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BERNADETTE DOYLE “Master the ability to have conversations that lead to money changing hands”




INSIDE STORY “My own weight loss journey served as the biggest motivation” -Neha Monga







questions to ask before launching a passion motivated b usiness.


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During a conversation, with a friend in America, the name “Her Inspiration” came to me. As I began my preparations, building structures, content and themes, I became more excited as I found willing writers busting with enthusiasm. Then suddenly, out of the blue, I fell seriously ill. I had a reaction to a casual sip on an energy drink that almost ended my life and put me in a coma for 24 days. I felt like I died in 2014 and was reborn in 2015. My editor, Aisha, during a visit to the hospital while I recovered, reminded me about my pre-coma dream. It was hard to remember anything pre-coma. I had to learn to talk and walk again. During a test by one of the doctors, I could not even recognise a picture of Prince Charles.


WELCOME TO THE PILOT ISSUE OF HER INSPIRATION MAGAZINE. For a long time now, I have had the dream to create a platform from where woman can share their thoughts and experiences with other like-minded woman around the world. Many of you will be familiar with my message to empower yourself and “unleash your greatest potential”. I have always believed that every woman has amazing power that, if ignited, can transform the lives of the people around them. The idea of creating a digital magazine started to hatch almost four years ago. I struggled with finding the ideal name and over clarity of the themes within the content. I needed a name to encapsulate the spirit, soul and body before I proceeded.

Five months have passed now. My dream is here. Thank you so much for subscribing to my magazine. Please tell all your friends and pass them the website link. Her Inspiration is your voice as well as mine. In the words of Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey (1875-1927) “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation). Enjoy and give feedback. Pass the word. Unleash your own potential and make a difference. Many blessings PLACIDA ACHERU Business Accelerator Coach and Mentor to Women Branding,Visibility and Monetization www.Placidaacheru.com


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EDITOR Aisha Datubo


Whatever you do


that was the advice my mother gave me, and I can’t think of better advice

FOR AN ENTREPRENEUR. If you’re different, you will stand out.

#17 Ensign House Admirals Way Canary Wharf London. E14 9XQ

– Anita Roddick

CONTRIBUTING EXPERTS Joleene Moody Tracy Reid Raine Marlowe Graves Barbara Fernandez Daniella Blechner Sue Howard Tokunbo Osunbayo Jo Smith Kate Harper Shaima Majeed Patricia Ikiriko Jane Oma Okoro

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Editor’s Note Aisha Datubo

you are aspirational, determined, have a strong work ethic and an innate belief in your own value, you are the Unleashed Woman! This magazine is about inspiring and empowering the Unleashed Woman to continue to thrive in herself and all she does. It is also for the woman who wishes to be an unleashed woman but may be experiencing some mental block on how this can be a reality. The magazine focuses on every aspect of your life - health and fitness, love and relationships, business, money management, personal development, career, technology, style and spirituality.

Hello and welcome to Her Inspiration. It’s a privilege to be launching this magazine for all the unleashed women out there. If

The experiential and expertly written articles inside will guide you through your own personal journeys, opening your eyes to new paths, challenging your thinking and leadership style, inspiring and motivating you to be the best you can be. This issue promises to set you on the

path of self-discovery and self-mastery. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to see things and do things differently so as to get different results? Are you ready to do better as a result of knowing better? Whilst you are ultimately responsible for making your life choices, changes and decisions, we will be here with you, enabling you to reflect on the changes you feel you need to make. We are here to ignite the flame that sparks your next idea and we are here to ensure you don’t burn out but rather burn brightly! My tip for this issue - Every day is a new day that brings with it new opportunities and blessings that only grateful hearts can grasp. Unleashed woman, Ignite your grateful heart. Enjoy your read and please do write back with your feedback and personal stories of success and/or achievement as a result of our articles. I would love to hear these, and where possible use your personal story to share and inspire others.

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Joleene Moody / The Suffering Creative

Tracy Reid / 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching A Passion Motivated Business


Raine Marlowe Graves talks to Uta Dammann Profitable Business in a Warzonearzone


Aisha Datubo / Interview with Bernadette Doyle

Barbara Fernandez / 5 Top Foods for High Achieving Women

Daniella Blechner / Valuing Our Needs, Wants and Desires

Preeti Lamba / Interview with Neha Monha

Jane oma/Breathe, Live, Love

Shaima Majeed / The Vital Transmitter

Sue Howard / Seek a Spiritual Life and You’ll Find One

Jo Smith / Personal Style. Find it! Own it!

Patricia Ikiriko / Unleashed Woman Continues To Thrive

Kate Harper / Give Yourself Some New Beginning


Words of Wisdom by Unleashed Women


We’re ready to connect with you

Tokunbo Osunbayo / Money Management Made Simple





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Your creative abilities are a gift that must be nurtured and explored

Creativity is never ending. It is rarely perfected and constantly evolving. It is our nemesis, our love, our downfall,and our desire. It is everything we are and everything we don’t want to be. And it simply cannot be ignored. Because of its addictive bipolar tendencies, we often close the door on it because we don’t believe it can be a part of an abundant, prosperous life. But this is a lie. And if you’ve been ignoring your talents and desires because you believe that, I urge you to continue reading. I spent the majority of my career as a television reporter. But it wasn’t – right. I wanted more. For close to a decade, I chased fires, filmed car crashes and wrote about broken politics. While it allowed me to satisfy the writer and wannabe actress inside

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 5

of me, I did not feel fulfilled. There was more in me. I knew there was more. No one had to hand me a tenpagequestionnaire for me to figure out what really made me tick. But I ignored my burning desires anyway. I tried to tell myself my current line of work was enough to satisfy me. Primarily because I thought I had to do the “sensible thing” in order to make a living. But more that that, I didn’t believe what I really, really wanted was attainable. It took a serious breakdown at the peak of my coaching and speaking business for me to see the truth of how I was living my life. For starters, I wasn’t really living. I was merely existing. Which is ironic, considering I teach my clients not to fall prey to their life as a lie. But there I was, living a lie. For the better part of 12 months I was a bottom dweller in thedarkest places of pain and uncertainty. What was life even about? What was I about? Did I have purpose? If I truly did, what was that purpose? And for the love of God and all that created me, why wasn’t I acting on the very things that made me feel alive? It wasn’t until I pulled a two-act play out of an old box of my writingsthat I decided I’d had enough.I flipped through the 17-year-old script laughing and crying. Laughing, because what I wrote was damn funny, and crying, because what I wrote had been buried for almost two decades in a box of fear.

I fought the voices that told me I was a lousy writer, the voices that insisted it was too late to be a playwright. Or a screenwriter.A crippling, debilitating chorus of words, which told me I wasn’t worthy of bringingmy creative passions to life, made a valiant attempt to force me tothrow my script back in the box. But I wouldn’t have it. I was tired of suffering. The very thoughtof going to my grave without ever knowing what my life would have been had I stepped into my creativity, slapped me square in the face. In a tiny space of hope and courage, I stepped up. I submitted my play to five different theaters in New York. I took action. Even when the negative voices were ripping me to shreds, I took action. That action resulted in a very eager directordeciding to produce my show.Seeing the characters, the words, and my brilliance come to life made me realize something very powerful about creativity: It cannot be ignored. It cannot be stifled. The desire to act on what fills you will continue to spread thorough you like cancer, no matter how hard you try to ignoreit. Someone said to me once, “If you can’t stop thinking about it, you must do it.” And so must you. Do not be the suffering creative. Revisit what pulses through your veins. Give it life. Give it possibility.

Les Brown, one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers said once, “The ideal situation for a man or woman to die is to have family members praying with them as they cross over. But imagine if you will, being on your deathbed and standing around your bed are the ghosts of the ideas, the dreams, the abilities and the talents given to you by life. And you, for whatever reason, never acted on them. You never pursued that dream or used those talents. We never saw your leadership. You never used your voice or wrote that book. And there they all are, standing around your bed looking at you with large, angry eyes saying, “We came to you! And only you could have given us life. But now we must die with you.” The question is: if you die today, what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts – will die with you?” I encourage you to answer that very question. And then act. Take a baby step toward what you want. There is no rush in the creative realm. There is only beginning. And everyday you get the opportunity to begin again. Because a creative soul is who you really are, and whom you will always be. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. Joleene Moody is a creative transition coach, author and speaker based in the United States. Visit her at www.joleenemoody.com

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Questions to ask before launching

a passion motivated business -By Tracy Reid

There are many successful businesses that have been started by people who have a passion or special interest that they turn into a profitable business. The main thing is that this business

is work that they love to do and that feels like an expression of their true selves. People create passion-based businesses because they feel passionately about the change that they want to

bring about in the world orwant to share some knowledge that they know will transform the lives of others. This type of workcan feel more like a hobby, enabling you to live your dream life and career basedon your passions.

“Can you imagine the joy you would feel spending every day doing the work you love and that feeds your soul�? Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 7

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself if you are considering starting a passion-based business.

#1 #2 #3

What do you love doing that you could spend your days and nights doing, for little or no money at all?

What do people usually ask you for help with?

What are your unique talents, gifts and specialist or expert skills?


How can you turn your skills, gifts or specialist experience into a product or service that will help provide the transformation in the lives of others that you want to achieve?


What evidence do you have to support your passion-based business being profitable, where people are already paying for this product or service?

If you can provide positive answers to the above 5 questions, then you are well on your way to creating a successful passion-based business that you can start right away.

Live your life, love your business and fulfil your dreams!

TRACY REID Clarity Visibility Growth Coach & Mentor Founder of Stiletto Millionaires Transforming the lives of women who want to be visible in the world whilst making a difference

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-being captured and receiving a paycheque

-Raine Marlowe Graves talks to Uta Dammann, who has taken her work as a Telecoms Programme Manager just one step further – right into a warzone called Iraq Uta Dammann is an international Business woman and Telecommunication expert.An accident of chance led her from a flight bound for Washington DC. - where a discussion with her seatmate - blossomed into a new world to be explored, the perilous world of Iraq. Never could Uta imagine it would lead to her being held hostage in a deal gone wrong. Only through the strength of her faith and her fearlessness would she make it out alive, and get paid in the process!

