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Insight Update Issue 24 here for people with sight loss Re-

Autumn/Winter 2011


Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoy this edition of Insight Update. There is a lot to read in this issue and a lot of things happening at HERIB. I am sure you will want to wish those leaving us at Christmas all the very best in their retirement. What an achievement, 58 years of service jointly at HERIB. Well done and thank you for all you have done. I am sending you a questionnaire with this newsletter to help us to improve and expand our services. Please let us have your views and ideas to offer the services and activities YOU want. It is FREE to send back in the post, so do let us know what you think. As you are aware all that HERIB provides is funded through the generosity of the public with no government or local authority contribution, so I now would like to appeal to your generous natures. I know money is very short for everyone but if you could let us have a small donation each month it would make all the difference. Enclosed is a form for you to pledge a regular sum each month. Thank you in anticipation. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year. All the very best. Sue Pallister—General Manager P.S. My garden is looking a lot more presentable after six months hard work!

Hull and East Riding Institute for the Blind, Beech Holme, Beverley Road, Hull, HU5 1NF Telephone: 01482 342297 Fax: 01482 443111 Registered Charity Number: 223668 Email:

News Sandra Urry

Goodbye after 58 years! This Winter HERIB is sad to be saying goodbye to three members of staff who between them have worked for the charity for 58 years! Ann Massam has been with us for some 16 years both as a Home Visitor and as our Services Coordinator. Peggy Emsley has been a Home Visitor for 11 years and Sandra Urry has worked as a Driver/ Day Centre Assistant for an amazing 31 years! HERIB would like to thank all of them for their loyalty and dedication and the staff, trustees and I’m sure all our readers would like to wish you all the very best for the future. You will all be very much missed. Ann Massam

Welcome HERIB is pleased to welcome two new members of staff on board. Our new Services Manager is Julie Woolley. Julie was born and lived in Hull for more than twenty years before she moved to Devon in the late eighties where her two daughters were born. It was here that she first became involved in the voluntary sector working for a small charity that provided transport for the elderly and disabled people; a vital service in such a rurally isolated party of the country. (Cont’d on next page)

Peggy Emsley

HERIB’s new Services Manager Julie Woollley

News Welcome Cont’d Over the years Julie became more involved in local community events and even organised a dog show as part of the annual village fete where, always keen to involve the family, her dog still has all the rosettes to prove it! Julie returned to the East Riding in 2009 and continued to work with community groups and helping individuals assisting people back into work. Julie will be joining us in late November. Our other new member of staff is Alison Stannard. Alison joined us at the end of the summer as our General Administrator and is based in our Resource Centre in Beverley Road. She is Hull born and bred and now lives in Preston with her husband and daughter Maddie.

HERIB’s new Administration Assistant Alison Stannard

Alison previously worked in support services at Hull New Theatre and Hull City Hall. She currently volunteers as Chair of Governors at Preston Primary School. She likes reading, cycling and, as her HERIB colleagues can testify, bakes a fantastic carrot cake!

Meet Harry the HERIB Bear! Meet Harry the HERIB Bear, our newest volunteer. Harry is going to be helping at future fundraising events including our Christmas Craft Fayre and Beverley Flag Day (see page 13) so please come and say hello. With his handsome looks and charming personality we think he is going to be very popular. He is already a big hit with the ladies in the office. Harry loves meeting people , so please feel free to invite him to attend your event, talk, company or school. Simply call HERIB on 01482 342297 or email us at

Services Message from June—Support Worker

Hi All, In my last message to you all I said I had a spring in my step, now I am on ‘cloud nine’ and positively buzzing with enthusiasm. I am delighted to update that after many months of uncertainty regarding the funding of the Support Worker post, as from 1st September 2011, the position was transferred to the NHS. The service will now be professionally recognised as an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer post (ECLO). It will be the ‘same old June’ delivering the service, so don’t be put off by my fancy new title . The ECLO service provides a vital link between patients, the NHS, Local Authorities and none statutory organisations at a point of diagnosis, the most vulnerable time for the patient, their carers and families. Thank goodness this has been recognised and valued by the NHS and the post will be sustained.

