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Heritage Foods Fall 2017/Winter 2018 Catalog

Purveyor of Pasture-Raised Heritage Meats Celebrating 16 Years Supporting Independent Family Farms

A Brief History of Heritage Foods Heritage Foods was founded in 2001 to preserve endangered species of livestock from extinction. Patrick Martins learned about the plight of endangered foods while working for Slow Food, a non-profit organization started in 1986 in Italy, when the first McDonald’s opened on the Spanish Steps of Rome. To counter the homogenizing effects of fast food, Slow Food was formed to bring attention to regional cuisines and ingredients. Slow Food started as a gastronomic group that celebrated food on the plate, but in 1996 they adjusted their mission to become an “eco-gastronomic” organization that loved good food, but also respected where the food came from, and how it was raised. The project that put the “eco” into eco-gastronomy was the Ark Project, a metaphorical Ark onto which endangered foods were boarded. Many varieties of slower-growing fruits, vegetables, and livestock were nearly extinct either because of consumer apathy or because industrial agriculture willfully pushed them aside for more profitable varietals. The way to save these foods is to eat them! Unlike wildlife, endangered foods are saved when demand increases and farmers have the incentive to raise them. When Slow Food started an American outpost in New York, in 2000, the U.S. Ark Project needed a poster-child, and the heritage turkey was chosen. Numerous varieties — like the Bourbon Red, Standard Bronze, and Narragansett — were on endangered species lists, even though they tasted so much better than their commodity counterparts and had long genealogies that could be traced back to the 1830s. Unlike factory farm turkeys, heritage birds live long happy lives — they can fly, mate naturally, and enjoy foraging the great outdoors. Our turkeys are certified by America’s oldest agriculture organization, the American Poultry Association, and the USDA as 100% purebred Heritage, standards that were set in 1873 to define and defend best practices in American farming. The APA deemed these birds to have “standard” and normal genetics, not genetics manipulated on industrial farms. Healthy genetics is one of the most important factors in humane livestock production — when an animal is bred for balance it is healthy, when it is overbred for fast growth, it suffers. Our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Project would become a cornerstone of our business. In 2002, farmer extraordinaire Frank Reese raised hundreds of free-ranged, antibiotic-free, rare poultry breeds on his Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas for our customers. By 2004 Frank had expanded his grower network to five farms. Rare breeds of turkeys were being upgraded on conservation lists thanks to their population growth, great news for those committed to increasing biodiversity in the food supply. Besides their unique tastes and histories, these rare breeds contain particular DNA that increase our biosecurity while protecting their species for future generations.

Heritage Chickens on Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

Berkshire pigs on Newman Farm But for the farmers, only raising heritage birds was not a sustainable business since turkeys only provide a source of income once a year — naturally mating turkeys are a seasonal food just like lamb, goat, ducks, and geese, and are only ready for harvesting in the Fall. Their availability year-round at deli counters and at restaurants is a product of artificial insemination, a process practiced on factory farms, but not on the traditional farms working with Heritage Foods. A more prolific livestock needed to be raised, and after much discussion we settled on a delicious member of the farm community, and the main ingredient behind so many food traditions and preserving methods: the wondrous pig! Beginning in 2005, Heritage Foods partnered with a family processor in Kansas City, the aptly named Paradise Meats, to sell rare-breed pigs to home and restaurant chefs from coast-to-coast. Our first wholesale customer was Lupa Restaurant in NYC, and many others quickly followed, enthusiastic to try endangered pork breeds with storied names like Red Wattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot, and Tamworth. Today we are honored to sell these rare breeds to hundreds of America’s best restaurants each week, as well as to our loyal Mail Order customers in all 50 states. Each breed comes from a different culinary tradition and boasts a different taste. For example, the Red Wattle, which once populated the back yards of homes in New Orleans, has superior chops and hams with hints of cinnamon and spice, and the Tamworth, an English breed, excels as a bacon hog with its lean, juicy, fruity, and earthy tasting bellies. All heritage breeds have more marbling than commodity breeds resulting in more tender and juicy meat, so the demand for heritage breed pork grew fast. As our network of farms expanded, our Mail Order team was on the lookout for new foods. Today we sell numerous breeds of lamb, nose-to-tail, including the Tunis, a breed which can be traced back 3,000 years and was first brought to the U.S. by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We are proud to feature many breeds of chicken, each with its own flavor profile, as well as ducks and geese with genetics dating back to the 1850s. Our selection of spectacular centerpiece roasts is always growing, as is our delicious array of bacon from America’s greatest curemasters. And we are proud to participate in America’s charcuterie renaissance — curemasters are increasingly applying their art to pasture-raised, heritage breeds, and entering the final frontier of long-aged, prosciutto-style hams, including those sourced from our network of farms. As we like to say, “you have to eat them to save them” and you are making that a reality. We will always do our very best to earn your business and are honored to be a part of your family traditions. On behalf of our network of farmers, processors, and artisan partners, thank you so much for supporting us.


