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COM 135 Week 7 CheckPoint RFP Analysis (UOP) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

CheckPoint: RFP Analysis · Resources: pp. 2-8 and 47-76 in Technical Writing: Process and Product (5th ed.), “Clark County: Requests for Proposals,” “Writing Specifications,” and “Writing a Good RFP” · Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum · Review Clark County: Requests for Proposals located at: · Consider the purpose and components of the sample RFP. · Use the information in the sample RFP to address the following: o Review the “Purpose” section of the RFP. In two to three sentences, describe the reason behind the Web development project. What does the county want to achieve? o What is the tone of the RFP? How might it differ from the tone in an RFP created by a nongovernmental agency? (Tone refers to a writer’s attitude toward the subject matter and readers.) o List three other requirements that the county has included on its “wish list” for the site development. (Refer to Attachment A-Part II: Project Description section) o What are the RFP submitting requirements? How is the respondent’s ability to meet

these requirements important to the county’s decision? (Refer to the “Schedule” section.) o Do you think the county’s needs are clearly and concisely communicated in the specifications outlined in the RFP for respondents? Explain your reasoning.

Com 135 week 7 checkpoint rfp analysis (uop)