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Extra information “Phoebe” NL10-1704276 – Original Cock Groen Won following prizes 1/10:

6 25 31 56 149 339

Peronne Pommeroeul Pommeroeul Creil Peronne Morlincourt

872b. 1,042b. 1,723b. 594b. 9,304b. 7,331b.

268km 192km 192km 350km 268km 302km

Is a daughter of “Roy” x “Olympic Amelie” “Roy” NL08-1561399 – strain: Bosua x VD Pasch Won: 1 4 4

Strombeek Ablis Chateauroux

274b. 442b. 552b.

Is father of: “Brenda”:

1st Pommeroeul 1,723b.

Is a son out the coupling “Son Chateauroux duifje” x “Daughter Lowieke” “Son Chateauroux duifje” NL05-5534886 – original Kees Bosua Is father of

1 2 2

Pommeroeul Pommeroeul Strombeek

1,723b. 1,443b. 2,282b.

Is a son of “Danny” x “Chateauroux duifje” “Danny” NL00-5054870 – Bosua Kees Won

1 3

Chantilly Chantilly

913b. 6,302b.

“Chateauroux duifje” NL96-5665986 Won

1 1

Chateauroux Minderhout

9,337b. 1,490b.

“Daughter Lowieke” – NL02-1660388 – original Jan van de Pasch Is mother of

1 1 1 3 5

St Job Chantilly Strombeek Pommeroeul Pommeroeul

995b. 141b. 274b. 1,443b. 1,114b.

Is a daughter of base bird “Lowieke” (B96-6598538 – Gebroeders Janssen) x “De 26” (NL98-1238536) . “Olympic Amelie” NL07-1838851 – original Cock Groen - strain: Bosua x Ouwerkerk Won: 1st Olympiad bird Short distance The Netherlands 2011 Poznan 1st Ace short distance Europa Cup 2011 2nd Best hen national competition WHZB 2010 1 Peronne 3,591b. 1 Pommeroeul 1,916b. 1 St. Quentin 1,239b. 1 Peronne 463b. 1 Duffel 396b. 2 Chalons 1,588b. 2 Peronne 2,258b. 2 Strombeek 1,883b. 3 Pommeroeul 1,723b. 3 Ablis 900b. 4 Strombeek 1,777b. 4 St. Quentin 1,173b. 8 Creil 20,534b. Is a daughter of “De 08” x “Queen Claudia” “De 08” NL98-1238508 – original Cock Groen Won

1 1 2 3 3 6 7 7 7 9

Deinze Strombeek Peronne Minderhout Menen Minderhout Menen Chimay St. Ghislain Menen

383b. 683b. 2,542b. 4,585b. 3,345b. 2,118b. 4,571b. 8,222b. 995b. 1,762b.

Is a son of “De Super 93” “Super 93” NL96-2301493: 1st National ace middle distance “Queen Claudia” NL06-1091312 – Bosua Kees x Cock Groen Daughter out “Brother Muggie” x “Olympic Claudia” “Brother Muggie” NL05-5534880 - brother of “Muggie”, 2nd Nat. Le Mans 99,104b.

“Olympic Claudia” NL02-1660298 – 1st Olympiad bird short distance ‘05

Nl10 170427620131126085335  
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