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Extra information “57-Grandson De Kannibaal” B13-6122457 – original Dirk Van Dyck High class offer out the coupling “Son De Kannibaal” x “De 575” “Son De Kannibaal” B06-6210256 – original Dirk Van Dyck Is a son of “De Kannibaal” x “B97-6466984” “De Kannibaal” B95-6246005 – original Dirk Van Dijck Won: 1 1 1 1 1 3 5 7 7

National ace KBDB ½ Fond 1996 Noyon 157b. Dourdan 727b. Dourdan 694b. Marne 856b. Dourdan 1,060b. Noyon 290b. Dourdan 1,004b. Orleans 5,140b.

Is a brother of “Den Bourges” “Den Bourges” won

1 2

provincial Bourges National Bourges 40,401b.

Is a son of “Rambo” “Rambo” won 3 x 1st on middle distance Union Antwerpen Is father of: “Golden Lady” – top breeding hen Gerard Koopman “Golden Lady” is mother of: “Kleine Dirk” (NL98-5821416) 1 1 1 4 6

NPO Troyes NPO Bourges Maaseik Boxtel Chimay

17,884b. 7,165b. 3,522b. 10,093b. 16,306b.

Became father of a lot of top breeders as: “Geralda” (Comb. Verbree) – “Dirky” (Pieter Veenstra) – “Aladin” (Marijke Vink) – “Charley” (Marcel Sangers) – “Amoré’s Dirk” (Cor Leytens), “Dirky” (Jan Hooymans),

“Wondere Dirk” (Anton Ruitenberg), and so on…. “Annelies” (NL99-5971341) 1 2 2 5

Chimay Troyes Chimay Hasselt

15,438b. 13,147b. 10,001b. 4,052b.

“Yi-Min” – mother “Amoré” (Olympiad bird Lièvin) Other famous grandchildren of “De Kannibaal” are: “Geschelpt Kannibaaltje” by Marijke Vink, mother of 11 different 1st prize winners whereby “Reza”, “Farah Diba”, “Future”. “Black Jack” - Paul Huls “Black Jack” became Olympiad bird in Ostend “Lara Craft” (B10-6359076), mother of “William” (Ullrich Lemmens) “William” (B12-6032341) won: 8 National Gueret 17,007b. 82 National Bourges 33,524b. 240 National Argenton 25,949b.

“B97-6466984” – origineel Dirk Van Dyck Is a daughter out the coupling “Father De Rambo” x “Sister mother Rambo” “De Rambo” is father of “De Kannibaal” and “De Bourges” “575” NL11-1912575 – original Jan Hooymans Daughter out the coupling “Scheele 88” x “Sister Harry” “Scheele 88” NL10-3052688 – original Gebroeders Scheele Is a son of “Superboy” “Super Boy” NL02-0274336 – original Gebroeders Scheele Is father of:

“Super 02”:

Provincial ace Middle distance 2004 7 NPO Orleans 10 NPO Sourdun

“Blauwe Orleans”: 2 “Lieke”:

NPO Orleans ‘05

1 Provincial ace young birds 11 NPO Orleans 25 NPO Sourdun

“Sister Harry” NL09-1375441 – original Jan Hooymans Is a granddaughter of “Bliksem” (Gaby Vandenabeele) Is a granddaughter of “Kleine Dirk” (Gerard Koopman) Is a full sister of famous “De Harry” “De Harry” – NL07-2007621 – original Jan Hooymans Won: 1st National R7 Blois 5,653b. – 548km – Fastest of 37,728b. 1st National R7 Chateauroux 5,979b. – 611km – Fastest of 22,340b. 3rd National NPO Chateaudun 8,781b. – 500km – 3rd North Union 21,520b. 1st Dutch ace asduif WENC Dortmund 2010 1e National ace One Day fond The Best of The Best 2009 1e Interprovincial ace One day fond Northern Union 2009 Is father of: “Arno”:


Nijvel 8,887b.

Is grandfather of: 1 1 1 1 3 3 4 4 5

Nijvel Prov. Nanteuil NPO Blois NPO Bergerac NPO Salbris Strombeek NPO Blois Nanteuil Nat. Mantes

28,297b. 7,125b. 4,413b. 1,149b. 7,599b. 3,836b. 7,415b. 16,500b. 18,405b.

5 5 6 6 7 8 9 15 16 16 20 21 28 42 66 81 81 82 93 97

NPO Blois NPO Chateauroux NPO Offenburg NPO Bourges NPO Salbris NPO Salbris NPO Bourges NPO Chateauroux NPO Salbris NPO Chateauroux Mantes NPO Blois Nanteuil NPO Salbris NPO Blois NPO Salbris NPO Montluçon NPO Montluçon NPO Salbris NPO Orleans

7,415b. 4,604b. 7,151b. 7,356b. 6,550b. 6,550b. 7,356b. 5,496b. 7,599b. 4,604b. 14,495b. 8,482b. 10,359b. 7,599b. 7,415b. 5,333b. 4,190b. 4,190b. 5,008b. 3,399b.

Is een volle broer van volgende top duiven “Alexia”:

1 10 60 66

NPO Chateauroux 5,410b. NPO Salbris 7,559b. NPO Sezanne 4,974b. NPO Tours 5,812b.


10 25 39 94

NPO Chateauroux 5,620b. Nanteuil 3,249b. NPO Bourges 4,826b. NPO Chateauroux 4,260b.

“Laatje 56”:

2 12 37 66 80

NPO Salbris 7,599b. NPO Bourges 4,347b. NPO Orleans 3,399b. Nat. Mantes 14,945b. NPO Blois 3,623b.


2 5 11 63 97

NPO Blois 4,829b. NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. NPO Salbris 7,599b. NPO Salbris 6,971b. NPO Blois 7,415b.

“Donkere Herman”

3 24 40 51 59 64 64

NPO Blois 7,417b. NPO Chateauroux 5,496b. NPO Salbris 7,573b. Mantes 4,182b. Bourges 1,102b. Epehy 4,518b. Nanteuil 3,249b.

“Ome Sjaak”

4 15 23 50 86

NPO Chateauroux 4,801b. NPO Bourges 7,356b. Breuil Le Vert 20,797b. NPO Salbris 7,573b. NPO Salbris 5,333b.


10 32 48

NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. Epehy 4,518b. Nanteuil 3,249b.

B13 612245720140407135704