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THANK YOU MR NILSSON James Nilsson retired as the President of the Old Boys' Association in March after three years. James Nilsson retired as the President of the Old Boys' Association this March after three years. In this time James has pulled together the biennial 4WD Old Boys' fundraiser, and with the help of his team has streamlined the event making it a more sustainable and successful fundraiser for the future. This will enable the Association to continue to fund scholarships and support other capital projects around the school. Another initiative during his tenure included the restoration of the pool and surrounds; this was also supported by the Hereworth Parents' Association. The Hereworth Old Boys would like to extend their thanks to James for a great job well done.

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From the Board Hereworth Old Boys’ Association report Cups & Founders' Room 2017 Cups and Leavers Chaplaincy and Boarding team Catering Manager Hereworth Old Boys' Association School Highlights 2017

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A WARM WELCOME We welcome our new President, Marcus Peacock (1983-1985). Marcus is a parent of boarders; Jimmy Year 8 and Micky Year 7. He has picked up the baton of President of the Old Boys' Association along with his team: Adam Dunkerley (1983-1986) Treasurer and parent of Cooper Year 8, Tim Wilkins (1980-1983) Secretary and parent of Luke Year 7 and Oliver Year 4. We also welcome our new Foundation Coordinator – Victoria Hamilton. Victoria Hamilton (Tor) is your point of contact within the school and coordinator of events for YOBS, Old Boys' and the 65 Club. Tor also maintains the register and has started planning for 2027 which will mark Hereworth’s Centenary. Her other roles include the maintenance of social media, all Old Boys' communication and developing the philanthropic side of Hereworth School - past, present and moving into the future.


It is my pleasure to introduce to the Hereworth community our current Board members along with their key skill sets. Diocesan representatives: Bishop Andrew Hedge (spiritual, governance, education & leadership), Jonathan Hensman, Chairman (education, governance, boarding, risk, organisational development & leadership) Lucy Dobbs (public relations, marketing, communications & strategy).

is well placed to perform at a higher level into the future. We wish him and his family our very best as they begin the next chapter of their lives.

Old Boy representatives: Jeremy Absolom (leadership, marketing, strategy, finance & business acumen), Gareth Biggs (finance, banking & business acumen) Michael Bate (law, business acumen, dispute resolution, property administration & governance).

Mr Willy Kersten will follow this period of shared leadership as an Interim Headmaster from Queen’s Birthday weekend until the year’s end. Mr Kersten has considerable experience as an education leader with over ten years at Rathkeale as Headmaster and prior to that a long period of service as Associate Headmaster at Palmerston North Boys’ High School. Married to Ali, also a teacher and with four adult children, they have considerable knowledge and understanding of quality schooling, boarding and working together as a team to enhance community sharing and sense of togetherness. Mr Kersten has a genuine interest in and empathy for boys’ education.

Parent representatives: Sarah Park (governance, business planning, strategic thinking & implementation, fund management & finance), Gareth Kilsby, Deputy Chairman (finance/ accounting, business acumen, property & human resources) Elaine White (health care & governance). This is a Board selected at the discretion of the Diocese and one that is skill based. It is important for the future of the School that we attract and select highly experienced and skilled people on to the Board. With growing demands and accountability on governance roles as a Board we are indeed intentional with our rigorous process of Board member selection. On behalf of the wider Hereworth community we thank our outgoing Headmaster, Steve Fiet for the contribution he has made to our School in over two years. His changes in the academic performance of the boys with excellent value added performance, enhanced care with a new boarding model, improved dining and sports provision outcomes and the appointment of many highly talented and dedicated staff ensures the School

For the first five weeks of term two our two dedicated and highly capable Deputy Heads, Deb Richardson and Kate Field will ensure the School is stable and consolidates on current successes.

Key initiatives for 2019 will be addressed by the Board over the next few months. We are keen to continue the academic focus, regardless of an individual boy’s ability; committed to personalised learning across all endeavours to reinforce the importance of each boy; fully supportive of, and committed to the professional development of the staff; continue to reinforce the behavioural standards for which Hereworth has been historically known; grow both the boarding roll and the overall School numbers; ensure that we strive to perform to the highest levels in music, drama and sport; and continue to advance the Master Plan feasibility to determine which projects are best pursued. As all of these facets of School life unfold we look forward to the wider Hereworth community to stand beside us and provide their full support. THE LOCKER ROOM | 1


