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Dalby Road
 Melton Mowbray LE13 0BJ 01664 565 456 

Welcome to Swallowdale Primary School School Prospectus 2017

“Our school is a caring school where all pupils thrive.”

Our prospectus will give you a brief sample of what Swallowdale Primary School is all about. Every member of staff here truly 
 believes our whole school message; “Together we fly high.”
 Everybody works towards achieving their potential and this is the message that is consistently modelled to all children. The children are regularly praised for their fantastic manners and politeness and in our latest Ofsted report the behaviour was described as“exemplary. We are part of a Multi Academy Trust. As part of the Bradgate Education Partnership we work collaboratively with other schools, sharing best practice and resources. 
 We are extremely proud of Swallowdale and welcome new 
 parents to come and sample the ethos and atmosphere. If you would like to visit our school and gain a sense of the 
 atmosphere we create, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Kind regards, 
 Mrs Philippa Plant Headteacher

Swallowdale School was built in 1973. It is situated on the south side of Melton Mowbray. The building is modern, 
 open-plan design providing an excellent atmosphere for 
 Two multi purpose halls that are used for a variety of school 
 activities. Staging can be built in the large hall for concerts and drama productions. Fully equipped classrooms, a library, a kitchen and an ICT suite all enhance children’s learning.

Outside there are extensive grounds with great facilities for sport including two large fields and tarmac 
 play areas


A special ‘sensory garden’ which 
 provides an opportunity to have ‘hands on’ 
 experience of gardening and an 
 excellent facility for the study of 
 plant/animal life

School Curriculum 
 Swallowdale aims to provide a broad, 
 balanced and relevant curriculum 
 which is appropriate to each child’s 
 age and abilities. We present the new national curriculum but 
 we also understand that there are other aspects of school life that are of value to our children. For this reason, we have many extra-curricular sports, music and social clubs and events. We hope to develop the academic abilities, character and personality of every child and lay the foundations for future 
 success and life-long learning. Subjects





Art & Design

Health Education



Religious Education



Design & Technology

Sex Education & Relationships 
 For full curriculum details please visit our website

What Ofsted had to say

"Teaching is outstanding. Activities in lessons are well planned and make high demands on pupils, so that they work hard and make rapid progress.”

Teaching Staff

 Our teaching staff are well qualified and committed to their work. They, together with our team of Learning Support Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants, ensure that the needs of our children are fully met. 
 They have a wealth of experience and the enthusiasm and skills necessary to make Swallowdale an exciting and challenging school. Their dedication is reflected in the different extra-curricular activities that are offered in the school. 
 We feel that these activities are important in our aim to promote personal qualities, skills and interests relevant to the children’s present and future needs. 
 Please see the website for more information about our staff.

What the children say
 “I love coming to Swallowdale because the teachers are all friendly and they help when you’re stuck” - Ella - Year 5

We have a range of activities and clubs including: Gardening, Dance, Art, Cooking, Choir, School Band, Guitar, Violins, Football, Tag Rugby, Cross Country and Netball

Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities 
 Day visits also form an important part of our curriculum. Our programme of events have included trips to Beaumanor – Gruffalo Day, 
 Stonehurst Farm Park, The National Space Centre, The Yorvik Centre, The Tower of London, The Think Tank Museum Birmingham and 
 Birmingham Arena for Young Voices.

Swallowdale's Values

• Swallowdale School strives to be a place where everybody feels happy and secure. • Whatever their race or gender, every person within the school is valued equally. • Just as everybody who works at Swallowdale has rights, they also have responsibilities. Everybody is responsible for the general well-being of the school community. • Everybody at Swallowdale will be encouraged to achieve his or her potential. The promotion of achievement and confidence is central to our aims. • We value everybody’s achievements. • The school needs to have rules, rewards and sanctions to maintain a fair and friendly 
 atmosphere. What Ofsted had to say

“School values are embedded into everyday school life”

Behaviour / Discipline When your child comes to Swallowdale they will join a school with an ethos built on mutual trust and respect. We expect all children to behave appropriately and feel that discipline is an important part of school life. It is essential to the process of ensuring that all children achieve 
 maximum progress.

 The Swallowdale ‘Behaviour Code’ is based on: • Common Sense • Fairness • Respect for Others 
 Parents are always informed if a child’s behaviour becomes a cause for concern. Sanctions involve a ‘Time Out’ period, giving pupils an opportunity to reflect and improve on their current behaviour. 