If you have any emotional or practical problems relating to your condition please come and have a friendly chat with me. You can still find me on the first floor of the new Eye Hospital, Fountain Street. Ask for me at the Eye Clinic Reception area if you have any difficulty locating me. I can also be contacted by telephone; however, you will find that your call normally goes to a secure answer machine. This is because I usually have a patient with me and I have to respect your confidentiality. If you leave your contact details and a message I assure you I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for making ‘your’ service a success. Rest assured I will continue to work hard for visually impaired people and provide that vital link to patients old and new. Cheers to a successful future working under the ‘NHS umbrella’. Sincere Regards June Crosby Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) Telephone: (01482) 605 333

Services New Glaucoma Support Group & CleaReader Sale Glaucoma Support Group

Optelec CleaReader for Sale!

Glaucoma describes a group of eye conditions that affect a person’s vision. People may have glaucoma and do not know it as in the early stages there are usually no symptoms. Once any vision loss is noticed, the damage cannot be reversed so it is important to have regular eye tests. If Glaucoma is diagnosed and treated early enough sight loss can be avoided. Anyone can develop glaucoma but the risk increases as you get older. HERIB is pleased to announce the setting up of a new support group for local people with Glaucoma. The group enjoyed its inaugural meeting on Wednesday 2nd November when Mr Craig Burnett, eye specialist from Hull Royal Infirmary, gave a short, highly informative talk on eye care. Anyone interested in joining the group and/or attending the next meeting should contact HERIB on 01483 342297 for further information.

Open up your world and have your documents read out aloud with the Optelec CleaReader; an easy-touse audio text reading machine. CleaReader has been designed to scan A4 size pages and has a adjustable cover so that you can scan and read thick books. There are no complicated button combinations, simply press the round button to scan and the triangle button to start or stop reading. It delivers high quality sound through its built in speakers event when used at high volume. HERIB has a display model available at a discount price of ÂŁ450. Please call us on 01482 342297 for further information.

Services Scarborough Holiday 2012 Scarborough Holiday 2012 will take place from 7th – 14th July and will cost £290 per person

Beech Holme Court Beech Holme Court opened in June 1986 and is a sheltered housing development for visually impaired people managed by HERIB on behalf of Places For People. There are twenty two flats with a warden onsite from Monday to Friday during office hours. It was purpose built to provide individual homes for active, visually impaired people of all ages and tenants are encouraged to be independent and care for themselves. It is not intended to provide the facilities or care of a Residential Home. If you would like more information about Beech Holme Court’s facilities or to be considered for addition to the tenancy waiting list, please contact HERIB on 01482 342297.

This annual HERIB holiday is designed for you and a guide. Shared, twin and single rooms are available staying at The Delmont Hotel a friendly family run hotel overlooking the North Bay and near to Scarborough castle. HERIB transport picks you up with your luggage from your home. Bed Breakfast and Evening meal with daily outings to various locations in and around Scarborough. Names are being taken now. Don’t miss out on a fun week to remember at the Delmont Hotel with HERIB. For more information ring HERIB 01482 342297 or email

Mobile Resource Service Nov 2011 - June 2012 Bridlington Hospital (Mon) 11 - 3pm Nov 7th, 14th, Dec 5th, 12th, Jan 9th, Feb 6th, 13th, March 5th, 12th, April 2nd, May 14th, June 11th. (Minus Bank hols ) Driffield (Tesco’s George St) 1pm—3pm Nov 29th, (No Dec) , Jan 24th, Feb 28th, March 27th, April 24th, May 22nd, June 26th. Beverley (Morrisons, Victoria Rd) 1.30pm - 3.30pm Nov 1st, Dec 6th, Jan 3rd, Feb 7th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th. Withernsea (Shores Centre) 1.30—3pm Nov 21st, Jan 16th, March 19th, May 21st. Hornsea( Methodist Church) 1pm -3.30pm Nov 15th, Jan 17th, March 20th, May 15th. Shiptonthorpe (Langlands) 12-2pm Nov 30th, March 28th. Hedon (Holderness Grange) 1.30 -3.30pm Dec 8th, Feb 9th, April 12th, June 14th.