Restaurant-Supported Agriculture Thank you to the chefs who have supported our mission of preserving biodiversity and our network of family farms and processors for almost two decades by serving our pasture-raised heritage meats on their menus.

Whenever we run a pork chop I talk with Patrick “about exactly how I want it to be, from breed — typically we are using Berkshire, Duroc, or Red Wattle — to density, to the cut, and it translates to the customer. It’s a pork chop people talk about. — Matt Rudofker, Director of Roast Boston Butt Culinary Operations at Momofuku

“It’s about living well and

having fun while being conscious of what goes into your body.”” – Mario Batali

Roberta’s Pizza

Sliced Casella’s Prosciutto

I love Heritage’s dedication to slow farms and heritage breeds, and we know these animals are raised under the best conditions, which leads to the best quality — and that is the key to our relationship. — Nancy Silverton Star of Netflix’s Chef’s Table


see page 19

“ We are living in a time

where there is a fear of fat, but you need it! It hydrates your skin, it’s where the flavor is. Who wants to eat just lean meat? What a horrible idea! ”

— Lydia Shire Chef, Scampo Restaurant

Receive a Free Pork Loin with every 5th order (5th, 10th, etc.) as part of our Loyalty Program!

Pigging Out!

Our five breeds of pork are what made Heritage Foods famous at the nation's best restaurants. The New York Times food critic Frank Bruni said our Red Wattle chop is "fantastic," as juicy as a beef porterhouse, and he listed it as one of his ten favorite bites of his career! But all of our breeds are revered for their intense marbling and steak-like texture — we encourage you to try them all including the Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Tamworth, and Large Black!

Pork Loin


Boston Butt

One 4lb Roast $75 One 8lb Roast $140 bone-in or boneless

Four 14-16 oz Whole Tenders $70 2 oz Medallions, 3lb total $45

One 4lb Roast, bone-in $59 One 8lb Roast, bone-in $116 One 8lb Roast, boneless $116

The most iconic cut in the butcher’s case!

The most tender cut from the most tender breeds — a filet worth writing home about!

As seen below, the perfect cut for pulled pork or a majestic centerpiece.

Pork Lover’s Package

Porterhouse Pork Chops

Porterhouse Chops, Spare Rib, Sweet Italian Sausages, Tenderloin Medallions, and Bacon, 13lb total $195

Six 14 oz Pork Chops $69 Fourteen 14 oz Pork Chops $125 Four 24 oz Pork Chops $75

This package is by far the best way to sample the tastiest cuts from heritage breed pigs. Supremely juicy with incredible flavor, no matter how you prepare them. The perfect gift for your favorite meat lover.

For a full list of pork cuts, please visit our website.

Our top seller! These T-bone chops include both the loin and tenderloin. A delicious meal, ready in minutes.

All orders over $349 ship free! Tel: (718) 389-0985 Web:


Wagyu Steakhouse Classics Bone-in Steak Sampler

NY Strip Steak Sampler

Ribeye, Porterhouse, NY Strip Three Steaks, 4.5-5lb total $222

Five NY Strip Steaks, 4.5-5lb total $189

For demanding gourmands who crave the very best beef with the added bonus of cooking on-the-bone, this package is a true powerhouse. The bone brings flavor and a visceral, deep-rooted pleasure. This package features our Wagyu beef, plus a remarkable dry-aged ribeye from the esteemed Holstein steer.

