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Extra information “Son Ludo I” B13-9013343 – original Nihoul Roland and Guy Superb son out the coupling “Ludo Duiver I” x “Tina” “Ludo Duiver I” B06-9048384 – original Nihoul Roland and Guy Won

7th Provincial ace KBDB Fond and Marathon 2009 2 Lorris 233b. 42 National (z) Cahors ‘09 2,896b. 324 National Cahors ’09 7,347b. 108 National (z) Brive ’08 5,951b. 165 National Brive ’08 14,521b. 319 National Cahors ’08 5,441b. 821 International Perpignan ’09 18,354b.

Is a son of top bird “L’Asticot” x “Espéranza” “L’Asticot” B97-4522498 – original Nihoul Roland and Guy won: 1 1 1 2 5

provincial Barcelona ‘00 local Perpignan ‘00 local Barcelona ‘02 Golden Wing Brugse Barcelona club 3-years classification Golden Wing Brugse Barcelona club 2-jaars classification

“Espéranza” B05-9065247 – original Nihoul Is mother of: 1 1 1 15 18 25 27

Provincial Brive ‘013 Limoges Cahors National (z) Brive National (z) Limoges National (z) Bourges National (z) Cahors

331b. 590b. 255b. 2,693b. 2,183b. 6,289b. 8,570b.

Is a daughter of “Athos III” x “La Petit Claire Ludo” (a half-sister of 1st National Narbonne) “Tina” B12-9068997 – original Nihoul Roland and Guy Is a half-sister of: 1 1 3 8 8

Provincial Montauban ‘08 Local Barcelona ‘011 National (z) Montauban ’08 National (z) Orange ‘010 National Bordeaux ’08

1,906b. 2,506b. 2,257b.

15 25 32 33 37 38 44 46 60 72 76

National Orange National (z) Orange National Cahors National Tarbes National Narbonne National Perpignan National Orange International Bordeaux International Tarbes International Narbonne International Perpignan

4,466b. 2,926b. 8,105b. 4,660b. 6,428b. 5,547b. 4,865b. 7,358b. 12,537b. 12,605b. 15,087b.

Is a daughter of “Ronaldinio II” x “Bleue As” “Ronaldinio II” B00-9117242 – original Nihoul Is vader van:

5th Provincial ace Fond KBDB 2008 6th Provincial ace Fond KBDB 2009 12th Provincial ace Marathon KBDB 2010

Is a son of “Ronaldo” “Ronaldo” B96-9102070 won 4th National Ace KBDB Fond 1999 6th – 14th and 17th National Marseille “Bleue As” B09-9043736 – original Nihoul Is a half-sister of 19 23 24 36 46 79

National (z) Tulle National Bordeaux National Narbonne International Narbonne International Bordeaux National (z) Chateauroux

2,780b. 2,380b. 6,428b. 12,605b. 6,710b. 4,706b.

Is a daughter of “Le Jeune Foreu” x “151-07” (1st provincial ace yearbirds Fond KBDB by Preud’Homme-Paulet).

B13 901334320131212100844