She explains: ‘I was very happy in my project in London and had my sights set on returning to China, where I had worked previously’, however a chance conversation with a fellow passenger lead me to investigate the opportunities the oil rich Middle East nation of Iraq could offer’.

It was a comment she had read by the then U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, who expounded on the growth factor of this Middle Eastern country,

Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 9

far surpassing that of China’s at the time, that lead her to investigate the opportunities the country had to offer. ‘The danger factor put me off for a little while, but as a practicing Christian I kind of gave it all to God and events took over!’ Another accidental encounter in London introduced her to Canon Andrew White, who is also known as ‘The Vicar of Baghdad’, now a close friend and advisor. ‘Again fate intervened and I was introduced to the British-educated son of a wealthy Iraqi family, running multiple projects across Iraq. I was engaged to deliver projects in Smart Metering initially, this lead to other work later. Whilst I had worked in the area on numerous occasions, nothing could have prepared me for what was to come.’ In her line of work, leading engineering teams, she claims she developed a ‘certain durability’ with a laugh, ‘but I soon found out I was the first woman ever to have worked for the company! The tea boy would not bring me tea, he had never seen a woman in a Management role before…’ And of course the office had no restrooms for ladies…. ‘The engineers on the whole were not used to working to Western standards, I remember having to conduct my first

(Uta dressed for business) Project Meeting through a haze of blue smoke, the output of twenty chain smoking men!’ It was the first project meeting the company had seen in its 20 year history!’ Uta’s first taste of working in Iraq was exciting and she truly enjoyed herself - despite a growing sense of unease at the corruption she frequently witnesses. She saw unbelievable poverty, archaic practices while on the other side of the balance sheet accounts of Iraqi companies containing hundreds of millions of dollars. ‘Corruption is just endemic, she sighs, ‘I just knew it was the root problem of Iraq’s failure to thrive, despite all the oil’ Many Iraqis are desperate to advance, yet many more have a limited sense of the common good, it is not easy to explain to an American or Western mind-set. Uta’s own projects were successful, her German father had instilled in her a legacy of hard work and a natural ‘engineering mind’ whilst her mother had a love of the Middle East; both traits necessary for success in such a different world. Uta spent almost six months training her engineers and an 18-hour day was not unusual, when they couldn’t manage to handle 6 hours

(Snapshot of a humorous moment with Uta and her security team) a day! There were indeed stumbling blocks, more than she can remember, one that will most likely be enduring: ‘I was once kidnapped and held by lots of guys with machine guns that was quite scary!’ Praying her way intensely through the situation, it was fortuitous her government connections were better than those of the kidnappers. In the end, threats of exposure in the western media prevailed. ‘I even got paid most of my fees, but my smile was a little forced for a few days after’, she says in her strong British

accent and typical understatement. ‘Oppression and force is the way a lot of Iraqi men treat women, I always have to be one step ahead.’ Has the rise of ISIS made a difference to your working life? ‘Absolutely!’ she says: ‘The advances that have taken years of U.S. tax dollars to achieve towards building a more stable society were reverted in a space of less than two weeks The bombing of the US Consulate, in a suburb of Erbil, North Iraq (which was previously considered safe) was literally within eyesight of my office, which I had only just vacated recently.

Western companies who were keen to work in Iraq are simply not investing at the moment, it breaks my heart to see the suffering of innocent people by Islamic Terrorism, Iraq is the birthplace of modern civilisation and simply does not deserve this.’ When asked if she has any plans to return to the Middle East, Uta remains enthusiastic: ‘I have never felt more alive, of course I will return to the Middle East!’ Thank you so much Ms. Dammann for this fascinating insight into your work in Iraq.




merican expatriate Raine spends her days and nights with her beagle ‘Beansidhe’, known to her fans as ‘Boo’ and her musician/music producer husband, Gwydian Graves. A passion for the written word led her to long hours revelling in the literature of Britain during a return to studies in Oxford and she now loves playing with words and writing in all forms. Currently working with Gwydian on finishing their joint love letter to England, ‘Me and You and a Dog Named Boo’, she is also in the midst of a play illuminating the plight of the suburban homeless in the UK, editing a collection of Victorian Gothic Poetry. Raine also sings, plays a bit of keyboard and guitar and crafts songs. Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 10

d e n re bl a o la on st ai az ok Av m bo A od om o fr ll g a at

“A must-read for leaders who are serious about making a real difference”


René Carayol MBE

The Thought ful Leader How to use your head and your heart to inspire others


Mindy Gibbins-Klein Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 11

Is it time for leaders to think more deeply and more effectively? Thoughtful leaders exhibit exceptional thinking as well as consideration for others. It is the thoughtful leader who will introduce a new era - a more thoughtful era. This brave book inspires, encourages and teaches REAL thought leaders a new way of thinking and behaving.

• Reach beyond content marketing and thought leadership • Achieve greater levels of thinking • Discover hidden depths within yourself • Become a true Thoughtful Leader

“A well-structured and compelling book that confirms what’s really important about leadership” Mike Southon, co-author of The Beermat Entrepreneur



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Interview By : Aisha Datubo

Aisha: Can you tell me something about yourself; perhaps a bit about your background? Bernadette: My background is fairly straightforward. I went to CambridgeUniversity then then started on the management training program with Procter and Gamble. I quickly felt like a square peg in a round hole in corporate; and so by the time I was 26 I started my own company doing sales training for corporates. That went well and we did nicely with that first term. In 2004, I decided to move to Ireland and shortly after I found out I was expecting my first child; and as soon as I did, I realised that the business model I was working with wasn't going to be sustainable. As you know with your background in Human Resource, Trainers have to travel to client sites and spend nights in hotels and I couldn’t make this business work with a small baby. So,I focused on utilizing the internet.To date I hadn’t really got the internet part of my business going, but now I had a big motivator, so I started creating products and programs really using the internet as a way of delivering my services to clients as well as marketing to clients; and it just really took off. So that was 2006; by 2009 I'd reached the million dollar mark in revenue and the business continued to grow; I was

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 13

always really striving just to grow the business, grow the business. There's a saying turn-over is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality; and I was chasing the bigger numbers. Honestly, now I think it was really egodriven. And then in 2011, the youngest of my two sons nearly died. He got sick right as I was due to be in London (we were living in Ireland at the time), at the same time that I should have been on a plane flying to London, I was in an ambulance traveling to a hospital in Dublin with my son. That was a real opportunity to re-evaluate everything that was going on in my life, and I realised that even though I had this so called freedom business; there were still a lot of timebased elements - there was still travel in it, and there were still a lot of adrenalin launches; and it just wasn't what I wanted. Over the last 3 or 4 years, I've completely reengineered my business, and I am now making the same money that I was but working a fraction of the time. I really believe it's not just the money you make in business, it's how you make it and it's how much of it you keep. So that's what I'm passionate about sharing with women today. Aisha: Excellent! Did you encounter any difficulties and challenges in trying to grow your current business as you re-engineered it and

changed it from the way it was before? Bernadette: I think the big challenge was my son getting sick. I mean that was the big thing. Even though I thought I had a freedom-based business model, it wasn't really that freedom-based. So I think the obstacle is more like you are in denial.

is balanced with their life; but normally, the role models that are in the public eye have often achieved success at the expense of their personal life; and I think that is a big challenge because I think what happens then to men and women is

that we take on this idea that to have financial success, to have business success, there has to be some type of compromise and I just don't believe that anymore. Aisha: You don't agree with that?

Aisha: And of course your business now involves empowering and inspiring the small businesses and entrepreneurs; where do you get your inspiration and empowerment from? Bernadette: All sorts of sources; I was really lucky when I was 28 and I was growing my first business, I met an amazing woman called Dottie Walters. She has since passed, but she was a massive inspiration and support for me. These daysa very successful business woman that springs to mind is someone like Michelle Mone who’s built the Ultimo Bra brand. I think for women it's so important that your business has to work with your life. Unfortunately, I guess there aren't really many role models out there. I'm sure there are other women who have this kind of a successful business that

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 14

Bernadette: No, I don't. I think you can have both but I think it requires you to really think in a different way. I used to compare myself to other women or other business women a lot, and I just refuse to do that now because I'm on my path and the measure is how balanced is my life? That is my measure as to how well I'm doing how much balance am I experiencing. It used to be about my bank balance but now it's about my life balance. Aisha: What do you think has been your biggest achievements so far? Bernadette: My greatest achievement; nothing comes close to my two sons, raising my two sons. Then I think after that was realising that the business I’d created was compromising our family life and setting about re-engineering the business. Aisha:What would you say would be your greatest disappointment? Bernadette:That’s a tough question. You know, I don't think I have one. I mean I can think of times when we

might had let's say a sales target or a campaign and we didn't reach the target, but I don't even think that's a disappointment because my attitude is; well, okay, we'll do better next time. We'll try again. It's not over 'til it’s over. That's an interesting question because I don't think I've felt a disappointment. Aisha: I know you've mentioned a couple of inspirational people; is there anyone in particular at the moment who is your mentor or someone that you admire; and why would that be? Bernadette: Female mentor or male? Aisha: Either. Bernadette: Well, I'm very lucky that I've met Richard Branson on several occasions and I've even stayed on his private island three times. Actually as a model for life balance, living on his island and seeing how he lives is really inspirational because he is up early every morning. He is very active. He'll go out and swim or kite surf or something like that and he normally works in the morning