Another busy year has rolled around as I finish my three-year tenure as President. Hereworth is very sound and has staff of the highest calibre. The Old Boys’ community continues its valuable support of the school by not only offering scholarships, but also contributing towards additional equipment and ongoing upkeep of the excellent school facilities. This year's Gala showed our valuable support of the school by contributing greatly to the biennial HPA Gala held at the school at the end of March 2018. The HOBA Meat Stall, through generous donations of lambs from Old Boys, netted just under $20,000 towards the total raised of just over $50,000 which was a fabulous start for the year.

month later, at the start of April, with wet weather playing its part ensuring that mud ended up being a large component of this run! Special thanks to the Absolom family, for not only allowing access to Rissington Station, but ensuring we could host the event at their local Omatua Girl Guides Camp site – the perfect venue for a three-day event. This biennial event attracts 4WD enthusiasts from Northland to Otago, and is run by the HOBA in conjunction with helpers from the HPA – look out for information on next year’s event in March 2019.

It is satisfying to see applications under way for next year’s Old Boys' Scholarship. A Scholarship provides the opportunity for a boy to thrive in the Hereworth environment but may not be able to attend because of financial barriers. We currently have two boarding boys in receipt of Old Boys’ Scholarships, enabling them to be part of this wonderful school.

The Hereworth Fence project also continues to be an opportunity to support the Old Boys’ Scholarship Fund by purchasing a picket around the 1st club wicket. Join the Legacy – not only will you have a personally named picket on the new fence, but this project is a way to help keep strengthening the Old Boys’ Scholarship fund.

This past year saw the newly renovated school pool and sun shades (HOBA project in 2016) in full use for the Swimming Sports. It was good to see a number of Old Boys who had worked on the renovation, front up to take part in the annual Old Boys’ race – we encourage more to do so in the future.

The Old Boys’ Summer Sports Day towards the end of Term 4 was a great event for all, with Old Boys, and the wider Hereworth community welcome and involved. There was a great feeling of ‘family’ and this is what our school is all about. I believe it is a good way to keep the Hereworth connection alive with our younger Old Boys and to recognise the invaluable support from our more “experienced” Old Boys! Look after your school, it remains a special place and your support is always valued – even if in the form of an email to keep the database current. Keep in touch – you’re always welcome through the front gates.

With the Hereworth 4WD event remaining as the HOBA main fundraiser every other year, it continues to grow in popularity, netting $50,000 towards the HOBA fund in the 2017 event. The hot weather played havoc leading to the postponement of the 6th Hereworth 4WD Trek due to fire bans throughout Hawke’s Bay. The event was held a 2 | THE LOCKER ROOM


Then we would love to welcome you to become a member of the 65 Club. We meet once or twice per year for lunch and have a great laugh and reminisce about the good old school days.


Contact the office (06) 877 8138 for more information about joining the club.

Do you know these gentlemen in the photo above? We need names please! Email us at: foundation@

IN MEMORIAM Kim Radcliffe Roberts (1958-1959) died 25/12/2017 Duncan Kenneth Hamilton OBE (1941-1945) died 6/6/2017 Doug William Nowell-Usticke (1942-1946) died 13.08.2017 Paul “Butch” John Renton (1973-1975) died 2.08.2017 Denis Horton McKenzie (1955-1959) died 14.03.2017 Daniel Aloi D'Esposito (1994-1998) died 21.04.2018 Hamish Gordon Blackmore (1970-1973) died 20.04.2018

Hereworth School sends sincere condolences to the families and friends of these Hereworth Old Boys.

10 YEAR REUNIONS If you are interested in organising a year or decade reunion, the Old Boys' Association and school foundation office will be happy to assist you. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further. Contact details below. Hereworth School Te Mata Road, Havelock North PO Box 8074, Havelock North 4157 Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand P: +64 6 877 8138 E:

Hereworth School

Building a Greater Hawke’s Bay 


Cups and Founders' Room



Presented by Mr WD Barker, this cup is no longer awarded and remains proudly on display in the cabinet in the Founders' Room.

We are so lucky to have Railene Mabin continue her wonderful work cataloguing our cups and updating the history in the Founders' Room.