Pocklington (Sainsbury’s) 1 - 3pm Jan 23rd, March 26th, May 28th. Willerby (Waitrose ) 1pm - 3pm Dec 20th, Feb 21st, April 17th, June 19th. ASDA ( Mt Pleasant) 11am - 1pm Nov 17th, Dec 15th, Jan 19th, Feb 16th, March 15th, April 19th, May 17th, June 21st. B & Q (St Andrews Quay) Nov 16th, Dec 21st, Jan 18th, Feb 15th, March 21st, April 18th, May 16th, June 20th. Sigglesthorne Garden Centre Nr Hornsea 10.30am—12.30pm Nov 4th, Dec 2nd, Jan 6th, Feb 3rd, March 2nd,( no April due to Bank Hol), May 4th, June 1st

Services The Computer Room

When it comes to the subject of computers and the Internet, there is a lot of excitement at HERIB at the moment because we are having a new website designed by leading design company Strawberry. The address will be the same as the existing one but it will look very different and there will be lots of new materials and also opportunities for you to get involved with HERIB’s work. The website will be up and running very soon so please keep checking! The recommended website for computer information this time is AgeUK at Their Technology and the Internet pages include a useful A-Z of Computing and a link to a booklet produced by AgeUK called Internet Security, Staying Safe Online. This covers coping with suspicious sounding emails, staying safe when shopping and banking online and guidance for using social networking sites like Facebook and Friends Reunited.

On the subject of staying safe online there is a nasty computer scam going on at the moment. You may get a telephone call from someone telling you they are from a well known computer firm like Microsoft. They say they know you have a virus on your computer and ask you to log on and enter a password so they can install anti-virus software for you. These calls are false. They are just a way of trying to get your personal details off your computer. No one who is genuine will ever ring you up in this way, in the same way that banks will never send you an email asking for your password or login name. If you get a call like this, or an email asking for personal information, it is quite safe to ignore it. Hang up the phone or delete the email and then forget about it – but not before you make sure you pass the message on to family and friends so they are also aware that this is a scam. Don’t forget if you have any queries or questions about using a computer or accessing the Internet, you can contact me, Sue Watling, either directly by email at or through HERIB.

In the Hot Seat….. A chat with Eric Harrod What is your favourite meal? A. Grilled Halibut with crisp none fatty chips, all I'm allowed! Q. What is your favourite film? A. I don't go to the films much but enjoy well made tear jerkers such as Love Story. HERIB’s Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the charity. They also ensure that HERIB’s staff work within charity law and regulations. Our Chair of Trustees is Eric Harrod a former optician in Hull and Beverley for over 40 years. Here we find out a little more about Eric’s life and loves outside HERIB.

Q. What do you enjoy most about being Chairman of HERIB? A. Almost everything, but especially being in a position to help people in a meaningful way Q. What can't you live without? A. Regular feeding and being close to fellow humans. Q. What is your favourite television programme? A. Probably watching sport especially rugby union.

Q. What is your favourite place? A. That's easy, Venice, which is quite magical. Q. Which three famous people would you like to invite for dinner? A. That's tricky, probably Boadicea, Winston Churchill and my father, who was famous to me at least. Q. What is your greatest achievement? A. Probably my four children, they are very important to me. Q. What is the craziest thing you have ever done? A. Sadly nothing much, the maddest ones I can't share with you being too personal. Otherwise, possibly volunteering to be put forward as HERIB Chairman! Next Insight: Julie Woolley will be in the Hot Seat.

