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Extra information “Mister Joice” B13-4229377 – original Marcel Aelbrecht High class cock born out the coupling “Son Smallen 970” x “Daughter Perpignan” “Son Smallen 970” B10-4302543 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Is a son of “Smallen 970” x “B06-4044540” “Smallen 970” B96-4391970 – original Aelbrecht Marcel “Smallen 970” is father of: “Patron”:

1 national ace Fond KBDB 2003 1 Provincial Chateauroux 1,201b. 1 Provincial Chateauroux 2,055b. 7 National (z) Brive 6,727b.


5 national zone Beziers 21 national Marseille 68 national Perpignan

5,861b. 7,611b.


7 national ace Fond KBDB 2006


51 national Orange 91 national Montélimar

“Miss Joice”:

Top breeding hen by late Verbesselt Andre

6,751b. 10,195b.

“Smallen 970” is a brother of: “Lucky 848” B00-4065848 Bred out son x granddaughter “Albert” x “Paola” Is father of: Cock “Bak 17” – Marcel Aelbrecht – top breeder ! Cock of famous “Bak 17” “Blue Ace” (Erik Limbourg) “Blue Ace” won 2 national ace Fond KBDB 2007 1 provincial ace Fond KBDB 2007 1 ace Brabantse Unie 2004 en 2007 7 x Top 100 National Races 50 national Beziers 6,191b. 12 national zone Cahors 2,033b. 15 Souillac 1,475b.

27 Cahors 2,114b. 45 Orange 2,861b. 67 Brive 5,215b. “Fijn Blauw”: together with “Marseille” one of the base breeding couples of Marcel Aelbrecht “517-96”: father of 7 national ace Fond KBDB 1999 “Smallen Jules”: father of 7 national ace Fond KBDB 2003 “Bak 10” Aelbrecht – father of “Goede Blauwen” “Goede Blauwen” won 1 Bourges 1,069d. 10 national Aurrilac 6,611b. 40 national Souillac “B06-4044540” – original Marcel Aelbrecht Is a daughter of “Brother Smallen 970” x “Daughter De Perpignan” “Brother Smallen 970” B00-4509118 – original Aelbrecht Is a full brother of “Smallen 970”: all information see above. “Daughter De Perpignan” B04-4019957 – original Aelbrecht Daughter of famous “De Perpignan”: all information see further. “Daughter De Perpignan” - B04-4019957 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Won her self: 19 59 137 1514

provincial Argenton provincial La Souterraine provincial Vichy provincial Bourges

6,269b. 3,938b. 2,343b. 12,331b.

Is mother of famous “Miss Joice” by late Verbesselt Andre “Miss Joice” B05-4130439 – 100% Marcel Aelbrecht Was by Andre Verbesselt the hen whose grandchildren and great grandchildren performed very well on the international one-loftraces. Is grandmother of: “Miss Arwen”: 8th prize final race Shangai One Million Euro Race 2008.

“Miss Long”: 12th prize final race Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009 “Miss Celine”: 45th prize final race Shangai One Million Euro Race 2008. Is great grandmother of: “Soubalon”: 2nd prize final race Million Euro Spring Race 2010 “Miss May”: 10th prize final race Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009 26th provincial Argenton 3,395b. by Jef Van Winkel

Is a daughter of “De Perpignan” x “Daughter De Limoges” “De Perpignan” B97-4263065 – original Aelbrecht Won: 1 1 19

National (z) Cahors Vierzon Nat. Perpignan

3,476b. 1,395b. 5,852b.

“Daughter De Limoges” B03-4316043 – original Aelbrecht “Limoges” B91-4261261 – original De Rauw-Sablon Is a son of the base couple “Albert” x “Paola” Is grandfather of: “Lucky 85” : 1 National ace KBDB Fond 2006 Limbourg World famous “Dromer” – De Rauw-Sablon “Brother Dromer 903”: father of 1st national ace KBDB Fond 2005 “Mr Expensive”: father of 1 National Orleans 9,670b. – Koopman

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B13 422937720140210105130