A great opportunity to taste some of our most refined and beautifully marbled meat. Featuring our Pure Akaushi and heralded Akaushi/Angus Wagyu breeds both on and off the bone, there is no better way to discover the toothsome and wonderfully nuanced differences between some of the world’s best steaks. Leaner than the ribeye, the strip pleases all palates.

Ribeye Steak Sampler

Wagyu Steak Lover’s Package

Five Ribeye Steaks, 4.5-5lb total $220

Ribeye, Bone-in NY Strip, Porterhouse, Tenderloin Six Steaks, 9.5lb total $399

Our ribeyes are marbled with the complexity and depth of a renaissance painting, and deliver full-bodied, layered, and exquisite flavor in each supremely textured bite. Our Akaushi/Angus and Pure Akaushi boast their own distinct flavor profiles as does our dry-aged Holstein. Tasting them side-by-side is the best way to understand their particular characteristics.

Porterhouse Steak Weighing in at a hefty 32 oz, the porterhouse is the king of all steaks. Cut 1.5 inches thick from the most prized section of the strip loin, the porterhouse combines flavorful NY strip with the tender filet. To be considered a true porterhouse, and not just a T-bone, the filet section must measure at least two inches wide off the bone. Only four porterhouse steaks are cut from each steer. Akaushi/Angus Wagyu

One 32 oz Steak $99

A spectacular exhibition of sophisticated flavor! This hand-selected variety of cuts is an incredible way to experience the depth of the best Wagyu, arguably the most marbled beef in the world. We source our Akaushi from the same family of farms that first brought the breed to the U.S. from Japan where it is raised on the sacred Aso mountaintop.

Ribeye Steaks, or NY Strip Steaks, boneless Akaushi/Angus Wagyu

Four 14-16 oz Steaks $125

NY Strip Steaks, bone-in Akaushi/Angus Wagyu

Three 18-20 oz Steaks $144

The Story of Our Wagyu Our particular Heritage Wagyu steaks are a cross between the revered Japanese Red Cow, known as Akaushi, and one of America’s best lines of Black Angus. Akaushi beef is a national treasure


in Japan. Through a loophole in the

One 3-3.5lb Roast $155

eight cows left Japan escorted by

Ribeye Steaks, boneless

Boeing 747 for the Texas heartland

Four 12 oz Steaks $165

jewels to this day.

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu

Pure Akaushi Wagyu

Trade Act of 1992, three bulls and armed guards in a custom equipped where they are still treated like The elegant marbling of the Akaushi blended with the bold beefy flavor of the Black Angus results in a steak that is juicy and tender, a genuine testament to the difference that comes with well-raised animals. Our steaks are fed no antibiotics or added hormones, and are pastureraised and grain-finished to deliver the ultimate taste.


Wagyu Porterhouse Steak


“Ninety-five percent of cooking is ingredients and agriculture.” — Alice Waters

Ribeye Roast

Leg of Lamb

Our Heritage ribeye beef roast is the Cadillac of

Lamb lovers know that elegant, heritage lamb is the first

centerpieces, a large-format cut that is as festive as

step towards dinner party greatness, and that the leg of

it is familiar, boasting superb flavor and

lamb provides a formidable centerpiece worthy of King

extraordinary texture thanks to its gorgeous

Arthur, but down-to-earth enough for a family holiday, or

ribbons of marbling. This is your meal of the year!

simply a special sandwich.

Our Wagyu ribeyes are among the best roasts in the

We offer two breeds of rare lamb. The Dorset Horn is a

world and sure to impress any beef lover.

3.5-4lb Roast $112

11-13lb Roast $347

Our NY strip beef roast is the stuff of legend! Big enough to feed the entire family — including kids, in-laws, grandparents...and the neighbors! The strip is what comes to mind for many people when they think of a steak, and this roast is a guaranteed hit whether it is served at a backyard cookout or a holiday feast. Can be cut into individual steaks or prepared whole — and then get ready for some truly spectacular leftovers!

9-11lb Roast $287

The Wagyu beef tenderloin, aka filet mignon, reigns supreme as the most elegant, melt-in-your-mouth steak experience. Roast the tenderloin whole, or custom cut your own filets with nothing more than a sharp knife. Tenderloin is the ultimate in gorgeous, buttery steak — and the tenderloin from the Wagyu is an incomparable treat, the most tender cut from the most tender breed — fit for royalty, but perfect at home for any occasion.

from Tunisia because he loved them so much. John Adams mentioned the Tunis affectionately in his diary, and George Washington raised a herd on his farm in Virginia.

