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Distorted View Victor Enrich’s virtual structures

Words by Konstantina Pyrnokoki Photos by Victor Enrich If Frank Gehry’s cubist establishments challenged your traditional perception of architecture, or if Antoni Gaudí’s designs made you realize that buildings can, in fact, be works of art, wait until you see Victor Enrich’s futuristic virtual constructions. The Spanish architectural visualizer and photographer has reimagined a series of buildings through digitally manipulated photos, turning the once conventional establishments into mind-blowing optical illusions. From ‘accordion tower blocks’ to gun-shaped hotels, his City Portraits project presents a surrealistic image of what certain buildings in cities around the world would look like, if physics and construction law allowed people to get that creative.

Volume Two: the Barcelona issue  

Here & There Magazine explores the art, fashion, design and culture in Barcelona for the seventh issue.

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