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Extra information “Blue Odin” NL10-1155877 – original Harm de Boer Superb performing cock ! Won without doubles 1 5 7 11 26 26 37 42 72 96 178 192 192 197 304 359 560 591 595 802

National NPO St. Quentin Provincial Boxtel Provincial Quievrain National NPO St. Quentin National NPO Pithiviers National NPO Sens Pommeroeul Gennep National NPO St. Quentin Pommeroeul National NPO Pommeroeul National NPO Pithiviers St. Truiden Hasselt Provincial Boxtel Hapert Wijchen National NPO St. Quentin Sens Provincial Auby Lez Douai

8,672b. 4,218b. 11,560b. 13,652b. 6,511b. 5,594b. 4,667b. 4,888b. 10,220b. 3,012b. 18,781b. 6,195b. 4,944b. 3,875b. 13,082b. 4,748b. 20,072b. 9,410b. 6,437b. 12,124b.

382km 143km 313km 382km 582km 548km 307km 125km 382km 307km 307km 582km 231km 211km 143km 170km 111km 382km 548km 337km

Is a son out the coupling “NL09-1717578” x “NL06-1643135” “NL09-1717578” – origineel J.C. De Zwart Is a son of the proven breeding hen “NL00-1262851” “NL00-1262851” is mother of “557-04”:

1st Etampes 10,065b.


3rd Blois 5,656b.

strain: Jac Schra “NL06-1643135” – original Combinatie De Boer Won

24 1 1

against against against

11,870b. 156b. 236b.

5 5 7 8

against against against against

1,109b. 827b. 1,788b. 2,121b.

Is a daughter of the base couple “NL00-1263368” x “Dewi”

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