One 7-8lb Leg of Lamb, bone-in $140

Rack of Lamb The rack of lamb is often considered the most elegant cut, ideal as the centerpiece for an intimate dinner party. Roast it whole for a show-stopping presentation, or slice between the bones to serve the tasty chops delicious heritage meat, we love just salt, pepper, and herbs to bring the full flavor front and center. The Tunis is earthy with notes of buttermilk, and the Dorset is light, with a clean, floral finish. Both heritage breeds are grass-fed and boast a flavor far more nuanced and subtle than any commercially farmed lamb could ever be — not to mention an incredible history. Also available seasonally in the Navajo-Churro breed.

One 3-4lb Rack of Lamb $99

5-7lb Roast $282

Beef and Lamb Roast Cooking Tips

Cured Ham You will find no better, juicier, more delicious ham than the heritage maple-cured classic! You can add a family favorite glaze, or stud it with cloves — there is no seasoning this delicious ham won’t welcome. These hams are already cooked, but a little heat will help bring out the delicious juices of the meat.

11-13lb Roast, bone-in $145 9-11lb Roast, boneless $140


Thomas Jefferson ordered the importation of a Tunis herd

individually. Preparation is easy — as with all of our

Tenderloin Roast

3-3.5lb Roast $155

and most of Wales. In 1750 this is the breed English royalty would eat for Christmas!

NY Strip Roast

3.5-4lb Roast $112

breed of sheep that once spread over Dorset, Somerset,

For a perfect medium rare, cook to an internal temperature of 145 degrees — although most of the chefs in our restaurant network recommend taking heritage meats out of the oven about ten degrees lower as they will continue to cook while resting. For seasoning, try salt, pepper, olive oil, and a lot of fresh herbs, including rosemary and sage — and for lamb, of course, mint is delicious, too!

Receive a Free Pork Loin with every 5th order (5th, 10th, etc.) as part of our Loyalty Program!

“Heritage Foods provides us not only traceable ingredients with integrity, but a real vision for the future of food.” — Michael Anthony Executive Chef/Partner Gramercy Tavern

Heritage Porchetta Cooking Instructions

For a perfect roast, cook to an internal temperature of 145 degrees – although most of the chefs in our network recommend taking the porchetta out of the oven about ten Heritage Porchetta

degrees lower as it will continue to cook while resting.

Centerpièce de Résistance!

Let hundreds of years of farming and butchering tradition be your secret weapon in the kitchen.

Heritage Porchetta This traditional centerpiece is handcrafted

Premiere! Porchetta “Sicilia” We are proud to feature our classic porchetta seasoned

exclusively for Heritage Foods by celebrated artisan

with Omnivore Sicilia. The tomato-based sauce with

Thomas Odermatt, a third-generation Swiss butcher

ancho peppers adds a bright, mildly spicy, and

who gained fame in San Francisco for his porchetta

balanced flavor to the already juicy porchetta. This

sandwich, some say the greatest sandwich in America.

delicious, oven-ready roast combines the talents of

Perfectly seasoned with garlic and fresh herbs, this

two of the Bay Area's greatest culinary talents: Thomas

oven-ready roast is a taste epiphany that only old world techniques can create: skin-on belly is wrapped around the center-cut, deboned loin roast, and generously seasoned throughout. Sourced from our elegant, luscious, and smooth Berkshire pork, this is a true porchetta as can be found in Europe — the meat boasts a round and buttery flavor that melts

Odermatt, a Swiss butcher with hundreds of years of tradition behind his skills — a true master craftsman — and blacksmith, artist, chef, and forager Angelo Garro, a San Francisco legend. This is the porchetta for those who like a little kick in their centerpiece roasts!

One 5-6lb Roast $150

on the tongue.

Garlic Roast and Toscana Sausage Roast

One 6-7lb Roast $177

The very definition of simplified country-style

Whole Aylesbury Duck

roasts are ready to serve in under an hour!

