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BRONZE IN 60 SECONDS Get that sun-kissed glow in less than a minute

Protect your kisser day and night



Turn heads with the perfect gloss pout and pop of colour!

Your handbag essential this Valentine’s Day

SPOTLIGHT: Andrea Hetherington, Leather & Lattes

DAINTY DELICACY Exude elegance and poise this Valentine’s Day with our super fine jewellery!

February Issue

With February 14th looming, there’s a good chance your mind is not on what needs to be done in the office, (or even this week’s episode of Revenge!) but securing that special someone. We’re here to say, be at ease beautiful! HFB is ready to spoil you. To make you feel like a real lady, we are thrilled to bring to you our Dainty Delicacy accessories, super fine pieces to intricately accent your gorgeous form. If there is room for a man after HFB’s lovin’, our beauty goodies this month are sure to make you unforgettable this Valentine’s Day.

Her Fashion Box Soulful necklace, $24.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek Churches dress, $259.95


Prep those pins to dinner date dreamy with Bondi Sands new Tanning Mist! Prime and define those pretty lips with the Mirenesse Lip Bomb - stain, gloss and lacquer all in one! - and Chapstick Day & Night lip care. Finally, truly stay on his mind with Urban Rituelle Petit Parfums, in sultry Ginger Apple and a warm Vanilla. All in all, whether you celebrate this day or not, in your box you’ve got both your HFB mag and Shop Til You Drop to keep you perfectly inspired! Lots of love,


The HFB Team


FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Gabbie Secomb-Flegg CREATIVE DIRECTION Jamiel Virata STYLING Vanessa Rodrigues HAIR & MAKEUP Chloe Hurt MODEL Ellie H / Chadwick Models FASHION WRITER Serena Coady BEAUTY WRITER Victoria Stokes

DESIGN HEAD GRAPHIC DESIGN Jamiel Virata GRAPHIC DESIGN Chris Rae Dani Hair Chamroeun Deng


Protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout Creates a straight edge for shadow Helps perfect the winged cat eye Aids in perfecting lipstick application Self Adhesive Saves Time Eliminates Mess Hands Free

You will receive a pair of Shadow Shields to trial! To purchase a box, head to













LEATHER & LATTES ANGREA HETHERINGTON BLOGGER OF LEATHER & LATTES Like leatherandlattes Follow @leatherandlattes

Leather and Lattes is a personal style blog by Andrea Hetherington, who has a love for fashion and coffee. On her blog you’ll find outfit posts, product reviews, beauty, inspiration, interviews, and much more!

I have always had an avid interest in fashion and clothes and seeing new trends emerge, but it wasn’t something that was well planned – I just woke up one day and said “I want to start a fashion blog”. So that’s what I did, and now it’s my number one passion. I enjoy putting the outfits together, the photography, and the writing, but most of all putting myself out there and connecting with the audience. I wanted a name that would reflect my lifestyle in Sydney - plenty of fashion and coffee. After a long brainstorming session I came up with Leather & Lattes. It’s simple and catchy, and hopefully entices people to find out more about my blog.

“BEAUTIFUL BRACELETS AND NECKLACES DEFINITELY ADD TO MY SUMMER UNIFORM OF CAMISOLES, SHADES AND DENIM CUT OFFS.” My personal style is smart casual, though more smart than it is casual. I like classic dressing with an edge, for example, adding some spice to an outfit with a killer pair of heels, a statement bag, or a slick leather jacket. When I was younger I loved the boho beach look because I grew up on the coast, then I moved to London and went for the whole rock’n’roll vibe. Sometimes I go back to these roots to mix it up.


D D The latest cultural icons of Paris Couture Week, our new fave flick Wolf of Wall Street and Jay Z and Beyonce’s buying of an Arabian stallion for Blue Ivy’s birthday last month seem to imply life is all about living large and showing it. However we at HFB, doers of things differently, are going back to basics with poise and subtlety!

So let us - with a flourish of a sassily manicured hand - pass onto you the most underrated accessory trend of Spring/ Summer 2014, super fine jewellery.











Sure, we mean super fine in a sense the pieces are crazy cute and irresistible, but more so that these fine designs are petite to perfection. Stack these elegant pieces with your larger statement pieces or wear alone with a loose button up, whichever way you choose, the dainty delicacies will shine all on its own.


Her Fashion Box Stepping Stones necklace, $19.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek Glasswork dress, $249.95


Her Fashion Box Bubble bracelets, $24.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek Mezzanine top, $99.95

We are thrilled to bring the Dainty Delicacy collection to you Classic ladies as we know your iconic poise and strong sense of personal style will lead you to absolutely work these accessories. Embrace the timeless circular design of the Stepping Stones necklace and the Bubble bracelets with piercing shades of blue, black and white. Amp up any timeless ensemble with these subtle accents, it’s nearly impossible to clash with these perfect tones.

