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Extra information “Son Mister Tulle” B13-9084295 – original Goossens-Druart Born out the coupling “Mister Tulle” x “Ai Van” “Mister Tulle” B10-9003250 – original Goossens-Druart Pure high class ! Won

1 5 10 20 43 63 85 426 570 677

Tulle Tulle National Chateauroux La Ferte Nanteuil Bourges Cahors National (z) Chateauroux National Bourges National Montluçon

1,850b. 6,345b. 205b. 380b. 500b. 2,221b. 1,807b. 9,112b. 12,607b. 7,700b.

565km 565km (double) 433km 557km 165km 386km 683km 433km (double) 386km (double) 463km

Is a son of “Son Federer” x “Lady Limbourg” “Son Federer” B07-9122574 – original Goossens-Druart Is father of several good birds Is a son of “Federer” x “Madonna” “Federer” B05-9103168 – original Goossens-Druart won

1 73

National Irun 5,253b. Montluçon 2,271b.

is a brother of 67th National Perpignan 3,796b. – 82nd International Is a cross of Vandenabeele x Goossens-Druart “Madonna” B04-9022334 – 100% Deneufbourg Won


National Barcelona ‘07

“Lady Limbourg” B08-9085591 - received as egg by Eric Limbourg (Brussegem) Mother of

5 17 85 114 124

National Tulle Provincial Vierzon Provincial Cahors Provincial Montélimar Provincial Chateauroux


3,056b. 3,042b.

Grandmother of “150-11” “150-11” won 71 72 407

Provincial Argenton 1,539b. Provincial Gueret National (z) Argenton 7,608b.

“Ai Van” B09-9005134 – original Goossens-Druart High class Allround hen ! Won top prizes from 100km till 700km ! Won

1 2 12 5 16 50

Cahors National (z) Cahors National Cahors Soissons Nanteuil Bourges

910b. 2,578b. 8,105b. 428b. 451b. 3,645b.

683km 683km (double) 683km (double) 114km 165km 386km

Is a daughter out the coupling “Bleu 58” x “Bernadette” “Bleu 58” B05-9100058 – 100% Herbots Gebroeders (Halle-Booienhoven) Is a son of “Son King” x “Dochter 155” “Son King” B99-2378745 – original Herbots Gebroeders “King” B91-2086940

2nd National ace KBDB ½ Fond ‘92 2nd National ace KBDB Short distance ‘92

“Daughter 155” B00-2298315 – original Herbots Gebroeders “De 155” – B91-6371155 – raced by Herbots Gebroeders Won: Olympiad bird Bazel 1 Nat. Ace 1/2 fond “De Duivenkrant” 1 Nat. Ace 1/2 fond “Ave Regina” 3 Nat. Ace BDS 5 National ace KBDB ½ fond 1995 1 1 1 1 1 1

Orleans Toury Marne Toury Orleans Toury

1,716b. 253b. 242b. 236b. 168b. 102b.

“Bernadette” B08-9029546 – original Van Renterghem-Deblicque (Pipaix) Proven breeding hen – mother of “Ai Van”

Is a daughter of “B07-9000900” x “B04-9107321” “B07-9000900” – original Van Renterghem-Deblicque (Pipaix) “B04-9107321” – strain Roodhooft Andre (Pulderbos) Daughter of “197-03” “197-03” won 1st 3rd

Toury Chantilly

634b. 320b.

B13 908429520140307100220  
B13 908429520140307100220