Raised by Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, this is

elegance, these hand-rolled, tied, and pre-seasoned

Two 3-3.5lb Roasts $145

America’s rarest duck. The Aylesbury reached its peak popularity in the late 1800s when thousands of ducks were sent from the town of Aylesbury to London. Since then, the Aylesbury was crossed with other breeds like the Pekin, which fared better in industrial settings. If it were not for a few dedicated farmers who kept it pure, it is likely the breed would have disappeared for good. The Aylesbury is listed on the Most Endangered List with fewer than 500 breeding birds left in the U.S. This duck boasts a bouncy texture and rich, creamy fat. Its robust flavor with nutty and herbaceous notes make this the most flavorful duck on the market. Americans consume less than 1/3lb of duck per year, but we hope to restore the bird’s presence on the farm and at your dinner table — we’re eating them to save them!

One 5-6lb Whole Duck $99

Whole Chickens From Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, following standards set in 1873 by the American Poultry Association, this is the tastiest chicken in America! Boasting more dark meat than regular chickens, these birds are extra juicy and delicious. Remember to cook low and slow for best results.

Two 3-4lb Chickens $74

Roasted Aylesbury Duck breast and leg

Heritage Thanksgiving Turkey The true taste of the Americas, 174 years of tradition at your dinner table!

“Promoting the importance of strong genetics is an important national issue and no one exemplifies this plight better than Frank. His turkeys are simply the best.” — Taylor Boetticher, The Fatted Calf “A turkey is no better than the farmer behind it. And the genetics, of course,” says Frank Reese, whose turkeys are one of the only flocks in America to receive certification by the American Poultry Association and the USDA as 100% purebred Heritage, standards that were set in 1873 to define and defend best practices in American farming. “My birds are harvested at a normal age and maturity, and having that maturity brings taste, flavor, texture. The industry has removed that. All the industrial turkeys have salt water added — they call it flavor enhancers — what people are used to now, the taste of turkey they think they love, is mostly just added salt.” Long-time Heritage customers know that we got our start selling Frank’s turkeys, and our relationship with him truly is the cornerstone of our business. Frank can count among his fans Mario Batali, who proudly claims “I’ve served these birds for my Thanksgiving every year for the past 13 years and always will.” Frank is a true hero of the heritage food movement and has been featured in publications ranging from The New York Times to National Geographic as the foremost poultry expert in the U.S. Frank is the reason why when it comes to meat, the word “heritage” is synonymous with “heirloom.” Good Shepherd turkeys are the oldest line of turkey in America, 100% antibiotic free, and pasture-raised on the Kansas prairie. This is by far the juiciest, most flavorful bird on the market today.

Heritage Turkey

Delivered fresh with neck and giblets, Tuesday, November 21st

8-10lb .................. $99 10-12lb .................. $119 12-14lb .................. $139 14-16lb .................. $159 16-18lb .................. $179 18-20lb .................. $199 Supplies are Limited! You will receive a Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, White Holland, Black, Narragansett, Royal Palm, or Jersey Buff turkey. Calculate about 1lb per person. All turkeys come with cooking instructions. Turkeys are shipped via FedEx Overnight for $50. Coupons and our free shipping offer do not apply to heritage turkeys.


“Heritage turkeys are without a doubt the tastiest birds you can possibly serve.” — Alice Waters

Frank Reese with Standard Bronze Turkey

Photo by Jim Richardson

Heritage Gift Collections

For those especially passionate about their favorite cut — The mighty bone-in chop! The exquisite tenderloin! The iconic strip steak! — Heritage Collections have been curated to provide gastronomic pleasure from across the spectrum of our most prized meat.

For Our Steak Samplers, see pg 6

Ultimate Pork Chop Pack

Steaks, Chops & Bacon

Mighty City Roasts

Experience the full array of chops

Our most popular cuts, the very

Perfect roasts from the most

produced by the pig, from the

apex of incredibly flavored,

marbled Wagyu breed we’ve ever

humble 14 oz porterhouse, to the

toothsome steaks and chops...and

tasted. Cut your own steaks to

amazing tomahawk, all the way to

did we mention our signature

spec or roast whole for a

the 3lb middle chop — including rib

maple sugar cured bacon? A true

centerpiece that needs nothing

and belly — a chop lover’s dream.

crowd-pleaser, a prize-winning gift!

more than salt and pepper.

