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Extra information “Miss Nanteuil” NL12-1626687 – original Combinatie Broekhuisen Superb racing hen ! Won without doubles 16 prizes whereby: 1 22 42 180 235 371 445 674

National NPO Nanteuil Duffel Nijvel Sens Nanteuil Grimbergen Chateaudun Mantes La Jolie

10,099b. 372b. 4,514b. 4,917b. 8,936b. 5,780b. 11,572b. 7,121b.

347km 103km 160km 435km 347km 119km 498km 395km

Is a daughter out the coupling “De Teen” x “De Tours” “De Teen” NL08-1554001 – original Broekhuisen Won: 1 2 7 36 42

Peronne Strombeek St. Quentin Peronne St. Quentin

1,611b. 3,202b. 2,380b. 11,191b. 8,851b.

Is a son of the base couple “De Joop” x “Janine” “De Joop” (NL99-2378711) x “Janine” (NL03-1153522) Are parents of “Diamant Lady” “Diamant Lady” NL09-5904430 won: 2 6 31 37 41

Nijvel Orleans Moeskroen Creil Nijvel

1,364b. 6,951b. 3,833b. 12,675b. 4,853b.

Are parents of “Bontje 419” “Bontje 419” NL09-5904419 won: 1 3 4 12 25 45

Creil Creil St. Quentin Chalons Argenton Creil

265b. 423b. 11,353b. 2,265b. 7,584b. 5,815b.

Are parents of “De Teen” “De Teen” NL08-1554001 won: 1 2 7 36

Peronne Strombeek St Quentin Peronne

1,611b. 3,202b. 2,380b. 11,191b.

Are parents of “Debbie” “Debbie” NL09-5904438 won: 2 37 96

Strombeek Chateauroux Creil

2,811b. 8,191b. 12,422b.

Are parents of “De Derby” “De Derby” NL10-5008194 won: 10 10 30

Bouillon Strombeek St Quentin

18,127b. 3,104b. 8,851b.

Are parents of “Smaragt” “Smaragt” NL08-1554115 won: 5 5 13 50 62

Orleans Argenton St. Quentin Nijvel Peronne

6,951b. 3,128b. 11,353b. 6,366b. 11,470b.

Are grandparents of “Miss Nanteuil” “Miss Nanteuil” won 1St National NPO Nanteuil 10,099b. Are grandparents of “First Lady” “First Lady” won 1 1 4 8 19 21 87

Pommeroeul Blois Sens Nijvel Meer Orleans Mantes La Jolie

503b. 129b. 6,492b. 2,114b. 1,976b. 10,660b. 12,101b.

Are grandparents of “NL10-5008194” “NL10-5008194” won 1 3 30 33 48

Argenton Nijvel Tours Strombeek Pommeroeul

122b. 483b. 10,490b. 4,854b. 5,995b.

Are grandparents of “NL10-5008200” “NL10-5008200” won 17 26 98 100 142

Meer Moeskroen Argenton Sens Chateaudun

1,976b. 3,833b. 7,584b. 28,413b. 11,572b.

Are grandparents of “Yvonne” “Yvonne” NL10-5008204 won: 25 46 67 93

Chateaudun Chateauroux Mantes La Jolie Nanteuil

11,572b. 11,096b. 12,101b. 17,786b.

Are grandparents of “NL10-1696815” “NL10-1696815” won: 5 8 39 108

Duffel Ronquieres Mantes La Jolie Sens

372b. 2,673b. 5,222b. 6,492b.

Are grandparents of “NL10-1696882” “NL10-1696882” won 5 32 34 49 65

Duffel Strombeek Nanteuil Pommeroeul Meaux

“De Tours” NL07-1831961 – original Broekhuisen

2,450b. 4,854b 6,905b. 5,268b. 12,420b.


2 7 8 40 58

Tours Strombeek Peronne St. Quentin Peronne

Strain: Ouwerkerk

9,061b. 4,892b. 10,730b. 11,353b. 11,470b.

Nl12 162668720131113114459  
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