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Extra information “Favorietje Dolle” NL10-1822873 – original Machiel Buijk Superb hen – 100% inbred to the famous “Dolle” – born out “Mooie Inteelt” x “Wonder duivin” “Mooie Inteelt”: NL01-2069874 – original Machiel Buijk Born out the coupling “Favoriete Dolle” x “Fijntje Dolle” “Favoriete Dolle” NL93-1167011 – original Buijk Machiel Grandson world famous “Dolle” “Dolle” NL67-2052951 won: 1 3 1 3 9 12 20 22 39 59 66

Provincial St. Vincent National St. Vincent Provincial Dax National Dax Provincial Limoges National St. Vincent Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Moulins Provincial Moulins National Dax

1,684 birds 6,844 birds 1,032 birds 3,649 birds 1,610 birds 6,917 birds 2,425 birds 2,425 birds 5,146 birds 4,612 birds 3,561 birds

“Fijntje Dolle” NL99-1080849 – original Buijk Machiel Daughter of “Favoriet Dolle” x “Miss Dolle”

“Wonderduivin” NL03-1301631 – original Machiel Buijk Daughter out halfbrother x half-sister: “Ideal Dolle” x “Super Goudoogje” “Ideal Dolle” NL98-1408383 – double grandson “Son Dolle” “Super Goudoogje” NL01-2069877 – double granddaughter “Son Dolle”

Nl10 182287320140127110744  
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