Porterhouses, Center Chops, Tomahawks, Middle Chop, 11lb total $199

Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, Bacon, Porterhouse Pork Chops, 9lb total $199

Ribeye Roast, Strip Roast, Tenderloin, 10.75lb total $369

Steak, Chops & Bacon Package


Chop Sampler

Tenderloin Sampler

Ground Meat Sampler

Our bone-in beef, pork, and

The tenderloin, aka the filet, reigns

The most versatile item in our

lamb porterhouses come from

supreme as the most elegant, melt-

catalog! For chili, meatballs,

the loin, one of our most delicate

in-your-mouth experience. The most

ragù, dumplings, tacos, and

and succulent cuts.

tender cut from the best breeds!

stuffed peppers, our ground is

Beef Porterhouse, Pork Porterhouse, Lamb Porterhouse, 7.75lb total $210

Beef Tenderloin, Pork Tenderloin, Lamb Loin Chops, 7.25lb total $249

delicious and sustainable!

Ground Pork, Lamb, Beef, Goat, and Chicken, 5lb total $80

All orders over $349 ship free! Tel: (718) 389-0985 Web:

Our Lover’s Packages

Through years of adventures — from Slow Food to Heritage Foods, from New York to the Pacific Coast — we have been fortunate to meet so many of the country's best farmers and artisans dedicated to raising and working with rare, slow-growing, pasture-raised heritage breeds, by far the most marbled, juicy, flavorful meat on the market today. The Lover’s Packages are the beginning of show-stopping feasts, or a spectacular gift for anyone passionate about the world’s best meat.

Lamb Lover

Pork Lover

Wagyu Steak Lover

lamb in the country. Nuanced

Batali and so many chefs have

depth of flavor of one of the most

tastes only rare breeds produce.

served since 2004.

marbled Wagyu in the world.

Bone-in Leg, Rack, Shanks, and Ground, 14.5lb total $285

Chops, Ribs, Sausage, Bacon, and Tenderloin Medallions, 13lb total $195

Porterhouse, Bone-in Strip, Ribeye, and Tenderloin, 9.5lb total $399

Sausage Lover

Bacon Lover

Poultry Lover

breed sausages from America’s

breeds and century-old curing

featuring America’s oldest lines

best artisanal butchers.

styles from America’s greatest

of poultry and waterfowl.

A selection of Pork, Lamb, and Rabbit Sausages, 6.5lb total $125

artisan curemasters.

Aylesbury Duck, Heritage Turkey, and Cornish Chicken, 18lb total $230

Hands down the most flavorful

The very best 100% heritage

Taste the heritage breeds Mario

Taste differences between pig

Seven varieties of Bacon, 6.25lb total $150

The best way to experience the

The Good Shepherd Collection,

Heritage Monthly Subscriptions

Being a Heritage subscriber is like joining the most wonderful club in the world! With each of our Subscriptions you are guaranteed monthly deliveries of Heritage favorites for as long as you like. When we come across something special it always goes to our subscribers first. Every shipment is a new discovery!

Top Seller! Bacon Subscription

The talents of over twelve curemasters make this our most loved subscription! From smoky to mild, from belly bacon to jowl bacon, from the Berkshire to the Gloucestershire Old Spot, this delicious bacon comes from curemasters who take in our heritage breeds to produce these exclusive offerings! Three 12-16 oz packs, $60/month

Steak Subscription

Ribeye, strip, hanger, short rib, tenderloin, porterhouse, and more from the best breeds. 32-64 oz, $145/month

Sausage Subscription

Fennel, merguez, sweet and spicy Italian, bratwurst, breakfast, pinwheels, and many more! Three 12-16 oz packs, $55/month

Chop Subscription

The most delicate and succulent cut from beef, pork, lamb, goat, bison, and yak. 2-4lb, $99/month

Receive a Free Pork Loin with every 5th order (5th, 10th, etc.) as part of our Loyalty Program!


Heritage Breed Tasting Kits

Most Americans are surprised to learn that there are dozens of breeds of pig, lamb, and chicken. These Tasting Kits are an unprecedented opportunity to experience just how wondrous and varied the taste of the same cut can be from one cherished heritage breed to the next, within the same livestock. As these breeds are endangered, we help to save them by eating them.

