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Extra information “Remus” NL10-1917314 – original Frans Maas Superb performing cock ! Won: 1 3 7 7 16 27 114 115 156

Marche Chimay Chateauroux Rethel Charleville Lorris Chateauroux Chimay Marche

150b. 167b. 206b. 197b. 181b. 969b. 5,282b. 2,070b. 2,130b.

Is a full brother of “Romulus” “Romulus” NL10-1917313 won : 1 2 3 3 5 5 12 18 18 27 47 107 172

Lorris Pithiviers Rethel Huy Rethel Sezanne Pithiviers Gien Reims Sezanne Lorris Provincial Rethel Pithiviers Provincial

969b. 181b. 232b. 220b. 197b. 162b. 1,032b. 284b. 214b. 1,245b. 18,796b. 1,354b. 21,835b.

“Remus” is a half-brother of “Black Hawk” “Black Hawk” - NL11-1962422- won 16th National ace young birds TBOTB 1 2 3 6 14 17 42 52 55

Marche Sezanne Charleville Huy Sens Sezanne Charleville Sezanne Marche

190b. 153b. 299b. 258b. 312b. 774b. 2,121b. 826b. 2,014b.

69 193

Reims Huy

1,016b. 2,222b.

“Remus” is a son out the coupling “Son Romi” x “Last One” “Son Romi” B08-5185899 – original Jos Thoné Son of “Brother Dora Mar” x “Romi” “Brother Dora Mar B07-5080172 – original Thoné Won

1st Ace “Genker Mijnstreek”

Is a brother of “Dora Mar” “Dora Mar” won 1st National ace Ave Regina middle distance 1 Provincial Bourges 1,534b. 1 Provincial Melun 353b. 1 Gien 471b. Is a son of “Jutta” “Jutta” B03-5071667 – Olympiad bird Porto “Romi” B04-5026032 – original Jos Thoné Won

19 19 25 53 307

S-National Montluçon Nanteuil S-National Chateauroux National Bourges National La Souterraine

7,381b. 5,422b. 14,082b. 19,061b. 16,297b.

Is a daughter of “Son Napoleon” x “Half-sister Dora Mar”

“Last One” NL08-1789638 – original Maas Mother of the above mentioned “Romulus” – “Remus” – “Black Hawk” Is a daughter of “Kleine Rode” x “Naples Girl”

“Kleine Rode” NL96-1055253 Won

1st Ace young birds ’96 Combine 3 Montargis 816b. 11 Laon 3,154b. 16 Orleans 1,201b. 24 Reims 2,582b.

24 28

Sourdun Sens

2,054b. 1,854b.

“Naples Girl” NL06-1325027 – original Maas Won 1st prize Clermont 101b. Is a full sister of “Casanova” “Casanova” : 1st Provincial ace middle distance KBDB Limburg 2006 and 2007 Is a daughter of “Suminos” (grandson “Sumo” Thoné) x “Ghesina” “Ghesina” NL01-2201927 – original P. Maas Won

1 2 3 8

Clermont Hannut Chiney Vervins

2,047b. 451b. 389b. 2,792b.

Nl10 191731420140520095803  
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