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CAPS, GOWNS AND ACCESSORIES Herff Jones offers the most eco-friendly gown programs in the industry. Our unique CustomRental™ program offers an unprecedented level of personalization and branding specific to your university. From custom-dyed colors to expert stitching, braiding, embroidery or patches of your school seal, crest or logo. Your graduates are provided a graduation experience that shows off as much school pride on the outside as they feel on the inside. For the highest level in sustainability, choose Earthgrad fabric. Earthgrad is made from 100 percent recycled materials. Our ClassRental™ gowns are offered in a variety of colors and are created with the same attention to detail as our custom apparel and Supreme Court Justice robes. Our inventory of nearly one million gowns offers the most accurate size availability. Gowns are distributed in prime condition and collected afterward at a convenient, predetermined time and place.


Our CustomKeeper™ program provides the opportunity to custom-design an academic outfit that instills pride in your students and brands your school. Your graduates are provided a permanent reminder of their educational experience.

Our ClassKeeper program provides your graduate with a keepsake of graduation day. Gowns are sized in two-inch increments and are three to six inches fuller in girth for a more comfortable fit. Extra large yoke gowns are available at no extra charge. Gowns are available in Graduate (matte), Renew™ (sustainable) and Premier (shiny) fabrics for ready-to-wear freedom. Our ClassKeeper gown made from Renew fabric allows us to create attractive regalia from postconsumer plastic bottles, offering a second use for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material that would otherwise become part of a landfill. Commencement can now become a school’s latest effort in “going green.” Honor university dignitaries with custom designed and tailored academic regalia. This distinct cap and gown may feature exquisite velvet, intricate embroidery, expert braiding and stitching, as well as an additional fourth chevron. Your university president or chancellor will shine with pride. 5

TASSEL DROPS AND ZIPPER PULLS Own your commencement! By customizing your graduation gown accessories, you are turning a typical graduation gown into a point of pride for students and parents. One of the most treasured graduation keepsakes is the tassel. Customize your tassel drop or zipper pull with the school’s logo, seal or campus landmark, turning this keepsake into an iconic symbol of the graduate’s success. 6

STOLES OF GRATITUDE AND STUDY ABROAD INTERNATIONAL STOLES The Herff Jones Stole of Gratitude offers an opportunity for graduates to thank people who have helped them in their educational journey. The stole is worn by the student during the commencement ceremony or at another occasion where a presentation is appropriate. After the ceremony, the new graduate presents the Stole of Gratitude to a person who provided extraordinary support and turned a dream into reality. The Study Abroad International Stole celebrates the achievements of students who have chosen to study abroad or who have chosen to study at your university from another country. Herff Jones offers the stole in a style representing many countries. These stoles are finished in all satin and offer attendees a special opportunity to recognize those students who have “gone the extra mile� in their educational journey. The Tribute Stole may be offered as a gift to honor a veteran, active military member or devoted graduate who has chosen to join the military following graduation. The Tribute Stole is worn during commencement as a way to symbolize their service so those in attendance may show respect, honor, and most of all, express gratitude for their service and protection of our country. 7

GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Graduation from college is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. Herff Jones helps students share their exciting news with family and friends through official Graduation Announcements, Thank You Notes, Personalized Notes, Envelope Seals and Appreciation Gifts. Custom Personalized Announcements (CPA) are the perfect way for students to announce their accomplishment. With the CPA program, announcements may be personalized with the student’s name, degree, major, specializations and honors. The front of the announcement may be customized to enhance your school’s branding efforts. 8

COLLEGE RINGS Your students and alumni deserve a college ring they can display with pride, a ring that reflects their individual accomplishments while showing off your unique brand. Whether you are seeking a single ring tradition or a custom ring collection, Herff Jones will work with you to develop a program you can be proud of, a program that reflects the honor and distinction of your school name. As your proven partner, we’ll help you create a custom ring program that enhances your school’s brand and strengthens the bond between you and your community. You can count on Herff Jones to be there every step of the way; we will support your traditions, we will be present on campus during ring sale events and grad fairs, and we will help you host ring delivery events and ceremonies that are sure to enhance the emotional experience that is receiving a college ring.