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 15

and then he is free in the afternoon. One of the times I was there he told me that he spends more time with his kids growing up than any other parent he know. I don't think many people know that about him - on the one hand he is this adventure-seeking entrepreneur that runs an airline and a music business; and actually family is massively, massively important to him. I remember on one of the times we were there, I was with the mastermind group and we were making plans to work- he said no, no, the rule on Necker Island is no work in the afternoons. He was just reminding us of balance. So yeah, he'd be an inspiration bothin terms of what he has achieved in business but also, it's how he lives his life that I find really inspiring. I think people think that you have to go and make a load of money before you can live that way; and what I want people to understand is it doesn't work like that. You decide the terms of your life and you decide how you're going to live; and the more you get into the groove of the life that is right for you, that's when actually the money flows in; and the money flows in with ease because you started living your millionaire or billionaire life before you had the money. Aisha: Interesting; and if you were to go back to your 16-year old self; if you could see that person now; you at 16; what advice would you give yourself; what would you say to your 16-year old self with your lessons and achievements in mind? Bernadette: That's a good question; I've never thought about that before. Well at 16 I was ambitious and I was a hard worker, so I probably would have told myself just to relax a bit; that everything would work out. Yeah, I probably would just have said trust yourself. Aisha:Interesting one here for you; if you were to lose everything tomorrow, what would you do? Bernadette: Just start again. I've said this to my clients over and over; I make a business

now that makes me money while I sleep, thanks to the internet; to technology; but even if that were all to disappear overnight, I know I would absolutely be fine because I would just pick-up the phone, start talking to people and start making sales. I’ve told my clients that the most important skill to develop in business is the ability to have conversations that lead to money changing hands; because once you have that, you could be dropped anywhere. You could be dropped in a different country with no money and be okay. Aisha: If you were stranded on an island who would you wish to have for company? Bernadette: My kids, my partner; if I have them then everything else will be fine. Aisha:How would you rate your satisfaction with your life now out of 10; what is your score? Bernadette: 9

Aisha: Pretty good – why not a 10? Bernadette: Because there is always room for improvement.I'm really happy

and satisfied; it's just that you always leave that little bit of room for ongoing developments I guess. Aisha:What would you advise a woman who wants to start her own business and wants to build something of her own? Bernadette: Business is really about money changing hands and that is the most important place to start, and that is the most important place to focus.Master the ability to have conversations that lead to money changing hands. If you can do that, you'll be in business. People think about branding, image, website; product development; and actually business is about understanding what people want and giving it to them. As long as you focus on that, you're going to be okay. Aisha: Obviously you're busy and family is important for you as well; how do you allow yourself some time to indulge yourself?Do you create some time for you? Bernadette: Every week I do things that are just me –like getting a massage. In fact this weekend, I'm going away with my partner for a couple of days on our own – the kids will be joining us next week. Clients areset are aside in the

meantime.As a matter of fact my partner and I were not long discussing how important it is that we make the time for this. I think it's a necessity not a luxury. Aisha: Finally, what's new; what exciting projects are you working on? Is there anything on the horizon for you? Bernadette: I've created a new program called "Step by Step" which is taking 10 years of what I've learned about growing a business online and packaging it in a way to make it really accessible for women. We have men in the program as well but mainly women, justtaking the right steps in the right order to get their business off the ground. What's really exciting is to see the results that people are getting inside of the program in a matter of weeks; and I'm just looking forward to rolling that out and reaching out to a bigger audience to really make a difference. Aisha: Excellent, we wish you good luck with that, it sounds amazing! And thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us, I'm sure that a lot of people will be inspired by this. I certainly have been in this few minutes that we've spoken. I'll get online and have a look at "Step by Step" as well, as will many of our readers I’m sure.

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 16

Barbara Fernandez, known as The Rocking Raw Chef, loves creating super fast, raw vegan recipes that she can share with others. She is also a professional rock singer, and can be found on SoundCloud belting out her own 'raw' lyrics to her spoof versions of Katy Perry and Pink songs. Asked to open a restaurant, she replied, “Not yet!” When she's not creating in her kitchen, making comic videos, writing or teaching, she loves to travel. She tastes all kinds of food (she draws the line at creepy crawlies) to then create her own raw versions at home. She lives with her two cats and two teenagers, all of whom require lots of attention, so she loves winding down with a good book or film. She shares more recipes and tips at




– THE ROCKING RAW CHEF Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 17

twitter.com/rockingrawchef instagram.com/rockingrawchef youtube.com/therawrockchick


FOR HIGH-ACHIEVING WOMEN Did you know that the food you eat can help you get clear on your vision and stick to your life's purpose? Just as the wrong foods can

clog our digestive tract and make us feel sluggish and tired, the right foods can give us energy, youth (yay!) and mental clarity.

I've put together a selection of my top 5 foods that will help you feel light, think clearly, look younger, have more energy - and even help stabilize your mood

and combat stress. And I've included a 5-minute recipe that will enable you to eat all of them at once!

BANANAS If you exercise, you want to be eating bananas. Two bananas are said to give you enough energy for a workout of an hour and a half. If you prefer to eat them afterwards, they will still be beneficial, as they feed your muscles after exercise. Bananas also increase our ability to absorb and retain information (thank you potassium), and sustain mental activity over a long period of time (thank you slow release carbs!) Bananas are also great for your sleep, as well as your mood. They contain the neurotransmitters tryptophan, serotonin and norepinephrine, which are our in-house ‘drugs’ that give

us 'feel-good' sensations when we eat certain foods. They also contain vitamin B6, which feeds the neurotransmitters that we've already got. Tryptophan in particular is very helpful for regulating sleep. If you've ever eaten turkey and felt sleepy afterwards (think Thanksgiving dinner...), tryptophan is partly responsible – different from overeating, which tires out the digestive system and therefore isn't a good way to try to get more sleep! I cover neurotransmitters in more detail in relation to food cravings in this article. MORE DETAIL

CACAO (RAW CHOCOLATE) The supreme mood booster, chocolate in its natural state (raw, not roasted) has tons of benefits, both nutritional and psychological. It is often referred to as cacao, especially when raw. You can buy raw cacao powder, the whole cacao beans, or cacao nibs (a delicious alternative to chocolate chips). Cacao is one of the best foods for reducing stress. This is because cacao is rich in chromium, which helps regulate our blood sugar levels. Cacao

contains magnesium, which helps nourish and relax our muscles. Cacao also helps us access more neurotransmitters, which is why it's so good for helping with depression. It's even good for the heart, as cacao contains phosphorous iron, copper, zinc, and theobromine. Theobromine dilates the blood vessels to help let everything else in, so it's good for maintaining a healthy heart as well as helping lower blood pressure. Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 18


(COCONUT WATER, COCONUT MEAT, COCONUT OIL) Drinking coconut water is incredibly good for you: in fact coconut water is said to be better for hydration than water, as it is a natural electrolyte. If you can get young Thai coconuts, the gelatinous flesh is a great hormone-builder for both men and women. Even the flesh of mature coconuts is full of benefits: it's anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and full of fibre. And it's delicious! Coconut oil – or coconut butter as it is sometimes called – is very good too, provided it is

CHIA SEEDS Chia seeds release energy over a long period of time, so they're great for sports or before a busy day. They are a complete protein, but they're much lighter to digest...and they contain virtually no cholesterol. They can even help lower overall levels of unhealthy cholesterol (LDL and triglycerides). Chia seeds are also an anti-inflammatory, and they soothe the entire digestive tract. They do contain fibre, but they are easy to digest and are very gentle on the stomach. They're a good source of omega 3s, which are crucial for your brain as well as your heart.

They're good for your bones too: one serving contains 18% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, but as they are a natural plant source, you can access the calcium they contain much more easily than you would by taking tablets or trying to get the equivalent amount of calcium from dairy. They're also good for bones and teeth (thank you manganese and phosphorus). Chia also helps stabilize your blood sugar, which can help prevent insulin resistance. And if you suffer from stress or sleep problems, chia can help, as chia seeds also contain tryptophan.

Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 19

virgin coconut oil (unrefined). Coconut oil has a high percentage of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which the body burns as a pure energy source far more efficiently than proteins, starches, or sugars. It's also an excellent source of calories and fat, is great for the skin, and is a supreme brain food. You can use it instead of butter over vegetables and other dishes, or add it to shakes and smoothies.

GOJI BERRIES Goji berries are known as the most nutritionally dense fruit on earth. They contain a high amount of vitamin C, fifteen times more iron than spinach, and 21 trace minerals. And unlike other fruits, gojis contain all the essential amino acids: they are an excellent source of protein.

just generally confused. They literally help clear out some of the 'food fallout' that clogs our bodies, and consequently our thought processes (particularly bad estrogen, called xenoestrogens, which you can read about here)

In Chinese medicine, gojis are believed to increase both overall strength and longevity.

Gojis are perfectly suitable for most people, but if you are taking medication for diabetes or high blood pressure, or if you use warfarin (a blood thinner medication), consult your medical practitioner before adding gojis to your diet.

They are also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Gojis are excellent if you are feeling stressed, out of sorts, or





Here's a recipe for a deliciously thick chocolate shake that enables you to eat all of these in one go, either for breakfast, before or after a workout, or for a filling snack. Creamy Chocolate Shake recipe » 1 heaped tablespoon goji berries, soaked » 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, soaked » 2 cups/480ml coconut water (or use 2

cups/480ml water with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil or dried coconut) » 1 ripe banana

bit of warm water (about ¼ cup/60ml) while you get out the other ingredients (they'll be easier to blend).

» 1 heaped tablespoon raw cacao powder (you can find it on Amazon here)

Then put everything into the blender (including the soak water from the chia and gojis), and blend well.

AMAZON HERE » 1 tablespoon maple syrup, honey or xylitol, or 2 pitted dates (to sweeten, optional)

Drink immediately, or pour into a PVCfree container to take to the gym (add ice if you like it nice and cold).

Put the gojis and chia seeds to soak in a


Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 20



I naïvely asked a group of pubescent teenage Year 9 boys. As I stood at the whiteboard ready to elicit ideas, I wasn’t prepared for the response that would stay with me for the rest of my life. “Loving an imperfect person perfectly” replied 14 year old Nikesh, unfazed by the wisdom that glided so effortlessly out of his mouth. I stood still in my tracks. Yes! That is exactly what it is. It was then I realised that there are many different types of Love and that Love does not always have to be an outward projection, but something that exists within. Love is something we must exercise internally. For if we cannot Love and accept ourselves as imperfect people, with all our flaws; quirks; warts and all, how can we possibly Love and accept others unconditionally? At this time I was a young teacher, with bags under my eyes from the sleepless nights endured after being dumped unceremoniously by a man who I’d thought was my knight in shining armour. Unbeknown to me, two years later, I would find out he was engaged the entire 10 months of our relationship. His armour was his ‘costume’ and it certainly wasn’t shining! Although this was clearly laid out in front of me and I could now see the red flags, I wanted to ‘skin teet’ and believe the sky was green when it was blatantly blue! At the time, I was riddled with regret and insecurity. I battered myself, criticised myself and believed myself to be unworthy. As I wrote Nikesh’s words on the board I realised that it was I who did not Love myself perfectly. It was I who did not realise what I truly deserved and certainly had no clue as to what I was worth. Sometimes we become so embroiled in Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 21

what is wrong with us that we forget to appreciate and cherish all that is great. We abandon our own values and value and allow ourselves to be validated by the views of others. Loving ourselves as imperfect people and honouring who we are and what we value is the key to creating and manifesting all that is great within us. Here are the first 2 of my 7 Steps to Creating the Greatest Version of You workshop.

