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Extra information “Brother Fado” B13-2186783 – original Johny and Yves Jonckers Is a full brother of national ace “Fado” “Fado” B10-2013162 – original Jonckers Won: 6 8 19 28 30 69 72 98 2 5 7 10

National ace Great Middle Distance KBDB Bourges 2,883b. Argenton 2,574b. Nationaal La Chatre 3,362b. Semi-nat. Nevers 3,720b. Bourges 5,141b. Nationaal Bourges 19,655b. Chateauroux 4,757b. Pithiviers 464b. Toury 296b. Orleans 542b. Toury 360b.


Comes out the coupling “Brother Clif” x “Witneusje” “Brother Clif” B08-2171795 – original Jonckers Is father of topper “Fado”: 6 national ace Great middle distance KBDB 2011 Is father of “787-11” : 1 11

Montluçon National Montluçon

3,586b. 22,873b.

National C Bourges National Bourges

5,231b. 12,898b.

National Bourges


National Bourges


Is a full brother of “Clif” “Clif” won:

1 3

Is a grandson of “Zabel” “Zabel” won:


Is a grandson of “808-98” “88-98” won: 2

“Witneusje” B09-2002899 – original Jonckers Is mother of “Fado”: 6 national ace Great middle distance KBDB 2011 Comes out the couplingg “Blauwe Wittenbuik” x “Justin” “Blauwe Wittenbuik” B07-3008335 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Topbreeder and grandson of famous “Wittenbuik”

“Justin” B06-2253611 – original Jonckers Daughter of top breeder “Little Joe” “Little Joe” B04-6231810 is father of: “801”: 1 West European Ace WECN 2011 “Tornado”:

2 nat. Bourges 16,771b. 16 nat. Bourges 22,516b. 36 nat. Argenton 6,177b.

“King Joe”:

93 nat. La Souterraine 17,814b.


16 nat. Bourges 16,771b.


43 nat. Argenton 23,900b.


3 nat. Bourges 16,023b.


19 nat. Montluçon 17,865b.


1 Nat. C Argenton 2,064b.

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B13 218678320131226075203