DIPLOMAS AND COVERS College diplomas and award certificates from Herff Jones are elegantly crafted from only the finest materials. They are made using the highest quality paper stocks and are decorated with beautifully engraved seals and crests, not simple reproductions. A broad range of engravings, printing styles and shadings offer numerous possibilities for both traditional and contemporary diplomas. Available in a variety of luxurious materials and a spectrum of colors, formats and sizes, Herff Jones diploma covers are enhanced with colorful linings and matching corner ribbons. They can be embellished with foil stamping, blind embossing and metallic cover seals.

DIPLOMA EZ PRINT™ Diploma EZ Print is a web-based diploma print service that gives you the luxury of selecting the print solution that best fits your graduation needs. You may request for Herff Jones to handle the diploma printing and delivery through a traditional factory print service, you may print the diplomas yourself using a self-print service at your office location, or you may prefer a combination of the two. We have the solution for you; we make graduation easy. 10

DIPLOMA FRAMES Framing Success will partner with you to maintain a successful and profitable diploma frame program. For more than 25 years, we have provided our customers with elegant, high-quality diploma frame products, as well as superior marketing support and customer service. Our diploma frames are handcrafted in the U.S.A. with Conservation-Quality Preservation matboard and Forest Stewardship Council速 (FSC速) certified natural hardwood mouldings. We guarantee every frame and we take great pride in our workmanship. Framing Success serves over 2,800 universities, colleges, corporations, government agencies and professional organizations across the country. 11

Sullivan Award

Wuerfell Trophy

Indianapolis Colts Superbowl Ring Spurs NBA Championship Ring

MEDALS AND AWARDS Herff Jones is your partner in recognizing outstanding accomplishments. When special achievements require one-of-a-kind awards, we offer comprehensive design and production services, walking you through the necessary steps from beginning to end. Whether it’s designing the Champion of Champions ring for the Indianapolis 500®, or creating a distinctive medal for a retiring school officer or incoming president, our extensive experience offers a complete solution to everything you’re looking to accomplish. 12

Brickyard 400 Champion Ring Indianapolis 500 Champion Ring

MEDICAL CAREER JEWELRY A nursing pin or badge is a timehonored symbol of the skill and commitment demonstrated by a graduate of a medical program. Pins represent pride in the professional training received and are a treasured symbol of accomplishment throughout a nursing career. The Maltese Cross, a traditional symbol of courage, has been identified as the inspiration of modern-day nursing pins. Graduates of any medical training institution have earned the right to wear a symbol of their accomplishment – and wear it proudly! They have chosen to dedicate their lives to the service of others.


COLLEGE JEWELRY Students, parents and alumni are drawn to the familiarity of your school’s logo or mascot reflected in these customdesigned pieces of fine jewelry. Give your biggest fans an opportunity to purchase a keepsake they’ll wear forever, and create an opportunity for alumni associations, bookstores, athletic departments and other campus entities to strengthen your brand and generate revenue. Fan jewelry is completely customizable, giving your college or university the ability to commemorate special events, recognize or reward individual and athletic achievements. Best of all, custom items can be manufactured to order and shipped in two weeks.


As your proven partner, Herff Jones ensures that your sales experience is easy and hassle-free. To stimulate sales, we provide custom marketing tools and create custom e-commerce sites that focus on your brand and can capture the sale at any time.

FRATERNITY AND SORORITY JEWELRY The Greek Division of Herff Jones serves as the official jeweler to the majority of college fraternities, sororities, honor societies, professional and local organizations. Our Greek jewelry symbolizes and celebrates a lifetime of meaningful membership. We proudly provide sororities and fraternities with official jewelry including pins, badges and chapter guards. Our offerings also include Greek accessory jewelry, stoles and gift items such as rings, lavalieres, pendants, charms, bracelets and officer dangles. This jewelry unites members, solidifies bonds and creates a shared understanding at a glance. 15

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