical celebration of freedom and hope is sure to have instant appeal. Lending itself to simple stage choreography, this song is surely a hit!





Two-part AP Pack This CD features full performance and accompaniment tracks for all the standalone songs listed on pages 28 and 29. This single resource fulfills many of your recording needs!




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Calendars: date-specific ideas for every week of the school year

Our whole team of dedicated music educators understands kids and music classrooms, including our editor Mari Schay and writers like Artie Almeida, Katie Grace Miller, Patricia Bourne, Katie O’Connor-Ballantyne, Doug Edwards, Brian Hiller & Don Dupont, Reuben Burrows, and many more!



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Fall 2018 Classroom Music Catalog  
Fall 2018 Classroom Music Catalog