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Extra information “Grandson Witkop Sylvester” GB12A 06259 – original Foxwood Lofts – 100% Geerinckx Luc, Bart and Jurgen Born out 2 original Geerinckx birds ! Is a son of “Blauwe Sylvester” x “Miss Blauwe Souillac” “Blauwe Sylvester” B10-6143291 – original Geerinckx LBJ Is father of 5 x 1st prize Is a half-brother of “Just Wait” “Just Wait” (B11-6226277) won 1st National Argenton 16,363b. Is a son of “Witkop Sylvester” x “Xena” “Witkop Sylvester” B02-6354241 – original Geerinckx Is father of: “Super Willy” 1 2

Chateauroux Montlucon

2,576b. 1,800b.

“Wit Willyke” 9 9

Chateauroux Chateauroux

4,249b. 2,505b.

Chateauroux Bourges Vierzon

1,401b. 3,456b. 1,564b.

“Schoon Witpen Willy 4 9 9 “Miss Limoges” 2 2 5

Nationaal Limoges La Souterraine Chateauroux


1 1

Noyon Quievrain


2 6 10

Nat. Argenton 5,208b. Montluçon 1,408b. Chateauroux 2,500b.

“Miss Le Mans” 1 “Black and White”

502b. 161b.

Le Mans prov. 329b.

17,498b. 786b. 2,505b.

8 49 65

Nat. Argenton 5,208b. Nat. Souillac 7,315b. Argenton 7,353b.

“Xena” B06-6413719 – original Marcel Wouters Won

2 7 89

National Argenton Etampes National Bourges

5,034b. 2,308b. 11,759b.

Is mother of “Just Wait”: 1st National Argenton 16,363b.

“Miss Blauwe Souillac” B07-6390325 – original Geerinckx LBJ Top breeding hen ! Mother and grandmother of 11 x 1st and 3 x 1st provincial Is a daughter of “Fluwelen” x “Miss Souillac” “Fluwelen” B05-6052018 – original Geerinckx out “Super Vale 009” x “Orleanske 748” “Miss Souillac” B04-6202091 – original Geerinckx Won: 9 3 4 4 4 133 202 66 302

national ace middle distance 2006 provincial Montlucon provincial Chateauroux interprovincial Chateauroux Melun national Bourges national Souillac provincial Montlucon national Bourges

1,583b. 2,500b. 2,953b. 415b. 10,759b. 5,985b. 2,499b. 21,940b.

Gb12a 0625920140226111006