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Thone Jos World Champion Kruisstraat 7 3668 As Belgium

B 03-5071666

nestbr. Artificial Jutta 2e nat. Vichy 10510p. 1e prov. La Souterraine ´04 father Iruna 2e int. Irun fathr. Deep Impact 1e nat. acepigeon Olympiad all round Dortmund

B 06-5150200

STAMBOOM B 09-5188180 Duiver Blauw

B 95-5055105

B 86-6260314

B 83-6114062

SARS son 1e nat. Bourges Schellens/Herbots father to Art. Jutta 2e nat. Vichy 11510 p. 2e prov. Chateauroux 1e s.nat. Vichy 2003 grdft. Dora Mar

1e nat. Bourges Schellens 1e prov. Orleans 4701p. 5 x 1e pr.

B 85-6043216

B 92-5241976

B 86-5233316

B 00-5041695

B 96-5078073

B 94-5328252

Utta mother from Ariticial Jutta 2e nat. Vichy 11510p.´03 20 prices in 1year ´04 1e prov. La Souterraine ´04 5e national La Souterraine

Arnoldus co-winner speed 1e Worldchampion '96

B 94-5196466

dgther. Hero 19 Loozen

Hero 19

B 88-1928354

fthr. to. Arnoldus

mthr. Woldchampionch.'96 y

B 95-5119722

B 94-5018042

Agnes sister to Emperor fth. 1 +2 int. Dax

B 93-5010023

Sumo (superbreeder)


B 01-6182211

B 97-6523459

B 95-6608270

National II 1 nat. Limoges 12743p. ´04 1 nat Limoges zone b ´03 1 Prov Blois 491p 6 SN Chateauroux 12422p 6 SN Mont Lucon 9300p 15 Prov Vierzon 3240p 34 nat. Limoges 16504p.

Father Nationaal II 1e nat. Limoges ´04 12743p. 1e nat. z. Limoges ´03 2787p

B 96-6155286

B 98-5296409 Mother Nationaal II

grsn Golden Boy x Golden Ldy

grandmthr. National II

B 97-2094850 grsn Nationaal I

B 97-5150650 sist. Asterix

B 00-5041356

Ovi Olympiad pigeon Dortmund middle distance 2009 2e nat. Gueret 2008 3e nat. acepigeon KBDB ´07 halfsister to National Hero 11 x 1e pr. daughter National II

Patsy mother Ovi 3e nat acepg. KBDB ´07 mother -671/03 Kanzi mother Greenstar granddgtr. Isis

8 98-5075986

B 97-5166332 drct. fr. Arnoldus

B 92-5335457 Isis

B 98-5075891

B 94-6323005

fr. mthr. Diva fr. den Bourges

B 93-5314218

Den Bourges

mthr. Diva

D. Van Dyck

Be09 5088180 son ovi thon 20140102150120  
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