STEP 1 What Are My Values? Everyone has values and these values vary from person to person. The word “value” derives from the Old French, feminine past participle of valoir ‘be worth’ and originates from Latin valere. Values are the core beliefs and principles that you live by or a personal “moral code”. Just as the word value comes from the word “worth” our values should reflect what we deem to be worthy. How many of us have focused on, or have been influenced by society’s ideals of having a “tall, dark and handsome man” time and time again only to end up with a good looking Mr Wrong? Are we focusing on just the exterior or do we have deeper values beyond that? How clear are you on your own values? It’s easy to assume that Mr Good-Looking will treat you like a Princess and be the man of your dreams, however how important is getting to know a man and examining his values and beliefs about love and relationships? Being clear on our values will allow us to establish and identify what is important to us. This does not mean we have to have exactly the same values

as our partner but it is essential that we are able to respect and accept them. Remember, just as the word ‘value’ means ‘worth,’ it’s important to find someone who sees your values and beliefs as worthy of respect. You are of value too.


Own Your Needs, Wants and Desires Needs, Wants and Desires are very essential in relationships. Everybody has Needs, Wants and Desires that they would like to have fulfilled. The question is how often do we remember them? Have they ever been written down? In some cases they haven’t even been recognised or identified until we are treated badly. Just as we set out our values and Needs, Wants and Desires we must also ensure that we are demonstrating them in our day to day lives. We attract what we reflect.

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NEEDS, WANTS AND DESIRES? Needs are essential prerequisites that are required to survive in a situation. They are the basics as it were, something we literally cannot do without. For example, we need air to breathe and food to sustain us, and in the context of a relationship, we all have a basic need to be loved and a basic need for respect.

Wants are things we would like to

have but can survive without. For example, I want a car but as I live in London and am close to an abundance of transport links I do not NEED one desperately. Wants in relationships are

not essential to physical survival but are essential to emotional and spiritual well-being.

Desires are add-ons, things we really, really want

but that are not necessary for our survival or our happiness. They are luxuries, the icing on the cake that we crave and deep down dream of and yearn for. For example I desire to go to Cuba this summer, visit Brazil and camp out in the Amazon, however practicalities and real life means that I may not necessarily get to do these things just yet! Desires are something to aim for and never give up on. Once we own and recognise our Needs, Wants and Desires we have a greater understanding of who we are and what or who we want to attract. In turn we may begin to attract the things that we need and want. These exercises are not restricted to Love and Relationships but can work in any area of your life. Now I’m just awaiting my trip to Cuba!

Here are the 7 Steps in full What Are My Values? Own Your Needs, Wants and Desires Manifest Your Intentions Exercise Forgiveness

“You draw in maximum happiness when you are in alignment with the Greatest Version of You!”

Amazon Link

Nightly Gratitude Reawaken My Vision Love. Live. Laugh

DANIELLA BLECHNER Daniella Blechner is the author of Mr Wrong, a powerful and witty collection of real life relationship stories, and the poetry anthology 7 Shades of Love. She’s passionate about inspiring and empowering women through the sharing of stories, identifying and challenging negative belief systems and patterns, and unleashing the True inner voice.

¶Daniella also does one-to-one book coaching via face-to-face meets or Skype. For more information on services and workshops, email info@daniellablechner.com www.daniellablechner.com www.dingdongitsmrwrong.com Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 22

NEHA MONGA Preeti Lamba - Tell us a bit about your fitness studio Bliss? Neha Monga - Bliss is a professionally run Fitness Centre dedicated to Health and Fitness. It opened in March 2013, with multiple branches across Navi Mumbai, India. We offer different international fitness programs like Zumba®, Labooca®, Pilates, Booiaka®, Yoga, Cross Fit, Zumba® Step, Resistance and Weight Training, Flexibility and Endurance Training, Aerobics etc. These programs focus not only on weight loss but also on building overall well-being to ensure a healthy body and a healthy mind. We at Bliss try to make our clients workout in the most fun way so that they look forward to their workout sessions. We include a lot of variety and integrate the latest fitness trends & workouts in the fitness world to keep our sessions unique and interesting. Bliss has centers open in different locations in Navi Mumbai and more than 300 happy and fit members. Preeti Lamba - What led to the germination of this idea? When did you know this was what you wanted to do? (Tell us the story) Neha Monga - I am a qualified Electronics and Telecoms Engineer. Bliss was never a Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 23

thought when I was young. I have always been a good academic student. While dancing has always been a passion for me, I never thought of taking it up as a career option and fitness was something I never even thought about. I was an overweight kid because I come from a Punjabi family where love for food cannot be denied. During my engineering studies I lived mainly on the convenience of takeaway food, leading to an increased weight gain. After my engineering, I worked as a Business Analyst in the corporate sector for 3 years in companies like Tata Communications and ICICI bank. But no matter how much I tried, the work I did never gave me satisfaction. Something was always missing, but I couldn’t determine what it was. During this time, due to prolonged hours spent sitting in an office and all of the stress that a corporate job brings, my weight reached a whopping 104 kg at a height of 5’3’’. Now my weight really started affecting me. It was affecting my health, my self-confidence, my work, everything. So, I decided to do something about it. I joined a gym, but couldn’t continue it for more than a month because I found it too monotonous. Finally, someone referred me to an Aerobics class. The first day I took a class, I was so happy because it seemed less of a workout and more about the dancing which has always been my love. The more

sessions I took, the better I felt. I started losing weight and looking forward to that one hour class every day. One day, when my instructor was taking a dance fitness routine, she called me up front and asked me to lead the class. That was the defining moment of my life. For it was at that moment that I could see my future as an instructor leading the class and people dancing along, and I realized this was what I had always wanted to do. I knew I could do this and do this really well because this is what I loved. That was the day when the idea of Bliss Fitness was born. I lost 30 kg in a year and I knew my life had changed. I wanted to give this to everyone – the gift of fitness, the joy of dancing and the happiest hour of the day. I immediately quit my job and with the help of my extremely supportive parents, I set up my first Fitness Centre and it was named Bliss – Worship Your Body. Preeti Lamba - What was your inspiration? Neha Monga - My own weight loss journey served as the biggest motivation because I knew the effects of being overweight. It not only affects your health but also your self-esteem and overall happiness. So when I knew that weight loss was possible I wanted to make sure that everyone who wants to do it should do it and in the most fun way. It was my aerobics instructor who

gave me that life defining moment, that missing spark I needed to ignite my passion for this excellent and inspiring work, without which I would have never known what I wanted in life. Preeti Lamba - You're now also expanding from fitness studio into e-commerce. What are the plans for the future? What's the larger dream here? Neha Monga - Yes, that’s true. We are looking forward to e-commerce as a way of serving our clients even better by showing them that we care. The idea here is to get selected merchandise to our clients at very reasonable prices. It’s our little way of saying thank you to every Bliss member for choosing us to partner them in their journey to a healthier and happier future. With the love and support of the entire team at Bliss, we plan to take it forward to the world in the coming months where we can offer these amazing products to everyone. We also plan to start our own online fitness stores where all kinds of recommended sports and fitness wear will be available. We at Bliss remain committed to, and keep working for, the cause of Women Empowerment. With the help of e-commerce, we can offer many housewives an option to work from home which will help them in promoting and selling products and becoming

more confident and independent in their lives. We have always believed in taking people with us while we work towards achieving our dreams. I believe that business should always be about serving people and helping them become better. Success and money are just the by-products of doing well. Preeti Lamba -What was your childhood ambition? Neha Monga - As a child, I always wanted to do well in my studies and make my parents proud. Whenever anyone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d happily say, “Engineer!” I don’t remember when I started giving this answer without actually thinking about it. However, if anyone would ask me about my favorite hobby, I’d smile and say “Dancing!” My passion for dancing was always encouraged by my parents and when I performed in various interschool events it made them really happy. I also started choreographing for various dance events at an age of 12. Back then, none of us could imagine that I had the talent and skill that would allow me to transform lives someday. Preeti Lamba -Since your career involves what most people would do to relieve stress, what's your stress buster? What do you like to do?

Neha Monga - My stress buster is my work. Yes, I know I am really lucky to say that. But nothing in the world makes me happier than dancing to a piece of music and forgetting the world. And when I pass on the same feeling to my clients and see them smile, those are the most gratifying moments. No matter what we go through in our lives the moment we enter our class we have to be a happy person, entering the room with a huge smile. Yes, we fitness instructors are considered superhuman at times. Sometimes, when your life outside is rough, it gets tough to maintain that façade, but that’s the rule I always follow. The moment I step into Bliss, I know I have this huge responsibility to make my clients smile and sweat and give my best, and I do this ceaselessly and untiringly. And at the end of it, they are smiling, and I am smiling with them, and all my stress seems to disappear. There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is surely one of them. Preeti Lamba - What have been the biggest challenges in starting your own business? How did you overcome them? Neha Monga - Being an Engineer and having a wellpaid job, it was really difficult to convince myself and others around me that switching career and taking such a big risk would pay off. Switching career path for me meant leaving all my qualifications and experience behind and moving forward towards

Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 24

something I love and am passionate about, but yet something that is unknown and never tried out before, venturing out to tread on uncharted territories. But if one is passionate about what one wants to do, one can do it. I worked really hard for the first year. I used to take a class in the morning, then go to the office and do a 9 hour shift before coming back in the evening to take another class, after which I’d crash out on the bed. So my work day started at 5am and ended at 11pm at night. It was exhausting but that was the testing time to see and to prove what I have got. With the grace of God, I got an extremely good response in both my morning and evening classes and my clients, my parents and everyone around me motivated me to quit my job and take this up as a full time career. With my savings from my job, I started my first Studio and then there was no looking back. One of the few things that helped me set up from scratch was my great work ethic. I had tremendous stamina to work nonstop for 16 hours a day because I had relentless drive to chase my dreams. I had many people telling me that there is a huge chance that your business might not work or give you substantial income like my previous job, but I had no fear of any failure because I did not just have BIG dreams, I had huge dreams. And I knew that my success is not dependent on anyone else but me and me only and I was willing to do what it takes and overcome all challenges. In life, no goal is unachievable and no dream is unrealizable. If you go out there and work as if your life depends on it because it does, then even the Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 25