STYLE: Feminine

MICRO MISS Her Fashion Box Soulful necklace, $19.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek Churches dress, $259.95

Her Fashion Box Sun Ray bracelets, $24.95 Daniel K blouse, $210

Adorn those arms with the Sun Ray bracelets, in summer shades of fuschia, lemon and ivory, a match made in style heaven for all those gelato pops and macaroons we know you’ve been nibbling on! If you’re even more of a colour lover, make a magenta lip pop with the Soulful necklace draped over a sexy open neck blouse.


MILKY WAY Her Fashion Box Solar bracelets, $24.95 Jamie Ashkar dress, $450

Her Fashion Box Different Darkness necklace, $19.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek top, $139.95. Bless’ed Are The Meek Half Moon shorts, $119.95

While most songs beseech you to shine like the sun or like a diamond, with the Different Darkness necklace you’ll shine like midnight and we know you’ll love it. What we also know you Trendy gals love is... neon! So get excited for the Solar bracelets that thrill in a zesty neon yellow and more subdued shades of pink and black to bring balance and ensure your planets align. Special thanks to: The Grounds of Alexandria, Bless’ed Are The Meek, Jamie Ashkar and Daniel K.



Her Fashion Box Soulful necklace, $19.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek Churches dress, $259.95

Her Fashion Box Soulful necklace, $19.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek Churches dress, $259.95

Her Fashion Box Stepping Stones necklace, $19.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek Glasswork dress, $249.95

Her Fashion Box Different Darkness necklace, $19.95 Bless’ed Are The Meek top, $139.95. Bless’ed Are The Meek Half Moon shorts, $119.95

Her Fashion Box Sun Ray bracelets, $24.95 Daniel K blouse, $210

Her Fashion Box Solar bracelets, $24.95 Jamie Ashkar dress, $450


& Lifestyle




Here at HFB we’re obsessed by brows. And why shouldn’t we be? After all a well maintained brow has the ability to transform your face. Or as Jean Danielson, co-founder of Benefit Cosmetics puts it “You wouldn’t put a picture in an ugly frame and your brows are the frame to your face” That’s us told! But if your caterpillars are out of control, don’t despair! With a little know how it’s easy to pluck your way to make up artist eye brows


Go easy with those tweezers! The trick is to only remove the stray hairs and always tweeze below the brow.


Place pencil like so to define where the inside of your brow should stop. Turn it to the outside of your pupil and this is where your arch should be. 4.

Use a brush pallette or pencil to define the brow. Use it lightly to fill in any gaps in your brows, using quick lights strokes to keep the effect natural.


Highlighting your brow bone to add definition to your face. Dab a few blobs of Benefit’s High Beam across the bone and blend well for some subtle glamour and a stunning effect.


Before defining, make sure you groom them upwards into the desired shape using a small eyebrow brush.


Want your perfectly groomed eyebrows to stay in place all day? Just spray an eyebrow brush with hair spray and brush through each brow. Or simply slick on a teeny bit of Vaseline.


BE THE BOMB Want to be the girl who makes a statement when she enters a room? A head turning look starts with a perfectly gloss pout and high impact colour!

If there’s one thing we love at HFB HQ it’s an all-in-one. We go crazy for nifty little hybrids that do it all and makes the art of expressing ourselves that little bit easier. Maybe that’s why we’ve fallen in love with lip bombs from the award winning Aussie brand Mirenesse. Combining 3 products in one, a gloss, a stain and a lacquer, creating the perfect pout has never be easier. Never again will you have to cram your clutch with multiple products to reapply your

pout in the girl’s bathroom. Just remember to bring your lip bomb and you can reapply in one easy slick. But the one thing that really makes these lip lifesavers stand out? They come in 15 high impact shades so you can switch up your lip look as often as you change your outfit, meaning a fresh, head turning look every time. All that and they’re packed with a non-smearing pigment, lip perfecting spheres for vibrant colour, caring vitamins, a refreshing minty taste and an infinity lip applicator that makes the art of expressing yourself too easy and heaps more colourful. We’re sold!

Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Laquer Stain, RRP $39 each




available online at and at selected retailers from May 12th.

3-IN-1! Gloss, stain & lacquer HFB Loves! Look out for the new Mirenesse Lip Bomb Candy Collection available from February!





Use code: EO25 at checkout

Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. One voucher per customer in one transaction. Valid with minimum purchase $65 exclude P&H. Not redeemable for cash.



Visit for the full range of Mirenesse Lip Bombs Like MirenesseCosmetics on Facebook

Follow @mirenesse on Twitter




These days tanning has nothing to do with hours of sunbaking. We’d much rather get that sun kissed glow in under a minute.

