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A Creative Playground Romana Zöchling’s synergetic label Words by Julia Eskins Photos by Lisa Edi

Vienna’s artistic scene has been described in a thousand different ways. For fashion designer Romana Zöchling, “brewing and exciting” are two words that accurately sum up its appeal. If her print-filled collections were akin to a freshly percolated cup of coffee, it would be nearly impossible to put your finger on a single origin. In Zöchling’s world, collaborations and several influences form a mixed bag of beans, resulting in an ultra stimulating output. Since founding her label FERRARI ZÖCHLING in 2013, the designer has collaborated with several artists on her textile prints and conceptual editorials. The brand’s concept initially drew inspiration from photographer Severin Koller’s analogue captures, which were then printed on silk or viscose and integrated into the collections. Most recently, Zöchling has teamed up with another Vienna-based photographer, Lisa Edi, whose works play with paradoxes and themes of fragmentation and abstraction. Zöchling’s pieces are made exclusively in Austria, with the majority of the production taking place in her studio and shop in the seventh district. Here & There Magazine caught up with her to discuss her latest collaborations, inspirations and mostadmired creative forces.



The Vienna issue  

Here & There Magazine's final issue of volume two takes you to the musical city of Vienna.

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