Universe will work for you. The same happened with me and everything fell into place one after the other - I had achieved BLISS. Preeti Lamba - What's been the biggest success so far? What did that feel like? Neha Monga - My biggest success was when I organized my first show viz. “BLISS-OFEST 2013” where more than 50 amateur ladies aged between 5 and 70 performed for the first time in their life in front of more than 500 people. They all found a new confidence that day and it changed their lives. And the fact that I could make it happen within 1 year of starting Bliss has been a big confidence boost. “BLISS-O-FEST“ has now become an annual event where we conduct various activities and give our clients the platform to showcase their talents. OTHER SUCCESSES INCLUDE: » Every day in this work feels like a big success because even if one person tells me “thank You Neha, you made my day.” that’s the biggest compliment for me and gives me a truly fulfilling sense of genuine accomplishment. » I wake up every day and do the work I really love. How many people can actually say that? That’s success. » Every training that I attend, be it Aerobics, Zumba®, Labooca®, Booiaka®, Pilates etc. feels like a success because with every training I grow and become a new and different person. » I have clients who have lost more than 15-20 kg and when they say that Bliss changed their Lives, that’s success. » I started out alone and now I have

a team of over 10 instructors. Most of them are my clients who became instructors because they said that they too were inspired by me and I gave them the confidence to do this. For me, that’s success. » We have opened several branches and our clientele base has increased from 2 members in my 1st class to over 300 members in just a short span of two years. As I said, every day in this business feels like a big success because every day we are transforming lives and success for me is not about how much money I make, but about the difference I can make to peoples’ lives. Preeti Lamba -If you had a choice to do some things differently, what would that be? Neha Monga - I would have really taken this career up 10 years back because I love what I do so much that I don’t want to live a single day not doing it. But, better late than never. I have students who were coming to me to attend my classes and have now become instructors and conduct classes alongside their studies. It feels good to see them inspired and independent at an early age of 16-18 years. Preeti Lamba - What's next on the wish-list? Neha Monga - Next on the wish list is taking Bliss to a national level by offering franchises and trained instructors across the country to generate more awareness of fitness for Women and Women Empowerment. We are also planning large scale fitness

concerts across the country so that more and more people can participate and make fitness an integral part of their lives. Other than that, on a personal front, I am trying to lose more weight, build muscle and get into fitness modeling to inspire and help more and more people to get in better shape. Preeti Lamba - If you could be someone for one day, who would that be and why? Neha Monga - I would like to be Beto Perez (Creator of Zumba® Fitness). Yes, this man has reached millions of people across the world and has been spreading the magic of Fitness like never before. Zumba has changed the way people look at fitness. So have other workouts like Labooca® and Booiaka®. But they are yet to spread their wings in India and we are working on that. But Beto Perez has done it with Zumba®. I would love to be on stage like him and dancing and making more than 10,000 people dance along, smile and enjoy. Preeti Lamba - Who's your fitness mentor? Anyone you admire? Why? Neha Monga - Everyone who’s fit inspires me! I have no particular mentor because I have learned something from everyone. Even my own clients who have lost 15-20 kg in 6-8 months inspire me and amaze me with their commitment and drive. These are real people who you see in everyday life, who know the value of a fit lifestyle and I really admire them for their dedication. Preeti Lamba - If you were stranded on an island, who would you want for company? Neha Monga - I would just want my iPod with music for company. Laugh Preeti Lamba - What does fitness mean to you? Neha Monga - Fitness now is my life. But I don’t believe in torturing myself for it by following fad diets. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. So, I enjoy eating like I enjoy my workouts but everything has to be in a balanced way. Anything in excess is bad. And I don’t obsess about weight too much. You should focus more on building stamina, feeling fit and happy, having strength, and weight loss will happen automatically. No point being skinny but having no stamina. That way you can’t enjoy life. Fitness for me is more about mental and physical well-being and about

leading a disciplined lifestyle for the rest of your life. This is life transformation, not just body transformation. When you focus on living the healthiest, happiest life, you don’t really sweat over the little things. Preeti Lamba - You've set up your studio in Navi Mumbai, do you think things would have been easier/difficult in any other city of India/Abroad? Neha Monga - Yes, Mumbai is a metropolitan city and people here are more aware about fitness. It would have been quite difficult to start in a small town in India like my home town in Jalandhar, Punjab. Because at the time I started, people there were not too much into fitness or didn’t think it was important enough. Also the idea of fitness was limited to traditional gym workouts and morning/evening walks. People there are not very open to try out new forms of fitness. So yes, it would have been difficult but not impossible. It would have just taken me a little bit longer to get this far. Preeti Lamba - Any cultural impediments in your path so far? Neha Monga - Thankfully, not many. My parents have been very supportive and encouraged me to take this up. In small cities in India, there is still this mindset of not choosing such career options and going for more established ones. But I have been lucky to be surrounded by people who have always helped me and inspired me to do what I love to do. Preeti Lamba - Has there been a favourite food that you gave up on your journey to achieve fitness? Neha Monga - Yes, Chinese Cuisine is my favorite and I love to binge on fried rice, noodles etc. When I was working in the corporate world I used to have Chinese food most days; but on the journey to fitness, I had to give up on that and now it is an occasional indulgence like just once a month. But I look forward to it. Preeti Lamba - How often do you allow yourself indulgence? Neha Monga - Every Sunday I have one favourite food that I crave during the week like I will go for a pastry or a cheesecake, or a Chinese dinner, Biryani but only one of these. So, during the week I follow my diet plan which is mainly homemade food and no salt intake after 7pm, and on Sunday I treat myself with

Preeti Lamba -What advice would you offer to women wanting to start something of their own? Neha Monga - I would like to tell them that if you really have passion for something, go for it! If you do what you love to do, then the sky is the limit. Believe in yourself and listen to your heart. Have no fear or complex about your gender. Being a woman does not make you any less capable, and should in no way obstruct your Empowerment if you have got that burning desire to chase your dreams, and steely resolve to prove yourself. You are capable of doing great things, so don’t hold back. Take a step forward now towards your dream and all these small steps will take you there. Start now, else a year from now, you would wish that you had started today. Have a Never Say Die attitude, and no matter how difficult life gets, never ever give up on your dreams because as long as you are alive, there is always a possibility of your dreams coming true. Remember, if you really want a thing then go out and strive for it, work day and night for it. Give up your time, your peace and your sleep for it. If all that you dream is about it, and if life seems useless and worthless without it, if you will gladly sweat for it, fret for it, plan for it and lose all your terror of opposition over it and if you will simply go after the thing that you want with all of your capacity, strength and sagacity, faith, hope and confidence, then with the help of God, YOU WILL GET IT.

Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 26





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IS A DAY TOO LATE Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 27


You are more than enough. First shed the slough Being you is the key word Let your heart be stirred Be authentic Be unique Be real

Live with zeal. Being open helps, but above all manifesting love in all its glory is the only way that you get and hold the attention of the world. Really, your life will definitely be better when you understand that there are two sides to every coin. Your world will definitely be better when you understand that it´s not always about you. Your work will bear more fruit when you comprehend that a seed until it is sown can neither reproduce nor multiply. So, today and every day for the rest of our lives Let us remember the foundations that stay Let us identify priorities and not stray Let us build on the things that will bear fruit Let us consolidate noble pursuits Let us manifest love, in thoughts, in words and in deeds. Love and loving makes life brighter Love and loving makes the heart feel lighter Let your heart and your words breathe Let your heart and your words live And let them love.

JANE OMA OKORO My name is Jane Obioma Okoro, and I currently live in Madrid, Spain. One of my life’s most important lessons is the understanding that before you can inspire anyone, you must first be inspired. To go through life without inspirations and motivations is to make the already hard journey even more tedious.

share, to build each other up, to learn and to grow. A love for God, a passion for living, learning and writing, a deep rooted admiration for the human spirit and a generosity of heart and spirit that runs deep is the driving force behind everything I do.

And, so every step of the way, I seek inspiration and the people or circumstances that bring it.

My faith ensures a peace and unending joy, which has seen me through many of the life’s storms that I have had to weather.

As an experienced Coach, Teacher, Business Communications Consultant and Motivational speaker, life and work has taught me that we all need to

And, I have learnt that the best way to live a life of impact is to share your life’s lessons as you learn them, to share your inspirations as you receive them. Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 28

The Vital Transmitter

With the marvellous growth of technology developed through years of telecommunication engineering research, has come our reliance on these new technologies within a wide variety of sectors. One such example shown during the last decade is wireless telecommunication which now plays a big part in healthcare applications, providing remote medical monitoring among other services and capabilities. With the hope of constructing a continuous, instantaneous remote medical monitoring system, wireless sensors started a new era of developed devices, from external hand-held devices to implantable chips that send out the vital signs of the patient to certain receivers. In addition, the transmitting of the signal has gradually improved in sophistication from Radio frequency identification (RFID) to Bluetooth combined with mobile communication General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). This new system has now overtaken the market, creating new business opportunities Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 29

with newly launched products competing for even more reliability and continuity. As part of my Masters degree I researched monitoring patients’ vital signs (blood sugar, blood pressure, heart pulse, body temperature) wirelessly and maintaining a personal record (user’s mobile) and official medical record (in the hospital) of these vital signs. By establishing a WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) based on low energy Bluetooth (BLE) it is possible to transfer the vital sign from the measuring device into the user’s mobile phone and send it from there as a Short Message Service (SMS) through cellular network to hospitals and/or emergency centers. This technology evolved during the years of my education, when telecommunication technology invaded most of the known fields of life. During these years, wireless medical monitoring became a prevalent subject and improvements in this sector has meant that in recent years we have come to expect a

quicker turnaround of information following medical monitoring. For instance, up until recently (and even today in some countries), patients would have to be admitted for 24 hours in order to have their vital signs monitored, allowing doctors to maintain a simple flow record of his/ her progress leading to a treatment plan or diagnosis.