Key Information 

TIMES OF THE SCHOOL DAY KS1 – 8.50 – 12.00 – 1.15-3.05 KS2 – 8.45 – 12.00 – 1.10-3.10 These &mes enable the school to meet the statutory requirements for minimum teaching &mes. There is a mid-morning break in both departments of 15 minutes. Members of staff are on duty for 10 minutes at the beginning and end of the school day. Children who arrive earlier are not the school’s direct 
 responsibility in law and there is no formal supervision.

SAFETY ON DALBY ROAD Swallowdale is situated on a very busy/dangerous road. Parents are asked to adhere strictly to a 3 point Safety Code:1. Cars should never stop or park on the zig-zag lines or the area opposite them 2. Parents’ cars and taxis should never use the car park to deliver or collect children. The car park is reserved for vehicles on 
 official business and this does not include parents delivering or collecting children. The only exception is for parents who have specific business in school or who are assisting staff may use it for longer term parking purposes. 3. Children should only cross Dalby Road at the zebra crossing. This applies even if parents are with them, as it is essential training for when they are on their own.

School Information 
 THE SCHOOL BUDGET CHARGING AND REMISSION POLICY The governors have agreed a ‘Charging and Remission Policy’ which subsidises the cost of certain activities for families in receipt of ‘Income Support’, usually families who receive Free School Meals. The activities that can be subsidised are school day trips and residential journeys and individual or small group instrumental tuition. 
 SWIMMING: A charge is made to cover the cost of admission and part cost of transport. There is no subsidy at present but tuition at the pool is provided for all the children from within the school budget.


All our children are encouraged to read at home daily. Other homework is given at times at the discretion of the class teachers. This type of 
 homework includes – general knowledge, spellings, times tables, project 
 research and other work appropriate to individual children, classes or age groups. 

School Information 
 THE STAFF AND GOVERNORS The school is made up of the Headteacher, Deputy, Assistant Headteachers, Teaching Staff, Office Staff, Learning Support Assistants / HLTAs, Premises Staff and Governors. To meet our current Staff and Governors please visit our website.

LOST PROPERTY The school encourages pupils to take care of personal property and 
 parents are asked to clearly name all clothing.

FRIENDS OF SWALLOWDALE The school has an active committee. Its success at fundraising over the years has been remarkable. They also regularly raise funds for the school and have recently supplied new benches in the KS2 playground and a shelter for our KS1 parents. They also regularly contribute towards trips out for the children. An AGM is held every year and volunteers are always welcome – either to serve on the committee or simply to help from time to time.

School Terms and Holidays ACADEMIC YEAR 17/18

Autumn Term 
 School opens - Tuesday 29th August 2017 Mid-term break - Monday 16th - Friday 20th October 2017 School closes - Wednesday 20th December 2017

Spring Term

School opens - Tuesday 9th January 2018 Mid-term break - Monday 12th - Friday 16th February 2018 School closes - Friday 23rd March 2018

Summer Term

School opens - Monday 9th April 2018 May Day - Monday 7th May 2018 Mid-term break - Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 2018 School closes - Friday 13th July 2018

Assessment In the modern world it is crucial that children become literate and 
 numerate. We also want them to become confident, independent and capable in the use of ICT and have a good understanding of Science. We aim to enable our children to achieve the very highest standards possible. This applies not only to the core subjects of English, 
 Mathematics and Science but also to other areas of the curriculum. 
 Another important part of the children’s education is their moral, spiritual, social and cultural development.

Teachers assess the children every day; this might be by talking with them, marking work, testing them formally or simply by observing them. In addition to these teacher assessments, all pupils take national statutory assessments at Year 2 and Year 6.

These times are: At the end of KS1 (Year 2) At the end of KS2 (Year 6) They are tested in English Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. Scores are given as a scaled score with 100 showing a child is working at the expected level.

In Year 1 the children are tested on their phonic knowledge.

Please look under the ‘Key Info’ heading on our website for our latest results from assessments and click on ‘Latest Ofsted Report.’

