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Extra information “Mystery Girl” NL13-3316601 – original Embregts-Theunis Superb daughter out the coupling “Young Witbuik” x “Dark Mistery” “Young Witbuik” NL08-1650231 – original Embregts-Theunis Proven top breeder ! “Young Witbuik” NL08-1650231 – original Embregts-Theunis Is father of: “Miss Gold Nugget”:

5th Ace “Brabant 2000” 6th National NPO Orleans 8,136b.


11 122

National NPO Sezanne National NPO Sens

“Blue Star”:

1st Ace “Brabant 2000”

12,518b. 14,457b.

Is a son of “De Witbuik” x “Lady Montluçon” “De Witbuik” NL97-9769672 – original Cees Gijzen Won

1st St. Ghislain 3,076b.

Is father of: “Super Girl” won: 2nd Ace “Brabant 2000” “Le Mans Queen”:

3rd Nat. Le Mans

“Lady Montluçon” NL07-1926139 Daughter of 1st National NPO Montluçon 4,799b. “Dark Mystery” B12-6201292 – original Roziers Paul and Jelle Proven breeding hen ! Is mother of “Blue Faith” “Blue Faith” won

3rd Pommeroeul 4th Pommeroeul

3,894b. 4,633b.

Is a daughter of “Faithfull” x “Sister Floor” “Faithfull” B4-6457300 – original Roziers Paul and Jelle Is father of:

1 1

Toury Toury

1,612b. 3,190b.

1 Regensburg 1 Hochstadt 1 Regensburg 1 Angerville Fastest Toury Fastest Melun

6,142b. 4,106b. 3,485b. 1,610b. 12,534b. 10,852b.

Is a full brother of national winner “Queen L” “Queen L” B04-6277729 – original Paul en Jelle Roziers Won: 1 National La Souterraine 16,297b. Grand- and great grandchildren won: 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 9 9 9 9

Nat. Derby Orleans NPO Orleans National Zone Bourges National Bourges National Zone Argenton National Zone La Souterraine National Orleans National NPO Sezanne National Zone Bourges National Zone Bourges National La Souterraine National Zone Gueret National Bourges National Argenton National Zone Argenton NPO Sens National Bourges National Argenton National Gueret National Zone Bourges

“Sister Floor” B10-6240299 Full sister of “Floor” “Floor” won 1st National Gueret 14,770b.

56,613b 13,186b. 13,049b. 31,824b. 8,261b. 7,161d. 19,692b. 12,647b. 11,286b. 9,732b. 18,973b. 4,661b. 26,984b. 22,721b. 5,642b. 14,000b. 37,357b. 14,354b. 12,586b. 7,942b.

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