“Monitoring the vital signs wirelessly will simplify the medical follow up process. It will allow a personal record for the patient, giving them more control of their own recovery plan” (e.g. diet, sport

programs), and will simultaneously provide medical research data for future use. Parents will be able to constantly and instantly monitor their child’s condition. The wireless service would help take on the role of a virtual family doctor through linking medical records with Google Health and a patient’s personal mobile phone. The record of the patient could be uploaded and saved, to be accessed by the family doctor wherever he/she is located. Being able to monitor patients wirelessly will reduce the need for follow-up visits, reducing overcrowding in hospitals and clinics and freeing up doctors’ time to concentrate on urgent cases, thereby achieving a more efficient medical system. Long waiting times in clinics could be a thing of the past! Considering the Vital Transmitter as a whole project, it simply consists of the vital sign-measuring device sending the result through the built-in Bluetooth to the mobile phone that will activate the alerting SMS according to the medically approved algorithm. My project succeeded in producing a continuous wireless medical monitoring system. By considering all the possibilities for longer battery

life for both involved devices – the BLE and the SMS deployment - it also succeeded as an instantaneous system. It allowed for programming the automatic transmission of the alerting SMS, and used the pairing concept for the Bluetooth connection along with the development of the application for the mobile phone. Because there is no surgical connection required and few devices are involved, it serves as a practical monitoring system. The Vital Transmitter has also formed the base and enables the development of much future progress in the field. You can easily see the Ultimate Vital Transmitter as the natural second step, where all the vital signs can be addressed.

“This UVT can serve in accidents and inside the ambulance, helping to reduce fatal emergencies.”

paramedics and ambulance services are facing during catastrophes.

“The promise that I made when I chose to become an engineer was fulfilled and the dream was accomplished in 2012 when the Vital Transmitter became a reality.” I feel proud of my role in this achievement but the journey is not finished. This is just an example of what we, women, can do when we set our mind to something. There is no field that we cannot shine in. I am not the first and certainly won’t be the last woman to make a difference. Stay tuned as I keep you posted on what women can achieve in the field of technology through this column, because if anyone can unleash the potentials of technology, it’s us women!

I am now focusing on this area in my doctoral research and I am hoping to solve a lot of the current problems

SHAIMA ABDELMAGEED Shaima Abdelmageed is a Telecommunication Engineer, who is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the same field. Shaima now leads the development team in one of the technology companies in Finland

Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 30




MA, MPhil – Founder, Holistic Leadership In our 21st century busy and demanding lives it can be easy to leave the development of a personal spiritual life off our agenda, but to do this is to make a grave mistake. If we don’t nurture our spiritual life we can easily shrivel as people. Without an active spiritual compass we can become disoriented, our lives can lack direction and we can become disillusioned, cynical and depressed. A lack of spiritual awareness may also lead to us becoming shallow, superficial, and self-obsessed. If we want to live a full and abundant life then it is important to pay attention to maintaining our spiritual health just as we might pay attention to our physical, social or financial well-being. There are many ways to enhance our spiritual health, but the first is perhaps to become aware of our self as a person with a spiritual dimension. Integral to all of life is a spiritual core which is what gives us as humans everything that is rich, beautiful, and compelling. Consider the following: What have been some of the best moments of your life so far? Have you experienced a sense of sheer joy in just being alive which came upon you unexpectedly? Have you experienced something beautiful? Has someone who has touched you, in such a way that has had left a lasting impression? These glimpses of joy, beauty and love open us up to a conscious knowledge that there is something ‘more’ to life Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 31

than we can explain. These moments move us, they change us for the better and enrich us. The spiritual life is one where we search for the source of such inspiration. Consider for a moment what you think a healthy spiritual life would mean to you. Would it mean taking time to be still? Or maybe getting out into nature and the countryside? Would you like to engage in a creative activity like art or music? Or give of your time or money to help people in need? What I have come to understand about spirituality is that it is a holistic concept. Whilst it is perhaps most recognisable as a personal inner experience, it is also very much about our ability to be in relationship and to express love with and for others; it helps us to find the resources and resolve to influence the communities where we live and work with goodness, kindness, and generosity as well as to take action on issues of social justice and fairness. More broadly still, an active spirituality helps us to notice our surroundings in new ways; whilst we can enjoy the rich diversity that life on planet earth offers we might also become motivated to support causes that help to bring positive change in the world. The holistic nature of spirituality means that embarking on an examination of our spiritual life may have far reaching consequences. It is a journey towards adventure since inevitably you can expect the unexpected.

Since our spirituality is not to be ignored, it becomes instead a challenging aspect of our personal development journey. Spiritual development can, and does, take many forms, and is integrated into many aspects of everyday living. We can however make it our particular focus of attention. The term ‘spiritual formation’ conveys a range of intentional, conscious ways in which we might set about to develop our spiritual lives. According to Dallas Willard, “Everyone receives spiritual formation, just as everyone gets an education. The only question is whether it is a good one or a bad one. We need to take a conscious, intentional hand in the developmental process. We need to understand what the formation of the human spirit is, and how it can best be done...this is an indispensible aspect of developing a psychology that is adequate to human life.” By intentionally developing the spiritual life we can also find a way to engage meaningfully with the spiritual realities that lie outside ourselves, which are in evidence through the different philosophies, lifestyles, religions and faiths all around us in a multi-cultural and diverse world. In my work to support the spiritual growth of others, in connection with their leadership potential, I have used a variety of processes which can help to unlock a deeper spiritual foundation to life choices. Beginning in this article and continuing in the next couple of

issues, I will share some of the approaches I have found helpful and which I use with my clients. The first and most central process that I encourage is an ongoing and intentional use of reflection which helps to raise self-awareness, and I supply some questions to help spark thoughts. In my experience, clients always find new insights when they take time to reflect on their own journey through life. Each of us is unique. Our experiences, relationships and situations contain their own struggles, issues, and assessments. By examining our lives, and our thoughts, we can become more aware, and more discerning. May I suggest you take ten minutes sometime today just to sit and consider what is meaningful to you about your life right now? The following questions might serve as useful prompts: Where have I been? Where am I now? How am I? Who am I? Where am I going? To aid you in developing a habit of reflection you may find that now is a good time to start writing a journal which is another process that I advocate. Here’s an experiment for you to try: If you only do one thing as a result of reading this article, try to write down a sentence which conveys your deepest desires and intentions. Then ask for these intentions to become real. Keep alert over the next few days, weeks, months and notice how your intentions are being fulfilled. It is amazing how often just by articulating our inner desires a change is set in motion. Read my article in the next issue where I will share more ways to nurture inspiration.

See www. holisticleadership. co.uk or contact suehoward@ holisticleadership. co.uk

We support leadership formation with individuals, groups, communities and organisations. Using the Holistic Development Model we position learning within the leadership context, encourage connection to and alignment with spiritual purpose, and explore application within the particular work environment.



ue is the founder of niche consultancy Holistic Leadership and has been a pioneer in encouraging the need to explore the spiritual dimension of individuals in relation to working life. She co-authored ‘The Spirit at Work Phenomenon’ in 2004 and has a number of other publications including the ‘Spirit at Work’ topic in ‘Alchemy for Managers’, People Alchemy’s e-learning website http://www.peoplealchemy.co.uk. Sue’s website www. holisticleadership.co.uk offers some free resources and links to some of Sue’s publications. Sue previously worked in management development at Cranfield University School of Management, and with World Vision UK where she supported UK managers, and a Leadership Development programme for West African managers. Sue now works in collaboration with a variety of associates, and is also the Director of Consultancy for Workplace Matters www.workplacematters.org.uk. She serves on two editorial boards of Grove Books, that of Leadership, and Spirituality – www.grovebooks.co.uk. Sue is currently completing a PhD within the faculty of business at the University of Winchester. Her research explores the spiritual formation of leaders in organisational contexts and has led to the development of a unique approach to spiritual mentoring aimed specifically at business leaders. Her work in the field has influenced the recognition of spirituality as being core to authentic leadership development in a variety of post-graduate management contexts including Ashridge business school and Roffey Park Institute. Sue works with a range of approaches and interventions using the holistic development model as a basis for reflection and dialogue. Workshops encourage self-awareness, and transformational change. Sue has been invited to address both international and UK audiences, including Cass Business School in London, exploring in these various contexts the importance of paying attention to spirituality and the difference this can make within organisational settings. Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 32


Okay.... so looks don't matter, it’s more about the inner stuff, blah,blah,blah what you are made of, that’s what really counts. Yes....but…making the best of how you look, does and should matter. wanting to look good and appreciating natural style in others comes as a natural instinct. Often we find ourselves sizing up the lady walking down the street or the one in the supermarket thinking ‘she would look better in red than black…maybe a longer top over those trousers…’ or something seriously judgemental like ‘heck no, definitely not with those jeans!’ Well let's face it, nobody wants to look 'wrong' and how you present yourself makes a big difference. It should not come as a surprise that a big part of how you present yourself is what you wear. I always say - if it's your time to go out, go out looking good - preferably in killer heels, clutching a vintage Prada bag!It’s all about making the most of what God and your genes gave you. Surely it has to be against the laws of creation (melodramatic, I know) to settle for less. Rewind to biblical days - Proverbs 31 says a lot of great things about the virtuous woman of God. To my delight it includes 'she is clothed in fine linen and purple'. I found one translation of this that says “she uses her creativity and sense of style to create beauty in her life and the lives of her loved ones”.Frankly, I am not at all surprised that looking good has God's endorsement. I have often thought that if God were to take the human form in these modern times, it would probably be in a superbly cut 'made to measure' Armani suit. What am I talking about? Personal style. Find it. Own it. Get to know what

Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 33

works for you. Get help if you need it. As a self-confessed style addict -, I say it's not about how much you spend, but what you spend it on. I have bought good stuff for a fiver (I am serious)..... ...but you have to invest the time to look for these gems, or find someone who can. I’m not going to pretend that a great wardrobe comes easy. Your hard work will pay off when you get the right attention you know you deserve., Whether it's the cool, calm professional, or 'power' dressing for the board room, or even the 'jogging pants' mummy at the school gate scan be pulled off with a style attitude. I am truly not a celebrity freak but on these shores you have to give 'props' where it’s due and hand it to the Beckhams - love or loathe Victoria, the woman knows what to wear. She always manages, whatever she wears, and wherever she is, to please the eye. Even her kids are shaping up to be 'apples that haven't fallen far from the tree'. The rock chick in me also celebrates Madonna for her uniqueness. If the truth is told, Lady Gaga may be a

step too far into the unknown. My seven year old son would not wear jeans that are not skinny, loves his shirt buttoned all the way to the top and often experiments with jeans, a tie and a waistcoat. You can't argue that he knows what he wants and when he throws it all together, it just works. After his hard work, he generally strikes a few poses in the mirror before cheekily announcing“I think I look good mama!” He will go far! For those who are professionals of course you will have to deliver, i.e. do the job you are paid for. There is much to be said for substance, however there is no harm in 'setting the scene' a little. I have personally tried my version of what I call the 'seriously looking to achieve' image which may otherwise be known as 'the game face’ look and attitude. Difficult to describe, but does involve a great pair of heels (not the tottering kind - but decent) and oodles of emotional intelligence that does not condone losing your cool. Often my boss would say (in our open plan office akin to several feet of a

runway) “walk with me”; I needed no further invitation to ensure that I created the impression I wanted - ready to rule, powerful yet subtle, cool but also confident - ready to start putting the chess pieces into place. Oh, and don't forget to hone your strut. Posture is very important. Head up, chin high, shoulders square. You only need to look at Naomi Campbell - an image of a thoroughbred race horse comes to mind, muscular and groomed to within an inch of perfection. The right consumer reaction is generally what advertisements strive to do for products. I say do it in the flesh - be your own advertisement. If you talk to anyone in marketing you will soon hear the word 'personal brand'. When I first heard this term, I couldn't help a number of other random words cascading through my mind: presence, potential, influence. Need I say more? Make of this what you will, and like most things in life - it's up to you. Your style should help you feel like you are shouting from the rooftops. Bring it on, let the day begin.

JOSEPHINA SMITH (a.k.aholyrebel) Jo Smith is founder and owner of Holy Rebel, a business that offers seriously discounted high end designer fashion to clientele. Apart from hunting down designer bargains for her first retail event, she enjoys investing in personal development and making a difference to people’s lives. She has a passion for all things stylish and believes in people being the best they can be. Costa Coffee is an absolute must most mornings plus dysfunctional family hang outs pretending nothing needs to get done.

akaholy.rebel@gmail.com Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 34


I don’t know about you but as a Financial Skills Trainer, I’ve come across too many people who tell me they hate mathematics and it is the reason they are bad at managing their money. Some people have literally gone into panic mode when I talk to them about managing their finances. They quickly try to change the subject. The view that it is hard to manage money is a fallacy. Handling money is not as difficult as people make it out to be. Actually it is quite simple to get started and you definitely do not need to be a mathematician to do it. Far from it, all you need to manage the basics is how to add, subtract and use a calculator. We all know how much we need to pay or collect as change when we make a cash purchase. No matter how bad people are at maths, they hardly ever get it wrong when they are paying for something or getting change back. You make the attempt to give someone who hates maths the Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 35

wrong change and you will be surprised how much they know about money. You see money management starts with you knowing how much income you make and how much of it will be going towards your monthly upkeep. Two other things you’ll need to add to your money management list is a piece of paper or notebook and a pen. With these few things you can become a money management guru. But first, let’s look at the meaning of money management. I say, it is the appropriate allocation of your income. A good money manager will live within the confines of the funds available to them. This is the best way to get started once you decide you want to become a better manager of your finances. Too many people are currently living way beyond their means. Some have created self-inflicted financial

problems, while others are in financial difficulty due to a change in their financial circumstances. This could have been caused by a change in the economy, a loss of job, or a reduction in their income generally. One thing I’d say for sure is that learning to manage money is no longer optional. The global economy is moving at a fast pace and there are more demands on our finances. We are constantly bombarded with things we are made to believe we need, so we can live better lives. This has caused us to stretch our income to breaking point; many now rely on credit cards as their extra source of income. Debt has been on the rise for quite some time, while income has stagnated in many people’s lives. So, how can you learn to manage your money? A good money manager will first identify how much money regularly

flows into their lives by listing the sources and amounts of their income. Next, list all your expenses. Doing this on a monthly or weekly basis is the best way to go. Also, I would recommend you learn to use a budget. I’m not talking about a comprehensive one where you make titles and sections, just a simple two column list on paper or in a notebook. One side listing your income and the other listing your expenses.

ority expenses are the things you cannot toy with when it comes to managing money, like paying your taxes and your rent. Many who avoided paying taxes have ended up in trouble, some have even gone to jail for tax avoidance. I won’t talk about the different types of taxes, though there are a number of them and it’s important you know the ones that apply to you. Paying your rent is another priority, as your home is a necessity, not a luxury.

The budget makes managing your money so much easier, as it gives you a quick picture of where you stand financially.

There are some lesser priorities that are still quite important, like utility bills, phone bills, transport, insurance and a number of others; you need these to make your life more pleasant and easier to live.

Also when managing your money, you must know your priority expenses and your non-priority expenses. Your pri-

Some non-priorities such as holidays

or a monthly allowance for socialising, which are also important, though not essential to living; they are things you personally want as it makes you feel life is getting better for you. It is a personal thing and we all have our own little financial perks. So when it comes to managing money, learn the basic things, like how much income you make monthly, where it is coming from, where it is going and learn to live within your means. You will need this no matter your financial level. Even when you move to your next financial level, make sure you take your money management skills along with you. With this information even those who think they hate maths will find that managing their money is not so bad after all. Good luck!

TOKUNBO OSUNBAYO Tokunbo Osunbayo is a Financial Skills

Trainer. Her passions are Financial Education and giving Financial and Business Talks. Tokunbo turned to Finance when she discovered she knew very little about money though she was financially successful. She learnt, it is one thing to make money but another to keep it. She has now dedicated her life to teaching money and business skills through her talks and writings. She has written for many publications over the years both in Africa, UK and online. She runs the MoneyStart Club, an arm of her company MoneyStart, where entrepreneurs and professionals learn ways to boost their financial confidence and skills. She also is the founder of AbsoluteExposure a female entrepreneurial event promotions company in the UK. She is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Writer and an International Speaker. She is happily married with three children.

Her Inspiration | Issue : June | Page 36

Imagine In ONE DAY content packed event “YOU” Sat down with three highly acclaimed business coaches and “YOU were shown HOW TO LAUNCH AND GROW A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS using skills you already have and systems that will be revealed to you. You are invited to join us for a powerful, practical and strategic business event designed to help create a clear vision and action plan to develop your business. Work in your business with clarity, focus and enthusiasm.

WHAT YOU GET FROM THIS EVENT » Build YOUR confidence level! » Learn to say NO! » Overcome procrastination and fear! » Learn to anticipate challenges and obstacles for your business! » Get tips on how to grow a successful business! » Develop a business plan with realistic expectations and targets!


Park Plaza County Hall Hotel 1 Addington Street, Waterloo, London, SE1 7RY

DATE: 25 July 2015 TIME:

10.00AM – 5.00PM

» Create the route map to drive your business forward At this event you will also get the opportunity to network with likeminded entrepreneurs


Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 37

ZANE & BLACKMAN LTD - HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANCY We provide and deliver creative, cost-effective advice and guidance on a broad range of HR issues to suit our clients needs. Some of the issues we provide solutions for include: absenteeism, accidents at work, bullying and harassment, data protection concerns, recruitment, keeping up to date with constant changes in employment legislation and employee engagement.

WHY USE OUR HR RETAINER SERVICES? » Access to highly qualified professionals » Significant cost savings in comparison to hiring an in-house HR practitioner » Robust people management processes that contribute to your business performance

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» Free use of HR software (included in retainer) » Unlimited HR Documentation and Policies » Dedicated HR Business Partner/Consultant to provide round-the-clock advice/support » Annual HR Audit

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» Annual review and update of your policies, procedures/handbook to ensure regulatory compliance » Protection against potentially expensive litigation


8 learning styles explored over 5 days

Monday 3rd to Friday 7th August 2015 - 10am to 4pm

Open to 8 -14 year olds A fun, inspirational and educational week! Children will engage in creative and innovative activities designed to build confidence by using and building on their personal skills, as well as uncovering hidden talents by trying new activities. Activities led by highly qualified & experienced specialist teachers & professionals.

Daily, multi-sensory, small group tuition (1:10 max) Only 32 places, so book early to avoid disappointment!

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3rd July 2015 to get 10% discount See website for more on pricing



Alban City School 7 Hatfield Road, St Albans, AL1 3RR 01727 400369


info@kompletegenius.co.uk Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 38


PATRICIA ORLUNWO IKIRIKO Gone are the days when women’s lives were restricted to performing household chores. With the advancement of time and development of a new generation, the women’s era has witnessed an upsurge. Women want more than a life of domesticity.A woman’s life, as Newton’s law suggests, is all about ‘The survival of the fittest’. If you have it in you, bring it on or die trying! Today, a strong woman LIKE YOU wants to achieve the real meaning of success, realise your dreams and live up to your real hopes. If you are yet to achieve your dreams ask yourself why. What makes you incapable of achieving everything you desire? What mental blocks keep you far from your desired destination? Why can’t you fight for your own dreams? Here are a few of the hurdles faced by strong women on the path to achieving their dreams:

» CHILDREN - The utmost pri-

WOMAN THRIVES ority of any woman is her children. You want to shower all your love and blessings on them, often putting your career on hold while you do so. Can you strike a balance between career and motherhood that doesn’t compromise your commitment to your children? This isn’t an easy task but the many success stories from successful working mothers is testament to the fact that you can be a successful career woman AND a caring mother.

» FAMILY – maintaining a healthy relationship with our partner, parents, in laws and relatives is important. We feel the responsibility of meeting the demands and expectations of others if you want to fulfill your dreams, who will fulfill the dreams of your family? You want to ensure achieving your success doesn’t come at the price of letting down your family.


one of the most common reasons why a woman gives up on her passion – the challenge of dedicating the time required to make it work.A reluctance to

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 39

work late can kill your passion for the job, not to mention leaving you fewer job options in this post-recession area where jobs are considered precious, and overtime is the norm.