Other News

Soft Toy Appeal Do you or your children have any soft toys that are in good condition but which you no longer want? Why not donate them to HERIB? HERIB needs soft toys for fundraising at local events and fayres. Maddie Stannard who is 8 years old recently donated her unwanted toys, she says, “ I have lots of toys so I’m happy to give away some of them to help people who can’t see properly.” Perhaps you could organise a collection amongst your friends or family, or at your place of work. Donated toys can be donated to HERIB’s Beverley Road centre in Hull Monday to Friday between 9.00am –4.30pm. Thank You!

World Sight Day is an international day of awareness aimed at focusing attention on blindness and visual impairment. This year to celebrate World Sight Day HERIB took part in a series of promotions including a world music concert, a cycling challenge and a series of appearances on local radio to raise awareness of the charity’s work supporting local people with sight loss. HERIB would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their kind support of World Sight Day 2011: Radio Humberside & Carl Wheatley, The staff & students of the Northern Academy of Performing Arts, Fitness First, Audio Tag System Ltd, Clive Skinner, Enid Thompson, Diana Woodford, Dr David Pattison, Martin Roberts, Sheila Dent Valentina Whiting & colleagues

Christmas Raffle • •

It’s that time of year again when we are all getting into the Christmas spirit and HERIB launches its annual Christmas Raffle. We have some fabulous prizes on offer not least of all a first prize of £200 cash! This year, with your help selling tickets to your friends, family and/ or work colleagues, we are hoping to raise more funds than ever. Simply contact us on 01482 342297 and we will supply you with the tickets and a FREEPOST envelope to return your entries. It costs HERIB almost £2,100 every day to provide its support services to local people with sight loss so every ticket sold can make a real difference.

Tickets are still only 20p each (£2 per book). Please ensure that all stubs have a name and address on them. Please return all stubs to HERIB by Friday 9th December.

PRIZES As well as a cash prize of £200, we have plenty of other fabulous prizes to be won in this year’s raffle including: •

Two tickets to a performance of the Flint Street Nativity; a fabulous Christmas comedy by the writer of Calendar Girls. Courtesy of Hull Truck Theatre.

An 18 hole round of golf for four worth £160 courtesy of Forest Pines Hotel & Golf Resort.

£50 of Tesco vouchers.

Six bottles of wine.

Plus many other prizes.

Thank you! HERIB would like to thank the following businesses for their kind support of our Christmas Raffle:

Fundraising Update Humber Bridge Dog Walk Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Humber Bridge Dog walk which will have raised almost £600 once all monies have been collected.

HERIB is delighted that Sainsbury’s Local on Beverley Road, Hull has chosen us to be their charity partner for the next year.

Bridlington Flag Day Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who braved a wet and windy “summer’s day” to collect £210 from kind, generous and very wet members of the public.

BUPA Great North Run Congratulations to all our amazing runners in this year’s Great North Run who between them will have raised in excess of £1,600 once all donations have been collected. Sadly two runners had to pull out due to injury. We hope they both get well soon and can hopefully try again in 2012. If you would like to register your interest in joining our official HERIB running team for the 2012 Great North Run, please contact us on 01482 342 297.

Thanks to all the staff and management (pictured above) at Donaldson Filter Components for all their hard work fundraising over the last year in support of a number of local charities and for their kind donation of £300 to HERIB. Hull College Thanks to the Health & Social Care team at Hull College for organising a coffee morning in aid of HERIB which raised a wonderful £166.

Please Note: HERIB is unable to accept donations of audio books unless they are on CD’s. Thank you



Christmas Craft Fayre Saturday 10th December Cottingham Civic Hall

Beverley Flag Day Beverley town centre Friday 16th December

Craft Fayre Saturday 25th February Cottingham Civic Hall

Morrisons Holderness Road, Hull Thursday 12th April

Clairvoyance Evening Wednesday 7th March HERIB Centre

Hull City FC KC Stadium Saturday 21st April

Spring Ball Saturday 24th March Tickton Grange

Morrisons Northpoint Shopping Centre, Hull Saturday 19th May

Ladies Luncheon Tuesday 22nd May Willerby Manor

Tombola Prizes Needed! Many thanks to everyone who has donated tombola or raffle prizes over the last year. It costs HERIB more than ÂŁ2,000 per day to provide its services and because the charity receives no government funding, such donations continue to be vital. Prizes are still needed so please keep them coming!

