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Extra information “Godfather’s Girl” B13-3096699 – original Norman Filip en Nicolas Pure high class hen with a golden future in front of her ! Born out brother x sister coupling “Godfather” x “Hot” “Godfather” B11-3148211 – original Norman Filip and Nicolas Won: 3 29 204 634 1.075 1175 2121

Brive National Brive National Montauban National Bourges National Limoges National Limoges National Argenton

184b. 8,331b. (double) 6,772b. 16,859b. 14,271b. 17,735b. 22,384b.

Is a son of “Zorrodin” x “Dochter Mozes” “Zorrodin” B07-3153111 – original Norman Filip and Nicolas Is father of “Flower” “Flower” B10-3113081 won 2 10 47

Bourges provincial Chateauroux prov. Limoges Nationaal

1,388b. 5,500b. 14,686b.

Is a son of “Zorro” x “Daughter Sedna I” “Zorro” B94-3160128 – original Filip and Nicolas Norman. The base bird of the breeding loft. “Zorro” won himself.: 10 11 14

international Dax national Limoges national Cahors

6,491b. 16,854b. 11,090b.

“Zorro” gives as well in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation winners ! Famous children of “Zorro” are: “Wonder Zhora”: 6 x 1st – 1st prov. ace KBDB Great middle distance Fond West-Flanders. “Blois duivin”: 1st Blois 1,186b. “Pinokio”: 1st Montauban – 12th national 6,711b.

“Pele”: 2 x 1st Tours “Premier”: 1st Blois “Piëtro”: 1st Blois “’T Rap”: 1st Tours 737b. “Nantes duivin”: 1st Nantes “Duo Duivin” 1st Clermont – 1st Dourdan “Fifi”: 1st prov. Vichy + 8 x 1/10 “Blauwe Zorro”: 1st Ruffec “Serge”: 1st Chartres “Petra”: 12 x 1/10 “Malvina”: 12 x 1/10 “Servaas”: 1st prov. Montélimar – 72nd nat. 10,200b. “Don Juan: 2 x 1st prize “Amor”: 1st Narbonne “Dries”: 1st Bourges “Beethoven”: 1 prov. La Souterraine “Castro”: 3 x 1st prize “Abraham”: 1st La Souterraine – father of winner Final Race “Million Dollar” 2008 – South-Africa “Daughter Sedna I” B06-5150432 – original Thoné Jos Daughter of “Father Sedna II” x “Sedna I” “Sedna I” B04-5026055 won: 1 Provincial ace KBDB Fond 1 Ace West European Nation Cup 1st International Narbonne 5,870b. 5 Semi-nat. Jarnac 5,005b. 206 National St. Vincent 10,206b. “Dochter Mozes” B06-3201435 – original Norman Mother of “Wonder Zhora”

“Wonder Zhora” won, without doubles: 1 Provincial ace KBDB middle distance WestFlanders 1 Ablis 348b. 1 Blois 493b. 38 prov. Blois 5.035b. 1 Tours 247b. 135 prov. Tours 2,410b. 1 Tours 312b. 19 prov. Tours 2.349b. 1 Bourges 273b. 23 National Bourges 22,449b. 1 Blois 99b. 53 prov. Blois 1,503b. 3 Blois 376b. 199 prov. Blois 4,257b. 7 Prov. Tours 1,495b. 8 Clermont 357b. 9 Tours 402b. 129 prov. Tours 3,530b. 12 Argenton 374b. 20 Tours 241b. Comes out the coupling “Mozes” x “’T Rap” “Mozes” B99-3225251 20 66 114

Poitiers Angoumème Nat. Limoges

2,816b. 2,589b. 6,679b.

“’ T Rap” B01-3140028 1 8 27

Blois Tours Tours

737b. 273b. 1,677b.

Is a daughter of base breeder “Zorro” “Hot” B12-3002228 – original Norman Filip and Norman Superb top hen ! Won

1 437

National (z) Gueret National Gueret

2,222b. 15,007b.


National Poitiers


Is a full sister of “Godfather” “Godfather” B11-3148211 – all information see above Is a daughter of “Zorrodin” x “Dochter Mozes” “Zorrodin” B07-3153111 – all information see above “Dochter Mozes” B06-3201435 – all information see above

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