Can any of the past winners (below) enlighten us on what you had to do to win the cup? Email: 1949 PRT Barker 1951 PJ Nelson 1953 TS Peacock 1955 HD Peacock 1956 TLD Gane 1957 DJG Wilkins 1958 JPS Hislop

1960 ID Ewart 1962 TH Druce 1963 JD Druce 1964 TH Mackie 1965 JLW McKenzie 1966 NM Mackie 1967 CJD Moller

1969 GP Wilson 1970 DN Whyte 1971 AJ Rowntree 1972 RH Warren 1973 AM Caseley 1974 MJ Mason 1975 MG Averill

1959 JR Dasent

1968 HB Mackay

1976 ACW Duncan

Railene is liaising with a local wood turner to redo the bases on the cups and enable them to stand proud in the cabinets in our Founders' Room. If you have Hereworth cups which you no longer wish to “home”, we would welcome them to the cabinets in the Founders' Room where they will greatly contribute to our displayed school history. Conversely if you are a recent Old Boy and have cups which may be needed here at school we welcome them back. The Founders' Room continues to take shape as a space where we can proudly entertain our visitors and a wonderful place to appreciate the history of Hereworth School. We are working on soft furnishings to further enhance this room – blinds to protect from sun damage and squabs/ cushions for the window seat. We plan for this room to continue to be at the heart of the school for many years to come.

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Visit or call us on 0800 562 543 A Disclosure Statement is available on request, free of charge


2018 Hereworth Leavers 2017 CUP WINNERS



Porritt Cup Winner, Hugh Kilsby TOP RIGHT:

Salvia Cup Winner, Jack Smith BOTTOM LEFT:

Academic Head of School Winner, William Kersjes

Confident • Connected • A Lifelong Learner • Actively Involved • Sound Christian and Moral Values

ity n u m m o c l a c o l ts i proud to support

Locally owned and operated, Hastings, Havelock North, Napier & Taradale.



Chaplaincy and Boarding Team Rev'd Alan Burnett and his wife Hayley started at Hereworth in January 2018 as the Boarding Team, taking the reins from Matron Trish Hutchins who had provided a fabulous 28 years’ service to the Hereworth boarding environment. The Boarding House bricks and mortar remain the same, but Alan and Hayley are committed with Luna (their black Lab) and Bicardi (long standing feline boarder) to create a family environment. The cold showers which some of you may remember have been replaced with hot showers - just like home! Morning runs still happen three times a week with boys accompanied by Alan and the Headmaster still reads to the boys two to three times at night over the week. Jeanette Cooper (matron) provides a break for Hayley and Alan over the weekend, and the ever present Mr Ian Scott remains the Boarding Master. Alan’s other hat is as the School Chaplain; he came to Hereworth from his Whangarei ministry. He has been ordained for four years and with this role at Hereworth he will be taking school Chapel Services, teaching religious education classes and very importantly he is involved with Pastoral Care. Alan provides “a safe listening ear” for the boys – which addresses their spiritual needs in a very nonthreatening and accessible dimension, embracing the sound Christian and moral value characteristic for our boys. CHAPEL YOUR DREAM VENUE? The Chapel is available to be booked for both Weddings and Baptisms, please contact Alan at the school if you're interested – it remains a treasure in our grounds.


ABOVE: Best wishes to Melissa and Samuel Franklin married in the Hereworth Chapel 26.01.2018


Paolo Pancotti “An army marches on its stomach” Five minutes spent with Paolo Pancotti (Hereworth’s catering manager since October 2017) is a masterclass in nutrition, with his firm belief that a plate should consist of a quarter protein, a quarter starch/carbohydrate and half vegetables. He truly lives the phrases “We are what we eat” and “An army marches on its stomach”, and his stint as the team chef for the English Rugby Union (not to mention his time in a Michelin starred restaurant) has provided him a great understanding of what the body needs to fuel different levels of activity and growth. He has a desire to cook good, honest and above all nutritious meals for the boys and staff of the school - with the kitchen serving an average of 300 meals every day. Paolo wants to influence every Hereworth boy’s attitude to food by having them all involved in the provenance of the food they are served every day, including hands on preparation of the food they will eat. Paolo makes his own chutney, bread and muesli, not to mention a superb tomato sauce – as is befitting his Italian heritage.

A work in progress for both Paolo and the school is the further development of the kitchen gardens to meet the school’s needs (this was started with HOBA funding a couple of years ago). Not only will this reduce the kitchen’s costs, but waste as well. Paolo sources and uses well produced local produce and has managed to reduce kitchen waste from three buckets to just half a bucket per day. He has also reduced the number of plastic milk bottles used daily in conjunction with local milk and cheese producers Origin Earth. This has been so successful that local cafes and schools have also signed up to this innovative plan. Any left-over usable food from the school kitchen is taken to a local food recovery and distribution centre in Hastings, ‘Nourished for Nil’. Paolo really has enabled Hereworth to turn over a new leaf!



