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"PRINS 48" IS A MALE WITH A GOLDEN FUTURE! A SON OF 2 SUPERBREEDERS ! GRANDSON "BLAUWE PRINS" PROS ROOSEN Extra information: "B13-5047348" Prins 48 - Original Marc Bollen A male with a golden future ! The best of the best ! Is a son of 2 superbreeders Is a son out the couple "B09-5026601" x "B09-5185772" "B09-5026601" Last Son - Original Verreckt - Ariën Is a superb breeder Father of "B12-5073393" Mister Argenton 1 26 52 93 4 35 59 95 7 126 572

Argenton I '13 Prov Nat (z) Nat Argenton II '13 Prov Nat (z) Nat Bourges II '13 Nat (z) Nat

325p 2.441p 4.701p 22.463p 93p 896p 1.875p 6.801p 135p 2.904p 11.883p




Father of "B12-5073494" Tarzanboy 1 2 15 7 67 133

Chimay Melun Midden Limburg Chateauroux Nat (z) Nat

166p 80p 2.096p 94p 1.378p 6.005p

Last son of basic hen "Lang Lowet" Verreckt - Ariën Is a son of "De Swa" x "Lang Lowet" "B01-2207148" De Swa - Original Patricia Verhaegen Superbreeder

116km 311km 525km

Is father of "Proudo" B07-5035393 1 West European Ace Pigeon L.D. 2011 1 2 1 5 3 15 3 6 13

Moulins Chateauroux Bourges Argenton Montlucon

Prov S.Nat Prov S.Nat Prov Nat Prov Nat (z) Prov

658p 2.675p 1.642p 8.187p 2.365p 16.771p 856p 2.700p 1.674p

Is father of "Madonna" 1 2 2 4

Vierzon Tours Pithiviers La Souterraine

Is father of "77/08" 1



"De Swa" is a brother of "B00-2168657" De Super Father of "Miss Rapido" 3 National Ace Pigeon M.D. KBDB 2003 Super racing and breeding hen raced with Patricia Verhaegen "De Swa" is a brother of "B00-2168778" Patricia Superbreeding hen with Verreckt - AriĂŤn "De Swa" is a brother of "B02-2246169" Grandfather of "Olympic Mila" B10-2169163 2nd Olympic Pigeon Cat.B Nitra 2013 racec with Hok Parijs "De Swa" is a brother of "B03-2244352" Topbreeder and father of "Kai Mook" B08-5002089

1st Olympiac Pigeon Cat.B Poznan 2011 raced with Guido Loockx Is father of "B11-5035167" 12

Nat La Souterraine


raced with Guido Loockx Is father of "B11-5035202" Grinta 1 8

Nat (z) Tulle Nat Tulle

3.330p 10.251p

raced with Guido Loockx "De Swa" is a sonf of "Grijze Kannibaal" x "Jackpot hen" "B97-2288462" Grijze Kannibaal - Original Dirk Van Dijck Brother of famous "Kannibaal" 1 Nat Ace Pigeon M.D. KBDB '96 "B95-6143546" Jackpot Hen - Original Jozef Venstermans Super racing and breeding hen "B97-6499255" Lang Lowet - Original Verreckt - AriĂŤn Basic breeding hen of Verreckt - AriĂŤn Descendants wins 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Nat La Souterraine Nat Argenton Nat Tulle Nat Argenton dv S.Nat Chateauroux S.Nat Montlucon Nat (z) Chateauroux Nat (z) Brive Nat (z) Limoges Nat (z) Limoges Nat (z) Souillac Nat (z) Limoges

16.665p 6.033p 6.698p 1.340p 8.253p 6.141p 5.993p 5.934p 2.429p 1.919p 1.254p 1.034p

2 2

S.Nat Montlucon Nat (z) Chateauroux

6.141p 5.993p

40 x 1ste provincial "B09-5185772" Prinses - Original Pros Roosen Best breeding hen of Marc Bollen Mother of "Nieuwe Blauwe Prins" B12-5073314 1 2 2 2 1 3 3 56 2 5 21

