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Extra information “Daughter Goliath” NL13-1243564 – original Piet Van de Merwe Pure high class ! Born in a family of winners ! Is a daughter of topper “Goliath” x “Daughter Jort” “Goliath” NL97-1535984 – original M. van de Graaf Won

2 12 29 35

National Mont de Marsan National Montauban National Bordeaux National Bergerac

3,902b. 9,229b. 8,149b. 12,956b.

3rd Ace North and South Holland ‘03 Is a son of “Father Goliath” x “Mother Goliath” “Father Goliath” NL92-1273110 – original M. van de Graaf Won: 9 14 24 26 85 100

San Sebastiaan Dax Cahors St. Vincent Carcasonne Tarbes

1,014b. 119b. 333b. 282b. 1,224b. 4,066b.

“Daughter Jort” NL11-1746732 – original Piet Van de Merwe Is a half-sister of: “Queeny” :


National NPO St. Quentin



1 1

Pommeroeul Marienbourg

4,898b. 1,231b.






1 2

Ablis Nationaal NPO Ablis

356b. 14,703b.

Is a daughter of “Jort” x “Daughter Pierre” “Jort” NL03-5301101 – original Jan Van Nederpelt Won

1 16

National NPO Vierzon National Blois

11,229b. 10,927b.

“Daughter Pierre” NL09-1196533 – original Piet Van de Merwe Is a half-sister of “De Prins”

“De Prins” won 7th Best cock of Holland WHZB ‘06 1 Niergnies 30,635b. 1 Duffel 3,605b. 1 Argenton 170b.

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Nl13 124356420140307112203