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Gold Coast

Thursday 27 - 1 - 2030

Australia’s first President tours Roving Capital


Prime Minister Cullen and a selection of the local community, showed President Turnbull around the newly operating, world’s first, Roving Capital City. A packed itinerary (detailed below) saw the President begin his day at the Gathering Circle, visit the People’s Assembly (formerly


Yesterday was an auspicious day in the life of the nation.

parliament) and museum, take a tour of food production at the National Produce Garden, have lunch at the bustling downtown district, inspect the transport hub and finally attend meetings at local government departments, once home to the transport CIC (Capital Ideas Centre).

Capital Camping Ground New Downtown

Capital Boulevard and the National Produce Market

7 8

Capital Boulevard


Capital Boulevard, tram and pedestrian walk Transit Centre

The National Chamber

High Speed Rail

6 5

National Produce Market and Garden


Capital Gathering Circle

4 Cableway


The tour itinerary 1

Meeting at the Gathering Circle 9:00am

Government renews green pledge

Marking the first official reception at the Gathering Circle, the Prime Minister formally welcomed the President to the Capital at the outdoor meeting space by the river, opposite the Welcome Peninsula. A traditional ‘Welcome to Country’ was performed prior to President Turnbull’s short speech, in which he reaffirmed Australia’s commitment to meeting its international carbon targets and renewed dedication to involving decision makers with issues of environmental policy. Further President Turnbull reaffirmed Australia’s desire for continued economic, social and cultural ties with South East Asia and the broader region stating that “a main driver for moving Australia’s capital further north was to reaffirm a continued strong commitment to our northern neighbours.”


A Speech to Parliament 10.30am

Aussies praised for capital creation

The President and Prime Minister walked across the Welcome Bridge to the new Chambers building, stopping in the market to talk to local stall owners. The President addressed parliament, outlining and reaffirming Australia’s commitment to issue-based, direct democracy, and praising national and local communities for coming together to create a true Capital of the people, by the people and for the people. Here the Prime Minister remained, and a selection of the local community and schoolchildren, continued with the tour.


A Wall Against Climate Change 11:15am

Wall walkers face reality of doing nothing

The President made some brief remarks at the Capital Sea Wall, noting sombrely that: “This wall was built to shield Currumbin from the rising of the oceans that we as a global community were able, but not willing, to stop. May it serve as a reminder of the dangers of inaction in the face of difficult and complicated problems to come.”


Capital Sea Wall Arts Centre


Welcome Peninsula

Address to the Currumbin Design Collective 11.30am

The Chamber Government + Ceremonial Town Centre Higher Density Living *

Presidential gratitude for design collective

The President thanked the CDC for their work in creating the Capital. The association includes citizen architects, planners, designers and engineers who spent years working with international experts and the local community, to develop sustainable buildings and spaces that made the Gold Coast the most energy efficient city on earth. At the CDC the President was shown the final broad Concept Plan for the region which highlights how the various land uses and innovative governance, development, produce and recreation areas are interconnected with new high quality transport and best practice infrastructure (see plan right).


The National Produce Garden 12:00pm

Positive shifts to come

A visit to the ‘food bowl’, as its locally known, saw the President and Prime Minister inspect and sample the varieties of food currently grown at the garden. Here the Prime Minister announced a goal to have 50% of Australia’s food produced within 30km of where it is sold by 2040. The National Produce Garden has already inspired a huge return to localised food production, with reports from big supermarkets that community production is beginning to adversely affect their share price. The Prime Minister sharply restated that “in a more positive shift to come we hope to see a role for Australia’s food duopoly to support broad and dispersed regional supply-chains and add to our cross-landscape resilience.”


Going Downtown 12.30pm

Lunch fit for a president

The President dined downtown from a menu of food grown and prepared exclusively within Currumbin. The bustling downtown area saw significant population growth in the lead-up to the Capital’s opening. This was following a slow start over the previous decade and compulsory acquisition of land to be returned to national parks. The area is a popular destination with parliamentarians and bureaucrats seeking lively, apartment style living in close proximity to work.

* Different locations will prototype various densities, typologies, food production, etc

National Produce Garden National Camping Ground Emerging Industry + Innovation Mangrove Rejuvenation Riverside Lower Density Living Natural Landscape Transit Oriented Development East Coast High Speed Rail Cycle Route Tram


A Modern Transport Hub 2.30pm

Full speed ahead

Having arrived by High Speed Rail (HSR) earlier in the morning, the President was given a tour of the multinodal, high tech hub later in the day. Despite initially low patronage, the hub now serves thousands of arrivals and departures by HSR per day, moving efficiently onto the local tram and bus network. The President met with representatives from the Department of Transport to discuss future transport needs in Currumbin.


Visiting Politicians and Ministries 4:00pm

Leaders face up to thriving democracy

The President finally visited several offices in the transport ministry district, utilising the local tram network and even the new bike hire scheme. Many ministry offices already carry a strong history, having been used as locations for Capital Ideas Centres in the decade to 2030. The disparate ministry districts were a long-standing controversial option, as critics argued that they should be in close proximity to each other for efficiency. However the argument which won was for a series of highly digital and sustainably networked buildings that would at the end of this capital rotation, be easily converted into offices, apartments or community buildings. The networked ministries encourage politicians and public servants to really live in and be part of the community. Already more intensive districts are arising around the ministry hubs, forming new communities and identities.

Marianne King Currumbin Downtown

Lesley Williams Currumbin Waters

I thought the photoops were a bit cheesy, but the President spoke well and honestly to the community face to face. I was very happy with the commitment to locally grown food as I’ve just opened the growing supplies store Capital Boulevard! I was happy both the Prime Minister and the President seemed interested in our concerns about the lack of rain and its affects on the local food production.

I’m a bit disappointed, when we won the lottery I was expecting we’d get some beautiful grand buildings into Currumbin but otherwise it’d stay about the same! But things have been much more gradual, and now there’s just a lot more people living in apartments! I’m not too happy about all these young people cycling around either. I am enjoying the local fruit and vege though, they’re much better than the supermarket stuff.

I am very pleased to pass on our heartiest congratulations to Australia from the people of Indonesia. We were skeptical of the Roving Capital Initiative when it was first announced, but I have informed our President of the progress being made in sustainable city design evident in Currumbin. We were pleased to have involvement in the design of our new Embassy here, and we hope the very Indonesian design serves the local community well after 2045. I personally thanked the Australian President today for his remarks about moving the Capital towards Indonesia and was grateful for his expression of friendship associated with this. Ambassador to Indonesia, the Honourable Mr Sudoyono

We are happy Australia is becoming a greater part of the South East Asian region.” 503f2c