Chateauroux Prov Nat (z) Nat Bourges Prov Nat (z) Nat OrlĂŠans Midden Limburg Prov

94p 764p 1.378p 6.005p 135p 1.374p 2.904p 11.883p 142p 1.160p 3.516p


158p 1.779p 14.598p 419p 4.264p 17.735 90p 1.071p 2.201p




Mother of "Prins 1" B11-5065340 2 17 34 3 11 73 2 20 81

Bourges Prov Nat Limoges Nat (z) Nat La Souterraine Prov Nat (z)

Grandmother of "Kleine Prins" 3 80 5 8 22 321

Nat (z) La Souterraine Nat La Souterraine Melun Midden Limburg Nat Chateauroux Prov OrlĂŠans Nat Argenton

Grandmother of "Mister Argenton"

2.466p 11.236p 2.069p 6.005p 3.516p 22.463p



93 95 126

Nat Argenton Nat Argenton Nat (z) Bourges

22.463p 6.801p 2.904p

Grandmother of "Tarzanboy" 1 15 67 133

Chimay Melun Nat (z) Chateauroux Nat Chateauroux

166p 2096p 1.378p 6.005p

Is a daughter of "Blauwe Prins" x "Blauw Leonke" B04-5065642 Blauwe Prins - Original Pros Roosen Best racer of Pros Roosen 2 4 11 21 87

Prov Vierzon Nat Bourges Nat Bourges Melun Prov Chateauroux

6.928p 12.754p 10.759p 1.443p 3.015p

Son of basicbreeder "Freddy" x "Wittikske Chateauroux" "B94-4407032" Freddy - Original De Rauw Sablon Is a full brother of "104-94" 1 1

Prov Bourges La Souterraine

9503p 2354p

World famous breeder Father of "Kastar" 1 18 52

Noyon 143p Nat La Souterraine 14957p Nat Limoges 16504p

Father of "Dromer" 15 73 84

Argenton Chateauroux Nat Bourges

7452p 6832p 12161p

"Dromer" is grandfather of "Miss Maniwan" with C & G Koopman


Nat St.Vincent


"Cornelis" with C & G Koopman 1

Int.Nat Limoges '10

"Blue Ace" with Erik Limbourg 2 National Ace Pigeon L.D.KBDB 2007 "Male Bak 17" with Marcel Aelbrecht "Goede Zwarten" 1 2 83

Dourdan Dourdan Nat Argenton Is father "Betty" 1 Nat Gueret 2002

"Iwan" 3 36

Nat Bourges Nat Argenton

11854p 17933p

Father of "Mr.Expensive" with C & G Koopman Father of "Doran" 1

NPO Orleans

Father of "Brother Dromer" Father of "Lucky 77" with Erik Limbourg 1 National Ace Pigeon L.D.KBDB 2005 2 21 31

Nat Souillac Nat Brive Nat Orange

B03-5241862 Wittikske Chateauroux Original Pros Roosen Is a daughter of "De Chateauroux" x "Bourgeske"

5985p 20310p 6751p

B92-6451510 De Chateauroux Original Romain Schots 1 6 9 14

Prov Chateauroux Prov Vierzon Orléans Nat Bourges

4080p 3733p 1221p 18657p

B00-5150456 Bourgeske Original Pros Roosen 11 National Ace Pigeon M.D. KBDB 2001 4 6 7 15 24 31 83

Nat Bourges La Ferté Prov Vierzon Prov Orléans Melun Nat Argenton Nat Bourges

B04-5065569 Blauw Leonke - Original Leon Jacobs Daughter "Lichte" 034/00 Superbreeder and Father of 1 S.Nat Chateauroux 14.136p Father of 14 S.Nat Bourges 21.940p Grandfather of 5 Nat Gueret 12.586p with Dirk Van Dijck This one is mother of 6 Nat Ace Pigeon Middle Distance yearlings KBDB 2013

23957p 1312p 1479p 1773p 1604p 4955p 16119p

B13 5047348 eng20140319144413  
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