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Extra information: “New Blue Dream” DV07237-13-332 – original Werner Stellermann. Comes out the coupling “Blue Dream” x “Betty” “Blue Dream” B08-6293405 – original Wouters A. Won

1 National ace KBDB Short distance 2009 1 Quievrain 1,041b. 1 Quievrain 899b. 1 Quievrain 707b. 1 Quievrain 457b. 1 Quievrain 411b. 1 Quievrain 370b. 1 Quievrain 277b. 1 Quievrain 195b. 1 Quievrain 129b. 1 Quievrain 122b.

Is father of “Daughter Blue Dream” by Benny Steveninck (Hamme) “Daughter Blue Dream” is mother of: “Het Bont”:

1 3 5 8 8 9 10

Chateauroux Bourges Blois Vierzon Chateauroux Gueret La Souterraine

384b. (507km) 273b. (461km) 496b. (438km) 1,027b. (454km) 418b. (507km) 299b. (569km) 353b. (572km)


1 10 66 143 171

National Zone Gueret National Gueret National Bourges National Argenton National Bourges

4,675b. 13,885b. 20,589b. 19,782b. 19,655b.


1 55

Argenton National Argenton

1,234b. 20,383b.

Out a brother of “Blue Dream”, B10-6275679 - bred combination Bremen-Joksch “Super Willy” “Super Willy” became 1 European Champion - Mira !

“Betty” B10-6275634 – original August Wouters

Is a full sister of “Blue Dream” (B08-6293405): all information see above

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