Heritage Fellowship Church Congregation Report March 2019

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Heritage Builds Legacy March 2019

Rev. Dustin B. Sullivan, Pastor Connecting Christ, Congregation and Community

“…for the people had the mind to work” Nehemiah 4:6

Dear Heritage,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Ministry Leaders, and Servant Leaders, I’m proud to share with you this quarterly “Report to the Congregation” that summarizes our ministerial accomplishments and initiatives for the first quarter of 2019.

Heritage continues to Connect Christ, Congregation and Community through a myriad of spiritual programs, events, and activities. The call for our members to join in service is being heard—our ministries have begun seeing increases in volunteer participation. Boy Scout Troop 2501 has a record number of participants. New members have joined the Choirs and Bible Institute participation reached 87 members. Through Hour of Power, Black History Month, Ash Wednesday and recent cultural exchange with the Zambia Mega Choir we’ve begun to experience the love of Christ through new relationships and fellowship opportunities. Throughout this report, we’ve provided information on the outcomes and impacts of our ministerial initiatives— Christian Education, Family and Outreach Ministries and Youth Ministries. The contact information for our Servant Leaders is provided to ensure you know whom to contact to join a ministry team. With your continued prayers and active engagement, Heritage continues to provide a vibrant Christian experience environment for our members to grow in the love of our Lord. Our ministries provide us with the unique opportunity to “Build a Legacy” of faith and service for generations to come. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for your heart of service and your steadfast faith to pursuing a more personal relationship with our Savior. As we continue our journey to building the Kingdom of God, I am ever grateful to be a part of the Heritage family. In His Service,

Rev. Dustin B. Sullivan, Pastor

Christian Education

Christian Education teaches the Word of God with the Bible as its authority and the Holy Spirit as its guide. From welcoming new members to offering Bible studies through the Bible Institute, the Christian Education Ministry supports Heritage members of all ages and life stages.



Members are currently enrolled in Bible Institute classes.

Individuals received the Right Hand of Fellowship


By Grace, Heritage continued to experience membership growth during the first quarter of 2019.




Invitation to Discipleship

New Member Orientation

Intro to the Bible

Right Hand of Fellowship

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

For additional information on Christian Education contact: Bibleinstitute@heritagereston.org

Vibrancy of Worship: Ministry of Music and Worship Arts Increased participation in the Women’s Choir and Youth Choir.

The Liturgical Dancers performed at the Fairfax County NAACP meeting at the Government Center.

Prayer & Praise during Black History Month featured “Songs of Our Journey.”

Heritage welcomed Bishop Joshua H.K. Banda and the Northmeade Mega Choir from Zambia, Africa.

For additional information on the Ministry of Music and Worship Arts contact: njohnson@heritagereston.org

Ministry of Youth 40 youth attending the

HBCU Southern College Tour.

80 Youth

Participating in SOL.

7 Heritage seniors were admitted into

17 Youth

enrolled in Toastmasters.

Girl’s Empowerment Institute donated

55 purses with toiletries to women living in shelters.

college at the Alfred Street HBCU College Festival.

Boy Scout Troop 2051 has

14 members!

“Made In His Image” Teen Conference

This fall the Teen Ministry will host a full day of integrated experiences that allow teens to take a deeper dive into modern day challenges, conversations, and ideas that are most important to them. The goal is to identify pathways to live out the purpose and image of who they are called to be—through the lens of Christ. Topics include college preparation, financial literacy and money management, career planning, STEM, arts and worship, mental and emotional health, physical fitness and nutrition, business and entrepreneurship, dating and relationships, and living in society as a young woman and young man of Christ. To volunteer or contribute to the Teen Conference contact Teen@heritagefellowshipchurch.org. For additional information on the Youth Ministry contact: youth@heritagereston.org

Read Across America initiative touched 320 students enrolled in Loudoun Country Public Schools.

In collaboration with the Hypothermia Shelter, Heritage members served 25 individuals without homes chili and cornbread.

40 sleeping bags were donated to those without homes at the Hypothermia Shelter and Embry Rucker Shelter.

To serve with the 40X40 Committee text 555-888 or email 40x40@heritagereston.org.

Communications • • • • • •

Revised Heritage Fellowship Church website. Launched Heritage Mobile App. Published Heritage Fellowship Church Style Guide. Launched new Heritage Fellowship Church logo. Launched The Oracle electronic newsletter Collaborated with A/V Ministry to integrate additional video components into worship services and information sharing.

Heritage Fellowship Church

Connecting Christ to Congregation and Community

Reverend Dustin B. Sullivan

“Celebrating the Gift of Our Heritage as We Build Our Legacy”

HOUR OF POWER February 13, 2019 7:00 p.m.

March 2019

Reverend Dustin B. Sullivan, Pastor

Published monthly, the Oracle provides Congregation members information on the major initiatives, events, and activities of Heritage Fellowship Church.

“And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readeth it”. Habakkuk 2:2 (KJV)


Style and Branding Guide 2019


asked to participate in discussion groups. Please avail yourselves to these opportunities to provide feedback. All of the insights we receive will inform our strategic planning process, allowing us to align our ministries and resources to meet congregation and community needs.


We want a culture of spiritual excellence to prevail in Heritage, and we are dedicated to identifying any area in which we can improve. Change is necessary and it is welcomed when it takes place with intention and purpose. This spring, under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Heritage will undertake a strategic planning process to determine church priorities, focus resources, and strengthen operations, to ensure that Church leaders, staff, and volunteers are working toward common goals, achieving desired outcomes, and responding to our Congregation’s changing environment.