Pork Chop Breed Tasting

Lamb Rack Breed Tasting

Chicken Breed Tasting

Pigs were first domesticated 10,000

From buttermilk to floral, fruity to

Good Shepherd chickens taste

years ago in China. Pigs were

herbaceous, experience the

different, they look different, and

brought to North America by the

spectrum of flavors that only rare

even need to be cooked differently

Vikings, Columbus, and Cortes;

breeds produce. Taste 3,000 years of

than regular chickens to bring out

they settled with us in Jamestown

breeding tradition, the best lamb

their wonderfully intense,

and traveled to Plymouth with the

with origins all over the world.

naturally full 19th century flavors.

Pilgrims. Pigs come in every shape

Tunis, Dorset Horn, Navajo-Churro

Barred Rock, Cornish, New Hamp

and size, from almost every culture.

Three 3-4lb Lamb Racks,

Three 3-4lb Whole Chickens,

one from each breed $299

one from each breed $115

But today, 99% of the pigs raised in the U.S. come from only one fast-growing breed. The Pork Chop Breed Tasting Kit is an opportunity to taste the one percent and discover for yourself just how varied one chop is from the next. Berkshire, Red Wattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Duroc, Large Black, Tamworth

Twelve 14 oz Porterhouse Chops, four each from three breeds $145

Gift Certificates or Corporate Gifting? Call Us! (718) 389-0985 217 West 18th Street, Box 1219, New York, NY 10113

Lamb Rack Breed Tasting Kit

Our Shipping Tiers $1-$99 = $28

$100-$199 = $36 $200-$348 = $46 Add $25 for Overnight Shipping $349 and over = Free Shipping* *Does not apply to heritage turkeys which ship via FedEx Overnight for $50 each.

Our Loyalty Program We created our Loyalty Program to reward frequent purchases! In every 5th order (5th, 10th, etc.), we include a bone-in pork loin from our heritage breed pigs that makes a perfect dinner for four. In every 25th order (25th, 50th, etc.), we include a $200 gift certificate for any item on our site. After 1st orders receive a $20 coupon. And, as always, shipping is free for orders over $349! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! 16

- Orders placed by 8am EST Monday to Thursday ship the same day, or let us know your preferred ship date. - All orders ship frozen unless otherwise noted via FedEx 2-Day and Overnight — the cold chain is preserved with ice packs. - Availability of weight ranges may vary, see our website for details.

All orders over $349 ship free! Tel: (718) 389-0985 Web:

Rare Breed Bacon

Traditional farming methods and masterful curing styles by the nation’s great curemasters create the most delicious and sustainable bacon on the market today.

Bacon Lover’s Package

300 Year Bacon Box

Our featured artisans have all made a commitment to create classic

Taste bacon from our three

bacon with our pasture-raised heritage belly and jowl. This is the

oldest curehouses with a

ultimate bacon package and features bacon made exclusively for Heritage

combined history of over 300

Foods! There is an astounding spectrum of flavor in heritage bacon, but

years making bacon!

all speak to the fine art of curing by hand.

One pack each from seven varieties, 6.25lb total $150

Edwards, Broadbent, and Benton’s Bacon, Three 12-16 oz packs total $65

Signature Bacon

Pepper-Crusted Bacon

Benton’s Bacon

As seen above, this sweet

This is our spectacular

Al Benton cures his meats in an

bacon has been our top seller

signature bacon with the added

ancient smokehouse in the Smoky

for over ten years! Cured in a

spice of pepper. The pepper

Mountains, overseeing every

maple sugar rub, it works in

crust adds an unexpected kick,

aspect of production. Renowned

any culinary application and

perfect for BLTs, eggs, or

for being heavy on the smoke, this

pleases every palate.

anytime a craving hits.

bold bacon is legend.

Three 1lb packs $65

Three 1lb packs $65

Three 1lb packs $65

Jowl Bacon

Broadbent Bacon

Fatted Calf Bacon

Jowl bacon is suddenly popping

In 2009 Broadbent celebrated 100

Dry cured with the old-world

up on menus across the

years of making old-fashioned

salt-box method — just brown

country. Similar to traditional

bacon in Kentucky. The briniest

sugar, sea salt, and a bit of cayenne

bacon, but with its own

bacon we offer, it will elevate

— this bacon is well balanced, not

wonderful character — its tasty

pastas, cassoulets, and any recipe

too spicy, and smoked over cherry,

fat is surprisingly delicate.

that calls for big flavor.

apple, mesquite, and alder wood.

