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Extra information “Super Nugget” NL12-3220130 – original Embregts-Theunis Won 3rd Houdeng against 6,459b. ! Is a son of “Inbred Supervedette” x “Miss Goldnugget” “Inbred Super Vedette” B10-4130423 – 100% Ludo Claessens Is a son of “Brother Super Vedette” x “Schoon Licht Favoriet” “Brother Super Vedette” NL08-3821982 – original Ludo Claessens Full brother of: “Super Vedette”:

1 National NPO Orleans 9,096b. 1 St. Quentin 3,889b.

“Super Witpen”:

3 National NPO Orleans 9,096b.

Is a son of “Jonge Super crack” x “Vedetje” “Jonge Super crack” NL03-0375941 – Ludo Claessens Won

1 1

Orleans Orleans

2,672b. 1,853b.

Is a son of “Super Crack 93” x “Schoon Donker 83”. “Vedetje” NL05-0547397 – original Embregts-Theunis Won

5 7

St Quentin Orleans


“Schoon Licht Favoriet” NL06-1195029 – original Ludo Claessens Full sister of “Donkeren Favoriet” “Donkeren Favoriet” won 1 1 1 1 1

Harchies Houdeng Creil Creil Orleans

1,225b. 521b. 478b. 399b. 159b.

Is a daughter of “Favoriet 65” x “Witje 59” “Favoriet 65” NL01-0179465 : 1st Chimay 4,261b. “Witje 59” NL01-0179459: 1st provincial ace middle distance

“Miss Goldnugget” NL10-1788611 – original Embregts-Theunis Won: 5th Ace “Brabant 2000” 6th National NPO Orleans 8,136b. Is mother of “Valentino” “Valentino”: 1st St. Quentin 8,116b. – 7th National Sezanne Is a daughter of “Young Witbuik” x “Witbuikstar” “Young Witbuik” NL08-1650231 – original Embregts-Theunis Top breeder and son of “De Witbuik” (Cees Gijzen – St. Willebrord) “Witbuikstar” NL09-1295982 – original Embregts-Theunis Granddaughter of “De Witbuik” (Cees Gijzen – St. Willebrord) Is a granddaughter of the famous “Witbuik” – Cees Gijzen (St. Willebrord)

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