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Extra information “Miro 04” B13-2189404 – original Dirk Moens Full sister of “Miro” “Miro” won

1st National Bourges ‘013 Fastest of 33,229b.


2 109 228

Bourges ‘012 Bourges National (z) ‘012 Bourges National

419b. 12,532b. 33,524b.




Is a daughter out the coupling “Father Miro” x “Mother Miro” “Father Miro” B10-4316183 – original Paul Delmotte Is a son of “B04-2046200” x “B09-2119424” “B04-2046200” – original Louis Van den Eynde Son of “Blauwe Swing” “Blauwe Swing” won: 1 1 1 94

Blois Bourges Chateauroux Chateauroux National

157b. 517b. 207b. 12,914b.

“B09-2119424” – original Erik Limbourg Is a half-sister of “Gilbert” “Gilbert” won: 1st provincial ace KBDB Fond 1st West European Ace Fond 1st Internationaal Bordeaux Fastest of 13,386b. 7th National Limoges th 8 S-National Libourne th 16 National (z) Limoges “Gilbert” is father of “Gilbert Junior” “Gilbert Junior” won

6,686b. 14,211b. 1,815b. 5,896b.

1st International Bordeaux 10,622b. 112th National La Souterraine 16,665b. Is a daughter of “Blue Ace” “Blue Ace” won 2nd National ace Fond KBDB 2007 1st provincial ace Fond KBDB 2007 4 National zone Cahors 2,928b. 15 S-national Souillac 1,475b. 27 S-national Cahors 2,114b. 45 S-national Orange 2,861b. 50 National Beziers 6,191b. 67 S-national Brive 5,215b. “Mother Miro” NL09-1728048 – original Anton Ruitenberg Is a granddaughter of “Bliksem” – Gaby Vandenabeele “Bliksem” B98-3158062 – Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem) Won: 1 2 4 5 8

provincial Poitiers provincial Chateauroux provincial Ruffec provincial Perigueux provincial Poitiers

1,448b. 4,662b. 1,778b. 1,119b. 2,975b.

Is father of top breeder “Blauwe Bliksem” (B02-3003886) by DenoHerbots. Is grandfather of: “Super Romeo” : ” B12-3088052: 1st National ace Fond yearbirds KBDB 2013

“Yvan” – Herbots Gebroeders 1 national ace middle distance fond KBDB 4 national ace great middle distance KBDB 2008 “Paola” : 1 national Argenton 7,390 year birds in 2010 “Barnaby”

1 provincial Bourges year birds 2 national Bourges 22,499 year bird. 3 provincial Argenton 3,387b. 3 provincial Argenton 5,251b.

“Marieke” – Rik Cools 1 provincial ace Fond KBDB

1 national zone Gueret 5,166b.

“Ballon” – Hennes Kristiaan 1st Interprov. Argenton Fastest of 8,961b.


“Gil” – Gommaire Verbruggen 1st National Bourges ’06 against 11,252b. “Gordi” B93-6228543 won: 8e National Limoges 18,608b. “Geisha”(Deno-Herbots) 4th national ace great ½ F KBDB 2009 3rd provincial ace all-round KBDB provincial 2008 “Grafitti” (Deno-herbots) 1st ace great ½ Fond Brab Unie “Beckham” (Deno_Herbots) Father of

1st ace KBDB great ½ F KBDB2008(Gina) 3rd provincial Ace KBDB 2006

1st National Limoges 2013 1st provincial ace KBDB great ½ Fond 2012 Is a granddaughter of “James Bond” Grandfather

“James Bond” B01-3031007 won by Gaby Vandenabeele 1 3 15 25 43 79 240

National Bourges Blois Blois Blois Chateauroux Chateauroux Bourges

13,166b. 272b. 1,927b. 3,045b. 7,347b. 6,334b. 14,535b

B13 218940420140109103607  
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