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Extra information “Double Granddaughter Barcelona Aelbrecht” B13-3096697 – original Norman Filip and Nicolas Beautiful daughter born out brother x sister coupling “Gazpacho” x “Dochter Barcelona” “Gazpacho” B11-3148200 – original Norman Filip and Nicolas Proven performing cock ! Won

4th Provincial ace KBDB West-Flanders Fond 3rd Best bird National over 5 National races 9 57 84 99 235 367 312 611 614 997

Ablis National Souillac National Libourne St Junien Tours provinciaal National Tulle National Bourges National Gueret National Cahors National Limoges

180b. 5,282b. 6,658b. 1,665b. 4,165b. 10,251b. 16,859b. 14,362b. 8,570b. 14,271b.

Is a son out the coupling “Barcelona Aelbrecht” x “Dochter Limoges” “Barcelona Aelbrecht” B03-4316031 – original Aelbrecht Marcel Bought at the auction of Marcel Aelbrecht Won: 2 7 23 49 121 136 246 423 581 598

Dourdan zonal Brive Chateauroux Argenton national Brive national Aurrilac national Perpignan national Barcelona national Dax national Perpignan

360b. 2,780b. 743b. 755b. 9,466b. 6,611b. 5,547b. 12,612b. 4,534b. 7,611b.

Comes out the coupling “Zoon Gemaasde” x “Dochter De Crack” “Zoon Gemaasde” B02-4025245 – Jules Mannaert Is a half-brother of 2nd nat. Cahors 13,093b. Is a son of “Gemaasde”: 72nd nat. Brive ‘95 Is a son of “daughter brother Smallen”.

“Dochter De Crack” B97-4263028 – Aelbrecht Marcel “De Crack” B91-4216066 Won: 1 7 96 107

prov. Cahors ’95 national Cahors national Limoges national Brive

8,856b. 8,362b. 21,390b.

“Daughter Limoges” B09-3146100 – original Norman Filip and Nicolas Won

15 15 18 614

Roye Gueret Tours National La Souterraine

287b. 177b. 241b. 17,814b.

Daughter of “Le Limoges” x “Dochter Zorro” “Le Limoges” B03-9089312 – origineel Bourlard en zoon (Harveng) Won: 1 national Limoges 1 national Limoges Derby 13 national zone Cahors 97 national Cahors

12,266b. 6,617b. 2,863b. 9,275b.

Is a half-brother of: 1st national Perpignan ’04 hens 10th national Perpignan ‘04 16th national St. Vincent ‘10 Is grandfather of: “Prince Rene” 5th International Narbonne 13,779b. “Prince Luc”: 93rd National Narbonne 6,428b. “Prince Charles”: 81st National Bordeaux 4,866b. 82nd National Narbonne 6,428b. “Dochter Zorro” B06-3134005 – original Norman

“Zorro” B94-3160128 – original Filip and Nicolas Norman. The base bird of the breeding loft. “Zorro” won himself.: 10 11 14

international Dax national Limoges national Cahors

6,491b. 16,854b. 11,090b.

“Zorro” gives as well in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation winners ! Famous children of “Zorro” are: “Wonder Zhora”: 6 x 1st – 1st prov. ace KBDB Great middle distance Fond West-Flanders. “Blois duivin”: 1st Blois 1,186b. “Pinokio”: 1st Montauban – 12th national 6,711b. “Pele”: 2 x 1st Tours “Premier”: 1st Blois “Piëtro”: 1st Blois “’T Rap”: 1st Tours 737b. “Nantes duivin”: 1st Nantes “Duo Duivin” 1st Clermont – 1st Dourdan “Fifi”: 1st prov. Vichy + 8 x 1/10 “Blauwe Zorro”: 1st Ruffec “Serge”: 1st Chartres “Petra”: 12 x 1/10 “Malvina”: 12 x 1/10 “Servaas”: 1st prov. Montélimar – 72nd nat. 10,200b. “Don Juan: 2 x 1st prize “Amor”: 1st Narbonne “Dries”: 1st Bourges “Beethoven”: 1 prov. La Souterraine

“Castro”: 3 x 1st prize “Abraham”: 1st La Souterraine – father winner Final Race 2008 “Million Dollar” – South-Africa

“Aske” B01-3140003 – original Norman


1st ace Fond Gistel 1st Argenton st 1 La Souterraine 62nd national against 17,315b. 2nd Clermont 460b. rd 23 Bourges 477b.

Daughter of “Nicolas” x “Daughter Plezanten” “Nicolas” B96-3320269 Top breeder Father of “Mozes”, “Rhadja”, “Aske”, “Fin”, “Portugees”, “Vicky” “Dochter Plezanten” B95-3335690 Out “Plezanten” (3rd national Brive) x “Bugatti” (1st Chartres 785b., 2nd Tours 928b.)

“Daughter Barcelona” B11-3148041 – original Norman Filip and Nicolas Full sister of “Gazpacho” : see above

B13 309669720140416102938  
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