Hereworth Old Boys' Association

NIC HILL Nic Hill (1989-1990) is Headmaster of Christchurch Boys' High School. Nic was at Hereworth for two years, enjoying cricket and rugby; he was in the 1st XI and 1st XV and did well at athletics. He was the Head Prefect and won the Porritt Cup. Most of his time at school he was a day boy, but did board for periods as he loved school so much. He loved the Hereworth experience of sport, great friends and wonderful staff, and remembers the formality of school; things like chapel and the carol service at St Luke's with great fondness. After leaving school Nic returned to Hereworth and spent some time as a tutor while studying part time. He continued to study during his teaching career and now has a Masters in Management as well as an Arts and Business degree. Nic taught at Wellington College and Waitaki Boys’ High School before becoming the Headmaster at Christchurch Boys’ in 2013 at age 36. “The main gift from Hereworth was a sense of ambition and I do think a lot of this came from the formal aspects of the school and also the opportunities for success.”


SAM HARRIS Sam Harris (2011-2013) is in Year 13 at Havelock North High School and entering his second year in the NZ Secondary Schools Choir (NZSSC), having been selected in 2017 as tenor. Sam has always enjoyed singing and was Deputy Head Chorister when at Hereworth. Sam describes his time in the NZSSC as fantastic. He has a busy schedule over each term learning pieces with local tutor Joe Christensen and in each school holidays the Choir performs in a city in NZ. This culminates year end in an international performance – this year China. Sam enjoys both choral and acting at HNHS and is sitting ATCL in September 2018 for Music. He plans to head to Auckland University for 2019. Well done Sam and we wish you well for 2018 and what the next stage of life brings.

CHARLIE MURPHY Charlie Murphy is a year 8 Boarder from Tolaga Bay; he is a recipient of HOB Scholarship. When asked what he enjoys most about Hereworth, for Charlie it is boarding and sport. He is quick to add however that Hereworth not only provides him with academic excellence, but many sporting opportunities which continue to build his confidence and independence. Reflecting back on his first day at Hereworth, Charlie remembers meeting his teacher, classmates and then realising he had forgotten his pencil case! However, after that minor glitch with his start to Hereworth, Charlie now is settled into the academic side of life, reporting his current teacher Mr Unwin is 'good at explaining things and funny'. Being a full time boarder, Charlie enjoys the weekend activities such as Iron Pot fishing, movies, walking to the Village and hanging out with his friends. Reflecting on his proudest moment at Hereworth so far, Charlie's response was; the School performing the Haka for Mr Fiets’ farewell at the end of Term 1.


School Highlights 2017 HOUSE RESULTS Winner of Cricket,

Athletics, Swimming, Sandy Lane, Merit Points, Hockey


Winner of

Rugby, Football


Winner of

Tennis, Chess, Mastermind


Winner of

House Shield


2017 SCHOOL EVENT SNAPSHOTS Kids Sing 2017, both the St James' Chapel Choir and Les Jeunes Choristes won gold.

"Oliver!" School Production

Hereworth had a clean sweep against Huntley, our long time adversary during 2017 in the following codes: Cricket (1st & 2nd XI), Tennis (1st & 2nd VIII), Softball (Senior A), Rugby (1st & 2nd XV), Soccer (1st & 2nd XI), Hockey (1st & 2nd XI)


Sophie M :

+ 6 4

2 7

2 7 3

0 4 4 6



Horonui | March 2019





Spaces are limited so please register your interest:

Save the Date 2018 (updated details and times on the school App or Webpage)

May 17 9.30am Huntley Winter Sports Fixture (H), 12pm 65 Club lunch May 31 9.30am Southwell, Hamilton Winter Sports Fixture (A) Jun 1

9.30am St Peter's, Cambridge Winter Sports Fixture (A)

Jun 13-15 Dilworth Sport and Cultural fixture. Concert on 14th, 3.30pm at School. (H) Aug

Founders' Dinner – date and speaker to be confirmed

Aug 6-9 Auckland Trip for Choir (A) Aug 23 Wellesley, Winter Sports fixture (H) Sep 1

The Hereworth Fence brings a very special, one-off opportunity to become part of the school’s history.

Huntley 1st XV (A)

Sep 21 Sandy lane, end of Term Oct 26

YOBs Sports pm at School

Nov 8

St Peter's Summer Sports (H)

Nov 18 Dr Reeve Cricket Team v 2nd XI at School Nov 22 Christmas Market at School 5.30pm Dec 1

Hereworth Supporters Club (HSC) Summer Sports Fixture at School Tennis, Softball and Cricket Matches

Dec 8

1st XI Cricket versus Waihi Pai

Dec 14 11am Community Carol Service at St Luke's +64 6 877 8138 | HEREWORTH.SCHOOL.NZ

Buy your picket online at

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