Heritage Fellowship Church Photo: Jacob Lawrence

703.620.9515 org

Heritage Fellowship Church has a blessed and rich history of ministry and service in the community. We have placed our trust in God to guide us in the development of programs and activities that will equip us to, “Connect Christ, Congregation, and Community” today and in the future.


Form Timeline & Planning Key Questions


Survery Focus Group SWOT Financial Analysis

Feb. - Mar.


Success Measures Dashboard Adjustments



Mission Statement Vision Statement

Jan. - Jul. Budget Guidance

Heritage’s strategic plan helps to:

April 2019 Bulletin

Reverend Dustin B. Sullivan, Pastor C H R I S T.C O N G R E G AT I O N .C O M M U N I T Y.

• Ensure our Church operates in accordance with Biblical doctrine, and applies generally accepted business practices; • Ensure the fiscal and financial stability and viability of the Church; • Establish a common vision for our Congregation and provides a framework for managing and growing Church operations; • Realign our mission and ministerial objectives to achieve Pastor’s vision for Heritage; • Anticipate the needs of Congregation growth and changing demographics.

Please be in prayer with us that the spirit of God will guide us in the formation of Heritage’s Strategic Plan.

Over the next few weeks, congregation members will receive a survey via email. Some members will be

For additional information contact Cecily Scott @ CScott@heritagefellowshipchurch.org


Align resources Share Plan with Congregaton

Oct. - Nov. Budget Approval

PLANmework ic Fra n Strateglementatio n Imp ic Pla Strageg Sept.

Aug. Report ce et ren Budg Confe Source: WashingtonNonprofits.org ership


C H R I S T.C O N G R E G AT I O N .C O M M U N I T Y.

New Logo and Branding Campaign Colors & Meaning:

Gold Liturgical Meaning- Celebration, Joy, Light, and Harvest Blue Liturgical Meaning- Haven, Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit Logo embodies the mission of the Church. Three tiers of circles are strategically placed beneath the cross. The inner most ring is representative of Christ being our focus and center. The middle the congregation and the outer represents the surrounding community.

Family and Outreach Ministries::

Bringing Together Congregation and Community Dedicated to Prayer and Purpose Heritage women began the year by dedicating themselves to prayer and purpose. More than 120 women attended Women’s Prayer Breakfast and committed to connecting weekly with their prayer partners. The Women’s Ministry launched a new Bible study series, “The Circle Maker” allowing Heritage women to spend more time in God’s presence and being more intentional in prayer.


Congregation members Heritage Goes Red allowed over 130 Congregation members to share their stories of survivorship and cardiac health and wellness. Participants were empowered to lead healthier lives in the body of Christ.

Pathway to Caregiving The Caregiver Panel, sponsored by the Health and Wellness Ministry provided the opportunity for Heritage and community caregivers to receive resources, advice and support as they take care of and nurture their loved ones. Fairfax County medical experts, respite care providers, and Heritage members shared their stories and received practical caregiving advice.

#HeritageStrong Fitness Ministry Launches A new fitness ministry launched offering wellness challenges, walking clubs, cycling clubs and group excursions that will create fellowship, relationships and healthy lifestyles among members. For additional information contact fitness@heritagereston.org.

Heritage ministries continued to serve those without homes throughout the community:

260 meals and 150 sack lunches were served at St. Stephens

227 meals

were served to residents at Embry Rucker Shelter

93 meals were served at

the Reston Hypothermia Center


Food Packages were purchased

Celebrating the Gift of Heritage as We Build Legacy Black History Month at Heritage featured video vignettes about our members’ journey’s from Africa, the Caribbean, the South, and Latin America. Our Black History celebrations provided the opportunity for Heritage to begin to curate and share our personal stories. Special events during the month included an engaging lecture by Rev. Teddy Reeves, Curatorial Museum Specialist of Religion in the Center for the Study of African American Religious Life at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Additionally, we were blessed by Dr. Spencer Crew, the Clarence J. Robinson Professor of History at George Mason University, who delivered a lecture on African American movement and migration. View the video profiles at www.heritagereston.org

Congregation Connections Heritage Helps: Out of Tragedy We Triumph

Heritage Helps was launched during the recent government furlough to provide financial resources, prayers, and other forms of compassionate support to our affected families.

$2000 in groceries and gift cards were

provided to Heritage Families.

Daily Prayer Call

7:00 a.m. Monday-Saturday (Except Sundays and Holidays) (563) 999-2090 Code 394683

“The daily prayer call continues to provide spiritual comfort and fellowship among our members.”

Coffee Conversations

Pastor Sullivan launched informal conversations with the Congregation as an opportunity to share and fellowship. Coffee Conversations will continue to be held quarterly.

Galentine’s Celebration First Lady Sullivan hosted a “Galentines’ Celebration for the Women’s Ministry, allowing single, widowed, and divorced women to feel the love of Christ.

Pastor and People Pastor Sullivan recently completed 6 informal feedback sessions with all of the Servant Leaders and ministerial teams. Information shared during the sessions will be helpful in realigning operations and ministerial programs and services.

Ministry and Servant Leaders were recognized and celebrated during Heritage’s Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

On Ash Wednesday, Pastor Sullivan participated in a special imposition of ashes during Noon Day Bible Study.

Rev. Dustin B. Sullivan, Pastor Heritage Fellowship Church 2501 Fox Mill Road Reston, VA 2019

Connecting Christ, Congregation and Community