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"REGINA" IS A FULL SISTER OF 2 TOPRACERS, 8 NAT BOURGES 13,588 BIRDS AND 9 NAT TULLE 6,972 BIRDS ! Extra information: "B13-6319320" Regina - Original Ivo Renders Is a full sister "B12-6319856" raced with Ulrich Lemmens 5 6 8 7 30 78 142 163 451 768 1107

Momignies Bourges Laon Momignies Argenton Gueret Montlucon Chateauroux

Nat (z) Nat

Nat (z) Nat Nat (z) Nat Nat Nat

661p 2.795p 13.588p 275p 559p 4.701p 22.463p 3.001p 15.007p 21.827p 19.691p


574km 607km 568km 546km

"B12-6319855" raced with Ulrich Lemmens 5 9 41 79 230

Tulle Brive Bourges

Nat (z) Nat Nat (z) Nat (z) Nat


2.387p 6.972p 1.900p 2.795p 13.588p

720km 495km

Is a daughter of "De Reiger" x "Dochter Bourges" "B08-6386507" De Reiger - Original Michiel Vandoninck Proven topbreeder and father of "B12-6319856" results see upstairs "B12-6319855" results see upstairs "B10-6233958" Jonge Reiger 1




2 2 43 107 4 44 381 4 62 9 42 58 527


Prov S.Nat Nat (z) Nat

1.041p 2.572p 6.803p 19.782p 187p 1.871p 13.855p 474p 2.564p 902p 552p 1.323p 21.180p

Gueret Prov Nat Vierzon Prov Pithiviers Pithiviers Marne La Chatre


Is a son of "NL02-1941015" x "NL03-2322120" "NL02-1941015" Oude Reiger - Original P Vaesen "NL03-2322120" Het 120 - Original Cees Schroevers Granddaughter "Blauwe Fideel" Gaby Vandenabeele 1 Nat Brive 3.970p '95 "B08-6386059" Daughter Bourges - Original Michiel Vandoninck Super breeding hen and mother of "B12-6319856" results see upstairs "B12-6319855" results see upstairs "923/10" 1 4 8 161 37

Moulins Prov Bourges Nat La Souterraine Prov

221p 1.240p 591p 20.544p 2.499p

Grandmother of "B11-6171608" Sproet 08 1 39 7

Montlucon Prov Pithiviers

224p 2.222p 375p

35 43 136 88 300 156 478 390 410 847

Marne Gueret Issoudun Bourges Gueret Argenton Bourges

631p Nat (z) 4.877p Nat 14.632p Nat (z) 1.182p Nat 5.670p Nat (z) 5.333p Nat 14.598p Nat 12.592p Nat 7.046p Nat 16.859p

Is a daugther of "B99-6520044" x "NL07-3715794" "B99-6520044" Den Bourges - Original Michiel Vandoninck Superracer 1 17 2 3

Bourges Nat Marseille Bordeaux

579p 17.028p 103p 104p

"NL07-3715794" Steketee Hen - Original Jac Steketee Granddaughter 2nd Nat Dax

B13 6319320 eng20140522110146  
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