Admission to School & Induction Children are admitted at the age of 4 at the beginning of the school year. They transfer to high schools at the end of the school year in which they become 11. 
 For each Leicestershire address there is a designated school and defined catchment area. In general terms, Swallowdale children are those children living in the South West corner of Melton Mowbray between Leicester Road and Sandy Lane, plus part of the area between Sandy Lane and Burton Road. 
 Parents of children approaching school age can now apply online at Advice is available from the Allocations Section of the Local Authority on 0116 305 6684. The application form should be returned by mid January. 
 At Swallowdale we are proud of our arrangements for the induction of pupils. Before admission, parents are invited to an induction evening to hear about the Early Years curriculum. 
 We recognise that attending school for the first time may be a daunting and frightening time for some children and every possible effort is made to ensure that entry to school is a smooth and supportive process for all concerned. The children start attending part-time and very quickly 
 become part of the school. We offer a fantastic indoor and outdoor 
 learning environment for the children and the vast majority of learning is done through play. 
 During a child’s final year at the school (Year 6) every effort will be made to ensure a smooth process of transfer to high school. This includes 
 discussions between teachers, passing on of relevant information and the opportunity to visit the new high school for induction sessions. We have particularly strong links with Longfield as the vast majority of our children transfer there.


Introduction It is our policy that all children should wear school uniform when 
 attending school, or when participating in a school organised event 
 outside the normal school hours. The policy specifies exactly what choices there are and what we recommend that pupils should wear. We respectfully request that before purchasing any item that is not specifically listed that you check with school to ensure suitability.

Aims and Objectives Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform: • Promotes a sense of pride in the school • Is gender neutral • Engenders a feeling of community and belonging • Supports positive behaviour and discipline • Is practical and smart • Identifies the children within the school and encourages identity with the school • Makes the children feel equal to their peers in terms of 
 appearance • Is regarded as suitable and good value for money by most parents

The Role of the Parents We ask parents who send their children to our school to support the school uniform policy. The school welcomes children from all 
 backgrounds and faith communities. If there are strong reasons for example on religious grounds, why parents want their child to wear clothes that differ from the school uniform, the school will give 
 consideration to such requests. Similarly, should an item of school uniform prove problematic for a pupil with disabilities then parents are invited to draw this to the attention of the headteacher.

School Uniform Policy The Role of the Governors The governing body supports the headteacher in implementing the school uniform policy, and liaises with the headteacher to ensure that the policy is implemented fairly and with sensitivity. It is the governors’ responsibility to ensure the school uniform meets all national 
 regulations concerning equal opportunities, and that our school 
 uniform policy is consistent with our policy on equal opportunities. Governors ensure that the school uniform policy helps children dress sensibly, in clothing that is hardwearing, safe and practical.

Jewellery Children are permitted to wear a single studded earing, however these must be removed or covered for PE. Children are not permitted to wear any other jewellery for health and safety reasons. The 
 exception to this rule is the wearing of a watch.

Haircuts and General Appearance The school does not permit children to have extreme haircuts or hair colours that could serve as a distraction to other children. Long hair should be tied up at all times with minimal hair decoration. Nail 
 varnish or any other forms of makeup are not permitted.

Footwear Children should wear black shoes to school. Completely black smart trainers with a black sole and black laces are permitted. Opened toed sandals or high heels are not permitted. Boots are acceptable to wear in the winter months but these must be black in line with the policy.

School Uniform Policy Uniform The Swallowdale Primary School uniform can be purchased by 
 visiting or All articles of uniform should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. • Blue sweatshirt or cardigan, preferably with the school logo hooded sweatshirts are not permitted • White or blue polo shirt, preferably with the school logo • Grey, navy or black school trousers or shorts • Grey black or navy straight or pleated skirt, or pinafore dress • Summer/Autumn Term (until October half term) blue checked summer dress • Grey, black, navy or white socks/ tights • Black shoes or boots in the winter only - converse style boots are not permitted. • Black shoes or boots in winter only - converse style boots are not permitted.

PE • Plain white t-shirt with or without the school logo, but no other logos • Black/navy PE shorts, no logo • Plain black/navy jogging bottoms • Plain black/navy hooded top • Trainers for outdoor use • Drawstring bag clearly labelled with child’s name

School Uniform Policy Swimming • Swimming trunks (not bermuda style shorts) • One piece swimming costume • Towel • Goggles only with written consent from parents

Outdoor Provision We ask that parents ensure all children are provided with suitable clothing for outdoor learning and play. In the winter months a warm coat, with a hat, gloves and scarf as appropriate. In the summer months an appropriate sun hat may be worn but sunglasses are not permitted for health and safety reasons. If a child is deemed to have inappropriate clothing for outdoor learning and play parents will be 

School Bags Foundation and KS1 pupils should bring a Swallowdale School book bag to school every day. KS2 children should bring a suitable bag in which to put their homework book and reading book. All stationary is provided in school therefore pencil cases are not required.

Swallowdale Prospectus 2017/18  

Swallowdale Primary School Melton Mowbray Prospectus

Swallowdale Prospectus 2017/18  

Swallowdale Primary School Melton Mowbray Prospectus