Thank you!

VOLUNTEER COLLECTORS NEEDED! We are always seeking willing volunteers to assist with our collections throughout the year. Whether you can help for the whole day or even hold a collection tin for just for an hour or two, your help will be very much appreciated. Whether you have volunteered before or if it is your first time, if you would like more information or to volunteer your assistance at any event, please contact HERIB on 01482 342297.

Other News A Message from Rev. John The depths of winter will soon be upon us. There’s the glow of a blazing fire, or the warmth from the central heating. We sit to enjoy a nourishing meal with family or friends. But then, what of those who have no home; those without family or friends; without warmth or somewhere to lay their head; those who have to endure cold, hunger and loneliness? At this time of the year, especially, the words of Him who came into the world to save mankind continue to remind us of our responsibilities towards one another. “For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you made me welcome; naked and you clothed me…” (Matt 25: 35ff). Be sure, then, to enjoy the festive season ahead – do your best to keep warm and well – and spare more than a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves. God bless you and all whom you love. Rev John Tasker

Goodbye & Good Luck! Everyone at HERIB would like to congratulate Mr Harry Laxton (pictured below) on being accepted as a Chelsea Pensioner. There are few institutions like the Royal Hospital Chelsea in the UK which can claim 300 years of unbroken service having been founded in 1682 by King Charles II and intended for the “succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war” Mr Laxton, who is originally from Portsmouth, lived in various parts of Yorkshire for many years before settling in Hull and has been receiving HERIB’s support through his Home Visitor Janie. He qualifies for the honour of being a Chelsea Pensioner by virtue of his service with the army in the 2nd World War. Everyone at HERIB wishes Mr Laxton every happiness in his new home.

Other News Hi, my name is Moreblessing Tewe. I’m a second year student at Lincoln University currently on placement with HERIB until February 2012.

Hi, my name is Greater Mavura. As part of my degree in social work at Lincoln University, I am currently on placement at HERIB. I have been amazed at the services the charity provides for local people with sight loss and I have enjoyed meeting many service users and learning more about their different visual impairments and how they cope with the challenges of everyday life. I am now preparing to meet service users in their own homes by shadowing HERIB’s Home Visitors. I am very much enjoying meeting so many new people and would like to thank everyone for their kind welcome and support during my placement.

HERIB Placements To apply for a placement at HERIB please write to us with your full contact details, the dates of your placement request and the reasons you wish to work with us.

Since starting in September I have been learning how HERIB helps visually impaired people to continue living independently through a range of services. I am very much enjoying my placement and have been made very welcome by all the service users I have met.

TRAINING DATES Visually Impairment Awareness Training Next Dates: Wednesday 29th February 2012 Wednesday 28th March 2012 The course is 10 hours in length comprising of one 7 hour training day plus 3 hours of work based private study. Cost £68 per person. For more information or to book a place, please call HERIB on 01482 342297 or email us at

here for people with sight loss

Improving and enriching the quality of life for local people with sight loss Compliments or Complaints If you have any compliments or complaints please contact: Sue Pallister General Manager 01482 342297 Email:

Next Insight No.26 Out Spring/Summer 2012 Due to increasing costs HERIB will only be able to produce 2 Insights each year, one during Winter and one in Summer. If you have anything you would like us to include in the next issue please send it to HERIB by the end of March 2012 for inclusion in the Spring/Summer 2012 edition.

Thank You

Insight Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011  

HERIB's bi-annual magazine.

Insight Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011  

HERIB's bi-annual magazine.