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Extra information “Atlantic Magna” DV07407-11-141 – original Gebel Alexander Won on the one-loft-race in Arona (Tenerife) edition 2012 in very hard weather conditions 20th place Final Race against 1.353b. 2nd Ace Germany 10th Ace International Is a daughter of “Legenda Dolle” x “Lady DD” “Legenda Dolle” - NL02-1810015 – original Buijk – 100% Jan Aarden Born out “Favoriet Dolle” x “Granddaughter Dolle” “Dolle” NL67-2052951 won: 1 3 1 3 9 12 20 39 59 66

Provincial St. Vincent National St. Vincent Provincial Dax National Dax Provincial Limoges National St. Vincent Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Moulins Provincial Moulins National Dax

1.684b 6.844b 1.032b 3.649b 1.610b 6.917b 2.425b 5.146b 4.612b 3.561b

“Lady DD” - DV07407-09-498 – strain Delbar/Jan Aarden Mother of several 1st prize winners Is a daughter of “Super Dolle” x “Schneekönigin” “Super Dolle” NL03-1301521 – 100% Jan Aarden “Schneekönigin” DV07407-05-555 – 100% Delbar

Dv07407 11 14120140214124334  
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