Three 1lb packs $65

Three 14 oz packs $65

Three 12 oz packs $65

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Easy Entertaining Small Package

Salami, Prosciutto & Paté

For appetizers, snacks, sandwiches, and spur-of-the-moment gatherings, nothing concentrates the essence of meaty deliciousness more than cured meats! Our charcuterie lasts at least six months in the refrigerator and one month after opening. Calculate 4 oz for appetizers and up to 10 oz for a sandwich or hefty snack per person.

Sliced Casella's Prosciutto, 4 oz Packs

Sweet Soppressata Salami, 18-20 oz pieces

This is cured ham like you would find in Italy or

Created by Cesare Casella, this is a well-rounded

Spain, sliced paper thin — eight slices per pack. What

salami with a hint of bright, acidic tang — an almost

makes this prosciutto so delicious is that the only

exact replica of the salamis consumed in Tuscany at

ingredients are 100% heritage breed pork and salt!

all meals of the day. As in Italy, it has no wrong

Each ham leg is aged over a year, producing a

application: as a stand along snack, in panini, or as an

consistently gorgeous, juicy, marbled meat with a

accompaniment. Made using only 100% Berkshire

delicate nutty flavor.

and Red Wattle ham, this is a lean salami with big

Four Pre-Sliced 4 oz packs $64 Eight Pre-Sliced 4 oz packs $112

flavor, pleasing to all palates.

Two 18-20 oz Salamis $49

Pepperoni Salami, 16 oz pieces

’Nduja Paté, 6 oz packs

Beef Salami, 5 oz pieces

’Nduja is a Calabrian recipe that

Charcuterie lovers know that one

uses peppers and numerous spices

cannot live by pork alone. This beef

to create one of the world’s great

salami brings the full flavor of

bold delicacies. Sweet up front,

Japanese Wagyu beef to the ancient

followed by an uninhibited heat, we

art of charcuterie and the result is a

guarantee you’ll find this paté

remarkably dense salami, with a

spread authentic and unforgettable,

deep, beefy taste incomparable to its

perfect on toast or as a flavoring for

pork counterparts. A dream come

more than just a pizza topping!

pastas and pizza.

true for lovers of beef and salami.

Two 16 oz Salamis $40

Three 6 oz pieces $36

Three 5 oz Salamis $46

Made from Berkshire pork, this salami is seasoned with fennel, paprika, and cayenne. The result is a mildly spicy, tender salami with a tangy and herbaceous finish. Winner of the prestigious Good Food Awards, this pepperoni is

Easy Entertaining Charcuterie Packages Try our full selection of five cured meats!

We salute our two curemasters with great reverence: Cesare Casella (prosciutto, sweet soppressata) has been making cured meats since he was a child in Tuscany and has gone on to open Michelin star restaurants and become the Dean of Italian Cooking at the ICC. He is internationally loved and respected by the world’s great chefs. Antonio Fiasche (pepperoni, ’nduja, beef salami) is one of the hardest working curemasters of our time. He is constantly on the road spreading his gospel and expanding the market for the Calabrian recipes taught to him by his father and grandfather — Antonio’s cured meats do great honor to that tradition. Their family restaurant has been a cultural institution in Chicago for 32 years.

Easy Entertaining Small $99

Easy Entertaining Large $175

Two 4 oz packs Sliced Casella’s Prosciutto,

Four 4 oz packs Sliced Casella’s Prosciutto,

One 18-20 oz Sweet Soppressata Salami,

Two 18-20 oz Sweet Soppressata Salamis,

One 16 oz Pepperoni,

One 16 oz Pepperoni,

One 6 oz ’Nduja,

Two 6 oz ’Nduja,

One 5 oz Beef Salami

Two 5 oz Beef Salamis

Feeds about 10 guests

Feeds about 18 guests

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Heritage Foods Fall 2017/Winter 2018 Catalog  

Heritage Foods USA, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a farm-to-table online butcher dedicated to supporting family farmers raising livestock with o...