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Gaudí in Poetry: Inspired by nature Many of Barcelona’s most compelling corners can be credited to Antoni Gaudí. The famous Spanish architect left his mark on the city by way of mosaics and organic shapes, giving the most ordinary spaces his unique Modernista touch. An innovator inspired by nature, Gaudí introduced several new techniques in the treatment of materials, such as his trencadís mosaic style, which used recycled ceramic pieces. He rarely sketched design plans; instead creating three-dimensional models and mirror systems to examine forms from different angles. This allowed Gaudí to run wild with his inspirations, which were often linked to animal anatomy, the environment and religion. To this day, his surreal spaces transport guests to another world. With his early influences including nature and Japanese art, we highlight five of his Barcelona buildings (all declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO) using Haiku poetry and photos from our travels.

Words by Julia Eskins Photos by Aleyah Solomon

Volume Two: the Barcelona issue  

Here & There Magazine explores the art, fashion, design and culture in Barcelona for the seventh issue.

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