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Extra information “Son Gladiator” GB12P-17679 – original Dutch Masters Born in a family of winners ! Son of topper “Gladiator” x “Daughter Crack 185” “Gladiator” NL04-4794140 – strain Delbar x Tournier Won: 1 2 1

National NPO Etampes National NPO Orleans Orleans Northern Union

7,256b. + teletekst 8,300b. + teletekst 4,940b.

Is a son of “De Constante” x “Mother Gladiator” “De Constante” NL02-4753646 – strain: Delbar x Tournier “Mother Gladiator” NL03-4768945 – strain Delbar x Tournier Daughter of 2nd National NPO La Ferte 7,200b. Granddaughter of

3rd Ace Fond WHZB 5 Creil 6 Orleans

9,551b. 4,270b.

“Daughter Crack 185” NL08-1685665 – original Braad-De Joode Is a half-sister of famous “Henky 98” “Henky 98” won 1st Ace Brabant 2000 3 National NPO Argenton 4 National NPO La Souterraine 6 National NPO Blois

8,338b. (633km) 5,603b. (671km) 3,788b. (540km)

3 9

12,044b. 5,620b.

Bourges Blois

Is a daughter of “Crack 185” x “Daughter Crack 188” “Crack 185” NL01-0143185 – original Braad-De Joode Top breeder ! Father of: “Henky 98” : alle information see above “Scool 3”: 1st prize Final race German Open “Daughter Crack 188” NL06-1222399 – original Braad-De Joode

“Crack 188” won 16 20 25 33 51

La Souterraine Tours Le Mans Chateauroux Chateauroux

9,319b. 14,898b. 10,389b. 9,049b. 7,936b.

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Gb12p 1767920140109110046