» FEAR OF LOSING THE BATTLE - The battle here refers to

the challenge of exploring new opportunities. What if I am not able to be a good leader? Will I be able to influence my followers? Will I perform my duties responsibly? Such fears restrict you from reaching your potential. The unleashed woman will thrive when she breaks through her mental blocks and frees herself from society’s imposed predicaments. She knows what she has to achieve in life and completely directs her mind towards the accomplishment of her goals. She has the ability to strike a balance between her work and family. She is not restricted to a small boundary but explores all worldly opportunities. The charm of doing different things captivates her mind and she performs them with perfection. Do you know what makes her thrive? Her unleashed attitude!

Follow our step by step guide to unleash the successful woman in you:


Forget The World And Focus On Passion

Optimism to refurbishing yourmind, energy in shaping yourdecision making process, take action to change and adds to an unprejudiced lifestyle rather than deviating from it. Forget any past disappointmentsand work on developing yourcreative idea. Allow yourself to focus on your passion. Have the mindset that nothing is impossible;block out the world’s problems and restrictions and focus on positively reinforcing your idea to help make it the success you know it could be. By taking a leap of faith can moveforward without fear or despair.


Be Happy With Imperfection

No one is completely perfect, but you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. Your learning or exploring can be an ongoing journey. You may never reach perfection, but you should always believe youcan make a difference.


Marry Or Not, Stick to your Goals

Remain career oriented and make your main objective attainingyour career goals. Gone are the days when women are pushed into choosing marriage over career. These days you can have both if you wish, or make no apologies for choosing not to marry if you feel this isn’t for you. As an Unleashed Woman you can choose the path that works for you, without the pressure of society’s expectations.


Believe In Yourself

However imperfect you feel you may be, and however much you may doubt yourself at times, you should always do your best to believe in yourself. A positive attitude focusing on your strengths and abilities rather than your doubts and weaknesses, will enable you to achieve anything you want in life.


Be Bold and Take Risk

The strong woman has the strength and courage to take risks in all walks of life be it work, career or family. While she doesn’t make rash decisions, she has the confidence to take a calculated risk. Taking risks is the key to success.


Don’t Be Scared Of Failure

The unleashed woman is not disheartened or demoralized at the thought of failing. With every failure, a new hope of success arises. Instead of bemoaningyour failure and cursing yourself or co-partners, learn from your failure and use this lesson to help you succeed next time.This positive attitude is amajor strategy to help you unlock the mental blockturning vision into reality.


When You Get Stuck

Many people do not have a clear picture about how they want their life to be. Develop a clear vision about the future you desire or changes you want to make in your life. If you get stuck at any point trying to develop a career, do not fear; Watch what experts in your field of interest are doing and how they are doing it, then learn their process model. By doing so you canbring your own uniqueness into what is already known,making it better. There’s no better time to start shaping your destiny than right now! Set yourself free and start fulfilling your dreams, hopes and fantasies. Have confidence in yourselfwith a positive mind-set to take action. Think clearly and be persistent.Do not restrict yourself; you are free to live your own life your way!

PATRICIA ORLUNWO IKIRIKO Patricia Orlunwo Ikiriko is a counselling psychologist who has worked with different organizations involving young people for over 18 years. She is happily married to Hon. Hope Odhuluma Ikiriko blessed with two children, two foster children and a granddaughter. She holds a Master of Philosophy in Psychology from the University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom; Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University Of East London, United Kingdom; a Master’s degree in Education Guidance and Counselling; a B.Ed. in Guidance, Counselling and Psychology; and a National Certificate in Education from the University Of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is currently conducting a research PhD and working with young people in schools and organisations involve in working with young people in the United Kingdom on her new programme titled “Young and Influential” developing leadership and wealth building skills in young people. A practical model for translating vision into reality as well as strategies to using their own ideas to create wealth.

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 40




ur perceptions of ourselves and other people around us are coloured by the beliefs that have been instilled in us since birth. As children, the opinions expressed by others resound as truths, and as we grow, those opinions are often embedded in our belief systems. Usually, we don’t even examine our beliefs and whether they are supportive. We judge ourselves by what others have said about us, sometimes in passing, until we are convinced that what has been said is real. We have an image of ourselves, which is often based on the attitudes and opinions of other people. It is time to understand where your beliefs have come from and, with that awareness, you need to start questioning whether those beliefs are of value, or whether you should discard or replace them. Remember, a belief has no real substance. It is just an idea and ideas can be changed.

What do you believe? Have you heard comments that have built up your self-esteem and confidence? “Oh, she is so good with numbers!’’ “She always manages to do something practical when it’s needed!’’ Or has it been more of: “You never get anything right!’’ “You are so useless!’’? Sometimes the speaker has no thought as to what effect those words will have; they are just venting their own feelings, not considering yours. What do you want to be known for? How do you want to see yourself? It’s time to challenge those beliefs. How do you behave? What do you say to yourself? How do you imagine yourself to be? Do you really want your life to be like that forever? Sometimes it’s easier to cling on to our negative beliefs, because it’s safer. Go on! Take a risk! Choose what you want to believe in – the beliefs that serve you. Eradicate fear and guilt-producing beliefs from your life and thoughts. Turn them around – only choose to have supporting, uplifting, inspirational beliefs. You owe it to yourself to believe in yourself. Take time to reflect on what your beliefs are concerning the world and

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 41

yourself. Who do you believe you are? What do you believe you are capable of doing? This covers inherent beliefs built up over time like “I am lazy”, “I have a bad memory”, “all teenagers are sullen”, “all overweight people are stupid”. It is amazing what we can turn up from the depths of our own minds! Note them down in a journal. For each belief consider how it may serve you. Or limit you. What evidence do you have to support these beliefs? Where did these beliefs come from? How did you get to have the beliefs that you do? Whose voice do you hear saying these words? Your parents’? A teacher’s? The Boss’s? Your own? Sometimes unsupportive beliefs provide a comfort zone, as they do not require you to make any decisions about making changes. Is this true for you and your beliefs? Do you believe, perhaps, that you are not deserving of a better life? “You’ll never amount to much.” Do you regularly gather evidence to support your beliefs? “Look at my last appraisal. It wasn’t that great. I’m only barely capable of doing this job. Why would I seek out something else when I know I won’t get it or, if I do, I won’t be able to perform well.”

The first step is to realize that you can change. Of all the beliefs that you have written down, identify the ones that limit you. For each of those limiting beliefs, I would like you to take the belief and turn it around on itself. So, if one of your limiting beliefs is that you are lazy, your new belief will be the opposite of this. Make it into a statement that you can repeat to yourself and others over and over. “I am a good worker.” Do this with each of your limiting beliefs until you have a list of positive statements. “I am capable of achieving great things.” “I have a good memory.” Each statement must start with “I”, be expressed in the present tense and include a positive description. Write each new statement down. Imagine yourself being the person those words describe. Choose more positive beliefs that do support you. Choose empowering beliefs. Most beliefs start with spaced repetition of thought. Repeat each of your new beliefs regularly. This may take some time. Every time you

hear yourself using your old, unsupportive beliefs, replace it with the new positive statement. Use the words “STOP”, “CANCEL” or “ERASE” as a way of halting the old belief pattern. Speak out loud, or have a good shout in your head. Change any limiting internal picture of yourself. Stop calling yourself names. Do you often compare yourself to others? Acknowledge yourself for all you have achieved. When people say good things about you, do you notice and accept it? Or do you try and brush it off? What can you do during the next week that will support you in removing those negative beliefs, and enhance and increase the power of the positive ones? Make notes in your journal. You have a choice in how to lead your life, for which you are totally responsible. Repeat to yourself the following: “Today is the day I start making more of my life. Today is a day of New Beginnings.”


Kate is trained as a Life Coach with Curly Martin of Achievement Specialists LLP, a course accredited by both the European Coaching Institute (ECI) and the Open College Network (OCN). She has been an Information Specialist / Business Analyst for IBM UK Ltd She believes that life is a never-ending journey of experience, learning, and seeking out of new horizons. She takes great pleasure from constantly developing her skills and finds working with each client a unique encounter. Kate can be reached by email- Kate@harpercoaching.com Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 42



Sometimes you just need to take a step back, stop and watch what is going on around you. Once the dust settles you see things much clearer! It is never as bad as you think!


Our fragility and feelings of powerlessness are the source of our power growth and creativity... embrace embrace embrace Geraldine Wotton

Really work on what her true desires are and then take inspired action to achieve them no matter what! Lindsey Whitaker

No-one is perfect, so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when things aren’t going to plan. Pick-up yourself, fix-up and keep going Michelle Casimir

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 43

Never underestimate yourself, who you are, what you do or what can you achieve - if you believe in yourself others will

Rumana Aktar

Stop waiting for kids to grow up, for a bit of more money, for... and begin living your dreams.

Love yourself, be kind to yourself then extend the same love and kindness to the world around you. You are worth gold!

Tamara Belšak

Jane Oma

This is your life. It is not a test run. The years fly by so fast. If you have a dream YOU can make it happen!

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. No matter your age or circumstance.

Ruth Johnston Eneli Quad Azuka

Don’t let your fear of making mistakes hold you back, if you mess up learn from it, become stronger and keep going. Petra Michalas Taneckova

Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 44


Launched in 2011, the Unleashed Women’s Network has generated interest from across the World. Built on the Core Values of Trust, Collaboration and Support we have over 15,000 followers on Social Platforms. We are a subscription network that works for our members. We know that embarking on route to running your own business can be a hard and lonely experience for a woman. The business world is dominated by men; we have all found we have had to kiss a lot of frogs to find our prince. The Unleashed Women’s Network is a strong support group of princesses that can genuinely help you grow. Members of The Unleashed Women’s Network have unlimited access to : Training that are vital to successful entrepreneurship. We are in a very competitive environment and being one step ahead of our competitors are essential for long-term success.

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Thank you for spending this time with us. We hope you have been inspired to unleash your potential. We would like to leave you with this quote.

“Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens. “


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Until next time many blessings

– Her Inspiration Team Her Inspiration | Issue 1 : June 2015 | Page 46