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COM 135 Week 4 DQ 1 and DQ 2 (UOP) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

Discussion Question 1 · Due Date: Day 2 [Main] forum · Post your response to the following: You have been asked by a prospective employer to explain in writing why you selected your degree program and how the degree will help advance your career. What two prewriting techniques would you use to organize your thoughts about the topic? Explain your choices. 3. Discussion Question 2 · Due Date: Day 4 [Main] forum · Post your response to the following: What is the most effective prewriting technique for your final project? Explain why you chose this prewriting technique. · Review your classmates’ responses. · Respond by explaining if you would change your choice of prewriting technique based on your classmates’ ideas. Why or why not?

Com 135 week 4 dq 1 and dq 2 (uop)