We’re an impatient bunch and we sure don’t like to be left waiting around, especially when it comes to waiting on a fake tan to dry. Luckily home grown Aussie brand Bondi Sands knows all about those nasty fake tan problems and have designed a product to make sure you get a professional, salon quality tan without all the mess, fuss and the impatience of waiting around. Introducing Summer Bronze Instant Tan. It dries in 60 seconds meaning you have more time to do important things like... painting your nails and changing your outfit choice for the third time. And speaking of changing your outfit, it’s also transfer resistant meaning it won’t rub off on to your clothes and ruin your pretty white cocktail dress!

Bondi Sands Summer Bronze Instant Tan, RRP $16.95 each You will receive either the Light/Medium or Dark shade depending on the skin type you selected for your preferences!



Visit for the latest news and quick tips for your tanning needs! Like the Bondi Sands - The Australian Tan Facebook Page Follow @bondisands on Instagram

Follow @bondisands on Twitter

MAKES PERFECT SCENTS Got a hot date or just feeling a little flirty? Don’t forget to pop these sweet scents in your handbag for instant playfulness! You know the scenario: You’ve got a hot date, moisturised like there’s no tomorrow, put together your favourite outfit, added an extra slick of mascara and dashed out the door only to realise that you’ve forgotten to apply a seriously important date night essential – You didn’t spritz on your signature scent! Darn it, how is that hot guy going to know you smell like a meadow full of flowers now? Have no fear pretty ladies, Urban Rituelle have fixed that little problem right in the bud

by introducing Sweet Treats Petit Parfum, a range of 5 fabulously sweet fragrances that come in convenient travel size bottles, making them perfect for a quick spray on the go. We reckon you’ll go head over handbags for this nifty little clutch companion because they’re just so darn handy and with playful scents like Cotton Candy, Ginger Apple and Peach Blossom, they’re the perfect precursor for getting your flirt on. We say always keep one in your favourite clutch so you can spritz on any time of the day or night!

Urban Rituelle Petit Parfum, RRP $14.95 each


After applying perfume never rub the area you’ve just spritzed. It breaks up the fragrance and distorts the scent.

You will receive one of the Ginger Apple or Vanilla Petit Parfum’s scents






Use code: SAVE20 at checkout

Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. One voucher per customer in one transaction. Expires 28th of February, 2014.



Visit for the entire range of Urban Rituelle products! Like the Urban Rituelle Facebook Page

Follow @UrbanRituelle on Pinterest

Follow @UrbanRituelle on Twitter

Follow @UrbanRituelle on Instagram

Chapstick Day & Night, RRP $6.99


Available from leading supermarkets and pharmacies Australia wide

Whether you’re puckering up with your special someone or sipping mojitos with the girls, this Valentine’s make sure your lips are looking their best! Lips are made for kissing, which is great if you’ve got a date this Valentine’s day, but they’re also made for gossiping with your besties and drinking cocktails. We can’t decide which we’d rather be doing on February 14th, but one thing we know for sure is that Valentine’s is a great excuse to pamper and be pampered and this year we’re after a soft, healthy and loveable pout. Who better to help us get one than the name that’s synonymous with lip care and is our ultimate handbag staple, Chapstick! Now they’re making it even easier to achieve happy, healthy lips by providing round the


clock protection with a day and night duo aimed at protecting and hydrating your lips for a killer smile. With added Vitamin E and SPF 15+, Chapstick EveryDay Lip Care is great for slicking on when you’re on the go to help repair and protect your lips every day. With soothing Aloe Vera, Chapstick Night Repair is your perfect bedtime companion for ensuring lasting protection as you sleep, perfect for keeping your lips looking happy and healthy whether you’re kissing or gossiping this Valentine’s day — ­ or both!


Visit to check out the complete range! Like the Chapstick Australia Facebook Page Follow @ChapstickAus on Twitter

Follow @ChapstickAus on Instagram























#herfashionbox @herfashionbox @lhotrocks



SHARE IN ALL THE FUN! We love to see the different ways people rock their Her Fashion Box accessories and of course your new beauty products too! Take a photo of your Her Fashion Box, your accessories, your favourite beauty product or even some or all of the above and use #herfashionbox to share them with the rest of the HFB community.

There’ll be random prize giveaways for our favourite shots and we’ll print the best ones in each issue of Her Fashion Magazine! Be as creative as you like! We love selfies, outfit flat lays, beauty product before and afters, nail art and generally snaps of you enjoying your box favourites!



#UrbanRit uelle #Mirenesse @squidgey84

To be in the running for the awesome prizes, make sure you use the correct brand hashtags.


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